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Found 6 results

  1. Meanwhile, at the Hephaestus Artillery Depot, near Fort Arltrees; Pepin the Mule-skinner; "Ahoy there! Here is the last field gun up from the harbor. I trust you have a fine crew selected for these beauties?" Marshal DuQuesne:"Oh I'm sure I have just the men they need..." Pepin the Artillerist!!!:"@$&%#!!?!" Sergeant Hobbes:"Cadets! Prepare to service the gun!" ... ... ... The End A company raising at Fort Arltrees to be licensed and maintained directly to the Crown of Oleon. This is my first whack at a troop raising. Let me know if I bungled something. Thank you! @CapOnBOBS
  2. Eslandolan Mercenaries at the Sea are marching towards the coast near Fuerte Unido on Isla de la Victoria in the Brick Seas. Those veteran mercenaries will soon set sail for Terraversa - neither for glory, nor for their families, nor for freedom. All they are in for is their decent pay. They are professionals through and through, veterans of many battles. Those troops will be licensed by MCTC. I tried to stick with the Fuerte Unido style as closely as possible. Posting Greencoats inbetween vegetation is actually not too easy. I hope the uise of olive green and lime green works out so that the greencoats are still clearly visible... The torsos are custom printed, and have both front and back. If anyone is interested I might share the files.
  3. Royal Marines of Quinnsville Once the news that Oleon had led an all out assault on Terraversa, Major Nathaniel Brickford was called back from active duty on Brickford Landing to bolster the defenses of Quinnsville. Troop Inspection 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Shortly after arriving back the Mayor and the Major were both present for the first inspection of Her Majesty's new battalion Royal Marines to be stationed in Quinnsville. Troop Inspection 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr And a fine looking unit they are at that! Surely they will strike fear in the hearts of Her Majesty's enemies both far and near. Troop Inspection 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ------------------------------------------- With Quinnsville reaching Large City Status, it raises my troop raising capacity to 90 men per MRCA. Here a small portion of the new battalion joining the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Quinnsville Fusiliers companies. C&C are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  4. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Troop Raising "Halt! This is a restricted area!" Said the WTC marine to the Commander The Agent of the crown looked taken aback. Only the WTC would have the gall to openly disrespect a high ranking commodore of Corrington! "Listen here, sonny!" Spouted the Commander. "I happen to be a veteran of the Juniper Wars, a Commander of a Class 5 ship, and an authorized agent of the Crown on a mission to make sure that the WTC has properly complied with all forms, regulations, and documentation of troops raised in the settlement. "Access is Denied, Mr. Commander." Said the WTC Marine. "Grrrr, you will let me through into this office!" Yelled the Commander. "Uh, Sir? I'm just making sure no one goes into the flooded toilet. The Office is down the other hall..." "Oh." FIN And back. Only took 2 years. . I built this in 2018 to test some floor tile ideas, and it's sat around since as it didn't really fit with anything. It's too small to be a small build, but I needed something for a troop raising and it doesn't look half bad.
  5. June 620, El Oleonda With their contract to hunt down Lotii forces fulfilled, the remaining Black Fang Rangers rendezvous at their predetermined rally point, and begin the trek through the jungle back to the western shores of the island, where their transport ship is waiting to return them to New Nassau. Each Ranger carries in his pack the canine teeth of every Lotii soldier killed by their hand. While more civilized people may be appalled by such an action, the Rangers do this to provide proof of their kills,for both each other, and for any possible benefactor, in this case the Carnite empire. Unit: Black Fang Rangers Type: Rangers, specializing in guerilla and irregular warfare Uniform: Black jacket with yellow trim, green undershirt and trousers, brown wide-brimmed hat. Officers substitute black sleeves for green. Equipment: Brown/black/gray packs, latest model of flintlock muskets, hatchet or machete for cutting through brush and jungle, secondary melee weapon such as a cutlass or knife. Unit Description and History: The Rangers are the only unit of the Black Wolf Company comprised solely of native Vikendians. Its ranks are filled with skilled trackers, forestmen, and guerilla fighters among the Amarok people. Each member was hand selected by their leader, Gunnar Haraldson. Haraldson is widely regarded as the best tracker in Vikendia, and is a brilliant tactician. He still dresses in traditional Vikendian ranger garb. Haraldson's reputation commands a deep respect from his fellow rangers. All of his men are devoted to him, and follow without question. For Ragnarrson and the Black Wolf Company, the Rangers are the most trusted and valued unit in the company. With only native Amarok soldiers, they are above reproach and cannot be tempted by meddling imperialists to spy or otherwise divulge valuable information. The Rangers operate independent of the rest of the Black Wolf Company forces, often deploying ahead of the main forces, or on side missions to distract the enemy. Their guerilla warfare skills make them exceptional at disrupting enemy supply lines and convoys, along with planning ambushes and sabatoge missions. Although recently arrived in Terra Nova, the Rangers quickly acclimated to the warmer climate and jungles, as other than temperature, they are very similar to the dense forests of Vikendia. Many of the Rangers are veterans of multiple wars in Vikendia. Because of the tribal makeup of the continent, there was almost always some sort squabble occurring at a given time between the many clans. For the Amarok, the most recent conflicts were the Great Nordian War, and the Invasion of the Laikan Peninsula. In both cases, the Amarok had to defend their homeland or property from a larger invading force, and utilized many ranger and guerilla units to wreak havoc on the invading enemy, eventually cutting off the bulk of the army leaving them without support to face the main Amarok forces. Haraldson forged his reputation during these conflicts, as a fearless warrior and tactician, fighting alongside Ragnarsson against their enemies. Being so far from home, without a reasonable supply of reinforcements, Haraldson has been keenly watching the training of the new recruits, looking for any that show promise to become rangers.... ___________________________________ The whole unit. Gunnar Haraldson standard Ranger The Rangers were first seen here, although I have since made a few small changes to their equipment
  6. 1st Quinnsville Light Dragoons and 1st Quinnsville Company of Foot (Rifleman) The next graduating classes of the Quinnsville Military Academy have just received their commissions in Her Majesty's Army. In normal fashion, the graduating class goes on parade through the town before they settle down into full military service in Her Majesty's Armed Forces. Rifleman and Dragoons 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The 1st Quinnsville Light Dragoons have passed with flying colors and proudly ride upon the finest horses brought from Elizabethville, the producer of the finest horses   in the Brick Seas. Rifleman_Dragoons 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Joining them are the crack shots of the 1st Quinnsville Company of Foot or simply, the 1st Rifleman Company. These are the best marksman that Cocovia has to offer. They are easily distinguished from the Corrington Regulars due to their green coats and dark trousers. This allows them to remain unseen until they choose to fire upon an unsuspecting enemy! Rifleman_Dragoons 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ----------------------------------- Two simple builds to raise the 60 men per MRCA limit of Quinnsville. 30 Dragoons and 30 Rifleman. Also, I just really enjoy build military troops. C&C are welcome, but please keep in mind these builds are just to show the troops for licensing purposes.