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    Late for 2018!
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    Fantasy Funnies

    Over 400 and counting...
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    Fantasy Funnies

    The armor in that picture is the BrickWarriors Elven Armor, Shield, Sword, and Helmet. All of those items are currently unreleased. I'm guessing they'll become available for purchase early next year.
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    Back from monster huntin'...
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    Back like an itch!
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    FOR THE WIN!!!
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    Mo Funnies Mo Funnies Mo Funnies!!!
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    Faermoore Organ Gun

    The Kingdom of Faermoore is proud to present the latest edition in dwarf artillery. May I present to you: The Faermoore Organ Gun! Huge inspiration on the barrel design from DwalinF and his amazing organ gun: Now with that out of the way, I really like how this gun turned out. With the way it is currently designed, its wheels can roll and the two center barrels can be adjusted. When designing the support frame, I wanted to make it nice and sturdy and give it a war feel. Additional armor with some pearl, gold, 1x1, round plates really helped add some meat to it. To top it off, gold harpoons were also added, even if they virtually have no purpose. Still looks pretty cool to me! In order to make the gun slightly more ornate, I went ahead and added gold wings to the side. Again, no real purpose, just aesthetics. The wheels were pretty simple to make as well. I worked through multiple designs, but settled on this. In the end, it got the job done and still looks pretty good. Just a view of the back, not really much to see here! Here's the more interesting part about the frame. It's roughly split into 7 different sections: 2 wheels, 2 supports, 2 armor panels, and 1 set of spikes. They are all mounted on a Technic 8 Axle. If you look closely, you'll notice small gaps between each part. This allowed me to move the two supports around (which is where the gun is mounted) to fit the design of the organ gun. This method was pretty cheap, and didn't require any sacrifice of design. The only thing I had to worry about was making everything fit comfortably! Still love DwalinF's barrel design. Honestly, its the fish part that does it for me. Awesome parts usage! As with all artillery... Why have one? When I can make seven... Hope you enjoyed the MOC. Decals by Saber-Scorpion Inspiration from DwalinF C&C is welcome and appreciated!!!
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    Fantasy Funnies

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    Fantasy Funnies

    You're my favorite!
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    Dwarven "Big Boomer" Cannon v2.0

    That piece can be found here: Slope 45 1 x 1 x 2/3 Quadruple Convex
  12. Long ago, I created something that you might remember: The Dwarven "Big Boomer" Cannon I love this little thing... but... it has some issues... It's way too small. The cannon lacks the ability to adjust elevation. Doesn't have a, "war-like," feel to it. I could go on about what I dislike about it... So I destroyed it! And made way for... The Dwarven "Big Boomer" Cannon v2.0 First off, a heavy duty ram was added to the front. Sure, this thing isn't ramming anything by itself, but it is a cool addition. To add to its overall MOC value, and make it more war-like, I added wheel spikes and the ability for the cannon to angle its shot. Flag colors were also adjusted to represent the Army of Faermoore. The cannon itself remains mostly the same. The Big Boomer... BOOMING!!! Using a red, bush piece for the firing action. Recent MOC usage for firing. And why make one? When you can make five! Overall, I'm quite content with what I came up with. Let me know what you think! As usual Decals by Saber-Scorpion. C&C is always welcome and appreciated!!!
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    Fantasy Funnies

    Ah, you must be referring to the BrickForge Spill/Splat. It currently isn't available in trans-red, but here's the link:
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    Like the Energizer Bunny...
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    Blame Zellfel