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  1. BardDandelion

    Grass Widower

    @Samus Aran More like a week in quarantine. :D @Johnny1360 :D I got one plant in my place - meant. It almost days every time when I leave the city for a couple of days. @Vilhelm22 @Toastie Thank you very much. ;)
  2. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Sacrifice for the Forest God

    @Grover Thanks a lot! Haven't seen that HP hairpiece used for old efl but for me that was obvious and that's why I got two Griphooks. Great use for elves, dark elves including. :D @AmperZand Thank you! I used fleshy minifigs because elven hairpieces got fleshy ears. But I like the idea that elves should look a bit different than humans so if I ever build a scene with both, I will use fleshy for elves and yellow for humans. @GeoBrick @zoth33 @jtooker Thank a lot guys! Glad that you enjoy my build. :D
  3. Wood elves bringing sacrifice for theirs god who took the form of giant stag. Hope you guys enjoy my build. ;)
  4. BardDandelion

    Grass Widower

    Let's be honest - it always looks like that. :D
  5. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Wanda Vision TV

    Hi! Wanted to share my newest MOC - it's based on MCU tv series "Wanda Vision" Hope you enjoy it! ;)
  6. BardDandelion

    Iron Harvest - PZM-7 "Smialy"

    @badgerboy Thanks a lot! Indeed, I put plenty of effort in it but really enjoyed time spent building it. Glad that you like it. ;) @Slegengr I wanted to build Smialy walker since... I don't even remember. Probably from the moment I saw it for the first time and it was years ago. Remember sketching it in LDD in 2017 or 2018. How is the board game? Would like to try it but the size of the box always frightened me. :D Thank you for your comment. ;)
  7. BardDandelion

    Iron Harvest - PZM-7 "Smialy"

    Hi! With some friends from my LUG we decided to make collab project based on art by Polish artist Jakub Rozalski (pronounced Rooshalsky :P). We started publishing in Monday so follow #1920collabproject to keep in touch with coming MOCs. Today I wanted to share my part of the collab - countryside diorama with small river, watermill and army passing by. Check my IG for more photos of this diorama. ;)
  8. BardDandelion

    Cyberpunk - Street Race

    Hi! Wanted to share my newest build - street race scene set in cyberpunk city. Check my ig for more pictures: IG Hope you guys enjoy it. ;)
  9. BardDandelion

    Baby Yoda

    Put together that little fella. He is so cute, isn't he? Hope you like my build. Check my ig for more. ;)
  10. BardDandelion

    Black Coach - Warhammer

    @JintaiZ @WesternOutlaw @miniman @Eggyslav @zoth33 Thanks a lot guys! ;) @Sarophas I have some Empire unit in my mind but next one probably will be more Vampires and some Wood Elves. ;) @Feuer Zug Actually not. Size does not match, my model is at least twice bigger. :P
  11. BardDandelion

    Black Coach - Warhammer

    Hi! Want to share my newest MOC inspired by Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe - Black Coach from Vampire Counts army. Black Coach by BardJaskier, on Flickr Hope you like it. ;)
  12. BardDandelion

    Helbrute - Warhammer 40k

    @Feuer Zug @Sir-Unicorn @JintaiZ @Horlack Bricks @WesternOutlaw Thanks a lot guys! :) Glad that you like my build.
  13. BardDandelion

    Vargheist - Warhammer

    @jtooker @JintaiZ Thanks a lot! ;) @Sarophas More on the way. ;) @Mr Maniac Official part. It was in some Exo Force set, first wave, red one with crab arm. Bought that part in second hand shop I used to work. It was already cut. @WesternOutlaw I think that it's very good association. :D
  14. BardDandelion

    Vargheist - Warhammer

    @zoth33Thanks a lot. ;) @Ragana9289Nope, it's one of his monsters. Vlad will be build in the future. ;)
  15. BardDandelion

    Vargheist - Warhammer

    Hello! Would like to share one of my newest MOC - monster based on WFB unit from Vampire Counts faction - Vargheist. Hope you enjoy it. ;)