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  1. BardDandelion

    And Then... Dark Wizard Summoned Stone Golem!

    @Karalora Thanks a lot! Glad that you like it. :) @eric_son_of_joseph Thank you! :D @Yperio_Bricks Thanks a lot for the support! Glad that all details are clear and easy to spot and recognize. :D @LordsofMedieval Thank you. ;)
  2. Hello! My entry for LEGO IDEAS/Dungeons and Dragons challenge. Wanted to build this kind of MOC for a really long time and finally competition motivated me to do that. Tried to connect two worlds - real one where players are sitting by the table and fantasy one where they go using their imagination and PRG system. Hope that you like it. ;) Team of brave adventurers has to stop Dark Wizard! Will they succeed in this mission? Will the troubadours sing songs in their honor? Will there be piece in the kingdom? Or maybe mom will call everyone for a dinner earlier? If you enjoy my build, visit LEGO IDEAS and leave some comment there:
  3. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Pi-Rat

    Hello! Here is my build for competition run by Bricknerd. The task was to create pirate build but without using "human" minifigs (all sorts of animals e.g. from Chima were allowed). I decided to go even further and don't use minifigs at all. :D Final addition to the build was a chest filled with cheese - the best treasure pirate could wish for. Hope you guys enjoy my Pi-Rat! :D
  4. BardDandelion


    Hello! Wanted to share my newest LEGO Castle creation - figurine of the griffin and his rider. Build was inspired by various depictions of the creature, mainly from video games - HoMM, Warhammer and Warcraft. Started with chest armour and head, suprisingly these were quite quick to build. Struggled a bit with wings, because didn't want them to be too massive. When I removed modified A-shaped plate used in Master Wu dragon set and combined two layers of the wings I knew that it as going in the right direction. The rest of the figurine was easy to make. Hope you enjoy it. ;)
  5. BardDandelion

    Warhammer - Slann Magepriest

    Thank you all for the comments - glad that you enjoy my build.
  6. BardDandelion

    Warhammer - Slann Magepriest

    Hi! Check my newest Warhammer diorama. It's based on Lizardmen faction units - I have kroxigor, skinks and slann which is that giat toad-like creature sitting on a flying throne. For kroxigor I used figurine from TMNT series. I think it fits here really nicely. Close-up shot of the flying throne and slann mage. I'm really glad with the final result, especially that it took me only two evenings to make the that character. It's also really solidly built - I can easily pick it up and it doesn't break. Hope you guys like it. Comment and visit my ig, I post there regularly. If you have any suggestions for future builds - please, let me know in the comments or dm me or whatever you want. Have a nice day! ;)
  7. BardDandelion

    Ogre Cave

    @GeoBrick He will be fine! :D @LEGO Train 12 Volts, @Captain Braunsfeld Thanks guys! ;) @Lego David Thanks a lot! Somehow got a bunch of these masks, finally found a place to use one of them. @Guyinaplaguemask Thank you! I really like this technique for smoke from the chimney (with white snakes), was wonder how to make similar thing here and then realised that I have some lime snakes as well. ;)
  8. BardDandelion

    Ogre Cave

    @zoth33, @Feuer Zug Thanks a lot! Glad that you like it. ;)
  9. BardDandelion

    Ogre Cave

    Hi! Check my newest MOC - Ogre Cave inspired by Warhammer world. If you want to understand more about Ogre Kingdoms, check this Total War: Warhammer III trailer. :D Some close-ups. Hope you enjoy it. ;)
  10. BardDandelion

    Witcher - A Little Sacrifice

    @NOD Thanks a lot! ;) She wasn't happy in the short story also. :D If you haven't read it, I highly recommended doing it. Short stories by Sapkowski is the best "Witcher" thing that exists.
  11. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Gotrek & Felix - To Ostland

    Nice! We need more LEGO Warhammer!
  12. BardDandelion

    [MOC] The Fortress of Falkenholt

    This is so good. One of the best castles I've seen recently. Love the focus on the details.
  13. BardDandelion

    Duel in Black Knights' Mage Tower

    Astonishing! Great work with all of these "glowing" parts!
  14. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Visit the Queen by moonlight

    Nicely done! Love the atmosphere of that place shown on the first photo!
  15. BardDandelion

    [MOC/Mod] Behold the beholder! Iconic D&D monster

    Nicely done! I'm going to turn mine into head of a cyclops. One of the best superhero sets they ever made.