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  1. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Infantry Command

    @Farseer Petriel Yeah, IG buildings had really distinctive, military look but at the same time they felt very unique and fit into that universe. Put there a servitor because I wanted to be faithful to the lore. In final version, there will be some Techpriest at the dioarama. ;) @LEGO Train 12 Volts Thank you, my friend. ;) @Jerry McGlade Yup, the corners were the hardest part of the build but I'm really glad with the results. :D
  2. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Infantry Command

    Hi! Another build from Wwarhammer 40k universe, this time Imperial Guard's Infantry Comamnd from "Dawn of War" vidoe game. Some close-ups: Heavy bolter team: Sergeant: Techno servitor: That's the building I based on my MOC: Would like to build whole diorama of Imperial Guard base, some next projects I'm going for: Tactical command Plasma generator C&C welcome! ;)
  3. BardDandelion

    [MOC] WH40k: Aeldari Hideout

    @Farseer Petriel Thank you for such extensive answer. ;) I have built plenty of Ork figures and vehicles. Going to do the same with Imperial Guard. From time to time I build something from different faction - SM, SoB, Chaos, some Xeno. I think I will jump to Eldars at some point. Just to have something in my collection. I think I will go for DoW2 Farseer look but with something extra on the back. The wings thing Farseer from DoW had should work. Also started my adventure with WH40k with Dawn of War. :D About color scheme - you could just swap white arms of all clones/stormtroopers to violet/purple/whatever and then you would get the effect. Wouldn't be cheap but would give nice results. Going to swap all black hands of my Guardsmen to dark tan myself. Fortunately hands in this color got more popular this year. :D
  4. BardDandelion

    Penitent Engine - Warhammer 40k

    @Farseer Petriel I think torso is good enough. Pilot in GW figurine has striped trausers. This type of clothing is instantly recognizable as prisoner outfit and that was my goal to achieve. And really wanted to do something with that City torso I would never think I use otherwise. :P @Fenghuang0296 Blades are from Bionicle playsets (~2006), there were plenty of weapons like this - e.g. giant chainswords (used it in my Sisters Repentia minifigures). @Eggyslav Always waiting for more LEGO40k. Give us your AdMech! @Jerry McGlade Thank you sir. ;) @SteamSewnEmpire He probably deserved it. :P
  5. BardDandelion

    Penitent Engine - Warhammer 40k

    Hello, would like to share my newest model of unit from Warhammer 40k universe. "Penitent Engines charge towards the foe heedless of danger, knowing that only in death, theirs or the enemy’s, can absolution be earned. The arms of the engine, mounted with enormous flamers, blaze a trail of fiery destruction as it thunders forwards. Upon reaching the enemy, the chemical and synaptic inputs pumped into the pilot are altered, causing them to see their own face in the faces of their foes. Thrashing at those before it, each a reflection of their unfathomable guilt, they rampage through the enemy’s battle lines leaving death and carnage in their wake."
  6. BardDandelion

    [MOC] WH40k: Aeldari Hideout

    Not that much into Eldars myself but nice to see another WH40k build here. :D Some of the details are totally nailed - webway portal and turrets - went to your Flickr and left some comments. Really good job. Did you use some art as a reference to build that main castle-like structure? Finally, I find minifigs a bit too messy. I know how hard it is to build something 40k-ish and made an entire army of such minifigs but it is possible. If you choose white and violet for your color scheme for Eldars, you should keep it also with minifigs. Maybe try some NPU and brickbuild helmets for soldiers. Shape of them is very characteristic and that's what would make your builds instantly recognizable as WH40k.
  7. BardDandelion

    Adventurers Remake

    Hello, I would like to share project I have started some time ago. This is going to be remake of Adventurers series (which was and still is the best series that LEGO gave us). Started with vehicles but already working on rebuilt version of Anubis Temple (5988). Color scheme was choosen because of Pharaoh's Quest one. Decided to use dark red instead of e.g. tan because it's easier to buy dark red parts and they are cheaper. And let's be honest - dark red is really nice color. For Bad Guys I decided to use darker colors - black and dark grey/bluish grey. Maybe in future will use dark blue and dark green - each color for each villain crew. I think that would be nice and bring lot of variety. Recolored version of Bad Guys' car from set 5948. Recolored Scorpion Tracker 5918. Good Guys' car inspired by 10222 post office car. Good Guys' plane. Layout borrowed from The Sea Duck from "TaleSpin" cartoon, still WIP.
  8. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Lictor - Warhammer 40k

    @Sajuuk Thank you man! ;) @kieran Yes, those are really cool hobbies. ;)
  9. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Lictor - Warhammer 40k

    Hi! I would like to present my new creation based on Warhammer 40k figure - it's Lictor from Tyranids army. Tyranids are basically cosmic dino-bugs which want to eat everyone and everthing. Check my [url=]Instagram[/url] for more photos and creations. ;) Games Workshop figure to compare:
  10. BardDandelion

    The Witcher Collaboration

    #PolandStrong We did really great job with these builds. Yesterday uploaded some close-ups photos of my scene (the second one). :P You can check them at my instagram. ;)
  11. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Rotting Leviathan

    @Hobbythom @Park7573 Thank you guys, glad that you like it. ;) @Jevil Thanks! I was surprised how well the parts fit each other and formed that creature's carapace. :D
  12. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Rotting Leviathan

    Whoah! So many comments! I'm so glad that you enjoy it. :D @The Neighborhood Merchant Actually ,I came up with these eyes by accident but so happy with the results. :P @Faladrin Thanks for sharing my MOC! ;) @Pate-keetongu I spend some time in stationary store I used to work just to buy most of those dk red elements. I found Bionicle mixes the most inspiring. :D @iammac Didn't have parts to make them bigger. :( @DarrellBricker @RocketSeason @DeCommander96 @Gorilla94 @The APhOL @Cottin @TomSkippy @LEGO Train 12 Volts @Lyichir @Mylenium @BrickLdeas @Tim_AZ @DwalinF Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback. ;) It took me almost a year to get from idea to final MOC and I'm yet not done with the theme. Something with tentacles is now in my mind. :D Be sure to follow me at ig in order to don't miss future models. ;)
  13. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Rotting Leviathan

    Hi, I would like to present MOC inspired by unit from Total War: Warhammer II video game - Rotting Leviathan. It's basically giant hermit crab with shipwreck instead of shell. Hope you like it. ;)
  14. BardDandelion

    Rotting Leviathan

    @Faladrin Didn't realize that there is separate Pirates forum. Thanks for the hint. ;)
  15. BardDandelion

    Rotting Leviathan

    Thank you guys. Glad that you like it. ;)