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Found 6 results

  1. MasterStud

    [MOC] Indian Palace

    The Front of the Palace New Female Characters All the set displayed Back of the set Back of the Set Zoomed Elephant Top of the Tower Minifigures Indian Minifigures Sultan Army If you like it, it is also a LEGO ideas set. It has 238 supporters out of 10,000 at the time of this post.
  2. LegoAcklay

    [MOC] Four-Towered Castle

    After finishing it and creating minifigures I uploaded it to LEGO Ideas which you can find here: Four-Towered Castle It contains some extra information such as piece counts. Feel free to leave a support on the LEGO Ideas site if you like it. 3D Model view here on Sketchfab: Four-Towered Castle The Full Inside view. Note that the castle is made in a "L" shaped layout. The left/West Entrance. Notice the flaps that would allow archers/crossbowmen to fire through and take cover. The inside side of the West entrance. Entrance to the hall from the courtyard/bailey. The alchemy room. With a green substance in a flask and a chandelier below the tall ceiling. The certainly need a ladder here. A tower with a wooden hoarding around it. Crossbows are stored here. The armoury. Along with the stacked sword it has a bed for a soldier here as well. View above the towers. Better view of the catapult and the winch for raising the portcullis. Inside the shack extension. The Great Hall. Turnable fire in the great hall's fireplace. Winch which you can rotate the fire and exterior of the hall. Drawbridge Outside. Gate Inside. Chest room. Stone Sigil. Walkway. Romans with a catapult & Celtic Warriors. Upper view.
  3. I put together this build for the Flickr group, Lego War, which held a contest during August and September. It is a scene from the book/play/movie Les Miserable where the students build a barricade and fight against tyranny in the June Rebellion of 1832. Behind the Build I'm a firm believer that Lego MOC's should be sturdy and playable, so I made each of the buildings in the image able to open up and included internal details such as furniture, wall hangings, internal walls, and doors and in some cases stairwells. This was helpful to me as builder since to make the scene, I could empty the furniture from the surrounding buildings to make the barricade to join the rebellious minifigures in their fight against the "National Guard" minifigures. Making the plaza and street sections took a lot of round tile pushing and left me with sore thumbs. The good part about this is that now that the tiles are on the plates, I can reuse the plates! For those of you familiar with some of castle Lego sets, you might see that I styled my buildings after the buildings from Lego's Medieval Market (set 10193). In fact, you can see the top of the tan building from the Medieval Market included in the background of the image. The National Guard soldiers are using muskets and hats purchased from which I hand painted to highlight the metal parts. Funny Fact Though, this is the "June Rebellion" which in France would have been at the start of summer, I portrayed the plaza as if it were taking place during Autumn. Having myself only seen the TV Movie (, I didn't know the time of year that this was occurring until I did more research on the topic. Apparently in my version of events, June that year was particularly cold and caused the trees to turn colors. Additional pictures can be found on Flickr
  4. MrBrick&BoB

    The Kommandantur of Dunholm

    Hello everyone, here comes the next MOC straight out of THE BRICK TIME building yard. It is the Kommandantur of Dunholm, located in the south of the Northland as you can see on the map of the Northland. Pieces: 4000 Time: about 100h Lets have a look: Find out more on: THE BRICK TIME and our Flickr gallery. BoB
  5. MrBrick&BoB

    Arrival at Dunholm

    Hey Some troops arriving Dunholm. A town in the middle of the Northern Realm. While the cavalry is marching in, the people looking interested and afraid, too. What is it all about? Check up THE BRICK TIME for Storyline. Here we go: Some more in our FlickR Gallery Hope you like it. Regards BoB
  6. Brig. Brick


    Hi everyone! it's been a while...sorry for that! today I bring my armies... yes, bluecoats, redcoats and the mighty armada, but mostly the land forces (I´m still working on the naval forces), and of course, with the heavy improvement of the collective minifigures I want comments, observation, critics... so, lets start Bluecoats - strong army vs navy - Colonel Bluecoat Army Field Marshall Lieutenant Infantryman -----o----- Bluecoat Navy Admiral Captain Sailor (I changed the wig) Redcoats - Strong navy vs army - Major Redcoat Navy Captain Ship-of-the-line lieutenant Sailor Redcoat Army Marshal Lieutenant Infantryman Armada - moderated navy & army - Major Armada land force Lieutenant Pikeman Infantryman Armada Navy Alférez Sailor -----o----- the man behind the Armada power: the Inquisitor -----o-----o-----o----- soon, the navy!