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  1. casewindu

    LEGO community team AFOL survey

    Hmm not trying to cause anything here but I believe that Fabuland should be kept in the past. <insert that tiresome argument> pieces are one thing but many of you like it because it was nostalgic from your childhoods. If Lego is not ready to bring back better themes such as western because they believe that there is no interest for younger children in cowboys and such in this modern world then i fear that the idea of big animal figures and very few pieces in the set would get the same approach from the company. If they did come back Lego would probably try to make it more modernised, which i'm pretty convinced you guys wouldn't want As I said before no argument just my opinion, I think Lego needs to keep the themes they have and focus on them
  2. casewindu

    LEGO community team AFOL survey

    This is a very good approach for Lego to go in. Hopefully they will listen to are requests and give us more of what we want, Thanks to Copmike for sorting this for us
  3. casewindu

    REVIEW: 4558 Metroliner

    Oh Ruben you lucky so and so this set is one of the most beautful i have ever seen! Splendid looking build and 11 figures, all the same faces like but still you get that old woman pig-tail head piece which is just great! I thought you meant the monorail set when you told me about this but guess i was wrong (don't laugh i've been away from lego for quite some time) and for 80 euros it was a real bargain from a great friend! Really nice review hope this sets brings you years of joy!
  4. casewindu

    Captain Green Hair goes to Belgium

    You sure you havn't just realised your brother has told you your paying for the drinks Ruben? Plus now you mention it i think Bonaparte looks alot like Matt Dawson who used to play for the English rugby union: (maybe not so much in this pic but reminded me of him none the less )
  5. casewindu

    Captain Green Hair goes to Belgium

    Ok i just had to comment on these pictures even though i havn't been online for a long long time! So I have forgotten all of the features such as quoting and all so bare with me. I love these pictures it looks like you guys had a terrific time! Picture 4 (in the tunnel)- question for Ruben, is this where your surprise picture was taken? I really feel bad for the poor pedestrians who had to pass a drunk Captain green hair! Picture 6 ( Sne) looks like someone needs a change of shirts haha Picture 9 (Where's Ruben?) My personal favorite! Ruben looks as if he has just realised he's going to have to spend an entire night with this bunch of Lego hooligans! Errorist and Sne look like they're having fun though so i'm sure Ruben doesn't mind! Really looks like a fun times guys very enjoyable topic thanks for sharing!
  6. casewindu

    Indiana Jones 4 Kinda-Review

    You guys all seem to forget that the film as to advertise to a different audience now, twently years on and cinema has changed. Fact is everyone expects too highly of these films such as teh star wars films and the simpsons movie to name afew. You all get so caught up in the hype that you thikn its going to be the greatest movie ever. Simple advice just dont get your hopes up and usually you'll like the film more like with me. I thought it was a great, humorous film, with great references to the old trilogy. I didnt find the Oz character annoying and thought he was a good character to replace Marcus Brody, who wasnt in the film yet the director made sure the audience wouldn't forget him by placing so many references to the character in the film. Shia Le'Bouf ( who seems to be in everything these days) was also a pretty funny character and the character fitted in well with the indy cast. Only down side was the alien and UFO. Alright I didnt mind the skeletons, but when they all formed an fully alive alien seemed like Speilberg was trying to mix indy with ET. Apart from that it was a good film and one I will watch again. edit: sirnadroj- better than the last crusade, behave yourself.
  7. casewindu

    A poll to decide a star wars set for february 2009

    Yes I noticed and stated it in my comment on the last page.
  8. casewindu

    A poll to decide a star wars set for february 2009

    yes lets wait for pictures before we get snotty and pompous shall we?
  9. casewindu

    A poll to decide a star wars set for february 2009

    why on earth does everybody seem to refer the mon calamari ship to the hoth base? they are two completely different things, mainly one being a ship and the other a base. Yes we could get a b-wing style set yet think about the republic cruiser brought out a short time ago, and that was a toysrus exclusive aswell. If any of these sets are going to be remotely like the hoth base it would be the emporors office, because the window is probably going to be made as the same size as the door. Something else that doesnt seem to have been mentioned is that the discription for the slave one set. All this set speaks of is a "platform" inwhich the slave one is landed. This leads me to believe that this is all we would get and building a platform for the new slave one is going to have to take up some space. The last thing that I metion is the fact that it seems you can vote on this contest as many times as you want, voting for all three if you wish like I did. Seems like an easy way to get the set you wanted but I havnt tried this many times so I dont know if their is a limit. One thing is for certain is that the one they choose will still be ludicrously expensive for everyone.
  10. casewindu

    POLL: vote for your favourite hotrod now!

    I have just recently signed in from a fairly long absence to show my support for the recently departed admin, yoda. I loved his hotrod because it fits in well with his sigfig, using the x-wing look of red and white with the really cool and trusty R2-D2 sitting above the cock-pit. I thought that this was the only hotrod that showed a resemblence to the person who made it, plus it's the least I could do for an admin who stood up for others and wasn't afraid to ask questions. mmmmm voted for I did!
  11. casewindu

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    HG Casewindu to MG Jax: a great idea General however we can't put the plan to action without informing Lord Vader HG Casewindu to TK: I can send my new recruit to help in your search TK, however can not participate myself, as the security in the weapons factories here is worse than a flat Jawa juice. I need to fully look over the entire planet and make some more protective changes.
  12. casewindu

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    High General Casewindu to Lord Vader: greatest thanks my Lord, I shall not fail. As a sign of thanks I will take on NE1 as my team seems to have dissapeared, again. I shall leave for Bessimir at once.
  13. casewindu

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    General Casewindu to Lord Vader: Sorry I am late my Lord, our frigates navigation system "broke" and we were delayed. However the fleet is now fully operational again, the men were delighted at the sound of the words "yub yub".
  14. casewindu

    Roman mafia game: DAY II

    I vote Hinckley so as to start to even out this little squabble, i'm still not to sure who i trust and who I don't
  15. casewindu

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    General Casewindu to Admiral TK: Admiral, my fleet has exited hyperspace about 500 miles from pollis massa. Our devices attached to the ships before take off has aloud us to come in un-noticed by rebel radars. My ties are ready.