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Found 13 results

  1. Are you prepared for a battle to come??? Friends, let me introduce you my new Lego Custom Minifigure – a Two Headed Ogre, let us call him Cho'gall. We can meet two-headed characters in many fantasy worlds but it is WARCRAFT that is the first that comes to mind when we talk about Two-Headed Ogre. One of the most famous and powerful of the Horde's Ogre Magi is a Two Headed Ogre Cho'gall. Driven by the lust of power and thrill of destruction, Cho'gall is a terrifying force on the battlefield, someone who can start and end a fight all on his own ... but only if both heads work together. Born in the capital of Gorian Empire a Two-Headed Ogre Cho'gall was tuted by the most talented ogre sorcerers. Feeling a threat, aristocracy tried to kill him but he was able to escape and had to flee from the city. As Cho'gall searched the world for knowledge and weapons he came across Guldan, orc warlock. Two Headed Orge Cho'gall became one of the most powerful and respected members of the Old Horde during the First and Second Wars against the humans. This is a great story which made me add Two Headed Ogre into my Lego Custom Undead Universe. Two Headed Ogre custom minifigure can be twisted from all sides on my small YouTube Channel – Here. Latest Lego Minifigures I customized – Soul Taker and Baba Yaga.
  2. Lego Baba Yaga – Custom Minifigure Friends, I was a little distracted from the Lego Dark Fantesy Direction and the skeletons of the Army of Darkness which I am currently customizing. I spent the time with pleasure to custom a Lego Baba Yaga Minifigure. This is a «hello» from the slavic mythology and folklor. In particular Baba Yaga is a very famous character of fairy tales of Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. Unfortunately a lot of people look at this character only as to a fairy tale character. But Baba Yaga takes roots from very very deep history. Baba Yaga is mentioned in books hundreds of years ago. By fact Baba Yaga is mentioned as a ritual character in Austria and Montenegro, as well as a night spirit in Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria I decided to custom the minifigure of Lego Baba Yaga after I saw the work of Lego Baba Yaga on the Lego Ideas Official Website. I decided to make my character not so joyful, but more realistic in terms of fantasy theme. Despite the fact that Baba Yaga is shown as negative character in many works, the study of history suggests that Baba Yaga helps a lot. The Baba Yaga custom minifigure can be twisted from all sides on my small YouTube Channel – Part 1 and Part 2. Parameters of the character are available from Trailer.
  3. My new custom lego minifigure – Soul Taker. Soul Eater is found in cult games and pearls of modern fantasy worlds such as Diablo, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Warcraft, Lineage and many others. Lasting the uncountable millennia, calming down, again inflaming in the new worlds, eternal war of forces of Light and Darkness, Angels and Demons, the Order and Chaos leads to emergence of the opponents much surpassing ordinary soldiers on both parties. Certainly, one of such generations of forces of Darkness is Soul Taker. Ordinary people are not lucky to live in the middle of this war in a hearth of never-ending battle. In attempts to survive or for the sake of finding of power some of them sign the contract with Darkness forces and come over to the side of the Evil, having started practicing dark magic. In a fantasy Universe of Lego Custom Undead Soul Taker comes to the world of living by killing his reviver – the Dark Wizard. Having taken control of the book of Soul Eater and also several artifacts which the Dark Wizard collected during the wanderings and search, Soul Eater begins the way in the world of the living with one purpose – to make this world the dead. Clever, cunning and artful, Soul Eater mastered a way allowing to release the opponent's soul and then to absorb her. It is difficult to stop Soul Eater who aimed at the enemy. Having chosen the victim, he promptly starts the feast. With his spells he practically immobilizes the victim, causes it severe physical and intolerable emotional pain. And then, when the victim is weakened, he takes away her soul, fills up the magic force and comes back to catacombs to continue his magic rituals. The Soul Taker custom minifigure can be twisted from all sides on my small YouTube Channel.
  4. MinifigureHQ

    Mr Bean

    Hello! (in a Mr Bean accent), Mr Bean is just one of those loveable characters from the 90's and we couldn't resist turning him into a custom Minifigure. We've gone all out on the detailing as well, his iconic tweed jacket really needed to stand out so we've printed on both sides of the torso and the arms. As with all of our figures, the design is in keeping with a LEGO Minifigure. What do you think?
  5. Plaid Beard

    The Truth About Ol' Ben

    Benjamin Franklin ~ Swashbuckler, Ladies' Man. By day he poses as a mild-mannered inventor, printer, scientist, diplomat, and all-around genius. But by night his true identity comes forth, as he raids, pillages, and womanizes his way from America to Europe and back again. He's Benjamin Franklin, and he waxes his chest to be extra smooth for the ladies. * * * PS: This was not the strangest custom Minifigure I've ever made, but it was the most fun to think about.
  6. Hello! New Here. Been making custom Minifigs for a while now (selling on Etsy as XAITONE). This is my Killer Clown. I'd like to know what you think and more importantly, what you'd LIKE to see!
  7. Proudly brought to you by agoodfella minifigs and bricks raminator. There will be a very limited inital run. Once we have secured enough interest via pre-sale commitments, it will go to print. This custom minifigure will feature: • High quality digital UV printing. • Printing on front, sides and back. • Sunglasses and trenchcoat accessories shown • Double sided head printing. • All minifigure parts will be official LEGO parts (aside from trenchcoat) Now accepting Pre-Sales! Please FM or send email to for more details. Thanks everyone for looking :)
  8. Hello Everyone, I am brand new to the forum and I wanted to make an account to share with everyone my first pad printed custom minifigure! I give you... "Teleporter" It features pad printing on the: head, torso (front/back), hips (front/back), Legs (front/back/sides) The custom red armor and the tail pieces are made of recycled LEGO plastic using an injection molding machine. The tail is fully posable and uses a ball joint to connect to the red armor. If you'd like to see more photos, or are interested in getting one you know where to find it - thanks for looking! Please let me know what you think. -Kyle
  9. Reekardoo

    phantom of the opera

    In ideas for you to support - Thanks! You like it? cheers!
  10. Hello fellow AFOL, I recently used several parts to create a custom Minifigure. I don't know if I can call it a MOC or a MOD but I'd really like to read what you think about it Since the resized pics are very low quality I uploaded a video on YouTube. It also shows how I "built" it. Any comment would be very appreciated. Thank you. Edit: I forgot to add a little description. The Minifigure is based on the Jango Fett Minifigure from 75015 set. I swapped the helmet's rangefinder with a Clone Trooper visor (the red one coming from set 9488) then I added the Armor of the Space Miner (from Minifigures series 12). The pistol is the typical Clone Trooper blaster pistol while the melee weapon is made with a Lightsaber handle and the "chainsaw" blade come from a old Space set ( so old I forgot which one it is ) The melee weapon is a reference to a famous Science Fiction series. Did you guess which one? Anyway I hope you like this little customization.
  11. Gilbert Despathens

    My First Steps Into a Brave New World

    A little about me - I'm a young AFOL, my favorite pastimes are Lego building and constructing falsehoods (whether writing or playing tricks), I love castles and I'm ready to go beyond simply watching the excellent builders here and start joining in the fun. To share a little more about myself, I've chosen some of the pictures that best display my tastes and building style (or lack thereof...). IMAG3080 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr This is my latest project, an experiment in economical tan stonework and landscaping. More details are available here: image by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr This is my icon (or it would be if the system wasn't fighting back): Gilbert Despathens, a one-eyed vagabond in a pith hat. This might be a good time to mention that I use a pseudonym for my Lego building. IMAG0225 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr IMAG0228 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr These are partial images of my favorite MOC to date, a tavern interior. Again, find a complete overview on MOCpages: IMAG0175 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr IMAG0162 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr This scene and figure were inspired by the 2013 Tomb Raider game and tied for first place in their bracket of a minifigure contest. This build also includes (closer to the bottom) my original sloped-rock technique. IMAG0123 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr IMAG0107-1 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr The space pirate and his ship were the top choice in another bracket of the contest. The archer, however, was the winner overall - and she used only purist parts. IMAG3018 by Gilbert Despathens, on Flickr This was an experiment in landscaping. I have a lot more on MOCpages, but there is plenty to come in the future and I intend to start sharing it here. Until next time, keep building!
  12. Hello EB, Here is my first custom minifigure. I had the base autographed by Weird Al himself! Sorry about the title of the topic, there will be more to come. Custom Lego Weird Al by commodorelegolas, on Flickr Thanks for looking. C&C welcome.
  13. Henchmen4Hire

    Curved Female Torso

    I wanted to see how a female LEGO minifigure would look with more of an hourglass torso so I did a little dremeling and sanding. I like this result a lot more than Arealight's curved torsos, the difference being that my curve runs from under the armpit to the waist while Arealight's is a lot shorter. I did this all freehand and it looks pretty good. The chest design is cut into a bit because it was slightly off-center to begin with. I'll probably add this curviness to my upcoming Samus Aran custom Minifig. LEGO Curved Female Torso by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr LEGO Curved Female Torso by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr LEGO Curved Female Torso by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr