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Found 118 results

  1. Just before the fleets would sail out, a new admirality yacht sailed around the harbor. Loud cheers erupted everywhere they passed as it was in this small yacht that Lord Damaximus and Princes Margot showed the world their little Princes Féline. --- A small admirality vessel for MAESTRO, which will be used to increase ship levels and can be licenced in the future as a class 2 trader I would also like to thank @Sebeus I for his feedback during the process and for his wonderfull inspirational ships
  2. Traditionally seen, the last day is always the most busy day of Oktoberfest. People are gathering one last time before the month ends. During the recent stay of troops in Punto Sur, officers ordered construction of a MAESTRO office to oversee trade on the island of Maldria. The troops have been sent to Seawatch to remove the Lotii blockade over there. Oktoberfest was for MAESTRO always the best month as sales of their Apple Ciders and Wines go through the skies. So also this last day of Oktoberfest, the MAESTRO office opened it doors once again so everyone could enjoy a nice glass of Apple Cider. --- OC --- Will be licenced as small commerce 2 months ago I visited Cartagena in Colombia, which is a must-see for everyone here (just keep your own safety always in mind). Inspired by those colourfull houses and wooden balconies I was very eager to try to build it myself. The balcony on this MOC is an exact copy of one of the balconies I saw there. Together with the greenstuff and the streetlamp, I think I succesfully catched the atmosphere of the house I used as inspiration. Something I discoverd there (well, I never thought of it before), is that there is no sewer in those old Colonial cities (at least not in Cartagena). So hence the stone doorstep to make sure there won't get water inside the house after a very rainy day (rain just stays on the street in big pools). It was fun using the HP wands in the balcony and the bar 1L with clip Mechanical claws for the streetlight (put in a 2x2 inverted round dome slider) @Ayrlego: I might have taken a few looks on how you did your corners in your roofs Enjoy and thanks for C&C
  3. Prospecting the rocks around Damaborg "We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in our mine the whole day through To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what we like to do It ain't no trick to get rich quick If you dig dig dig with a shovel or a pick In a mine! In a mine! In a mine! In a mine! Where a million diamonds shine! We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig from early morn till night We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig up everything in sight We dig up diamonds by the score A thousand rubies, sometimes more But we don't know what we dig 'em for We dig dig dig a-dig dig" It aren't 7 dwarves and there was no beautifull Snowwhite to be seen. And the chance of finding diamonds and rubies is very low, but still the miners were singing this popular song while digging through the rocks. What they would find is still a big mistery, but they knew the importance for MAESTRO. Samples of the rocks are brought to the Intelligence office of Damaborg where they are examined by educated and experienced researchers. Ofcourse MAESTRO hopes for a nice score. Precious metals to be sold at a high price and to fund the exploration of Damaborg. Or very usefull resources to help develop Damaborg and to support the upcoming exploration missions. Keep on digging miners till we find something! As long as it is unclear what will be discovered in the future, soldiers were guarding the miners for their safety. --- This serves as a prospecting build for Damaborg @Ayrlego
  4. Disguising the truth about Fort Féline On a beautifull Friday morning, the first of april, some officers of MAESTRO gathered in the "Intelligence office of Damaborg". They talked about the development of Damaborg so far and the tasks still to do before being fully prepared to start exploring the unknown. "We need a huge fort to protect Damaborg! If our soldiers are gone exploring, some extra defence is much needed!". Other officers agreed on this. Altough the wooden wall around Damaborg offered an excellent first defence, some sort of fort would be very welcome. The accountant of MAESTRO, mr. Stingyos, tempered the enthousiasm. "Altough we still are filthy rich, I fear that we should keep an eye on our expenses. We are the only trade company in Eslandola that pays their own fort upkeep and together with the Eslandolan 1% tax and the upkeep of our troops, we are having a loss month after month. Our fleet, both warships and tradeships, were occupied in troop transport the past year. First sending our army to Terraversa, and then sending that same army to the "Lowers". That meant a huge loss of income" "aaaawwww". As a bunch of children forbidden to play outside on a sunny day, the officers were grumbling. Suddenly one of the officers had a brilliant idea. "What if we make a fort that looks big and frightening, but in fact it is very cheap to build and maintain? If we put some gigantic elements together and we place a wooden palisade in front of it, to disguise the gigantic elements? No one has to know that it isn't an actual big fort?" "Hoooray!!!" And so a gigantic fort was built with gigantic colourfull elements. Where those elements came from? No one really knows. Some rumours talk about a baby giant living deep inside "The Lowers" who use those elements as toys. Who knows? The brave MAESTRO Soldiers started disguising the colourfull bricks with a wooden palisade. - Consider this as some kind of April fool My baby giant (my little daughter) loves to play with those bricks. I build big castles and she destroys them. Hopefully that will change in the future and we can build together haha Might be licenced as a small/medium fort in Damaborg if the court gives their approval.
  5. Damaborg Sawmill Damaborg 622 AE The hamlet of Damaborg was in huge need of wood. More than a regiment of MAESTRO soldiers are stationed here and the exploration operations needed resources to fuel their success. Food, clothes, medicines, weapons, drinks, pleasure, apples, ... . Ofcourse that meant that bigger buildings were needed to store and trade them. In combination with the first defensive structures, a huge wooden wall. One of the main ingredients of this bustling place would be wood. Also for the expiditions itself, timber would be very usefull for chariots and smaller sloops for exploring. Luckily there are trees enough in this area. But cutting them and sawing them by hand takes a lot of time. And time is precious. So construction began of a sawmill. Based on the ideas of Cornelis Corneliszoon, a windmill was constructed, connected to the saw by gear. Through the neverending powersupply of wind, the proces of sawing wood into planks became so much quicker. Soon the speed of the development of Damaborg would be unseen! Will be licenced as a large factory in Damaborg (The Lowers). Thanks for watching! C&C much appreciated :) (ooc) While looking for examples, I discoverd the first sawmill powered by windenergy was developped and octroied by the Dutch farmer Cornelis Corneliszoon in 1593. It took some research to discover how it works and I hope I managed to bring it into LEGO. The proces isn't that clear here and probably not 100% accurate (it was a vertical saw, here I used round sawblades as I had no clue how to make it work otherwise). I always wanted to build an historic windmill and this was the perfect opportunity to build it with a saw factory.
  6. Shepherds Simon and Sarah and their flock of sheep 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, ... . That looks correct. It's a beautiful Monday morning. Or Tuesday? Or Wednesday? For the sheep, all days were the same, and for Simon the shepherd, actually, too. Together with his sister Sarah they started a sheep farm here in Damaborg. From MAESTRO they got a nice piece of land at the end of the settlement, Near the wooden ramparts. Which was ideal, because under the walkways Simon made stalls for his sheep. So it was a nice morning. In the distance, some murmurs sounded and marching footsteps approached. Sarah!!! Sarah recognized the voice, dropped everything, and ran to the fence of the fence. Maarten! Maarten had just returned from a reconnaissance mission. Along with a reconnaissance company, he marched to The Intelligence Headquarters. He received permission from Captain Bert to leave the marching procession and go to his wife Sarah already. After days in the unexplored territories, he was so happy to fall in the arms of Sarah. He could not wait to have a good pint of apple cider as he has so many experiences and stories to tell his wife and brother-in-law. (New part of story 24/3) Simon smiled seeing his brother-in-law and Sarah hugging. Simon arrived just in time as well. The first sheeps could be sheared and the fresh wool has to be sent to the cloth makers of Damaborg. Decent and warm clothing could be very important the moment the bigger exploration missions will start. Simon looked again to his sheep. A moment of sadness fell over him knowing that some of his sheep will be slaughtered soon for meat. He knows it is a part of the job, but still it is the part he doesn't like. Oh well, Simon is happy the sheep can at graze peacefully without any sorrows right now. --- Thanks for watching (and reading if you had the time)! C&C welcome :) It was a very fun moc to make and happy I could do something with those sheep I discovered that you can place them diagonally as well, wich is genius of LEGO! will be licenced as a medium plantation. I could have expanded the grasslands with green baseplates and what vegetation, but to be honest, I didn't see the plusvalue of it.
  7. Brides of Damaborg After the arrival of the first MAESTRO pioneers and the founding of Damaborg, many opportunity seekers arrived in the new settlement. They all tried to help develop the settlement with their strengths. But it was soon clear that what keeps a society going, were women. To tackle this, MAESTRO searched through the Eslandolan territories for single females that were not affraid of an exotic adventure. After a few months the first ships with women on board arrived. Altough they were not tradewear, it was necessary to visit the Customs & Registration Office when arriving. The deal was that once they got married, the new husband paid back the travell costs... Ofcourse, the soldiers who were stationed in Damaborg, were very happy with the female presence. The customs clerq: To make everything well organised and to avoid fights and injuries/dead bodies, the local authorities organised mass dating events. All men interested could participate, but it are the girls who choosed at the end of the day who they would like to date. With the arrival of the "Brides of Damaborg" (as the ladies were called quickly), the development of Damaborg entered a new stage. The "Brides" knew in advance their task was not being a housewife, but they were really expected to help collecting, producing or crafting resources and ofcourse secure the future of the settlement with a next generation. Note: based on the real world "Brides of Jameston", which I discoverd when looking for inspiration pictures of an early settlement in the new world. Will be licenced as a medium commercial (Customs & Registration Office)
  8. After setting up a temporary camp in the Lowers, it was soon discussed to set up a more permanent camp on another location. The first reports pointed out that the west side of the island in the west, just next to the big island would be perfect. It would provide a natural defense, the ships could lay for anchor in the small canal and there was plenty of space for animals to gaze and breed. They named it Damaborg, after Dama of Ximus, the famous founder of Stedor and ancestor of Lord Maximilian Damaximus. One of the first buildings constructed was the Intelligence Office. Here reports and maps were gathered to further discover the region known as "The Lowers". Luckily there was a lot of wood nearby, so construction went fast. As more and more ships arrived, loaded with cargo and troops, the settlement of Damaborg became a bustling place. The next step was taken in this ambitious adventure. (will be licenced as Large Education - Location: Damaborg)
  9. Settlement Name: Elysabethtown Ownership: MAESTRO Trade Company Location: Berelli Mayor: Elysabeth of Drondil (TitusV), in name of MAESTRO Settlement Level: Large Town Who can own property in Elysabethtown: Anyone, from any faction Who can freebuild in Elysabethtown: Anyone, from any faction Fortifications: Two small forts. Troops: One platoon of local troops, and 2 platoons of MAESTRO troops. Please note that your propreties can be confiscated if you commit treachery to MAESTRO or Elysabethtown (for example: stealing or declaring war). People staying neutral in times of conflicts between Eslandola/MAESTRO/Elysabethtown and their home faction will find a safe spot in Elysabethtown. Royal Taxes for Eslandolans: no extra taxes Foreigner Taxes: no extra taxes MAESTRO Taxes: no extra taxes If you freebuild in Elysabethtown, please post a link here. If you build a property in Elysabethtown, please post a link here AND don't forget to fill in the webform.
  10. Years ago, MAESTRO established a tradepost in Madin. Business there flowered as the Tellvokians loved the delicious apples from New Terra. And everytime a new batch of the applecider arrived, people were standing in rows to get it asap. The sales of weapons was a bit harder due the difficult regulations and laws, but the deal that was made with the Sultan himself to be supplier of the finest Eslandolan weapons, was a nice treasure filler. After the rumours of the Terraversan war reached Madin, the local MAESTRO officer Seif Calli decided to raise new units to help their loyal Terraversan Friends. The only problem was that he could not find out where exactly to send them as his intell was not that up2date. The safest choice was to send them to Trador. A Xebec was chartered and Seif Calli sailed along the 2 companies to Trador. He was looking forward to see the beautifull city again. Weeks passed by, and finally they arrived in Trador. After disembarking, and after the news was going through the city, they were warmly welcomed by one of his old friends. Data: Raising of the 37th & 38th Company of Infantry, part of the 13th Battalion 'Tellvok Scorpions', a subdivision of the 5th Regiment 'Foreign Legion' Location: Trador Owner: MAESTRO
  11. MAESTRO - MAjor ESlandolan TRade Organisation Or the (Mpya) Stedor All-Encompassing Science, Trade & Resources Organisation - For the Sistercompany MAESTRO COR, view here For the military overview + fleet overview, click here - Quick Summary Eslandolan Members: Maxim I + TitusV + Faladrin + Captain Green Hair + Legostone + Neighborhood Merchant Sister Company: MAESTRO COR Number of New World Settlements: 3 ESL Status as Eslandolan TC: Licenced (Charter) Status regarding new members: open for everyone! Also members of other faction are welcome for foreign branches - - Flag - - Old World Headquarter The city of Stedor in Eslandola, also known as Mpya Stedor - - Sea of Storms Headquarter The settlement of Elysabethtown (Berelli) - - Prio Seas Headquarter The city of Trador (La Sombra) - - New Haven Seas Headquarter The settlement of Damaborg (The Lowers) - - Colonies/settlements Elysabethtown (ESL - MAESTRO) - Sea of Thieves : Mayor Matteus Tomvaximus (Maxim I) & Elysabeth Drondil (TitusV) Quinnsville (COR - Tomsche) - Sea of Thieves : Mayor Thomas Smaugton Trador (ESL - MAESTRO) - Prio Seas : Mayor Yohannes Ethiximus (Maxim I) Lakor (ESL - Natives) - Prio Seas Damaborg (MAESTRO) - The lowers - - Services Ship Broker - - Monopolies Apples & Apple Cider - - Warehouses (=> trade) Old World Stedor Terelli Madin (Tellvok) Sea of Storms Breshaun (OL) Elysabethtown Nova Terelli Quinsville (COR) Prio Seas Fuerto Unido Jameston (COR) Lakor Puerto Desafio Trador New Haven Seas Punto Sur Damaborg Drolitic Oceon Drolic (Tendorn) Forbidden Kingdoms Fuji (Kingdom of the Lotus) - - (Licenced) Resources WIP Quicksilver Mine around Damaborg by Maxim I Licenced Apple Orchard around Elysabethtown by Faladrin Apple Orchard around Trador by Maxim I Banana Plantation around Port Raleigh by Faladrin Swords in Elysabethtown by Maxim I Swords & Rifles in Quinnsville by Tomsche Vineyard in Trador by Maxim I Shepherd in Damaborg by Maxim I Sawmill in Damaborg by Maxim I Silver Mine around Port Wilkins by Maxim I - - Important Characters Leader: Lord Maximilian Damaximus (Maxim I), duke of Stedor, Governor of La Sombra, Prince of Garvey - CEO High Council Member: Lady Elysabeth Drondil (TitusV), mayor of Elysabethtown High Council Member: Sir Filipe De La Manzana (Faladrin), Head of production & Native Relations High Council Member Captain Green Hair (CGH), Head of Research High Council Member: Sir Jerome Monezterell (Legostone), Head of Navy - COO High Council Member, Sir Arthur Williams (The Neighboorhood Merchant) - Well respected merchant - - Secondary Characters Nobility Princess Margot of Eslandola, married to Maximilian Damaximus Sir Yohannes Ethiximus, mayor of Trador Sir Mattheus Tomvaximus, husband of Elysabeth of Dondril Military General Reinaert Whisximus, general of the Sea of Thieves troops General Samu Whitedragon, general of the Prio Seas troops Captains Admiral Adrian Bostoximus, captain of the Margot Commodore Matt Lenoir, captain of the Purple Reign Merchants Seif Calli, Madin Trade Post in Tellvok Dieter Timmers, Drolic Trade Post in Tendorn Thomas Defauw, Fuji Trade Post in the Lotus Empire Explorers Jan Zwartbaard: Isla De Victoria, Southern Halos (currently in Dranomonto) Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo (currently somewhere south of the Prio Seas)
  12. Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture An Adventure MRCA Story INDEX Summary Chapter 1: Exploring Chapter 2: Hoping for the best Chapter 3: A journey on a strange vessel Chapter 4: preparing festivities Chapter 5: A Luxury Prison Chapter 6: The Parade - - - - - SUMMARY Status: Prelude Participating members Chapter 1: MAESTRO Participating vessels Arcady Point of start: Trador Characters Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo Troops None - - - - - Chapter 1: Into the unknown "Yes!" Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo finally received his permission letter, received by the Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture. He raised the funds necessary for charting a small vessel and now he officially passed the exams to become an explorer! Too bad his idol, Jan Zwartbaard, could not be here today, as Jan Zwartbaard was summoned in Stedor to join Lord Maximilian Damaximus on his journeys. His destination? Fortune will tell!
  13. Those following me on Flickr may have noted a few weeks ago the recently published Gotheborg (can be found in the Pirate MOC's forum) is not the only ship I recently finished. Based on the beautifull Danish warship "Wenden", launched in 1706, I present to you the "Princesse Margot". It is the better version of my first big ship, the "Margot". Comparing the two, I think I may say my building skills have improved a lot Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! The rigging was really painfull again. Thanks to the BeLUG pirate crew for feedback during the process! As a bonus, the picture together with the Gotheborg I posted a month ago :) Both of them will be showed at Brick Mania Antwerp (30th November & 1st December in Antwerp, Belgium) Another bonus as I discovered someone filmed both ships at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend :) Thanks for watching! C & C really appreciated! Don't expect another one next week, I have no big vessels in drydock anymore. But I might have an idea what will be next, probably a supreme version of ANOTHER ship
  14. It was a beautifull morning in the vibrant (large) town of Salida Este. Alessio Florissone, a MAESTRO aspirant captain enjoyed his coffee, freshly made with WTC coffee beans. Luckily the beans weren't explosive like the other WTC activities, but still strong enough to make a man come through the day. Stepping outside, Alessio enjoyed the street his house was part of. A mix of influences from all over the (known) world. Lotus architecture next to Mokolei influences next to Oleon masonry. He admits leaving Trador to follow his wife was a pain in the heart, but Salida Este surely has its own charm. "Senor Florissone?" Out of nowhere, a MAESTRO Post-boy was standing next to Alessio. Alessio nodded to the kid and received a letter, marked by Eslandolan Admirality. ------ Dear Mr. Florissone, We, the Admirality of Eslandola, have the honour to give you the command over the "Deuxieme Comete", an escort vessel in our glorious navy. We ask you to take your stuff as soon as possible and expect you tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock at our office in the harbour. May the seas give you safe travells and may the wealth follow your journey. Admirality of Eslandola, 29th of Oktober - 619 AE ------ Alessio re-read the letter. After many journeys sailing with MAESTRO, he would finally be captain. But first, an appropriate goodbye-evening with his wife Thanks for watching C&C as always welcome :)
  15. The Weelond Oktoberfesten in 3 words? Beer, beer and more beer! But ofcourse there are multiple ways to enjoy the beer. The streets are filled with cosy beer stalls offering mostly cheap beer. The upper class of Weelond and the more fancier visitors found a pleasure in something called discovering the greater art of beer. It is here where MAESTRO jumped in with an official Beer Tasting Class! In small groups, the participants enjoy tasting all different beers and ofcourse apple ciders. As they are from all different factions and professions, the atmosphere was excellent and the discussions went deeper the later the evening. Will be licenced as small education by MAESTRO. Thanks for watching!
  16. The Golden Bugle Freshly out of the MAESTRO Shipyards, The Golden Bugle is doing its Maiden course. The light fast vessel has proven to be very well seaworthing and can achieve fast travels through the Colonies in order to bring cargo and of course news ! It was clear its first purpose was to deliver official mail towards the colonies like Lady Condora wanted initially. This ship will be added to my fleet and I intend to license it as a class 3 vessel. I wanted it ready for the last contest but I didn't managed to finish it at time, so I'm keeping it for my fleet. C&C's are always welcome.
  17. Settlement Name: Trador Ownership: MAESTRO in name of Eslandola Location: La Sombra, Nova Eslandola Archipello Mayor: Sir Yohannes Ethiximus ( @Maxim I ) Governor: Lord Maximilian Damaximus ( @Maxim I ) Settlement status: City Settlement points (jan 619): 122 Trade Value (jan 619): 322 db Funds in the BoC: 750 db Who can own property in Trador: anyone when asked permission Who can freebuild in Trador: anyone Extra: Please post any free-builds that take place in Trador in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Trador, you must be someone (in some faction)! Post in this thread and fill out the web form. Etymology: Trador comes from "Trade" and the Dutch word "Dorp" (village) - Island information Island #: 13 Claimed by EslandolaNickname: The ShadowGeographical Features: This Island has a natural bay ideal for a trading post. The island is well guarded by steep rocky coasts on most sides, and the water is deep.Rumors: More than one sailor has independently reported seeing a massive black shadow in the sea circling around the island. The more suspicious of sailors suspect this is a sea monster, or sea monsters, lurking beneath the foam to swallow their ships whole, while the more academic postulate this could be a school of fish, indicating good fishing waters, or even a pod of whales, drawn to this island for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, sailors, and the natives, have avoided this island. - Location of Trador: - Soldiers stationed in Trador MAESTRO Golden Stars - 1st Battalion | MAESTRO | General Samu the Dragon Trador Guards - 1st Battalion | Trador | Lieutenant Wilhelmus La Sombra Forts protecting Trador Fort Coconut | MAESTRO | small | 1 sp | 5 value Merchant Gate | MAESTRO | medium | 2 sp | 10 value External Forts protecting Trador Fort Brickwall | Eslandola | Royal Fortress of Puerto Desafio - List of licensed properties in Trador: Art & Culture (8/8) Wellness The fountain of youth Spa | MAESTRO | Medium | 2 sp Culture & Festivals Preparing for the Winter Solstice Festival | Gedren_y | Large | 3 sp Parks Poseidon's Park (Fun at the Park) | Blackdeathgr | small | 1 sp Training Day | Bodi | small | 1 sp Trador Park | Captain Braunsfeld | 1 sp Artisan (11/11) Pubs The Three Flower Inn | MAESTRO | Medium | 2 sp Trador Soccer Field | Maxim I | Medium | 2 sp Golden Fish Inn | Maxim I | Small | 1 sp Green Door Pub | Capt Wolf | Small | 1 sp Beer Garden | Ayrlego | small | 1 sp Trador Bar | Mesabi | smal | 1 sp Whitechapel District Brothel | Professor Thaum | small | 1 sp Shops Mme Bijoux Accessoires | Maxim I | Small | 1 sp Clothes Shop | MKJoshA | small | 1sp Commerce (18/18) Quays Merchant Quay | Maxim I | Royal | 5 sp Trador Beach Quay (Tenotclaxcan Training) | Faladrin & MAESTRO | Large | 3 sp Services Mme Camille Real Estate Agency | Maxim I | Small | 1 sp Warehouses Empty Warehouse (New Trador Soccer Competitors) | Dr_Spock | small | 1 sp Unclaimed Warehouse (Leaving Trador) | Mesabi | medium 2 sp The Apple Cider smugglers | Maxim I | Medium | 2 sp WayMart Trador | Mesabi | Medium | 2 sp Education (5) Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture | MAESTRO | Small | 1 sp Trador Libary | Maxim I | small | 1 sp Trador University - Department of Chemical Engineering | MAESTRO COR | Medium | 2 sp Trador School | Silentwolf | Small | 1 sp Factory (12) Textile Trador Textile Factory | Capt. Wolf & Maxim I | medium | 2 sp Food & Drinks Trador Apple Cider Brewery | Maxim I | large | 3 sp Trador Winery | Maxim I | large | 3 sp Moonshinining in Trador | Drunknok | 1 sp Bru-Haha Factory | Roadmonkeytje | 3 sp Plantation (4) Apple Apple Orchard | Maxim I | small | 1 sp Wine Casa De Flores Wineyard | Maxim I | 3 sp Residence (8/11) Small Palace | Maxim I | medium | 2 sp Royal Palace | Maxim I | Royal | 5 sp Onondaga Residence | Silentwolf | small | 1 sp - List of unlicensed properties in Trador: Art & Culture Trador Museum of History | Gedren_y | storybuild Commerce Education Mines Fontonajo Mine | Elostirion | set-up Freebuilds Stargazing | Gedren_y | freebuild Patrolling in Trador | Maxim I Remembering | Gedren_y - Properties for sale: Ready to be licenced None yet The Trador Estate Contract: - Started projects - The Trador Development Tax --- Trador when entering city status:
  18. --------------------------------------------- Gotheborg (Maxim I) ------------------------------------------------------------------ April 15th 618 AE Captain Bruno Proximus could not sleep well. He was so excited about the big day tomorrow. After years of loyal service to MAESTRO, commanding smaller trade vessels, he was now given command over the Gotheborg. The biggest vessel in the MAESTRO fleet so far. Named after the oldest fortress of Stedor, located near the harbour: Gotheburgt (translated: Fortress of Gothe, who was the son of Dama of Ximus, who founded Stedor). to A beautifull class 8 New Terraman, armed with 30 guns. In his imagination, he already could see himself standing on the stern, overwatching the vessel. In his dreams, an Oleon officer somehow managed to get tied to the mast, while an Oleon sailor was sea sick. But more important, Lord Maximilian Damaximus and his wife were also on board, approving the qualities of Captain Bruno Proximus. Such a nice dream... But it still is a dream, as the real version luckily has a rudder... --------------------------------------------- La Comète (Legostone) ------------------------------------------------------------------ While dreaming, an other new MAESTRO vessel joined the trip. La Comète, a powerfull heavy frigate with amazing details. Built by the never stopping ship warves of Jerome Monezterrel ( @Legostone ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching! For full pics of the Gotheborg you will have to wait a little bit. I hope you enjoy the teasers! Gotheborg will be licenced as a Class 8 by me La Comète as a class 6 (by Legostone)
  19. Prelude: ... (Eslandola Colonial Council, January 25th 618 AE) ... A few days later, at dawn: A Battalion of MAESTRO soldiers marched into the harbour. Under command of General Whitedragon, they boarded the anchored Sea Rat vessels. The Eslandolan soldiers quickly disarmed the Sea Rats without any harm or causalties as the Sea Rats understood they had a disadvantage and the Eslandolans came in peace. Aboard the Misfortune's Wrath, General Whitedragon summoned a clerk.declaring the Sea Rats vessels to be detained. All Sea Rats are free men, free to roam the pubs in Fuerto Unido, but misbehaving would not be accepted. But they had to stay in Fuerto Unido for the upcoming period. Asking who was in charge of the Sea Rats fleet, a guy with white cloak and golden skull on his bicorn was appointed as the most important Sea Rat. Little did the Eslandolans know the Sea Rats dressed up a common sailor and appointed him to be in charge. They even called him Captain Whitemouse, to mock with the famous Eslandolan General Whitedragon. Back in his office, General Whitedragon sent the following letter: ------------------- A MRCA response. It is now up to the Sea Rats. The letter could be recognised as an adapted copy of a famous Corrington letter. The build itself was fun. I wanted to recreate the style some Sea Rats builders are building their vessels and Black Sails was an inspiration as well.
  20. Special Elections for the Prio Sea Seat in the Colonial Council Recently, Mehit have seen the arrival of many Eslandolan vessels and men. It was finally time to launch the reconstruction works in the Native ruined village and Eslandola prepared a bunch of good workers to help the natives. It is here, in this buzzing activity that 3 characters stepped in front of the temporary house of the chief in charge of the reconstruction with a paper in hand. The holder of the paper was well known by the Mehuãtajir people because he is their actual Chief Apulo and now is fairly newly named Mayor of the Settlement of Mehit in name of the Crown of Eslandola. The lady dressed like an adventuress, is Lady Condora, an officer of the MAESTRO Green Messenger Agency in Trador and she just announced by letter the nomination of the Chief Apulo as Mayor of Mehit. Finally, the 3rd character is a man of science and is coming to helped the people in need here in Mehit : He is known as The Doctor Ayuda, a well reknown Doctor in Fuerte Unido. So, the 3 candidates took the time to speech to every worker in the Mehit construction site this morning. "Hear ye ! Hear ye ! By this present words, we, Chief Apulo, Doctor Ayuda and Lady Condora, are proud to announce our will to run for the Seat of the Colonial Council in the name of the Prio Sea Region ! We are here to offer you the best representation we can in the Colonial Council by : Firstly, making enter more natives in the Council, in order to encounter other tribes and create at term a Great Native Alliance inside the Eslandola Realm, the only Halosian realm that integrates New Terran Natives and treats them as Brothers and Equals. Secondly, develop the Mehit Settlement by speeding up the reconstruction. It will be by gaining more attention and more money from the Council. Thirdly, develop the communication routes the Green Messengers from MAESTRO are discovering to accelerate the in and out of important letters and news to the Council and to the Capital. This will be by building more fast ships and develop shipyards in our Region. And Finally, make sure that every citizen in Eslandola colonies, being New Terran native or Halosian, has a roof upon his head and good healthy conditions to live in our territory ! We are awared about the heavy task we will face and are ready to assume this responsibility ! Made in Mehit, the First of February 618." This is my build to officially present my mayor for Mehit and to present my team to the Special Elections for the Prio Sea Seat in the Colonial Council. Here is a better shot of the team itself :
  21. The influence of MAESTRO was already for a longer time extending the Eslandolan borders. So when Corrington asked for adventurers exploring their jungle, the Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture (a branch of MAESTRO) decided to set up an office in Jameston. An office that also would be used as a MAESTRO commercial office. Lars Stefano was appointed to be in charge of the office. Lars really hoped the explorers would come back before the deadline with their findings. But as no-one ever mapped the jungle, it was possible that the explorers were somewhere completely lost in the jungle. It was a shame that Jan Zwartbaard was now somewhere in Tellvok. MAESTRO really could have used the experience of their master explorer.... ---- Hope you enjoy the build!
  22. Buying A new Ship Licence Felipe de la Manazana being absent during his Pirate chase to obtain the second half of his treasure map, It was the captain of the Lady Hawk, el Senor Oliveira Da Manzao, who was commissioned by the fleet to buy more space for new ships. El Senor Oliveira Da Manzao used his stop by Elisabethtown to get an appointment in the Shipyards office. - Hello my dear Senor. Welcomed the shipyard master. - Hello, I am here to buy you a new spot to licence The Messenger and our next ships for felipe de la Manzana's fleet. - Alright, my dear senor,it will cost you 250 Dbs. - Here there are. And Oliveira Da Manzao paid the officer. - OK, Thank you ! Let's do this paperwork then... Here is just a little build in order to open me more ship space. Hope you'll like it.
  23. Octoberfest : The One Drink ! Apple Cider for all ! During Weelond Octoberfest, The MAESTRO Trade Company invested in a small beverage commerce in order to sell its famous Apple Cider. Now the tavern is open and has reach record sales during the Octoberfest festivities ! A very good start for the company ! The advertising in front of the tavern was probably for something in here. This is what we can read : "One drink to rule them all, One drink to find you, One drink to bring them all, and in tipsiness bind you" "Apple Cider !" Probably the epicness of this slogan made raise the sales at this record. The crowded street in front of the tavern is a good illustration of its success : Will be licensed as a small commerce in Weelond. C&Cs are welcome, thank you !
  24. In a small office in Stedor --- "Enter please!" Lord Maximilian Damaximus entered the small office of the Eslandolan Naval Official. "It is me!" "Good day Mr. Me. Can I have your last name as well please?", the official replied Maximilian was speechless for a second... "Seriously? I am Lord Maximilian Damaximus, Duke of Stedor. You know Stedor right, it is this fine city you are working in..." The official replaced his glass on his nose... "Legitation please..." "Next time I'll bring a proclaimer with me, and a whole orchestra for accompanying music... Legitation please... Come on, every kid knows me here in Stedor..." "I need some proof Mister Damaximus". After searching for a while in his pockets, Maximilian finally found an official paper in his pockets, sufficent enough to proof his identity. "Perfect! What is the purpose of your visit Mr Damaximus?" "I would like to expand my shiplevels please". "No problem, please sign here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and hand me over the money please" With a sigh, Maximilian signed countless times and handed over the money. "I would also like to buy ship rights for MAESTRO please" "Sorry Mr Damaximus, it is noon and I fear I can't help you till 1 o'clock. Please come back later" Before he even realised what happened, Maximilian found himself outside the office again. Finding it completely ridiculous, he decided a nice walk along the quays would do him well". A few hours later, he returned back to the Eslandolan Naval Office and knocked on the official his door. "Enter please!" "Here I am again!" "Name and legitation please!" "Seriously??? I was here this morning!! Have you Corrington blood in your vains or what???" Maximilian throwed the legitation and a bag of money on the desk. "Here you are and here is the money for ship rights for MAESTRO. I guess I have to sign over there and there and there and there and there and there and there and there?" "Oh no sir, we choosed for easy administration for Trade Companies. You only have to sign here" Maximilian nodded his head. This is unbelievable... Anyway, that stupid administration is done. Let's start ERAII in style! --- edit --- Once again finding himself outside the building, a messenger arrived. "Lord Maximilian Damaximus, I am here to inform that Lord Monezterrell took care of the MAESTRO administration" "Darn it, you must be kidding me..."
  25. Trador is not only known for its applecider, it has also some of the best wines of New Terra: the Casa De Flores, famous for its unique aroma. The vineyard is a very popular attraction in Trador as visitors can follow a guide around the vineyard and drink some wine afterwards. Today, the soccer Teams of Prio, Royal Garvey Engineers and MAESTRO Engineers are visiting the vineyard. Meanwhile Lord Maximilian Damaximus and his wife taste the latest production of the wine. --- Thanks for watching! C&C welcome :) Will be licenced as a Large plantation This module is to be placed behind the Trador Merchant Quay (pictures of this somewhere in the future :p )