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  1. I love Pirates, Castle, Vikings, Wild West, Adventurers, ... but none of these themes are still available. I often look at the LEGO shelves in stores with $$$ in my pocket but those will stay there till there's again a theme I like. Having stuff like Ninjago and Superheroes is fine for me, as long as there's enough diversification including some really cool historic themes. With an ancient Roman or Greek theme LEGO will be back on the growth track in no time!
  2. Yesterday we have enabled HTTPS for Eurobricks, so from now on all your communication with our site happens fully encrypted. This was on our to-do list for some time and I'm glad it's now implemented.
  3. If you like LEGO ships you should take a closer look at the 5T Light Terraman "La Contessa de Victoria" by our member Captain Wolf.
  4. ESL 5T La Contessa de Victoria

    I this new ship of yours Captain Wolf. Very nice and original color scheme, great shape and a mighty stern!
  5. Due to a personal issue I cannot confirm my attendance at this moment. Maybe things change when the event gets closer and I can still join (to be seen...). So for now let's do the room booking without reserving a spot for me (I'm sure I'll find a pot if I would still manage to come).
  6. HELP! ! !

    Yes, it's a new option on the latest software version which allows to select one tag to be shown in such a long annoying red banner. I've already manually disabled this for most of the topics that were shown on the first page of each forum. Each topic needs to be edited to change this, so it's a bit annoying.
  7. Simply amazing to see the result of so many years of building. It looks just perfect!
  8. Forum Performance - update

    I noticed this also after the upgrade and I'm no fan of this. We'll look into this. But more important, it seems we found and fixed THE problem the admin team has been investigating for a long time now I'll let Jim to communicate more details about this.
  9. Forum Performance - update

    We are now specifically looking into this issue. And also Invision support is being contacted. I hope a fix can be found for this soon.
  10. Forum Performance - update

    Today we did several updates on the live forum which should improve performance. Please let us know if you feel any difference (good or bad :)). Thanks!
  11. Today we did several updates on the live forum which should improve performance. Please let us know if you feel any difference (good or bad :)). Thanks!
  12. Eurobricks Event 2017 Gunzburg, Germany Location: Gunzburg, Germany Dates: Thu 27th of April –Dates: Sat 29th of April 2017 (so travel days are Wednesday and Sunday). Accommodation: We will stay at a very nice place with a variety of apartments called Kirchenbauerhof located 3 km from LEGOLand Gunzburg near the famous river Donau. The place has a lot of history and it was originally a farm. Address: Gästehaus Kirchenbauerhof, Georg Linder jun., Leipheimerstr. 7, D- 89347 Bubesheim Event program: - Thursday: Daytime: Legoland park Evening: Short EB presentation + relaxing, some contests and socializing at the Kirchenbauerhof. - Friday: 9h30: A walk through nature in the beautiful surroundings of the Kirchenbauerhof (around 5 to 8 km). After the walk till 16h: relaxing, some contests and socializing at the Kirchenbauerhof. 16h: Visiting historical center of Gunzburg + dinner in a nice Biergarten - Saturday: We take a trip to Munich by train for visiting the historical city, some LEGO shopping and food consumption. Signing-up: The sign-up topic is located here. Room allocation: To do Some pictures of Munich: The LEGO Brand store in Munich: LEGOLand Gunzburg: The Kirchenbauerhof: Blast from the past:
  13. Indeed, and it bring us right in the old center of Munich without stress or hassle
  14. This evening I had a constructive skype call with Holodoc about the event program. To use Trump language: It's gonna be amazing, simply fantastic We need to work out some details first and investigate a few things before we can share it. If all goes right we'll have that done in 1 week from now.