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  1. Bonaparte

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    What a hell of a set to review. So big. Definitely not a task for a beginner. Happy to see the awesome job you did with this one VBBN!
  2. Bonaparte

    Hi, I am Rich (not in the bank lol)

    Welcome Rich! I wished I was rich too
  3. Bonaparte

    Hi my name is...

    Welcome to EB! Which is the most expense or rarest minifig you own?
  4. I have no words for this achievement. It’s a masterpiece!!
  5. Bonaparte

    Imperial Eras

    That's an impossible question for me to answer because I like all of those area's. But when it comes to LEGO I do have a preference for those cool Spanish minifigs.
  6. Bonaparte

    [MOC] Pegasus Team - Epsilon-K SkyRacer

    Looking really great Bob. From every angle! I'm a big fan of the engine design.
  7. Bonaparte

    [MOC] Napoleonic Era

    I refuse to believe this happened. This is fake news
  8. Bonaparte

    Lego Waterloo battle (return of the Emperor)

    Nice film! Very entertaining!! Did you visit de Battlefield of Waterloo? I was there just a few weeks ago. Great place with some great museums. Sad the wrong side won
  9. Bonaparte

    [MOC] Jungle Ruins

    Wow, beautiful scenery!! I like how nature is taking over this building.
  10. Bonaparte

    [MOC] Under Jolly Roger! Estrella - Frigate

    Wonderful ship! You are a very talented builder!! The overall shape is great. And I love the level of detail and the color scheme.
  11. Bonaparte

    Moved to New Server

    Yeah, seems there's indeed a problem at peak times (evening time in EU / morning in VS). We are looking into that and are monitoring to pin point the bottleneck. EDIT: Changes have been done. Now let's see if those solve the issue. So far things are looking good.
  12. Being pretty isolated at home for almost a full year due to the Corona restrictions I'm often thinking about the great times we had during the Eurobricks events. It is doubtful if an event will be possible in 2021, but who knows. Maybe a September event might be an option and it certainly can't hurt to dream about it. I have equally good memories of our events in Billund, Windsor & Gunzburg, so I'm neutral to where the next event will be held. Let us know if you have an preference and why.
  13. Bonaparte

    "The making of" our Spanish Imperial Galleon

    The ship is still around after 11 years and safely stored. I was showing this old thread to my kids (my son was born 1 year after finishing this ship). My kids would love to play with one of these old ships so I’ll probably take one out of storage soonish. Next weekend I have a reunion with my dear friend Captain Green Hair and I’m sure that will bring back lots of good memories from the time we were building these ships.