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  1. Glassjaw

    Meanwhile on planet Covid-19...

    I knew it! Also where can I find more of that tank?
  2. Glassjaw

    Space Force!

    Nice compact build, reminds me of the Nauvoo/Behemoth/Medina station from the Expanse series.
  3. Glassjaw

    [MOC] AP-32 Phage

    I managed to get 12 in one purchase off of eBay! Came with all of the nexo power plates as a bonus
  4. Glassjaw

    [MOC] 4RR-0W

    Arrows and birds both fly, both work with aerodynamics, there’s a reason they’re of a similar shape! Outstanding build, love the neo-classic space look
  5. Glassjaw

    Abomirex the Mechanical Terror

    This is excellent. I get your reservations (I did the same with a mech that I didn’t post until I’d completely rebuilt the legs and touched up the torso, check it out). I love the dinosaur/ giant bird/ mech design, it’s what I went for but more to the mech side. Stability is always an issue cause there isn’t something intelligent actively controlling balance. The built in flamethrower is a great touch!
  6. Glassjaw

    [MOC] EFNS Integrity

    Asymmetric space ships are beautiful I never have the guts to do it! Just can’t not build symmetric! And the space aircraft carrier look is glorious, this is definitely a work of art.
  7. Glassjaw

    My first Lego space display

    I’m looking forward to this expanding more. I want to get 4 of those old moon plates and make a base in the middle of a crater
  8. Glassjaw

    Nexus Force - real life LEGO Universe builds

    The colour scheme is excellent, I’m loving the Arctic space crossover. Keep it going!
  9. Glassjaw

    [MOC] Takoizukame

    The shaping is just beautiful, how is the articulation?
  10. Glassjaw

    NCS Lunar Hopper

    Cute, compact, awesome classic space
  11. Glassjaw

    [MOC] AP-32 Phage

    This ship is awesome and I’ve started playing around with these after getting my hands on more following having the Tracker-1, they’re really interesting parts to use!
  12. Glassjaw


    As a fan of all things mech, I like these, and the mixels ball joints are great for making them!
  13. Thank you! Yes the first version was much more of a ‘classic’ battle mech and was quite heavily inspired by the designs from Battletech, namely the mad dog and Timberwolf (vulture and mad cat for you inner sphere barbarians) but getting good hip articulation was hard with the parts I had available; trying to make a reverse jointed leg turn outwards was tricky. If I can find a way to make it work I’ll have another go at it for maybe an opposition mech (I like having good and bad guys) so open invitation to anyone who reads this for any pointers on how to do that. Thank you!
  14. I’ve always been a fan of battlemechs, spending hours playing mech warrior followed by trying to build them from classic Lego in the mid to late 90s and needless to say, they weren’t good. Fast forward 20 years and with new parts and me being (slightly) better at building I’ve given it another try and made my own, which is more like a Warstrider from the book series of the same name rather than a battletech mech. I first build this around a year ago but didn’t get as far as posting it and since then I’ve tinkered and changed it as everyone does. Rather than just post the current build I thought I’d post the first iteration for completion and so that my thought process can also be seen The HK-55 barracuda, twin laser cannons, missile racks and a chin mounted particle cannon. I tried to upload the images rather than just a link but they were too large. Its a fairly standard mech, bird legs, two arms and shoulder missiles. The series Warstrider describes them as looking like an aircraft fuselage with arms and legs attached and that’s what I was going for, and the pilots lie in a small coffin sized space where the neural link is complete, the pilot ‘becoming’ the strider as opposed to a battletech cockpit. In that series the striders are also 5m tall at most rather than the 10m mechs from battletech. It fits a fig, with feet ‘standing’ on a snot plate just at the join of the main body to the nose, and the interior of the nose is a trans orange piece to represent the reactor which itself is covered by further modified snot bricks for the sideways and upside down building. Early on when building, I had ideas for several mechs and they were going to follow a deep sea naming convention, so I’ve tried to keep dark colours on top, light on bottom. I’ve also tried to build compact so that it did not end up being massive. I also tried to get a suggestion of gills along the side of the nose, which in universe would be heat sinks. The reverse legs look cool but they weren’t good at keeping it stable and it was hard to pose so I had a rethink and I’ve rebuilt it as such: The new legs are a huge improvement, it looks menacing and it’s easier to pose and handle. My previous idea of marine creatures being represented has now been transferred over to dinosaurs, and ‘heavy claw’ is the name for baryonyx. I’ve got several more planned that need just a bit more tinkering before showing off, and who knows I may start working on a completely different tangent altogether! This still has a few adjustments I’d like to make, most around the thighs. I’m happy with the proportions it’s more the detailing. I’ve also tried to make these as smooth as possible, with as few studs showing as I can manage. Another important factor for me is an actual element of play, hence the spring and stud shooters, I like to incorporate these where I can. Comments and critique welcome and if you’ve got some different mech builds aside from the typical giant mech warrior then put them up! More mechs and battle suits to come, hopefully along the same dinosaur theme! P.S if you like sci fi and mechs I do recommend the book series ‘Warstrider’.
  15. Glassjaw

    Rankan - tripod

    I've been trying to plan a tripod build but was having trouble trying to decide on the legs and how to build them, might pinch some ideas. Great build and excellent use of parts!