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  1. Glassjaw

    [MOC] Lego Leopard 2A7V German MBT

    Very helpful thankyou!
  2. Glassjaw

    [MOC] Lego Leopard 2A7V German MBT

    Great build, love the realism. How many tread links did you use in the end and do you have one pictures of the internal structure?
  3. Glassjaw

    [MOC] RCSN Gunzerker

    I saw this in there too! It was a good watch of a great build.
  4. Glassjaw

    [MOC] Tsurumi heavy cruiser

    Yes, yes! Yeeeeeessssssssss! This is brilliant, loving the space ship/submarine feel, excellent colour scheme, fantastic shaping and the details and greebling really bring it to life. Well done sir.
  5. Glassjaw

    Mars Jet Prototype

    Looking good, nice colour scheme and the shaping is wonderful, very sleek. The tail is fantastic.
  6. Glassjaw

    „The LIZARD“ XVS-10 Light Freighter

    I love it, the colour scheme and the design. I’ve enjoyed building with the current space sets, the white is very clean and classically futuristic IMO, and the orange highlights just make the models pop. Well done, I’m a fan
  7. Thank you! Are there any bits you really liked or anything you would have done different?
  8. Glassjaw

    Seriously, how did this happen?

    This is extremely valid. I will often buy Lego sets with the pure intention of breaking them down for parts. If I see a set that has some good minifig pieces and interesting parts to use, I’ll get them, never build the actual model and put whatever I don’t immediately use into an ever expanding pool of parts for later use. Also don’t forget with renewed space exploration going on ( Three launces in a week from different countries all going for Mars) there’s going to be sets reflecting this as there is a newer interest in space. The most recent City Space set was fantastic, and the new creator 3-1 is also decent. Classic Space will always be that: Classic. Again, direct hit. My only desire from the classic sets is the return of shaped base plates. The old moon craters were fantastic and served as good foundations for building, display and play.
  9. Greetings! It’s been forever since I last put up a post but I’ve finally gotten round to making some more ‘mechs! Rather than make a new topic for each one I’m going to keep adding more and more to this, and I’ve even remembered to take some work in progress pics as well which I will try and add as I go along as there’s always room for tips! And now, first up is the SPN-Ae “Egyptian” A slight challenge but a very pleasing build over the course of several months (I get about 15-20 mins free build time most week days) and I’m very satisfied with the end result. I think the shaping is good, streamlined, and putting in the orange was a big step for me in deviating away from the more plain colours. A lot of all the new parts I have to build with have come from the recent City Space range and that’s largely where the colour scheme comes from, and I’ll often not use stickers if I’m buying sets purely to build with but I think they work well here and add something to the builds. I still need to fill a gap on the inside of each leg, just in front of the joint. I need either a single square stud or to change a piece on the inside to fill it. The other change I may make is to fit a ball joint on the two shoulder stud launchers to allow them to move a lot more. As always; thoughts, comments, constructive criticism. Like all my mech builds this one is also loosely based off of a dinosaur, any guesses as to which one? Bonus WIP pictures for it that I forgot to upload at the time:
  10. Glassjaw

    Problems with uploading pictures

    Trying to use the deep link option with a phone but the flikr app doesn’t give a download menu, once you hit save it just downloads it. Does this need a desktop to work?
  11. Glassjaw

    [MOC] Martian Scout Tripod WIP

    If you want to get some more biological looking elements have you considered the whip piece? A couple of those would look like mouth of tentacles as they are very thin and curved? If you want to get some more biological looking elements have you considered the whip piece? A couple of those would look like mouth of tentacles as they are very thin and curved?
  12. Glassjaw

    [MOC] Martian Scout Tripod WIP

    Great model, I’ve got plans for smaller tripods when I finish my current projects, and it’ll be based around the Nexo Knights shield holder pieces. I’m a big fan of this build, and I like the colour scheme. I really rate the way the top ‘head’ looks like a tank turret, very efficient. The inclusion of a cage and a black smoke launcher makes me very happy, I read the book often so I’m glad you added them. I always pictured the black smoke launcher being represented by the old pirate cannon piece from the descriptions but your modern update on it all is really well executed.
  13. Glassjaw

    [MOC] my WH40K Warlord Titan

    This is brilliant, the Blacktron colour scheme fits well in W40K though I think you’re more of a heretic than a loyalist! The details are what make this shine, the flags, the chains, the dragon, all little details that would be on an actual Titan. Seems a bit small for a Warlord Titan, would be crazy big otherwise, though it’s size is good for an Imperial Knight. Overall, fantastic.
  14. Glassjaw

    Meanwhile on planet Covid-19...

    I knew it! Also where can I find more of that tank?
  15. Glassjaw

    Space Force!

    Nice compact build, reminds me of the Nauvoo/Behemoth/Medina station from the Expanse series.