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  1. + frantically searches for pieces to build the xenomorph+
  2. I really enjoyed the build for this, even more after I added more clear bricks to make it sit higher, but now I want to make a huge sarlaac pit!
  3. Saw some of the Solo sets in Asda in the U.K., being hidden on the very top shelf where they normally keep all surplus stock, still had the last wave out on main displays. Naturally had to liberate two patrol battle backs cause let's be honest one isn't enough to expand an imperial army, not when there's a regular officer with facial hair up for grabs! Im a huge fan of this small set, the build is actually a reasonable proportion to the minifigs and just look at the trooper. Look at them! The small imperial logo stud isn't a bad thing either!
  4. Glassjaw

    [MOC] M39 "Falcata" light hovertank

    I really like this, looks like a good infantry fighting vehicle, very not so distant futuristic. Great colour choice and im actually a big fan of those rigs you've got on the minifigs.
  5. Glassjaw

    W40k Tau Battlesuit

    Well I've nearly finished the drones, which are like floating disks with they could be the battlebiscuits you're looking for
  6. Glassjaw

    W40k Tau Battlesuit

    The extra bulk is intentional, in universe the irridium upgrade is increased and heavier armour, and the shoulder pads were to give it more of a samurai look. The legs were tricky cause I didn't want to make it too tall but I wanted all the movement I could get. I've since revised the model, it's smaller, closer to scale and I think the legs look better and more in proportion. I've also added realistic weapons instead of the stud shooters, though I miss the ability to actually shoot! More pictures to follow suit, with added drone.
  7. Picked up the republic frigate which I'm looking to making a few changes to, then for my birthday my partner and daughter gave me the Tracker-1 which is a great build and looks awesome, as well as the desert skiff escape. Loving the tatooine themed sets at the moment!
  8. Glassjaw

    W40k Tau Battlesuit

    So, I've always been a fan of warhammer 40k, specifically the Tau. Their battlesuit designs just do it for me. Since getting back into Lego I've been itching to start building anything from this universe. This is my first complete attempt, having gone through half a dozen different designs, each one getting progressively smaller until I've settled on the right scale whilst keeping the correct shape. I present an XV8 Crisis Battlesuit. This particular one is a Commander with an in universe 'irridium' upgrade, twin fusion blasters, shield generator and drone controller. Images for reference This is about as small as I can get it with the pieces I have and keeping the overall shape and movement. I'd originally tried to get it with a pilot and opening chest plate as it is in canon, but it ended up being much bigger, and one of my first attempts came out the size of an in universe 'ghostkheel', a battlesuit much bigger than this one, so I've settled for imagination. It's made largely from Reys' Speeder and the creator 3 in 1 Mythical Creatures sets, plus odd other assorted pieces. I'd like to try and get some more detailing onto it, especially the rear of the legs and maybe the torso, see if I can find some printed tiles or something. I might also try and make more realistic weapons for it, I know the ones attached are stylized. I'm either going to try and build some accompanying drones, or another suit, or something from another faction entirely! Comments, criticism, advice and other W40k mocs and ideas very much welcome!
  9. I would say yes, it's a great model that's easily modified, though it needs work to better pose the legs s they only move at the hip. The driver is great new version and Baze Malbus is just fantastic.
  10. Definitely most excited for the patrol battle pack, the imperial in me can't wait for more officers, crew and trooper variants! But cages for the Corellian hounds sound cool
  11. I've only gone and got another AT-AP 7671 (just love them) and the Rebels AT-DP (yeah I have a walker problem). The AT-DP to me just looks so mean and powerful, plus it's imposing height I just had to have it, and it fits with the theme I'm building nicely. Now serious question; I have the option of scoring either an AT-TE 7675 or the Republic Frigate. Getting both is a bit out of my budget, as much as I just want to! The at-te will round out my ground forces nicely especially with a bit of interior modding to create a proper troop and command compartments, but the only space ship I have is a B-wing for the rebel scum, and a V-wing (imperial version) so the frigate gives me some space power as well as a cool looking ship I can fiddle with. Decisions, decisions...
  12. Glassjaw

    [MOC] Battle of Kastria 1: The Hermit

    So far so good, excited to see how this turns out. Perhaps some close-ups of the characters would help everyone watching keep up? Looking forward to seeing how you incorporate the Imperial presence there.
  13. Glassjaw

    [MOC] Clone Chambers WIP

    I like the way you've not placed the head properly on the one figure to represent a Kaminoan
  14. Apologies, I haven't made it that far back in this thread. Any images or working shots of the speeders you've built?
  15. Sort of related, I've not seen it mentioned yet, but over on Reddit there's set leaks from the Solo movie, showing both Solos' and Moloks' speeders, and the speeder from the patrol trooper battle back as well as the costume for the Patrol trooper. From these I think all of the speeders have been really well captured in Lego form, only the depth of solos speeder is a little off but it can only be made so thin. Really excited for the Patrol trooper and his speeder! Also I didn't want to post pictures in case there's some copyright or anything but a quick google search will bring them out