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Found 27 results

  1. Hello, On the Lego World Builder website ( people can design their own new Lego Theme. If the design gets plenty of votes and LEGO likes it, then the new Lego World may actually be taken into production. Being a fan of Lego Pirate themes I figured LEGO can always do with a new Pirate Theme, especially one with a clear story line. Therefore I came up with the idea of a story about a young Redbeard before he lost his limbs and one of his eyes. Roger Crow, later to be known as Captain Redbeard, washes up on an unknown island. He cannot believe he has survived. After the initial shock he needs to explore the island to look for food. Doing so he discovers the island is not deserted but there is indeed human, and not so human, life. There are several villages with islanders and pirates, a lagoon where sometimes mermaids can be spotted, quite a few skeletons lying about and the spirits of doomed soldiers near the ruins of an imperial fort. I invite you all to visit the website and check out my work. Of course I would really appreciate it if you would give "Distant Shores" your vote. I somehow managed to upload two pictures that I did not really want to add, but I cannot get rid of them. I have tried. If somebody knows how to delete uploaded pictures, please let me know. For now please disregard the following images:
  2. Kolonialbeamter

    [LEGO IDEAS] The Royal Flagship

    Ahoy, mateys! I'd like to present to you a Lego Ideas project - The Royal Flagship - a classic style, modular, set-like looking ship-of-the-line with lots of play features. SUPPORT NOW Stats and overview: Features: ---------- About: I started this project with a specific intention - to design a multi deck vessel that can be both - a Lego set-like looking ship that's fun to play with, and a decently realistic shelf model of a true ship-of-the-line. And all of this had to fit in the Lego Ideas framework, specifically it had to contain 3000 parts or less. No easy undertaking, and I've failed to come up with something that I liked a couple of times over the past years. This design now, however, I think it quite does it. Sure, it might not be playful enough to some, and not realistic enough looking to others, and then there's the fact there are only stud-shooters instead of ye olde Lego cannons... () But I hope the compromise I found is appealing to at least some of you; and that it proves that ships-of-the-line can be done as sets by Lego. Some decisions I took along the way: Use stud shooters instead of spring powered cannons (*boo-ing noises in the background* ) But hear me out - let's face it, no single set will ever contain that many classic cannons. So the Royal Flagship features easy to remove stud shooter based custom cannons that can be fired from outside the ship, but that can also as easily be replaced by your good old spring powered cannons - if you got enough of them, the space is there! Almost no interior, except for the captain's cabin. This decision was simply based on Lego Ideas' 3000 parts maximum. Feel free to fill the decks with whatever you would like to see though - there's enough headroom for minifigs to be placed on all decks! Relatively simple hull shape, little tumble home, no string rigging. Due to the modular approach, I just couldn't come up with anything more ornate/fancy/complicated - if you have some suggestions, however, feel free to elaborate! The Royal Flagship was very well received during last year's Bricks @nd Friends exhibition in Cologne; kids especially seemed to like the firing mechanism pretty well - we literally had a blast Let's see if I can take the ship to a few more exhibitions this year - if Corona permits. ---------- If you have questions, please ask! And if you got ideas for improvements, I'm all ears! If I convinced you - please support on Lego Ideas! And feel free to share with friends and other pirates enthusiasts - every vote counts! Thank you for watching SUPPORT NOW
  3. I wanted to take a shot at recreating the old Bluecoats 6265 - Sabre Island but with modernized parts/techniques. So, I started with the new 70410 - Soldiers Outpost as a base and added to it. Left Front: Right Front: Thoughts?
  4. Hello all, new to Eurobricks. I've always been interested in the Napoleonic Wars, and never felt there was a good Lego representation of the British army uniforms of that time. So I went ahead and had some designed, based on Woody's templates. I also bought some headgear from Woody's Shapeways store - the bearskins are especially nice. I also made a British fort, complete with garrison and general officers. By the way the resolution of the pictures does not do the digital printing justice... it is really high quality.
  5. Russian infantry uniforms (unmodified) Russian grenadier
  6. MrOutlaw

    Ship "Admiral's Eagle"

    Hello mates! I am fan of Lego Pirates for a long time, but I've decided recently to register here, because I've created MOC which I would like to share with you. It's a bluecoat soldiers' ship, I called it "Admiral's Eagle". I hope you like it, I have also published project on Lego Ideas ( and so far it is going well. From the most important thing, ship contains 877 parts (without 5 minifigures and their weapons), captain's cabin accessible from the side walls and from the top, prison cell with small entrance (also accessible from the top), 2 shooting cannons and 3 mini shooting guns, winch with anchor. Here are pictures (more images &download link - https://photos.googl...nZVQTdjVVJhMEZn): Brig 21A
  7. Custom Brick ITA

    G.O.I. Operation

    Hi today I'm presenting you the new Mini - Moc made by CustomBrickITA ! I' ve made a Mini Moc because I do not have at the moment the pieces that a bigger diorama requires, but I tried to make it detailed and " clean " . The GOI is the corp of the Italian Navy Special Forces , they are involved in the most difficult missions of our country . All the minifgures are Custom made by me and the have the m4 because the GOI preferes light weapons to be as faster as possible . The environment is composed by approximately 100 pieces. Here you can find the video of the Moc , please if you like it leave a like and subscribe to the channel :) Have a good day CustomBrickITA VIDEO :
  8. halixon

    WWII Steampunk Figbarf

    From Left to Right: English Guerrilla Soldier, Nazi Solder, German Rebel, American Soldier, and a Russian Commando. Let me know what you think!
  9. My recent order of Brickwarriors gear arrived yesterday, and I decided to add some of my own touch ups with some modeling paint. I used a bit of red and gold on the hats and a silver on the muskets and pistol.
  10. Darbyohara

    18th century star fort

    Greetings all, I am currently constructing my first MOC, an 18th century fort constructed in the Vauban star fort style. I will upload the work I have thus far. I have about 40% of the fort competed, just taking my time accumulating parts needed to finish it. I'm curious to hear any feedback or constructive criticism. I'm trying to make the fort as realistic as I can and any techniques or ideas on the bastions or merlons would be helpful. I've mostly been going off of pictures of forts from that era. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks, Images of progress.
  11. Hello All, I have exhibited at Legoworld in the Netherlands this year with a landscape based on the first pirates series. The landscape is 7 meters long and 1.25 wide. I created this landscape with my brother and it took ,roughly said, 5 months to built. We wanted a bigger landscape, but we did not have that many blue baseplates. The landscape contains a small town with a wall around it. There is a small harbor and a bit of countryside. Behind the wall is a big sea with several Islands of the Imperial soldier. There is one big island with Islanders. The island contains a volcano, several waterfalls and cottages of the Islanders. Across the sea is a fortress of the Imperial Armada. In the end corners of the landscape are several pirate hideouts and a city of gold (Eldorado?). Here is the link to the pictures. http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=560054 Questions and comments/feedback are welcome. Sincerely, Sander
  12. Horsecreek

    The Soldiers Outpost

    Recently I finished my rocky island moc. I started building on this moc late 2011. Then I shelfed it. But now it's done and has been on display at LEGO World and Klodsfest (the Danish lugs annual LEGO event) If you haven't build rocks an mountains before you'll be surpriced at how many bricks it takes. Apart from the small DBG baseplate i'm satisfied with the result. More photos at
  13. Sigolf Brimabane

    [WIP] Fortress battery

    So, I'm trying to design a fort. This is a quick idea that I had that I think would look cool. I'm not going for historical accuracy, I just want to build something that looks good. Eventually I'll try to build it in real bricks (working on a base right now). So, what do you think? How can/should I make the wall more interesting? Has anyone done something like this before? I'd be happy if you'd link me some cool fort builds, and real forts for inspiration. I've been searching on google, but I haven't actually found much.
  14. Gary The Procrastinator

    "Vive L’Empereur!" 200th Anniversary of Napoleon's R

    MOC based on painting. Hello, here's my LEGO build of Karl von Steuben’s painting, Napoleon returned from Elba, which shows an event that happened 200 years ago today: For closer view click on the picture. In Napoleon’s quest to reclaim France after being exiled to Elba, March 7th, 1815 was one of those unique moments when just one little wrong move, and modern history would have been drastically different. The 5th Regiment, supposedly loyal to newly-restored King Louis XVIII, was sent to arrest Bonaparte after his return from exile at Elba. The senior general in command, Marshall Michel Ney, promised the king that he “would bring Napoleon back to Paris in an iron cage.” Always a gambler, Napoleon deliberately presented himself a target, “Here I am,” he declared to troops formerly loyal to him, “Kill your Emperor, If you wish.” If just one soldier had pulled the trigger…but instead the emotion of the moment swept through the ranks and they surged forward to him in idolization. Thirteen days later, he would ride into Paris, beginning his last period of rule, known as The Hundred Days. The end result was the Battle of Waterloo. My build, and the orginal painting, Napoleon returned from Elba by Karl von Steuben. For closer views click on each. In celebration of the 200th Anniversary of this history-changing battle, at Brickfair Virginia this year there will be a massive collaboration to render Waterloo in LEGO, with over 1000 minifigs, terrain, La Haye Sainte farm, and hopefully Hougoumont as well. Here is our FLICKR group for the collaboration: Hope you like the build! More Napoleonic builds are on the way...
  15. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] On the Run

    Made this with the help of my brother; he made the bench and radar by himself, and just helped with the rest. By the time it got to staging (this project took four days more than it was supposed to), I really didn't care all that much about it, so I kinda did random stuff. In other news, this is the first build I've done that's not for some sort of a contest since early October.
  16. Just found this gem for sale on eBay! Huge lot of 2009 Lego Pirates sets. If I'm not mistaken, that's practically the entire collection, minus the Imperial Ship. 7 SETS and 27 minifigures. Wow, I'm curious to see how much this will fetch!
  17. princeofgonville

    We will remember them

    Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday (the closest Sunday to November 11th). I wondered what feelings a toy soldier would feel remembering the sacrifice of his fellow soldiers. I felt quite emotional and sad making this. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them. (Binyon, 1914) Princeofgonville, London, November 2014
  18. Tobiasz


    168A Hi, I’d like to present my latest MOC – HMS Hispaniola – based on the ship from Robert Louis Stevenson’s greatest book „ Treasure Island” of course. The ship itself is a improved version of my previous ship – HMS Enterprize. I change colour scheme, stern and rigging - but still it is the weakest part of the ship. I also change the sails - they are the same but I taped it by rope, so they are rigid, look very good and doesn't shred. I also change a bit the masts and spars. I based the appearance of the ship from the "Treasure Island" movie with Charlton Heston as a Long John Silver and Christian Bale as Jim Hawkings (from 1990) but my ship isn't a true copy of the ship from the movie ( in the movie it was used the replica of HMS Bounty built in 1960 specially to the “Mutiny on the Bounty” movie from 1962 with Marlon Brando). Btw. I think this movie is a best screening of Robert Louis Stevenson's book and one of the best movies about pirates with great soundtrack also. So let’s sing that old pirate song: "Fifteen men on the dead man's chest—Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!" and see the pictures The main characters ( I purposely use from Long John Silver Redbeard's head and hat, because I don't know how to build minifigure similar to Long John Silver from movie) short story: and few screenshots of " Hispaniola" from the movie " Treasure Island" folder with all pics - http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=548938 - avilable when public
  19. Captain Fortune

    The Soldier's Fort 2.0

    Hi! I present to you The Soldier's Fort 2.0. This MOC is in fact an alternate model from 6242 "Soldier's Fort". Let me explain some characteristics about it: - I always agreed with our friend and user in this forums Steve, who imagined a typical fort when he heared for a first time about the 6242. I really love that set but to be honest, it is not a fort, it is a harbor. I missed a defensive building for the Imperial Guards in the 2009-2010 wave. - As you can see, I maintained the structures from the original set, but I changed totally the design to create a closed fort. - I only used the original pieces from the original set. I only added some complements (minifigs and accessories) but the structure is 100% from the 6242. - I wanted to use the original little blue base plates to form a 26x24 surface for the reason above, but use one base plate if you have it, it will be more stable. - I completed the Fort with some minifigs and the sets 8396 Soldier's Arsenal, and 6239 Cannon Battle. - Try to add another cannon under the blue roof, you will have all your flanks covered! Thank you very much, I hope I have given some ideas for you!
  20. Mestari

    [MOC] Small soldiers' outpost

    [pid][/pid] 250B I'd like to present to you my first MOC in the Pirates theme. Since Pirates are coming back I think it's good moment to present it :) This is a small outpost for the soldiers. It has removable top floor, interior, cannon, some surpluses and outdoor place for cooking meals. As you can see I don't really have all the minifigures that should go there (just 2...) and I also got there one lady (governor's daughter ;) ) that is a mix of Paradisa girl and vampire lady from haunted house. She looks pretty nice ;) The instructions are freely available. Rebrickable page is here: http://rebrickable.c...-island-outpost. I hope you'll enjoy looking and possibly building this :) C&C are welcome.
  21. Sebeus I

    Port Retribution

    [pid][/pid] 249C During the third Tournament of Retribution I built a small port to serve as decor for the redcoat/bluecoat skirmish. I however forgot to post this MOC before I demolished it . Fortunatly I retrieved many pictures including some taken by other people. I also improved the lighting in the pictures using photoshop so they appear less dark. Some pictures were taken during the ToRIII, others during BrickMania Wetteren, where the port was integrated in a pirate layout. This is probably my favourite picture; "So this guy walks into a bar..." Actually it's a redcoat walking into a bluecoat bar My bluecoat sigfigy is preparing for the final battle which will eventually result in victory for the bluecoats. I really should work on my full hull ship sometime soon... Whenever I didn't have enough parts I made it look as if it was on purpose by making the minifigures perform "repairs". I never cared much about hysterical historical accuracy, especially on events, where there are many kids visiting I simply like to show off a cool diorama with many funny details. (note the artist on the left painting the windows). Look it's a taxi boat The Elizabeth lies in port, this ship never gets much attention on events... You know, many of us pirate builders like more merchant stuff but I think the truth is that these aren't just very popular with the crowd, a battleship is just more spectacular. That Tower in the background looks nice, doesn't it? Not part of my port unfortunatly , it's Nicks'. Hmm, looks a lot more impressive with that big fortress in the background. So, I hope you like it, it's a rather classic building style I have to say, you may be used to something more refined .
  22. TheUtilityBelt

    People of Carn

    I made some characters recently and decided that they would live in or serve Carn. So without further ado...I don't remember if that's a word...I present the characters of Carn! (left to right) Cavalry by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Cavalry swordsman, cavalry genral, cavalry spearman Foot Soldiers by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Spearman, swordsman, axeman City Gaurd by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr City gaurd The Dune Rangers by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr The Dune Rangers Now are some inhabitants of Carn. Western Desert Elves by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Western Sand Elves Dirk family by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Wilona Dirk who is an elf, Carter Dirk who owns one of the many bars, their son William Dirk who was born without a right hand, and Dog Jack. Dwarf brothers by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr The three dwarf brothers, Dunder the drunk, Gundar the Smith, and Sundare the...dwarf. Hope you like them! or ? C&C welcome.
  23. I had originally planned to make this an AoM phase one for Barracks (sparring), but it turned out as just a freebuild Anyways after finishing his keep, Uridius is spending his time strengthening Mitgardia's military force: Marching on ice is a good way to learn to keep your balance, and it doesn't appear unenjoyable either, Uridius rides with his men: C&C are welcome
  24. pcvando

    REVIEW: 6265 Sabre Island

    [pid][/pid] Here is my Review of the System Pirates set; Sabre Island. (6265) This set was released in 1989 and features 3 Minifigures; two imperial soldiers and one officer (Lt. de Martinet as stated by Lego) This set has 92pcs. It comes with the island and a rowboat. I have even more awesome System sets on the way! Let me know what you think of it, and leave your comments below!
  25. Henchmen4Hire

    Blacktron Army Rising

    I have enough SP3 officers, now it's time to build up the other guys. Ordered some parts, going to have to paint a few bits black, easy stuff. I'm annoyed that the one guy who has a bunch of Rench (New Blacktron) torsos wants over 2 dollars for them. I'm not too keen on spending 20 bucks for a few torsos, but I may not have a choice since Rench figures sell for even more -_- Anyway, here are some made up Blacktron troops. Just imagine them with Blacktron torsos: From left to right: Sniper, Infantry with pistols, Infantry with fancier goggles and rifle. Laser Armor-cutter (to wreck tank treads, walker-legs, break into fortresses, etc), Commando, Armored Artillery Guy lol Robot Drone Demolitions Guy (he ran out of hi-tech explosives!) Space Assault Troop (capable of fighting in space, zooming around sabotaging enemy craft and being a general nuisance) Experimental Weapons Guy (they test fancy new weapons in the battlefield)