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Found 32 results

  1. I plan on using my version of set 76108 for an Monster Fighters -flavored take on a mad scientist trying to open a time doorway into the beginning of the universe. What he doesn't know is that creatures from before our universe began (I'm going to use Minecraft figures for these guys, as seen below.) were destroyed at that moment, so they will come through the doorway to the mid-1920's as a way of sheltering themselves from that fate. Unfortunately, being from that time frame, of course they want to end our Universe so they can live again in peace. As this takes place in my Adventure-verse, Johnny Thunder is tasked with shutting down the doorway before our universe sinks back to before the big bang... and Sam Sinister is trying to use the time / space doorway to achieve vast riches by robbing ancient cultures of their valuables using the Time Window. Doctor Who may show up to help Johnny get things right and set Sinister back a peg or two.... I'm just not sure at this point if he (she?) will be involved or not, as the Time Lord is from a alternate timeline to this Universe. The picture seen above features a un-printed round window in place of this printed one that I bought. That special piece is the time window in it's "off" form. The model's main color has also been shifted from medium nougat to yellow and all exploding walls and drop-floors have been removed. The means from getting from one floor to another is a spiral staircase, and a small skylight has been added to the roof. The rear of the building has a ground-floor conservatory. The rearmost window opens up 90 degrees to allow for figure placement. The inside feature the following: The lower floor has a fireplace with clock on mantle, table with a pizza, and lamp on a side table. The middle floor features a marble bust on a safe, and a bed. The thing in the greenish jar is a beating heart. The upper floor features a desk with generator, several flasks, two bookcases, time portal computer and microscope. The green car is a extremely modified Duesenberg SSJ model originally made by @tomnetherton1 (see it here on Flickr. ) I used the car Speed Champions wheel-wells, and gave it to the Mad Scientist as his personal vehicle. Here you can see the rear of the car with the spare tire and license plate. The models fits one figure in the drivers seat under the easily removable roof. In the time before time, when all was dark and the Universe we live in was not yet started, the empty space had a name: the Endless Nether. This mysterious space even had it's denizens, strange skeletal beings made of a black unknown metal-like substance, called the Negatives. They lived at what would later become the center of the Universe, the point of origin of the Big Bang and our Universe. These beings and the Endless Nether were destroyed in that hyper-massive explosion, which was known to be coming for some time. (Think of it as a prologue to a story: every "before" leads to and "after".) The Negatives knew of their eventual demise, and tried everything to escape it, but could not escape from their side of the explosion... until a scientist happened upon the Endless Nether in a test of his time window, leading to events that could end the Big Bang before it even started... This Hugo Strange figure is the basis for the Mad Scientist, who will sport a Metalbeard head and a Doctor Strange hairpiece when built. I think I'll call him Dr. Harold Goldfield... but I'm not sure. Got any good (or should I say bad?) name suggestions for this guy? Please leave me any ideas, comments, questions or complaints about this model or the figures below! EDIT 3/16/18: Added updated pictures to this post.
  2. [WIP] Monster Bike

    Hey guys, I know this post is kinda early since I just posted a WIP of the Monster Bike yesterday, but I think the progress I made today is worthy of a new post, since this is a lot of progress for a small project. So basically at this point the entire rear section of the bike is complete. I've installed the SBrick (which is hidden behind the shock absorbers and between the panels) and I've completed a good chunk of the body. Due to this being a small MOC, I thought of this as a good opportunity to use a lesser-common color within the Technic realm: orange. (I've done the same thing with my Azure Racer and Lime Tracker from the fall of last year where I took advantage of the MOC's small size to use a more uncommon color). Most of my orange pieces come from the 42052 and 42060 sets, which is not a lot but sufficient for creating a small MOC. The only part I'm not so happy with is the exposed 5x7 frame. Pretty much everything on there right now is held together (or at least reinforced) by the two frames, and I can't cover it up easily as it would make the model too wide. I've also done some speed tests with this thing, and I found the speed to be pretty impressive. However, I may end up changing the gear ratio if the motors start to get sluggish later on in the build. There's also the issue of it being unstable when fast driving, but thankfully the SBrick app allows proportional control of the motors, so I can always drive it at slow speed when necessary. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Photos:
  3. Hey guys, here's a new MOC I've just started making. It's going to be a motorcycle, and so far I've completed its rear wheel module, with the drive motors already in place. It will feature: Drive, with the 2 L motors, geared 1:1 Steering, which will be controlled by a M motor The final design will be similar to something like the Batpod, with the front wheel far in front of the chassis. This means steering will probably end up like that of a wheel loader, where the vehicle turns on an articulated joint (hopefully that makes sense). The front wheel module will be attached to the chassis via 2 large turntables, and the bike will steer simply by transferring gear drive to the turntables. (The steering motor will be geared down of course to ensure stability) Rear suspension The entire model will be, of course, controlled by SBrick. A rechargeable battery will power it in order to reduce weight. I'm making this MOC to give some out-of-the-ordinary applications for the Claas tires, which, in this case, is using them on a bike. I also think that my first remote controlled bike MOC (the Stealth Bike from 2016) was not so great, so I'm making a second bike to see if I can make it perform better The video will be, of course, filmed outdoors. This MOC is, of course, going to be pretty simple. But I'm already making plans for my BrickFair VA 2018 MOCs, one of which is already underway. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Photos:
  4. [MOC] Blow, Harry, Blow!

    Three brave survivors (or maybe not so brave... or maybe not all af them, but nevermind) on the raft escape from ancient beast. After a sea battle with Imperial ship, Harry and Olaf were trap on a raft under leadership of old sea dog Bartholomew Gingerhead. While Harry blowing the sail, and Olaf work with a paddle, fearless captain throws harpoon after harpoon into the monster! It won't eat them! Or?.. Place your bets, Gentlemen!
  5. Hello, everyone on Eurobricks who is reading this, now i thought it's very sad that LEGO Scooby Doo retired, since Scooby was my childhood and i only have one set from the entire theme, so i thought we should get a wave two, or at least a CMF series. That idea got stuck in my mind and i wrote a list of minifigures i'd like to see, then scrapped some and this is how i think it would look like: 1. Vacation Scooby- Scooby (standing version) with a blue shirt on his body, face print would be: tongue sticking out, sunglasses, accessory is a camera 2. Disguise Shaggy- Shaggy wearing a sailor outfit with a new sailor hat-hair mold and a new, laughing face, no alternate expression, accessory is a tall 1X2 brick with a 'Scooby Snacks' print and a 1x2 tile on top of it 3. No Glasses Velma- Velma, the same as in the Mystery Mansion, except a new scared face without glasses, accessory would be a 2X1 clear transparent brick with a glasses print on it 4. Kidnapped Daphne- Daphne in her 'What's new Scooby-Doo' outfit, a double sided head with one side angry and the other side crying/scared, accessory is two chains 5. Hero Fred- Fred wearing his 'What's new Scooby-Doo' attire, one sided head with a confident winking smile, accessory would be a newspaper 6.Thorn- Thorn from 'The Witch's Ghost' with a one sided happy head, new hair mold, accessory would be a black guitar 7. Dusk- Dusk from 'The Witch's Ghost' with a two sided head with one side happy/singing and the other annoyed,new hair mold, her accessory are two drumsticks 8. Luna- The last Hex Girl, with a one sided happy head, new hair mold, no accessory 9. Hot Dog Water- Hot Dog Water from 'Mystery Incorporated', one sided worried head, accessory would be a computer 10. Charlie the Funland Robot- The Funland robot with a one sided head with his normal 'no emotion' face with glowing eyes, no accessory, if his hat doesn't count 11. Captain Cutler- A orange diver with glow-in-the dark seaweed printed on his torso, double sided head with one side being only green and the other would be the culprit unmasked,no accessory 12. Obliteratrix- A black striped costume with blond hair and a black head with two faces, one Obliteratrix's mask, the other being the culprit unmasked, accessory would be the new whip 13. Slime Monster- Green monster with a angry scary face, with skeleton covered in slime print all over his body, his accessory is a cone of Fruitmeir's dessert 14. The Werewolf- A grey werewolf in a dark green t-shirt and lime green vest and pants with brown hair and tow faces, one shouting/howling and the othe would be the culprit unmasked, no accessory 15. The Evil Clown- A red suited clown with new hair/circus hat combo with two faces, one evil smile, the other is the culprit unmasked, accessory would be his hypnotising coin 16. Aphrodite- A pink dress, grey skin tone, blonde messy hair, two sided head, one crazy happy and the other the culprit unmasked, accessory is a basket with some pink flowers 17. The Creeper- Dark green suit, light green skin tone, brown messy hair, two faces, one angry/confused and the other is the culprit unmasked, accessory is a bag and a golden tile 18. Frankenstein- Dark Purple jacket and pants, pink t-shirt, green skin tone one sided head with an unamused expression, accessory is a brand new Scrappy-Doo mold, which is tall a bit like the series 16's Babysitter's baby And, yeah, there should be 18 figures, like in the Disney Line. Tell me how you would like this and bye! Thanks for reading :)
  6. Been having fun with my Nexo Knights, some knock-off Dinosaurs and Legend Beasts, some real Lego Legend Beasts and a random Mixel. I thought it'd be fun for each knight to have an animal steed instead of vehicles. What kind of things would you like to see in Nexo Knights? Anybody else found any cool knock offs online that you wish were part of the franchise?
  7. Finally being on vacations , found time to build this bot ( 3-4 hours approx.) Luckily I decided to re-read the rules , because I thought that the entry time already had ended Video will come later this weekend. Blood, bare bones and greeny skin - this is "Monsta" For some reason the images are gone , but you still can see them here:
  8. The Call of Cthulhu

    Just released my "The Call of Cthulhu" project on LEGO Ideas yesterday :-) As a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft's mythology I decided to build a set based on his short story "The Call of Cthulhu", which was released in 1928 and might probably be the most famous tale by this author. About the scene (might contain spoilers for those who haven't read the story yet): The scene of my model depicts the arrival of the norwegian sailor Gustaf Johansen and his crew in the city of R'lyeh which was built by alien beings aeons before humanity inhabited the earth and is described as a cyclopean city of titan blocks and sky-flung monoliths (decorated with strange runes). It was sunk to the ground of the ocean, where Cthulhu (an ancient alien being) had to wait for the stars to align the right way so R'lyeh would rise again to the surface. While exploring the ancient ruins the sailors accidently release the "Great Old One" from his prison and try to escape aboard the "Alert", a derelict ship, that was discovered by the sailors earlier... About the Minifigures: I've tried to build LEGO versions of this mighty "Old One" before but only the release of the 13th series of LEGO's "Collectable Minifigures" provided the minifigure-squidhead I was waiting for since it perfectly fits this creatures Appearance! The combination with the wings of the 14th series gargoyle, the 15th serie faun's legs and the 16th series little devil finally rounded up the list of needed parts to complete this awesome minifigure (although it would be great to have a more dinosaur-like tail like the 5th series lizard man - wich sadly can't be combined with the wings). To represent the sheer size of Cthulhu I used the minifig-trophy-statuette of the 9th minifigure serie's "Hollywood Starlet" for the sailors. They represent Gustaf Johansen and two of his frightened crewmen. If you like it, please support it! You might also be interested in my other projects like the life-sized human skull or my RPG boardgame.
  9. On August 8, 2016, I said I've had the set on display for a couple months, but I finally made a C-Model. And it's actually a monster truck. The body is completely my own design. And it uses something I saw in a rock crawler, by the builder "Max Lego." When one turntable turns one way, the other one turns the opposite way. There have to be obstacles of the same size for each axle, or the body tilts. Please tell me what you think, and have a great day.
  10. The Harpy's Embrace Harpies do not appreciate archers, for they can send stinging sticks into the air, the harpies dominion. Archers, on the other hand, have no love for harpies, simply because - despite a somewhat female appearance - honestly speaking they are flying monsters with claws and teeth. The Harpy's Embrace by MWardancer, auf Flickr The Harpy's Embrace (2) by MWardancer, auf Flickr Harpy by MWardancer, auf Flickr Harpy (2) by MWardancer, auf Flickr List of customization techniques: - Brickwarriors' wings painted - Brickwarriors tail cut - leg piece painted - custom claws made from skeleton arms - drilling holes into the hair to attach the wings - that was very difficult and I ruined a few hairpieces in the process
  11. As you escape from the dragon's onslaught, you find a mysterious device in the hills. It responds to your commands by moving around with gusto. With it, you hope to defeat the scourge that raised your village. However, to fight this fiend, you must trek across the lands, and the lands are filled with monsters. Monsters: A hydra in the swamp A nuckelavee in the waters. For those who don't know, a nuckelavee is a water spirit in the shape of a horse with a rider that spends most of its time as an intangible presence in the water. A manticore waiting for the right time to strike along the path A swooping cockatrice attacking from the skies A salamander in its slimey den A sphinx guarding the bridge A dragon surrounded by the burning forest Special features include an alternate path with special point spots, monster body parts that can be moved to block off paths (the hydra heads, the nuckelavee's horse head, the manticore's tail and the cockatrice's wings) and a swiping dragon's paw which can knock the ball right into one of the lava pits. Top view. The green spot is the starting point, the dragon's maw is the end and the yellow spots are optional bonus points. Yes, I checked, the dragon's wings fit in the maze. From this view, you can see the difficulties involved in choosing the bonus point route a bit better; amongst other things, you have to get out of the ditch formed by the salamander. I made various digital stickers for this project; the cockatrice's, the manticore, the nuckelavee and the sphinx's heads and the brick path. All in all, it was a lot of fun making this, and I hope you guys like it! Comments and criticism appreciated.
  12. Brick Flick: The Last Halloween

    Please watch our first stop motion short film.
  13. Hello once again! I have made a moc of the Nexo Knights Lava Golem Infernox. Here you go. A Minifig can ride on top using a simple stud connection, and everything is articulated. Leg design is based of Jay's Lightning Mech. Back view, showing the clip that connects him to Jestro's Evil Mobile. And finally, an action shot with a scurrier. C&C much appreciated!
  14. Somewhere in the frozen North, a brave Viking from Skaljarik battles a frozen sea serpent. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The beastie: And the warrior: So, a speedy entry to Cat B. My pieces/abilities don't lend themselves too well to creatures. I might try more beasties with some mixels joints. C+C welcome! Edit: the Viking is from Andrew Spaders town!
  15. Here is my Second part of the story and my second entry for the Frozen Beyond Contest : Mom is really Angry ! the first part of the story can be found in my first entry : Snow in the Enchanted Forest ?! GRRRRROWRH ! Noihe could not finish her sentence as a terrible beast made it heard. - AAAAH ! Screamed Faladrin, escaping with the egg. It is really a Frostbite Dragon egg ! And Mom is really Angry ! RUN AWAY ! - Run Away ! Yelled Noihe, dropping her weapons and running out of range of the frosty breath of the Mother Dragon. But only Walaheria stood up, facing the beast and using her magical sword she cut the deadly breath in two parts as simple as she would of an apple... - Run my Love ! I can manage her a short time... but, just enough to allow us to escape and be secure. Walaheria said to Faladrin. - We will need to reinforce our troups and be prepare for a bigger attack next. Said Faladrin, once out of range of the beast. - Yes, there is an abandoned outpost not far from here when we should hold position until the next Algus attack. Answered Walaheria. The beast continues roaming in the wild though... Beware if you are passing by her way ! Thank you for reading me and see you for the next part (and the end) of this story from The Frozen Beyond...
  16. My new moc ,named "Horse of the Skull Grinder" from Bionicle series. System: CCBS pieces.... Function: Skull Grinder's pet/steed, transformation, action, posing, playing(of course)...... After the Toa defeated 'Lord of skull spider' , Grinder used it pieces to create the new monster to help him take back the 'Mask of creation' ....... yes thats what you're reading,a spider reborned to be a horse which can transform to be a monster Here is it's introducing video, hope you enjoy! and Support this moc at : Now we take a look at 'Steed mode'. WP_20151121_15_22_12_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20151121_15_25_53_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20151121_15_21_13_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr ...and some posing styles. WP_20151121_15_42_11_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20151121_15_45_27_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20151121_15_52_24_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20151121_16_03_39_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr I always like this pic, whish they release this set for real ! WP_20151121_16_21_16_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr Lets compare with other sets ! WP_20151121_15_35_34_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr "Grinder is riding to the town ~~~~" WP_20151105_22_28_08_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20151105_22_29_36_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20151121_21_29_45_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20151121_21_38_03_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr ......... I dont know what to say ....... WP_20151207_002 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr 'Demon mode' .......the design is inspired by the new gundam series. You should check the video above to see how dangerous this form is (to the Toa). WP_20151122_18_07_34_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20151122_18_26_59_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr Can you guess who is on the right ! WP_20151122_18_17_36_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr "Like the master like steed". WP_20151122_18_13_37_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr "Let them fight !" WP_20151207_009 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr Here is the Building Instruction video : Thanks for visiting !
  17. MOC: Monster

    Last night, my girlfriend told me that the fourth graders she teach, had had an exercise where she described a monster, which they then got to draw and paint. Having heard the description, I decided to do my own interpretation, but (of course) in lego.
  18. Halloween Special! The mad Professors Frank and Stein are experimenting on human beings. The result is terrifying....
  19. A LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Ev3 2WD/RWD rock crawler inspired trial truck with live axle suspension, 80 torque thanks to the special adder mechanism, and more. Built for off-road yet also for speed racing 74 feet in 26.49 seconds (2 mph). For the video please click here: PS-Could someone show me how to embed YouTube videos? Thank you!
  20. I present my Monster truck made out of sets 42026: Black Champion Racer and 42005: Monster Truck. Features are pull & go motor, shocks, reclining seat, and a flag. by Dapper-D2, on Flickr by Dapper-D2, on Flickr by Dapper-D2, on Flickr by Dapper-D2, on Flickr Video: Left over parts. by Dapper-D2, on Flickr Enjoy! Note: Technic is totally outside my comfort zone.
  21. THERE IS NO DANA, ONLY ZUUL! Presenting to you just a 'quicky'. Zuul, the hellhound from 80's movie Ghostbusters. Yes, I'm a bit of a GB-coattailrider here but it happens that GB belongs to my top 10 best 80's movie-list. :) I was inspired by masterbuilders Wet Wired and Sergio and their awesome Ghostbusters-builds but couldn't wait for them to build Zuul (let alone wait for THE Ecto1 to hit the stores...) so I build my own in the bricks that I have. Grey. Ofcourse it (probably) should be in a nice earth and olive green right...? Well, the Gargoyl out of what this beast emerged is grey, so I'm kinda safe... What else is there to say... Oh yeah, I used the newish Chima Legend beasts build-methods with the balljoints, and really made it my own. That was a fun challenge! :) Enjoy! Next to the GB-minifig and my Ecto1 it is kinda huge. A bit larger than the extralarge dog from the movies, but ofcourse Lego is a material of compromises. I agree that the body could use a little bit more mass... It'll just has to do, for now... Run little GB, Run like the wind! ...and try not to cross your beams... (my Ecto1 can be found here...)
  22. Players only, please! Confirmation | Day One | Day 2 Lacey Davis (LegoDad) sits in her whore house, contemplating which wig she should wear in the morning. "Do I stick with this one, or should I wear the curly, brown one? I should maybe stuff my top with some wigs, too. Needless to say, she doesn't manage to see the Zombie, or hear the door loudly creak open, or even hear the load groan coming from behind her. Who knew wigs could be so distracting? A dismembered mermaid now lies where Lacey Davis once stood. Meanwhile, the zombie walks off with a nice, lean arm to gnaw on. Meanwhile, Derek Polanes (DarthPotato), walks away from the fire pit, after just burning his hands on the fire trying to warm up... ... Until he runs into the Roman Commander, who shoves his blade so far into Derek's stomach it pushes him back into the fire pit.. And the body of the Fortune Teller crackles in the pit. Everybody gathers in the morning, but instead of Mercutio, the assistants take his place. "Mercutio's taking a quick vacation for school" Carlisa announces. "He left us in charge, so we had to invite our friends Wyldstyle and Abe here to help us, especially since Abe is so honest, and Wyldstyle.... Well, she's somewhat attractive." "We could only find Bleeb's head, and I think it's pretty clear he was a Monster. So was Derek. Luckily for you, Lacey just so happened to have been a rotten member of the Council. Looks like you dipshits made more progress yesterday than you did the day before. Now go catch another so I can look good for Mercutio." Excited to have caught their first baddie, the girls... ... And the boys, begin discussion for a new day. The Players (14) Mercutio Robertson - Played by TrumpetKing - NPC Kelly Lester - Played by Kristel - Wannabe Mermaid Clarissa Maplesby - Played by CallMePie - Expert People Trampler Peter Desmund - Played by Piratedave84 - Most likely to eat your face Jeffrey Norris -Played by jamesn - Corrupt Conquistador Carl Nemoss​ - Played by Captain Nemo - Hottie McHotterson Giovanni Capanni - Played by Captain Genaro - Hitman with a hint of class Monarch Timothy III - Played by Tamamono - Probably wants you beheaded Helen Inkling - Played by Hinckley - "Would you like a nice glass of wine?" Tickles - Played by TinyPiesRUs - Wants your kids to se the lions Pamela Fettucini - Played by Peanuts - Badass Mom Mikatta - Played by Mencot - Forest Witch Dragonishki - Played by Darkdragon -Somehow came from a comic book Sally Carrotine - Played by Scubacarrot - Child Arson Melinda Dugan - Played by MetroiD - Wants your scalp The Dead Kingsley of the Starfish - Played by KingoftheZempk - Criminal Mastermind - Dissolved Mid-Nap Night One - Monster Caitie Levanne - Played by Cecilie - Creepy Nurse - Beheaded reading mail Night One - Monster Bleeb - Played by Bob - Benevolent Alien Overlord - Gnawed on by a crazy cannibal Day Two - Monster Lacey Davis - Played by LegoDad - Desparate for sex - Ignored creepy sounds while bra stuffing during Night Two - Council Derek Polanes -Played by DarthPotato - Wants your credit card number - Blazed Night Two - Monster The Rules 1. Each player will be given an alignment to play as. Each player will be aligned with either The Council or The Monsters. Any Third Party/Neutral characters have their own win conditions outlined in their roles. To win, the Monsters must eliminate all of the Council, while the Council must outnumber the Monsters. 2. Each day you may vote to lynch a player. The player who receives votes from a majority of the remaining players will be lynched. Voting must be done in the following format.Vote: Character Name (Player). No other format will be accepted. Unvoting may be done similarly, under the same format and criteria as voting. 3. A day will last a maximum of 72 hours. You may not vote for the first 24 hours of the Day thread. After 72 hours, it is now night. When the 72 hours of the day are over, please send your night action, if any, to myself using the Role PM I have sent you. The night phase will last a maximum of 48 hours. 4. The alignment of the player lynched, and any that died during the night, will be revealed at the start of the next day. 5. You may not quote or pretend to quote anything sent to you by the game host via PM.This includes all the details of your character and role, as well as any night action results. Role claims and reporting of night action results are acceptable, but in your own words only. Role Claiming should be done at your own risk. Do not attempt to use the structure of your role PM to your advantage. 6. Do not play the game outside the thread. Similarly, do not post out of character inside the thread. Game tactics and roles may only be discussed in the game thread or via PM with other players. Private discussion is done at your own risk and should be treated as part of the game. 7. If you are dead, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any of the players. Any information you had becomes void, and may not be passed on. 8. You may not edit your posts. 9. You must post in every day thread. 10. Any questions about your role or the game must be asked in your Role PM that you received. 11. In your Role PM, you have been given a Personality Quirk. I request that you try to speak in your personality quirk a minimum of three times per day, but I will not make it a requirement. Try to have fun with it though! 12. Violation of ANY of the above rules will result in a vote penalty (1 vote for every 4 players left) on the first offense, and removal from the game on the second offense
  23. Hello, Here is my first 6x6 model. 2L motors for driving, Servo motor for steering. Weight is 1180g. Motors and battery box are located on the middle of chassis. Front and rear suspensions are very soft. So, the Truck easily pitches up and down, climb over a certain level of obstacles. 3 differentials and 6 cv joints works pretty well, not broken or snapped at all in the video. Building instructions and more pictures: Also I added this MOC to Rebrickable. I hope you enjoy it!
  24. Kinda disappointed by the non-compatibility of the two Monsterfighters sets 'vampyre hearse' and 'haunted house', I build the house a bit larger and now the hearse a bit smaller. The hearse had allready been modded to my own taste, but now was the time to build a smaller version for my house. First time I ever tried and build a 7-stud wide car. And man, that comes with problems... It took me quite a while but I think I did okay. I used snot techniques, for instance the front-end and the windscreen. Most of the rest is a basic traditional Lego build. Oh, and it is still minifig-friendly. It contains a zombie-chaufeur and a vampyre-filled coffin! ^ Figuring out how to narrow the wheelspacing was quite a challenge. It is now hold on by a single row of 4 studs and two 2x2 jumperplates. ^ As compared to my 'original' hearse... ^ The new version has the coffin sticking out a bit in the back, for a more grotesque view Well, it does add a little bit of drama ofcourse... ^ 7-studs vs 8-studs ^ The reason for schrinking the hearse: My Modified Haunted House. Both look way better together as well as on their own.
  25. A man participating in holiday festivities realizes he is in danger from forces beyond his reckoning... This is my first attempt at a horror-type film. While I am pleased with the result, there are (as always) places for improvement. Comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions for the future are most welcome. Please enjoy Predation!