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Found 14 results

  1. 2020, Today, Plantasea There are scattered rumors that a terrorist cell led my infamous Hug Drax is prepearing a big hit in Plantasean territory. But noone knows information about Drax and his organization, even how he looks. Same time and after ten years, following a lead, Plantasean agency "Green Door" found that Lt.Sunday Priestime is alive and held in an isolated prison. It is a penal prison in a subtropical island somewhere between Swintoc and New Selusia. Lt.Sunday Priestime is the only one who knows Hugo Drax and "Shining Trail", his terrorist group In no time, Hell Legion prepeared the rescue operation. Lt.Coloner Saunders himseld, old close friend of Priestime, will lead the OYK Team 6 of the Legion Τhe attack will take place late afternoon, in the time that prisoners return from penal labor. In the prison island, Hell Legion commandos first shoot the guard in the elevated guardhouse and same time throw inside the yard smoke grenades. During the panic created, Legionaires cut chain and barbed wire so to get in Prisoners killing prison guards, prison guards killing prisoners, and Legionaires clearing the mess... For another one time in all of these years, Sunday Priestime is in isolation. Saunders unlocks the trapdoor and help his friend to get out
  2. The Continuing Adventures of Count Mesabi! Location: Astrapi Acropolis Type: Small Cultural (Prison is a Government building, government is cultural. Also commentary on Oleon's culture ) Deaaaaaaaarrrrr Wifeee, So, today, on my long and winding voyage back to Mesabi Landing, I stopped in Astrapi Acropolis to talk to Padrè François, cause you know, I was kinda bored. Anyways, after breaking into a highly secure Oleander prison, I found his cell. He was just hanging out, so I walk up, and I'm like, 'Yo, how many times have you dropped the soap in here?' And he's like 'YOU?!?' And I'm like 'Yeah?' And he's like 'I've burned heretics in fires.... blah blah blah blah... I should purge... blah blah." and anyways after like a few minutes of this, I'm like 'Oh yeah, while I've burned churches and abbeys and monasteries, and convents...' Well, then some idiot guard walks in, apparently he heard us yelling or whatever, and he's like 'Freeze!' And I'm like 'You don't control my temperature!' And then I used my awesome fight skills to incapacitate him peacefully. Anyways, then I just grabbed his chamber pot and and threw it in his bed and left. So, anyways, I'd say it went over well. A victory for interfaith dialogues! Oh, and for plausible deniability, "Or maybe it was a dream." Love, Count Mesabi Thanks for viewing my build. Also thanks to @Ross Fisher for letting me use his character. I kinda overbuilt on this one, I was originally going to have the Count escape through the window, but changed my mind. I also made it as simple as neat and spartan as possible, reflecting Oleon's culture because it's a prison. As this is somewhat of a bizarre build, and Mesabi is a somewhat unreliable narrator, I wouldn't think to hard about how canon this is.
  3. *Your entry has earned 9XP* Mission Log from Cpt. Bannon: After retaking our base on Dennaskar, high command has tasked us with rounding up additional rebels and insurgents from surrounding systems and escort them to the top secret IDS Incarcerator orbiting the backwater planet Molavar. These prisoners are supposedly an important part of Operation Stronghold. The Incarcerator was the last of its kind of Imperial Lictor-class dungeon ships. After the loss at the battle of Endor, warden commander Col Gran hid the IDS Incarcerator in the Outer Rim. Commander Col was eventually contacted by Admiral Rovv and convinced to join the Commenor Remnant cause and remain a secret known only to Rovv and a few high standing members of the remnant. The IDS Incarcerator was a highly modified Lictor-class ship, designed as an inescapable supermax prison. All prison cells onboard the ship has two entrances. One leading into the ship, and the other towards the empty vacuum of space, with only a ray shield keeping the prisoners from being sucked into oblivion. A little peek behind the scenes... Let me know what you think. :) Cheers
  4. CommanderJonny1

    Modular Ship Project

    This took me a few months to complete, for a few reasons. I decided to post this, even though I technically haven't finished this project, but this past week I decided to post this weekend if I couldn't think of anything new to add. The genesis of this project was my modding of my Brick Bounty (nothing much, just some improvements here and there), and I wanted to create something more substantial. To be clear, this is my first ship MOC, as well as my second large MOC. I don't say this in hope for leniency (go ahead and bash me), I just want to give some context. I recognize this as a learning project; indeed, you can see some progress (albeit not much) in the pictures below. I'm already doing MSP Phase II, which incorporates a few techniques that improve the design quite a bit. This project was divided into two batches: Batch 1, which is a Supply Ship and a Armed/Converted Merchantman; and Batch 2, which is Frigate, a Prison Hulk, and a Sheer Hulk. I wanted something that gave me more than just a warship, and I think I covered my bases fairly well. In addition, this project (and to a lesser extent Phase II) is a kind of a bridge between official Lego sets (in my case, the Brick Bounty) and bigger and better MOCs (such as the beautiful specimens here on Eurobricks); as such, I wasn't too concerned with making great MOC (or even necessarily a good one), but rather a decent one that would go fine with Lego's ships, and perhaps (hopefully) wouldn't look too out of place alongside proper MOCs. Batch One: The first ship up is the 'Supply Ship', a.k.a. the Tub. This is meant to be a ship used to move troops, equipment, or victuals to wherever they're needed. It's not pretty, but it gets the job done. I started off by making sure a minifigure can stand straight up inside (5 bricks tall). I've kept this throughout this project, but I have changed to a smaller height in Phase II. I also used the 1x2x3 inverted slope for the hull sides. This is a real thing, though it's more used in modern times than in the Age of Sail (a flare, as opposed to a tumblehome). This shows the inside, and probably the main point/draw of this batch- the anchor system. You can see the channels for the anchor chains; string might be better, but I wanted to use chains like Lego does (there's a couple reasons why, mainly because chains are more readily available to me). 'Modular Ship' (Supply Version) #4 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr Here's a look down the inside. The two Technic connectors under the Technic plate are meant for the chains. The end of the chains are attached to the top one, and wound in between the two, similar in concept to what's on the Brick Bounty (sort of). 'Modular Ship' (Supply Version) #5 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr A more overall view of the ship (with Bosun Bob at the helm). I wanted the ship to have some kind of defense, so I put some some carronades on top. 'Modular Ship' (Supply Version) #1 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr A top down view of the deck. Besides the anchor, the only real feature is the grate/cover. 'Modular Ship' (Supply Version) #2 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr A view of the stern area. The bracket is meant for a nameplate or something similar (the inverted slopes around it can be removed and replaced to widen it if necessary). 'Modular Ship' (Supply Version) #3 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr The second part is the Armed/Converted Merchantman', a.k.a the Lumberer (I don't know if it would actually qualify for a 'HM_'). This is basically an 'upgraded' version of the Supply Ship, armed with cannons and carronades to help defend, and comfortably keep pace with, various convoys. A view of the bow; not much, but the bow mount (modified plate) gives me some options. 'Modular Ship' (Converted Merchantman) #2 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr Here's a view of the gunports; also a better view of the bow mount. 'Modular Ship' (Converted Merchantman) #1 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr I think Lego's cannons look better; it's probably because the ship's a bit chunky. 'Modular Ship' (Converted Merchantman) #3 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr Batch Two: The third ship (and the pinnacle of Phase I) is the Frigate. In the British system, which I base most of my information and inspiration from, it's actually not a frigate, but rather a 'Post Ship'. Many Sixth Rates were of these types, but all were commonly called frigates anyways, and so that's what I labeled this as. I found a picture early on of HMS Euryalus that I took a lot of inspiration from, if not direct translation of some design elements. This is also the only ship that's actually modular; the rest are built in a way to make it easy to make it modular, but also easier to build in the first place (I admit a bit of laziness probably crept in there, but I wanted to move on to other stuff). Here's the ship, piece by piece, form bow to stern. There's 20 pictures, so I put it here to shorten the post a bit. The fourth and fifth 'ships' aren't really ships- at least not anymore. These are what are called hulks (specifically a prison hulk and a sheer hulk). They were once warships, but once they were too old to be really useful anymore, they were converted into some kind of hulk. I've searched on here before, but I haven't found anybody who has made either one of them. I'm sure the talented shipwrights here could have a much better crack at such projects than I, but even if I just spread the idea around, that would be enough for me. The fourth ship is the Prison/Accommodation Hulk. These were used as floating prisons to keep prisoners of war, mutineers, or just overflow from the regular prisons on land. Accommodation hulks were like floating barracks; used in a similar way to the prison hulks. The fifth and final ship is the Sheer Hulk. These craft were floating cranes, usually implemented in putting masts onto new ships (or replacement masts for those ships that lost theirs in some way, shape, or form). After the Age of Sail, though still in the 19th Century, purpose-built sheer hulks were made to help increase maritime construction. Multiple capstans were used to power the crane, and the sides/railings of the ships were usually cut down near the deck. Modular Ship (Sheer Hulk) #1 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr I've found many photos of different sheer hulks, and all have some different kind of combination (rigging, number of crane arms/booms, etc.), but I tried to build what was sort of the average of what I saw in my reference photos. I didn't end up finishing this one, as I couldn't really make the crane fit together quite right. If anyone can think of anything, feel free to make your own (just make sure to send me a link ). Modular Ship (Sheer Hulk) #2 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr This has been my Modular Ship Project (Phase I). I haven't made instructions for this (mostly I don't feel it's really a MOC worthy of it, but also I'm busy/lazy), but I do plan to make them (*ahem* eventually ). Phase II has already begun; I'll still be using prefab hulls, and I plan to make a Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Rate. I've already discounted a First or Second Rate, but I'm holding out on a Two Decker. Although I will work on a Three Decker a bit in my Testbed before I close Phase II. Any comments, suggestions, or critiques of any kind are welcome; I await the feedback!
  5. Having limited time and since my LEGO bricks currently need "redeploying" in order to build anything (assuming the baby leaves me time), I am spending a bit more time in LDD. So, while experimenting with the "half stud" technique on walls, I ended up building the following moc. It is an Oleander barracks and prison along with a wall for firing practice (and more ). Nothing fancy considering innovative techniques and stuff but I quite liked the way it ended up. Interior is almost non existent, but for some benches at the prison section. As always, C&C is appreciated!
  6. See the rest of the story:Season 1Season 2Season 3Fleshing Out the ProblemBothan Data HubParting WaysSurrender Would Have Been An OptionTo Catch a Thief Imperial Detention Center Prison Life (this build!) Jail Break (yet to be built) Battle in the Skies of Coruscant It took a few hours, but soon MKJoshA and Kale were through processing and had been admitted into Gen-Pop (general population). I can't believe you got me stuck in this place! Not here, if they think we know each other this whole mission could be blown! What mission!?! But Josh had already walked on past. Stormtroopers kept a close eye on everything going on in the prison common room. But every now and then the Stormtroopers got distracted. Like when they were watching Tami Ka, a Dathomirian warrior who had proved to be too rough to stay in the women's ward and tough enough to keep any men off her back in the men's ward. It was during these brief moments that Josh shared his mission with Kale. I came here to rescue some Alliance members. They went mission a couple years back and no one knew what had happened. Just recently we received intel that they were being held in this prison facility. The first is Donnie. He has a reputation of being one of the best ground troops and we need him back. Next up is Rogue. He was on an intelligence mission when he went missing. We need him and his intel back. Last is Covi. He's one of our best pilots and our forces haven't been the same since we was captured. Now that Kale was in on the plan, he was able to help distract the guards while Josh got in contact with each of the Rebels. It took a few weeks. But finally everyone had been contacted and all were ready to make their move. Much of prison life was boring as Bantha poodo. But one thing kept the prisoners occupied and that was the Dejarik standings. The prisoner with the highest ranking always had more sway when it came to prison politics. On the day of their escape, Rogue was able to mess with the table's programing to allow a low ranking prison to beat the top scoring one. A fight broke out and all the Stormtroopers were running to break it up. To Be Continued!
  7. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Fleshing Out the Problem Bothan Data Hub Parting Ways Surrender Would Have Been An Option To Catch a Thief Kale yelled and screamed all the way from downtown to the Imperial prison outside the city. He continued to insist that he was innocent and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He stayed silent about knowing MKJoshA because he knew this would only cause them both problems. He didn't know what Josh's plan was, but he could tell that Josh had meant to get captured. He also knew that because of their previous run-ins with the Empire, that as soon as their IDs were run through the system, they were both dead men. His only hope was that Josh had a plan and that this plan could be stretched to include himself. Josh watched Kale as they exited the Imperial transport. All things considered he was handling this very. They entered the prison and stopped at the guard entrance to get scanned. Their info would be processed through the Imperial database and any past run-ins would appear on the screen. The officer on duty scanned the prisoners fingerprints and ran a retinal scan. That's when the Alliance spy went to work. He plugged his data stick into the computers and began re-writing Josh and Kale's files. By the time the files appeared in front of the officer their profiles showed no previous encounters with the Empire, just some non-threatening run-ins with local authorities. The spy knew his work wouldn't stand up to close scrutiny and that it would likely get corrected within a week. But that was all the time Josh needed to complete his mission. "Everything's in order trooper" said the officer. "This being your first offense with the Empire, we'll keep you here the standard week to ensure you learn your lesson." As the spy began to leave, a Lieutenant walked up to him and said, "You're not scheduled to be here!" "I... uh..." stammered the changeling. "I just wanted to get a view from the window before I started my shift sir." The Lieutenant softened his expression. "No harm them," he said with a smile. "I often find myself gazing at the low life scum out there. It reminds me why the universe needs the Empire. We are so clearly the better race. Without us this planet wouldn't have the foggiest idea what civilization looked like!" "Yes, sorry" was all the changeling spy could manage to respond with. "Enough chit-chat!" said the Lieutenant. "Go clock in and make your Emperor proud!" The spy walked away as quickly as was prudent as Josh and Kale were admitted to their cells.
  8. blackdeathgr

    Granoleon state prison

    Hello people! This is an adaptation of a medieval MOC i created a couple of days earlier. It was a Crusaders vs Falcons siege but i couldn't miss the opportunity of an Oleon free build (and the 10 DBs that come along), so i adapted it accordingly and now you can see a State prison located in Mainland, Granoleon. Note that in my LEGO life, i have always regarded blueco...eeeehrm, Oleon Empire as a spiritual successor to the Falcons faction . As always, thanks for watching!
  9. This is my first entry for the Colossal Castle Contest under the Medieval Dungeon category.
  10. Today, I'm presenting a 24x12 studs space vignette titled Spaceship Prison Block Nr. 3. It started out mainly as an exercise in building a wall at an angle and incorporating some curved pieces. It depicts a guard patrolling part of a spaceship's prison block, where one of the Galactic Intelligence Agency's spies is currently incarcerated. Full vignette: Spaceship Prison Block #1 by M1kroMan, on Flickr Prison area designation on the floor: Spaceship Prison Block #2 by M1kroMan, on Flickr Closer look at the cells: Spaceship Prison Block #1 by M1kroMan, on Flickr C&C welcome!
  11. Captain Nemo

    Magneto's Plastic Prison

    Plastic Prison Magneto in his Plastic Prison. Inspired by X-Men: 2 Enjoy ~Nemo
  12. I made this for the Daring Escape category in the CCC (colossal castle contest). Inspired by DC, Sirens-of-Titan and LL. Robert has finally been captured and put into prison. His partner in crime, Louie, quickly digs a tunnel for him to escape. Afterwards they rob a wealthy merchant and are making off with their loot, but the how far will they get with it? Any C&C welcome