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Found 26 results

  1. Two years passed since I've started to make this art. I like Warhammer Universe and fantasy, but real life leaves its mark on every aspects of our life. Hobby too. The region of Azov sea a tasty piece for the orcs. Unfortunately, after 86 days of siege the big industrial city fell. This art dedicated to all defanders of Mariupol and Azovstal plant. Fearless, and brave defenders against limitless hordes of invaders. I made a lot of test renders and sketches...
  2. DwalinF

    Dwarf Army

    After several years, I almost finished my Dwarven army. Sure its not the biggest one, but I tried to represent classical army for tabletop game. And every unit is unique here. Miners are the last squad, I decided to make them just at the last moment. So I'm going to update them and increase the number. Organ guns you may saw already, but I have some new MOCs for engies
  3. Sarophas

    [MOC] Beastman Bust

    Built for CCC-XX Fantasy Creatures Category I spent way to much time on this, but given that this is my first attempt at building a large scale figure it makes sense. Not quite sure how I feel about the result, but hey it's start Check out my other MOC's here:
  4. My latest creation, The Great Temple of Ulric. It's not 100% accurate to the description, but I still think it turned out alright. also included Ar-Ulric Emil Valgeir. Hope you like it Ulric's holiest site is the legendary Fauschlag, known also as the Ulricsberg. In ancient days, the greatest of the gods were Ulric and Taal; the mightiest and most widely worshipped. Yet Ulric was troubled, for it seemed that his elder brother came before him in all things. To Taal he voiced this concern, and the Lord of the Forests asked his brother what would put his mind at ease. Ulric replied that he desired a domain that he could say that belonged to him and him alone. Taal considered this request and decided to grant his younger brother's request. He gifted Ulric with a great mountain surrounded by harsh forests filled with fierce beasts. Pleased with this, Ulric thanked his elder brother and smote the mountaintop flat with his mighty fist. Here, he declared, would his chosen people, the Teutogens, abide and build a mighty fortress and temple, where his fires would burn eternally and men would journey far and wide to pay him tribute. Thus was born the Fauschlag, which in the tongue of the Teutogens, means 'Fist-Strike.' <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow"></a>
  5. BardDandelion

    Black Coach - Warhammer

    Hi! Want to share my newest MOC inspired by Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe - Black Coach from Vampire Counts army. Black Coach by BardJaskier, on Flickr Hope you like it. ;)
  6. BardDandelion

    Legions of the Damned

    Hello everybody, this is my first MOC presented here. Hope you will like it. ;) I really want to build something like that for a whole year. I was playing Heroes V during Fall 2017 and I was astonished how good was the design od Inferno units. Finally found some time (and I was out of yellow parts so couldn't increase my WH40k Orkz army :P ) and started to build... and after several days it was ready. :D Those army is inspired by many computer games I played or used to played when I was younger. Mainly Heroes V but also Disciples II (that's where the title comes from), Diablo and - of course - Khorne aspect of Chaos from Warhammer. Imp highly inspired by basic Inferno unit from Heroes V. Summoner. I don't remember when and where I spotted that arms technique. It was many years ago and it was bad guy from Orient Expedition: China. Two demonic Gargoyles. Figbarf. I'm not so sure about the black guy on the right. Basically, he seems to black for me. Need to work with him a bit, maybe add some dk red. Chariot. I really enjoy burning mane effect I got. :) Demonic Wyvern mounted by a Warlock. At Flickr I was asked about another angle, thought that was good idea,so here you are. Horned Demon that started whole army. And the "family picture": Check my Flickr account for more. C&C welcome. ;)
  7. Yes-yes, kill the manthings with the DOOMWHEEL! For Clan Skryre! I'm a huge fan of the Total War games (I credit them with having instilled in me a love of history... or well "history" from an early age), and I was a bit reluctant to get into the Total War: Warhammer games, but after some convincing of friends about a year or so ago, I've been playing the new ones nonstop. While I love the Empire and Eltharion, I've got a fascination with the Skaven, especially Ikit Claw and his oh so lovely doomrockets, doomwheels, etc. So I did what any other AFOl would do. Design a doomwheel. As you can see below, it's basically a modified 75040: General Grievous' Wheel Bike. I doubled the wheel design, making two wheels instead of one, and had 2x3 plates replace the "center wing" pieces on Grievous' wheel. I then had to modify the parts of the outside wheel, or brown tire really, to be a bit longer, and then also build a bit of an interior to fit a rat/minifigure to control. While some pieces aren't available in the colors shown here, this should be entirely buildable, and playable. For me, if it looks like it could be played with (such as not an Architecure set or similar), it should have some sort of playable element. This one does roll. In theory. So like the Skaven. It works. In theory. And if it doesn't, sacrifice those skavenslaves and nuke the enemy. Neon green comes from the nukes/warpstones/crazy magic the Skaven tap into to crash the moon into the world. Yeah, that happens. Oops, spoilers. Yeah, these ratmen are nuts. What's that, Mr. Witchhunter? You say there are no ratmen? Ok.
  8. "For the Emperor!" the captain shouted. "For Altdorf! For the Empire!" While wildly innacurate, the Helstorm Rocket Battery was incredibly scary, especially when it hit its target. What's that, Toddy? Some rockets almost hit you? Well maybe you should get out of the way! Here we can see Helstorm Rocket Batteries in the colors of Altdorf being led by an Altdorf Captain. Here we can see a captain with his sword and firearm, ready to lead brave men into battle.
  9. il brovia

    [MOC] my WH40K Warlord Titan

    I'm quite new to Eurobricks Community, so I'd like to start presenting my MOCs with my biggest one so far: it's a Warlord Titan from Warhammer 40000. IMG_20190407_171303-01 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr FB_IMG_1565485466005 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr warlord titan 2 definitivo_2 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr 4966 pieces, about 56 cm tall, designed entirely with LDD (then rendered in Stud.IO) and then built in real pieces. It was a real challenge to design it, in order to make it sturdy enough to let it stand by its own (a must for me),even tough it is still poseable, can rotate the waist, the legs, the arms, the head (a little) and the shoulders cannon. I think that there is no need to describe from which LEGO theme inspired me the color scheme and Heraldry ;-)
  10. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Lictor - Warhammer 40k

    Hi! I would like to present my new creation based on Warhammer 40k figure - it's Lictor from Tyranids army. Tyranids are basically cosmic dino-bugs which want to eat everyone and everthing. Check my [url=]Instagram[/url] for more photos and creations. ;) Games Workshop figure to compare:
  11. Merry Christmas! KORUIT prepared a Christmas gift for those who longed for Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard in LEGO form. At the moment the figures were in testing and shall be in production soon. You may check out following link for more details.
  12. Glassjaw

    W40k Tau Battlesuit

    So, I've always been a fan of warhammer 40k, specifically the Tau. Their battlesuit designs just do it for me. Since getting back into Lego I've been itching to start building anything from this universe. This is my first complete attempt, having gone through half a dozen different designs, each one getting progressively smaller until I've settled on the right scale whilst keeping the correct shape. I present an XV8 Crisis Battlesuit. This particular one is a Commander with an in universe 'irridium' upgrade, twin fusion blasters, shield generator and drone controller. Images for reference This is about as small as I can get it with the pieces I have and keeping the overall shape and movement. I'd originally tried to get it with a pilot and opening chest plate as it is in canon, but it ended up being much bigger, and one of my first attempts came out the size of an in universe 'ghostkheel', a battlesuit much bigger than this one, so I've settled for imagination. It's made largely from Reys' Speeder and the creator 3 in 1 Mythical Creatures sets, plus odd other assorted pieces. I'd like to try and get some more detailing onto it, especially the rear of the legs and maybe the torso, see if I can find some printed tiles or something. I might also try and make more realistic weapons for it, I know the ones attached are stylized. I'm either going to try and build some accompanying drones, or another suit, or something from another faction entirely! Comments, criticism, advice and other W40k mocs and ideas very much welcome!
  13. DwalinF

    Tower of Lothern

    Lothern is the greatest city of Ulthuan. Situated within Eataine, Lothern is the political capital city. Human merchants are allowed to trade here and the city has been and is a busy centre of international trade. This tower one of countless outposts in the vicinty of Lothern. Every year a wanted to take part in CCC, but something always prevent me. This time I did it. As I'm faithful admirer of Dwarfs, it was hard emotionaly to build elvish MOC. But Art is stronger than war. As usual, inspired by Warhammer FB and a lot of cool arts from internet. Tower of Lothern by Dwalin Forkbeard, on Flickr White Lion Bodyguard by Dwalin Forkbeard, on Flickr Priestess by Dwalin Forkbeard, on Flickr To the high by Dwalin Forkbeard, on Flickr
  14. Count Sepulchure

    [LDD MOC] The Emperor's Balcony

    Hello folks, It's me again, this time around with a WH40K-inspired digital creation that I built for a contest of... balconies. It's a strange world, but you just have to keep building. No accuracy intended here, just general inspiration as far as architecture goes, whilst the figure strays even further off the path. But hey, the scale dictated my options... Thanks for your attention, and keep on building! .)
  15. This time I tried myself in new genre. I've never done before big figures. So let me show you Rori Dulgisson. Surely he was inspired by Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe. I tried to save style, proportions and sizes of warhammer dwarfs. He turned out quite big (52 cm, 2.5 kg), strong and full of pathos. Joints are movable (arms, hands, fingers and feet), but it doesn't help because the weight is too much for joints. But dwarf can stay without any support. Thanks to my wife for cape with runes, it makes Dwarf more realistic and "alive". Hope you like it. More photos on my Flickr
  16. I built this Lord of Change from Warhammer on a commission; and for someone who had no exposure to Warhammer beforehand, I think I did alright with it! Sarthorael the Ever-Watcher is one of the devious lieutenants of the Chaos God Tzeentch, and a real force to be reckoned with. Sarthorael packs tons of detail, from gold armor and jewelry to a flowing robe and huge, silvery wings. The model features a whopping 51 points of articulation. The head design alone took me about an hour and a half of fiddling around. It's the only part of the build which uses "illegal" connection points. Standing at about 12" (32cm) with wings extended, my Lord of Change design features a wingspan of 15" (39cm). My inclusion of traditional Warhammer miniature bases came about out of necessity, since with this particular foot design, Sarthorael would certainly not have balanced alone! Thank for leaving any/all feedback you have in the comments below!
  17. sanderverkuijlen

    Miniature Warhammer 40K dreadnoughts

    Started tinkering with today and figured I'd make a small non-technic figure. Pretty happy with how it turned out! Edit: credits to for inspiration.
  18. DwalinF

    Windmill outpost

    Somewhere in a suburbs of Valholl there is a Windmill outpost. Soldiers guard vigilantly the border of the city. I had an idea to build steampunk-style windmill a long time ago. But Warhammer architecture changed my mind in that way. Motorized with PF- it turns! I dont think that it fits to AoM phase 3, because I didn't build previous phases, so let it be just free build or something else... I don't know.
  19. DwalinF

    Barak Azril

    One of Dwarf gates of North mines, called Barak Azril. The Dwarf Runepriest in front of it. Its a simple version of dwarf-head-style gates. In future I hope to build more realistic, closer to original and bigger gates.
  20. I like the Warhammer Universe and it always inspired me for work. My next MOCs mostly based on Warhammer miniatures with some forced changes. New Warhammer-style Dwarvish Organ gun based on WH FB miniature. Ready... Aim... Fire! Gyrocopter. This is the second try to build this Machine. Based on second edition of Gyrocopter from Games Workshop. And some my old MOCs Earthshaker Cannon and Chaos Dwarves Anvil of Doom
  21. PolkovnikOnTheWhiteHorse

    [MOC] WH40000: Arvus Lighter

    Hello, everybody! Let me introduce my new MOC: Arvus Lighter. The Arvus Lighter is a small, general purpose cargo shuttle that is widely used by the Imperium of Man for many tasks, both in space and on the surface of planets. The Arvus is commonly used by both Imperial Navy warships and Imperial merchant vessels, including Rogue Traders. The Arvus is just one of many types of small, void-capable shuttles used by the Imperium. The Arvus is piloted by a single pilot, and is not equipped with any weapon systems, in fact, the Arvus possesses only the most basic navigation equipment, external sensors, and proximity alarms. The Arvus has a powerful engine that allows it to carry heavy cargo to and from a planet's surface. My model: Original shuttle: Top view: More photos: Pilot: The bottom: Original: Thats all, I hope you enjoed! Comments are welcome. My Flickr
  22. pucelabricks

    Tank sd.kfz.234 for ADU

    ADU version of German wwII tank sd.kfz.234 Pucelabricks Heavy Industries is pleased to introduce the new PB-43 light tank Puma. It is a lightweight vehicle designed to move quickly form both front and reverse and support infantry fighting no heavy tanks on the enemy side. It has a crew of 4 and its main armament 75 mm cannon. The high mobility provided by its 8-wheel drive also makes it very convenient to get around on the ruins of an urban combat there to support where needed There are some pictures of the day of the official presentation of the first units to the Governor Eslava, Commissioner and Captain Lothbrock Freyja: A typical training squadron assigned to each vehicle for urban patrols All vehicles and historys of Lothbrock commisar in:
  23. pucelabricks

    The executions of the 2nd Chima

    Sorry for my english Twenty-ninth year of the war of Ragnarök , after the victory in the Battle of Sirius B6 and death of the caudillo Gorfan Roftgut at the hands of the commissioner Lothbrok and 8th Mechanized Infantry Regiment of La Vera , when she finally believed that the war had completed, the master assassins of Gorfan Roftgut , nicknamed " the rat " , took refuge in the deep galleries of numerous karst formations on the planet offered . To get out the rats from their nests It was necessary heavy drilling machinery and the nearest was in a distant system. Meanwhile in Chima system where animals evolved to intelligent forms coexisted with humans in peace in a difficult balance after a war of liberation against their former oppressors and tyrannical rulers. The arrival of a self-proclaimed messiah prodded all the tribes of animals against humans, and a fierce persecution against them was initiated . The human empire decided to lift several armies to begin the reconquest of the system, and falls within the 2nd Army Chima was newly promoted to Division level , the, 8th Mechanized Infantry Division Commissioner Lothbrok , in which numerous regiments from La Vera system were included. The planet system main capital was Chimagrado, and after a fierce battle, house by house and building by building was taken . The scene appears here immortalized is given after making full of the capital (except isolated pockets of resistance) , in the main square , where they are, in the center, the Governor's Palace to the left the ruins of the cathedral and right what remains Administrorum building . In the center, the statue of victory, brought specially for the occasion and placed as the area was secured by the 96th Regiment of Engineers from Pucela , represents the victory of humanity over the different tribes of animals. Once victory was a fact, the newly appointed governor of the planet Sebastian de Eslava wanted to make an example of , and thought to use it in old ways as Decimatio , or Carniciquina , but the commissioner refused Lothbrok saying " back these practices we would do better than the animals that have beem defeated, the 8th of La Vera not tolerate that thier prisoners are treated as this, and tan this victory was from the 8th of Vera , we will be those who choose the punishment , when your excellence win anything by itself he can choose the best way he understand " And the punishment chosen was the execution of the main leaders . Complete Flickr gallery: The commissioner directed the firing squad Leaders of all races will be executed. Contemplate the executions of the 3 armys members, crew vehicles, marines and pilots. Prisoners awaiting their turn Androids are those carrying the corpses to the pyre of purifying fire The corpses are cremated A guard of honor before the statue of the victory of humanity over animal tribes and rendered these weapons. Snapshot of a war correspondent who went down in history as the symbol of victory. The flag is the 8th Mechanized Infantry Division of the Vera. The correspondent taking photo A platoon down a Chinook helicopter Members of the three armys, trying to enter the ruins of Administrorum looking documents. PRD-14 anti-aircraft vehicle Hydra An injured is taken to the advanced medical post A patrol behind a tank PB-43 Puma No will be peace for the wickeds
  24. A Necron Destroyer is a deranged agent of annihilation whose sole reason for existence is centred around an unshakeable yearning to quench the flames of life. A Destroyer cares not for borders or dynasty allegiance, nor does he make any distinction between the innocent and the damned -- all life is his enemy, and all living creatures are his prey. Lord Destroyer is one of the variants of this unit.