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  1. paintballman

    Upcoming Builds...

    A sneak peek from the briefing of lt.colonel Saunders in the command center of Hell Legion "Hell Legion will run three operations in the next few months. Intelligence found the long lost lieutenant Sun Priestyear in a jail in the tiny Devil's Island in the south. Delta Team will be deployed there, and I will lead this operation. Charlie Team will operate in the West under the command of captain Ruberro with Alpha Team as reinforcements . Also, it seems we have crisis in the north where a Planaseans scientists who study the Impacts of Tiberium in the enviroment are threatened by pirates. A Marine Corpse unit will be deployed there, but Team Six will make the coast reconnaissance and after that will stay there until the situation will stabilized"
  2. paintballman

    [GBW] - Solo Operation 3/3 - Plantasea - BURN !

    @TheBeeze Thank you Actually I did some changes. I replaced the dark paper sheets with car interrior fabric, as it has a thin layer of foam in the back and that helps not to brake in the curves. Now I must build something more solid than Duplo towers. After that I can make a "how-to" post about it :)
  3. paintballman

    [GBW] - Solo Operation 3/3 - Plantasea - BURN !

    Thanx...streched film ;)
  4. paintballman

    [GBW] - Solo Operation 3/3 - Plantasea - BURN !

    Thank you! Thanx a lot Miguel!
  5. paintballman

    [GBW] - Solo Operation 3/3 - Plantasea - BURN !

    Loooong warm summer
  6. GENERAL MAP H15 "Curse you all, you'll never learn! When I leave there's no return " The people laughed till she said, "Burn!" - Deep Purple Task force Kappa run a difficult operation (builds 1/3 and 2/3) , but successfully found the clues that revealed the place of a very large coca facilities into Val Verde, with both plantation and warehouses. Hell Legion men from Kappa, after they will kill the guards, they are going to burn the plantation and blow up the buildings
  7. paintballman

    The Brick of Nations

    Honorable Ambassadors. We've been watching the chit-chats for quite some time now among some countries that seem to prefer to discuss rather than act. We have received information about terrorist organizations' links to drug cartels and arms dealers. But also governments that with diferrent ways foster and use these organizations. My country has evaluated these information and intends to act once our national security is threatened. And as long as we see that countries with the problem like to insult each other, we don't think we have to inform the body of the Nation for any of our actions
  8. Members of the Plantasean "Task Force Kappa" observing the cartel drop at night, in a shore of the island where there are also a hidden in the palms bunker with a guard, and a lot of boobytraps The chefe Sikanodyk talking to his phone, passed the guard and going down the stairs in the bunker door that is hidden behind the rocks. Same time a man from the boad unloading varius boxes, as the captain, the notorius Aveline De Grandpré, is waiting on the boat The Plantasean operator takes the shot and kills the guard There is a huge facility underground the earth. There is a prison and a small room with the power generator. On the other side there is the chefe's luxury room. As Sikanodyk checking his emails, towards to his door another man is making space for more "products". In all of the ceilings there are grids from where fresh air coming in. After the storage room is the lab where many products are made. In lab's ceiling there is a "chimney" that the air from the surface coming down This is how two of the operators rappeling get into the bunker. As the air duct is very narrow, the two operators are carring only their rifles. Sikanodyk is going to take a shower and a good shave after many hours into the boat. But as soon as he gets out, the two soldiers are there and arrest him. They carry him out and right after they reach the surface, captain Silverbird is taking a picture and sending it to Tactical Operations Center (TOC) +++ADDITIONAL PHOTOS+++
  9. paintballman

    [MOC] Pirate Island vs Imperial fort

    Another one excellent build my friend !!!
  10. paintballman

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information Reveal & Discussion

    Almost finished my second part of the op. It was too demanding build.
  11. paintballman

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information Reveal & Discussion

    What I see now: Even if there are some incedents that could give some nice small/medium builds, I almost don't care as my mind is in the second part of the solo mission build, because I want to build something good.
  12. paintballman

    Post up your custom minifigs, weapons, and gear

    Gun Rack L9 by Cat Minifig., on Flickr
  13. paintballman

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information Reveal & Discussion

    Actually this was something I was thinking about this weekend. It's nice that we don't have time limit but same time, this make us a kind of lazy
  14. Excelend build with the building placed diagonally and also all the small contructions details!
  15. paintballman

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information Reveal & Discussion

    Actually it is something I was also thinking about. But I don't know if it happening because of the change from the original system or something else. The positive in the new system is that allows the builders/players to build almost whatever they want in the side builds. And the new detailed map is also a good add too. But as all the operations/solo missions against nonplayer countries, replaced the old "campaigns" , probably made the game less interative between the players and (for me) it is less fun. Even that, I dont know if this is the problem or something else