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  1. STUDICA MAP C7 After the successful operations of both Plantasean Hell Legion and New Brickika Skallax Battalion, the soldiers from the squads found some free time to play beach soccer in a beach not far from the Lab where Skallax Battallion found the WMD. [Great Brick War] Episode 25 [Great Brick War] Episode 25 [Great Brick War] Episode 25 [Great Brick War] Episode 25 [Great Brick War] Episode 25 [Great Brick War] Episode 25 [Great Brick War] Episode 25 [Great Brick War] Episode 25 [Great Brick War] Episode 25
  2. [GBW] - CP6 - Deland Republic - Foxtrot Naval Base

    Nice action scenes! Well done! This damn Nexter Systems is selling everywhere the FAMAS....Is the main rifle of my Vergina Iron Guards also...
  3. [GBW-CP6] New Brickika - Research Plant Golf

    As the other friends above said, it reminds Star Wars. I like all the little details in this build: the open hatch where the operator place the explosives, the projectile and the lava and the idea that geothermal energy powers the gun!
  4. Outstanding build. Very cinematic (VX broken can....The Rock) with nice action poses. Well done!!
  5. GBW - CP 6 - Balafih - For safety!

    Not a crappy build at all. Just the pictures are not very focuse. But is a nice build and tells a story even without description
  6. [GBW - CP6] Refnor - Delta Research Centre

    Clear colors, neat build, action scenes. They need to build stronger doors!
  7. [GBW - CP6] Toohati - Assaulting Objective Hotel

    It's always a good idea the use of microscale for show large action scenes. Good work!
  8. Tiny, neat build. Very nice details in a small build. Well done!
  9. Nice build. I like the perspective of the fighter plane in the air
  10. [GBW][CP6][Tyera]-Inspection

    Nice story. Unfortunately the blurry photos doesn't help to see the details. Fortunately the hidden content shows many more nixe details of your build
  11. I like the big, wide builds! The diferent colors looks very nice. And it is full of tiny details giving overall a nice story Interesting is the use of the Bangalore torpidos. I blew some back in 1993!
  12. GBW - CP6 - Plighia - Attack at Alpha

    I like the action in your build and the angles of the pictures. Nice
  13. [GBW] - Troop Buildup - Plighia - CBRN Training

    I like how you used the plates for the fake walla in such training sites. Good idea and a nice build
  14. Erotema Navy seems very strong when operaring underwater!
  15. [GBW- CP6] Plantasea - Charlie Air Force Base

    More photos... The begining...