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  1. Many diferent textures, a nice story and...ooohhh ... that tractor. One of the most beautiful and most acurate and details ever saw !
  2. paintballman

    [GBW] - Battle of C2 - Plighia - Landslide

    I like that t=your build is actually playable. Nicely done!
  3. paintballman

    [GBW] Territory M15 - Koszmar - Village Outskirts

    Photoboxes are for figures and vignette photoshoots. I am afraid that you must start thinking about a mini studio. In the bottom part of my Island Of Domination post , there is my first attempt to make a home studio. I used Duplo-made towers to hold a metal tube where I put a led light on top, and then I used 2 cheap photo tripots to hold the led lights left and right, and used black paper sheets for backgroud In my second attempt I add a metal bar in the back and used a large piece of car seat fabric so to avoid the sharp corners. For my third attempt (i will take photos) I designed a sytem of aluminum bars so the whole structure to be more stable and easy to make changes or fold it to move
  4. paintballman

    [GBW] - Side - Koszmar - An Old Friend

    Love how the story goes!!!
  5. You earned 15 Bucks!
  6. General Map K10 A Mobile Nomads patrol is moving along the main roads of the southern part of the country to keep them open, preventing guerrillas who refused to join the Brotherhood from occupying it and imposing their own informal tolls.
  7. paintballman

    [GBW] - Side - Koszmar - Mithril

    This is excactlry what happened when you begin to build a vignette. Take almost the same time with a larger build After long time I begun to use black background. The truth is that it makes the scene more dramatic, and at the same time highlights some details. On the other hand, it makes photography difficult because it does not actually use the reflection of light on white
  8. Gold MAC11, gold watch !!! Like!!!
  9. paintballman

    [GBW] - Side - Plighia - An Hard Decision

    I always enjoy a well-written story!
  10. Yes, it is actually based in a BMP design I found online and made it a bit smaller. And yes, they are native Soalonians, so they will fight for their country I got some of them so to be able to make some diferent soldiers that the usual colors. I used them before as prison guards with different loadout
  11. The Mobile Nomads are a small unit made up of former soldiers from various units of the Soalon army before it was disbanded. Under the leadership of Captain Navid ´╗┐Azari, they organized themselves into a unit, and equipped with whatever they could save from looting, building a decent and battle-ready unit.
  12. paintballman

    April Giveaway!

    Flickr used to be a huge LEGO community. There were many serious storyline military games, I can remember over 6, and some of them had 2 or more seasons. Also there were some great builders and alot of awsome builds. People used to comment and discuss in most of the builds. Now, a big number of builders imigrated to Instagram, building there a new LEGO community. The situation on Instagram is similar to FlickR, but I believe that it is easier to succed, as the algorithm that regulates the operation of Instagram allows you to reach users that you never whom you would never be able to approach on FlickR. Just need alot of work
  13. Navid Azari was a worthy captain in a mobile infantry battalion before the disbandment of the Soalon Army, and nephew of Nander Afsani "Your uncle told me that I can count on you, since many of your old soldiers are ready to follow you" "Yes, that's true. I am very happy to be able to help regain my country back"
  14. Thank you! It is a previous phase build, but it is one of my favorite builds ever Yes it is!
  15. paintballman

    GBW -B11 - Brotherhood - Storming the Dam

    You earned 15 Bucks! EDITED BY THEBEEZE- Plus 8 Points for Square Capture and 12 Points Monthly for owning this square.