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  1. paintballman

    Campaign 9 - The Final Battle- 10/9/18 - 11/26/18

    So, if I count well, CoAC 599 points, RON 438
  2. paintballman

    [GBW] (Campaign 9) Plantasea - The Ace of Spades

    Thank you Jan ! Thank you very much! Definitely yes! This was the inspiration for the horsmen ! It was raining dark gray slops, BURPs, reddish brown plates and more...Thank you!!
  3. paintballman

    [GBW] (Campaign 9) Plantasea - The Ace of Spades

    Thank you Miguel!
  4. It a beautiful image. Detailed train trucks with wood, the buildings texture, the whole setup. Very nice !!
  5. paintballman

    [GBW] - CP9 - New Brickika - Temple of Illuvatar

    *proud dad* Nice and clean build, much playable !
  6. paintballman

    [GBW] CP 9 - CoST - Showdown in Nak-Hu

    My friend, that's a great MOC. A lot of different elements and many hidden details to enjoy. I like alot the mission building...Reminds me the Alamo
  7. paintballman

    GBW - CP9 -Balafi- The trap

    I like the percpective of some of the photos!
  8. I like the snow mobile. Very nice design !!! Don't worry - study first - Lego later ;)
  9. Extended use of track links!!! I like how you turned them into barb wire!! Well done!
  10. My apologies for the poor photoshooting. I tried to do my best but the build was to big and too complicated. I will retake the photos later this week and I will upload them again in FlickR, but for now, this is it Tosul Map, C2 In the forested mountains of Northwest Tosul, Briclandia Liberation Front , a radical armed group with men all around the world, set up various training facilities For few days now, a scout/sniper from Delta Group of Hell Legion is spoting the area In the training facility he easily identified the known figure of Ergor Kathia, the top trainer of the BLF... ...the Piruz Umrani, the famous BLF sniper... ...and both the Nazir Hamay, the sub leader of the Front talking wih tha notorius Bahram The Butcher As soon as the operation "Ace Of Spades" was to begin, the machinegunner of the Delta group took place just behind the sniper Sniper got the signal and took the shoot. Ergor Kathia got a headshot Right after him, machinegunner opened fire agains the terrorists All the terrorists start running so to shoot back all of them.... As the terrorist were busy fighting the Delta element, fours horsmen led ny major Saunders himself, approach from the path below From the other side of the hill and also throu the cave, the other members of Delta group made their move, takeing down some more terrorists The horsmen came from the patch, shooting from the other side the terrorists, and also the "brave" Butcher The sniper Piruz Umrani surrendered right after he saw all his comrades were dead
  11. paintballman

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    @BoBKiD ;)
  12. paintballman

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information Reveal & Discussion

    Of course I want to keep my coutnry too. After all the new information will be revealed, probably BobKiD will ask for a new country
  13. paintballman

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information Reveal & Discussion

    What about the new players who want to ask for a coutnry. Do they have to wait for the second phase to be officially announced?
  14. paintballman

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information Reveal & Discussion

    So, except the geographic details that changed due the new map, the other details for the exist countries are valid?