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  1. Minifig Contest Voting

    Entries #9 and #12
  2. Entry #1 Hell Legion Helicopter Crew Fighter, in Desert Lizard camo (similar to Greek desert camo) hellelgionhelicrew1 by Adams, on Flickr hellelgionhelicrew2 by Adams, on Flickr IN ACTION hellelgionhelicrew3 by Adams, on Flickr EQUIPMENT hellelgionhelicrew4 by Adams, on Flickr Everything are from Hand painted Entry #2 Commisar Kira, Veglen Chem Dogs bitch1 by Adams, on Flickr bitch2 by Adams, on Flickr IN ACTION bitch3 by Adams, on Flickr EQUIPMENT bitch4 by Adams, on Flickr German Officer Hat, hand painted, Brickwarriors MK44 pistol, Brickarms Fabrick coat from Minifigforlife #Entry 3 41st Elite Corps Vambeer Tunnel Rat ath1 by Adams, on Flickr ath2 by Adams, on Flickr IN ACTION ath3 by Adams, on Flickr EQUIPMENT ath4 by Adams, on Flickr helmet, hand painted from BrickForge AK rifle, hand painted from Brickarms Night Vision from LEGO Spiked armor from LEGO flashlight, knife and dhovel from Minifig.Cat the net is painted gauze
  3. Minifig Sub Contest- 2/1 - 2/14

    ... waiting for the colours to dry...
  4. Minifig Sub Contest- 2/1 - 2/14

    The deadline is in Valentine's Day 14/2/2018 according ot this ?
  5. I think there are 2 or 3 opinions in that. The "excact" scale. The large scale that allows to add more details. And the small scale that actually is small for minifigs. But the LEGO is using different scales. There are trucls with small weels and SUV with huge weels. Trucks with 1 seat and cars with 2 seats. I think something between normal and large scale is the best
  6. Very nice build!! Great scenery! The building, the two vehicles, the posing and the story. It's pity that it's not scorable
  7. (GBW) TheBeeze - Custom Minifig Contest

    Desert Tiger Stripe ... i like it. Nice minifig and nice possing!
  8. Minifig Sub Contest- 2/1 - 2/14

    Oh yeah! Great idea!
  9. I like it. Clean terrain with many small details, like the lights. The helicopter is small but well build in a unique design
  10. Behind the scenes... Behind the Scenes by George Adamidis, on Flickr
  11. Thank you! Thank you Miguel! It was tough. I tried to merge 3 different LDD designs, but also to reduce the length, make ned tail rotor, cocpit, main rotor and landing system It was Christmas, the terrain was snow covered was in that mood...
  12. Ha Ha! I like the guy buried into the snow!
  13. GBW - Media - CoST - Lepus arcticus

    Ha! I also used German WW2 helmets in my Xenor soldiers!