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  1. paintballman

    Campaign 9 - The Final Battle- 10/9/18 - 11/26/18

    Actually I clean it for the new build. Just before it was a total mess (and a total mess will become shortly)
  2. paintballman

    Paintballman - Behind the scenes and stories

    Dinner Out The title comes from the 2001 movie "Spy Game" with Robert Redford and Brad Pittm and it's the secret rescue operation in the end of the movie The time of operation , 7:17AM, is the same as on the movie (in the above Youtube link, 0:36) The presendation of the build, was a cooperation ith @sigpro who is the creator of the UAV and the submarine The Hell Legion unit "OYK Team 6", comes from Greek SEAL team: Omada Ypovrichion Katastrofon - Underater Demolition Team. There are no "OYK 6" in Greece but the "6" comes from the US SEAL Team 6 The last quote of the officer is also from the movie (check in Youtube link, 4.52) The Red Violin The title comes from the same name movie of 1998. I was searching for a dramatic title for a build in a destructed city. And also this could be the continue of the story of the Red Violin It was my participation in Recruiting Campaign 01- The Fight for Support- 12/14/17, where this build was the winner Behind Enemy Lines Prequel 1/2 "Decision Making" It is the first part of the prequel for the 5th Campaign Build I used alot custom made PVC stickers, for screens, flags, signs, maps, boxes, etc In this build there are probably accessories from all major companies: Brickarms, Brickwarriors, Brickforge, Combat Brick, MinifigCat Behind Enemy Lines Prequel 2/2 "Spare Parts" The second part of the prequel for the 5th Campaign Build The names of the two pilots are from Star Wars (Wedge Antilles, pilot in X-Wing Fighter) and from the "Behind Enemy Lines" movie (downed pilot Chriss Burnett, in F-18) Actually, some minifigures were harmed in the making of this build!!! Among the dead people carried to be burried, I used soldering gun so to rip their plastic (as they cut so to get their internal organs ) Behind Enemy Lines "Operation White Sword" It is the final build of the alliance efford so to resque the downed pilot The story based on the final scene of the "Behind Enemy Lines" movie
  3. paintballman

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. There is no problem with the delay
  4. paintballman

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Nice...let's prepear for a spectacular closing!
  5. paintballman

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    As another friend from Greece wants to participate, is it possible to inform us if there will be another campaign or the second phase will begin?
  6. paintballman

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    I am ready to participate and Admamsins also. But I think that many players are waiting the end of first phase and the re-launch of the game. Also i think that you (the Admins group) must explain about if and how the current progress of each player will affect his participation in phase 2
  7. Huge sattelite and a big and full room. I like the floor and the small details
  8. paintballman

    Campaign 8- The Space Race - 7/25 - 9/13

    My apologies I couldn't participate in this campaign. It was a busy summer and also i had to transform some builds for the exhibition, and also had to finish the huge job in my Lego room that became a chaos from the builds of previous months. Looking forwartd for the next campaigns
  9. Last night we were in the largest mal of In Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, where we set up our LUG presendation in LEGO's annually exhibition there. As LEGO office in Greece not allow third part accessories and military themes, I had to transform my builds. So the latest kidnap contract mission became a Star Wars ambush and several ruins with the Black Hawk helicopter became Jurassic-something theme. @BoBKiD made his 2nd edition of pinball using Mindstorms Finally, @Adamsons created a MOC from Fortnite (Fatal Fields) Me and BoBKiD And a photo-video from the set up;id=1386800860
  10. paintballman

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    It's summertime. In Greece the temperatures are still 34+ (95 Fahrenheit) and most of my free time is somewhere between see and beach bars. Aslo I convert some of my Great Brick War builds for the upcoming exhibition that Offilial Lego in Greece organizing inside the largerst Mall in Thessaloniki (the second biggest city in Greece). I convert them becasue Lego not allow war themes, or the use of non-Lego accessories I hope I will finish my campaign build on time
  11. Alot of work on those containers.!!!!
  12. paintballman

    [GBW-CP7] Plighia - A Kink in The Hose

    Nice! Except the good builds, i also like the stories and the background about them
  13. paintballman

    [GBW-CP7] Plighia - A Kink in The Hose

    I thought that the Greek Army is the only one who still use M113's Veeeeeeeeery nice build. Alot of action and many little details in the soldiers.