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  1. paintballman

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Welcome. The description of your country was comprehensive and detailed at the same time. Waiting to see your builds
  2. paintballman

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information & General Discussion

    Not yet. The game let players to make their own stories about their countries. Τhe place of the country on the map and the information printed on the map , gives many information about the country, as Climatic conditions, geographical configuration, facilities. But in the near future we will probably develop a little more the general situation in the countries of the game
  3. paintballman

    Paintballman - Behind the scenes and stories

    Charlie Air Force Base The whole idea behind the AFB-33 Aircraft is the fictional Mig-31 Firefox from the same name movie back in 1982 The Control Tower can be fully open and is playable The Xenorian General Wade Eiling, took his name from a villain who appears in comics published by DC Comics, sometimes known as The General, made his live appearance on the first season of The Flash
  4. The New Brickikan born Johannes Smuts first entered a tank shortly before the "Destructions of the 12 Colonies war", and from then on he would know no other home. During the war he served in both the Allied Army (under General George S. McFatton) in Deland and the Republikan Army in Bolindia, during which he compiled an excellent combat record, a number of medals, and extensive experience as a tank commander. After the war he migrated between various military positions around the world, with a notable career with the Briolui Defense Force, and otherwise working for whoever paid him and put him in command on the front line. It was in 1985, while working in Briolui, that he was paired with an M5 Olifant. One of his jealous superiors thought it would be funny to give their boisterous New Brickikan commander a New Brickikan tank. But Smuts became attached, and would remain with this tank for the rest of his life, even refusing to upgrade to any of the newer vehicles entering the Defense Force. He ultimately left the BDF in 1990, refusing the grand ceremonial honours offered to him by the Brioluian government, but requested that he could take his tank with him. From there he found employment in the Coalition to Restore the Republic in New Brickika (or The Rebellion), and gained heavy experience as a guerilla fighter in the "Bush Wars" of 1995-99 in Nak Hu. During this time he had the tank extensively modified. Aside from flattening the hull, near completely replacing the turret and installing a more powerful (but fuel hungry) engine, the additions included a new 125mm smoothbore gun, a self-entrenching blade, "Bear Claw" mine clows, a comfortable new interior and a variety of other things most tankers only dream of. He also found it a name; "Old Mud and Rust", joking about the filthy, dilapidated appearance of the aging tank. But man and vehicle were so inseparable that his men soon swapped them around, whereupon he became Old Mud and Rust and the tank became General Smuts. And together, they are Old Mud and Smuts. After recovering from a busted hip bone he had himself, and his tank, smuggled out of New Brickika, and retired to Plantasea. His peace didn't last long, as the Plantasean Armored Command bribed him out of retirement with a hefty new salary, and he commanded an armour force with distinction for the duration of the war in Filace and Xenor Inspired by @Aranethon. 's LDD model. Made many changes but kept the general idea and story (<a href=""></a>)
  5. After the disembarkation of the troops and the setting of the base in the north shore, General Smuts and his 24rth Armored Brigade and Hell Legion's Bravo Squad were pushed south so to cut off the forces that started from the island's capital to hit the base that was set up.The city's commander-in-chief, General Jeffary Catell himself, led the attack on General Schuts's armor force. In the short battle that followed, Smuts's tanks drove the Tosoulian forces on the run.General Smuts realized the attempt to escape of the Command APC, and with a targeted shot from the Old Mud n'Rust, made it inactive, forcing the general Catell to surrender [Great Brick War] s02e14 - Island Rush: Clash of Knights by Adams, on Flickr [Great Brick War] s02e14 - Island Rush: Clash of Knights by Adams, on Flickr [Great Brick War] s02e14 - Island Rush: Clash of Knights by Adams, on Flickr [Great Brick War] s02e14 - Island Rush: Clash of Knights by Adams, on Flickr [Great Brick War] s02e14 - Island Rush: Clash of Knights by Adams, on Flickr [Great Brick War] s02e14 - Island Rush: Clash of Knights by Adams, on Flickr [Great Brick War] s02e14 - Island Rush: Clash of Knights by Adams, on Flickr
  6. Thank you! Thank you Kostas!
  7. Τhe recon force of the Plantasea who operate in the islant, found that in the E2 square in Burk Atol there is just one defense fortification, armed with 2 powerful SSX-72 surface to surface missiles, defensed by air to air missile system, mortars, and heavy machine guns. Hell Legion's OYK 6 team raided the fortification, killed and capture the soldiers and deactivated the weapons, so to be able for the amphibius vessels to approach and disembark the troops. Meanwhile, Lt.Colonel Bill Kilgore , commander of the 186th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment) "Shadow Raiders", landed so to check the famous waves of the North Sea....sorry, no....To check if everything is ok for the landing of the troops
  8. paintballman

    Troop Movement - Carrefour Outskirts

    Right. So much effort, days of planning the attack, espionage...
  9. paintballman

    Operation: Island Rush - 5/14 - 7/26

    It is not a Brick Of Nations operation. Εach country is fighting for itself. As it is writen inthe first post "Two players can attack the same square at any point. The player with the higher scored build will get the points for that square. Example: if you attack F7 and score a 6 on your build then another player attacks it days later and scores an 8, they will get the 15 Campaign points for that square. You will get no campaign points.
  10. paintballman

    Operation: Island Rush - 5/14 - 7/26

    All of the ranked squares have both sea and land. So one of your build can invole somethink in the sea or under the sea. The unmarked squares are just the point from where you begin. For excamble: you choose G7. And the squares you want to attack are G6 > G5 > G4 >F4. The G6 have both sea and land. So can use ships, sumbarine, windserf, you name it. Same as in many othe squares (A2 and all the way to I2, etc). After that the G6 square is yours and you go forward to G5.
  11. paintballman

    Operation: Island Rush - 5/14 - 7/26

    yes, the idea is that. There are enemies in almost every part of the island. It will not be a walk in the countryside. It is your choise what to build. A landing? A naval battle? An airdrop? These are just few of the actions during the beggining of an invasion. After that you can go forward, fighting to conqueer land. Hope I helped
  12. paintballman

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information & General Discussion

    Welcome back. We are waiting the missions about the situatuion in Burke Atol
  13. paintballman

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Welcome. Can't wait to see your many vechicles compined with action scene MOC's !
  14. paintballman

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Welcome @Scorcher43. Nice story for your hero 👍