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  1. Alot of work on those containers.!!!!
  2. paintballman

    [GBW-CP7] Plighia - A Kink in The Hose

    Nice! Except the good builds, i also like the stories and the background about them
  3. paintballman

    [GBW-CP7] Plighia - A Kink in The Hose

    I thought that the Greek Army is the only one who still use M113's Veeeeeeeeery nice build. Alot of action and many little details in the soldiers.
  4. I like to see all those little details in your submarine!!
  5. paintballman

    [GBW-CP7] New Brickika - Fallout at the Docks

    Very good story and nice small details. Highlight the Nuka-Cola fridge!!! I always wanted to build one!
  6. paintballman

    Contract Missions

    I request the contract
  7. I love the interrogation mathod and the story. I like how this build suppots your other bigger one
  8. paintballman

    [GBW - CP7] Plantasea - Bank Withdrawal

    It's a long story. I got tooooo many of them in gray because of some special project for an international exhibition, so to also use them for armor in tanks. After I got the idea for the story for the 7th Campaign, I needed gold. So I paint them. The difficult part was to stack them. The center part was easy as I used normal brick and put the gold bars on it. But the front and side parts was hands trembled and I sweat. They've already dropped twice. I was thinking of painting some more, but I preferred not to push it more Thank you The Vault door elements are 3D printed by a company that cooperates with mine
  9. City of Haams E10, Studica Map There were not much to find into the ruined Haams. Most of live citizens left seeking help in Medical Camps. Most of city buildings became ruins and even if the southeast winds moved away the radioactive cloud, the radiation in the city is still in danger prices. But even that, a squad of Oktober Guard (the Tosul special foreces brigade) set up a chech point near the ruined city's bank. Why? But there is something strange there. Even if all the building falled apart, in the back of the bank a sand green wall seems to be untouched from the destruction. It is actually an exotic building matterial, a mix of concrete and Tiberium, which can withstand strong explosive blast waves. There is also a different vault door, a special one made by Vault-Tec and it is usually used is high security structures, much more valuable that a local city bank. A company of 14th Plantasean Battalion (Veglen Chem-Dogs) ordered so secure the area around the bank. It is strange, but Major Jarrad Rogigar did not contest the order The Tosul operators surprised from the attack of Chem-Dogs, the number, aggression and their ferocity. As soon as Chem-Dogs cleaned the area, they scavenge the fallen Tosulians, as they usually do The radio operator inform about their win the Hell Legion's 1st Squad. Captain K'ssir Ruberro and his men came out from M899. "Hack the Vault" ordered cpt.Ruberro. Few minuted later the unlock mechanism move from the insed, and the heavy door of the vault opened. In the first sight seemed to be an ordinary bank vault: banknotes and deposti boxes. But there is more... The heavy structure hides the 1/4 of the gold and wealth of country of Xenor. The government of Plantasea decided to get these riches so to protect them from rebels, anarchist and all those Non Allied Nations (and maybe to invest them for the good of the cause)
  10. Excellent small build. Alilot of real looking elements and a different and unique theme
  11. paintballman

    (GBW) HUNT - ODA 401 - JUNE 30, TARGET 02

    You excecute the operation well. The night vision effect is nice but i think it hides most of the interesting details of the build
  12. paintballman


    Nice build Miguel. It's easy to recognize the Land Rover and i like the way you build the road.
  13. North Godta Map, C6 June 30, 2018 Kiraka is the capital of Banduad. A country that struggling to be something between failed or a typical third world country. In the downtown market you can find anything. Potions and liquor Fruits and vegetables Antique weapons and shutters Tires Tools ...and a large variety of guns, ammo, grenades and military equipment Also you can find notorius persons... Of course you can buy street food. Α little suspect of origin In one side there is an old beautifull building, which now is the only cafe in the city It is the spot that most of the suspect transaction and deals are taking place. In the second floor, Ivan Drackoff, the Leader of the Shazir Cell in Bandaud, who wanted for connection with a bombing in Plighia last year, trying to make a deal with a known international arms dealer, so to buy new stuff which were "unleashed" because of the anarchy in Xenor One of Drackoff guards is in the balcony In the opposite building, a sniper from Delta squad of the Plantasean Hell Legion watching the cafe, wile anothe operator is watching his back "This is Eagle, are you in possition ?" "Stallion ready", said the vechicle driver "Sabre ready" , said the undercover operator next ot the 2nd quard of Drackoff "Dagger ready and rolling" said the disguised waiter, while approaching the two men with the drink tray The sniper using his silenced rifle, shoot at the guard in the balcony, same time as... ...the "Dagger" threw the disk and pulled out 2 pistols marking the two men "You", told to the arms dealer. "Go. NOW". So he got his laptop and and he left quickly Right after he grab a syringe and inject Drackoff "Dagger clear" The old VW Camper used as ambulance stopped right in front of the cafe People stopped and watching what happened "Sabre" pulled his suppressed submachine gun and shot the second guard Two operators came out of the vechicle disguised as nurses, carrying a stretcher and entering the building, as "Sabre" left softly in the corner the dead guard as if he slept Very quickly they carried down the sleeping terrorist ... ...and putting him in the van, they left quickly After the interuption, the market got it's usuall action "This is Eagle. All clear. Pull out"