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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys At first, we want to introduce ourselves: We are three excited Lego builders: Budo, Paliason and Bedo. Each of us has built many of our own MOCs in the past. Before the recent, we decided to do something together. The main condition was to do something untraditional, original and with many details. This is the Lego project, which we will introduce to you now. It is the scene from the PC game Command & Conquer: GENERALS and its expansion ZERO HOUR. Three factions fight against each other: USA, CHINA and GLA. USA: CHINA: GLA: Our common goal is to make a large map of approx. 6.25 square meters and on it the combat scenes of vehicles and the infantry of all three opponents. The map will also include several civilian objects (farm, houses), industrial buildings (Oil derricks) but also large USA base. The model will be dedicated to exhibitions and commemorations of the great PC game C&C: GENERALS, at this year's 15th anniversary of this masterpiece. Finished 3D CAD models: USA - Vehicles: USA - Structures: CHINA - Vehicles: GLA - Vehicles:
  2. Typical Chinese building Inspired by: Forbidden City in Beijing, China (built in 1406-1420) This building is a part of a series of 21 buildings built in different architectural styles. Each building is built on one 32x32 baseplate:
  3. BeyrouthLego

    Lego in China

    Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of making a mini-documentary to dispel the myths and rumors about Lego in China, over the next few months I will be interviewing long time collectors/Lego employees about there story with Lego. Does anyone in this community have any questions/comments they would like answered within this documentary?
  4. skcheung

    Chinese ink painting

    My tribute to a famous Chinese ink painter Xu Beihong (1895-1953). He was primarily known for painting horses. No glue used. Unlike the real painting which was done on paper, this MOC is very thick and heavy. I use a lot of technic parts to get more than half of the slopes stuck. The size of the MOC is 44x44 studs. I think this is the maximum size allowed for this method of creation. You may have noticed all the edges were curved outwards. IMG_4444 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_4445 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_4446 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_4449 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_4448 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr This is the back: IMG_4447 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr Are the slopes very easily loosened? Check this video: Want to know how it is built?[0]=68.ARAgo479wvmN_S64UCzQ660BbdWvNNM1dWkvZweF609fyuyO2DzskbVjTZgQQmdv5F5tmDRzlrQrQ-GcCF4APczMzmiC2TtIaK1d7EP--3xjyRlKrcJK-QlC16JcaCT4J0q1jFq4RuaYGYsQkBPHBBH505TU0BGgZTfSF2oAt9MABBR3Y-oFTJDOurVgbVTv9YsW--TbknLS1GaAhSfPUAF0RwbCEFB0EOJM5NTBKYtZjD5KbhPy9V9tw58rDKlCSSB0CmcvN8R6AtS_-qjqDrQ_zGuC1YbQO4QB0JsgW69g3g_h2JDgir0wTNojaTJSSkJIopcVQ8PRFllKEiDNwz0XaQCYWLQb5BoktadH2rw10mBOrBxyU7ZAedocJSGmdCf0IVSeIIFSGW0t94nB_qc0uwNfD-x60ZyCosYTVLqpNZz1pcb41WTyTcNvYhZb1U25R-v4_TXnILAjhTyi&__tn__=-UC-R
  5. jerryyao

    Chinese Pagodas

    It’s been a long time since the Buddhism spread from Indian to worldwide, especially in China. The 1st memory building was named “STUPA” in Indian to memory the Buddha, stored the replics and chanting, mostly it is a tomb of Buddha. When foreigners landed in South China, them were taught the 8 corner tower pronounced “Pagoda”. The word was collected in the dictionary till today, a minus change is to be “Chinese Pagoda” to mean the towers in Asian-Pacific area. Today Chinese people call Pagoda as “Ta” since the word was invented by Ge, Hong in Jin Dynasty. (around AD 300) I selected 6 typical types of Pagoda to be LEGO model, the superstructure of Pagoda can be separated by 3 parts as the picture below: Base, Body, Cha; 1. Basic Stupa The model reflects the main characters of Stupa which is the resource of all pagoda, stupa and etc. Flat base; Hemispherical body; Upside Lotus petal; The “CHA” of tower; 2. Lamaist Stupa The Lamaist stupa was heralded in hemispherical tomb in Fo-kuang Ssu in the latter part of the tenth century. The earliest Lamaist stupa was built in Xizang, China. The model reflects the main characters of Lamaist Stupa Flat and thin base; Higher base (Shu – mi - tso); Aquarius body “Belly” (The variant of hemispherical body); Truncated cone Bottle “Neck” Top “umbrella”; 3. One storied Pagoda The One storied Pagoda may be the 1st culture combined pagoda in Chinese. It mixed the different architecture elements from both Chinese and Indian. It more likes a Chinese pavilion with solid walls and stone or brick roof. The top of body adopts a building technique called “Corbelled brick courses”, they have 2 ways to be shown, positive and negitive. Using the LEGO parts to build this is a real challenge. The picture will show you how. You can also see the “Cha” part is real like the Stupa. 4. Multi-Storied Pagoda I build the 2 storied pagoda only for example. The real Multi-storied Pagoda usually looks similar with the Multi-Eaved Pagoda. The key of distinguish is to see the highest eaves, if they are real close, the pagoda shall be Muti-Eaved, others are Multi-Storied. 5. Bustling Pagoda The bustling pagoda normally use very complex decoration outside, the body sits on a very high Shu – mi – tso. Some pagoda allows people walk inside to the top. 6. Multi-Eaved Pagoda As the name shows, it has several levels of eaves, I built this model in order to show the extreme case, the eaves are very close. I also use a wheel as the “umbrella” part. Through the building progress of these 6 models, you will have a Buddhism trip in Chinese. You can con tact me via for the full instructions with a little bucks. Enjoy it! Jerry
  6. AmperZand

    End of Lepin and other bootleggers?

    This article on the BBC News' site gives hope that Lepin and other bootleggers' days are numbered. It looks like, under pressure from US brands and the US government, Chinese courts are starting to dispense meaningful rulings and penalties against those who infringe intellectual property rights. What do you think?
  7. Hello eurobrickers, I have been working on a castle themed MOC with a setting in the far east rather than the usual England/Germany settings. It's a simple design and I still have much to learn. I've added in heaps of minifigures to accompany the architecture too. Bricks and minifigs were sourced all around the world from ebay/bricklink and costed in the thousands >.< Some non-lego bricks were used for the curved slopes on the roofs to mimic the eastern architecture better. Some slightly modified Orient Expedition sets are evident and also a ninjago set in the background to add to the setting. Hope you guys like it =) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10 Pic11 Pic12 Pic13 Pic14 I got the idea from this classic Orient Expedition set and my Main MOC is loosely based on it. I will work on improving the designs but for now, need to save $$$ ^_^
  8. This weekeng I joined the brick event at Shanghai (China), which organized by LeleZhen LUG. LelezhenLUG is from the largest Lego Fans Forum in China, the site address is . They had an opportunity sponsered by the coming of LEGO Discovery Center in Shanghai. I'm the member of ChinaLUG, so I attended the activity as the volunteer. Let's have a look at the construction work back of the house. We spent the whole day to recover the USS Enterprise from Startrek designed by one fan from Guangzhou. Till 19:00 at that night, the huge castle was shipped to site with the builder and his family. Then after another few hours, all things were set. After 22:00 o'clock, the construction work of layout was allowed to begin in the main hall of the mall. The showcases were installed For the huge castle and USS Enterprise, due to the large size, we moved them on 1 plate at one time. (Fortunately, they standed as a whole. ) All the things were placed well till 2:00, we left the cases locked. We were back at 9:30 next morning, others which came from Nanjing were arrived, including a huge size crane. Under erecting Everthing were ready till 11:00, I shoted the show on Youtube without editing. still don't know how to insert the video, I attached the link for your information. I post some site photoes. This is one champion of site building challege. The site building challenge is ongoing. The focus We also set the bulk area for kids The desied eyes (Lego is still abit of expensive in China market.) So, that's the first report of the brick event in China. Wish you like it. Thanks for watching.
  9. Hello everybody, I'm both a Lego fans and a train fans from China. This MOC is a very classic chinese engine. The prototype The MOC is 7 studs wild and 44 studs long. Driven by and XL motor. tthee Video Link: Intruction: Hope you like it.
  10. I never disassemble sets from my collection or my best MOCs, so now I have nearly no parts for serious models. This is a small part of Forbidden Palace Architecture (China), made only to demonstrate some techniques and details. Forbidden Palace Architecture by GZakky, on Flickr With figs by GZakky, on Flickr As it should look as a part of big MOC by GZakky, on Flickr Roof detail by GZakky, on Flickr Here you can see my first Chinese-styled MOC. My Flickr - Minifigs and Architectural designs in LEGO
  11. Please allow me to introduce you to a unique set for my first Eurobricks review. Rumors of this limited-to-China set started swirling around in (what was it?) late 2012 and many thought that it was just a hoax. However in late-January 2013 it started appearing on shelves here in Beijing, so being a Lego fan and living in China how could I not buy it? Even the better half understood the logic of that and I got no resistance on that front. Brickset informed me that someone had reported buying it in Shanghai at CarreFour so I hustled around the block to the one near me to find it...nowhere in sight. Luckily, there's a new mall near my home that has both a Lego shop (not a 'real' Lego shop but close enough) AND a Toys R Us, both of whom stock it. Surprisingly it was cheaper at Toys R Us (about US$ 50), especially since I had a small gift certificate from them for my young son's birthday. He didn't complain as he had just gotten a bunch of Duplo for his birthday. Thanks Toys R Us! It's a high quality box and similar to the ones that the Architecture series come in (I think). It's 38cm wide, 26cm tall and nearly 7cm deep. Sorry but I don't really read Chinese, maybe I can get my translator to help me during the week next week and I can edit this post at a later date but here are the other views of the box. The back: One side: Another side: Another side: It says the set is made in Denmark in English on this side. I believe the white sticker says that the set was imported by Kidsland (which I think is another joint-venture with Toys R Us) but the set was more expensive at the Kidsland Lego shop. Business in China is very confusing! Ok, let's open this thing up and see what we got! The suspense is building... Well, ok, I think I see why the box is so big now. It very much reminds me of a moon cake gift box. If you've ever been to China during one of their major holidays or are familiar with (Mainland?) Chinese culture, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Every manner of thing, you name it; soy sauce, olive oil, cookies, eggs, wine, cigarettes, etc., etc. is packaged into a fancy box so that it can be given as a gift. Premium toys can now be added to that list I guess. Moon cakes initially came to my mind as they were a major offender in the package-size in relation to the product-size department until the government cracked down and issued regulations about box size a few years back. Let's hope this set is within the limit. This is what's in the box: I'm not really sure what to think of the little clear plastic box. It's a nice box and everything but it's either totally unnecessary or I need about two thousand of them (at no more than US$ 1 each, thank you). There's a cool drawing of a snake in the compartment that holds the bricks and manuals. Speaking of manuals, you get three. There's the manual for 10250, the cover for it is the image that opens this review and it contains the instructions for the snake and the gate. There are also two manuals that were in 6914. T-Rex: and the others: There's also an A4-sized poster of the Win! kid that no one seems to like (poor guy must have a complex if he reads Eurobricks) in Chinese. Here are a couple scans from the manual for 10250. The completed snake: and the completed gate: If you would like to download the small manuals for yourself, here are the links. - 6914 part 1 - 6914 part 2 - 10250 Here's the front of the gate (the round door part is the only unique part to this set) with a minifig added for scale. I'm reasonably certain that the Chinese character is the one for snake. and the back: Initially I thought it was kinda lame that the door was in one piece (and still kinda do) but I guess it's because there's no structural support to keep it from toppling over if it were in two parts and could be opened. All of the parts in the bag that contains the round gate build this gate structure so the snake must be built from the same parts that make 6914 I'm guessing? I've not yet had the time to build the other models but I will in the coming weeks and will post them after I do. Ok, that just about wraps it up for today. A few last words; like I said previously, I'm a fan of Lego and living in China so how could I not buy the first set made specifically for this amazing country? It's an expensive set but all of them are here, sets cost about twice as much as the US retail price. It will be really cool if Lego does this every year for every animal in the Chinese zodiac, won't it? Hope you enjoyed reading this review. I've joined Reviewer's Academy but I'm finding the seamless white background problematic in an apartment with a three year old on the loose! Joe
  12. An interesting -- and perhaps heavy of consequences -- press release has been published by the LEGO Group today: LEGO Group to build factory in China By 2017 a new LEGO factory in Jiaxing, China is expected to be fully operational and have approximately 2000 employees The LEGO Group has announced plans to build and operate its own LEGO factory in China. The factory will supply products for the growing Asian market. Construction is expected to begin in 2014. “It is our strategy to have production close to our core markets in order to secure short lead-time and world class service to our customers and consumers, and it has proven a successful strategy. Asia – including China – is a future core market for the LEGO Group and therefore I am excited to share our plans for the new factory. Having full control of the production process is essential to deliver products of a consistent high quality and safety and in harmony with our values” says Bali Padda, COO and adds: “In addition by placing a manufacturing site in the region we reduce our environmental impact as we will reduce the need for transporting products from Europe to be sold in Asia.” State-of the art factory The factory will be built in the city Jiaxing, right in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta and located approximately 100 km from Shanghai where the LEGO Group is planning to locate a regional distribution centre for Asia. “The new factory will be built and run with the same technology, automation and standards for employee safety and product quality as our LEGO factories in Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic and Mexico, and it will have a distinct LEGO look and feel.” says Michael McNulty, Senior Vice President, Procurement. Producing for Asia only The LEGO Group currently does not operate its own manufacturing facility in China, but with the new production site including moulding, decoration and packaging facilities it will have a supply base for future growth in Asia. LEGO Group sales in the region have grown by more than 50 percent annually in recent years. “Based on our current expectations for growth in Asia, the factory should be able to supply approximately 70-80 percent of all the LEGO products sold in the region in 2017. All products made in the new factory will be sold in Asia,” says Michael McNulty. Location with focus on employees The location of the new factory, Jiaxing, has a population of 5 million and it has been chosen for several reasons, says Michael McNulty: “It is close to our regional distribution centre and the city has all the facilities and infrastructure needed. But in addition, we believe the location is perfect in regards to securing the best environment for future LEGO employees. The city is the strongest possible match with core LEGO values, and the plans for a sustainable city development is well organized” Jiaxing has been named “National Health City”, “National Model City for Greening”, “National Garden City”. For further information, please contact: Roar Rude Trangbaek, LEGO Group Press Officer Ph: +45 7950 4348 Cell: +45 3065 3164   Facts • By 2017 the factory is planned to have an area of approximately 120.000 square meters • In 2015 the factory is planned to have approximately 200 - 400 employees • By 2017 the factory will be fully operational and is planned to have approximately 2000 employees • These numbers depend on the growth and demand for LEGO products in Asia and can be adjusted. • The investment will amount to a 3 digit million Euro figure Time plan: • Construction of the factory is planned to begin in early 2014 • By 2017 the factory is planned to be fully operational Jiaxing: • Jiaxing has a population of 5 million and a catchment area of approximately 15 million. • There are two universities and numerous technical colleges located in the city. • Jiaxing is ranked 25th in the city ranking of “100 best cities for foreign investment” and has earned the titles of ‘National Civilized City’, ‘Chinas outstanding Tourist City’, ‘National Health City’, ‘National model city for greening’, ‘National garden city’ and national innovation pilot city. • Jiaxing is right in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta There are numerous multinational companies located within Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone • Jiaxing is located approximately 100 km (1.5 hours) from Shanghai
  13. I've built this little MOC last year, after my actual trip to China. Hope to order some parts via Bricklink to built more accurate one... Also, I don't like these photos... Of course, it looks much better in real life and on preview pics with low resolution.) More photos on Flickr
  14. Good day. I'm not sure if this has been reported before, but I've acquired information that next year onward LEGO will be moving away all their brick production (excluding electronic parts, i.e. Power Functions and Mindstorms) from China due to quality concerns raised with chinese plastic quality decreasing each year. Obviously, I can not disclose my sources, but I can say this information was passed on private Lego retailers' meeting. Until it's confirmed by TLC, I'd personally suggest treating it as a rumor and taking it with a grain of salt (primarily due to China being 'the only plant where they can perform complex molding and printing' by their previous claims and various possible production issues). P.S. Humans in Galaxy Squad have multi-coloured robots (and suits), also there's something like a giant Dragonfly on the bug side. :]
  15. deltarex101

    The Goodness of Lego-like products

    I have been a collector of lego from 2008 then on March 2012 ( summer break ) I made a interesting discovery First. I was just then surfing the net for some cool lego creation when suddenly a huge file of lego-like products began to appear which for me is just a low quality plastic dangerously selling in the market, but at that time I was very curious at the military section I discovered they have many sets that was cheap and very interesting design. And so I began my Adventure to the "underworld" of the legoworld and so I went to the flea market and purchase a few of them. the company's name 1. KAZI 2. Enligthen and so I was not so surprised about the condition of the Kazi set that proves to be a JUNK but to the enlighten set it was near to lego like 80-90% that have some little troubles like there copying of lego sets ( ferrari I even bought it ) and so this continued my "hobby" of purchasing the best of them and using their designs I would use them to create my own version and then I discovered a trouble between the two the real fake lego's and the hard working fake lego's Real Fake legos - this guys are the real trouble maker their the ones who are destroying Lego and the company sets and making a fortune in their hidden scam the example of these are ( Kazi, Ligo, some I cannot understand chinese logos) Hard working fake legos - well this guys main motive is 1. Get rich 2. Give the best quality like 80-90% of the bricks there are few in the market that you can really depend on and most of their sets have still mishaps but still you can use them on your lego bricks ex. ( Enlighten, Star Diamond etc..) these two have been tested by me and I found that they have okay/ good quality but still lego has still the best bricks out there Now I have told my story on how I have been participating on these "knock-offs " sets.Now I have gathered a good and bad points to the use of these bricks: Bad 1. They have low QUALITY AND THEY WILL CHEAT ON YOU AND FAKE YOU!!! 2. They can be Dangerous for the Health 3. You will waste some good earned money and get some bad quality plastic Good 1. The third-world kids can have own lego-like bricks 2. You can find pieces that are rare to those who can't afford the set or on bricklink 3. There good for displaying 4. They (good company) can be use on lego too Plz could you tell me about the ideas on your mind about the knock-offs and tell me did you like it or not about the sets that you bought. Cheers!!! :laugh: :sweet: Pictures:
  16. Grimmbeard

    Chinese Junk

    [pid][/pid] 142A This is my first Moc post on Eurobricks, but it is certainly not my first Moc . This is my newest ship. I built it after watching POTC At World's End, having been inspired by the Junk in the movie. I also wanted to have a try at custom hulls, something I have not tried before. They didn't come out too bad, did they? I'm sorry for the bad quality, this was taken on an IPod. Here is the full ship, with crew on it. Without Crew Gundeck/Midsection Stern area/poop deck Instead of using a steering Wheel, like most ships, I thought a tiller would add more of an Asian and exotic feel, so here is my tiller. It doesn't actually move the rudder, though Bow/Front Area Head on shot. Anchor. Its not the best designed, and probably not very realistic . I could probably make it better, but I like how it comes over the front. Stern shot and Rudder. Here is a little bit of how I did the hulls. Not really sure how much you can get out of it, though . Front small sail. Back Large Sail. Finally, The Crew. Captain First Mate Pirate Pirate Pirate Pirate Pirate and Ship's Monkey And, that's it! I hope you liked it. Any and all Comments and criticism are very welcome