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Found 13 results

  1. I don't know if this has been done before here or somewhere else, but I thought it could be fun! Just post some pics of your Castle army. You can include old skellies in there too! The best way to do this is always in some kind of diorama! So, let's see some armies! :skull: I might post mine soon as well!
  2. I'm taking a quick look at this old set that I got recently. This is not counted under my Reviewers Academy reviews as it does not follow the same format. This is more like a pictorial review. Overview Name: 4805 Ninja Knights Theme: LEGO System / Castle / Ninja Year: 1999 Pieces: 34 Minifigures: 5 Price: USD 6.00 Resources: Brickset and Bricklink There is no build involved here because this is a battle pack for the Castle subtheme Ninja. Apart from the accessories and weapons, there's no bricks at all. It is more aptly marketed as 5 Ninja Warriors in the UK version of 1999 catalogue. Minifigures front view - with headgears & armour back view - without headgears & armour front view - without headgears & armour back view - without headgears & armour All geared up with weapons and armours Final thoughts I bought this set with the intention of getting all the other Ninja minifigures that I missed during my dark age period. Was it really just 6 USD back in 1999? I bought this for 15 USD and I know I could get this cheaper if I bought the used minifigures individually. However, I don't want to waste money on shipping from multiple sellers. As these minifigures are in very good condition, I think I made the right decision to get them all together in 1 set even without the box. The play factor in having 5 ninja warriors is better than having mediocre build, fancy torso prints or unique minifigures. Back then there is no storyline to follow. From this set kids will get 2 ninjas, shogun, robber and samurai minifigures -- they can make up stories to stage their own medieval Japanese civil war. Adjusted for inflation the price of this set is only 8.75 USD. Compare that to new blister packs that are starting to appear with only 3 minifigures and retailing between 12 to 15 USD, somehow along the way TLG just stopped producing good army builders like this.
  3. As you may or may not know, it has been announced that Lego will be releasing some player skin minifigures in 2 packs of four in September. Pictures have been released. This should sum it up. What do you think? Possibility of any more after these?
  4. LegoFanfromPR

    The Citadel of Der Golad

    In the northern plains beyond the elven cities, lies the human city-stronghold of Der Golad. Ruled by its wise king, the city serves as a human enclave in the north and as protection against the evil schemes and machinations of the Dragon King and his henchmen. The king, blood related to the mighty Emperor, has witnessed the utter destruction of the elven cities by the Dragon King and his monstrous army, who has steamrolled thru all that opposes him, aided by fearless armored uruks, giant trolls, dragons and evil potentate warlocks. Sending word to the Emperor, the people of Der Golad prepare for the great siege that will come as part of the Dragon King's campaign to ensnare the North into his power. But Der Golad's walls are impregnable, they possess the finest archers of the north, and every citizen has taken arms to defend their city and livelihood. A mercenary company, led by Kara the Amazon and Rustius have come forth to fight for the King of Der Golad, albeit for the right price. Time is running short, and allies are in scattered in the wind. IMG_20150417_134601337 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The City of Der Golad IMG_20150417_134458025 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Aerial view of the city IMG_20150417_134431615 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The city's Keep IMG_20150417_134424720 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Heavy Infantry IMG_20150417_134413092 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Archers and the Keep's catapult IMG_20150417_134403874 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The garrison at the wall IMG_20150417_134356420 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The gate guard IMG_20150417_134349495 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The finest archers in the North IMG_20150417_134340334 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The King of Der Golad and his generals meeting Kara, Rustius and the merc company IMG_20150417_134335518 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The company IMG_20150417_134730805 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Kara and Rustius IMG_20150417_134734815 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr IMG_20150417_134748016 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Soldiers of the Company IMG_20150417_134809624 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr More of the Company IMG_20150417_134820764 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr
  5. Hello fellow AFOL Merry Christmas to everyone I'd need your opinion about 79018 "The Lonely Mountain" set. Is it a set worth to buy? I always looked it with interested by it has a quite high cost per brick and several persons said it's overpriced for what we get. Smaug figure looks so interesting, though What do you think about it? Also, I was thinking about buying 3 79012 Mirkwood Elf army to build a little "fortress" and two small armies. If I'm not mistaken we can connect several 79012 together. Am I correct? Is it a good set for what a plan to do? Thank you very much for your help
  6. LegoFanfromPR

    [MOC] Siege of the Citadel

    The great siege has begun. Hordes crash upon the Citadel's mighty walls, its defenders holding invaders at bay. At first the fighting is even, the defenders even slaying one of the serpentine beasts sent forth and felling a siege tower that was brought upon. However as the days progress, battle wear is beginning to take its toll upon the Citadel's brave defenders. When does the Emperor and his allies come to aid? The gates won't hold much longer, making the tower and the keep the last stand for the defenders of the Citadel.....
  7. LegoFanfromPR

    [MOC] Dragon King's Rally

    Standing atop his fortified tower, the wielder of the Crown of Fire, has summoned his mammoth army to a single purpose: destroy the Emperor's Citadel. Uruk Hai bred for combat, mercenaries donning black armor and red eyes infused by the Dragon King's warlocks magic, filthy trolls from the farthest reaches of the Wild Lands, serpentine beasts yoked under the magic spells of the warlocks, and the wild men loyal to the Dragon King. Bearing the crowns of the conquered kings as battle standards, they will stop at nothing until the Citadel is but shadows and dust. IMG_20141026_162517607 IMG_20141026_162457872 IMG_20141026_162436061 IMG_20141026_162409790 IMG_20141026_162347338 IMG_20141026_162254433
  8. LegoFanfromPR

    Dragon King's Tower

    The Great Tower of the Dragon King. Built as a keep to garrison troops that kept away barbarians, savages, and all sort of brute and destitute denizens of the Wild Lands of the Great Northwest, the Tower was taken over by the 1st Dragon King over a millennia ago. From this imposing fortress, those who wear the Crown of Fire launch attacks on the Emperor's lands. In this late hour, aided by evil warlocks, the Dragon King has raised a mammoth army to raze the Emperor's Citadel. Summoning fell beasts, brute barbarians, uruk hybrids, and two land drakes, he is on a warpath. His Marshall remains with the tower's garrison as the army has departed, the Citadel its target IMG_20141023_231200901 IMG_20141023_231206604 Dragon King's Tower
  9. LegoFanfromPR

    Emperor's Citadel MOC

    This is the 2nd part of my Castle/LOTR theme. Built with a Kings Mountain Fortress as a core keep, I expanded the size and height of the walls to give a more realistic look. Due to strapped wallet, I bought blocks in bulk via eBay, and used light gray paintspray to give them that rocky grayish look. The citadel has a stable, a jail cell, a market, a small farming lot, armory and a forge with a prominent chimney. Garrisoned there are the castle keepers (plate armor light gray helmets not uniformed), citizen militia (heavy armored/green archers), and the imperial guard (dark helmet, pearl gray armor, lion plate armor). The towers have the LOTR uruk hai ballista, and there is an Elven princess (the Emperor's future wife) inside the keep. The Dragon King's army is being mobilized to capture the Citadel after destroying the 4 lesser kingdoms of Men (the dead king's crowns serve as the army's standards). Though well protected and fiercely defended, the monstrous army set to conquer it won't stop till razing it to the ground. Will post pics during the day IMG_20141018_073319835 IMG_20141018_073312823 IMG_20141018_073242508 IMG_20141018_073308786 IMG_20141018_073257916 IMG_20141018_073226908 IMG_20141018_073328890 IMG_20141018_073303060
  10. The reclusive Elves of the Western Shores have had their hands full dealing with drakes and the great dragons of the Wild Lands. Adapting human technologies the elves have built ballistae defenses to counter the foul beasts that, on their own or summoned by the wielder of the Crown of Fire, attack their solemn keeps. With four harpoons, it will fell even the largest dragons, tho, it all depends on the skill of the Elven soldier who mans it. IMG_20141024_160042581 IMG_20141024_160031445 IMG_20141024_160042581
  11. I was going to ask this question in the LotR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion Thread, but then I figured it might be better suited for it's own topic because a poll can be used here. This thread is also meant as a discussion about the pros and cons of buying each specific number of Mirkwood Elf Army sets. If mods disagree and want to merge it with the other thread then by all means. Personally I was planning on buying about 10 of the MEA sets in total. After taking a closer look though, I think 5 seems like a much more reasonable number. That way I can still get a good number of elves, orcs, and Wargs without going to crazy with the elves (or Thranduils). I will probably end up just buying another 10-20 Gundabad Orcs (with hair) on BL for hopefully under $4 a piece, 5 more elves to make it an even 20, and then buy 5 or so more of the dark brown Wargs. I am guessing the Wargs should easily be under $7 and closer to 6 since they are going to be available in such a cheap set (almost half the price of the Warg Attack set the gray Warg came in). Right now the gray Warg is barely over $8. As I already mentioned, I have no need for 30 more elves that 10 MEA sets would give me. I just got 20 of the Mirkwood Elf polybags last year so that would give me 40 green hooded elves and over 50 elves total! More importantly though, I don't want 10 Thranduils. Unlike Eomer in the Uruk-hai Army set, Thranduil's head piece makes him way to distinctive to serve as anything but Thranduil. With Eomer it was pretty easy to mix him in as a standard Rohan grunt. For this reason, and also the inclusion of so many elves, I don't see this set selling anywhere near as well as the Uruk-hai Army one did. I personally bought over 20 Uruk-hai Army sets and I know there were others who bought many more than that. People on average seemed to buy way more of that set than the 1-3 MEA they plan on buying too. So, how many Mikrwood Elf Army sets do YOU plan on buying and why?
  12. I know this topic has been brought up a lot in other threads, but I figured it would be nice to have a thread to discuss it in greater depth. With that said I am wondering what people's thoughts are on army builders/battle packs that include a unique named character. I know a lot of people defend them because they say the unique character appeals to kids (and AFOLS) who might otherwise not buy the set. I just don't understand that mentality. Obviously if the army builder is the ONLY set to contain a character like Eomer people will get at least one of them if they are a fan of the theme since it's the only way to get him. Lego could easily circumvent this by just offering Eomer in another set like Helm's Deep. Sure it sucks for people who can't afford Helm's Deep, but it's no different for them trying to get Theoden, King of the Dead, Grima, Haldir, etc. who only appear in expensive sets. I think even without a unique character army builders would sell extremely well, and possibly even better without them! Lego just has to be smart about it and put special prints or molds in for the grunts which would be exclusively available in the army builder. That way they still have the appeal of offering something unique, but they don't discourage people from buying multiples because they don't want all the extra Eomers or Thranduils. Do kids honestly look at a set and say "hey, this set only has 4 Uruk-hai and 2 Rohan Soldiers, I'm not buying it cause it doesn't contain any unique characters!" I know when I was a kid I ALWAYS wanted to buy tons of soldiers, even if my funds didn't allow it. I actually HATED when companies would not do the grunts like Storm Troopers, Foot Soldiers, etc. I think Lego might lose out on a FEW sales of army builder sets if they don't include a named character, but I think it would more than be made up for by all the people buying so many extra because they are "true" army builders. What are you guys thoughts for/against named characters in battle packs? How do the children in your life feel about it, or did you feel about it as a kid yourself?