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Found 12 results

  1. It's a time of fragile peace (or should I say piece) in the regal Kingdom of BrickTamland! ENJOY MY PUBLIC PLAYTIME!
  2. Hi there I'm selling the Kingdoms King Castle 7946 with Court Jester 7953 and Wizard 7955 which may be of interest... Many thanks for stopping by!
  3. This is MOC of Spring 2013-March 2014. A long time ago I really wanted to buy 852293, but it doesn't sold in Russia, so I decided to make my own version of giant chess. It has been exhibited at the exhibition DoubleBrick Fest 2014 at Dolgoprudny, Moscow region. All figures stay at their own standing pieces, but this pieces are not gray, as in the original set, but white or black. View from above. From white player's view. From black player's view. Chess board consist of 576 tiles and one gray baseplate 48x48. White chess pieces are the Knights of the Lion Kingdom. Rook H1 is a tower with an archer and Knight G1 is a noble knight and his trusty steed. Bishop F1 is a wizard with his magic staff and owl and King E1 is a Lion king with a sword and scepter. Queen D1 is a Lion queen with a goblet and scepter and Bishop C1 (you can distinguish light-squared and dark-squared Bishops not only by the color of the square they're stood, but also by the color of their beards). Knight B1 and Rook A1. Pawns H2 and G2. Pawns F2 and E2. Pawns D2 and C2. Pawns B2 and A2. Black chess pieces are the Knights of the Dragon Kingdom. Rook A8 is a tower with an archer and Knight B8 is a noble knight and his trusty steed. Bishop C8 is a wizard with his magic staff and dragon and Queen D8 is a Dragon queen with a goblet and scepter. King E8 is a Dragon king with a sword and scepter and Bishop F8. Knight G8 and Rook H8. Pawns A7 and B7. Pawns C7 and D7. Pawns E7 and F7. Pawns G7 and H7. Thanks for watching and any comments are very welcomed)
  4. Littleworlds

    [MOC] Lions and Dragons

    Hello all! I build these vignettes as both a nod to Classic Castle of the late 80s/early 90s and the 2010 Kingdoms-theme, which features a new take on the old antagonism between the two powers.The sets of the 2010-incarnation weren't great (well, mostly!), but the minifigs were just awesome! Anyway, enough blabla. Lets have a look at the Throne-room of the Dragon Queendom: For the Dragon Knights I had a distinctive, quite archaic look in mind, which pays tribute to the often harsh and inhospitable land they live in. A clear geometry with straight lines and steep slopes to give the impression of the Queen’s throne room being made of large black stones cut into simple shapes. Quite a imposing fortress-like architecture really with inspiration from ancient Babylonian temples and the city of Windhelm from the game Skyrim, with a little bit of Saruman’s throne Room thrown in. I also decided to give it a more asymmetric layout, to make it visually more interesting and slightly unsettling. The fireplace is made from a transparent Nexo Knights minifigure-base and a light brick I got from a Prince of Persia set. It turned out looking quite naturalistic and required no fancy effects added in post-production at all! Meanwhile, at the court of the Lion King: The Lion Kingdom got a more welcoming throne room, which impresses rather by its elaborated decoration than with brutalist geometry. It is in every respect a more conventional setting, with typical medieval decorative elements and a warm colour palette and a quite symmetric layout to emphasize noble rulership, justice and stability. The striped columns are inspired by the throne room of Emperor Charlemagne in the cathedral of Aachen, as my King himself is inspired by the life of the real-life ruler.
  5. Heya! You can view the images from the link below. Here I present you the Black Falcon Fortress, which Sigolf was kind enough to do in LDD but never actually gave us the pics of it been built! :) I of course aligned the Falcon with the Dragons, as he apparently is their bannermen currently. With such inspiration given, planning to do a layout for it to connect with Kings castle few village pieces I've had in the making. The towers could've been square to be honest, maybe the look would've been even more nostalgic.
  6. Noktu

    Barony of Nokheim

    G'day lads and ladies, Here I'd like to present you my Fantasy/Medieval army, which comes from Barony of Nokheim. A rebellious baron Von Kraut has raised his levies and bannermen to lay siege against a local duke, in hopes to claim the title for himself. I'll provide some pictures and include descriptions later! Hope you enjoy! Overall view of the forces of Nokheim. Von Kraut himself Spearmen Handgunners Rangers & Alchemist Spearmen Siege Catapult & Knights
  7. This modular castle system is based on 4x8 and 8x8 modules. They are designed to connect in all 3 dimensions so you can build walls, towers, keeps and fortresses. Below is an example of a smaller castle that you can build the interchangeable modules in about a Minute (minus the time for the decorations). Modular Castle Two Towers by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Pictured below are the room modules. They connect to each other by using the pair of Lego Technic pins on the side near the top or by stacking them. They can be placed directly on top of each other or offset by half a module (4x8) [Herurl=]Lego Modular Castle room modules[/url] by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Here are various versions of the half or 4x8 battlement modules. They clip into the top of any room, balcony or bridge module. Lego Modular Castle Half Battlement modules by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr The modules below are the bridge and balcony modules. They each come in half, 4x8 and whole 8x8. These connect to the room modules using the pair of Lego Technic Pins. Once connected they extend the top surface area and allow you to place any room or battlement module on top. Lego Modular Castle balconies and bridges by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr To see a video demonstration of this system go to Below are a front and back view of a hybrid of the balcony and bridge modules. They use the pair of Lego Technic pins to clip into the corresponding pair of pin holes on any room or bridge module. These match the floor level of the module above to allow a decorative balcony or curved battlement. Lego Modular Castle curved battlement and balcony by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr If you want to top off a tower with a decorative roof instead of a battlement, the roof and height extender module go together well. Lego Modular Castle roof and extender by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Next is a view of the bottom room modules. Here is a front and back look at 3 different versions. The one in the center is a corner piece. Typically these bottom room modules are used to form the bottom level of your castle. These modules also have the Lego Technic Pin holes that allow you to connect any two modules together. Lego Modular Castle bottom Modules by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Below are 2 different whole or 8x8 battlement modules. These can be placed on top of any room module, bridge or balcony. Lego Modular Castle whle Battlement Modules by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Here is an example of a larger castle that you could build using this modular system. Lego modular castle 16 by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Here are a couple of smaller ones. The possibilities are endless. Modular Lego Castle two watchtowers by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Modular Castle Central Tower by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr If you are interested in seeing more castles built from this system as well as how the modules connect to each other. There are more pictures on MocPages. I have submitted this modular Lego castle system to Lego Ideas as the Kingdoms Modular Castle. If you like this system, please vote for it.
  8. Hi Guys, Here’s a display I’ve built for an upcoming Lego show. It’s been about 3 years since I began the large drum tower with a view to making a large concentric castle This display was limited to a 1.2 metre x 1.8 metre table otherwise I may have extended the landscape further. These photos are just from a practice set up (the entire castle and landscape can be taken apart into modular sections). I will take some better photos in 2 weeks time when it is set up for the show. The ship is also an older build which can be seen in this topic: There are some techniques I have borrowed from some of you guys, consciously or unconsciously so if you see something familiar you have my thanks Excuse the mess in the background DSC_8463 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_8485 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_8483 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_8477 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_8476 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_8472 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_8466 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_8473 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_8474 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_8465 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_8469 by slobey79, on Flickr
  9. Janjy Giggins

    MOC - The Sea Hawk

    --------------------------------------- The Black Falcon Flies Again - Part 1 25 years ago Lord Durstan of Highmountain led his people in rebellion against the Crown. At first it went well, but after months of fighting the young Crown Prince brought reinforcements from the capital. Defeated and wounded by the Prince himself, Durstan had no choice but to end his ambitions of independence. For more than two decades he has been away from home, a loyal courtier in the royal castle. But he still remembers Highmountain in his dreams. He dreamt of it the night the Chamberlain woke him, with news that the King had an errand for him. The Chamberlain took Durstan through the city, down towards the docks. There was trouble in Highmountain, he told him; rumblings of war. The King wanted Durstan to return home and restore the Crown's order. They arrived at the docks and Durstan saw it: his own ship, repainted in the King's colours but as proud as when he'd last seen it quarter of a century ago. The Sea Hawk. The King himself was there to see them off. Durstan swore his loyalty and promised to do what he could to restore order. And then they took to sea, and finally he was homeward-bound again. -------------- This is my first large-scale MOC. I never quite lost interest in Lego, but I didn't build anything for a long time. My dad loved it, though - he was a long-term AFOL. He didn't build his own things, but he liked looking at what others made and would often tell me excitedly about the latest sets. Late last year he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I built this while he was ill and finished it after his death a few months ago. I like to think he'd be pleased with it. This one's for him. Janjy
  10. SSchmidt

    Forest Ambush

    I have seen others recreating the sets from the 2013 Castle line. Here is my take on "Forest Ambush." I made a small recreation of it. Unfortunately, in mine, there is no gold cart, puppy, and the bad guys win And here is a link to my FLICKR to see the first picture in the photostream: There is also a story attached to this in my FLICKR, as it is a build for my character Silas in the Lands of Classic Castle found at I tried to incorporate new tree techniques and small foliage in ways I had not totally seen yet. I would appreciate any comments or criticism on the build itself.
  11. runmymouth

    4 Joust + MOC + WIP

    Link to pictures. So I have been working on my challenge to put 4 Joust sets together. I started with everything assembled from the book. I figured I only needed one joust rail so I created some stables for horses ( I then modified the king pavillion to make it so I could have just 2 of them from 4 ( and I made one of those for the red king and blue king brother (lion knights) and one for the green and black wizard. I have a whole bunch of base plates ordered so I can start to have tiles underneath. I also plan on getting more chess sets to have enough soldiers to make it like a packed stadium ( and I also have been putting extra kings and queens minus royal livery into the noble areas to look like nobles are watching from boxes ( Future plans: I really need to find many many many 1x1 tiles to start to do proper cobblestone and street material and grass material. I need to figure out where to get the best plates for building decently sized towers and turrets because the castle I built to start it from is pretty whimpy( I was really sad it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be to build the castle after building the joust. I plan on picking up some of the medieval village sets for a bit of a village scene next to the Joust. Questions: What are people buying to start working on their own turrets? Are you using Helm's Deep because it seems to have a lot fewer huge pieces that really don't seem to be able to be molded into more realistic looking walls. I was planning on picking up more base castle sets but I am not so sure anymore. Really wondering what others think. Also looking for other ideas of where to go next. I want to have this back up against a castle wall with a city/town nearby the castle. Thanks for taking a look all.