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  1. MAESTRO has their own forces (I think around 360 soldiers so far) as well. Every Eslandolan Trade Company has their own troops. I think even ETWC has some troops (or at least monkeys)
  2. legoland battle sized ships

    I am not sure what scene you mean? Is it a Legoland USA thingy? Do you have some pics of those vessels?
  3. Class 7 Espada de Luna

    Absolutely fabolous vessel! The stern is amazingly beautifull! Its style reminds me of the Black Sails vessels. ---- About class and licencing. At first glance, it looks like it has 5 midsecs. It certainly is bigger than my class 6 Prince of Stedor and compared to a lot of licenced class 7 fregates, this one certainly belongs in the same class. Compared to Ayrlego's Alejandro, this ons is clearly bigger (an extra deck).
  4. My bad, looks like I forgot to remove the line :) feel free to go with this :)
  5. Americans... Always thinking the world turns around them :p Anyway, it is an interesting idea. You scaled the map so the scale match the scale of the map of the real world?
  6. A very nice entry Drunknok! Greatly told and a fun to read! The wagon is very cool :)
  7. Chapter 3: A Journey on a strange Vessel Captain Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo Log Was it the sun or too much alcohol, but once the foreign vessel and its crew started helping the Eslandolan sailors, Emanuel noticed that the vessel didn't match his first sketches at all. It seemed a modern version of the galleys roaming Halos long long ago. Most surprising were the 10 guns on the lower deck. Their gunports were almost hidden from the eye. On the front castle, two turnable guns could hit from every angle. And with the ram at the bow, enemies would quickly sink. Still Emanuel was sure this was more a well-rounded version. He really wondered how the armed vessels would look like. The captain was still more focused on sailing than in his guests. The Eslandolan sailors figured out the foreigners were very disciplined. They all had the same uniform/clothing. Emanuel discovered that the word "Atlarka" must be of some meaning as the First Mate mentioned it a few times. Wether it is their homeland or just the name of the vessel, he doesn't know yet. Although being captured, Emanuel was very excited he took the risk of letting a foreign vessel help them. If he makes it back to the known world, he will be the first to discover new a new nation! more story to be added soon
  8. [COR-FB1] Protests in Weelond

    Honestly, what is most funny at all is that Mesabi doesn’t know how the Eslandola system works :p We are not talking about campaigning for one seat but for multiple seats. There is a seat for each TC and a seat for independent traders (so 4 seats in total) + a seat for the representative of each region. So there is no need for rioting as both Capt Wolf and Gedren will have a seat :p
  9. Participating at the AMRCA :)

    Yup, that’s not his vessel...
  11. There are some border skirmishes with the Mokolei going on :)
  12. Case closed I guess?? I mean, why all the bombastic acting of Corrington if they don't even consider the WTC as an official entity of Corrington? Did the WTC attack some Sea Rats? Well yes they did. But in name of the WTC, not in name of Corrington (as you state yourself, they have no equal standing with a Corrington army). It is my opinion that an action of an individual is the choice of that individual. If an individual decides to become a mercenary, fighting with the Mokolei against Pan, are you going to trial him for this choice? I don't want to feed all the people who left their home looking for a new adventure abroad. It seems the captain of the Icarus Returning made a mistake by attacking a Sea Rat vessel. Due some miscommunication, (there are no cell phones, remember?), he heard Corrington was in a state of war with the Sea Rats. When arriving in port, it turns out he made a huge mistake. The WTC already tried to negotiate with the Sea Rats to restore the situation. Shouldn't this be enough for Corrington? Why the need for blowing this minor situation up? Is it to cover the fact that there still is no solution in the Corrington - Sea Rats struggle? ---------------------- Anyway, I love this here! So much fun to read. Please keep continuing! At Ayrlego: great jail and office you made!
  13. I sent my troops to Tellvok (to fight side by side with the Tellvokians against intruders) just so they have at least some action...
  14. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Haha I completely forgot I was part of that alliance with Brandon Stark :p Well, as it seems that the fellow has vanished, I guess those alliances are in the freezer as well... @Faladrin?