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  1. Maxim I

    BR E18 047 "Blauer Enzian"

    Awesome work! I love how realistic it is and full of wonderfull details :)
  2. Maxim I

    [MOC] Porsche Dealership

    The shape looks good! I do hope that the white behind the letters is tiled? Chech example I fear if not, the result will be kinda unsatisfying. For the "E", maybe a red grille tile will do something (if you place him as the middle horizontal bar of the "E"). That middle horizontal bar won't be the same thickness as the upper and lower bar, but it will break the plain :)
  3. Maxim I

    [MOC] '63 Chevy Impala

    LEGO version of a 1963 Chevrolet Impala I choosed for dimensions that would fit in a city lay-out (so not the Joker Lowrider dimensions for example). But that means I had to make some comprimises as I wanted to avoid to end up with a block on wheels. This is my first MOC-car since my childhood. I am happy with the result :D There are some stuff I would have done different if the right bricks existed (or if I had them in my collection) Sorry if the bad background/lighting is a bit disturbing, The perfect room to take pictures is under renovation, so I had to find an alternative, which was not easy given the dark and gloomy days nowadays...
  4. First ship Pre-BoBS First ship BoBS Last ship BoBS
  5. Same analysis here. Given the last wave was 2015 and the one before that 2009, I guess it will be 2021/2022 at least. Don't forget we had last year some Pirate creators (theme park ride and tree house) and in summer the pirates will have a creator ship as well besides this Bay. Or it are indicators that we won't have to dream about a full theme soon. Or it are teasers... But I fear it is the first case and the reason they came out was to celebrate 30 years of pirates...
  6. It would be indeed nice to have a NPC that is as fleshed out as our beloved captain :)
  7. Maxim I

    [ESL - CHIII - Cat A] Fuji Quays

    Apples are the most usefull fruit there is :D Some would even say the best thing in the world. Although someone ate it a long time ago and all bad stuff happened to this world (at least that is what some people say :p ) Thanks!
  8. fantastic job making those birds! I have seen quite a nice evolution in your building skills since you arrived at this wonderfull forum. Keep continuing! :)
  9. Maxim I

    [ESL - Ch III - Cat A] Public Garden

    Indeed a very peacefull scene. Great job on the bridge and the banks of the river :)
  10. Maxim I

    [OL - Ch.III - Cat.A] Pagoda by the Lake

    After viewing all the pagoda's, I think I can congratulate you with having the biggest one haha :p Gonna pick one detail I really love: hooray for the stone bridge!
  11. Maxim I

    Arrival at Elysabethtown

    haha, sweet tribute to an iconic scene :D also a sweet job building in the Elysabethtown style! It definitly fits there. And the way you executed is just jaw-dropping!
  12. Maxim I

    [COR ChIIICatA] Lotii Pagoda

    Absolutely fantastic! The colourscheme is awesome. So many things to discover and enjoy :)
  13. This must be indeed one of the most amazing sistership builds to date! This would look nuts in real bricks! Congratz mate!
  14. I should order such a pagoda for in the garden of my Royal Palace in Trador Awesome job building this! It is very beautifull and majestic :)
  15. I always struggle with wood/jungle scenes. But you did an awesome job! Great MOC, story and photographing :)