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  1. Now I need to find the perfect moment for some photoshooting :)
  2. The Prince of Garvey still is on the other side of the world. Time to get back I guess :D
  3. MAESTRO has received word of One of its warvessels being on the lose and capturing vessels. We have lost contact with the AQAR and its crew and we considerid to be sunk. We are much surprised by the rumours and Will investigate this further
  4. @Wellesley I use 3mm round steel to stiffen the masts :)
  5. @Legostone, gonna check if I got some other pictures of the vessel :) Hooray, upcomming weekend I got rigging-weekend number 5 for my vessel. Should be the last
  6. Maxim I

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    it looks really great already! As inexperienced train builder, I cannot give a lot of feedback about that stuff. But I do wonder if there is no better solution for the doors as they won't go open, so the hinges are useless.
  7. Maxim I

    [MOC] MAZ-7305 with Emmets ULSDC-Container

    I love how well-thought your MOC is! Packed with nice details, you did an excellent job!
  8. Maxim I

    [MOC] Tintin - The Unicorn by SaltyFish

    It is an absolutely amazing vessel! But I do fear for the likeability, considering the amount of guns. I count 15 on one side + 2 in the back. If only one side is equipped, that still makes 17 guns. 17 guns * 3 euro a gun => 51 euro only for those guns, wich makes it an expensive Lego Ideas set in the eyes of a consumer. A solution like the Silent Mary would ofcourse reduce that price
  9. I used to have an (unautomated) sheet with all (known) locations of vessels, but haven't updated it for a few editions Hopefully when I am more active again, I'll be able to update it (so one day, I can rule over the waves)
  10. Maxim I

    Account Summary

    Bankruptcy? *swims further in his pool of doubloons*
  11. @All: November 30th and December 1st, Brick Mania Antwerp will take place in (obviously) Antwerp, Belgium. As always, it is one of the best opportunities for West-European BoBS/EB members to meet and gather :) Last year, a whopping 11 000 visitors were amazed by our scenes (and the amazing work of other exposants, such as a huge LEGO version of the Antwerp Cathedral). This year, we will again have a History Lay-out. Mostly focussed on Pirates and some side projects (Castle & 1930's). So do you want to do crazy and show your MOC's in Belgium, along with fellow pirates @Legostone, @kabel, @Sebeus I, @Faladrin, @Captain Braunsfeld, @Captain Green Hair and myself, feel free to contact me for further details There is no need to worry about quantity, as it will already be a puzzle to fit all participants in the hall. If this edition comes to early for you, well, keep an eye on the forum in the upcomming months. For BMA 2020, I want to break the old 84 m² Pirate Lay-out record :)
  12. Maxim I

    [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    CHAPTER 2 : Sailing To Destiny Part 3.A : Royals Drano was truely impressive. The vibrant streets made Lord Damaximus think of Terelli. But in a completely different coat. But it was mostly the Great Palace of Dano that caught his interest. From what he heard, it was a difficult choice who to pay a visit to. An audience with the Shogun would be the most interesting for MAESTRO. But he would discover most when talking to the Emperor. And as Prince of Garvey and married to an Eslandolan princess, Lord Maximilian Damaximus had the right papers to request an audience with the Emperor. The journey already lasted long enough, so the sooner they would be at their destination, the better. After a few days spending on visiting Drano, the audience was set up, and Lord Damaximus made sure he looked splendid. By carriage, he was transported to the Great Palace of Drano. Once there he was guided through a long path into the Palace. On both sides of the path, a row with colourfull Samurai were standing and watching every visitor. Lord Damaximus was let into the Throne Room where Emperor Tokiyoshi VII was sitting on his golden throne. Lord Damaximus bowed deeply to the Emperor and after some moments, he took the time to admire the beautifull decorated Throne Room. The heads of 2 dragons (hopefully they were never real) were behind the Throne. Many statues of past heroic Samurai were shown along the sides of the Throne Room. But Damaximus had not only eye for the beauty, he also tried to check if perhaps Shogun Zankoku was present as well. Without succes.
  13. Chapter 6: A fantastic parade The crew became very eager to go home again. But Emmanuel felt the journey was only almost over. Having gained the trust of local officers, he wanted to know what happened to the big fleet. Did they encounter other Halosians or are there other unknown factions closeby? Maybe there would even be opportunities for MAESTRO to sent help if it would appear they are at war? A direct meeting with the King would not be wise yet, but maybe after the parade and seeing the "outlanders", the King would make time for an audience? Anyway, as there was not that much time to prepare the parade, the crew quickly build a parade-wagon with a rowboat. MAESTRO and Eslandolans are adventurers, so that would be the best way to represent them. The parade was absolutely fantastic. Very colourfull with a lot of music, food and drinks. The women were dancing in intersting outfits and the men were competing with eachother to look as important as possible.
  14. Maxim I

    MRCA Deadline March 5

    Too much LUG-work last weeks, could it be possible to have a 2 weeks extension for both my AMRCA's? It would be awesome :)