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  1. Haha again a deadline I did not make 😅👎
  2. Hmm excellent question :) I guess there will be written who attacks who or that a detective can find these things out 😃
  3. As stated by Capt Wolf, it has been brought up and there are some limits to it. Don’t see the possible friction with Oleon in this? Do I miss an event that could explain your thoughts? There is a difference between ports declaring not to share information to authorities (reference: Nassau wich was a port of the British Empire, but for a brief moment was in facto a pirate heaven) and sailing fleets dissapearing from the map constantly (Stealth technology was not yet invented 😃) A black flag vessel sailing in a normal harbor will still be reported to the KPA. It’s not like all of their movements are hidden. Storywise, it makes sense since at this very moment, Eslandola lacks central power to interfere in the shady activities of both settlements due the intern struggle (check the minichallenge). Note that Trador (the capital of MAESTRO is not doing this) I can not understand how this (ref Nassau, but also Garveyan settlements) is comparable with a faction complely hiding their shipmovements. last point to adress this: both settlements are open to black flagged vessels from all factions versus the benefit that only Oleon would gain by hiding movements
  4. Trador - July 622 After the somewhat impossible defeat of both both Margot and Princesse Margot to some small overmanned rafts, MAESTRO decided to focus on creating a new part of the army & navy: Marines. Skilled sailors and excellent fighters. The harsh training focusses both on fighting on land and on sea. To train stability when fighting on a ship, the Marines are put on small rowboats where they have to practise one vs one untill someone slips or ends in the water. General Whitedragon oversees the training. His typical white dragon plume was safely removed from his hat as it was very windy. Will be licenced as 2 companies in the city of Trador --- Elysabethtown - July 622 With the events in the "New Haven Sea" between Lotus Empire and Carno, the turnoil within Eslandola itself with the struggle for power between the King and Count Lewisham and the welcoming of notorious captains to still be able to fill the treasure, the mayor of the settlement of Elysabethtown decided to raise some an extra company of Dragoons. With the flourishing horse ranch producing the finest and strongest horses in the whole region, the Dragoons are a company not to cross when you have bad intentions. And they are also perfect to patrol the coastline. Will be licenced as a companie in the large town of Elysabethtown
  5. Maxim I

    Trade MRCA Deadline - July 19

    Since I have 4 (or more, I can't keep track) damaged vessels, do I have to build 1 moc for each damaged vessel?
  6. Maxim I

    Trade MRCA Deadline - July 19

    Public Service Anouncement MAESTRO PORTS welcome black flagged vessels! Given the current political struggles within Eslandola, the still unknown official status of the island of Berelli and the need for supplies in Damaborg, the harbor authorities of Elysabethtown have succumbed to the continious attempts of bribing of Captain Grey. On the other side of the ocean, the growing settlement of Damaborg is in need of more supplies and inhabitants and prefer food and income (even from pirates) over spilling much needed funds and resources on keeping pirates away. From this moment onwards, the harbor authorities of Elysabethtown (zone 20, value 290) and Damaborg (zone 50, value >80) will not further share the list with anchored vessels to official authorities or even the KPA. As Elysabethtown and Damaborg are still part of Eslandola, the only restriction is that before arriving in the harbor, no Eslandolan vessels were harmed, destroyed or captured. If this would have been the case, the assaultings vessels could be seized by the settlement of Elysabethtown/Damaborg. (OOC: if you want to visit Elysabethtown or Damaborg, don't attack Eslandolan ships that turn). Furthermore the officials from both harbors are warning that within the city walls, Tullips and Pnences are not considered to be legal methods of payment! If certain Black Flagged captains have questions, feel free to contact your local Apple Cider merchant to discuss this further. Official statement of MAESTRO: "Blame it on Count Lewishamilton or whatever his name is. We still are not as corrupt as he is and income will be invested in the development of our settlements and their residents. And Pnences are a fraud just like Tullips. But we do like Gwuinees, they are cute"
  7. Thx! This gives a better view :p Nuttcracker seems nice, hoped for a more functional shako little elf girl has a nice torso
  8. Haven’t seen very decent pictures, but the new CMF’s are looking fabolous for us BOBS-addicts
  9. Great edition! Well not really for my coffin haha. @Capt Wolf: can you check story and results as in the story, it is Princesse Margot sailing with a towed vessel?
  10. Prospecting the rocks around Damaborg
  11. Prospecting the rocks around Damaborg "We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in our mine the whole day through To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what we like to do It ain't no trick to get rich quick If you dig dig dig with a shovel or a pick In a mine! In a mine! In a mine! In a mine! Where a million diamonds shine! We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig from early morn till night We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig up everything in sight We dig up diamonds by the score A thousand rubies, sometimes more But we don't know what we dig 'em for We dig dig dig a-dig dig" It aren't 7 dwarves and there was no beautifull Snowwhite to be seen. And the chance of finding diamonds and rubies is very low, but still the miners were singing this popular song while digging through the rocks. What they would find is still a big mistery, but they knew the importance for MAESTRO. Samples of the rocks are brought to the Intelligence office of Damaborg where they are examined by educated and experienced researchers. Ofcourse MAESTRO hopes for a nice score. Precious metals to be sold at a high price and to fund the exploration of Damaborg. Or very usefull resources to help develop Damaborg and to support the upcoming exploration missions. Keep on digging miners till we find something! As long as it is unclear what will be discovered in the future, soldiers were guarding the miners for their safety. --- This serves as a prospecting build for Damaborg @Ayrlego
  12. Beautifull interior scene!. It looks very realistic, so great job with that!
  13. Great! Has been licenced by Damaborg as a small commerce. Thanks!
  14. Maxim I

    [MOC] Pizza Taxi

    Brilliant idea to use the Lego dice as back of the pizza taxi!
  15. Maxim I

    [ESL-FB] Damaborg Sawmill

    I tried to think about as many aspects of how the whole process would be, so happy you appreciate it Thanks! Great That's making me blushing It should all work if it wasn't digital Thanks! Blades were tiny. There is a Bionical blade that would have been perfect, if it wasn't way too big to be practical haha I also prefered something thin over a solution that was a brick thick. So that's why I went for the round blades. It was also a bit more easy to work out as it makes enless circles and is not something that goes up and down. Hmmm excellent idea haha