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  1. Maxim I

    [OL-FB] Frigate Forte

    Amazing vessel you built here! I love her shape and how you built her (and thechniques you used). great job!
  2. Lord Damaximus followed the discussion. He always admired the passion and enthousiasm of Doctor Ayuda. And Doctor Ayuda is right, Something should be done... but seizing property will make a trade-oriented nation not so popular for future foreign investors. And seizing property in Trador is absolutely off limits as it was a promise to foreign settlers and adventurers that their properties would always stay theirs, even in troubling times. Maybe Damaximus should write this down and pass the note to Guilder
  3. Maxim I

    [OL-FB] Large Wooden Fort in Tarlor

    Amazing wooden fort! Angles and lay-out are looking fantastic! Only nitpick: the wooden walls looks too much copy paste. It is too bad it are rows of 4x1 stacked columns instead of a solid entity
  4. I always enjoy your stories, keep them up! Your building skills have developped a lot since you joined here, so keep that also up :D
  5. Really beautifull fort Evan! I like the white building and its ornaments. Landscaping is also good (but like Ayrlego said, maybe a little bit more foliage would even be better). And a small personal nitpick, I kinda find the building a bit too small for being a Large Fort. I know the footprint of the MOC is qualifying for a Large Fort, but the fort itself looks more medium to me. I am not discussing the EGS status of being a Large Fort (footprints are correct), just the size of the building not being large enough for my idea of "Large".
  6. Lord Maximilian Damaximus, who was taking care of some administration after his long absence and happened to be in the Council building watched al his old friends gathering. Not a council member himself, he was very eager to follow the upcoming discussions. Who could he bribe to translate his own agenda??
  7. Not entirely agreeing with this. I think with the right propaganda, you can find people who 1) doesn't care or 2) were unhappy with previous rule. Won't be the full capacity, but over time, why not... So maybe until the first next round, it counts as hamlet, then village, and so on... With a temporary cap on settlement lvl -1 or lvl/2 as long as it is not officialy ceded?
  8. Maxim I

    [COR-FB] Traffic Jam in Wullham

    Awesome build! Love the marching soldiers being blocked by those sheeps 😄 also very interesting to see the behind the scenes 😀
  9. Haha love the oversized minifigs compared to the micro build :)
  10. Great job with the grass details and the details on the sand! Also excellent photography!
  11. Maxim I

    [SR - FB] Hotel in Tortuga

    I wanted to take my time before replying here. You did an awesome job! Everyone knows the song so from the first words, I was "singing" it :) Also awesome job depicting the song. You have improved a lot since you started here :)
  12. Maxim I

    Fort in Punto Sur

    Sweet fort Kai! Altough, I wonder why not just white headlight bricks with those egg-yellow plates on instead of the strange thing you did now?
  13. Maxim I

    Adventure MRCA

    Maxim I / Trador AMRCA - Origins: i would like to end the Trador part. Only one ship continues, the other 2 are out of AMRCA. Given the time between the previous part and this part, I think I could say the two ships arrived safely at Trador :) The Maxim I part still needs to be build, but will be continued when finding time/inspiration/motivation/... ---------- MAESTRO AMRCA Finally made some time to continue this one :)