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  1. Well, a few months back, I already worked something out about supply and demand, A textile factory in Trador needs cotton from Nova Terelli for example. Even something with setting up and buying pre determined trade routes between cities, giving the owner a monthly income. There would be risks of raids for example. But I kinda put the whole thing in the fridge because The workload for all of this would be way too high.
  2. Hahaha, tbh I also made it after the deadline :p Had not really much time before the deadline. Did it in paint, wich is stupid. So I'll make one in ppt for next time so I really can move the "ships" (wich will be named etc). Code is quite simple so far: Green: Esl Blue: Ole Yellow with blue dot: SR Red: Cor Black: Pirates (but these are rumoured locations based on the rumour section of the KPA)
  3. For those interested: Based on where vessels ended last month:
  4. Hooray! Is there already some news on the AMRCA?
  5. [SR - FB 3 Nov 2017] It's all about expertise

    Absolutely top-notch! It has that vibrant colonial atmosphere. What I like most is the steelwork in your build. I love how realistic it looks :)
  6. The Cocovia Wagonway: Wooden Bridge

    So much to like! Great job Elos!
  7. Amazing! I love how you did the subtle red and green line! You did very well with the interior (all that tiling ) Good luck sailing this beauty!
  8. For the AMRCA. I want to continue my story, but I have to fill in everything again (ships, db's, troops, ...). Am I correct that this is wrong? :)
  9. [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    CHAPTER 1 : TELLVOK Part 3.B : (Maxim I Part) - Stedor Embassy in Madin, Tellvok What to do with that Battalion he brought with him? This was a question he asked himself since the struggles started on board of the Margot. He needed the soldiers to guarantee the safety of Prince Soufianne Scorpi and to guard the commercial property he wanted to build in Tellvok. Lord Maximilian Damaximus dreamed big... A royal property would be so nice... But once arrived in Madin, he had to stop dreaming. The banks were not so keen to lend money to foreigners. A 40% interest makes royal properties way too expensive compared to the New World where there was no interest. And he had not time to discuss terms as he needed to house the soldiers asap. He bought an old estate in the middle of Madin and made it the Stedor Embassy. As he did not need 90 soldiers to guard that building, he split the MAESTRO Golden Stars 2nd Battalion into 3 companies. 1 company to guard the Stedor Embassy, 2 companies to be sent to the border with the Mokolei Empire. He promised 1 company to Prince Soufianne Scorpi, but as the property is not that royal as hoped, Maximilian decided to make it two. Those 2 companies will rotate with the guarding company and fight in the uniforms of the Tellvokian Army. In other words, 2 companies would be mercanaries defending the Tellvokian Border. Prince Soufianne Scorpi still had to discuss with his father if they would pay a rent for those mercenaries or not. In any case Lord Maximilian Damaximus was already happy a part of his army would see action and gain experience in battle. The Stedor Embassy is a huge success. Eslandolan traders opened their market stand at the square and they were selling Pineapples, swords, muskets, bananas, apples, applecider, wine, capes, pigs and even medieval heraldry. Those exotic stuff was very popular by the noblity of Tellvok. The embassy has two gates and some soldiers guarding those to protect the people inside the Embassy it that would ever be necessary. Here we see Prince Soufianne Scorpi visiting the Embassy: A part of the sleep accomodation for the guards: The storage room: Overview: --- Thanks for watching! Will be licenced as a large property by myself :) (paid out of my own pockets, so not the adventure treasury)
  10. Chapter 2: Hoping for the best "Ship ahoy!" Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo saw the vessel in the far distance. It was nothing like he ever saw. Examining ship types was his favourite subject when going to school and he would bet the life of his mother that this vessel wasn't in his schoolbooks. "Mates, we got a few options. One, we sail further into the unknown. We will probably never reach land in time and end up in the sea as shark bait." The sailors nodded their head. No one was really in favour of this. "Option 2: we sail to the closest port, being Mesabi Landing. We will be very welcome there as their leader is sailing together with our leader at the other side of this ocean. But as their leader is away, the chances of being robbed would be high. And we all know they will do something with explosives..." The sailors nodded again... They didn't forget the passage of the WTC marines in Trador a few months ago. Emanuel looked to the sailors. Happy to see them agreeing. He was sure the WTC would not be that bad. But how would he explain this to his family? They would laugh with him for years... He would rather go with option one than option two... "And there is option 3. That vessel in the far distance... We don't know what they are, who they are and what their intentions are. They could be bloody pirates! But they can also be merchants from a foreign civilization. My proposal is to ask for help! If they are pirates, well they are going to rob us and probably put us in a prison. Anyway, it is the start of a real adventure! We will meet people no one else in the Madrice Peninsuala has met! We will become legends!" "Hooray!!" the sailors yelled! "Bootsmate, fly the white flag!" "Sorry captain, but I fear we forgot that flag at home..." Emanuel was striken for a moment. He looked around and then he saw the cook... "Cook! I am happy we can give you another job than only making food and pretzels! Show us your muscles and play flag!" The cook was looking to the captain if he was a fool. But he saw he would lose this discussion and as the situation was far from optimal, he climbed the mast... On the deck, Emanuel ordered to put all the drinks on a table. Those foreigners would not know the apple cider, wine and rum and hopefully, they would be more interested in the drinks than in the sailors and the Mahogany... All Emanuel could do now was cross his fingers and hope it were not bloody pirates... ....
  11. [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    CHAPTER 1 : TELLVOK Part 2.A : (Trador Part) - Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture in Madin, Tellvok The trip to Tellvok was pure horror. Due to a miscommunication with the Naval officials in Stedor, the vessels were overcrowded. It didn't took long before the sailors became frustrated at the soldiers for walking in their way and consuming too much food. Lord Maximilian Damaximus had to calm down everyone on board of the Margot or they would have lost the ship. Once arrived in Madin, Maximilian directly started looking for some real estate to house the troops. One of the first buildings he bought, was a small palace close to the Royal Palace of Madin. This would be perfect for the Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture and could serve as a Trador Embassy as well. He gave Seif Calli the charge over the building. A small platoon that was on board of the Prince Of Stedor would guard over the building from now on off. Lord Maximilian Damaximus hasn't seen Prince Soufianne Scorpi since they arrived in Madin. Keeping the order was more important right now. Once the Trador Agency opened it doors, Prince Soufianne, made a visit and invited Maximilian for a huge dinner in the royal palace of Madin. Maximilian thankfully accepted the invite and invited Prince Soufianne to visit the Stedor Embassy in the meantime. - - - - - Will be licenced by Trador as a small Art & Culture in Tellvok
  12. General Samu "Whitedragon" nodded his head after hearing the ETWC delegation. "I would like to agree with the fact that we should equally tax Oleon vessels as they will tax us. So a 25% for all Oleon vessels would be fine by me. However, as it seems that Corrington is not planning to tax our ships, maybe we should work out a 'trade rights' system with them? I have no idea tbh where to place Sea Rats. I don't feel very welcome in their ports to be honest". Sir Yohannes Ethiximus: " I agree with the 25% tax rate for Oleon vessels as well. But in addition, I am playing with an additional city tax for Trador. All vessels need to send in advance wether they will visit our port or not (to make sure there is no over capacity). The vessels with Trador trade rights (Trador Merchant Quay property or Soccer Cup property or any other Trador property) have no harbour taxes to be paid, unless they did not warn in advance, what would be a 10% penalty. Foreign vessels without trade rights will automatically face a 10% tax, even 20% if they did not warn in advance. The national taxes would be added on these city taxes. So yes, Oleon vessels without Trador trade rights would face a 35% Tax..."
  13. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Still want to see some good old fashioned toe hanging as you started the month being bankrupt :D
  14. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Isn't @Kolonialbeamter supposed to be hung on his toes? He has a debt of almost 1000 db's and the month is already over
  15. (GBW- CP4) Filace - Dockyard Ambush

    Great action! I really enjoyed the minifig posing and the background you made for this story!