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  1. Maxim I

    Writing for Peace

    Bert Nice interieur scène! you are right about Mpya Stedor :) My New sigfigs vessel is still floating around in the ocean :) hope to arrive next Month :)
  2. Maxim I

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I don't put my money on a second CMF WW wave soon. There are not that many characters missing atm (considering the Bricktober pack and the Micro Diagon Alley). Has anyone a list of (possible) missing minifigures?
  3. Hooray, Gabe is also back!! :)
  4. Welcome to all new (well at least for me new) Guild members
  5. Can one use a MOC for both a property and a troop raising thing? If I make a MOC of troops in Trador visiting a bakery, can I use it for both? Otherwise I fear it will be kinda boring...
  6. Aha, so that means that if I want to establish an army, I need to recruit every month 60 soldiers in Trador for example? I thought the rules were: a settlement can recruit max a number of troops regarding its size (for itself), but players still can recruit limitless.
  7. Maxim I

    GoH Book III

    Not sure if @TitusV has already asked this or started recruiting, but for safety: Just like every year, this year there is the mega awesome Brick Mania Antwerp (which takes place in Antwerp, Belgium, Europe). There will be an awesome Pirates display and I am sure Titus wants to beat us making an even more awesome Castle (GoH) display. It is also the perfect chance to meet some notorious Castle & Pirate builders! Will attend for sure: @Maxim I, @TitusV, @Sebeus I, @kabel, @Faladrin, @Legostone, @Captain Green Hair, @Exetrius, @Captain Braunsfeld and many more :) Date: the weekend of the 25th November. For more information or signing up: pm me
  8. Maxim I

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Interesting *throws some money in the air*
  9. Somewhere far away, just outside the City of M'Ximus (capital of Ximus, on the Eilandica continent), a fleet of Carracks left port. While most sailors were waving to friends and families, a young man was on the forecastle of the vessel, staring to an unseen point in the distance. Little did he know about the destination they were going to. He was only just born when he and his mom fled the chaos of Kaliphlin. His father, being a High Lord of Kaliphlin, feared for the safety of his family as he opposed the new Kaliphlin ruler. All the boy knows is that the ruler still is in charge of Kaliphlin and that King Mattiximus (King of Ximus) received a note concerning the disappearance of his brother (the young boy's father). King Mattiximus ordered a fleet and brought together a fine army. Somewhere far in the distance lays the port of Mpya Stedor, their destiny and the home of the young boy. Little did he know what they will find when arriving, but he was looking forward to it. His first big adventure would begin. Admiral Bostoximus gave a small knock on the shoulder of the young boy, bringing him back to reality. "My Lord Gothe, son of Damaximus, adventure begins in a few weeks. I hope you are prepared as it will start the moment we set foot on the ground of Kaliphlin. A messager has already warned the necessary persons of our future arrival." Gothe, son of Damaximus, looked to the already aged Admiral and nodded. Mpya Stedor is the legacy of his father and he will reclaim it for sure. And as a true Alleenridder, he will take up the quest to retrieve his father. ------------------------------ So mates, it looks like a return from the Ximus dynasty in Kaliphlin :) I know I have vanished from a while, hence the disappearance of Lord Dama( of )Ximus, my old character. What happened to him, I have no clue yet, future will tell. His hidden son, Gothe, has just left the Ximian homelands to reclaim the city of Mpya Stedor. What he will find there, I have no clue neither. The real life Mpya Stedor has been destroyed already, so perhaps time to build something new? It will be a few weeks before I finally arrive in Kaliphlin as I have no building possibilities before October... Looking forward to it!
  10. I do think that transferring money over ships will make it way more interesting for Black Flag etc... See it as the Silver and Gold transports Spain and Portugal did between Latin-America and Europe... I know it will bring an extra (complex) layer to the game, but it would give more RPG elements to it as well... More banks popping up to make safer transactions possible. For example: Bank of Trador has a quarter in Trador and Breshaun, both with a reserve of 1000 db's. When I transfer (500 db's) to someone in or around Breshaun, (or have to pay a bill in Breshaun), I transfer 500 db's to the Bank of Trador in Trador (total reserve in Trador: 1500). The Bank of Trador pays the recipient 500 Db's (total reserve in Breshaun: 500 db's). For this service, I pay x% to the Bank of Trador. Every now and then the Bank of Trador will have to charter a fleet to transfer funds from one location to another. Further worked out. Bank of Trador active in Breshaun (500 db's), Fuerto Unido (1000 db's) and Trador (1500 db's) Bank of Corrington also active in Breshaun (1250 db's), Jameston (1000 db's) and Trador (500 db's). => Both banks can make a trade to make their reserves more even. => Or Bank of Corrington can receive a transfer request (800 db's) in Jameston (to be sent to Fuerto Unido) and asks the Bank of Trador if they can pay out. Administration notes a debt from the Bank of Corrington towards the Bank of Trador of xxx db's. This can become more interesting when raiding a settlement can give more reward than the Town Bank alone. Let's be honest, when pirates raid a settlement, they don't only loot the Town Bank, but also raid every house they come across. So they got a 1/10 chance to succesfully raid a Bank (for each Bank) active in that settlement. And a 1/10 chance to successfully raid the house of other players (meaning they can steal a random part of other players funds). It would mean that it is safer for players to put their money in the Bank as the Bank always guarantees repaying debts even when raided. Banks will have to find insurances (insurance companies finally having some sort of meaning). More money being moved in the game. And a lot more to gain for raiders than a meagre 400 db's when raiding a decent fortified city. ==> as a side note, I would add a 1.1=>2 modifier for raiding settlements ansich. As said, you don't only raid a Town Bank but also shops and houses of NPC's
  11. This is something I can only support (transferring money via ships). But where do you will draw the line? Trador transferred to the Bank of Corrington. Does this means that from now on off, every transaction of the BoC will require a vessel? When sending money from player to player, does this needs a vessel as well? It would be another option that Banks can be raided as well. But how to put this in the game? Anyway, I honestly thought that Town Bank and Available Funds are two different things. 50% of the income goes to the Town Bank, the other to available funds, right? So there still should be 750 db's in the Townbank of Trador...
  12. I haven't loaned the DB's of Trador to a player account, but put them in the safe Bank of Corrington, so it still is in the game :) I could have licenced soldiers with it, that's true, but as said earlier, I can't do much more than photographing figs on a table right now... I could LDD build a fort. And I have been tempted to finish my big digital fortress (which I started months ago), but I decided for myself (also months ago) that I am not licencing a digital MOC without a real brick sidebuild. So yes it sucks very hard for me right now and it will be the same the next MRCA and perhaps even the one after that. The only thing I can do is sent some vessels on a Trade Run. I can't continue my AMRCA's, not expand my fleet or my property imperium. So that's why I set up an account for Trador in the BoC. If someone raids Trador, well good for them, but I can't respond within 2 or 3 months.
  13. Maxim I

    [COR-FB] The BoC

    The city of Trador has set up an account and transferred 750 db's. We hope you'll guard it well. Sir Yohannes Ethiximus, Mayor of Trador
  14. I guess they are going to make multpile forts and licence them together as one bigger large fort :) I like where this is heading to!
  15. Wasted, wasted wasted :p A loan is never wasted :p we see it as an investment :D