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  1. Flying Dutchman WIP

    for the small guns, you have to switch the 1x1 round bricks 180° :p
  2. @Bregir: that's one big vessel :D @Elostirion: sweet details! @Mesabi: looks big and impressive :)
  3. I really like where this is going to! Please keep continuing :D
  4. Claimed mine :)
  5. With the evergrowing economy in Trador, MAESTRO founded a warehouse in Puerto Desafio. Due to its central location, it was the perfect base to trade with the surrounding villages. --- Will be licenced as a large commercial property (Challenge 5 (Eslandola) free licence/price for participating in every category) The road was really a struggle :p
  6. Very cool builds! It gives a certain classic feeling :)
  7. Augustus Freebuilds New Haven School & Blues Inn | Maxim I | Eslandola MAESTRO Warehouse Puerto Desafio | Maxim I | Eslandola
  8. To be licenced by Corrington, courtesy of Eslandola
  9. As a man of its word, Lord Maximilian Damaximus sent some workers to New Haven as well to help developping the new Haven for refugees. As the housing projects started to turn out very colourfull, the architect continued this style and designed a school and an inn for New Haven. The school, in the red, was very much needed to keep giving chances to the refugees and to teach them the laws of Corrington. After a hard day of study and much information, the citizens can take a break in the Blues Inn next door. --- Property can be licenced by Corrington as a small education and a small artisan. --- This was a fun build :)
  10. Thanks :) It was some struggling for the pulley :) It is my goal to become the first city in the Prio Seas :D Apples are the best :D Thanks :D
  11. The Pied Piper of Bardo

    Very cool build! I started the one for Elysabethtown yesterday, but got carried away...