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  1. [COR] HMS Windblown - Class 2

    @Flavius Gratian check my Gotheborg (recently posted some teasers :p ). I even have to do the ratlines :p I think I easily spent 25 hours (probably more) on rigging alone :)
  2. It almost looks like the original architect of Quinnville himself has returned. Excellent job as it fits very nicely! Also great part use!
  3. [COR] HMS Windblown - Class 2

    That is a very nice executed small vessel and a very fine attempt on basic rigging. I do follow the feedback that the bow should be not as abrupt compared to the side of the vessel. I think it would be nicer if there was a smooth curved line :)
  4. No need for being concerned :D Keep preaching and praying :D Hmm, gonna check if I have more pictures of them. But those will probably be posted in the general Pirate Forum. Maybe next week :) The tower was made by fellow BELUG-member Peter G. Me too :D but that means I have to finish the bloody ratlines.... Thanks! The vomiting guy was a joke as the sailor was intended to just peep out of the canon hole. The Oleon officer tied on the mast is the sigfig of @Sebeus I (who attended the event as well). He didn't like it to see his fig being tied up. But we had a lot of fun with it!
  5. (MOC) Fall of Constantinople

    This looks very promising! Try uploading pictures using Flickr or Brickshelf for example. Uploading pictures directly to Eurobricks isn't really recommended :)
  6. [MOC] Roman army going to war

    That's a great Roman diorama! The temple could use some more decoration I guess, but neverthless, it looks good :)
  7. [WIP] Still Nocturnian work :-) Orc Fortress

    Great to see you are still alive and kicking! :) This is amazing so far! Keep on exanding!
  8. Great job Mesabi! It does looks very realistic. The only thing that is not so realistic is that the thick lines are only intercolonial trade routes. In other words, the goods are being transported between colonial cities and not between the colonies and the Old World.
  9. --------------------------------------------- Gotheborg (Maxim I) ------------------------------------------------------------------ April 15th 618 AE Captain Bruno Proximus could not sleep well. He was so excited about the big day tomorrow. After years of loyal service to MAESTRO, commanding smaller trade vessels, he was now given command over the Gotheborg. The biggest vessel in the MAESTRO fleet so far. Named after the oldest fortress of Stedor, located near the harbour: Gotheburgt (translated: Fortress of Gothe, who was the son of Dama of Ximus, who founded Stedor). to A beautifull class 8 New Terraman, armed with 30 guns. In his imagination, he already could see himself standing on the stern, overwatching the vessel. In his dreams, an Oleon officer somehow managed to get tied to the mast, while an Oleon sailor was sea sick. But more important, Lord Maximilian Damaximus and his wife were also on board, approving the qualities of Captain Bruno Proximus. Such a nice dream... But it still is a dream, as the real version luckily has a rudder... --------------------------------------------- La Comète (Legostone) ------------------------------------------------------------------ While dreaming, an other new MAESTRO vessel joined the trip. La Comète, a powerfull heavy frigate with amazing details. Built by the never stopping ship warves of Jerome Monezterrel ( @Legostone ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching! For full pics of the Gotheborg you will have to wait a little bit. I hope you enjoy the teasers! Gotheborg will be licenced as a Class 8 by me La Comète as a class 6 (by Legostone)
  10. [MOC] Who broke his leg? A modular Hospital

    Amazing clinic you made!! I love all the details you put into it! Great job!
  11. [SR-FB] A visitor halts production.

    Nice job on the photography!! I am curious where this will lead to :)
  12. Eslandola is fairly simple: the more gold in the uniform, the higher the prestige of the person who wears it There are some exceptions ofcourse As the army of Eslandola consists of privatly owned troops, there is not really a need for regulations :) Just like we are not going to ask such a thing of Sea Rats :D
  13. It makes more sense if you consider 1,2&3 to be the hilt :D it is a sabre swooshing down
  14. I guess to mark the difference between Oleon and Corrington Glad I am Eslandolan, most of my captains wear golden epaulettes