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  1. Adventure MCRA Discussion

    You are welcome. It complicates stuff for me as well, hence my proposal to sail together when possible. I mean, we don't know how hostile nations like Tellvok, Pan & Salleek are towards us. I see them as a sort of Middle Eastern nations with at least some of them comparable to the Barbary States. About the size, I fear that's very difficult to say. Corrington measures a 1400x650 miles Mardier measures a 900x500 miles Torrach Bonn (an Eslandolan Island in the Sea of Storms) measures 150x150 miles. The boundaries of the Mokolei Empire are not explored yet. Maybe your first mission could be trading world maps with the Mokolei Empire :p I really wonder who will be the first one who sails around the world :) @Bregir, @SkaForHire and the other game masters. May we conclude the 3 kingdoms East of the Mokolei Empire are not allies of the Mokolei Empire and could be at a permanent state of war with this empire? I would find it surprising that the "Mokolei Empire and allied states" have no interest in those smaller kingdoms.
  2. Adventure MCRA Discussion

    I am planning to go the far south as well. But that will take me multiple months. As we don't know much about the regions we will pass, maybe we can sail together for a while, Count Mesabi? At least till my first stop in Tellvok, where I hope to find more information about an event 500 years ago? The more vessels, the safer our trip. If others want to join my/our trip, feel free! Ps, don't forget this mention in the KPA a few months back:
  3. There are many things I really like in this Frigate Bodi! Does Oleon still knows what to do with all those warships? :p
  4. Genius idea! The build itself looks very vibrant, so great job with that!
  5. [WTC ] No witness

    I had a first "very nice" moment when sawing the cutter. But the turtle was the "Wow" moment in this build :D Very fun story as well!
  6. [NTSC] Visiting Casa De Flores

    Great you enjoy it so much :D Hahaha that might be true :p Folklore at its best :p Thanks! :D The wine wasn't that succesfull for the soccerteams indeed... Oh well, at least they enjoyed their stay :D The pont was the most mindcracking thing to build :p Erm, one of the hats if from the CMF Judge, the other one once belonged to a certain POTC captain Barbossa. You got also the brown hairpiece of QuinQon Jin (SW)
  7. [COR-FB1] Trador Bar

    I really enjoy your minifig posing :p It always look like a wacko bunch of soldieres :p
  8. @blackdeathgr, @Ayrlego, @Bodi, @SilentWolf, @MKJoshA, @Faladrin, @Mesabi, @dr_spock, @Captain Braunsfeld, @Capt Wolf I have transferred the rewards for participating (and winning if that is the case) to your accounts. Thank you very much for participating! @all: I am very happy with your positive feedback! It was a pleasure to organise it!
  9. Adventure MCRA Discussion

    I am going to send a vessel South as well. More about this will be revealed the upcomming weeks weeks when I publish the background of my own ERA II Quest.
  10. I am very sory for this. but on the bright side, it is better to have them now then after a decission already being made. And to be clear, all of this is not personal. I am really looking forward meeting Bregir this weekend IRL at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend :)
  11. Well, then I am going to work about the official declaration. You are right it never has been declared official, but to be honest, this is what I considered to be granted, reading the description of the Challenge and the results, Here I am not agreeing with you. Eslandola was in a state of war with Mardier. So why do you expect Eslandola to claim in front of everyone (and Mardier): "hey guys, we paid 500 db's to Garvey so they will do the next move. Oh and please, act like you don't know when this action happens". The reason for this payment is known by SkaForHire, the game master of those events... Don't forget the whole RNTC thing was because I spotted the transaction between RNTC and Mardier. They never publicly declared what it was for and even denied it in the beginning. This is a game where we agreed we try to talk as much IC as possible. I don't ask of Corrington to publish a report of every action they planned in a MRCA. These are the behind the scheme stuff that makes the game interesting. So yes, no-one heard about the money Garvey received, and no, I never said it is part of the known BOBS Lore as it was a secret transaction. But if evaluating the Garvey-Eslandola relations, it is something that should be known, and it was known by the game masters back then. See my reaction to SilentWolf. If you interpret events, you should know everything as gamemaster. The gamemaster who monitorred the KPA, knew about the transaction of money. The players of BoBS should not know as it was a secret payment. As you say, this game is much more than simply EGS. Why does a Corrington gamemaster need to define how Garvey reacted to a deal they made with Eslandola, without him knowing what was agreed upon. If those who set up the alliance with Garvey promised a part of the island to Garvey, then I completely understand your reaction, but that never was a part of the deal. I find it very alarming that you as gamemaster would interpret the relations between Garvey and Eslandola as 'not that strong because Garvey would be lukewarm'. It is your opinion as someone who does not know the whole story. I don't want to say you are lying, because you can't lie if you don't know the whole story, but claiming certain stuff that you don't know about, can result in a lie, even if wasn't volutary. Your statement of " (Garvey got nothing from the war, for instance) " does not match the truth as is proven.
  12. What, am I now again the one who has to satisfy you? I don't own you nothing. You are the one who suggests two times in the same post that Eslandola owes Garvey a piece of the island. As stated, we never promised Garvey a part of the island. They helped us and for their help they are rewarded. About the financial part, I will use the tactic of RNTC, the tactic of silence. But if you want, go ahead and check the March 617 summary, you'll see Garvey received a sum of 500 db's. As you can see here, Garvey gets the credits for taking over the Tuna Fishing. Eslandolan soldiers helped with Garvey for this. I see nowhere that Eslandola controls the Tuna Industry now as a result of Cat D, so why should we officialy state we give that monopoly to Garvey? We helped Garvey establishing that monopoly, just like they helped us conquering the island. I really don't get the Corrington frustration. We were at war long before KPA started, we invaded their island to secure our islands. Corrington sent an army as well to that island to secure their interests (but if I remember correctly, you were not at war with Mardier, so you sent troops to occupy lands of a neutral faction). We fought for the island and weren't affraid of the Mardier Revenge. (do I have to remind you of the blockaded and raided Eslandolan ports during the war) How can we secure our islands and our area of influence if we have to give a part of it to another nation? Why envying that island when you already have the largest mass in the new world? Last time I checked, it still is smaller than almost 4/7 of your other islands. To conclude, Eslandola made a deal with Garvey, a deal with benefits for both parties.
  13. Not completely true ;) They now have the monopoly over the Tuna Fishing industry (as a result of Eslandola winning one of the parts of Chal V). So they now control the Tuna business, a very profitable business as it was this that funded Mardier for decades. Also, Garvey has a property in Trador (a gift from me) and was able to participate in the NTSC (also a gift from me, I could have sent another MAESTRO Squad in). It may be true this didn't translate in a piece of the island for Garvey, but giving a part of the island to Garvey wasn't a part of the deal in the first place. Garvey was just like Eslandola already at war with Mardier, and we combined forces. There is also a nice sum paid to Garvey for their help in certain battles. Stating that Eslandola didn't reward Garvey for their effort and the whole alliance was one-sided is a nothing more than a lie and can be seen as spreading anti-Eslandola propaganda. Oh, and before you start claiming that Eslandola was not at war with Mardier before KPA happened: This was an official declaration of war (this was when Eslandola helped Prio in their fight, long before KPA).
  14. I think this is also what is going to happen :) In the beginning of BoBS, there were a few skirmishes between the 4 PC factions and some NPC factions. The NPC factions were represented by 3 random BoBs players to build for the NPC faction. In the end, a vote determined what side won. I think/hope something will be similar here. All those NPC factions can be represented by gamemasters and BoBS leaders. And by dices as well ofcourse. If you discover a new place, you got some options I can think off: Start trade relations (to be determined by the game master / dice). It is stupid to let other players determine if that newly discovered faction is hostile or not. Conquer. Here the other players can play the NPC and through a serie of builds, it will be determined who wins. Ofcourse some events determined by dice rolls can occur. --- What I would like to see however is some kind of nation influence points. By setting up agreements, building in a NPC faction, helping them in wars, having alliances, founding embassies, ..., players can collect NIP's from that faction. The player with the most NIP's can "influence" that faction. Real life: see it as a company/person having so much influence over another entity, it can influence the other entity their actions. examples: 2 players are racing against eachother to gain as much influence over a region as possible. The moment one of the two has the necessary influence, they can ally with the region or even force the region to seize all belongings of the other player. In the latter case, this will be catastrophal for the relations between both players. a player has enough influence in a region, it can start a rebellion against the current owners of the region. When discovering a new region/faction, a player can "claim" that faction, declaring all other players that building up an amount of influence over this region, can result in diplomatic trouble. other players can evaluate if the region/faction is interesting enough to start a war with the faction/player claiming the newly discovered faction/region. The larger the faction/region, the more NIP's a player need to have some sort of influence. inspiration: Imperial Glory Once a nation likes you enough, it joins you in wars and if you have the max number of influence, it becomes a part of your nation.
  15. It is up to you to discover those other worlds! We have received our start map last ERA and we explored a bit of the world in the east. In ERA II, we have the chance to discover the map in any direction we want! So feel free to send missions to the most southwestern part possible to map and explore the world :) Those areas are already on a map, a map that is not available for public as long as no-one explores that region. It is a very interactive world we live in, so go ahead and explore! The only thing we agreed on since the beginning is not to include slavery in BOBS.