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Found 22 results

  1. I built an Architecture model of Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, Germany, the former summer residence of Prussian king Frederick the Great. It was built in the 1740s in the style of Rococo based on plans by architect Georg Wenzelslaus von Knobelsdorff and is a UNESCO World Heritage site, together with the rest of Sanssouci Park and its other palaces and gardens. The scale of the model is about 1:275. While the palace is often compared to Versailles, it is a lot smaller and more intimate, as it was deliberately intended for more residential purposes rather than mere representation of luxury. Though, even with less than 1900 parts, with more than 64x32 studs maximum its footprint is still relatively large for an Architecture model. The model is not built all too complicatedly. The playful Rococo flair primarily lives from the colour composition and the plate modifieds in the roof balustrades emulating the sandstone vases. And this part was also the primary problem with the model, as those good old 1x4 fences are extremely rare in tan and the model needs almost 50 of them. But I liked the design too much when I realized how rare they actually are, so I just tried to collect enough of them over time. That's why the project was in the works for about 20 months. However, I have also included a version with grey balustrades on Rebrickable, which is a lot easier to assemble, albeit IMHO not as beautiful and stylistically coherent as the tan version. I'm especially satisfied with how the colonnades on the nothern side turned out. Luckily, the proportions of the circle fit rather well to the not too small roof pieces and the whole column pattern worked out perfectly (it's even the correct number of columns, if you treat one LEGO column as one column pair from the original). Unfortunately, though, the model doesn't include the height changes of the terrain outside of the colonnades, but that's ultimately the compromise of a free-standing Architecture model and is mitigated a little by the rather tightly cut base. I also chose to integrate lighting again, unfortunately only possible for the main wing, though. With 5 LEDs the whole things is sufficiently lit and the power cable can be led to the back under the base, where it leaves the base through a little gap in the frame. There are building instructions for the model on Rebrickable.
  2. MasterStud

    [MOC] Indian Palace

    The Front of the Palace New Female Characters All the set displayed Back of the set Back of the Set Zoomed Elephant Top of the Tower Minifigures Indian Minifigures Sultan Army If you like it, it is also a LEGO ideas set. It has 238 supporters out of 10,000 at the time of this post.
  3. Hello Eurobricks! I present a small vignette based on Hollow Knight videogame: It depicts the Pale King, the ruler of the bug kingdom of Hallownest, in his White Palace. At the present time in the game, he disappeared with his whereabouts unknown, and the palace was destroyed. But the main character, the Knight, gets to the White Palace in the Dream World to complete hard challenges and to retrieve the second half of the magical charm, the Kingsoul. And the King's residence is loaded with buzzsaws, lots of them! Why did the Pale King put them in his palace? Nobody knows. As he said, "No cost too great..." The buzzsaw is moving on the picture, and this is not CGI. I actually was rotating it while filming. That's how the White Palace and the buzzsaws look in-game: Here are some technical photos of the MOC.
  4. Flobnomdob

    [MOC] Ballroom

    Here's a day's build, first complete model in a while from me. The experiment here was using old, yellowed 'white' bricks alongside modern tan ones for a more aged texture. The mirror is a badly-applied sticker on a Friends set found in a charity shop, so I had to build a chunky frame to hide the edges. The baseplate here was an old, broken one too, which prompted me to try to build this glorified shield display stand from parts in my collection that would never otherwise be appreciated. Comments welcomed, enjoy!
  5. Morty

    MOC: Amalienborg

    Amalienborg project is built by 6 persons (me from Norway and 5 from Denmark). First event for the total moc/layout was at LEGO World Copenhagen last week. It is a line of Copenhagen from the Opera to Marmor Church with the royale palace (4 Palè) in the middle. Total layout is 13 x 47,5 baseplates (about 3,35 x 12,16 meters). We have used 1 year on this layout (started after LEGO World last year - Marmor Church and the royale ship is build earlier). The total moc/layout has moore that 1 million bricks. Huge thank`s to the rest of the group/team for making this possible! Thank`s to Eiker86 for pictures and Anders L. for video
  6. Hi guys, I have just finished another Star Wars MOC. This time I wanted to mess around with the idea of forced perspective and decided to recreate one of my favourite shots from Return of the Jedi. As with all my micro mocs I wanted to stick to the 16x16 base, which in this instance was quite a challenge but eventually I managed to find a way to fit everything I wanted into the scene. The colour palette choice for Jabba's Palace was partly based on the official lego sets of "Jabba's Palace' and 'Rancor Pit' especially the dark grey base for the Palace to sit atop but I decided to go with darker colours for the Palace itself similar to the actual scene from the film. Finally I have recently got hold of the Boushh mini fig (one of my favourites) and so wanted to incorporate her somehow. I then had the idea that Chewie and Liea would have walked the same route to get to Jabba's Palace and so changed the sky to a sunset scene to reflect the time of day they arrived at the Palace. Which do you prefer? C3P0 and R2 or Boushh and Chewie? Also I am thinking of doing some more scenes similar to this, incorporating micro builds and mini figs but wondered if people liked this style? Should I stick to the micro landscapes I have been building or do more scenes in this style?
  7. Small Palace of Trador Excitement was taking place on the streets of Trador. It received the Town status and rumours spreaded around that today, the 30th November 616 AE, the mayor will be appointed by Lord Maximilian Damaximus. Inside the newly build Small Palace, the Town Council gathered, discussing the latest events. At the first floor of the Small Palace, Maximilian and Margot took residence for the time being... Margot: So it is official now, my father lost his power... Maximilian: Yes my dear, but he still will have a function in the Continental Council. And at least, he still is our king. Margot: Do you think there will be a point in the future where the republicans will remove the crown from our family? Maximilian: not as long as there are royalists and not at all as long as I live. When I received the charter for MAESTRO, I promised your father to make sure of the continuity of the Eslandolan Crown. Margot: I hope the Fontonajo family, who is without any doubt the richest family in these new lands, will keep the things as they are now agreed upon. Maximilian: Roman is a very wise man and he has connections in every corner of the New World, but only in the New World. Your dynasty still has a lot of support in the Old World. Margot: So I am a princess in the Old World, but not anymore in Nova Terelli? Maximilian: Even in Nova Terelli, you will be treated as a Princess by most people. There still are royalists there. As far as I know, Roman hasn't conquered the Royal Fortress of Nova Terelli where your good friend the Viceroy has his residence. Margot smiles Maximilian: As long as Stedor and Trador stand, your father will be King here. Without powers ofcourse, but still... Margot: And Elysabethtown? Maximilian: He will be treated with respect. But I would not count Lady Elysabeth as a true royalist. Luckily her husband, Lord Tomvaximus, is loyal to us... Talking about Lord Tomvaximus, I hear he has arrived downstairs. My beautifull princess, I fear I will have to leave you for some hours. When leaving the room, Maximilian quickly looked around. The armour next to the balcony was a beautifull gift he received from the befriended Viking Tribe. The Royal Princess Guards he received from his father-in-law could have been puppets as well, so fiercly they were standing for hours without moving a finger. At the Council Room, Maximilian Damaximus was waiting for a few Council members to arrive... In the meantime, a musician was playing the Orchan and a service maid was looking for beverage. A beautifull shining armour received from MAESTRO Corrington was decorating the room. A few hours later, Lord Maximilian Damaximus left the Small Palace. at the square in front of the palace, he declared Sir Yohannes Ethiximus to be mayor of Trador. Yohannes made fame in Stedor as brilliant politicus. The perfect guy to be the right hand of Maximilian at Trador. And one more romantic picture with Lord Maximilian Damaximus and Princess Margot of Eslandola and those cool Royal Princess Guards. ------ Thanks for watching! C&C welcome! Made for Cat 3 of the Mini Challenge (Eslandola). Will be licenced as medium residence
  8. In one of the numerous ministry buildings in Belson, heavy issue were on the agenda. Representatives of the Royal Navy, her Majesty's Armed Forces, the Foreign Ministry, and the Crown convened to discuss current events and the proper Corlander response. The building was a rather grandiose palazzo in the modern style, with an imposing, elaborate façade, facing one of the larger streets of Belson. Few knew exactly what was going on inside this building, or what ministry it was related to, but at all times, two soldiers were stationed outside, guarding the entrance and only letting in those with an explicit invitation, suggesting that confidential matters might be involved. Right at this moment, such a guest was arriving, donning the official uniform of the Eslandian armed forces. Oddly enough, inside a representative of Oleon had also just arrived, and was being welcome by an assistant at the door. What matters might require the presence of both Eslandian and Olean representatives? Upstairs, an answer was to be found. A rear-admiral was expressing concerns about developments in the naval balance of power. "…but with the newly despatched Man-of-war the Triton adding to the existing forces including the HRS Tigre, the Royal Navy can no longer be expected to counter a possible aggression from Oleon. Not without further commitment of forces." All around, the officials were nodding, and the rear-admiral continued: "And Eslandian fleets leave us in a similar predicament. Especially Maestro is in possession of considerable forces, amongst those the Margot. To that, we can add the multitude of privateers and minor powers, attacking our trade…" Her Majesty's representative interjected: "But did not the pirate purge sweep up a great many pirates?" "Indeed, my lord, but despite continuous joint efforts, privateers seem to reappear as swiftly as we can catch them." The general took the word. "I too have ill-tidings. Word has just reached us that Eslandola seems to have invaded Isla de Victoria..." An elderly gentleman in black from the Foreign Ministry cried out in shock: "Oh dear. Although they are nominally at war with Mardier, we were not expecting them to commit to actual fighting! I doubt Mardier will allow such an incursion. And what of the shift in the balance of power in New Terra? What colonies will be next?" "Perhaps King Fernando-Augusto is so confident that his treasure fleets will fill his coffers for war?" the Royal representative suggested. "Bah! Their negligence in keeping its movements confidential means that any tub that floats will be out there hunting the prize of the century," said the admiral, shaking his head. "So be it. Considering their positions in our current diplomatic negotiations, we cannot intervene to their advantage. And should they persist in their efforts to unlawfully claim land in New Terra, we must consider diplomatic action," declared the man in black, followed by nods all around. "The Crown has come to the understanding that we may see improvements in our relations to Oleon? Are the negotiations proceeding as planned?" the Royal Representative asked. "Nothing is certain, but the tides might be changing..." was the ominous answer. And so the discussion went on, only interrupted by short interviews with the Olean and Eslandian representatives, and one can only speculate as to the outcome. It was indeed a turbulent time... ________________________________________________________________________________ Felt like building a palace style building, and with the recent developments in New Terra, I was handed a perfect use for it, as I feel that these needed comment. Know that Corrington watches closely the balance of power in New Terra, and expects anyone to answer to their actions! And note that the things discussed by these officials are not necessarily the official stance of Corrington, but definitely represents our valid concerns... C&C is, as always welcome.
  9. Ilija Simon

    [MOC] Diocletian's palace

    Dear EuroBickers, let me share with you my Lego Ideas project which is submitted for voting on 19.04.2016. and currently has 1.439 votes with 488 days to go. The creation is Lego Diocletian's Palace from 305. AD and it represents one of the world best preserved Roman monuments and it is part of the UNESCO heritage. Also, nowdays it is the center of my hometown, Split, Croatia. -snip- Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think about my project!
  10. A brilliant idea! But that's not what she said... The King of Carno leaned back on his throne. It was a fine day, and the king had his mind running on a bunch of odd topics, including that of diplomacy. It seemed that his ambassador to Corrington had been quite worthless, and that really needed to be fixed. Suddenly it struck the King of Carno that an alliance with that nation would be just the thing to have, and that a perfect way to accomplish such an alliance would be to marry Queen Annette, who, however, he knew absolutely nothing about. Nothing daunted, the king leap off his throne and shouted for his horse. After riding over to Bellson in mad haste (he always did everything in such a condition), he alighted at the palace gate. "Queen whatever thy name beeth!" he exclaimed, bowing low, "it has recently popped into my head that, that, the fact is - in short, that I ought to get married. Your own worthy self instantly came to mind, and it is my great pleasure to present myself as your loyal servant, and to humble request your hand." Queen Annette looked bewildered for a second (which gave the king much hope of a good outcome) - however, she promptly ruined his dreams and smashed his aircastles by jumping out of the throne, and hurling her scepter at him. He looked up in surprise. "May I consider that a statement of your extreme willingness to share our kingdoms, and, perhaps to combine them into - let us see - Carnington?" he inquired in an elated undertone. The next moment he found himself flying through the air in a state of ejection from the polished doorways of the noble edifice, and he landed with a splat on the pavement below. The king looked around and shook his head. Suddenly recollecting his position, he leaped back onto his charger, and with only one hurried glance backwards, sped back to his capital - wishing, perhaps, that he had left things up to that useless ambassador. => next chapter: Dashing Out by Garmadon ---------------- OOC ---------------------- This was an enerving build :p First of all because our national soccerteam was playing the same time (luckily I was in another room than the tv). Secondly because I had to redo a large part of the floor mozaic... The build is based on the palace room Ska build
  11. P1040038 by Chris Warburton Brown, on Flickr Above: Queen Annetta reads her proclamation to an invited audience in the Great Audience Chamber of the Palace of Belson. Admiral Woodbrose, Minister for the Colonies, gives support. A Royal Proclamation for the Re-establishment of Certain Learned Societies Whereas in the time of our late grandfather, King Arlin the First, of blessed memory, certain societies were founded for the discovery and propagation of all kinds of knowledge and learning, and whereas in late years these societies have fallen into abeyance and decay, and whereas in recent months divers of our worthy subjects have petitioned for the restoration of these societies, therefore we have resolved this day to re-charter, re-launch and re-establish these said societies. P1040060 by Chris Warburton Brown, on Flickr As our great Empire of Corrington is even now expanding into previously unknown seas, with new islands being added to our realm almost daily, it is our desire that the noble arts of discovery and exploration receive due recognition and encouragement. Therefore we declare that the body previously known as the Fraternity of Nautical Science shall henceforth carry the title 'The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery' as a mark of our favour and approval. And moreover, we do hereby decree that any subject of the Crown of Corrington who makes a worthy expedition of discovery by land or sea shall be acknowledged by the striking of a medal of commemoration, the firing of a 21 cannon salute at our palace, the declaration of a public half holiday, and the granting of a reward of 5 doubloons from our Royal treasury. P1040056 by Chris Warburton Brown, on Flickr And moreover, we have long and fully resolved with ourself to extend not only the boundaries of the Empire, but also the very arts and sciences. Therefore we look with favour upon all forms of learning, but with particular grace we encourage philosophical studies, especially those which by actual experiments attempt either to shape out a new philosophy or to perfect the old. In order, therefore, that such studies, which have not hitherto been sufficiently brilliant in any part of the world, may shine conspicuously amongst our people, we declare that the body previously known as the Society of Natural Philosophy henceforth carry the title 'Royal Society of Natural Philosophy' as a mark of our favour and approval. In due course we intend to favour further learned societies, some long established and some new, and we await with interest the petitions of those amongst our subjects who wish to contribute to this endeavour. Given under our sign and seal this 29th day of April in the 616th year After Empire at our Royal palace of Belson, Annetta Regina [This is my first proper architectural MOC for BoBS, and ironically Hawksbrugh can't claim any credit for it! I know its not quite up to Gideon's standard, but why should Oleon have all the best palaces? The build was inspired by The Hall of St George at the Winter Palace, St Petersburg; the basic scheme is unchanged, but I have altered the dimensions to suit the Lego columns...and I didn't have enough gold bits, or a bas-relief statue of St George! I visited it when I was 14, but don't remember much]
  12. L'Aile du Pontis (The Pontis Wing) of the Royal Palace in Granoleon is where King Philip I and Queen Beatrice of Oleon have their residence. I built this for the Oleon introduction and for the Coronation festivities mini-challenge. If you think I've not been very active on the forum or (like me) think my challenge II build were a bit rushed, here is the explanation Finally I get to show this build to you (at least those of you who are not friends with me on Flickr and have already seen WIP pictures there. Thanks to all of you for the valuable feedback during the design phase!) This is my first attempt at baroque architecture, inspired by the the Royal Palace of Stockholm and other similar palaces. Thanks to all of you who provided feedback during the build and I will also give due credit to my fellow LUG member Wineyard for the design elements I've stolen borrowed from his LDD creations. Pontis Wing, Royal Palace of Oleon Crowd greeting the King and Queen outside the palace King Philip I and Queen Beatrice at the balcony of the Pontis Wing of the Royal Palace in Granoleon.


    Hey Guys!! This is my Versailles Palace MOC LEGO Versailles Chateau by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Cour de Marbre by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Versalles by Etel Enzos, en Flickr
  14. StarWars8Spoiler

    [MOC] Micro Jabba's Palace

    Hello, again, everyone! Shortly after completing my Micro Jedi Temple, I have created a Micro Jabba's Palace! This one sits at 164 pieces. Comments, criticisms, and etc. is allowed and encouraged. Please tell me what you think! Also, I request that this be indexed.
  15. soccerkid6

    Katoren Palace

    This is my third and final module for a large collab build with LittleJohn. The bell can be 'rung' via the bell rope. Katoren's palace is well known for its elegant architecture and impressive belltower. See more pictures here: link And stay tuned to see all 6 modules connected :)
  16. soccerkid6

    The City of Katoren

    My finished collab with LittleJohn. This is our largest build to date, with a base size of 66x98, and weighing in at 30.2 pounds. There are 70 minifigures in the city, including quite a few familiar sigfigs, see how many you can spot We constructed it over a 6 week period. Every building has a full interior, and every floor is accesible via stairs or ladder. There are four moving features: the windmill, the potter's wheel, the hidden trapdoor in the city hall, and the bell; see them in action here: The city buildings include: windmill, tower, gatehouse, potter's shop, tailor's shop, city hall, noble's house, palace guesthouse, and palace. Windmill module: link Gatehouse module: link Market module: link City hall module: link Gardens module: link Palace module: link The city of Katoren is growing quickly and has already become a prominent city in Kaliphlin. It is well known for it's thriving marketplace, and elegant palace. See lots more pictures here: link Well we hope you've enjoyed our efforts, we certainly had fun creating this slice of Katoren
  17. Hello Everyone, Let me share with you my latest MOC. I could not find a better name than Market Street. I have purchased recently a couple of Prince of Persia sets, and really enjoyed the building. I figured I could use them to make a nice street. The whole street is made of three modular sections. My wife took the pictures. I have to admit that it was quite hard for her to get a nice view of the entire street. Market Street - All by Kinggregus, on Flickr Luckily, my wife took some close up pictures, here is the left wing: Market - West by Kinggregus, on Flickr Close up of the main gate: Front Gate by Kinggregus, on Flickr Close up of the right wing (unfortunately the fountain, which I am quite proud of, does not show really well): Market - East by Kinggregus, on Flickr And now, the back of the right wing. The library has a secret shelf that leads right into the treasure room: Library + Treasure Room by Kinggregus, on Flickr The back of the main gate, nothing exceptionnal: Front Gate - Back by Kinggregus, on Flickr The back of the left wing, it includes a cave, a stair and the armory room: Armory + Cave by Kinggregus, on Flickr Thanks for looking,
  18. Hello all, I wanted to share with you my work in progress. I want to build a minifig scale Caserta Palace from Caserta, Italy. The palace looks like this: http://www.visitnapl...rta-990x300.jpg And this is what i've come up with until now (about 15 hours of work). Thanks!
  19. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Palace Jaune Banane

    [pid][/pid] 245B Dear all, I am very happy to present to you another example of monkey-driven design: The Palace "Jaune Banane": It is a modular build - heavily inspired by what I have seen in and around Vienna. And I managed to include some monkey statues (which I am really proud of). I managed to include some nice interior work: And it is modular: It is actually not so easy to capture this well: This time the MOC comes without a story. I hope you enjoy it! (I am working on the palace gardens, etc., so there will be additions coming up soon).
  20. Hello all I would like to present my latest MOC. It's the royal palace of Brussels, in scale 1/48. I have completely designed it in LDD. It's 4m80 wide and 1m30 high, and uses approximately 150.000 bricks. It took one year to complete. Members of my local LUG: OLBC, helped me build it after I completed the design. At the moment it's present at The Art of The Brick exhibition in Brussels. It will be there until april 20th. It's a great honour the be at the exhibition of Nathan sawaya.
  21. Farseer Petriel

    [MOC] Royal Palace

    Greetings! I present you my MOC, the royal palace: This palace stands in a World War One-era country in alternate Europe but has been built 100-150 years earlier. The genre of this MOC can be determined as steampunk, although it has only steampunk atmosphere without rather absurd chiches such as steam robots etc. This palace is inspired by palaces of 18th and 19th centuries, WWI photos and anime Howl's Moving Castle. The palace square, noisy and busy as ever: Newspaper boy: "Latest news! Only we have latest news!" The car close-ups: The car without minifigures: A little girl called Mia lives in a house near the palace. She likes to play with her pet mouse: The empty house: At the center of the square, there is a column with a grim angel statue holding a cross with a snake on it: Many citizens don't like this statue, as it seems too malificent, and this opinion isn't without reasons... The giant royal clock - all the kingdom check their watches with it: Modern electric lights stand in front of the main entrance: Heavy oak gate can open: There is a little chapel in that tower: The stained glass window: Inside there is a pastor playing organ: The chapel can be reached by walking on the wall stylized as a medieval castle: The centerpiece of the palace is the tall white tower: His Royal Majesty King Arcturus I resides there: The tower can be removed: An ambassador from a southern country has an audience with the king, offering him a military alliance: To the right of the king's throne stands his heir prince Valerian who likes ball dancing and nice women. To the left stands prime minister de Duran, the insidious plotter who is considered as a honest and trustworthy man by the prince. Ambassador Cortez and his bodyguards: The large chandelier: The inside of the palace from different sides: The back of the palace: The whole western wing is full of stairs connecting all floors of this palace: In the hall on the third floor a rich banker called Shamrock is photographed: King's office under the tower: King Arcturus is discussing his war plans with general Rodrigo Rodriguez. Models on the table indicate the positions of armies. The general tells the king about engineers who created a self-propelling armored war machine and suggests that there is nothing more powerful than his good old cavalry. The general spends his free time at the balls: Wait... Where are the musicians? The music is played by a new device called gramophone: Someone is singing opera arie on the balcony: On the first floor the servants are setting the table preparing for dinner after the ball: The large royal bedroom on the third floor: The mews: The opened gate: And who are these intruders? The short one calls himself the Professor. He was a science genius who went mad after he failed an experiment with toxic substances. He is accompanied by his loyal Homunculus, the artificial human with a jar instead of his head. The Professor carries a trolley with dangerous potions and wants to blow the palace up using them. Of course, the poor handmaiden didn't expect such guests... There are many mysteries hiding in the palace's dungeons. There wise old wizards are solving mysteries of the Universe: Although magic is officially prohibited in the kingdom, the king didn't refuse to study it. Felix von Helsingfors, the world-famous witch hunter, watches after them and lets no one to escape. The door leads to a prison cell: It's thought that nobody can escape it, but what is this: Someone has opened a secret door in the cell to free the prisoner. This monster is called Edward Hookhands. His origins are unknown, maybe, he came from another timeline of universe. But people have decided that the man with such golden hands can't live free and placed him into the prison cell. That's all, thank you for watching! Comments and criticism are welcome!
  22. Mark of Falworth

    CCCX The Palace of Lorean.

    Deep inside the city of Dalmunutha, capital of Loreos, stands the proud palace of Prince Lorean. Built after he conquered the petty states and founded the principality of Loreos. He constructed this domicile to endure the test of time and stand as a monument to the triumph and glory of the Loreesi. My first entry to the Medieval Architectural Detail Category in the CCCX. For the Glory of Loreos!