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Found 7 results

  1. -Broadside-

    [MOC] AT-RT

    This AT-RT is probably my fifth try to build it in minifig scale, or at least roughly the right size. I guess is's still a little to big but I think it captures the desing of an AT-RT quiet good. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think about my version.
  2. Hi guys! Recently I bought a bunch of blue pieces to mod my 7676 gunship but ended up selling it. That left me with a lot of blue bricks so I modded Lego 75151 Clone turbo tank in to a 501st version and the AT RT that came with it. Enjoy! A shot for both vehicals AT RT Here you can see it still folds up Turbo tank Interior, I fitted it with another plate so I can put troops or cargo in it Close up of plate here you can see the AT RT still fits but you will need to take the plate out I also modded the cannons because I do not like stud shooter very much So that was my mod of 75151! Hope you liked it! I would be happy to get feedback!
  3. marathon_productions

    [MOC] The Battle of Umbara

    Please leave a rating and any constructive criticism in the comments. thanks.
  4. Regardless if he or she is ore is not a Star Wars fan, probably everyone has heard of the AT walkers by now. Starting with the AT-AT and the AT-ST, these constructions of terror would create a legacy of vehicles that would come to appear in nearly every corner of the Star Wars story. Eventually, with the debut of Revenge of the Sith, the Republic AT-RT walker was introduced into the Star Wars story. A small, yet maneuverable walker, the AT-RT proved to be a valuable Republic asset throughout the entirety of the Clone Wars. LEGO has made 4 renditions of the walker (5 if you count 30006-1, even though I don't), and some have paid great attention to detail, while others moreso to accuracy in size and shape. Personally, I think that the small version of the walker included in 8098 is the best to date. I set out to improve on that design. This version is based on the standard AT-RT, which first debuted in Revenge of the Sith and subsequently appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film, in addition to multiple episodes of the animated show. It features everything the walker from the TV series open control seat, a place for the clone trooper's blaster, an adjustable frontal blaster, and adjustable legs. Furthermore, the best part is the model has an improved design and is built to match minifigure scale. This version is based on the 501st Legion AT-RT which first appeared in Season 4 Episode 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It features everything the standard walker design does as well, but it reflects the paint swap for the 501st Legion Clone Troopers. I am really impressed with how these designs turned out, and I hope you are too. MOCpages (Standard) MOCpages (501st Variant) Comments welcome. God bless.
  5. marathon_productions

    Felucia: The Heart Of Darkness MOC

    Hey there everyone, hope you're having a nice summer. Hope you enjoy this new MOC. based on the Star Wars Battlefront II story mode.
  6. Mraz Skintas

    501st AT-RT MOC

    The other day I picked up a couple of the AT-RT sets, and thought they were pretty neat, had some cool parts, but they were HUGE. Well in comparison to the scale they shoulda been, so I took the liberty of deconstructing them, and making them more to scale, here's the result; Right side Left side Lowered so the driver can get on Rear Front (I'm not sure why, but this image makes it look crooked Compared to the new BARC with sidecar Standing Tall with Rex, to show the scale to a minifig Mostly blown up And the 501st against General Pong Krell! I hope you enjoyed this little MOC -Skintas
  7. Kinda shameless of me to be late to my own community build, but here's my entry anyway. It's a bignette representing the scene where newly appointed Sith Lord Darth Vader carries out his new master's first assignment by leading a part of the 501st to the Jedi Temple in order to massacre everyone inside. It's a very simple scene, but also very powerful and one of my favorite parts of the movie. March on the Jedi Temple by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Here's a reference picture of the scene. The bignette is obviously very underscaled, especially the Jedi statues, but I wanted to keep it within 16x16 studs, and it would have been very boring if I wouldn't have included the statues. I hope you like it. C & C welcome.