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  1. Money among the stones

    First of all, thank you for your comments, it had fun building this little scene and I'm glad that somebody enjoys it! Thank you Captain Dee! I'm pleased you solved your little technical problem! Thank you blackdeathgr and SilentWolf for your advice! Now I'm looking forward to know what I found Thank you Ayrlego! Iactually used Butch Cavendish's hat from Lone Ranger train set
  2. Old memories

    Thank you for your comments! As I said before, I needed somebody to slaughter in a small battle scene, and find them in the past was the best option I realized just now that this is the third "Old memories"/"war memories", sorry!
  3. @SkaForHire, this is my prospect on Ile de Zeus (previously Isle of Mistery): Money among the stone. I already licensed it as a prospect, paying the 25 DBs. Thank for your time in advance!
  4. Money among the stones - Mine Prospect
  5. "This is the biggest nugget we have found till now!" uttered the silver seeker "And we will find bigger ones! We are all rich!" A group of adventurers left Astrapi two weeks ago and decided to get up River of True Faith, looking for valuable minerals. Along the bank of the lesser tributary, they saw "silver nuggets" (they believe) shining among the rocks... elated, they decided to build a little hut for tools and supplies and to collect as many nuggets as they could before returning in town, where they will squander all their earnings in rhum and (utterly drunk ) look for a financier to start a real mine. Unfortunately for the seekers, some silver nuggets (even if they are really silver) don't actually mean that the surrounding hills contain a huge silver lode... but who knows what an accurate geological survey will find! PS This is my MOC of a mine prospect on île de Zeus... does somebody know which form I have to fill now to pay the 25 DBs and discover what my men found? Thank you!!!
  6. Old memories

    Thank you for your comments! I wanted to represent a small battle scene and, since Marderians are already KO, I had to find another enemy! The funniest part was surely building these friendly minifigures and the pile of debris
  7. New Haven Housing

    Nice little house, Legostone! I like the classic-looking colour scheme, and also the idea of Eslandolans and Corries working together for humanitarian purposes!
  8. New Haven mill

    Nice windmill, Captain Wolf! The octagonal design is very innovative and the ladders/blades are very effective.... In other words, it really seems a windmill!
  9. Great drawing Khorne, and great addition to BoBS!!! This is how one of yours legionnaires would look like "in brick life"
  10. Old memories

    "As I told you few hours ago, I have something interesting to recount about the letter I received. It contains nothing more than a date and a location, both written in a Varcoastan military code; the lack of any further detail confirms for me that my old comrade, as is defines himself, is in serious troubles and feared that his message could have been intercepted. For this reason, since Le Phénix is already ready for the voyage, I'll leave Astrapi with the morning tide and get to Eltina as soon as possible. For this reason, Renè, you have to manage my estate here in Astrapi for a while." "Is there such a rush, monsieur Rimbaud?" "My honour depends on it" replied Tristan seriosly "But you will shortly understand. As you know, I started my career on the Western Border, fighting bandits and marauders coming from Pontilla. Ten years ago, when I was a young lieutenant,I received my first serious task: the armies of the Great Raider got close to Pontillan border during their continuous war aganist The Great Alliance States and for this reason an Oleander and Varcoastan joint force was formed, and I was in charge of our battalion; it was more a symbolic gesture than a real help, since at the time incursions towards East were quite common and Pontilla had never been really endangered, but that time was different..." "The Great Raider declared war on Pontilla, Captain?" "Yes, Sergeant Dubois... in a sense, the Great Raider was already at war with Pontilla, since his kingdom is always at war with his neighbours. I'll be clearer: their society is basically divided in three classes. The first is composed by the knights, who own nothing but their weapons and their horses, but are allowed to take whatever they want whenever they want." "The second class is formed by plunderers and mercenaries, whose fate depends on the warlord they serve and follow during forays." "The third class is made up of farmers, artisans, peasants and so on... they spend their whole life working and wishing not to starve after their village has been plundered by their lords." "You can imagine that this kind of society completely ignores borders and is based upon perennial war." Captain Rimbaud continued: "As I was saying, when we arrived in Pontilla the disaster had just happened: after a couple of little skirmishes, the army of our allies had been directly engaged and totally destroyed by those barbarians... Western Pontilla was already on fire, and the undefended towns of the East would soon have been devastated. Alexander Braun -the commander of Varcoastan forces- and I had to act quickly, without waiting for orders: we decided to move as west as we could and we entrenched ourselves in the ruins of an ancient castle." "But you only had few hundred soldiers..." "Four hundred, to be exact. It was quite a suicidal move, but we had to allow the evacuation of civilians towards Oleander border: every day we had gained would have reduced the massacre; we knew, however, that there was no way out for us." "It was a terrible battle... there were twelve enemies for each of us, but many of them didn't use firearms and their strong cavalry was useless aganist our barricades; our brave soldiers suffered severe losses, but didn't withdraw of a footstep. The enemy commanders were furious: behind us they could almost see the rich Pontillan countyside, but simply could not pass without overwhelming us... and we resisted with nails and teeth for five days, using flintlocks and swords." "And how did you survive, monsieur Rimbaud?" "We were very lucky: on the sixth day we had almost finished our gunpowder and we were waiting for the decisive assault, but it simply didn't come... an army coming from The States of the Great Alleance wedged itself between our enemies and their territories, the oppressed peasants rose up and the front moved hundred miles west. Not to be locked out, the raiders withdrew with haste, abandoning their camp with prisoners and most of the loot... What a great day!" With a half smile, Tristan continued: "After five days of uninterrupted fight, Alexander and I had become brothers rather than simple comrades. We both promised to come without hesitation to assist the other in case of need, but also not to be too proud to forget asking for help. You can understand, my friends, that I have to hurry up... the letter I received is a serious call for help and is at least two weeks old."
  11. The Commercial Bureau

    Thank you! Builing the scale was surely the most challenging part, also because the barrel is much heavier than the weights. Unfortunately the windows I used are a little scatched, but thank you!
  12. Reinforcements to Astrapi

    Thank you for your comments! This scene started as a little freebuild (only the dock and the boat) and then "evolved"
  13. [SR - FB 1 July 17] On a patch of land

    Great plantation, Doctor, and great LDD render! Usually I prefer brick-built things, but the details of your trees and of the harvesting process are astonishing... In short original idea an great execution, keep it up! Ps Are the Sea Rats becoming farmers? Probably a hoe will fit your better than the trident!