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    <p> My real name is Marco Dalla Torre, I'm an Italian student attending Medical Biotechnologies at university. </p> <p> I particularly like Star Wars and Pirates themes, and most of my MOCs belong to the latter one; I joined Brethrens of the Brick Seas (and eurobricks itself) three years ago, but I usually give a glance to the other topics too. </p>

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  1. Keymonus

    [GoC - FB1 - COR] Spirdkirk Forward Outpost

    Nice little outpost! It mixes well the style of a classic lego pirates build and a certain "Canadian Mounties" feel
  2. Keymonus

    Fire and blood!

    Thank you guys! I built the explosion quite in a short time, but it turned out unexpectedly well! Even if we don’t know exactly how we will continue the story, consider this build as a “season 1 end”. Soon (hopefully, as usual)we will have an aftermath of the battle, and probably a new storyline, so stay tuned!
  3. Very nice ship, excellent rigging and a lot of details! I gave some doubts about the color scheme (the white tiles inside) but it is more a matter of personal taste rather than a real defect
  4. Keymonus

    [COR - FB] Smugglers innovative power

    Lovely idea and nice execution! The underwater landscape is very good too! I especially like the way you realized the caotic warehouse, in with empty caskets and the spider web
  5. Keymonus

    [GoC] Fortification on Serentia

    Lovely build! It seems a wooden model rather than a LEGO building. I like minifig posing too! Probably you should have built the base of the courtyard, but the presentation is very nice anyways
  6. Wow, Weelond Oktoberfest is back! I’ll try to participate for sure!
  7. Nice workshop! Both the facade and the details of the interior (bench and instruments) are very nice, I’ll probably borrow some ideas! My only suggestion is to use at least 1 removable wall, it would allow nice close up photos (but this is only a personal preference)
  8. Keymonus

    Fire and blood!

    Thanks! My only tip is to keep the little pin outside, so the flames remain in position better.
  9. Keymonus

    Fire and blood!

    Thank you! Ordering a large stock of muskets proved to be quite useful! Thank you! Actually I usually prefer a single scene depicted without changes from different angles, but… a big explosion? Somebody ordered a big explosion? A Big explosion for table 2?
  10. Keymonus

    Fire and blood!

    Thank you! To realize them I "killed" some minifigures with the camera several times, so it wasn't in vain Thank you! The fort was one of the first builds I saw here in BoBS, and the angled walls impressed me a lot even because, as I realized, they are horribly difficult to put together! About the parapet, I think that your Dark Bishop could have thought something similar (and more trivially, because my grey bricks and studs were running dangerously low! ) Thank you! For now Tristan is still "parked" in Charlatan Bay, so feel free to use in your builds for any meeting, celebrative parade or similar!
  11. To be honest I love this contest, but absolutely I don't have any skill with graphic programmes, sorry!
  12. So many facts in this issue and, as usual, lovely reported! The most interesting is probably the Lotii raid, winds of war seem blowing. It's a pity we didn't move our trade fleets, hopefully soon I'll license a class 4 for MRCAs, but I have it ready and unposted by, more or less, my joining to BoBS
  13. Keymonus

    Angélique and Dame Fortune

    Lovely boats! I once built a small cargo (I think a class 2) based on the same idea (small ships doing small but vital tasks) so I like them a lot. The structure is very well done, and the cargo+minifig posing are very nice too!
  14. Keymonus

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Nice re-introduction and excellent minifig! Where does the torso come from? And, even more importantly, welcome back!
  15. Keymonus

    The launching of the soulful hound

    Nice ships, the little one in my opinion is the best. Probably they would look better on a plain background (a blue paper?) but they look quite well anyways. The only pity is that not seeing them together with the story it's a little difficult to understand who is who of your characters. I like how you realised the rigging and the sails: if large ships need cloth sails, paper looks excellent on smaller ones. Well done Count!