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    <p> My real name is Marco Dalla Torre, I'm an Italian student attending Medical Biotechnologies at university. </p> <p> I particularly like Star Wars and Pirates themes, and most of my MOCs belong to the latter one; I joined Brethrens of the Brick Seas (and eurobricks itself) three years ago, but I usually give a glance to the other topics too. </p>

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  1. Very nice, and thanks for the nod to my brewery! This micro plantation is very original and very appropriate for our new settlement. Please also add a link in the settlement thread, specifying if it’s already licensed (by you or by the settlement account)
  2. Keymonus

    [COR - FB] An Afternoon Shipwreck

    Fake news! No ship from the nation of Oleon has sunk (yet) in these months! Apart from the usual Corrish lies (), your build is nice and includes some original details. Your water to sand transition is very nice in terms of colors, even if it is a little too geometric. I'm not so sure about your tree, but the bush on the right is excellent. I also like the uniform and gloves abandoned on the sand by the swimming officer. I also like your use of broken tiles... using dark reddish-brown and dark red parts can be a real pain, they tend to become very fragile with time. I also had to repair one of my torsos, no visible scar but a bad alarm ring.
  3. Nice build and original color scheme! I like the roof technique a lot, very nice and effective, even if likely it would be very difficult (or, better, expensive) to build in real bricks! As others said, possibly it is a little too big for Black Rock, but surely a wonderful build!
  4. Keymonus

    [OL-FB] Vin de riz brewery

    Thank you, guys! It is actually something unusual here in BoBS, and I'm glad the Lotii invasion brought some new vibes to our world. P.S. I hope not to stereotype too much the East Asian culture while depicting the Lotii... I'm doing what I can to give them a little more dept.
  5. Keymonus

    [WIP] Watermill, Otoño

    Nice start! I like in particular the wheel design and the base (so, basically, everything in your pics)! I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves
  6. Nice and iconic cavalry unit! I had seen it before on Flickr, and I'm glad to see them officially enter in the BoBS lore!
  7. Keymonus

    [OL-Troops] El Oleonda Ragamuffins

    Thank you, guys! Actually, I started assembling the minifigs, and then I decided how to use them... I'm glad you like them! Well, effectively not the best mood! However, I'm glad you like my minifigs! Thanks! Most of my previous builds were centered in or around Astrapi, but now I have my own creature, and I hope to see it grow! No, you may have misunderstood... my caption just refers to the photo above. These are just bandanas, my guys don't take uniform parts as trophies. Maybe scalps, but not uniform parts!
  8. 21st is OK for me, sorry!
  9. Fort Arltrees, November 620, El Oleonda As the battle for El Oleonda arrived at a stalemate, the Oleander presence on the island could become more stable: the first wave of colonists arrived in Fort Arltrees, with small farms, houses and workshops sprouting near to the fort itself. This was for sure something absolutely positive, but also started turning the small settlement into an interesting prey for hostile natives, Lotii soldiers or deserters and, even worse, for Corrington. A small militia was therefore raised in the town: currently, a single platoon framed in the 1ere Compagnie Milice Coloniale de Fort Arltrees, together with a small unit of Essener mercenaries. The soldiers of this unit are nicknamed ragamuffins, due to their untidy and "customized" uniforms: the blue coat, ubiquitous in the Royal Army, is often torn and mended in several points, due to the long marches in the thick jungle; for the same reason, several parts of the uniform are replaced with robust and comfortable hunting clothes. These soldiers lack most of the formal training and discipline of the regular army. However, they know how to move and survive in the hostile jungle of El Oleonda, and how to fight in this unique environment. An attacking army must cross the jungle to reach Fort Arltrees, and there the ragamuffins would make their stand, shooting from the bushes and hunting the enemies, one after the other. These soldiers are expert trackers, who can find and follow the little clues that a group of people inevitably leaves. (Note: the color of the little piece of cloth, possibly ripped off a coat or a jacket, is not so casual) The whole figbarf The officer discussing with a native warrior. (Note: the credit for the warrior's design goes to @Khorne). ------ I'll use this small building to raise a platoon of soldiers in Fort Arltrees.
  10. Great idea! I'd like to be in, if possible later in the month (no specific day)
  11. A brewery, producing rice wine (medium factory)
  12. Fort Arltrees, November 620, El Oleonda The battle for El Oleonda had ended without a clear winner, with Carno and the Lotus Empire holding more or less the territories they had occupied before. However, the war ended with a clear loser: the city of Jiangkai was burned to the ground by the retreating troops, leaving behind most of the civilian population. While plans for the reconstruction are at the very beginning, some of the inhabitants relocated to Fort Arltrees, the only nonhostile settlement in the area. Since no local brewery had been established in Fort Arltrees yet, some of the Lotii refugees started a lucrative business, quite new in the New World: the brewing of the so-called vin de riz, or rice wine. This unusual type of booze is weaker than whisky or rum, but stronger than wine or beer: despite an initial diffidence for its strange, milky appearance, the Oleander colonists soon started to appreciate this new beverage. The preparation of the rice wine begins, quite obviously, with rice: the seeds are cleaned, polished and wrapped in towels... ...then the wraps are put over big cauldrons of boiling water, so that the rice inside is quickly steam-cooked. In the following step, rice is mixed with water and with a "starter", a secret mixture of rice, yeasts and molds. The blend is continuously mixed as it ferments -roughly for a couple of weeks-, then the "wine" is filtered and stored for maturation, first in barrels and then in bottles. Lieutenant Dubois, the local governor, had initially some doubts about allowing the Lotii refugees to permanently settle in Fort Arltrees... but, after all, that had never been his own war, nor a war of his nation. If they wanted -or needed- a new start, as the other colonists, they would've been welcome. Another perspective: A little altar, dedicated to the cult of the ancestors. From what governor Dubois could understand, it is something similar to the "lararii", little altars dedicated to the household deities in the Faith. The counter, with different types of liquors exposed. Bird's eye view: ---- A medium factory for Fort Arltrees, one of the first buildings using bricks instead of wood. Basically I started building a traditional brewery, then I remembered the nice "Asian" decorations I had bricklinked a long time ago and never used... and this is the final result! About the process described: this is the basic process for the production of several "wine rices" although I skipped several peculiar steps, and "adapted" others to my bricks. I think it could actually work even in "my" modified version, but don't try this at home!
  13. El Oleonda militia added to the encyclopedia!
  14. Keymonus

    [BTV1-TER] Anti-Imperialistic Ambush

    Nice build, the houses are a little too colorful but very nice in structure. The story is well written too. Just a friendly reminder: the main rule of RP is that you can’t take decisions for, move or kill characters from other factions, unless it happens with the allowed mechanisms (challenges, MRCA results...). Now we are at war, this is true, but I suggest you to limit a little your killings
  15. Keymonus

    [OL-FB] The Tavern

    Thank you guys! About the size... I used one of the micro-only licenses won with the challenge, using (as I did for other prizes) a down-sized build instead of a micro. The tavern itself, in terms of rules, should rather be a small property. This is basically because I’m terrible at micros, and in previous challenges I was told that this approach is ok (obviously not for regular -even free- licenses, but for the ones requiring a micro)