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    <p> My real name is Marco Dalla Torre, I'm an Italian student attending Medical Biotechnologies at university. </p> <p> I particularly like Star Wars and Pirates themes, and most of my MOCs belong to the latter one; I joined Brethrens of the Brick Seas (and eurobricks itself) three years ago, but I usually give a glance to the other topics too. </p>

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  1. Thank you all guys! Both building and writing took me a huge amount of time, but I'm super proud of the final result! I tried to show different points of view of the same things, including Oldis' strategic retreat (or coward escape). Just the 100% unbiased opinion of another Terraversan... Thanks! In the past, my soldiers were more weirdly reloading muskets with 3L black bars, that are actually as large as the musket itself! Thank you! The main inspiration was actually WW2 urban battles (and related videogames), such as Stalingrad and the Battle of Berlin. Now the Red Blue Flag flies over the Reichstag Archduke Palace!
  2. In terms of diplomacy, major is likely when one of the nations gets its name erased from the map @KotZ nice little build! The bottles in the background are a fine touch!
  3. Splendid collaboration! The new lighthouse, in particular, is great! The result is very nice, and the two builds are so similar in terms of size that I didn't immediately realize they were not built together... great job guys!
  4. Brilliant build and funny story! The tiling work, in particular, is very well done! Nice minifig selection too.
  5. I never commented on this project, but this is simply great! I never built in LDD, so I could not join, but I'm looking forward to seeing where the whole thing goes!
  6. Keymonus

    [SR - FB] Silversmith

    Nice series of vignettes! You included a lot of details and interesting techniques, and the rendering of your LDD is excellent: gold and silver usually look a little bit off, but in this case they are perfect!
  7. Nice build! I think that raising a cavalry unit in the settlement with so many WTC marines around will be a problem for a long time!
  8. Great build NOD! The roof and tiled walls are in particular very nice, but also the texture of the lower floor is brilliant. It's a pity LDD doesn't allow a proper interior unless you do it in a separate build.
  9. King's Port, Terraversa, 15 February 621 "Disregarding losses, the city is ours to take!" That yellow flag was ugly, nothing more than an old piece of cloth put on a bent pole. And it could be the last thing Tristan would have ever seen... people definitely think strange things when they might be only a few seconds far from their own death. It was time to go. "Soldiers of Oleon, for King and Country... Charge!" The men launched a battle cry and turned the corner, leaving the protection of the stone wall. The enemies were waiting for them behind a barricade, just twenty meters forward... The sharp sound of shots immediately filled the air, and bullets started flying in every direction. The man right at his side fell with a yell, wounded or dying... but they had managed to close the gap, and the enemies had no more time to reload! Tristan raised his gun, aiming for the man in front of him, a veteran of Oldis' heavy cavalry... it would have been a fair game. The man did the same with his long wheellock pistol... they both knew that one of them would have dined in the Hades, together with many others. --------- Miguel Sanchez pushed with rage the ramrod in his musket as if he was stabbing an enemy. He had enough gunpowder for five shots, six at most, then he only had his knife. They couldn't resist for long, he knew, but he was ready to fight for his country until his last dying breath! Miguel had already fought for the independence of his nation... he was in Van Dhorne's militia during the civil war. Some called them fanatics, some accused them of war crimes, but they did what they had to: they hit hard the Mardierians and their sympathizers, killing the enemies and leaving behind the fallen brothers. People of Terreversa had gained independence, and now Archduke Oldis was losing it, entering a power game too big for their young nation. But people of Terraversa were not defeated yet and would have resisted, with or without the Archduke! "Stand up, coward! Take your musket, or I'll shot you myself!" The man nodded, frightened, but remained where he was. The militias had recruited all the able men to fight against the invaders, sometimes even forcibly... if they weren't ready to die for freedom, they didn't deserve it! Some of the new recruits, however, completely lacked motivation... damned cowards! "Oleander dogs are arriving! They are the renegades of the Legion!" Miguel spat on the ground, disgusted. The Legion, traitors of their own country! The men ran to their battle positions, ready to open fire. Everyone hated those sellswords, who had sold themselves to a new master. The bluecoat officer started speaking in Mardierian, asking the defenders to drop their weapons... well, they would have dropped something! "Augusto, send them a cocktail!" ---------- "One last attempt, their last chance." Thought Captain Alvaro Ferrer. King's Port had almost fallen, only a few blocks of buildings stood between them and the palace of the tyrant: the impregnable Citadel only existed in Oldis' propaganda. Selfish and greedy as usual, Archduke Oldis was still sending his soldiers to die for him, even if the battle was clearly lost... probably he had to feed his self-esteem of great general, resisting against superior forces -clearly from his own palace. Or more likely he was just gaining time to gather more gold, paintings, and Lotii porcelains in his coach before running away... maybe even something stolen from the Ferrer Manor, sacked by the militias during the civil war. "Drop your weapons! Oldis has already fled with your treasures! Do you want to die for a coward?" Yelled Alvaro in a megaphone. He used the Mardierian of Terraversa, his native language. "You fought well, but it is over!" Two men appeared on the upper floor of the building. One held an explosive bottle, the other, in civilian clothes, had a gun. They had wasted their opportunity. "Fire at will! Take the drunk down!" As usual, the one with the explosive bottle -the drunk- was the priority... even if sometimes those devices exploded before the Terraversans could throw them. The soldiers of the Mardierian Legion started a violent musket fire towards the windows, trying to take cover behind the low wall of a garden. In the nearby road, a company of soldiers launched an assault against a barricade. This was happening on his right, so they likely were General Rimbaud and his guys, the Astrapi Raiders and the tirailleurs of the 5eme. ----------- On the other side of the road, Francisco Mendoza was waiting for the enemies behind a barricaded door. That build must have been a tavern, just a few months ago, but now it was their fort. He peeked across the planks blocking the windows. The enemies were advancing again, crossing what remained of the park of the Cordobas' Mansion. Those bluecoats were the traitors of the Mardierian Legion, mostly Terraversans exiled during the Glorious Revolution. But, apart from the official words, he knew that some of those men had their reasons... rumors said that some of the men ended up in proscription lists with were simply political rivals of Oldis or L'Olius, or were victims of personal revenge. However, Francisco Mendoza was a soldier, not a politician. Soldiers follow the orders, do not discuss political intrigues, and the orders he had received were quite simple: defend the Citadel, hold the line, if necessary die where you stand but do not retreat! For sure the Archduke had a plan to broke the siege... soon he would have personally led the counterattack, but he needed time to reorganize the army. Or at least, this is what soldiers told each other, sharing a bottle of brandy in the pauses between the fights. The truth was that nobody really knew what was happening in the city... for what he knew, the things yelled by the damned traitors on the other side of the road could even be true. But Francisco Mendoza was a soldier, and he followed orders. He would have fought there with his comrades -soldiers from different units, militiamen, even some civilians- he would have held the position! Orders were shouted on the other side of the street, and muskets started firing again... soon the hellish concert of shots and yells seemed to arrive from every direction, oddly even from below... --------- The road to victory is always difficult and scattered with obstacles... nobody ever mentioned that it could also pass right through the sewers. Captain Antoine Dupont crawled through the breach, entering what seemed the cellar of a tavern. If he was right, the enemy stronghold was just a couple of meters above them... otherwise, they would have found a way, as usual. Antoine waved his torch twice: it was the right way, or at least he hoped so. With a few hits of pickaxe, the little breach became a real passage: it would have been their only way out, in case of troubles, so it was worth spending a little more time to widen it. He didn't have to explain that: his men knew perfectly what to do... it was their tenth mission together, and he trusted each of them as himself. However, it was their first time in a unenviable task, the dandies of the infantry would have got lost in five minutes. But they were the Engineers of the 2eme, thought Antoine with pride, and they were the only ones who could complete the job! "Enemy patrol!" The yell reverberated in the tunnels, truncating Antoine's thoughts. He didn't expect to find enemies down in the sewers, but they were more than ready. Barely lighted by a dark lantern, the soldiers started shooting at the enemies... the torches of those idiots turned them into perfect targets! --------- Sergeant Guillermo Cortina was nervous. He had seen enough battles to know that they were losing... the Citadel could hold for a week at most, no matter how hard they fought. What he also knew was that someone was going to be left behind, to cover the retreat of the others... and, of course, the escape of the politicians: they were still continuing useless talk about the best defence strategies, even if the fights were now just a few blocks far from the Council Hall! Guillermo and his platoon were patrolling one of the many tunnels running below King’s Port... a labyrinth of catacombs, sewers, cellars and smugglers’ galleries. It was quite unlikely to find enemies down there, and at least they were safe from enemy cannons, but everybody knew that they could re-emerge in an area controlled by the enemies... not a great perspective! They crossed the umpteenth arch, stopping just a step before the slippery bank of a sewer canal. Guillermo raised its torch with a sigh of relief... then he noticed the figures forward in the tunnel. He had barely the time to realise his mistake, then he was hit by two musket shots. --------- Overall view: the whole build is 32x32 on three levels (in the evening I'll show you the third one). Back view: Front view: I completed this build in a very long time, and even more time passed before I could publish it (because I waited for the result of King's Port Battle, but also due to real-life stuff). I tried to depict different points of view, from my main character to a Mardierian expatriate personally hating Oldis, from a common Terraversan soldier to a fanatic of the militias. I hope you enjoy the build and the stories- I liked building and writing them!
  10. Just to keep some order in my TER builds: The Mardierian Legion - Brethren of the Brick Seas - Eurobricks Forums [OL-FB] Trenches and barricades - Brethren of the Brick Seas - Eurobricks Forums [OL-MRCA] Cliffs of King’s Port - Brethren of the Brick Seas - Eurobricks Forums [OL-MRCA] The guns of Terraversa - Brethren of the Brick Seas - Eurobricks Forums [BTV1-OL] The bridge on the King's River - Brethren of the Brick Seas - Eurobricks Forums
  11. I think it’s for MRCA turn, as the incomes for land-based properties, the upkeeps etc. I’m not sure about the licensing limit and the time required between prospect and mine establishment, but unfortunately I’m not in the condition of building too much!
  12. Thank you guys! Water was definitely the best part Yes, some of them (especially the Indian/Oriental ones can be very useful! Excellent news (and thank you for the quick response)! I’ll surely build a mine as soon as possible (so in the next turn)!
  13. OOC Thank you for the great write up! IC Victory is ours! Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah!
  14. Somewhere near Fort Arltrees, February 621, El Oleonda A very few things attract people more than the smell of gold. And, when a new island is colonized, gold is the first thing people look for. On El Oleonda, some colonists are trying to find the traces of Monsieur le Filon, the large ore that any "earth scratcher" hopes to find. Many miners spend their whole life chasing this dream, finding just enough metal to carry on one more week - each time the last week before giving up, until the umpteenth tiny nugget makes them change their mind. But, for a few lucky ones, the good day arrives: they find a rich ore of gold or silver, they meet Monsieur le Filon, and their life changes. There are several days to look for an ore of gold (or silver, or anything valuable), some more effective than others... from making offers to Hades and following his signs to systematically collecting and smelting small samples of rocks. Here, one of the aspiring miners is washing some sand from a riverbank in a pan. When he finds a reasonable number of gold flakes (or something he mistook for them), his fellows start digging uphill: if they find nuggets, or if the dirt contains some gold bits, they mark the position with a wooden pole. Proceeding further uphill, if the prospectors are lucky, the poles will converge to a single point... the point where to start a mine! --------------------- A simple prospecting build for Fort Arltrees. The technique for finding the ore and the title of the thread are both vaguely inspired by an episode of the film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, in which an old miner does something similar to find "Mr. Pocket", a rich gold vein.
  15. Keymonus

    Imperial Eras

    Historically speaking, I prefer the early part of the Age of Sails, so 1500-1600. Most of my builds, however, are set definitely later, I would say about mid 1700. Lovely minifigs, btw!