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    <p> My real name is Marco Dalla Torre, I'm an Italian student attending Medical Biotechnologies at university. </p> <p> I particularly like Star Wars and Pirates themes, and most of my MOCs belong to the latter one; I joined Brethrens of the Brick Seas (and eurobricks itself) three years ago, but I usually give a glance to the other topics too. </p>

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  1. Keymonus

    A Tale of Revenge - Part 2: Heretic!

    Very dark times have occurred in Oleon! Although in your storyline Oleon soldiers and clerics appear to be the “bad guys”, the fact that you specified that those things happened in the past, and only in some rural areas, perfectly fits in my opinion with our nation lore: we had persecutions and nobles who opposed to this barbaric acts (such as the new king, Rimbaud family and many others), we had real heretic groups who tried to overthrow the king and unjust condemnations, modern cities and semi feudal areas... as probably all the other nations. Both the building and the story are very nice, the walls in particular are very well done! A tiled floor would be nice, but in my opinion it works anyways. I’m looking forward to seeing the next part!
  2. Oh, so I have to give up my false-flag project of redcoat scalp-hunters and skinners? What a pity! Pun apart, is nice to see some organized groups and original variations in the free traders' faction, something similar to @Kwatchi's Ashen Guard or @Roadmonkeytj's Charlatan Bay militia... real pirates never organized actual states or military units, but a rich merchant or landlord could have tried to establish private overseas empires, even if nobody did that. About the build: the boat, as others said, is very nice, as well as minifig posing. Adding some trans-clear or blue plates here and there could have been nice, but the water works well anyways for me. Nice job, even if that unnecessary cruelty is... well... great!
  3. Quite a dark story compared to others we have heard, but very nice and well written! The building in the back is very well-done too.
  4. Lovely facade and nice story, the interior is a little barren but minifig posing compensates well! About the rumors that your character overheard... they are absolutely fake news! Probably he has just met a deluded man, thinking he actually is a Mardierian officer: in Breshaun you can find one thinking he is the King of Mardier, in Astrapi another pretending to be a Canon of Hades... poor souls, may the Gods show them the truth!
  5. What have I just seen? Lovely beach and nice (even if very original-looking) "ship"!
  6. Keymonus

    The "why did they not put this out earlier?"

    Lovely MODDing and re-coloring of the most infamous pirate ships of all the times! The color scheme is very nice, but I'm not so sure about the figurehead... the black hat seems a little odd! Apart from this detail, a wonderful ship with a concise and elegant name!
  7. Nice junk and interesting battle scene! The fact that your men are only a couple of mariners aggregated to a Lotii patrol, rather than an actual contingent or a mercenary force, was a clever move to show the "other side" of the war without directly facing the Carnites, your Oleonese compatriots or, even worse, our friends from Corrington, Eslandola or the Free Islands... that would have been a real pity!
  8. Nice build and wonderful continuation of your storyline! The underwater part is particularly well done, with a clever use of some parts (the red helmets...)
  9. Citizens of the Brick Seas, stormy clouds are gathering over Terraversa! See besides the lies of the Corrish Empire! See besides the clean facade they built to hide their interest! A military Corrish expedition has landed on Terraversa to make contact with Admiral L'Olius, a local warlord in open contrast with the central government... they claim they want peace, but as soon as another nation peacefully pursuits a commercial enterprise, immediately they arrive, to "keep the peace" with their bayonets! They claim that Nola Mar is in open rebellion and that a foreign nation is funding the rebels, then they brazenly admit that their secret agents are on the island, and that their naval officers have taken contact with the tyrant of Westface, a man who has seized power and keeps it with the constant menace of a civil war! Actually, I see only one foreign interference in Terraversa... and its color is red! They say they want a free and independent Terraversa... Do they consider us all fools? Right now a fleet of Corrish frigates is blockading Terraversan ports, inspecting every ship arriving or leaving... with which authority? They already behave like the masters of the island, deciding who can arrive and who can leave, and they claim they want free trade! Do you remember their lies in Nova Malto? They occupied the settlement, blocking the arrival of Eslandolan supplies, and they claimed they were helping the population! They delayed reconstruction, they willingly prolonged the sufferings of the inhabitants, just to plan the annexation! Does Terraversa need the help of Corrington too, as Nova Malto did? Or are they creating a new crisis, just to feast on the ruins? L'Olius, the friend of the Corries, is imposing tremendous port taxes on the vessels of all the foreign nations. He destroyed the once-flourishing commerce of Westface, and now he allows smugglers to flourish on the island, buying Terraversan goods for a misery... one could guess why, and could imagine a turbid system of bribes. Now the local authorities of Nola Mar are trying to fight those criminals, and what happens? Corrington sends its ships, in a clear intimidatory act. Are they defending peace, or only the pockets of their henchman? Will you submit to Corrish arrogance? Will you swallow their outrageous lies any longer? They behave as masters of the world, sending their soldiers wherever other nations are establishing favorable commercial connections... When will they decide that the Rum Islands need "protection", or that Altonia deserves the same fate they reserved to Balondia, once a free nation, a friend of both Oleon and Eslandola? When will they decide to help the next Nova Malto? A Loyal Terraversan Citizen Credit to @Bodi for the build
  10. Keymonus

    [OL-FB] Bomb ketch - la poule

    Nice ship Bodi! Smaller than other ones you have built, but still very well done, with its complete riggings and a realistic positioning of the mortars. BTW, I'm more than happy that Oleon seems to have finally completed the secret project T.A.R.D.I.S. for time travel, those machine guns will be useful for La Royale!
  11. Keymonus

    [COR - FB] On the Road Again...

    Lovely build, the pond in particular is very well done! I'm sorry you won't be able to participate regularly to BoBS, your AMRCA was one of the best we have seen up to now
  12. Unit Name: Rimbaud's Raiders (officially 1ere compagnie chasseurs coloniaux de Astrapi) Unit type/specifications: Light Infantry/ Chasseurs -Placeholder for a picture- Uniform Description: Blue jacket with white facings, white trousers, wide-brimmed hat; officers have white epaulets and sometimes a feather on the hat. However, the soldiers often replace parts of the uniform with hunting or native clothes. Indigenous scouts wear their traditional costumes and, sometimes, a blue jacket Equipment Description: Standard infantry flintlock musket and a saber or a tomahawk for melee combat. Several soldiers carry additional weapons, such as knives and pistols. A few marksmen use hunting rifles (accurate, but expensive and very slow to reload) instead of the standard musket. Recruitment center: Astrapi Unit history and description: As the nickname suggests, the Raiders are a semi-regular unit, equipped and trained on the personal initiative of their commander, Captain Tristan Rimbaud. The 1ere Compagnie was formed with brave and though men with extensive combat experience and, in most cases, nothing left to lose: veterans who couldn't find their place in society, inmates, little criminals, even some former pirates... all those men received a second chance. Moreover, in Rimbaud's Raiders, wages are higher, food is better and discipline is less severe than in regular army, but the price for this is a great danger. Since their recruitment in early 618, in fact, the Raiders were deployed in all the crisis scenarios of the New World: from their baptism of fire in Fatu Hiva campaign to the long civil war of Charlatan Bay, from the foundation of Fort Arltrees to the jungle skirmishes on El Oleonda, these soldiers always operated as an independent unit, usually far from the bases and the main body of the army. With their high mobility and irregular tactics, including guerrilla and cooperation with local, controversial allies, the Rimbaud's Raiders achieved results impossible to obtain for a conventional unit: their long-range raids in hostile territories and their unexpected assaults to enemy strongholds often proved determinant for the victory. Due to the lack of discipline and the dubious origin of the soldiers, several traditionalist officers despise the Raiders, considering them brigands and marauders rather than real soldiers... something not so far from the truth, but exactly the daring scoundrels that Oleon needs to hit his enemies hard! Campaigns: Garrison duties on Ile de Zeus, The Dark Happenings of Fatu Hiva, Charlatan Bay Civil War (both as a unit and with individual soldiers in the Volunteer Expeditionary Force), The Battle for El Oleonda Unit motto: On the frontline and beyond! More about the unit: You can find more also in Challenge II and III of the Era II, and in Charlatan Bay storyline
  13. Wonderful units and descriptions! @blackdeathgr, could you split them (with no hurry at all!) in three posts?
  14. Unit Name: Ingènieurs du Roi, 2eme Compagnie (Royal Engineers, 2nd Company) Unit type/specifications: Military Engineers / Sappers Sapping attire (l), fatigue uniform (c), fighting uniform (r) Uniform Description: Blue jacket with white facings and black epaulets, blue-grey trousers, standard army shako with the unit’s badge. Fatigue uniform is simpler, without epaulets and with white side cap instead of the shako. For earthmoving duties, soldiers often wear a leather apron and a blue floppy fez. Equipment Description: Standard flintlock infantry musket. Different tools, such as hammers, pickaxes and hachets, sometimes used also in combat. Recruitment center: The 2eme Compagnie is stationed in Breshaun; soldiers come from the inland of Oleon, while the officers attend a specific military school in Granoleon. Unit history and description: Tactics win battles, but logistics and military engineering win wars! A simple fortification can stop the assault of one hundred soldiers, while a temporary bridge can spare your army several days of march looking for a ford. While some of the easiest tasks can be done by common soldiers, the most complex activities require specialized men, with the right tools and the right skills! While engineers, specialized craftsmen and similar figures are part of all the Halosian armies (and, actually of everything bigger and more organized than a war band) since the time of the Empire, organized units of pioneers, sappers and engineers are a far more recent concept: these units appeared for the first time a few decades ago, and even today they often operate side-by-side with civilian personnel. During the Juniper War, the Deuxieme Compagnie was always on the frontline, literally building the road towards victory. During the conflict, the advantages of a completely military engineer corps became clear, since the Ingènieurs du Roi had often to repel enemy attacks while building a bridge or a barricade. Moreover, these soldiers were sometimes tasked with the opposite mission, opening a safe path across passive defenses or even destroying fortifications under enemy fire. After the war, the Deuxieme Compagnie participated in the reconstruction of the Juniper Province; a few years later, it was sent in the colonies, where it contributed to the development of local infrastructures. In peace or in war, the engineers of the 2nd company always gave its contribution to the glory of the Empire, both with their muskets and with their tools! Campaigns: Juniper War, Colonization of Le Bellan Unit motto: Essayons! (Let us try!)
  15. It was a D entry, if I’m not mistaken