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    <p> My real name is Marco Dalla Torre, I'm an Italian student attending Medical Biotechnologies at university. </p> <p> I particularly like Star Wars and Pirates themes, and most of my MOCs belong to the latter one; I joined Brethrens of the Brick Seas (and eurobricks itself) three years ago, but I usually give a glance to the other topics too. </p>

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  1. Very nice little ship! The repairing scene is very well composed too!
  2. Keymonus

    Weelond 2nd Battalion ready for duty

    What a bunch of vile sellswords group of noble Eslandolan soldiers! Everybody wishes to see them all slaughtered in action as soon as possible, for the good of all the civilized countries glory of Eslandola! OOC Very nice scene, both minifigure choice and the fortress in background are very nice!
  3. Keymonus

    [MMC] Merrynight Mini-Challenge 2018

    Merrynight in the homeland | OL | Keymonus
  4. Somewhere in the Sea of Storms, the beginning of 619 Every good mariner knows how ominous it is celebrating the beginning of the year on a ship… the Gods of the Sea or Poseidon, Sol or Prometheus (according to whom do you ask to) may consider it an affront and pay back with contrary winds and bad luck. For this reason, sometimes a captain decides to moor his ship in a secluded bay of a desert island, just to celebrate something with his men. In this case, Captain Dufrene decided to land on a little islet to celebrate the Merrynight and the beginning of 619 (more or less on the right date, even if rats had eaten his diary a couple of weeks before). And, since he felt a little nostalgic and didn't want to begin another year in a foreign land, decided to claim that vast land to the crown of Oleon. "In the name of our graceful King Phil, I claim this island to the crown! Now bring the rum, Matthew… for once we can celebrate the beginning of the year in our motherland! Stephen, as new minister of the crabs of this new colony, it's your duty to provide a decorated tree!" "But captain… were can I find a tree?" "Use your imagination!" At last they found a tree… or something similar: they covered a oar with some seaweed, and hung some brass beads (always useful if you commerce with the natives) on it. Nobody cared if it wasn't exactly the right day, or if that land wasn't exactly Oleon: 619 would have surely been their good year, they were sure, and opening their best bottle of rum was more than appropriate. Some cups of rum, a couple of merry songs and then the men left the islet. That year would have been the good one, thought Captain Dufrene, looking at the waves slowly covering his ephemeral colony, surely better than the miserable 618 and than the flea-bitten 617. And, otherwise… who cared? "Bow towards Tortuga, lazybones! They say that rum is cheap and women are cheerful on that island! Have you got barnacles in your ears, slackers? Move! I think we all deserve a little holiday… and, by the way, merry 619!" The islet The newly acquired subjects, at least until the next tide
  5. Keymonus

    Those damned cannons

    Thank you all for your comments! My next part of the story, with the cargo ship landing in a safe area, will be posted soon!
  6. Impressive build! The level of details you reached in such a small scale is absolutely great, the colour choice is completely appropriate, and the windows you realized are spectacular. Your job is fantastic and the LDD rendering, that sometimes "takes something away" from the build is very nice! About the financial issue… currently I have more doubloons than I can incest in monthly MRCA, I can't finance your build entirely, but I can offer you 100 DBs as a donation and 400DBs as a loan, PM me if you are interested.
  7. Keymonus

    [OL - FB] The Guemain Hunt

    Nice little MOC! I like the way you realized the irregular terrain and the tree on the right. Well done!
  8. Keymonus

    [MMC] Merrynight Mini-Challenge 2018

    Sorry, I had completely missed this challenge! I'll try to build something nice before the deadline
  9. Keymonus

    Those damned cannons

    Thank you! I took inspiration from some LEGO WWI trenches I saw on the web and tried something more suitable to sail age. Thank you! Don't worry about hostile Oleonese actions: this build is only the furtherance of a joined storyline about the restoration of order in Charlatan Bay after the Marderian occupation, the volcanic eruption and the following riots. My men (even if it doesn't seem ) are on the island only as a support/humanitarian force helping Roadmonkeytj's men; they don't wear Oleonese uniforms and do not receive direct orders from the motherland (thing that could cause me some legal troubles coming back home).
  10. Infero Pordejon, Northern Coast of the Charlatan Bay, 618 A couple of cannons in a strategic position, concealed in the thick jungle of Infero Pordejon… at first, the hidden battery was nothing more than that. Today, only two years later, things have changed a lot: the Bishop before, and the Marderian occupants later, progressively strengthened the little fort with heavier cannons, trenches and embankments, making it almost impregnable from sea. Together with Fort Saint Millar, this battery overlooks the bay… who controls them both, controls the port and all the naval trades of the settlement. "Five thousands doubloons for a load of hardtack and salted cod! What else do you want? And if we doubled the price, the inhabitants of Charlatan Bay would pay all the same! And we just have to sit here, drinking rum, playing dice and sending to hell any ship trying to sneak below our nose! We take no risk, and make a lot of money! Why the hell do you think we should take sea?" "Well, you are perfectly right, but… how long can it last? We have completely squeezed the lemon, and now Charlatan Bay is starving. Only the rich can afford the imported food, and now they are to the limit too. We are as rich as Mokolei satraps… why not to leave now, before one of the gangs, or one of the troublemakers of Hightown decides to cut our throats?" "Don't talk nonsense, my friend! The citizens may be starving, but some of them can still pay nice doubloons. The gangs fight one another in the streets for the control of warehouses and control zones, but all the goods they divvy up come from the port, and they know that no merchant would trust them… without our mediation the commercial routes would drain completely. Moreover, they are not strong enough to assault the forts. And that old captain, Von Bricktin, left the city several days ago... if we are lucky the indians are already using his skull as a mug, and may Hades damn his soul!" "You are right, as usual. Nevertheless I feel not quiet, our position is not so strong from land… I think we should hire more men, maybe build a palisade towards the jungle. And I think we should leave this damned island and enjoy our money in Mesabi Landing, Tortuga or another joyful city." "Mmh, taverns, alcool and high life… what a nice thought! One more month and we'll leave with all the gold of Hightown, I'm sure that some of those fatty pigs still hide money somewhere… let them starve for a while, and we'll take their gold for a piece of bread!" "Sir, the Oleander cargo ship we spotted has let down the sails… it has stopped right outside the bay! Hades knows what those drunkards are waiting for!" Meanwhile, a figure was crawling in the bushes behind the turret, a tomahawk in his hand. The man climbed the turret. The sentinel was staring the sea, as he had done for the last hour. Easier than expected… this sentinel was the last one. A quick hit with the handle of the axe, a dull thud, and all clear for his comrades. Everything seemed moving faster: a musket fired… ...sharply interrupting the conversation of the pirates. There wasn't even a real battle: it wasn't matter of bravery or cowardice, since the pirates were completely surrounded and no resistance was possible… could they fight with a gun already pointed against their face? Things were going well, thought Tristan, even better than expected… now everything was in his friend's hands, since the incoming ships loaded with supplies needed a safe landing point in the bay, far enough from Fort Saint Millar cannons. Using a little mirror, his men sent a light signal to Le Phénix, the ship waiting outside. The timing had been incredibly good, thought Tristan, thanking Poseidon for His help… with a bit of luck, that evening all the inhabitants of Charlatan Bay would have had something to eat, and Gustaf would have received all the guns he needed for his men. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This build was strongly inspired to Kwatchi's hidden battery (I referred with a link to his build), that I considered a crucial element in the joined storyline about Charlatan Bay
  11. Infero Pordejon, somewhere near to Northern Coast, 618 After a long, extenuating waiting, the day they had been waiting for had arrived. During the previous days, all the patrols sent in exploration had found nothing but ashes, destroyed buildings and skeletal remains of the once luxuriant jungle… that damned mountain had hit very hard the northern part of the island, while the southern area and the settlement seemed, from advanced reconnaissance, almost untouched by the disaster. If that was a divine punishment for the sins of the Dark Bishop and of his damned followers, the next time gods should aim better, couldn't help but think Tristan. What concerned him most, however, were the many signs of violence and pillaging his men had reported, such as smoke plumes in the distance, burnt houses and farmers fortifying their homes: sitting there waiting, while innocent civilians were being killed everyday, was destroying his nerves. That morning, however, something was going to change: Master Sergeant Marcel Dubois, using his words, had "taken contact" with Gustaf Von Bricktin, and the old pirate was arriving to the camp; considering how pale Marcel looked, the contact probably implied being surrounded by an angry mob of pirates. In a very short time, the pirate gang entered the palisade: Gustaf was followed by a few men, shabbily dressed and covered with ashes. Tristan immediately recognized his old friend, with his head up and the back straight. Despite the age, the long time spent as an outlaw and the peaceful retirement in Charlatan Bay, the old officer was still there, leading once again his men against the enemy. The army Gustaf had gathered, however, was quite different from the grenadiers he once had led into battle against the barbarians on Pontilla borders: his soldiers seemed tired and visibly starving, their clothes were dirty and tattered, while their weapons were a heterogeneous assortment of old rifles and melee weapons. However, thought Tristan, those men didn't surrendered in spite of all the troubles, of the hunger, of the hopeless situation: the old officer was definitely still there, and still knew his job very well. When the pirates entered the camp, tension rose a little: even if in a different uniform, all the volunteers were Oleander soldiers, and caressing the trigger of the rifle when seeing a pirate was almost a natural reflex. Discipline, however, prevailed, and the soldiers kept calm. "Tristan, old friend of mine! I will never thank you enough for your help! You have really been mad enough to come here, and you have also found found someone mad enough to follow you on this damned island… welcome on Infero Pordejon, by the way, even if you can't see my island in its best shape." "You almost seem surprised, old buccaneer! How could I have missed a chance of seeing your ugly face?" Tristan continued, more seriously "I'm glad you are fine, Gustaf! When I heard of the Marderian coupe against the Bishop, and few weeks later of the disaster that hit Charlatan Bay, I feared for your life. How bad is the situation?" "You know I'm a tough nut to crack… and the ones who tried plundering my housed learned it too. But I'll be frank: the situation is very bad. When the surviving Marderians left Charlatan Bay, the gangs of Lowtown, the pirate crews blocked on the island, and basically anyone who had a weapon or who could steal it started fighting: some for power, wealth and areas of control, but most of them for food and survival. The port still closed, since the bastards controlling the forts prefer speculating on the little available supplies, and the crops are failing. If we don't act soon, Charlatan Bay will starve to death, with the only exception of the responsible ones, who are becoming fatter and richer. Oh, I almost forgot, they also want my head on a plate for what I'm doing." "Well, I've seen better situations… "...but I also brought from home a couple of toys that could be quite useful." "I see you even brought a cannon… quite a strong argument during a discussion! But to be honest food is what concerns me most… we are scraping the bottom of the barrel, but the famine is imminent." "First of all, excuse me for my poor hospitality… you and your men have arrived just in time for the lunch, and I'm still holding you here talking. I think that things will look better after a proper meal, and it seems your men really need it. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring much without a proper landing point; a cargo ship will be here in days, filled with whatever we need to feed your people and begin the reconstruction, but we still have a little problem…" "Yes, those damned forts! They will fire at sight." "Unless we take care of them before. Come with me, after ten years we have again a battle plan to discuss together… and I think that the old officer I once met in Pontilla will enjoy my idea." A carriage of supplies An overall view
  12. Keymonus

    Armour foundry

    Thank you guys! I had the idea more than a year ago, when I saw armors exposed in a museum with the “safety guarantee” described in the build but, without anything armored in BoBS, I delayed it until the appearance of courassiers! Building the bellows was quite challenging, all the previous attempts were too large! And I agree with you, those trans orange tiles always fit in a furnace/droid factory/blacksmith store!
  13. Building twin statues was surely a nice idea! The build itself is simple but effective, as minifig posing too.
  14. Keymonus

    Settlement: Eltina, Le Bellan, Oleon

    Armour foundry | Medium artisan
  15. Very nice build, this is for sure your best architecture up to now! It really gives the feel of a colonial church. The writing is very good too. As soon as possible I'll use my medium license to build the convent, as agreed. I'll try to follow your style as much as possible!