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  1. Keymonus

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Welcome in brethren of the brick seas and to the glorious and enlightened faction of Oleon! As you probably know, the first class 1-2 ship you license and the first small land property are free, it could be a good place to start from. Currently we are focusing our building efforts on Astrapi and Fatu Hiva, but I think that also Breshaun or the little settlements of Acropolis and Cecropia would be “eager to benefit” of a tough inquisitor!
  2. Keymonus

    [COR-UoT] Namerens in the Library

    Nice build Mesabi, probably your best architecture here in BoBS! Your collection of shields is a nice touch, but the globe and the way you realised the roof are great. Your story is nice too, I like the idea of fleshing out non playing nations, even if my Varcoastan storyline was completely abandoned… sooner or later I should continue it
  3. Keymonus

    The Cormorant

    Ok, thank you! I’ll edit the post with the right bird!
  4. Keymonus

    The Cormorant

    Thank you! No problem about the name: any other sea bird will fit as well! In order of preference: Cormorant, Seagull, Pelican, or, if already taken, another one
  5. Keymonus

    The Cormorant

    Thank you for your comments! About the ship details: at first I tried a tiller stick but, since the helmsman would have been in a strange position, I preferred a “safer” wheel; to be honest the third sail is more an aesthetic touch than a realistic detail, and should also have had a more useful angulation, but I’ m satisfied by the overall result.
  6. Great idea! I’m quite sure that my main character didn’t attend university at all (he was too busy slaughtering barbarians and raiders on the Eastern border), but (if I can find time to do it ) his attendant probably completed his studies in Corrington!
  7. Keymonus

    The Cormorant

    Thank you! The core of the hull is a couple of flexible tubes with panels attached; I used hinges too, to shape the upper part. Sails are made up of paper, and probably are the most elaborated I've built up to now.
  8. Keymonus

    The Cormorant

    You say commercial routes, and you imagine the huge Eslandolan tresure galleons sailing to motherland, Oleander wines, peppercorn and silver, or the agile Corrish merchant ships full of sugar and cocoa. You imagine goods loaded by dozens of day laborers, pirates lurking, and cargos worthing centuries of a sailor's wage. Believe or not, more than an half of what is bought and sold in the archipelago, more than an half of the doubloons exchanged every day, have a completely different appearance: the lifeblood feeding large cities and desolate outposts needs arteries and veins as much as tiny capillaries. The Cormorant is one of the ships (the best, according to its captain) giving life to the web of small but essential web of trades connecting the islands. Far below pirates' predatory gaze, the Cormorant carries small cargos of humble goods, 50Dbs of worth at most, but distributes anything that is produced or imported to the ones who need it: if you can find rum and ale in your favourite tavern, if you don't die of hunger or scurvy on an arid island, if you can sell your vegetables to someone else than your neighbours, probably you should thank men like captain Moreau and his guys... remember that before aiming the Cormorant with your guns! More pics:
  9. Keymonus

    [COR-FB3] Tactical Prospecting

    Nice prospect, the explosion in particular seems so safe and calculated...
  10. Keymonus

    [COR-S] Icarus Returning 2.0

    Even if I probably wouldn’t like to know where all the skulls come from, this is surely a very nice ship, and surely a great improvement if compared to the previous version! Keep it on!
  11. Wonderful build, in particular the wave is great! Since those Corries do not exactly own the best ship, I wish they are all talented swimmers!
  12. Keymonus

    Astrapi marketplace

    Thank you for your comments! It was one of my first builds with an irregular base, and I’m glad you liked it. Stalls and minifig posing were funny to realize, but taking close pictures without killing anyone/destroy anything wasn’t easy! Who knows, kebab-eating pirates are surely something new...
  13. Keymonus

    [TSotEP] 7 - To the Sloop!

    I assume the Corries can swim quite well... Great use of your port, the details you added (the piano and the boat in particular) are very nice!
  14. Keymonus

    [ESL-FB] Pontelli Pet Panic

    Funny scene and great architecture! The house with the lion is great, but the other ones are well built too. The cart in the backstreet is another (great) addition!
  15. The increase of maritime commerce in the area and the development of minerary activities on île de Zeus are transforming the once marginal city of Astrapi in a higly populated and lively colony. One of the most evident sign of this change is the growth of the market, held twice a week by arisans, farmers and merchants: where a year ago you would have found only a couple of rough stalls, fresh fruit and some fish, now you can see, all around the main square, a number of well refined stalls, covered with colorful cloths and selling almost any good cultivated, crafted or woven in the archipelago. Here you can see a man selling wines and liquors produced in Breshaun... ...a greengrocer showing a pineapple, a quite expensive delicacy since there is only one large-scale plantation of this tropical fruit in the area... ...a local fisherman... ...a cart with fresh bread and sacks of hardtacks from a near bakery... ...a foreign food seller, with his embers-heated rotating meat (inspired to @Legostone's one), typical of Southern Oleon... ...and a strange man selling strange maps, showing (as he says) "the routes towards the golden kingdoms of the South". An overall view: