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    <p> My real name is Marco Dalla Torre, I'm an Italian student attending Medical Biotechnologies at university. </p> <p> I particularly like Star Wars and Pirates themes, and most of my MOCs belong to the latter one; I joined Brethrens of the Brick Seas (and eurobricks itself) three years ago, but I usually give a glance to the other topics too. </p>

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners! In this period I cannot be very active, but I followed all the great builds you published! Very nice writing up of the conclusions too! About wars, I think the main problem was that nobody really know how to manage it… In Oleon we wanted to defeat TV with a blitz war, closing the match in a couple of turns, basically to avoid a general extension of the conflict. For this reason a challenge didn’t seem a good option, since it would have likely been everyone against Oleon and would have made our long preparations in terms of ships and troops basically pointless. However, we all remained blocked in a long standoff (the “siege”), as the leadership tried to define balanced rules for things that were already happening and basically everyone tried to stretch them in a way or the other… so everyone had the feeling that things were unfair. I think that now things would go more smoothly and with far less inter-player grievance, but I hope not to see two PC factions fighting too soon!
  2. I did something similar a few years ago… the quality of the photos is not great, but I’m still proud of the Rimbaud Canal!
  3. Wow, so many nice building ideas! In particular the “Check point Sillitholina” one sounds great! I hope I could be a little more active in the next months... for sure this challenge will be worth!
  4. Yes, it was @Darnok’s AMRCA!
  5. Hi! I’m looking forward to seeing your orchard and I think it can be built in association with the “real” vineyard. However, I think in the licensing form we have a specific class for builds about fermented and distilled beverages different from wine, rum, beer (not sure about it) and cider, so out of the RNTC monopoly. My rice wine factory, for instance, fell in that category.
  6. Once a sea region has been discovered, a post like this is published: You should be able to find them all in the master index. In the introduction thread of the Nation you can also find a description of the colonised islands. For some of them there is also additional lore, for others not, it depends on how many people built on the island and how much they followed previous examples!
  7. Oh, wow @Ayrlego, I think we are going to see a sudden diversification of the productions! We have had several spice or sugar plantations, but very few pearl gatherers or crocodile hunters! Good to know, the trial and error system was nice, but almost impossible to decode (at least at my building rate)! Just a quick question: are large islands (Terraversa, El Oleonda ecc) included in the bonus system too (apart for the secret mining probability)?
  8. Wonderful addition to our settlement! Actually we had already reached the Large Town level in this turn (I should have made an official announcement), and now our interests are well protected!
  9. Keymonus

    [COR Troop] Raising the Block Watch

    Excellent minifigs @Spud The Viking! As my (now interrupted) AMRCA shows, I’m a fan of Northern Corrington minifigs too! BTW, if somebody needs an “historical” hint for having clansmen outside Corrington, some lands were invaded during the 49-years war (Peppin, Myrph, Belondia and Tam) and at least the island of Tam should be “Scottish”.
  10. Wow, nice fort! As others said, the angled walls are excellent, and the sea to land transition is very well executed (although the coast is a little bit too 90-degree angled). Great addition to our defensive system!
  11. Keymonus

    Troop rules and land combat

    I’m not super happy about that, since we actually planned building a fort to defend Aurelia, but (apart for the bad timing... but this happens when you have to define combat rules with a war ongoing ) I think it makes perfectly sense. With this I think we got a reasonable balance between realism and turn-based dynamics. My only suggestion (not super sure this is the right place to write this) is that we maybe should get a clear separation between raid and attack, with the first not occupying the settlement (or occupying it for a turn, that would allow a double range for the attacking force) and the second resulting in invasion, no matter if by sea or land. However, these rules seem well balanced... see your redcoats on the battlefield soon!
  12. First of all, excuse me, my answer is exactly the reason why you should NEVER write anything after a bad day at work (but this is not a justification at all). I was unaware of that story and your Tenotclaxcans are (even more) right their hatred for the blue invaders. The only thing that annoys me a little (not in your story in particular, but more in general) is that all the factions and all the players invade and colonize lands, more or less explicitly subjugating the natives (in an edulcorate way compared to real history, but we are talking of empires invading foreign countries), but when somebody talks of Oleon it always becomes religious persecutions, forced conversions and fanatism, even if we never really did or said anything worse than the others. Never mind, and please accept my excuses! PS See you on the battlefield anyway, it will be an honor sending your natives to their ancestors!
  13. Nice minifigs, a cool mix of classic islanders (with their funny hats) and modern and custom details. Not completely sure about the story, however... Recruiting natives and sending them against Oleon is perfectly fine, considering the political situation (even if in my opinion we still have to define a little how to mange mercenaries and volunteers, and war in general): we’ll meet on the battlefield, if diplomacy goes wrong. However, accusing us of forced conversions and religious fanaticism to justify the attack is unfair. I can remember only one episode of religious violence since the very beginning of BoBS, and none against the natives. It is as if I said that the Atwi of Terraversa are angry with Corrington due to single episodes of violence happened once on the other side of the archipelago (or for enslaving and selling Tyree’De women) or that some natives hate Eslandola because your nation exploits them in the mines (it never happened, as we never forcibly converted native). Sorry for the annoying reply, but I think that a RPG only works if we stick to what nations and players actually do, and Oleon trying to forcibly convert Ténotclaxcans is not one of them.
  14. Keymonus

    [OL -KPA REACTION] Raise the Flag!

    Thank you all guys! I had seen some gorgeous examples of forced perspective, but this was my first attempt and I’m happy you enjoyed it! Thanks! The trick with “minifigs” was suggested me by a skilled builder on Flickr!
  15. King's Port, Terraversa, 20th February 621 They had done it! After the fierce battle for the shore and the coastal batteries, after the long siege and the battles in the streets, after two full days of brutal room-to-room fighting in the Palace of the Archduke, King's Port had finally fallen! On the other side of the monumental square, now a labyrinth of trenches, moats and barricades, they could see the Council Hall, where the Archduke Guards and a company of Altonian mercenaries had made their last stand. With their surrender, just a couple of hours before, the Battle for King's Port was definitively over. Philip climbed one of the pinnacles of Oldis' Palace and started waving the blue flag of Oleon. Down in the streets, dozens of soldiers were watching, cheering and throwing their hats in the air. Just a few years before, the Raiders were considered the scum of the Empire, a discipline unit to be sacrificed as far as possible from the motherland. Now they were hoisting the colors of the Nation, celebrating the victory of Oleon over its enemies! ------------ My first attempt with forced perspective, I hope you like it... the inspiration is the famous picture of the Red Flag over the Reichstag.