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    <p> My real name is Marco Dalla Torre, I'm an Italian student attending Medical Biotechnologies at university. </p> <p> I particularly like Star Wars and Pirates themes, and most of my MOCs belong to the latter one; I joined Brethrens of the Brick Seas (and eurobricks itself) three years ago, but I usually give a glance to the other topics too. </p>

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  1. île de Zeus, Astrapi Hotel de Ville, January 620 "For the will of our blessed King, under the eyes of the Almighty Gods and of our whole Nation; for your service to the Homeland in peace and in war and for the ancient name of your family; for your bravery, virtue and devotion; you, Tristan of the House of Rimbaud, are awarded the title of Count of Astrapi. You receive all the honours and the duties of your new rank alongside, with all the presents as witnesses. May you bring glory to our Nation, and may the Gods enlighten your path!" Tristan remained unmoved and impassive, as required by the protocol. Anyways, he could almost see the faces of the few noblemen attending the ceremony. He had received the title months before, via letter, for his actions during the dark happenings on Fatu Hiva… a little, but scorching victory against the members of the old aristocracy who always despised him for his low social standing: men with more titles than merits, useless cowards with brave ancestors, who never moved an inch in their life. Tristan knew that many of those men wanted him to be hanged as a traitor for his long permanence in Charlatan Bay: those idiots would have preferred the complete massacre of the Oleander contingent to a victory of a man coming from the ranks of low nobility. Now they would have been forced to greet him with respect, a bitter pill to swallow… Tristan wouldn't have let them forget about that too easily! Fortunately, however, most of Oleander noblemen, and almost all the ones in a relevant position, were different from the inflated balloons behind him. So, instead of facing a firing squad, Tristan was receiving a high decoration in front of the garrison and of a couple of people consumed by rage. "Moreover, for your acts of valour in our colonies and in foreign land, you are awarded the Medal of the Two Swords of class 1 for bravery on the fields of battle and you are promoted to the rank of Regiment General of Oleander army. Bring glory to our Nation, and lead our soldiers to victory!" In foreign land… nobody openly admitted that Tristan had fought for almost two years in a pirate settlement, to restore a pirate government on a pirate island! Tristan sometimes had doubts about his campaign in Charlatan Bay, but he was quite sure that any alternative would have been worse. At least, Acropolis and Astrapi were still standing, and his friend firmly ruled Infero Pordejon. After the ceremony, Tristan was approached by a man in a black uniform, who had remained on the sidelines up to that moment. "Monsieur Rimbaud, strongly felt congratulations for your promotion. Titles, however, are just a mere facade… the real congratulations are for the way you ran a military campaign in hostile territory, against superior forces and with very little support. You could turn foes into friends, destroy the support of the population for the rebels, take the strategic points… my superiors want to talk you about this. We foresee winds of war in the East, with the increased hostility between Corlanders and Lotii. We fear that things will be dirty and irregular, and we think that you and your men could be useful." Tristan followed the man towards the garrison headquarters. So soon… he had arrived in Astrapi only two weeks before, and he already had to leave. It was time to unsheathe the sword again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My character had received the promotion to Count months ago, but I could never build a proper response. With this build, I want to make that (and the new promotion to Regiment General) official.
  2. Keymonus

    [GoC] Class 2 Myzec Trimaran

    Clever use of the parts, in particular of the tan tent! Your minifigs are quite nice, as well as the goods loaded on the lateral boats. My only suggestion is that you should take pictures with a plainer background (usually also simple A4 white papers work quite well), I think the presentation would be better.
  3. Keymonus

    I wish I had more ship levels ...

    Clever little build! Probably I should double-check for a lamp every time I find a treasure
  4. Nice minifigs guys! I’m looking forward to the beginning of the challenge to see them in action! Very nice flags too, especially the yellow one!
  5. Keymonus

    The unknown letter.

    Wonderful sunset @Roadmonkeytj! The shades of water are very effective, as well as the sun in a microscale. Thank you for the comment about the docks! And yes, here he is! Probably "Honest" is only the surname!
  6. Keymonus

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Congratulations @Ross Fisher for the promotion of your character!
  7. I think that "impressive" (both for the table and the candle holder) is reductive! Your furniture is already wonderful (they would deserve their own thread) and I'm looking forward to seeing the event! Since my main character has just returned to civilization after the long campaign of Charlatan Bay, Tristan would be glad and honoured to join (I add here the minifigure pic; consider, however, that any blue uniform/elegant suit will work, so don't bother at all buying new parts for him). PS The sword is a classic pirate sabre in pearl gold, but a grey sabre will work well too.
  8. Nice build, very original and appropriate idea for a "church" dedicated to Poseidon! The effect of the light on your tan base is very peculiar, it actually seems wood
  9. I'm glad that my first individual trade MRCA didn't see its end in Davy Jones' locker! As usual, thank you @Capt Wolf for your great writing and for providing us news about the Bricks Seas
  10. Keymonus

    [OL] Increasing ship limit

    Nice little build! Nothing too complicated, but palms (and parrot!) look very well!
  11. Keymonus

    Time to go home

    Thank you guys! As usual, I had to remove parts of the build to take all the pics… this made my build a little rickety, but I'm very satisfied by the result!
  12. Aaargh, horrible mutant bananas!!! Interesting concept and, even if I wouldn't have never said that, completely time consistent: if somebody (like me) guessed, botanical gardens were a fact far before the golden period of the sail age. Nice collection of plants! Fortunately for him Mr Havershaw must be hard to chew...
  13. Wonderful build! A little weird concept, but "a little weird" here in BoBS is good! The architecture of the whole build is very nice, at the same time individual and similar to the other parts of the Academy. Lots of wonderful details too… I should Bricklink some new plants as soon as possible!
  14. Keymonus

    [GoC] A New Haven

    Lovely house and nice story! I like the unique architecture of this house, very appropriate for the Marderian refugees, and the several details you added, such as the small decorative ball at the wall corner, the plants and the women washing clothes. Well done!