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    <p> My real name is Marco Dalla Torre, I'm an Italian student attending Medical Biotechnologies at university. </p> <p> I particularly like Star Wars and Pirates themes, and most of my MOCs belong to the latter one; I joined Brethrens of the Brick Seas (and eurobricks itself) three years ago, but I usually give a glance to the other topics too. </p>

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  1. Keymonus

    Armour foundry

    Thank you guys! I had the idea more than a year ago, when I saw armors exposed in a museum with the “safety guarantee” described in the build but, without anything armored in BoBS, I delayed it until the appearance of courassiers! Building the bellows was quite challenging, all the previous attempts were too large! And I agree with you, those trans orange tiles always fit in a furnace/droid factory/blacksmith store!
  2. Building twin statues was surely a nice idea! The build itself is simple but effective, as minifig posing too.
  3. Keymonus

    Settlement: Eltina, Le Bellan, Oleon

    Armour foundry | Medium artisan
  4. Very nice build, this is for sure your best architecture up to now! It really gives the feel of a colonial church. The writing is very good too. As soon as possible I'll use my medium license to build the convent, as agreed. I'll try to follow your style as much as possible!
  5. Keymonus

    Armour foundry

    November 618, Le Bellan, Eltina The settlement has grown quickly during the previous years and Eltina, today, resembles almost completely a large town of the Old World, except for the palms and the parrots: elegant bystanders walk along paved streets, flanked by houses built with stones. Even the new troops garrisoned in the city, in particular the courassiers recently arrived on the island, are something quite unusual for a colonial settlement, more used to militiamen or, at most, a couple of infantry companies: Eltina citizens proudly consider them a sign of the importance of their island, now a province of Oleon, more than a godsforsaken, unexplored angle of wasteland. Armoured cavalry, however, needs new armours: a new furnace was built for the purpose, with specialized smiths coming from Granoleon. Making an armour, in fact, is not an easy task, and requires the best iron and the best expertise: first of all the iron ingots are heated in a coal furnace, the bellows keeping the temperature high enough. Then the comes the core of the work: the steel bars are hammered, bent and hammered again, cooled and heated, cut in foils and moulded in the wanted shapes, again and again for hours. The number of different layers of steel determines the resistance of the armour: three layers (meaning basically three concentric armours welded together) represent a reasonable balance between weight and protection, but require a lot of time and work to be produced. The armours are quenched in cold water to further improve their resistance and durability: the process must be quick enough to work, but not too brutal or the steel, instead of reinforcing, will become fragile and will crack. At last, since courassiers are elite soldiers, the armours are carefully polished with a grindstone and finely decorated, one by one, by a specialized (and hopefully talented) artisan. Even if armoured cavalry can still route almost anything with a frontal charge, the times of legendary kings, jousts and spears shining in the sun have ended centuries ago, and knights must be protected accordingly: the main menace, nowadays, is represented by infantry with firearms. For this reason, each armour is tested under the sight of state officials: it must endure without damage a short range gunshot... ...or a musket ball from a longer distance. The armour the courassiers wear, in fact, is not only a distinctive sign of the regiment or a decorative object: it can be pierced by a close range shot of a musket or of a modern rifle, this is true, but still provides a good protection aganist swords, arrows, pistols and blunderbusses, that means aganist weapons frequently used by cavalry and militias. Armoured cavalry is not at its sunset yet: it's not invincible, but still can decide the result of a battle with its powerful charge. To do that, not to be cut down before reaching the enemy is a good start and, if that is possible, part of the credit for that also goes to Eltina armour smiths.
  6. Keymonus

    Devastation of Charlatan Bay

    I had a preview before and the overall result, with story and LDD cottage, is very nice! The only caveat is the photography, probably you should try not to use the flash for close-up photos. Great job!
  7. Keymonus

    [COR WTC] The WTC Stoned Serpent

    Nice little ship, the custom hull in particular is very well-done! I hope the stone colour is only paint, otherwise I've some doubts about the floating!
  8. Keymonus

    [W-OKT] Oktoberfest Rat Maze

    Funny idea, I guess why I never saw it in luna parks!!! And, by the way, run, petit redcoat, run!
  9. Keymonus

    Meanwhile in Acropolis

    Thank you for your comments! As I said, it is just a quick build to answer some of the things I didn't comment properly!
  10. Keymonus

    [W-OKT] Drama over a dress

    Nice build and funny story! The minifig posing is very appropriate, and the interior is well done. Great job with the pictures too, it shouldn't have been easy in such a limited space!
  11. Keymonus

    [W - OKT ] Weelond's Hops garden

    Well… wow! Impressive and very realistic plantation, it must have taken a lot of time putting all the "cherries" in a good position!
  12. Nice build, it really gives the feel of a busy, early-industrial port! Rails have become a typical feature of Mesabi Landing, it seems!
  13. Keymonus

    Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or - resolved

    Thank you! Thanks, probably I’ll choose the second option!
  14. Rimbaud House in Acropolis | Small residence
  15. Keymonus

    Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or - resolved

    Thank you for the writing (and the statistics, everyone likes them ), Captain B! I’m quite surprised by the result, now I’ve quite a lot to build! Congratulations to all the participants, some entries were absolutely great! Only a question... the builds activating the license have to be micro or can also be regular builds below the required size (for example showing only a part of the plantation but in a regular scale)