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  1. I usually don’t like minibuilds very much, but your tavern is surely an exception! Awesome building and nice story, I’m looking forward to seeing your alcoholic empire!
  2. [SR - FB1 Dec] The Trial of Sinbad

    At last that rascal decided to face his doom... and probably he is going to watch daisies grow from below! OOC: Great scene! I especially like the slightly curved wall and the minifig posing. I’m looking forward to seeing how the story will continue!
  3. Rimbaud Canal

    Thank you for your kind comments! Probably this is the most complex thing I’ve built up to now, in particular the road and the locks theirselves were quite challenging, but also very funny to build. Thank you! To be honest the buildings began as a side detail, just a facade along the street... only later I decided to actually build the tavern and the livery! Boats and rafts will soon start carrying goods up and down the canal, now I only need a mine to have something to carry!
  4. Rimbaud Canal- Medium Commerce
  5. Rimbaud Canal l Keymonus l Oleon Sorry, I tought it was still in use... I've been out of BoBs for too long!
  6. Rimbaud Canal

    After the discovery of a rich silver lore in Astrapi countryside, the House of Rimbaud decided to invest in mining activities on the island. The lack of infrastructures, however, represented a huge obstacle, since building materials, equipment and supplies had to be transported on mules along a difficult path in the jungle; moreover, River of the True Faith flows near to the minerary area, but a series of rapids makes the area virtually unreachable by boat. To solve the problem and allow a faster development of the extractive activities, a small tributary of the River was diverted and channeled in a system of locks: in this way a boat (with its valuable load) can litteraly climb the great difference in height, reaching the calm flow upstream. When a boat enters the lower basin, the rear lock is closed and the water level rises, reaching the level of the upper basin... ...the front lock is then opened, and the boat can move forward to the next couple of locks. A road was built along the river: even if it's too narrow for carts and wagons, it is useful for workhorses when the load (for example machinery or building materials) is too heavy for oars. Inns and livery stables were also built at a regular distance along the canal, allowing an efficent messanger service and providing a place to rest for travelers and for the men operating the locks. This ingenious infrastructure, allowing a fast flow of goods and news (even in the opposite direction, progressively lowering the water level), represents a vital artery connecting the (still unexisting, but be faithful ) minerary district with Astrapi urban area and will probably be crucial in further development of the island. An overview of the building (two basins, the road, a tavern and a stable) A couple of soldiers checking a boatman's licence to use the locks The tavern Another view of the tavern; thee man on the right is a cartographer drawing Rimbaud Canal layout A messanger changing his horse at the livery A view of the locks; an hydrometer can be seen on the left. Another view of the locks
  7. [POLL] WTC Elites

    As others said, I think brown trousers are the best, but Lone Ranger's ones will work too. I like the idea of elite soldiers but, if I were you, I would use pink/yellow hands or black/dark brown gloves for your men and different hats for elites and regular infantry (for example, shako hat for the former, trihorn hat for the latter)
  8. Great entry, Bregir! The details of your buildings are great, and the story is wonderful! I especially like how more or less every nation is somehow implicated but only partly guilty (except the ones who blowed up the ship, obviously! ).
  9. Sorry for the great delay, in this period I’m very busy! Thank everyone for your kind comments, I’m glad you appreciate my stories! Soon I’ll post the next part as a freebuild, I built it weeks ago but still miss the story: it will show the end of the Wolf’s Blood...
  10. [WTC] Minichallenge- Saboteur

    This is the first part of my entry
  11. Adventure MRCA test

    I've tried, it seems alright! And Adventure MRCA seems surely a good reason to license a ship!
  12. "As you guessed, Tristan, I'm in serious troubles" replied the Varcoastan consul. "I'll go straight to the point: somebody is organizing a conspiracy to seize power in Varcoast, murder our king and the ones loyal to him (among which me), strenghten his position with a great victory aganist Oleon and create his own empire, whatever the consequences for my country and for the peace in the New World." "Uhm, this could indeed be a problem! First of all, are you absolutely sure about that?" "Unfortunately, I am. What we know cost the life of the man we could infiltrate and of two of my best agents, found with their throat cut..." "...As you know, King Friedrich of Varcoast is becoming old and, since he doesn't have a direct heir, the crown will be inherited by his cousin Wilhelm. Nothing of too unusual, but several men of the Court don't approve his foreign policy ideas." Continued Alexander. "His wife is an Oleander noblewoman, and he is a personal friend of King Philip, isn't he?" "Exactly. Moreover, our current Prime Minister, head of the anti-Oleander fringe, and Wilhelm despise each other and, as soon as the latter will become king, the former woud be immediately fired." "Since the Prime Minister, Ludwig von Altenburg, is King's Friedrich most trusted man, and has always been completely loyal to the Crown, he is considered above any suspicion; his power and his ambition, however, have enormously grown, and he will never accept to lose his position." "Even if it entails a coup d'ètat?" "There's no doubt about that. We discovered that he has become the leader of a group of officers, noblemen and rich merchants, who will probably receive money and estates, but only crumbles of real power, assuming that rattlesnake will not execute them for treason after he takes the power. According to our infiltrate, their plan is to assassinate king Friedrich and accuse Wilhelm and the Oleander government of the murder." "Clever move, since we would obiouvsly intervene. Anyway, this would be a complete suicide: Varcoastan army is at most a third of Oleander one, not to mention better weapons, artillery and training: even if the Prime Minister had all the soldiers and officers on his side, and I doubt about that, in a couple of months we woud break your army and enter your capital city... sorry for my frankness!" "No problem. They would have a chance only dividing your army, with groups of Marderians deserters or something like that, absolutely not mercenaries paid by Varcoast attacking your colonies, and only later deploying Varcoastan regular troops, reinforced by volunteers, where and when they could win." "But even so they could at most win the first battle! And knowing their plans we could ignore their diversion, temporarily lose an island or two and directly invade Varcoast... sorry again for my frankness, but your army would be annihilated!" Father Costantinus, silent until that moment, replied: "Your analysis is correct, monsieur Rimbaud, but what would happen if Corrington supported our enemies? We could only defend ourselves, but surely not attack at ease." "Of course this would turn the table! But what would justify that course of action of the Corries? Our relations are normalising, and we would intervene to defend ourselves and to restore the legitimate government, surely not to conquer Varcoast! What would lead them to an act of aggression?" "For example, the explosion of a Corlander ship with most of its crew..." N.B. Before part 2 is published: no Corlander will be involved in treasons, plots or other unpleasant things; no Corlander will be hurt, except the ones disintegrated with the Wolf's Blood
  13. The Bagpipe Factory in Pontelli

    Great idea and great execution! Your build is at the same time absolutely original and still classic-looking, keep it up!
  14. A captain, a consul and a red cloak

    Thank you SilentWolf, I'll build the next part as soon as possible! Thank you Mesabi! With the next part I'll join your mini challenge, but I'm still waiting the black triangular hats I ordered!