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Found 12 results

  1. LittleJohn

    [MOC] Veteran Warrior

    My seventh build for the latest Iron Builder round against Inthert. The seed part is the Plate, Modified 2 x 3 with Bar in dark red. This was heavily inspired by Eero Okkonen’s phenomenal brick-built figures. As always, C&C are very welcome
  2. BardDandelion

    Legions of the Damned

    Hello everybody, this is my first MOC presented here. Hope you will like it. ;) I really want to build something like that for a whole year. I was playing Heroes V during Fall 2017 and I was astonished how good was the design od Inferno units. Finally found some time (and I was out of yellow parts so couldn't increase my WH40k Orkz army :P ) and started to build... and after several days it was ready. :D Those army is inspired by many computer games I played or used to played when I was younger. Mainly Heroes V but also Disciples II (that's where the title comes from), Diablo and - of course - Khorne aspect of Chaos from Warhammer. Imp highly inspired by basic Inferno unit from Heroes V. Summoner. I don't remember when and where I spotted that arms technique. It was many years ago and it was bad guy from Orient Expedition: China. Two demonic Gargoyles. Figbarf. I'm not so sure about the black guy on the right. Basically, he seems to black for me. Need to work with him a bit, maybe add some dk red. Chariot. I really enjoy burning mane effect I got. :) Demonic Wyvern mounted by a Warlock. At Flickr I was asked about another angle, thought that was good idea,so here you are. Horned Demon that started whole army. And the "family picture": Check my Flickr account for more. C&C welcome. ;)
  3. I switched this to a general LEGO Pokemon topic since I got carried away haha ============== Here we go, I edited the post with final pics. Suggestions, comments, hatemail, it's all welcome. =============== Features: •Amazing movement! •Mouth opening on command! •Excellent shaping, much fun, beautiful color! •The only pieces not available in LBG are the 4 wedges along the jaw and the 2 wedges on the tail. •The head is hollow, maybe 2 minifigs and a small cat can fit in there... LEGO Steelix by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr LEGO Steelix by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr LEGO Steelix Guts by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr LEGO Pokemon by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  4. BardDandelion


    Hello everybody! I would like to show you project I have started about one year ago. I was working on it through 2018, adding troops and vehicles. Hope you enjoy it. TROOPS Gretchinz: Gretchinz are smaller and weaker than Orkz but in a great numbers they still may cause problems. I needed them to put some on tanks and as a crew members of my Mek Gun. I'm still not sure about legs, they feel a bit to blocky. Boy: Standard soldier of WAAAGH!!! This one is armed with Choppa and Slugga, other have Shootas, Stikkbombs, Tankbusta bombs. Some may have heavy weapons - Rokkit launchas, Burnas, or Deffgun. Nob: Orkz have really simple hierarchy - smaller Orkz follow orders of bigger ones. Nobz are bigger than standard Boyz and I was trying to get that in my models - Nobz are a bit bigger but basically the same. Mek in Armour: Meks are crazy Orkz who construct vehicles and weapons for WAAAGH!!! Painboy: Painboyz are those who put together injured Orkz... or replace their limbs with mechanical ones. Warboss: Warboss is the Boss of whole WAAAGH!!! - he is the biggest and the strongest of all Orkz. Well, if he is not, then he stops being Boss and starts being dead. Ork Boyz: I wanted this photo to have some table top vibe. One can buy box of ten Boyz and one Nob, put them together and paint. I just had to put them together. :D SPEED FREEKS I had no experience with cars (once I have built some police car and a colleague drom my LUG, to whom I showed it, said that I should just stop) so I wasn't sure how it will work. Both cars now looks slightly different, I have improved them a bit - added some Gunz to the first one and rebuilt the front of the second one but unfortunately I don't yet have photos. Those cars are highly Mad Max inspired. Same story with bikes - before I build them only with molded parts but for Orkz I needed something bigger. I'm really happy with the results, already built third one. Photo will be posted soon. STOMPAS Killa Kans I have photos of two Killa Kans (already built third one, will post photo soon). Those are basically giant metal cans with pilot welded inside, armed with some nasty close combat weapons, like Killa Saw, Drilla, Klaw, Wrecker and some giant range combat weapon. Deff Dread It's basically bigger version of Killa Kan with four arms so it carries more and bigger weapons. Flyers Looted T'au drone Very important part of Orkz' culture is looting. What they find at the battlefield, they "repair" and use as their own. Warkopta: That flying vehicle can transport up to four Boyz. When it's empty, deck may be closed. It's armed with Big Shoota, some Rokkits and giant bomb hidden at the back. TANKZ Grot Tankz When I spotted those for the first time at Forge World (not available at Games Workshop) I knew that I need them for my army. Those are expected to be cartoonish and a bit silly. People made them with Toy Soldiers tanks. Love them and definitely need more. Smasha Gun One of Mek Gunz. Once I have seen a game in which Ork player used them and demolished his opponent. Already bought parts for second one - Buble Chukka. This name is soooo cool that I need it as an addition to my WAAAGH!!! Looted Wagon The last one, my biggest one (for now :P). I had a lot of problems with turret, this is third or fourth version and I'm happy with the shape and how I put a cannon but it still needs to be work with. I have learned some Technic techniques building this little monster and the next one is built with more sense so good for me. :D *** Thank you if you get through whole post, it's really long. To be honest, I haven't realized that I have so many of it. When I had uploaded all the photos to Flickr, my browser just added uploading section as one of my favorite websites. xD Check my Flickr account for more, I have posted only part of my still growing WAAAGH!!! C&C welcome. ;)
  5. XBrickmonster


    Hello! Recently I have decided to enter a contest over on Flickr, the Colossal Battle Contest in the group LEGO War. One of the categories is Beasts of battle, and I was wondering if anyone had ideas/techniques of how to build cool animals that might fit that theme. I already have one entry done, but I still want to hear some ideas and learn some new techniques to apply in other builds as well. I hope this topic will help others too, because I know that animals and beasts are often rather difficult to realistically represent in LEGO brick form. Thanks everyone!
  6. It's been a while since I built a Leia figure and with the sad news of her passion late in 2016, I decided to build a figure of her iconic "A New Hope" princess figure with her 2 buns, white dress and wielding a blaster as a tribute. The head was the trickiest part. I was highly inspired by the cuteness of Luc Byard's brickbuilt Leia, but I didn't want her head to be as big or cartoony. Hope you like it. I will build some more characters at this scale as they are not as part count demanding. Couple pictures below and few additional ones on my Flickr account. R.I.P. Carrie Fisher (1956-2016) Princess Leia Organa by Miro Dudas, on Flickr Princess Leia Organa by Miro Dudas, on Flickr Miro
  7. This topic is going to be, as the title says, about purist Star Wars weapons. I doubt many people will reply to this topic as making these aren't particularly easy.
  8. All submissions must be given freely for reuse.
  9. My entry to Round 4 of The Tourney. The category assigned to me, was, Nightmare: Portray a dark representation of a character's worst nightmares. This nightmare must not be merely reliant on a story to describe it (although you may include one if you wish); the MOC should be easily recognizable as a nightmarish scene. I decided on doing an all LEGO scene, and tried to capture a dark and scary atmosphere with the color choices, landscape, night background and monstrous creatures. The backdrop was inspired by LL, whose builds you should definitely check out: Link More pictures here: Link C&C welcome
  10. LittleJohn

    Nice Day For A Swim

    This was my first time building a ship and I'm quite pleased with the result: More pics here: Link Let me know what you think, all C&C appreciated
  11. LegoJalex

    Masters of the Universe

    Here are some of the figures from Masters of the Universe. Myself I did not have any figures as a kid, but I remember that I often enjoyed looking in the toys catalogues and thought they looked really cool. My favourite during that time was Hordak. These brickbuilt figures I have tried to build as small as possible, but with details and as close to the original as possible.
  12. I used search engine, google search, flickr, but I could not find what I was looking for. I am looking for an alphabet of brick-built letters. I have a specific one in my mind. I found several others, but not the one I was looking for. That's why I have to ask you. What LEGO alphabets do you know? Is there already an index? If not, I could make an index of Lego alphabets in this first topic. Okay, scratch that part. While I was looking for other fonts to add to my index draft below, I found the flickr group "Lego Alphabet". Maybe an index here, would help nevertheless. So if you are looking for inspiration for Lego Letters, you could always look here. What do you think? Could still be, that I missed an existing index My original request still stands. I am looking for a Lego Alphabet that looks quite similar to the empire sign of sonicstarlight's Empire Cinema. Any ideas? Index draft: