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  1. Corweena

    [Docked Ship] "HMS Legion" Class 7 Heavy Frigate with 28 Guns

    What a fantastic ship, and even more brilliant stand and baseplate. Just a shame its being sold to the lobsterbacks. Oh well, looks like the Sea Rats have a new target to commandeer
  2. Corweena

    [COR - MRCA] All Things Come to an End

    If he escaped once.....maybe he can do it again? Great MOC, interested to see how the situation plays out. And I can't help but see a little correlation to the hanging of Charles Vane in Black Sails. And look how that turned out for the redcoats....a full scale rebellion. Just sayin'
  3. Corweena

    [SR-FB] Refining the Devil's Gold

    Thanks! And I definitely feel you on number 1. I actually had my first version of the hut at an angle compared to the rest of the buildings. When i made the final version I must have just forgotten, and slapped it in the corner. Also, I seem to have misplaced my bag of green plates that I use for terrain in builds. Gonna have to look for it lol. And as far as #2, I actually just began experimenting with it myself, and used it on my sandcastle builds. Its definitely growing on me, I will just need to order some bricks so i can construct bases for larger properties such as this. Thanks! Thanks, minus the main parts of the build, it is a bit simplistic, which I feel lends to the classic feel. Had I a bit more time (and found my blasted green plates), I could probably step it up a bit in terms of overall quality. This was definitely the most rewarding part of the build, the research and then translating the images in my head into something I could build.
  4. A Sulfur refinery has been set up, and licensed as a medium commerce for the Black Wolf Company.
  5. Isla de Barro stands apart from any other island of the New Haven seas, due it its unique soil composition. Just below the topsoil sits a foul-smelling yellow loam, which as it erodes, stains the beaches of the island yellow. The natives of Isla de Barro have developed used for the soil over the years, namely as a bug repellent, by mixing it into mud and smearing it over their bodies. Even the hungriest of mosquitoes wouldn't dare attempt to bite though the soil. In his travels though the islands, Neville Robertson, an avid Chemist and Alchemist, had long hoped to land on Isla de Barro, and study the unique makeup of its soil, and its potential uses. Now, after much experimentation, he had presented his findings to the Black Wolf Company, and received a grant to establish a refining factory. Why? For in his experiments, Neville had found the primary ingredient in the soil (and that which gave off the foul smell) was indeed the Devil's Gold, more commonly known as sulfur. Which, being one of the 3 primary ingredients in gunpowder, made it a precious and valuable commodity. The interior of the island was home to vast mudpits of the foil earth, which made harvesting it exceptionally easy. As these pits were on the claimed land of the natives, the BWC struck an agreement paying the natives to dig and transport the mud to the refining factory. The soil, when delivered to the factory, was first dumped into the holding pit, where any larger clumps were broken up into much smaller pieces. It was then shoveled into barrels. The barrels of soil were then carried up to the refining vat. They were dumped in the vat, and stirred until any impurities (dirt, sand, plants) were burned off, leaving pure refined sulfur. You can see Neville Robertson here with an oar, standing on the edge of the vat, mixing the soil thoroughly to avoid burning and ensure an even mixing. Once refined, the sulfur was poured into the cooling molds, where it was allowed to cool and dry completely. As it dried, the sulfur was smoothed and packed down into dense "cakes". Once cool, the cakes of sulfur were cut down to more manageable sizes, noted in the production log, and prepared to be sold off at the BWC Warehouse. To be licensed as a medium Factory in New Nassau. _______________________________________________________________ Here are a few more full shots for anyone interested Its been a minute since I've sat down and planned out a proper build. I've had this one in mind since I started settling New Nassau, (I took inspiration from the South American jungle drug labs you always see in movies lol), and adapted it to fit how I needed. Finding photos of period correct sulfur processing practices proved to be a challenge, so I kind of just made up my own version of the process based on some descriptions I found. Even though its fairly simple, I prototyped each component of the build a few times before I settled on the ones seen.
  6. Corweena

    [Sep FB1] Barracks, Port Woodhouse

    Wow, probably my favorite of your most recent builds. Stunning!
  7. What exciting times we are in! Interested to see how the whole Terraversa situation plays out. It appears the Bluebellies didnt quite get the swift victory they had hoped for. And tensions appear to be rising between them and the Redbacks. Could this be all out war? A Scoundrel can hope! The crew of the Nymeria will take the gamble. No self‐respecting Sea Rat would back down from the challenge!
  8. And with Crocodiles, maybe you can fend off those packs of vile Dolphins!
  9. Corweena

    [Sand Castle Contest, Cat B] FORE!

    Thank you Captain! While I feel my execution could have been a bit better if I had more time, I am proud of the idea of the build as a whole lol. Was fun to build something little fun and silly, vs the normal builds.
  10. Corweena

    Champagne and Banana Milk

    Banana Milk? You sure its not Banana rum? Great celebration scene!
  11. Congrats to all the winners! Was truly a fun challenge. Guess I need to learn how to Microbuild.....
  12. Congrats to my fellow Sea Rats for our triumph in the challenge. We are proof that we don't need a central government or monarchy to succeed as a faction. Glad I caught the tail end of the challenge and was able to contribute. Can't wait for the next challenge to begin!
  13. Corweena

    [COR-FB1] A Return to Counting

    I dare say, with the Sand Castle challenge on Tortuga, the WTC could have made a killing on giraffe glue to help hold the sand castles together. Would have given those fish oil peddlers a run for their money. But that is CLEARLY an oversight on Darby's part
  14. Corweena

    To arms, loyal Terraversans!

    From my point of view, there is a simple solution to the Terraversa problem. Join the Sea Rats. Its solves many of the issues all at once. Tyrannical Rulers and Monarchists? We have none. Corrupt governments and ridiculous taxes? Nope! Meddling Imperialist nations trying to subvert their will on you by back channel methods? Not a chance! And lastly....pirates. You'll go from fearing their raids, to becoming a much desired port of call to spend their honorably hard earned dubloons! its a win-win-win-win situation
  15. Corweena

    [Sand Castle Contest, Cat B] FORE!

    Thanks everyone. I had another idea I was planning on doing, but needed some stuff for Bricklink, which would not have made it to me in time. So this was the second choice, but I'm glad I went with it. I ordered the golf club and it just arrived the 4th (cut it close). And I didn't build anything until I had the club in hand. I probably could have built a little bit nicer designed castle, but overall I think it still flows with the Mini Golf theme, particularly being made of sand, not of wood or stone. The yellow sand was planned from the beginning, as I have a very limited supply of small tan brick (lots of plates and large panels), so I made the most of the resources available to me in New Nassau.