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  1. A nice little trio of sets that arrived from an eBay purchase. #1713/1733 Shipwrecked Pirate, #1970 Pirate Gun Cart, and #1464/1696 Pirate Lookout. I love finding cheap combo sets like this. Makes me feel good after spending a good chunk of change on larger stuff
  2. Bricklink orders came through....I now have a complete #6249 Pirate Ambush, and #6296 Shipwreck Island Just waiting on 2 more Bricklink orders to finish up my Red Beard Runner, along with a few eBay purchases which should be in soon!
  3. Oh my god. When converted to US dollars, it's $1400. That's over $7 per minifigure. CRAZY.
  4. Man, that is pretty ridiculous. People really don't want to take the time to assemble their own armies I guess lol. Back to the topic of the thread, I've slowly been gathering extra Pirate and Imperial minifigs with every Bricklink order I make. I also just lucked out on eBay and got a bunch of assorted Pirate pieces for $10.....palm trees, extra weapons, Armada soldiers, and about 250 other ship parts. Pretty good score overall.
  5. I'll be sure to update when I complete the other sets. Vintage pirates is the only life for me!
  6. Back at it again after a little bit of a hiatus. I scored a bulk lot on Craigslist last week for $30. I normally don't buy bulk, but this had a good amount of complete sets, including some pirate stuff I could see in the pics, so I pulled the trigger. Man, did I luck out. In addition to a bunch of 90s space stuff (which I built and am selling on eBay already), I got an 90% complete #6249 Pirate Ambush, 75% complete #6296 Shipwreck Island, 60% complete #6289 Red Beard Runner, and a 100% complete #6246 Crocodile Cage. I'll be Bricklinking the rest of the needed parts for those shortly. The crown jewel of the lot though, was that I got my hands on a 100% complete #6250 Crossbone Clipper. Even though this is the smallest and least complex ship, it also appears to be one of the hardest to find cheap. Once I sell all the stuff I don't want, I should be able to break even on all the parts I need for the other sets.
  7. Corweena

    Your First Pirate Set!

    My first set was actually a trio of Islander sets for my birthday.....6262 King Kahuka's Throne, 6256 Island Catamaran, and 6236 King Kahuka. I still have them to this day.
  8. 2 new additions to my Classic Pirate collection: 6268 Renegade Runner (missing 2 pieces), and 6244 Armada Sentry (complete). Both for only $5 out of pocket!
  9. Corweena

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Agreed. I knew it couldn't match the original.....but it definitely was better than the second or third lol. And that last fight scene was pretty awesome.
  10. Corweena

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Just saw Jurassic World......finally a worthy sequel to the original
  11. Corweena

    Recommend a Movie

    The Usual Suspects anything Quentin Tarantino Warrior The Shawshank Redemption The Godfather Trilogy Schindler's List The Silence of the Lambs and probably my all time favorite...... Se7en
  12. Corweena

    Guess that movie!

    Limitless is correct. Your turn Iria.
  13. Corweena

    Guess that movie!

    Ok here we go.
  14. Corweena

    Guess that movie!

    Imagninarium of Doctor Parnassus?
  15. Have any of you seen the Starz Show Black Sails? It takes place before Treasure Island as kind of a prequel. Not the most child friendly show, but good nonetheless.