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  1. November 24, 620AE Corwin Ragnarrson had just received an urgent dispatch from his homeland of Vikendia in the far north. His worst fears had been confirmed; his uncle, the ruler of their tribe, had been killed by an ambitious nobleman seeking to rule himself. Now, Corwin's cousin Ivar, was engaged in a civil war with the usurper, fighting for his life and to keep the tribe unified. Upon receiving this devastating news, Ragnarrson recalled all of the Black Wolf Company military assets that could be reached quickly, and immediately set sail for Vikendia to aid his cousin. The remaining army, along with all of the BWC trade assets, were left in the hands of his most trusted Lieutenant, Freya. He had complete faith in her management skills, he only worried about the Terraversan war spilling into other territories, and the decreased numbers of soldiers in New Nassau left it vulnerable to attack. But it was a risk he was willing to take, as his only remaining family was in danger. _____________________________________________________________________________________ February 6, 622AE It had been almost 15 months since the fateful day that Corwin Ragnarrson had departed New Nassau in support of his cousin. Now, many months and battles later, the war was finally over. The enemy was vanquished, and the tribe reunited. On the shores of Vikendia, Corwin and Ivar say their goodbye's as the BWC soldiers load the boats with supplies for the long journey back to New Nassau. As they said their farewells, Ivar motioned to a small group of men standing a few feet off. "Take these men with you back south. They are some of my finest intelligence agents. They have no direct connection to you or the BWC, so use them as you see fit" he said with a wry smirk. "I owe you my life, and I hope these men plus that blasted traitor's gold can only start to even us up. Send us a ship once a year with any news or requests you need to help you in your ventures south. Goodbye cousin." Many of the Black Wolf Company soldiers were new recruits when they sailed north, but now with many battles under their belt in the past year, they moved and acted as a veteran unit, loading the boats with speed and precision. _____________________________________________________________________________________ June 4, 622AE New Nassau After a long but uneventful journey, Ragnarrson and his men were back safely in New Nassau. Corwin immediately made his way to his private office where Freya could meet him and fill him in on the Company business in his absence. "Freya, come in." said Corwin, as there was a knock on the door. "I'll keep it brief, as I am exhausted from the journey. Here are letters to all the leadership in the BWC, please distribute them for me. I've set a meeting for next month to discuss what the future holds for us. Is that the master ledger you have? You can leave it with me, I'll take a look at it tomorrow, but I'm sure all is in order. Anything special to report?" Freya thought a moment, then replied "as of late, it has been pretty quiet and non-eventful. Our businesses and properties have continued to rake in steady profits. The soldiers that remained here have continued to train and stay ready should they be needed. Our ships the Akela and Nymeria had some great trade runs at the height of the Terraversan War, delivering some much needed goods at a HEALTHY markup, as the situation provided", she finished, with a twinkle in her eye. "The rest, I've included in the ledger, which you can read at your convenience. I'll drop these letters off right away. Its good to have you back, Commander." _____________________________________________________________________________________ Just a little free build, to say "I'm back!" after a year and half away. Can't wait to get rolling again Some bonus shots of the two scenes I built for this post.
  2. Corweena

    [OL - FB] Eat in, or to go?

    I'll take 2 ramen to-go, please Great job, and the amount of details in such a small space is amazing.
  3. Another outstanding write-up as always! And perfect timing too, as I'm just coming back from an 18-month hiatus and have been catching up on the events that I missed.
  4. Corweena

    Trade MRCA Deadline October 27

    Please take your sweet time Life has been so hectic lately I haven't even had a chance to look at my bricks the last 6 weeks.
  5. Thanks for putting on such a fun Challenge! I had a blast building for it. Now to brush up on my microbuilding skills...
  6. You're welcome, it was a fun experience and a welcome change in building scenery. That's what I was going for.....Sea Rats will be.....Sea Rats. Many don't care who they steal from, as long as they come out ahead . Best friends for hire, and equal opportunity thieves! Thank you. Had to add a little bit of debauchery to the build, befitting a man with "flexible" morals and convictions....and who knows, I may continue the story of Young Jaime and his antics in Mesabi Landing.
  7. 26 October, 620 Infero Pordejon You could almost feel the excitement in the air, like an electrical charge. Today was the day. Training was over, and The Black Wolf Company Expeditionary Forces were being deployed! Months of drilling and training exercises behind them, it was finally time to go to war. A busy scene unfolded on the small estuary on which they descended. The soldiers carried their boats from their camp in the jungle down to the beach. A short trip along the coastline to Charlatan Bay was ordered, where they were to await the arrival of their transport vessels. Then on to Terraversa! The young men in the group were almost jumping with excitement at the thought of battle and war, but the older and more experienced men knew the dangers and possibilities that lie ahead. But regardless of their outlook, all the men were eager to finally put the training behind them, and show their worth. Carrying the boats down from the jungle was no easy task Colonel Lindstrom and his officer discuss their plans for the journey with their Oleonaise liaison one last time before departure. The contract has been signed and sealed, and all that is left is the journey to Terraversa. To be used to raise two Companies of Infantry out of Charlatan Bay.
  8. To be licensed as a small Residence, as a result of the Chance Roll while docking there.
  9. As the youngest and newest member of the crew about the Nymeria, young Jaime had the pleasure of doing all the unwanted tasks aboard the ship, left by the more senior crew. When he heard the Nymeria was headed to Mesabi Landing to trade, he knew this was his chance, and secretly began preparations, stowing small parts of cargo away to keep for himself to sell. Once the ship docked, and the cargo was unloaded (and his stolen portion quietly offloaded elsewhere), he finally got his permission to see the town. He turned back to the crew, gave them a smile and said "I hope you all get eaten by Dolphins" then disappeared into the crowd. When the time had come for the Nymeria to disembark, he was nowhere to be found, and a good thing too, the Crew would have strung him up if they could find him, for stealing part of the cargo and taking a significant chunk out of their profits. Meanwhile, young Jaime was living the dream. He sold his goods, and was hidden out in the Sunken District of the city, and procured a small shanty away from prying eyes. He holed up there until he knew the Nymeria had left the port, and any danger to him was gone. To pass the time, he relied on every Sea Rat's favorite go-to.....rum and pleasurable company. And with coin in his pocket, neither were in short supply (for now). Who knows what the future holds for Jaime, but that is not something young Sea Rats generally think about, at least while they still have coin To be licensed as a small residence in Mesabi Landing, as the result of the chance roll for docking at the port.
  10. Corweena

    [OKT - SR] Punto Sur Biergarten

    Thank you! I definitely tried to give each table a unique flair and character to set it apart from the others. Thank you for the kind words! Thank you! That waitress with the beer was one of the first ones I had in mind when designing the scene. Even here in America, that's one of the biggest Oktoberfest visuals you will see. And thanks, I think the instruments are my favorite part as well. Thank you!
  11. Corweena

    [OKT - Culture] "Beer Shrine"

    a PERFECT addition. I love the sleeping pirate that lost his pants the best
  12. Corweena

    [OKT - SR] Punto Sur Biergarten

    Thank you. I worked hard to spread out the design, and as well as not build everything at right angles to each other. And the stage was probably one of the harder bits to do....just building it digitally and getting it to hang off the end and extend to the rest of the base smoothly, was a challenge. And yeah.....not sure about the redcoats, 2 of the 3 at the table appear to be almost gone (plus the other one fighting ). And yes, with minifig posing, I had initially built them off to the side of the base, then tried to move and pose them on the build. Learned pretty quick its easier to just build the minifig piece by piece in the location you want them in. For the tuba, I used Google to get ideas (same with my accordion), and borrowed most of my design from this one here. I did change a few things, for a more fluid design, and also for posing purposes.
  13. Corweena

    [OKT - SR] Punto Sur Biergarten

    Thank you gentlemen, I appreciate the kind words! __________________________________________________ ALL detail shots are rendered and added to the first post!
  14. Those fall colors are glorious! And I love how the construction of the building is split between stone and wood.
  15. Corweena

    [OKT - SR] Punto Sur Biergarten

    Thank you Capt.! I tried to recreate your building style best I could, while throwing in my own little flare. I think I spent more time on creating and posing minifigs, than the whole rest of the build. It takes FOREVER, and each one was created from scratch in place. Not sure I ever want to digitally build this many again LOL. Thank you! Thanks! There are a lot of little details I tried to add, that often can be overlooked. Hopefully the more detailed shots I'm rendering will highlight those a bit more.