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Found 17 results

  1. RyszardBosiak

    [MOC] Tenement House

    Hello! This is my first tenement house built in Studio app. Building is modular; walls, roof and rest can be simply removed, so you can easy arrange interiors :) Also street is modular, in my opinion that approach give a big capabilities. I hope you enjoy it, I spent 2 weeks on that MOC :) Tenement House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Tenement House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Tenement House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Tenement House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Tenement House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Tenement House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr
  2. RyszardBosiak

    [MOC] Fire truck

    Few days ago I discovered lots of my old concepts created in Lego Digital Designer. Fortunately they are working fine in Studio. I only need to make some adjustments. I am proud to introduce to you my first fire truck concept. Lego City Fire Truck by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Lego City Fire Truck by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Lego City Fire Truck by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Lego City Fire Truck by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Lego City Fire Truck by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Lego City Fire Truck by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Lego City Fire Truck by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Lego City Fire Truck by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr
  3. BrickLdeas

    Amusement park ride [MOC]

    Here is an amusement park ride MOC I created using an mechanism of rotation by some Lego "Technic" pieces.
  4. BrickLdeas

    LEGO [MOC] Coffee Shop

    A simple but elegant LEGO "Coffee Shop" MOC. Because the minifigs need that coffee to right! Video of the inside:
  5. mattb483

    Street Fight

    Hey guys, I decided to make a short little funny film. Street fight is of a young teen who accidentally walks down an alleyway not paying attention on his cell phone, to find he is in the wrong part of town. See what happens when he faces the local street gang! Enjoy everyone and if you like, comment and Sub if you want
  6. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] My display at BRICK 2016

    I had the honor to be amongst 80 selected afols to display at this year's BRICK 2016 event at NEC Birmingham. I was traveling to UK by airplane so I had to pack all my stuff in a single 20kg luggage. My display consisted of city/ speedchampions scale vehicles put on a road terrain decorated with palm trees and few modular buildings. Have fun watching the pictures :) Thanks for watching!
  7. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] #legocity street racer

    how to build tutorial Thanks for watching!
  8. Peteris_Sprogis

    #60117 blue van MOD

    The blue van from #60117 caravan set has been tricked out with new #speedchampions wheels and lots of body detail modifications. I has an opening rear trunk as well. Attach the caravan and off to legocity vacation You go! How to build tutorial Thanks for watching! Cheers, #keeponbricking
  9. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] City Octan delivery VAN

    Octan delivery VAN with smooth body lines and good cargo capacity >> How to build video >> Thanks for watching!
  10. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] City electric car

    4wide nimble City electric car. Just mentioning some of the most interesting design features: at front got 1x2 brackets in SNOT and added 2 plates and overall filling nicely 4wide gap. For cabin have been using nice windsreen piece from some sort of Star Wars set, putting NexoKnights shields on side and getting beautiful edgy shapes there. Enough talk, some pictures >> and step by step video instruction how to make one >>
  11. Peteris_Sprogis


    Speed build tutorial on how to make one >>>
  12. I will let the pictures do the talking >>> + a video tutorial how to build one Yourself Thanks for watching! #keeponbricking !!!
  13. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] Orange delivery truck TUTORIAL

    Step by step speed build Tutorial on how to build a cool looking ORANGE LEGOCITY TRUCK! And one I built with bricks I had available Thanks for watching! Keep on building!!
  14. Peteris_Sprogis

    LEGO CITY layout November 2015

    Simple video update with my current city layout. And here are some pictures and the overall display is easy to take be taken apart and transported to public displays THANKS FOR WATCHING !
  15. A few photos from my first LEGO exhibition at a large event: "Newcastle Central Station" at Bricktastic 2015 in Manchester, UK. The layout was made from 4 sections: 1. Central Station (WIP). This is based on Newcastle Central Station in my current home town, though there are some obvious (to me) differences since I've re-scaled some sections to more neatly fit a standard base plate. The full model will be around 12 baseplates long and feature an arched glass roof based on the original Georgian station 2. Crop and cattle farm land: largely MOCed landscape wise 3. Industrial section with a LEGO warehouse/factory 4. Highway and mansion: comprises a slightly modified "Haunted House" set Plenty more photos and a few videos in the Flickr album, too, where you can see details of some of the smaller scenes I set up to reward visitors who were paying more attention, as well as the small "treasure hunt" for Lego Minions (from Minifigs.Me) for smaller kids in an effort to keep their hands off the display. Few things I'd change next time (not sure the mansion section worked too well but filled a gap as I ran out of build time / more interesting track configuration / maybe adding a hidden fiddle yard to make it easier to introduce a new train). Also a few things I wanted to try but ran out of build time/bricks for (more landscaping/gradients, and track ballast which I had built, but abandoned at the last moment). Overall, went fairly smoothly, even if one of the Horizon Express' did plunge spectacularly off the table on the Sunday morning!
  16. The video is nothing fancy, I need to get more creative now.