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  1. Follows Closely

    [MOC] Weekly modulars #12 - [MOD] Corner Bike Shop

    ^ It looks better as a corner. Well done.
  2. Follows Closely

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

  3. Follows Closely

    [MOC] Sikes Guns n Ammo

    Sike has had many failed business in the past. His biggest failure was Sike Costumes. However, he is now running two successful businesses out of his three story building that is located next to the city Police Station. He has a gun shop on the first floor where he has over 50 guns and hundreds of boxes of ammo in stock. This business is in the black, but it is more of a front than his primary focus. Sike's apartment is on the second floor where he relaxes and streams his favorite shows. Sike spends his evenings working in his lab on the top floor, where he produces the towns best "blue sky candy." This is by far his most thriving business. More pictures can be found on Flickr
  4. Follows Closely

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think the Assembly Square will be around another year or so. But that said; the Assembly Square is a great modular that will go up fast if it does go unexpectedly. I would get it sooner than later.
  5. Follows Closely

    Parting out modulars/Bricks n Pieces?

    You should forget the old and just buy what is available now. There are four great models to pick up ASAP. The new buildings are superior and are available at MSRP. There are some exceptions and eBay is sometimes cheaper than brickinking a set, especially if you want the instructions. 10278: Police Station 10270: Bookshop 10264: Corner Garage (move fast, this one will be gone come January) 10260: Downtown Diner 10255: Assembly Square (this is a great build) 10251: Brick Bank 10246: Detective's Office (can still be found reasonable on eBay) example 10243: Parisian Restaurant (I'll make an exception here, this is worth the 250-300 you pay on eBay) example 10232: Palace Cinema 10224: Town Hall 10218: Pet Shop (can still be found reasonable on eBay) example 10211: Grand Emporium (can still be found reasonable on eBay) example 10197: Fire Brigade 10185: Green Grocer 10182: Cafe Corner The strikethrough ones I think are not worth the price. I am speaking from experience as I purchased them all as they came out.
  6. Follows Closely

    Classic Castle Parts?

    Ordering pieces is the most expensive way to get a pile of block to build a castle. Not to mention, it is not ideal when it comes to fostering creativity either. I would recommend buying: two or three of 31120 21325: Medieval Blacksmith Any combination of the following: 80024: The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain 21326: Winnie the Pooh 11016: Creative Building Bricks Then stop by your local pick a brick wall and get what you can in bley. Also ask an employee if there are any other bley pieces in the back.
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    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    What a silly question.
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    10278 Police Station

    I'm trying to buy you, but the crappy won't let me add you to my cart.
  9. Follows Closely

    10278 Police Station

    Like most, an extra floor looks nice on this one.
  10. Follows Closely

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Please be Chris McVeigh, please! That would mean we are getting a full size arcade on the first floor and a computer repair shop above. I don't suspect we will ever see a single use building. The multi-purpose building have a wider audience appeal. Also the playability of a multi purpose set can not be ignored. When kids pick a building to play with, they ALWAYS pick the multi-purpose buildings. I have all of them on display and the DO or AS are picked 80% of the time.
  11. Follows Closely

    Cavegod UCS AT-AT Instructions | "Walker Assault"

    When and where can we get the instructions?
  12. I will post this again: The best way to get bulk technic is to search for deals on eBay. Technic Bugatti Chiron 42083 Complete for $166. (
  13. Follows Closely

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    We have one area that contains two nooks. The left side is our Technic/Mindstorm, and the right side contains all of our system pieces with the top row dedicated for display. The Technic area is in a 7' x 7' nook and contains 6 Akro-Mils Drawer units on top and a custom build TROFAST cabinet below. The tabletop is made from reclaimed floorboards from a local farm. The second nook is 10' x 10' and holds a large majority of out sorted blocks. This also contains custom build-ins. The built-ins house Sterilite Wide 3 Drawer units. The drawer units do come apart and can be reassembled in any number. I have five drawers on the bottom row and four drawers on the rows above. The shelves are adjustable. The wooden drawers on the very bottom are a foot deep and house unsorted blocks, base plates and other misc. pieces. The top row is dedicated for display. Currently our modulars are monopolizing the space. I chose Under Counter Lighting to light up the top shelf. We utilize the 20' x 12' space behind the double doors to store our tubs of unsorted blocks and all of our sets are stored in baggies in plastic bins. Thanks for looking.
  14. I you want large amounts of Technic pieces you best bet is to buy a dozen or so large sets.{"loc":"US","iconly":0} eBay and Bricklink are a great source. Sales on Amazon are also a great place. After yo have acquired 50,000 or so pieces you can start filling in your gaps by bricklink'n pieces you are lacking. It wont be cheap, but it is not that hard really.