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  1. dtomsen

    Train moc speed problem

    That speed is normal and fine for two L-Motors with 20 to 12 tooth gearing. I had exactly the same reaction when I transitioned from Train motors to Technic motors with much lower rpm (but much more torgue) You are comparing ~1.458 rpm to ~453 rpm max. speed with completely fresh AAA batteries. https://www.philohome.com/motors/motorcomp.htm One of the (few) ways to get more speed is to send more voltage to the L-Motors. Either by using a BuWizz battery box or by using rechargeable 1,6v NiZn batteries in the standard AAA battery box. The L-Motors can easily handle more than the stated 9v. Or buy a L-Motor with more rpm from a competitor Max. speed using the same configuration as you with 7,4v: Max. speed using the same configuration as you with 9,2v: Max. speed using the same configuration as you with 10,2v:
  2. dtomsen

    Bluebrixx announces R56 and R72 curves

    Nope, most parts are from Lele. Xingbao get their parts from Gobricks which supposedly are better quality. My train window frames from BlueBrixx are almost exactly the same quality as genuine ones with identical clutch-power though. They are much much cheaper than on the secondary markets (due to being long out of production) or in otherwise unavailable colors like Dark Red, Dark Green etc.
  3. dtomsen

    Bluebrixx announces R56 and R72 curves

    Most BlueBrixx parts are from Lele, these tracks appear to be done in-house by themselves. We'll just have to wait and see how good they are or not.
  4. dtomsen

    Bluebrixx announces R56 and R72 curves

    It appears that BlueBrixx paid for the injection moulds themselves 🤔
  5. dtomsen

    Uaai 839 Heavy duty wagon

    Very impressive...and massive 👌
  6. dtomsen

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    I want as many niceties as possible but turn it on, set a speed and let it run by itself for a couple of hours is non-negotiable for events
  7. dtomsen

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    I'm almost certain now that the power off also happens with the BB RC Remote without any new signals
  8. dtomsen

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    1st test run: 1h 45m (maximum speed) The total weight of the load was 444g. I'm now pretty sure it's 500 mAh The speed was almost constant to the end. Approx. 15 min without an active signal to the SBrick or PFx Brick and the battery box powers off.
  9. dtomsen

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    Testing with the locomotive from set 7939, 1 x PF Train motor and 1 x IR Receiver: Approx 13 1/2 min without an active signal and the battery box powers off by itself. Oh crud
  10. dtomsen

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    Probably the first Photo found online of the insides of the very similar looking battery box from CaDa:
  11. dtomsen

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    Now it gets interesting The cardboard box: Parts - "Don't eat it" The battery box and included micro-USB cable: The battery box itself: Weight: 58g or 2 ou Insides - 2 cell with apparently 500 mAh capacity each or probably both However I can already confirm that the battery box works with the LEGO IR Receiver out of the gate without the BlueBrixx RC Remote but for how long without an active signal remains to be seen during the duration tests later today
  12. dtomsen

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    As far as I understand it, LEGO holds few to no copyrights or patents for most parts anymore except a fiercely enforced so-called 3D trademark for anything resembling a minifig even slightly. The building brick market is wide open whether one likes it or not. And BlueBrixx did get smacked very hard for selling Chinese original sets with minifigs. They had to remove each and every one of those from all sets, Boy oh boy did they whine...
  13. dtomsen

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    I plan to use the battery boxes as just that, battery boxes. They have PF connections and should be able to transmit power to any PF motor through either an IR Receiver, SBrick or PFx Brick and thus be controlled by them. The big show-stopper would be if they have a poorly implemented auto power off outside their own closed control system, shutting down after a set time without an active signal from the RF remote. If so, they would be worthless to me anyway but I'll find out for sure when I get them 😉 If they are anything like the CaDa ones it should work, 3:26 🙂
  14. dtomsen

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    I'll run an extended endurance test when I get my battery boxes, hopefully before the weekend I didn't order the RF remote, so they better work with either the IR Receiver, SBrick or PFx Brick. Any other suggestions besides opening them up to look inside which I won't do?
  15. dtomsen

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    The Bluebrixx battery box looks very similar to the recent CaDa rechargeable one (and is in all likelyhood made by them or at least the same factory). Pictures of the inside of the latter one show it's a 2 cell, just like the LEGO rechargeable battery box was. The older 5 bricks high CaDa one had a total capacity of 900 mAh, also with 2 cells. My best guess would be around 750-900 mAh but maybe we should just ask Bluebrixx for more transparency