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  1. Correct but unfortunately Dark Bluish Gray 9v is even more rare and thus expensive second hand than old gray
  2. @michaelgale Your European reseller JB Spielwaren haven't had any S32 Straight Tracks (and a few curves) in stock for an extremely long time now. Half a year I think. Any news when they will get any?
  3. I use BrickTracks own train wheels with their ball bearings bricks (HA bricks is just their European reseller) and those fit perfectly. Unfortunately genuine LEGO train wheels are just that tiny bit too loose without any holder. Genuine LEGO metal axles work fine with BrickTrack wheels without any holder. I find the rolling resistance much much lower than any solution without ball bearings so I'm rather perplexed why you aren't that impressed. Lubrication is nessesary in the medium and long term though. I use a bit of teflon spray myself.
  4. dtomsen

    MouldKing Rechargeable Battery question

    The internal LEGO motors have all been outsourced to mostly China since the 12v era. So there is that Hoi Po in the case of PF M-motors.
  5. dtomsen

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Depends. They have different Chinese suppliers and sometimes switch those around internally so one batch of a certain part can be really great and the next batch of the same part just average or more rarely below that. The same goes for most of the parts used in their own sets. So quality is unfortunately a mixed bag but the price per part ratio is still incredible good.
  6. BricksMcgee, nothing about clone parts this time? Allowed or not in a physical build?
  7. dtomsen

    TLG Ban Custom Minifig Printing.

    Spot on. Corporate decision deemed absolutely nessesary trying to fit this strange non-corporate entity called the AFOL community into it.
  8. dtomsen

    [MOC] DSB IC3 (8-wide DMU)

    I haven't room for any stationary layout so all the fun is primarily happening at exhibitions with nice R104/R120 curves (9v inner and plastic outer). A few of my trains are on display at home but most are packed away together with the rest of my extensive exhibition stuff. As a new moc the IC3 will very likely be on display for quite some time though when fully tested and stickered.
  9. dtomsen

    [MOC] DSB IC3 (8-wide DMU)

    The train is operated by DSB in Denmark and Sweden, by Renfe Operadora in Spain and by Israel Railways in Israel.Amtrak in the USA and Via Rail in Canada have tested the train in the past.
  10. dtomsen

    [MOC] DSB IC3 (8-wide DMU)

    Actually yeah, in a later testdrive where one of the switches somehow didn't work properly. Fortunately I catched the train before it fell off the edge of the table. Would've made a great video tho
  11. dtomsen

    [MOC] DSB IC3 (8-wide DMU)

    Thanks, Sérgio. The space between the units are only two studs with a fixed pin sticking up between them (reduced from the 7-wide version's three) so not really if the train must be able to navigate R40 curves and switches....I could in theory use a rubber band push-pull coupling but I'm not that big a fan of that particular solution. Too cumbersome and impractical in usage especially when each unit is quite heavy already. I do agree that the gaps look awful in R40 curves but I don't plan to use those myself That said, just for some nerve-racking testing
  12. dtomsen

    CP Arco Coaches -1:45 Scale

    Already admired the wagons on flickr but they still deserve a huge here (!)