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  1. My mistake about Xingbao Regarding where BlueBrixx source their parts. It's not that hard to work out They have stated in their China factory tour YouTube videos where they source their System parts, i.e. Lele. Whether they still do or will in the future remains to be seen. Their PF parts are very similar to Cada, including the components inside. They have also stated in their YouTube videos that they paid and own the track molds themselves since they couldn't find a suitable supplier. They also run a smallish storage, sorting and packaging facility in China themselves so their molding machines might be placed there... l'll admit I find stuff like this interesting to figure out
  2. It's always smart to read previous posts before posting Mould King (somewhat the successor of Lepin) and Xingbao have their parts manufactured by GoBricks which are supposedly superior to Lele and many others. BlueBrixx do sell sets from many Chinese clone brands besides their own product portfolio but the parts are not necessarily manufactured in the same place(s)
  3. Everyone including LEGO get parts manufactured in China As far as I know, BlueBrixx System parts are manufactured by Lele, PF parts by CaDa and their R56 and R72 also in China but owning the moulds themselves.
  4. dtomsen

    Powered Up Lithium DIY

    But wouldn't the 9v to PF wire solve the polarity issues?
  5. dtomsen

    Powered Up Lithium DIY

    What didn't work if you don't mind me asking?
  6. dtomsen

    Powered Up Lithium DIY

    To do something similar with PF, one can use two genuine LEGO parts, the old 9v battery box together with the 9v to PF extension wire Voilà, a cheap and smaller rechargeable 1000 mAh battery box with high and stable voltage output
  7. I also had to buy some right away even though our LTC is organizing a joint purchase
  8. Battery-driven trains can run on 9v metal track but rail-powered trains can't run on plastic track. So best of both worlds really
  9. dtomsen

    [MOC] DSB Litra MK (8-wide shunter)

    A short video of the DSB Litra MK with 5 x Litra Fals coal wagons 1 x PF M-motor, 1:1 gearing 1 x Rechargable 9v LiPo 800 mAh battery and 1 x SBrick Maximum speed, forward and backward
  10. dtomsen

    Powered Up Lithium DIY

    Yeah, the charger is pretty expensive but not the batteries. And beware the total voltage which is in the vicinity of 1,8-1,9v per battery or 10,8-11,4v in total the first couple of minutes after fully recharging. The LEGO PF motors can handle this for the short duration but older components and other brands might struggle and need the batteries to discharge a bit
  11. dtomsen

    Powered Up Lithium DIY

    Ansmann AAA/AA NiZn rechargeable batteries are norminal 1,6v and 550/1.500 mAh each.
  12. You can reverse the polarity in the software for SBrick, FX Brick and BuWizz
  13. Only the best is good enough For the bargain hunters there is always BlueBrixx which is approx. 40% cheaper than TrixBrix
  14. dtomsen

    Diesel Train Filling Station

    I like this kind of builds and this one in particular. Well done
  15. dtomsen

    [MOC] DSB Litra MZ (I & III)

    Another additon to the family DSB Litra Bk The kiosk wagons were rebuilt from the older and much more numerous Litra B and BD passenger wagons. A total of 35 wagons were rebuilt. 26 Litra Bs from 1972-1974. 9 Litra BDs in 1977. Most were taken out of service in 1993 and the rest in 1998. One survived as a museum piece, a handful were scrapped, most were sold to Iran in 1993 and the rest in 1998. My model: DSB red & black livery used in the 1980s with the vertical white catering stripes added in 1983. Scale: 1:48 Length: 62 studs from buffer to buffer Width: 8 bricks Bricks: 1.235 Wheels: Ball bearing type Designed: 2021 Very high setting render from Stud.io with custom decals added in the PartDesigner tool. All the passenger wagons: 6.378 parts.