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  1. dtomsen

    [MOC] DSB IC3 (8-wide DMU)

    Link to free building instructions and Stud.io file added in the first post
  2. Buy directly from GoBricks on AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/Gobricks-Parts/911930528_40000003065217.html?spm=a2g0o.store_pc_home.pcShopHead_6000886901202.1_1
  3. dtomsen

    [MOC] Odense Banegård & modular platforms

    Final farewell video
  4. The magnetic coupler sections have been reworked successfully for a long time now and the locomotive has been tested thoroughly without any further issues. A very reliable and smooth running locomotive Short video from our recent LTC summer meeting:
  5. dtomsen

    [MOC] My LEGO Renfe S-130

    One train motor and one battery box in each of the two powercars linked and controlled together by the system you choose. PU or PF with BuWizz/SBrick/PFx Brick can all do this. And should have more than sufficient power for 7 cars.
  6. dtomsen

    [MOC] My LEGO Renfe S-130

    I think you'll find the rotational speed of the Technic motors much too slow for a Talgo even with upgearing or extra voltage provided by solutions such as BuWizz battery boxes, NiZn rechargeable batteries etc. Train motors would be a better fit in that regard in my opinion.
  7. dtomsen

    [MOC] Odense Banegård & modular platforms

    Togklodsen’s LEGO model railroad exhibition took place at The Danish Railway Museum in the city of Odense, 2-5 June 2023. The museum had around 1200 guests during the three days our exhibition was open to the public which is twice the number the museum usually has. We had already been told that more guests weren’t their main goal but it was nevertheless very nice. Even though the exhibition was taxing with three public days manned from 9-16 we all had a thoroughly wonderful time at the museum. The exhibition was a huge success. Reactions and feedback from the quests and staff alike were phenomenal. So much so that the museum has invited us back next year All in all, a truly satisfying farewell to my Odense Banegård moc and its long journey which began so unfortunately in 2020. The train station is now in the process of being disassembled - for real this time - but the train platform will survive and go on being displayed at future events (maybe as part of a new smaller'ish train station). Photo @ Christoffer Behrens 2023 Photo @ Christoffer Behrens 2023 Official event brick: Winner of Best Building category at our national Danish LUG (Byggepladen) annual event, Klodsfest 2022. Winner Best Individual Display, Europe. Brick Train Awards 2020. More photos from the exhibition here and here.
  8. dtomsen

    [MOC] Odense Banegård & modular platforms

    With the station rebuilt (and slightly expanded) in anticipation of the exhibtion at The Danish Railway Museum I had the chance to bring it along for another Danish Model Railroad Union "Modeltog for Alle" event as one of our centerpieces Photo © Peder Svend Pedersen 2023
  9. dtomsen

    [MOC] DSB IC3 (8-wide DMU)

    Crazy test drive through several R40 switches in a row at our national Danish RLUG event Klodsfest 2023 My DSB Litra EA (8-wide) electric locomotive couldn't handle that combination of R40 switches - but no spectacular show worthy derailments tho
  10. In my opinion the all-plastic design is barely "just good enough" and far from the motto "the best is not good enough" Why settle for an obviously inferior solution with all the many and better options available? Mind you, metal axles don't cut it either without ball bearings (and teflon spray) for most of my long and heavy wagons especially the passenger ones close to 1 kg
  11. Most answers can be found here: http://l-gauge.org/wiki/index.php/Reference_Instructions
  12. dtomsen

    [MOC] Odense Banegård & modular platforms

    1) Low to none but who knows. If the museum wants to buy my station it's no longer impossible as all parts are mine now (a story for another day). The amount wouldn't be trivial though. 2) Not much can be seen in the photo so I can't really check out what locomotive it is. Sorry.
  13. dtomsen

    [MOC] Odense Banegård & modular platforms

    The perfect exhibition avenue continued... Our LTC (LEGO Train Club) Togklodsen has officially been invited to host an LEGO model railroad exhibtion at The Danish Railway Museum 2-5 June 2023. 5th of June being the Danish Consitution Day. In my modest opinion the finest avenue possible and more so as the museum is in Odense, my city of birth, hometown for 40 years and situated on the exact opposite side of the tracks of Odense Banegård
  14. dtomsen

    What are you listening to?

    Kim Wilde - Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love)....and not just for the very catchy song
  15. Short video of the first real testing at Togklodsens biannual club meeting: A bit misleading because... 1) A really hard to spot misalignment in the gearing of one the two motors made the whole locomotive run...not very well at first even though it did run. Basically one L motor was pulling the whole lot with the second motor dragging more than helping. When finally found and fixed, the combined drivetrain worked really well. As it should. 2) The magnet couplers section fell of periodically. Basically a not robust enough construction irl even though looking mighty fine on paper with four studs holding it together! Back to the drawing board with that one needing major rework. A classic example of one of the major pitfalls of digital designing Everything else was good or even great. The rather compact locomotive is one delightful heavy machine. Pulls really well and surprisingly smooth despite not so great BTD 3d printed MS wheels which would likely be too wobbly on a lighter frame. As usually molded parts would be much much better. All in all a typical DSB debut