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  1. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Monarch Butterfly

    Beautiful! As mentioned, the wings are awesome.
  2. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Modular Toy Store

    Haha, I can see that. Maybe it will have to be a more expensive toy shop then... Thank you! Thank you for sharing your photos! I will see if I can cram some more toys in like you did. Thank you! I'm a fan of your buildings so appreciate the comment! It's been many days of digging through my bins but progress is being made!
  3. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Modular Toy Store

    Thank you, I'm working on adding some kind of sign out in front over the entryway!
  4. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Autumn Retreat

    I love the roof and chimney! Great build.
  5. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Modular Toy Store

    Thank you! I do want to add more toys to the shop. Also, the barrel and tan bin in the center will be filled with play swords and balls respectively, just couldn't render them in those locations in the program. Thank you! Yep, wanted to add some solar panels to be sustainable and for some more interesting roof texture. The element over the door on the 2nd floor is just this 4x4 corner wedge piece.
  6. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Modular Toy Store

    Hey all, Used my quarantine time to design a modular toy store with an apartment on top. Currently assembling parts from my collection to build it. 1st Floor (Toy Store/Apartment Entrance) - The barrel and bin in the center will be filled with play swords and balls respectively, just couldn't figure out how to position them there in Studio. 2nd Floor (Apartment Kitchen/Living Room) 3rd Floor (Bedroom) My Toy Store in a line with the other modulars I've designed in Studio (Left to Right: Bike Shop, Brownstone Apartment, Fish Market, Bookstore, Ice Cream Shop, Grocery Store, Toy Store).
  7. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Department store

    Simply amazing!
  8. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Modular New Orleans Jazz Club

    I love it! The depth from the street is really good. The balconies look perfect and very realistic.
  9. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Lavender Ice Cream Shop

    Oh, my mistake! I like it next to the DO too. I'm working on getting some minifigs going on the 2nd level and working at the shop as well!
  10. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Lavender Ice Cream Shop

    Built it in person. Changed up the Ice Cream sign with the Ice Cream cone minifigure from the Collectible Minifigure series, and I think it came out better than the small cone piece. Here it is tucked in with the Detective's Office and an apartment I made.
  11. Itsasecret581

    Valley City Fire Dept.

    That's an impressive amount of different-style fire stations! Love it.
  12. Itsasecret581

    Brown Bookstore

    Finally got all the parts from my own collection and Bricklink (minus one cheese slope that I guess I miscounted). With the announcement of the official Lego modular bookstore, I'm thinking about redoing the interior into something else. Looking for any suggestions! Here's the candy shop (will need to get some actual candy in the candy dispensers. Here it is with the Parisian Restaurant and my custom brownstone apartment.
  13. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Fishmonger

    Crab and lobster would be a good addition to the bottom floor along with moving the crates outside. I'll play around with that! Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Lavender Ice Cream Shop

    The light aqua would look nice!
  15. Itsasecret581

    MOC: Downtown

    Amazing build! I particularly like the brown corner building.