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  1. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Bike Shop

    Here is a modular Bike shop I've added to my modular collection! Started it off as a 32x32 building but felt the style I had worked better as a 16x16. First floor with wall of bikes. There's a small studio apartment upstairs. With the Pet Shop and my Toy Store modular.
  2. Itsasecret581

    MOC: Mediterranean town square

    Wow this looks stunning! Great job!
  3. Itsasecret581

    „The LIZARD“ XVS-10 Light Freighter

    Looks spectacular!
  4. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Pizza Parlor Arcade

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the feedback! I will try and incorporate some more height into my builds going forward.
  5. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Modular: Mediterranean Way

    Love the white building!
  6. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Pizza Parlor Arcade

    I only have about half the pieces in my collection so far, so I don't have any pictures of it with other official modulars. Here is it with some other MOCs I've designed though. The red and green games just use some of the 1x1 and 1x2 bricks with studs on the side to attach the wedge plate and light blue "screen" tiles. The red and green 2x2 tiles are brackets. The skeeball machine is built on some plates and attaches to the wall via a 1x4 brick with studs on the side as seen here.
  7. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Pizza Parlor Arcade

    Hey everyone, Here is my latest modular design! The building on the left is a jewel/gem shop with an apartment above. The building on the right is a pizza parlor with an arcade on the second floor! I always struggle with roofs in my builds, but I'm really happy with how these two came out. Jewel Store - not sure if I've figured out the best layout for this yet. Small Apartment Pizza Parlor - I am going to come back to this in a bit and work some different patterns in the floor to take advantage of the SNOT floor. Really not much more than a kitchen and a place for people to pick up their orders from. Arcade above the Pizza Parlor Isolated Shot of the Arcade Games
  8. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Neoclassical Theatre

    This looks absolutely amazing! My wallet hurts just thinking about much it would cost though. Great job!
  9. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Monarch Butterfly

    Beautiful! As mentioned, the wings are awesome.
  10. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Modular Toy Store

    Haha, I can see that. Maybe it will have to be a more expensive toy shop then... Thank you! Thank you for sharing your photos! I will see if I can cram some more toys in like you did. Thank you! I'm a fan of your buildings so appreciate the comment! It's been many days of digging through my bins but progress is being made!
  11. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Modular Toy Store

    Thank you, I'm working on adding some kind of sign out in front over the entryway!
  12. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Autumn Retreat

    I love the roof and chimney! Great build.
  13. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Modular Toy Store

    Thank you! I do want to add more toys to the shop. Also, the barrel and tan bin in the center will be filled with play swords and balls respectively, just couldn't render them in those locations in the program. Thank you! Yep, wanted to add some solar panels to be sustainable and for some more interesting roof texture. The element over the door on the 2nd floor is just this 4x4 corner wedge piece.
  14. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Modular Toy Store

    Hey all, Used my quarantine time to design a modular toy store with an apartment on top. Currently assembling parts from my collection to build it. 1st Floor (Toy Store/Apartment Entrance) - The barrel and bin in the center will be filled with play swords and balls respectively, just couldn't figure out how to position them there in Studio. 2nd Floor (Apartment Kitchen/Living Room) 3rd Floor (Bedroom) My Toy Store in a line with the other modulars I've designed in Studio (Left to Right: Bike Shop, Brownstone Apartment, Fish Market, Bookstore, Ice Cream Shop, Grocery Store, Toy Store).
  15. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Department store

    Simply amazing!