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  1. gabrielerava

    Rava Town

    … and this is the second half of the video. The heart of Rava Town. Hope you enjoy it! Lego City Layout - Rava Town 2023 part 2 See you soon!
  2. gabrielerava

    Rava Restaurant

    Thanks for your detailed comment.
  3. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Olympic Gardens

    Very nice!
  4. gabrielerava

    Rava Restaurant

    Thanks peedeejay and snaillad, dear master builders!
  5. gabrielerava

    Rava Restaurant

    Ops… modified in latest… I’m not a fan of snotting. But it can be very useful in obtaining effects or solutions otherwise impossible. Thanks
  6. gabrielerava

    Rava Restaurant

    You spotted right! Thanks
  7. gabrielerava

    Rava Restaurant

    Dear all, it’s been a while. This is my latest Moc. I called it Rava Restaurant. There’s a restaurant (Europe restaurant), a Lug association in the middle and a Clothes’ Shop. The building is a modular building with some bizzarre touches since it has to fill a specific place in my town (Rava Town). The back of the building is more detailed than usual because it has to keep a presente on the square behind (wip). The balcony is prominent to fix the gap with the Tower Museum. Hope you like it! 😀😀😀 Bye bye! Lego City Layout - Rava Town 2023 part 1
  8. gabrielerava

    Rava Town

    Dear all, here we go with 2023 update. There are both new sets and new creations. This is the first half of the city. Lego City Layout - Rava Town 2023 part 1 Here follows some shots Imade in the last months as well. There is the airport: With new airplanes: There is South Beach: You can find the A Cabin in the woods: There’s a new hill with my version of Howgarts (not yet completed). You can see the train depot: Here the Luna Park. There’s a farm with cows, horses, sheeps, rabbits… and so on! Hood you enjoy. Gabriele
  9. gabrielerava

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi Alban, is it possible to have some updates related to the part tracker for the category "City" and Trains"? Is there a place on the web where somebody has posted some update with the more recent sets? I guess that an update with the modular buildings after the Detective Office would be very appreciated by a lot of peopleusers. Thanks for your work Gabriele
  10. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Small Shrimping Boat

    Very very nice work!
  11. gabrielerava

    what do you call your lego city/ names for lego city?

    Mine is from my name…. 🧐
  12. gabrielerava

    Minifig Scale Baby Grand Piano

    Nice job!
  13. gabrielerava

    Rava Town

    It was a little achievement…! I will keep expanding it, of course. Thanks Gabriele
  14. gabrielerava

    Rava Town

    Hello, new beginning. Rava Town was relocated in a new room. It's a new beginning. Hope you like it! Some shots: More on Flickr