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  1. gabrielerava

    Newbury High School MOD

    Well, it’s not that difficult. Usually I suggest to set well the measures and the proportions at the beginning, then you can go “free hand “ and have your building time! I used bricks from two official sets. But they were not enough. I had to use my own brick reserves. Especially in terms of great plates and dark red bricks. 👍
  2. gabrielerava

    Modern high-rise building (corner facade)

    Nice building. Is there a modified corner garage facade ad well? 😁
  3. gabrielerava

    Newbury High School MOD

    Thanks to everybody for appreciation. I will keep it as high school at the moment, in the future, with some extention it coul become a university as well, let's see. No indoor detail since it's built mainly to be put into my city. When I noticed that nobody was interested in looking inside the buildings (ne9ither me in fact) I stopped building interiors for my modulars… See you next time!
  4. gabrielerava

    Newbury High School MOD

    Hi to everybody, this is my take for Lego Set 70425 Newbury Haunted High School. Since there are no school in Rava Town (my lego city layout) i boght the set some times ago. Once built I realized it was way to small to fit with the others buildings of my city. So I started looking for a modified version on internet. No way. Months passed and no mod on the net. So i bought a second copy of the set and slowly I made my MOD. Compared to the original set, I closed the building on the back, added a small courtyard on the front with a fence around and a birch (we are in the year of the birch as you know). Moreover I designed to model cover the dimension of two baseplates and structured it to fit as a double croner building (sidewalks on both sides). The school is no more haunted of course… This is the groundfloor with the fence, the garden, the small wall and so on... And here follows the shots of the other sections of the building. Hope you enjoyed. In case you can find more photos on my FLICKR account See you!
  5. gabrielerava

    [MOC] A little french modular market

    On of your best moc ever. I especially like the colour scheme of the left building and the buzz in the market. On the other side I would have chosen a different colour for the roof of the right building. Lord of architecture details overall and beautiful roofs! Great job!
  6. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Modular Church

    Wonderful Windows and superb architecture! i like the statue on the top and the stair. Very nice Under construction small site!
  7. gabrielerava

    Rava Town

    I almost agree. Anyway it’s not easy to find additional room for the airport. The city construction veichle are a bit oversized I agree. Let’s see. Sure it took a lot of time. I tried to put a lot of details in the city. Glad you appreciated! Here we go! It’s not the final position. It’s very tentative. thanks Gabriele
  8. One word: huge! You have a lot of work to do. Please post updates, I will follow you and good luck!!!
  9. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Modular New Orleans Jazz Club

    Nice proportions and design. I like the balconades. Very New Orleans style. I would suggest to add some flowers or different plants on the balconades and, maybe, I’d change the blue color of the roof. Great signage and great work! 😁
  10. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Modular Pharmacy

    Good job! Seems old school to me. Very straight and elegant. Love the little balconies! Nice colors ‘ mix and proportions along the entire building. Thumb up for me!
  11. gabrielerava

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    Can you share the expanded pics please?
  12. gabrielerava

    Winter Village 2019

    As already said, great work! Cn't wait to see the update coming!
  13. gabrielerava

    Rava Town

    Hello to everybody, the end of the year is near, very near. I realized that I did not post any update this year. So here you can find the last video I made at mid year 2019 (August) with all the new sets and MOCs added. The layout has changed as well, bigger than ever! Enjoy and have an happy new year! Gabriele
  14. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Bubble Building

    Thanks to everybody (a little late). No instructions available, sorry!