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  1. [MOC] Central Station

    Yes, Now it works. Great job!
  2. Chemist's - MODULAR

    I like your modular a lot. Not easy to make an interesting Modular on a 16x32 plate. It really seems Market Street 2.0! @ Roger Smith - Which is the way to add images to your signature on Eurobricks forum?
  3. [MOC] Modular: Dock Inn

    Yes, of course!
  4. Beach Area of Bricksonville - City Layout

    Nice, I would like to see more pics from your city layout!
  5. [MOC] Modular: Dock Inn

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I Always try to use some piece from the garbage bin! Glad you appreciated the signs! No fear! I often buy lego sets when discounted and then try to use the pieces available to create something interesting. I will keep posting updates in the next months (a couple of addition are planned at the moment). The building is built in a bizarre way (no standard modular dimensions or approach) as it helps to close a corner and connect to the next building to come. Actually each lego piece finds its way! Thanks
  6. 10255 Assembly Square

    Hi LegoSjaak, Actually it's widen by 6 stud... Should I expand it by more studs, it would become too much big in proportion compared to the rest of the buildings in my city... (Not in your square I guess...) Anyway some pieces left out from my second copy of the Assembly Square will be used to create an additional 16 stud building similar to the sand one but in different colors! See you!
  7. [MOC] Modular: Dock Inn

    Happy new year to everyone, new year and new moc: the Dock Inn. This is my first "corner" MOC (maybe inverted...). The building id comprised of three floors. On the first floor there is the Dock Inn with a small courtyard and a little berceau. At the second floor you can find the rooms for the guests of the inn and at the third floor there is the apartment of the old Captain Nemo, the guy that owns and manages the inn. At the ground floor besides in the courtyard next to the dinner tables for the guests of the inn you can see a little well (maybe used in past days by smugglers). Next to the entrance to the inn there's a sacred niche and the door to the upper levels. On the upper floors the captain with his parrot, big blue windows, elegant flowerpots and a small pergola. What's the use for the suspended small green house? Actually it's not suspended, it's connected with a MOC to come: a build in front of the inn I'm working on. And this is also the cause for part of the dock to be made in red bricks... Here follow some additional pictures where you can see the Dock's Inn linked to the Fish ahn Sea Shop (my previous MOC - Hope you like both of them! Once more, happy new year and let me know your thoughts. : )
  8. MOC: Kahuka's Koffee

    Really like the roof, the chimneys and all the curved lines along the whole structure! Don't mind about three colors thing, since they go together very well! Great job (as usual)!
  9. 10255 Assembly Square

    Hi, a month ago a got my hands on a second copy of Assembly Square. This is my MOD: It's 16 studs wider and built inverted. Still I need to finish some details (bricks of the right colour to find) but I'm quit satisfied with the result. I built it inverted in order too fit properly in Rava Town Hope you appreciate the MOD. See you!
  10. My city layout: Dark Brick City

    Great start!!! Keep building your city bigger and bigger!!!
  11. [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    Love your work! I would like to see more shots of your city!
  12. [MOC] Fish&Sea Shop

    Thanks to everybody. There are two doors at the end of the alley to ho upstairs. At the dame poi ti there are stairs to reach the baseplate level of the city. I do not plan to build raised street, but I’m building other harbour buildings at the same level!
  13. [MOC] Fish&Sea Shop

    Hi to everybody, I want to introduce the Fish&Sea Shop. Something like Pet Shop by the sea... But with "siamese" architecture and an older style. This is how it ended up. The shop on the left is for fish eaters and the one on the right for sea tools buyers. The two buildings are almost identical with some slight difference in the colour palette. My aim was to give preminence to the azure, using various tone of blue for doors and windows. The ground floor is in grey to and a touch of brightness with red, dark orange and dark red in the roof. I'm proud of the chimneys. And the gray for the ground floor is due to create a whole with the basement. Some "marine" parts were added to give a sea feeling: Both the buildings have their hat on the top. Some oars to decorate and anchor parts used to create the big black window below the roof. That's it. Hope you enjoyed. Advices are always welcome! p.s. Finally some interiors (not my favourite part of the game)... See you!
  14. Rava Town

    Hi to everyboby, after some time, here's a short update on my city with new photos and video. It's been quiet a while since last time, but I'va been very busy in working (real work). No big news but some nice details and a couple of big entries. Something has been done on the airport zone, with a small extension, given a new table and a few additional baseplates. Now it seems to me more clever and neat. The post office of the airport has been integrated and a small Shell gas station has been inserted as well. The farm has a new entrance (with the Corn Cub Guy), some new animals (a dog exposition with no competition, Scooby has already won) and a new scarecrow in the corn field. Let's not forget the updated Temple zone (with the new wall)! On the beach somebody's left a VW Beetle. Works are in progress, and a new level crossing (less crashes!) Here's the Disney Castle (first new big entry) topping Rava Town hill and within the Winter Village. Some shots with the Piece&War Square (the other new big entry)! And some last photos of the city! Last but not least an updated video! Hope you enjoyed!