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  1. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Bubble Building

  2. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Bubble Building

    Yes, the choice of the colours was one of my main focuses! I would add a bit of Green Grocer! Yep. It is both a good trick to gain building space for the shop facades and a nice to see "architectural" solution. Thanks The ice cream pieces are put one over/inside the other. It's not very stable. But if you don't touch it, it doesn't fall. "Farma" it's Italian short term for Farmacia. I know the English term/word is Pharma, but there is not enough space on the front of the shop to add one letter (the "H") as well! Me too. But it's not mine! It's from 75894 Lego set. No, still I have to finish the building. Then we'll see...... Thank for your appreciation! Well, Lego would do it better... But definitely grazie!
  3. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Bubble Building

    Thanks guys for your support! Very proud you like it!
  4. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Bubble Building

    Dear all, In last years I focused on bigger project related to not residential modular: firstly the Peace and War Square and later the Seaside Harbour Project. Lastly even a train control station.... Now I'm back to the basics and I'm proud to introduce my last modular MOC, the Bubble Building. It'a a standalone "classic" modular building. Some details still need to be fixed. In the meantime.... The MOC comprises three minor buildings: a pharmacy on the right, a choco shop on the left and a little tower in the middle. Through the gallery below the light blue tower you can access to the shops and to the upper levels. Each building is linked with the other. From the left side it resembles a corner modular, but that's not the case. It's the great balcony above the pharmacy to give this impression due to the perspective. Here follow the shots per single layer/module. Obviously the more chocolate you eat the more you need some medicine from the pharmacy.... Shots from other points of view: Final shot to explain the name of the building! Hope you enjoyed! See next time and wish you the best Gabriele More images on Flickr:
  5. gabrielerava

    Rava Town

    Thanks! I'm working slowly, but I'm working on some expansion and improvements. I'll keep you updated. See you!
  6. gabrielerava

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Always love your mocs. Not my favorite style Art Deco, but a very good design of the building (love the curves) and excellent realization with clever techniques. Thumb up!
  7. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Guesthouse Seekrug

    Like a lot. Lots of details and creativity freedom. Go ahead !
  8. gabrielerava

    MOC - Train Control Station

    Wow. This is a great idea! I can use it for another train structure I'm thinking about.... Thanks a lot !! May be, who knows... ???
  9. gabrielerava

    MOC - Train Control Station

    Thanks everybody for appreciating my MOC! I know that there is not enough space between the first track and the building. I guess this is due to the fact that the first track is out of use at the moment. Trains only stops on the second track. So it should be safe to open the door without finding a train coming... ; ) I could also elongate the entire structure by a couple of stud. I have to check the space available once placed the MOC in the city. Thanks for the suggestion! Gabriele
  10. gabrielerava

    MOC - Train Control Station

    Hi guys, I made a new piece for my city/train layout. Usually I post on the City Forum. This is my first post on the Train forum. It's a train control station. Hope you enjoy. I found inspiration looking around the internet and Eurobricks' members similar MOCs. The back side I'm not sure if to keep or not the Harry Potter Train Statiom Sign. So that in the meantime I added the Hogwart's Express itself : ). More photos on my Flickr account Let me know your comments. Regards Rava
  11. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Pieve Lorena

    Thanks for your appreciation LegoModularFan! p.s. Event if I do not plan to tile the sea... 😀
  12. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Internet Café - 10260 Downtown Diner B-Model

    Great work and it fits very well with official modulars!
  13. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Pieve Lorena

    Yes, it works the same for me. In this case the curved bricks in my collection were inspiring as well. Anyway, at the end of the day, the amount of curved bricks needed was exceeding my collection so that I made some orders to fill the gap (the brown curved bricks for the roof on the nave were all ordered for example)... Glad you like it! Thanks!1 😀
  14. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Pieve Lorena

    Thanks! In the next month I'll try to post some shots of the layout all together. I like the bell too. I used an old technic piece I own since I was 10 years old (mid eighties...) Hi Kristel, your comments are always welcome. Thanks!