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  1. gabrielerava

    Rava Town

    Hello to everybody, I dismantled my city before summer holidays. Before dismantling I made a last update with trains and luna park running. Hope you like it! Regards Gabriele
  2. gabrielerava

    Bluebrick Layout Software

  3. gabrielerava

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi, where it has been published how to make parts for on your own? Thanks!
  4. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Submarine House

    Hi LegoModularFan, thanks for your appreciation and suggestions. I made some modifications (no more gold jumper plates, three blue brick substituted and changed flags positions). Here follows some photos. Let me know your thoughts about! Thanks Gabriele p.s. I will check the flickr accounts suggested. In the meantime you can find the photos of my modulars on my Flickr account , and some videos of Ravatown (my town) on youtube address
  5. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Submarine House

    I always think that my Mocs are someway missing details... 🤔 Thanks to everybody. The roof is mine favourite ad well. And the first part built. Thank you!
  6. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Submarine House

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm very pleased that you liked it! Yes, I might say that I bought the Minecraft set only to gather such rail pieces. Moreover lately I'm trying to build "weird" building as long as it serves to fill the "gaps" in my city. For the more "classic-standard" modular buildings there are already the Lego Modulars that do the work quit well! The roof was the first thing that took shape in my mind. The remaining of the MOC was a consequence! And great thanks to you as well! The space was needed to create the right distance between the MOCS to give to each its building its role. Then the market scene was an obvious but good solution and creates some continuum with the Japanese windows of the Sea Towers. p.s. When you say "the bigger house", do you mean the Sea Towers (the MOC in bright light orange) or the Cafè Corner? Glad you liked it. The feeling is a must for a MOC! Wow. I'm a "fan" of Miyazaki films. So this a great compliment to my MOC! Thanks! Hard to admit, but I'm running out of space for both the seaside and the city. I'm analyzing a solution that should provide me with some additional space. With reference to the seaside, there should be one last module on the right of the Fish and Sea Shops. I have some ideas on my mind, but still waiting for some development. Thanks a lot, the aim was exactly to have a dedicated building but able to mix with other "normal" houses. In fact it's a double purpose building with a secret identity! p.s. The Black Barracuda is the last Lego that I was gifted with when I was a boy... Thanks. In fact I tried to insert some elements in the middle floor to find a sort a continuity between the ground floor and the roof. In the middle floor there are elements in reddish brown and white to resemble the ground floor, mixed with blue palette colors to resemble the blue and dark blue around the dormers. Same you can find both straight elements in the balcony to resemble the ground floor and curved lines above the windows to resemble the lines of the roof. Finally the masonry of the chimney trace a path to masonry bricks of the base of the building. Once more, thanks to everybody!
  7. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Submarine House

    Dear all, here follows a new MOC, it’s called Submarine House and it’s the newcome in my Ravatown seaside project. Here some additional shots. This building it’s the conclusion of the longest side of the project. And, in case, this is why it’s called Submarine House ! ; ) In fact I needed to find a location to place the Beatles Yellow Submarine into my City, so that I had to build a dedicated building to store the item! The warehouse is built based on the size of the submarine, and it’s obtained from an old stone building. Now you can see only some pieces survived from the old building. The windows at low level are made as portholes, and a wooden structure supports the higher storey. The upper floor is inhabited by a group of sailors (you can see one of them on the balcony with a telescope). There’s a chimney on the top of the roof to warm up the interior of the building when outside the wind blows hard. The roof itself is made to resemble the shape of a pirate’s hat (as a section view). On the roof some antennas are placed for radio transmissions. Here follows a view of the entire Rava Town seaside project. Hope you like it! ; ) Let me know your comments and thoughts about it please! More shots on Flickr:
  8. gabrielerava

    Rava Town

    So, it’s been a long time since last Rava Town update. In the meantime new sets, MOCs and MODs arrived in Rava Town. Here we go with the pictures I took a couple of months ago. First of all the expanded version of Assembly Square deserved a good potion in the city with a dedicated new plaza before, not so far from the beach. I added some City Square elements as well (the tram and the stands) and you can see the cinema posters too. The buildings’ line is closed by the Diner (mirror built). Along the same street you can find an extended version of the Park Street Townhouse (31065) and the original and charming version of the Model Town House (6954): creator townhouses form the beginning to nowadays. Here follows a pic from above to have a better idea of the district. I placed the rest of the creator houses (those white with red roofs) all together right at the beginning of the city (near the new airport) in order to create a residential area. Next to the creator houses found its way a new entry: the Forest police Station set (4528), found on Ebay (I just missed it after recovering from my dark age). Not far another new piece: the latest service station (and now we have three gas station in the city! Seventies are past and gone). Behind the creator houses I made an extension to the monorail (a curve plus a self-made piece) and the bus station (in case someone misses the monorail run). The insertion of the bus station and the bus station (60154) and the monorail extention were made possible thanks to a reengineering of the Luna Park area (which now is comprised of the Carousel as well, with new small trains and a Mixer populated by star wars minifigures). The airport got some development too. The old fence of the farm was replaced by a new one and a small pic-nic area was created next to the monorail. A couple of shots from above too. At the end of the airport zone I found a new place for the Ghos House and I created a small sea area, where you see the Old Fishing Store (expanded with a prolonged dock – do you see the hung shark?). It’s the sand green area… This district is far from being completed. I guess I will have to create a sort of embarcadero for the ferry-boat and to add more details for the beach… And the secret thief hideout. No words please. Following it’s my last MOC, the one composed by the Fish&Ship Store and the Dock Inn (at that time the Harbour Towers MOC was still to be completed - Next to it the Destiny Bounty (beautiful!) and the Black Sea Barracude (a dear souvenir of my childhood, surfaced from the waves of time). Behind the skateboard store there’s a new tree making a nice green spot and a movie stage for the latest detective story to come in the Palace Cinema Before you can see how I rearranged the residential district with sea small houses. I got my hands on an old Indy set as well (the motorboats are delicious imo). Here the whole picture from above. Behind the harbour you can find the rail yard where trains can unload and dispatch their goods to Rava Town citizens. On Rava Town hill finds its way the winter village, that, during last winter saw coming both the new train station and the bigger Santa House. You see the city has grown and their inhabitants need more gifts for Christmas. More elves on the work! A bigger snowman as well. At the end some shots from the historical center of the town. No big changes since last time, but some pictures from the above are nice. Last street shots. … and a recap video! More shots on my Flickr account (just re-organized with new albums!) Thanks to everybody and regards Gabriele
  9. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Harbour Towers

    Thanks! Comment quite clear! I like the colors as well... The exact color of the slope siding is bright light orange (let's say Chima yellow) for the lower tower, tan for the higher tower tower. Danke! (OT: May I ask you what I have to do to insert an image in my signature?) tks Many, many thanks. In the next days I will submit an update in the Rava Town topic! Thanks once more! Glad you liked it!
  10. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Harbour Towers

    Thanks. In fact I tried to make it somehow intricate! Well, the telescope it's not mine... Actually it belongs to theDestiny Bounty official lego model... Yes it's an astronomer, you're right! Thanks a lot! Very glad to be considered one of your favourite MOCers! I'm working on the next (and probably last) module. It will take a longer time since I still have to choose the proper direction... Thanks a lot, sir! Thanks! Glad you liked the colours' palette. p.s. Please note that the tiled wall next to the entrance of the astronomy shop is medium orange (not bright light orange...). Once more thanks to everybody for your appreciations!
  11. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Harbour Towers

    Dear all, Here follows the new piece for Rava Town old harbour: the Harbour Towers. The two buildings are mostly reminiscent of Netherlands, with a touch of extreme orient… At the base of the taller tower it’s located an icecream/coffee shop with a balcony under columns to have a nice look at the harbour itself. The initial idea was to create two buildings like Amsterdam, then to make some slight changes to bring the buildings in a more Mediterranean contest (with the usage of brighter colors and some fantasy elements), to include some Japanese elements (to justify the approach for the Destiny Bounty), and to use some new (for me) solutions for the roofs. Actually I wanted to insert South Europe shutters as much as possible. The lower tower is inhabited by an expert astrologist, who manages a little astrology shop at ground floor, and uses the upper floors as his living and refugee to look at the stars in the dark sky of the night. The upper floors of the taller building are owned by the richer merchant of Rava Town. Below the ice cream parlor, under the arches, a small dock makes its way to connect the other side of the harbor to the building on the right (still to be built…) Here’s the back. Last but not least some shots with the entire harbour Here you see where the little green building of the Dock Inn ends…. Comments and advices are welcome! See you next time! p.s. Previous episodes:
  12. gabrielerava

    --- Bricksonville - City Layout with lights ---

    I like the skyskraper. It’s thin but elegant. I like where you placed it too. good job!
  13. gabrielerava

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi Alban, I always appreciated your software. My only complaint is not to have new "renderings" of the lego city or train sets produced after 2014. Do you have any plan to update the inventory of set images? Thanks Gabrieel
  14. gabrielerava

    [MOC] Central Station

    Yes, Now it works. Great job!