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  1. [MOC] Fish&Sea Shop

    Thanks to everybody. There are two doors at the end of the alley to ho upstairs. At the dame poi ti there are stairs to reach the baseplate level of the city. I do not plan to build raised street, but I’m building other harbour buildings at the same level!
  2. [MOC] Fish&Sea Shop

    Hi to everybody, I want to introduce the Fish&Sea Shop. Something like Pet Shop by the sea... But with "siamese" architecture and an older style. This is how it ended up. The shop on the left is for fish eaters and the one on the right for sea tools buyers. The two buildings are almost identical with some slight difference in the colour palette. My aim was to give preminence to the azure, using various tone of blue for doors and windows. The ground floor is in grey to and a touch of brightness with red, dark orange and dark red in the roof. I'm proud of the chimneys. And the gray for the ground floor is due to create a whole with the basement. Some "marine" parts were added to give a sea feeling: Both the buildings have their hat on the top. Some oars to decorate and anchor parts used to create the big black window below the roof. That's it. Hope you enjoyed. Advices are always welcome! p.s. Finally some interiors (not my favourite part of the game)... See you!
  3. Rava Town

    Hi to everyboby, after some time, here's a short update on my city with new photos and video. It's been quiet a while since last time, but I'va been very busy in working (real work). No big news but some nice details and a couple of big entries. Something has been done on the airport zone, with a small extension, given a new table and a few additional baseplates. Now it seems to me more clever and neat. The post office of the airport has been integrated and a small Shell gas station has been inserted as well. The farm has a new entrance (with the Corn Cub Guy), some new animals (a dog exposition with no competition, Scooby has already won) and a new scarecrow in the corn field. Let's not forget the updated Temple zone (with the new wall)! On the beach somebody's left a VW Beetle. Works are in progress, and a new level crossing (less crashes!) Here's the Disney Castle (first new big entry) topping Rava Town hill and within the Winter Village. Some shots with the Piece&War Square (the other new big entry)! And some last photos of the city! Last but not least an updated video! Hope you enjoyed!
  4. Peace & War Square

    Hi, thanks to everybody. I'm not so convinced about the pub (actually my favourite one is the Arch), but happy to see it likes you a lot! Soon (or later) I'll place the square into Rava Town, and I'll post an update. Once more, thanks to everybody!
  5. Peace & War Square

    Thanks to everybody for appreciating! What would you suggest me to build in order to fill the emply space on the right of the Fruit Arch (where there is the yellow plate)?
  6. Peace & War Square

    Hi to everybody, following the Hat Store (see I decided to expand the project into Peace & War Square. The square is named after the two statue placed besides the Arch: the war statue on the right and the peace statue on the left. It is composed of four main buildings: the Hat Store, The Gringotts Inn and the Fruit Loggia (from left to right) plus the Alice Arch and the Tower. Here follows some shots for each of the the buildings, except the Hat Store, see the related topic). First of all the Gringotts Pub Somebody on the roof.... The first floor. And the pub. The Fruit Loggia With a small Orchestra performing on the top! And finally Alice Arch (named after my second little daughter). Somebody is planning to sell it to some tourist? Some additional shots from the ground from a professional photographer perspective! Street cabaret! Last shots Frontal View Right View (War Statue) Left View (Peace Statue) Actually the project was interrupted four months ago due to worl reason (real work) and for new projects in my mind, so that some elements are still missing (in particularry on the right of the Loggia). Anyway; I would like to share the square as it is now. In the next future (I hope), once completed it will be placed in Rava Town ( case, there is also a video. Hope you enjoy! Gabriele
  7. [MOC] Noppe & Co. Brick Store (facade)

    Do you have photos of your city as well?
  8. MOC: Piazza San Marco - Modular Building

  9. [MOC] Worn down building

  10. Rava Town

    Hi, some progress in update #3. In fact the video is from March (just forgot to post it!

    Like it a lot. Beautiful color choices and architetture soluzione. The black roof curve solution my favorite!
  12. Rava Town

    Ok, here we go: St. Mary Cathedral (under construction) Castel in Town Toys Shop (courtesy from another Eurobrick member) Rava Bank Bakery 7597 Old Street and Tower Museum Red Clock Tower Rava Town Logo Hope you enjoyed! See next time
  13. Hat Store

    Thanks to everyone! The texture of the roof is due to the fact that at a certain point in time I finished black slopes... Every artist is a thief.... Thanks! And thanks for hosting the Hat Store on your blog!!! p.s. The quality of the screenshots is not top notch. In fact it's not yellow. It's Bright light orange for the most part, medium orange for the arches on the windows and only a few parts in Yellow (mainly the hat sign on the top)...