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  1. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    My first thought was that this looks too much like a MOC. There’s wayyy too much SNOT and tiles... it looks really bad. Maybe removing the tiles from the stairs would help? Also that tan looks awful... but I don’t know what other color could have been used that might fit better. What’s up with the grill hood on the inside too? Surely they could have made that so it doesn’t stick out to the other side, requiring inverted slopes and creating ugly gaps. I think they might have used the small dump truck/ scooper piece? Completely unnecessary. The piping on the side and the lamp look really similar. Don’t like that either. And why wasn’t this a corner building? It looks awkward pushed up against the AS. I actually really do like this building though. 1950s theme I think works quite well. Certainly better than BB or AS.
  2. MOC(s): Music Dioramas

    I've got 3 more to show you all! 7. The Kinks: Face to Face 8. Bob Dylan: Blood On The Tracks & Highway 61 Revisited 9. The Doors: Morrison Hotel
  3. Lego Bricks & Pieces?

    Thank you, this did help! Thanks for the tip with the torsos. I wasn't aware of the existing thread so thanks for pointing that out too.
  4. Lego Bricks & Pieces?

    Have any of you used this service from LEGO before? If you don't know it's basically like Pick a brick but you are ordering parts from lego sets themselves. Anyway, I'm placing my first B.a.P order and it seems that every single torso, head, and most hair pieces from liscensed sets are not available for purchase. They say "out of stock" indicating to me that they did have them at one point, but they all got bought. Do any of you know anything about this? Or are licensed minifig pieces just always not for sale? Do they restock them? Also, is there another way to search the site instead of typing in the set numbers that the parts come in or their part numbers continuously? Like what if I just want to go through all the minifig heads they have for sale? Thanks.
  5. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere on this thread, but does anyone know if Ninjago City will have early VIP access in August?
  6. MOC(s): Music Dioramas

    I did! The painting can be frustrating though, haha.
  7. MOC(s): Music Dioramas

    Hello everybody! It's been a while since I've been on this forum, and I have to admit that my interest in Lego has taken a bit of a fall these days. But recently I've finished two more of these dioramas that I like to make whenever I get really into a band or musician, and here I thought I'd share all 6 that I have so far (though I hope to continue this in the future). Basically they're constructed on an 8x16 plate, they're 7 bricks high with a layer of tile on top, they're stackable, and they are either based on an album cover or just on the musician's style itself. And I do paint minifigs and parts occasionally for these as well. Enjoy! 1. The Beatles: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 2. Metallica: Master of Puppets 3. Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown 4. Nirvana: In Utero 5. Jimi Hendrix (Loosely based on the early "Purple Haze" era, I also made his 1969 Woodstock strat) 6. The White Stripes (Just based on their whole style with the black white and red, and Meg's drum kit with the peppermint print) And here they are all stacked together for a display piece. Thank you for viewing!! Questions and comments always welcome.
  8. MOC: Modular Mexican Restaurant

    It's a repeated SNOT pattern of this hinge piece folded inward and a regular 2x2 plate:
  9. MOC: Modular Mexican Restaurant

    I just looked up that shopping center on google street view, and I can see the reminiscence. Weird how that worked out. And thank you!
  10. MOC: Modular Mexican Restaurant

    Nope, not based on a real location. I would say it is southwestern USA inspired though, because I did start making this after a trip to Southern California and the memory of the architecture there could have carried its way into my subconscious.
  11. MOC: Modular Mexican Restaurant

    This is my first attempt at creating a custom modular building. I built this with really no forethought and only used parts available in my collection, aside from the hot air balloon parts on top which I had to place an order for. So the architectural styles are all over the place, but I don't know, I think it still has a certain charm to it. This has been a side project for me for about a year now, and I'm glad to see the final result. The right building is the Mexican restaurant itself with seating above, the middle "building" is just a stairwell, and the far left building is a tailor shop with an apartment above it. The two engine parts SNOTed on the tailor shop represent a bow-tie, which isn't so obvious from this angle. The roof of the apartment features an opening hot tub, a skylight, and a balcony in the front with sliding doors. The interior of the ground floor features an elevator, the same basic design as the Town Hall modular. One elevator door is for customers to get up to the seating area, and the other one is for the server coming from the kitchen. The roof sections removed. The restaurant second floor The apartment floors 2 and 3. Finally, the simple but all important minifigures. From left to right, a customer, the tailor, another customer, the chef, and the bartender/waiter. Thank you for viewing! Questions, comments, critisisms welcome.
  12. MOC: Starkiller Base Forest Duel

    I like that idea! I don't think it was lava in the movie, but definitely something else to cover up the ugly gears. Unfortunately the way it's designed (a row of tooth gears upside down in the center of each platform with wheels on either side) it won't allow for space to fit the section underneath. I'd have to redesign the whole gear system, which I don't feel like messing around with haha. As awesome as it would be. I thought about doing that actually! it never worked out though because the bare tree design I decided on is really fragile and it takes forever to put together. If I were to create a more sturdy one it would look out of place. But yeah, at least some falling rocks and snow or something would be cool!
  13. MOC: Starkiller Base Forest Duel

    I have created a MOC of the iconic forest duel on Starkiller base from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is a freebuild, so not everything is perfect and there should definetly be more trees but I think it came out nicely nonetheless. Now, my favorite part of the moc and why it took me so long to create. Video : Thank you for viewing! Questions, comments, criticisms welcome.
  14. Straightening bent flexible hoses

    I'm making a MOC with trees and I am using this piece for the trunks: Mine are in used condition and I need to straighten them to get the right look for the trees. I've tried bending them in the other direction manually but with no avail. Any tips? Or is this sort of thing not fixable.

    Great work! This makes me want to play scrabble again. I especially love the decals you made for it, and the stuff on the underside. Looks wonderful.