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  1. BrickRally217

    [MOC] T-65B X-wing Starfighter

    Thanks! I was worried the studs might look ugly but I think it came out looking just fine
  2. BrickRally217

    [MOC] Snoke's Throne Room Diorama

    Hi all, Just wanted to share this 16x32 MOC that I made a couple of years ago after TLJ came out. It depicts the dazzling sequence with the Praetorian Guards in Snoke's throne room, after he gets impaled by the Skywalker lightsaber. I went for a diorama approach rather than a playset-like approach, to suit my personal style. I also took the time to add power function lights to the throne itself, which gives the Snoke minifigure a lot of presence, as he should have. Thanks for looking!
  3. BrickRally217

    [MOC] T-65B X-wing Starfighter

    Thanks, probably is mine too tbh
  4. BrickRally217

    [MOC] TIE/LN Starfighter

  5. BrickRally217

    [MOC] TIE/LN Starfighter

    Hello there, Today I present my MOC of the standard TIE/LN Starfighter used by the Empire in the OT. This is the final of 3 Star Wars ship MOCs that I have posted to the forum today. Apologies for the photography and cluttered background; I tried my best but I don't have a great set-up at the location I am now. Where to start... Well, there are a few different sizes for this TIE fighter. What I've depicted here is the 6.3m x 6.4m x 7.5m variant, the smallest one. Perhaps the most striking aspect of this MOC is how I've designed the cockpit (yes, it is about as fragile as it looks!). Creating the spherical shape in this scale around the 4x4 piece is one of the hardest things I've attempted as a MOC builder. I'm quite proud of how it came out, though I acknowledge it doesn't look great from some angles. A big challenge I faced that, honestly, I don't know if I ever really overcame, was the transition between the sphere and the "beams" that lead to the wings. It's a lot more pronounced on the actual model, but more of a gradual shift on my rendition, making the cockpit appear larger than intended. From a distance, though, it doesn't look too bad, at least to me. A view of the backside, of course with the "twin ion engines" which form the acronym TIE. I think what I've done with the shaping here is great, and if I could have, I would have made the front look like this. However, since I wanted to use the 4x4 windscreen piece instead of the 6x6, I had to do something different there. I don't think the wings are that great looking, but it's really difficult to capture the thinness effectively. As such they have a lot of bulk and weight to them, requiring reinforcement from the sides which I've incorporated onto the display stand. I don't think I did too bad, but maybe I will go back to the drawing board later down the line. An aerial view Here is what the pilot looks like inside if you were curious. The figure is pretty much trapped in there, though, since I could not find a way to design it such that I can easily remove it. And that about covers the MOC, I think! This is definitely the most complex of the three models that I designed this summer, but I don't know that it's my favorite. I'm curious what you all think of the cockpit technique; I haven't seen any other TIE moc take this approach. And any other comments you'd like to share are welcome as well!
  6. BrickRally217

    [MOC] T-65B X-wing Starfighter

    Greetings Eurobricks, I have for you today a MOC of the T65-B X-Wing Starfighter seen in the OT. Specifically, this is Luke's Red 5. This is the second of 3 Star Wars ship MOCs I will be posting to the forum today. Apologies for the photography and cluttered background. I tried my best but I don't have a great set-up at the location I am now. So, I have taken a stab at creating this iconic model in LEGO, and I have come out a changed man. This took about two months of consistent work to get it how I wanted it, and I'm pretty happy with the result. But, gosh, was the process grueling at times. There are so many images, movie-stills, and diagrams of this thing, and they all have varying degrees of difference between them. The result of my MOC basically encompasses all the things that they have in common, with a few liberties of my own. My biggest point of pride with this creation is probably the nose section. I think I got the shaping just right, and I like how the angling of the side panels came out. I haven't seen anyone else try to replicate the leveling-off/slit portion of the silver head, so I took that challenge head-on, and I think it came out looking pretty spectacular (though I'm sure it could be improved!). A couple of images of the back and back fuselage: I'll say the only thing I'm not happy with here is how I've attached the wings. This was one of the biggest challenges I faced, since the stiffer ratcheting hinges bring too harsh of an angle but the more adjustable clip method does not support the weight. Since I definitely did not want to use ugly rubber-bands, I ended up doubling up on 2x1 ball joints for each wing, which works but still doesn't hold super well. But, since functionality is second to appearance for this model, I probably will not fix it. An aerial view. Like my Naboo Starfighter, this model is scaled almost perfectly to the astromech droid head on top, which is just slightly bigger than minifigure scale. Cockpit view I think that about covers it. Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoyed my rendition of this ever-popular MOC. Any thoughts you have are welcomed in the comments!
  7. BrickRally217

    [MOC] Naboo N-1 Starfighter

    Hey Eurobricks, I have for you today a MOC of the Naboo N-1 Starfighter seen in the prequels. This is the first of 3 Star Wars ship MOCs I will be posting to the forum today. Apologies for the photography and cluttered background. I tried my best but I don't have a great set-up at the location I am now. This is one of the sleekest ships in Star Wars, and I tried my hardest to replicate that quality as best I could without compromising its beautiful shape. As anyone who's tried to design one of these before probably knows, this is a very difficult ship to capture in LEGO, particularly at minifigure scale. After many revisions, this is what I settled on and I think it came out great. To remark on the scale a little bit actually, it is slightly bigger than minifigure scale. I scaled it almost exactly with the astromech droid head on the top, however, so everything is pretty proportional. This was a good strategy because the cockpit shield piece is huge even at this scale (hence why I pained some yellow over it). I also shortened the back by removing about two 2x2 round bricks because, at that point, it was longer than my x-wing and it didn't look right. A side and back view A peek inside the cockpit Thanks for giving this a look! Any thoughts are welcome in the comments (especially from anyone who have attempted one of these before).
  8. BrickRally217

    What is this piece?

    Thank you so much!
  9. BrickRally217

    What is this piece?

    Hello all, I am trying to find this piece on Bricklink and no matter what I search I can't seem to locate it. I also don't know which set I got it in. If you know, I would appreciate your help! Thank you!
  10. BrickRally217

    [MOC] Building Other Album Covers

    Hey Retro These are awesome, I hope you do more. I've always appreciated your emphasis on photo-recreation rather than being constrained by a consistent scale/ needing to have a tangible display piece like what I do. Really like how you did the R and the black hand on Aimee Man helps cover up the fact that minifigures can't lay like that, nicely done. I had never heard of Aimee Mann but the album cover caught my attention. I've been jamming to Whatever for the past couple of days, it's so good.
  11. BrickRally217

    MOC: Music Dioramas

    I've thought about doing one for pet sounds for a while. Even though I love that album I don't think seeing it among these other albums would "spark joy" enough for me to consider making it. I dunno. Maybe I will make it someday.
  12. BrickRally217

    MOC: Music Dioramas

    Here's 4 more that I made this winter break! Enjoy! 22. Sufjan Stevens: Illinois 23. Yo La Tengo: I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One 24. Bright Eyes: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning 25. Norah Jones: Come Away With Me (I particularly used just 2x2s to simulate rain when the light shines from the back. Think it came out really well!) I am currently displaying these in an 8x3 form. Just barely fits on the shelf. Thanks for viewing!
  13. BrickRally217

    MOC: Music Dioramas

    They can take anywhere from an afternoon (Green Day) to three days (Björk). Just depends on how much painting I have to do and how complicated what I'm trying to do is. Getting that Stereolab shaping right took 3 straight days in itself because of the complicated bar work. And yeah, I only build albums and musicians I'm passionate about. This project is very personal to me, all about bringing my love for music and my love for Lego together. So there's not really any reason why I would make something I'm not interested in... that would only ruin my appreciation of seeing my display in its entirety. Definitely making Sufjan Stevens' "Illinois" in the next month during Thanksgiving break. 21 is a good number (I destroyed #7 a while ago); 7 stacks 3 high, with one in the center. I don't know what I'll make after that... we'll see what music I discover.
  14. BrickRally217

    MOC: Music Dioramas

    Yeah, I was just wondering the same thing. I don't know how I missed your Pink Floyd stuff either. What if there's a third one of us doing something similar, or even more... and nobody evens know it... lol Simplifying things is a big part of what I do but I think adding things that aren't there is an even bigger component of it (sunrise in the corner, rustic kitchenette, Starry Night, garbage on fire, deciding what color the floor should be). A lot of the time they don't really fit into these neat 8x16x7 diorama spaces so I have to add stuff and hope it doesn't conflict with the rest of it or draw too much attention to itself. It gets really tricky sometimes, especially with the whites #20 The Glow Pt. 2 is a cult classic in underground music. It's been called a "millennial daydream nation" which I think is fitting so if you like Sonic Youth I'd check it out. #21 Weyes Blood is a really rad indie musician who's starting to get more attention due to her album I depicted. It came out several months ago and is definitely a contender for album of the year.