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  1. [MOC] All Star Arena and Precinct

    Mighty impressive and massive build! So many wonderful details to look at. Thanks for sharing!
  2. [MOC] Modular Sushi Bar

    Hi everyone, I would like to present my newest modular building: A modular sushi bar. The lower level features the sushi bar including a 和室 (japanese room) which is currently packed with a lot of salary men and woman which have been invited by their boss for after hour drinks. Within the restaurant you can choose to either dine the traditional way at the bar where the itamae is serving you directly or sit down with a group of people at one of the tables. The middle and upper level features an apartment. It took me a while to get a new build done due to lack of time and inspiration but once I started again it was quite a breeze. I enjoyed using some new pieces, especially all the new tiles which are round or partially round. Also finally I could build windows using the new double jumper tile as a base. The biggest challenge from an architectural standpoint was the topmost corner of the building which took me quite a few tries until I was happy with it (I fell in love with the new semi cut 1x2 round slope!). Statistics Parts: 4999 (coincidence! ;-)) Build time: around 60h within LDD and 8h with real bricks Bricklink orders: 12 Below you can find a selection of images. All of them can be viewed here: Again a building instruction is available for purchase for those who would like to build it themselves! Also complete building kits (instruction + all necessary bricks) will be available soon but in reduced quantity (PM me if you would like to make a resveration).
  3. Lego BAT-AT

    Great build!
  4. [MOC] Central Station

    Very cool that you managed to build it with real bricks. The outcome is fantastic!
  5. [MOC] Modular Italian Restaurant

    Very nice build. The colors and details work very well!
  6. New Century City Block II

    Truly a masterpiece full of inspiration and great ideas!
  7. [MOC] Defense of Crait

    Fantastic parts usage with the snakes! Great build!
  8. [MOC] Old Sewing Room

    Some very cool minibuilds in there. Great stuff!
  9. MOC: The lock and Quay

    Great color choice as always with just the right amount of detail. The technique with the arches is so simple, but yet ingenious.
  10. [MOC] Wedding Hall (10211 Alternative build)

    I am impressed what you managed to pull off with such a limited amount of bricks. I wouldn't be able to build a modular MOC below 3500 parts.
  11. Fantastic build considering the limitations!
  12. [MOC] Cafe Havana (modular)

    Great colors! I also like the sign a lot. Do you check whether your digital builds are buildable (i.e. all bricks exist in the used colors)?
  13. [MOC] Mos Espa Arena

    Big is beautiful! Great build!
  14. [MOC] Yet another modular Lego store

    Another impressive build, especially the window decoration looks like it took quite a bit of time to pull it off.
  15. Brickhead Monkey D. Luffy