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  1. peedeejay

    My Halloween Village

    Very spooky and stylish. Cool stuff!
  2. peedeejay

    [MOC] Animal Kindergarten Bus

    Reminds me of Ghibli‘s ネコバス (nekobus). Looks great! :)
  3. peedeejay

    Modular 2.0

    I did not really invent this but rather adjusted a system that I saw somewhere (don‘t remember since its been some time). So yea, go ahead.
  4. peedeejay

    [MOC] Windmill

    Great, just great! It looks already fantastic from the outside but with the interior it really is a masterpiece!
  5. peedeejay

    [MOC] Lion Pub

    Great build with lots of details inside and outside! This would look cool next to my Tailor! :)
  6. peedeejay

    [MOC] Mariachi wagon and Mexican house

    Oh this is absolutely gorgeous. We don't see many mexican/mariachi themed MOC's and you delivered one that has everything. Great colors and details and a variety of cool minifigs. I'd love to see a whole town built like that. :)
  7. The horse is superb! The wall is pretty simple in its design but absolutely fits to the scenery since the balance is very well done. Great MOC!
  8. peedeejay

    Flannagans house

    This one looks very comfy. Love the roof!
  9. peedeejay

    Sullivans House

    The house looks awesome! For the chimney I would have went for a mixture of DBG and LBG instead of DBG and white, but it still looks great though.
  10. peedeejay

    Union 72 Amsterdam tram/streetcar

    This looks fantastic!
  11. peedeejay

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I hope it wont be a Police Station since I am about to finish my own and I don‘t need two (even though my son might disagree :D).
  12. peedeejay

    [MOC] Baseplate Alley

    Usually your builds are a bit too crazy for my liking but this one is just plain awesome! Very inspiring piece of art and some Interesting building techniques.
  13. peedeejay

    [MOC] Modern Library

    Amazing design! This could win an architectural price if build in reality.