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  1. peedeejay

    Rava Restaurant

    Finally something new from you and it was definately worth the wait. Love it!
  2. peedeejay

    [MOC] Moon-o-Rail Station

    This is an extremly cool build!
  3. peedeejay

    [MOC] Modular Skyscraper "The Daily Stud"

    Thanks again everyone! I am glad you enjoy it. :)
  4. peedeejay

    [MOC] Slice of Life: Townhouse

    Simply Great! Being very often in Japan myself, I can say hat you really managed to capture the style and details. Well done!
  5. peedeejay

    Ramen Shop - 16x16 Modular

    That's a cute little build with nice details inside and out!
  6. peedeejay

    [MOC] Modular Skyscraper "The Daily Stud"

    Thanks! The part count is in my initial post. It's 22.801. ;-) Thank you! It doesn't work and is just for show. There is just a big hole that you can look through from the top when you don't have the roof attached to it. ;-) I thought about it, but it's not possible to create one without having it visible from outside and I wanted to keep a clean facade. Thanks! They also add quite a bit to the overall weight. :D Thank you! Even though we see larger and larger sets, I don't think something like this would happen. Even it were empty, the build would still have roughly 13.000-15.000 pieces and to be perfectly honest, the building experience is quite monotonous for the major parts of the facade. ;-( Thank you! That is exactly the reason why I spent so much time for them. :)
  7. peedeejay

    [MOC] La boite à musique

    I really like your style and your builds are always beautiful. This is another great example!
  8. Hey everyone, wow, it's been a while! I would like to present my latest modular: A modular skyscraper that is the home of “The Daily Stud”, which delivers the latest news throughout the city! This is by far my biggest build and it was also the most challenging one. It also took extremely long from the first digital design to the final build, since I was unable to move a stud for almost 2 years, due to building a real house. ;-) My main challenge was to create a facade, where you don't see at first glance, that the build is modular as well as maintaining stability. Therefore I had to work with outer walls that are 2 bricks thick, which also explains the high part count. The build sits on two standard baseplates, is 107cm high and weighs about 16,2kg. It contains 22.801 pieces and consists of 9 modules. Most of the design was actually finished almost 3 years ago, so quite a bit before LEGO released the Daily Bugle. When that happened I lost the motivation to really finish it, but I finally re-visited it some months ago to finally finish it. The skyscraper has 8 floors, which are fully furnished: Floor 1: Lobby, Front Desk and Waiting Area Floor 2: Restaurant Floor 3: Archives Floor 4: Dark Room and Chill-Out-Area Floor 5: Offices Floor 6: Offices and Restrooms Floor 7: TV-Studio and IT-Room Floor 8: Meeting Room and Main Editors Office As always: Building instructions are available on Rebrickable! All of the pictures and in hires can be found on my flickr account. Daily_Stud_01 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_02 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_03 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_08 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_10 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_17 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_21 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_23 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_27 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_31 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_35 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_42 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_47 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_49 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_61 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_65 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_67 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_71 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr Daily_Stud_74 by peedeejay!, auf Flickr
  9. peedeejay

    [MOC] Local Post Office

    Looks good! I would however try to increase the height of the window in the middle floor and also increase the height of that floor. That would improve proportions.
  10. peedeejay

    [MOC] City gate: Rijnsburgerpoort

    Quite a unique building. Especially next to what we usually see in category "Town". :) It's very well build and love the attention to detail, especially around the arch!
  11. peedeejay

    [MOC] Victorian Cottage

    Lovely building. Great details all around!
  12. peedeejay

    [MOC] Holckenhus

    Great building and you managed to capture the looks of its original totaly accurate!
  13. peedeejay

    MOC Sin city

    Wow, this is very neat!