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  1. Dutch Thriceman

    A whole lot of Transformers

    Incredible, I'd definitely buy all of these if they were sets, wow.
  2. Dutch Thriceman

    The 'Dauntless' (Wandering Skies)

    Thanks for the kind words, I took care to make every part of the ship accessible for minifigs. Behind the captain you can see there is a hole there which there is a ladder (this piece: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=6020&name=Bar 7 x 3 with 2 Clips (Ladder)&category=[Bar]#T=S&O={"iconly":0} ) to connect the upper and lower level. Sadly the ladder piece itself is just out of view in the photo.
  3. Dutch Thriceman

    The 'Dauntless' (Wandering Skies)

    The small sovereign nation of Albion has send forth their Ironclad coal powered exploration vessel nicknamed 'The Dauntless'. Built for Wandering Skies 2022 Airship category. Picture quality is sadly quite bad, even after years of moc making I still don't have the amenities or skills to photograph larger Mocs well. A couple of Albion scientists aboard the Dauntless An effective defense and deterrant, Albion technology allows for a self-repeating turret, which is however prone to jam. Crane for loading wares in or out of the cargo bay. Naturally every airship needs a skilled captain at the helm. Engine room, resting quarters and the storage bay all fitted into the interior. Didn't have a lot of time to work on the interior so not super happy but still glad I got to fit something in.
  4. Dutch Thriceman

    The Watcher (Wandering Skies)

    The other side is essentially the front side but mirrored, so it's identical.
  5. Dutch Thriceman

    The Watcher (Wandering Skies)

    Thanks Feuer Thanks, yeah I can see that, I like it this way also but I understand where you are coming from
  6. Dutch Thriceman

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    You can do the same thing with purist LEGO too, the point is that it's a wonderful example of a realistic medieval army not whether it's purist or not
  7. Dutch Thriceman

    The Watcher (Wandering Skies)

    Have you heard? Rumour has it there is an old temple afloat out there, where a cult has settled worshipping some eldritch god or whatnot, just a rumour though. Now they say there is quite a bit of treasure in that temple, yet no pirates have managed to seize it yet, see they say that this cult protects the temple through deploying these scouts, Watchers they say. Use some kind of telescoped rifle to pick off threats, go figure that some kind of religious sniper zealots... what is this world coming to. ___ I wasn't really planning to enter the fig on a vig category for Wandering Skies, but then I got inspired by Keith Thompson's amazing art.
  8. Dutch Thriceman

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    Oh no, I don't mean to come of as rude or anything (it is hard to read a persons intentions or mood through a piece of text), however I just think if you are going to build a huge army then making it something like this example which is still pretty huge with 500+ minifigs, but all of them are unique to a degree is much cooler then if that was 250 vs 250 nearly identical minifigs. edit* google for historical medieval armies, most of the (historic) art depicts very diverce and interesting looking armies, which the video I linked also proved can be done.
  9. Dutch Thriceman

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    As you said, it strongly depends, some armies might have been very similarly dressed/indentifiable individuals, but a lot of armies throughout history also didn't. As far as I know if we are talking about middle ages/medieval armies then an Army of 'X' amount of identical minifigs does not look realistic at all. At the same time somebody who isn't a history buff won't care for accuracies and bringing something to an event like a huge battle scene most people won't really know what is 'right' or 'wrong' from a historic standpoint, besides if it is fantasy then it doesn't really matter as anything goes.
  10. Dutch Thriceman

    Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    The fig with the Chima legs is the one ya'll be talking about? I think it's fake because somebody used the Chima legs (doubt Lego would reuse a Chima print for a new CMF). A new orc/troll type fig would be neat though.
  11. Dutch Thriceman

    D&D x Ideas

    Perhaps but somehow something like a 3 month period feels more 'right' to me, I share the sentiment that a little over a month seems awefully short and will not give all folks who might be interested in participating a chance.
  12. Dutch Thriceman

    [MOC] Skirmish Near Toulouse

    Great battle, are the glass panes customs?
  13. Dutch Thriceman

    [GBW] - Mission - PDSRE - Al-Quirmam base infiltration

    This is quite the banger, love the fence.
  14. Dutch Thriceman


    Looks like a great way to display 'war gaming' units lego style, I might have to borrow the base design. The figs and scenes are great
  15. Dutch Thriceman

    Justice Road

    Thanks Feuer, perhaps capital was the word I was looking for however when I googled it I found: "corporal punishment, physical chastisement of an offender. At one extreme it includes the death penalty, but the term usually refers to punishments like flogging, caning, mutilation, and branding."