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  1. Dutch Thriceman

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    Bers hails all the new arrivals. "Greetings new friends! So many new arrivals at the hall as of late, it hasn't been this bussy in many weeks."
  2. Dutch Thriceman

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Beeze helped me, it appearantly did arrive at the Netherlands 6 days ago but it either hasn't gone through sorting yet or it is 'lost', although we have a pretty decent reliable postal service in the Netherlands and I haven't had it happen that a package got lost yet. But it is a possiblity. Either way I will post my next build late August.
  3. Dutch Thriceman

    Phase 3 Discussion

    I've been given this tracking number, but my local postal service says it doesn't exist: RA830878880TW not sure if there is any other site to track it.
  4. Dutch Thriceman


    Looks like a superhero Villain, very cool!
  5. Dutch Thriceman

    Phase 3 Discussion

    For those who order from minifigcat, how long does it ussually take for your order to arrive? It's been 3 weeks now and I haven't received yet. edit* and their tracking number doesn't work incase anybody is wondering.
  6. Dutch Thriceman

    [GBW] - Side - Plighia - Ms. Cyborg

    Miss Romanov hmm, why is the villainous PSIC arresting innocent civilians, inquiries must be made! The room design is well done Parm, but I would have liked to see some tiles instead of studs for flooring. Perhaps you could've experimented with a carpet pattern in the room?
  7. Dutch Thriceman

    [GBW] - Side - BANDAUD - The Bet

    Haha I haven't seen soldiers pass the time with RC cars on a race track before, very creative though, as always great work on all the detailing.
  8. Dutch Thriceman

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    When I was a TFOL I sorted by colour not by parts. I kept the colours in big bins. Now I keep a lot of the small sized parts sorted on type not colour and it is indeed much easier. Rather have a bin full of jumper plates and quickly spot the right colour, then dig through a bin of black bricks looking for that one black jumper plate.
  9. Dutch Thriceman


    Yes I was reading / viewing a lot of SCP content while joining GBW at the time. My squad has recently changed to the 'Black Ram' PMC though.
  10. Dutch Thriceman

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    "Hmm processing, you do have a point friend Yissam♥ perhaps this unit does need a makeover." Yissam♥ successfully convinced Bers he needs a makeover.
  11. Dutch Thriceman

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    Bers now just has a genuienly utterly confused expression on his faceplate. "Friend.. Yissam♥, I do not see how colour schemes will increase this unit's combat effectiveness!? And my E.Ψ.Ǝ - light output is a variable depending on operational status." For some reason, despite approaching and trying to make friends with every other entity in the hall Bers seems to ignore the latest arrival.
  12. Dutch Thriceman

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    Either actually completely oblivious to what is going on, or perhaps only acting completely oblivious, Bers approaches Yissam as he has already done every other individual in the hall. Despite being mostly ignored or scoffed at. "Greetings new friend, this unit is B-3-R-5 - 3rk, but friends call me Bers! Yissam was it. ... I see, signing up for the same mission. Welcome!"
  13. Dutch Thriceman

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Hey it works now! Cool character
  14. Dutch Thriceman

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    @CMP Your image is looking like this for me: Not sure if it's just me. Same with the signature and signup post.
  15. Dutch Thriceman

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Haha, I was born in a flat and only ever moved when I was 4 with my parents to a terraced house. But the horror stories I have heard