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    Commander, the following intel is classified, we request that you only share this with officers with appropriate clearance. Our spies have acquired and sent us the following image with attached message: To whom it may concern, the Peoples Republic of Koszmar might sound familiar. Their military (the Koszmar Republic Army) was listed as the worlds worst military the past 7 years in a row and deemed non-threatening by PSIC officials. In order to boost moral and improve their public image, Koszmar established K.R.A.S.O.D. or the Koszmar Republic Army Special Operations Division. This 'KRASOD' was ment to, with funding of the KLR, become a fierce special-ops fighting force ment to rival that of both PSIC and KLR's best. This proved to be a most challenging task for the small and impoverished republic however. After all as the famous KLR saying goes, 'the best of the worst, is still terrible' (rough translation). The picture is a groupshot of KRASOD's first and currently only known (technically unknown, this is classified after all) fireteam, aptly designated Wraith-1 'Village Idiots'. From left to right: - Oleg 'Tankman' Vdovenko, according to our sources Oleg was a former Koszmar civilian construction worker, we genuinely have no clue what this man is doing here. - Mayk 'The Cowboy' Yudman, the only actual soldier and an actual Special Forces member at that, mr Yudman is an import sent by high ranking KLR officials, now you may ask 'because he is such a good soldier, to support Koszmar?' No, mr Yudman is considered a loose cannon, we suspect KLR just wanted to get rid of Yudman as he was more trouble then he was worth. - Sasha 'Pitbull' Silantyev (Sigfig), mr Silantyev is a former mobster enforcer from the Koszmar underworld, he's also according to our sources been designated the squad leader. This should say enough about Koszmar and KRASOD professionalism and competence. - Lola 'Ubiytsa' Obolenskaya, miss Obolenskaya is also part of the Koszmar underworld, a mafia hitman, or should we say hitwoman? Used to seducing her marks, after getting visibly scarred she had to find a new profession. The only advantage for KRASOD, they have been granted some of the latest in gear and weaponry developed by the KLR (probably since they only had to supply a single fireteam anyway); In conclusion, we still deem Koszmar to be an insignificant player on the board. The KRASOD is a literal joke, with only a single fireteam established, with only a single actual soldier in it. The best of the worst indeed. ____ Wew, finally finished my character intro and sigfig / sigteam haha. I hope this is acceptable conform GBW rules and standards. edit* edited some spelling mistakes.
  3. Dutch Thriceman

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Thanks for the clarification, hmm I am now on the fence, perhaps I will join KLR instead then.
  4. Dutch Thriceman

    Phase 3 Discussion

    So I guess I'll post this here, after checking out the factions it's clear to me that the Brotherhood of Soalon is probably an unappealing faction to a lot of people, which does make them kind of interesting to play to me haha but I was wondering why the Brotherhood can't control a few countries of it's own I think it would help a bit in making them more interesting to join... or does the Brotherhood have an entirely different dynamic then PSIC and KLR in the game? I think that in-universe it's not unreasonable for BS (maybe TBOS is a better abreviation as well, I keep thinking Bullsh*t) to have a handfull of middle eastern countries in their pocket, through their criminal, blood money fortunes and alliances/support from big oil moguls or some such? (edit* Even if it's all unofficial and shadowy... they are baddies after all) Please let me know your thoughts? Again I'm fine with whatever gets decided.
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    edit* standby.
  6. Dutch Thriceman

    Dieselpunk Tatra T5 Tram

    It looks great, I'd love to buy one if it were a set!
  7. Dutch Thriceman

    Kerberos Gepanzerter Jägers

  8. Dutch Thriceman

    Character introduction, The Biker

    Thank you, I was a bit sad with the blurriness to be honest, I did discover a HDR setting on my phones camera which drastically improves my photo quality but only after I had broken down the photo-setup and the MOC. I will be using that from here on out though.
  9. Dutch Thriceman

    Kerberos Gepanzerter Jägers

    Lore: The original Mark 1 Kerberos Panzer was developed by the Saxonian Empire for soldiers to safely get across trenches during the Great War. Afterwards the improved Mark 2 armor was put to use in the special police anti-terrorist unit Kerberos. These Kerberos units are mainly deployed in the annexed countries, to supress any acts of rebellion against Saxony. A terryfing sight to those who oppose the Empire, a beloved symbol of order and protection to all Saxonians. The armored trooper is nearly invulnerable to small arms fire and some lucky troops have even reported to survive direct-contact explosions. - So as a side project to post-apoc mocs I've been wanting to do some miniature style army building, and as a huge fan of Dieselpunk / Alternate History I figured it'd make an awesome subject to do some Lego army building in. This is the first faction, the Saxonian Empire, a nod to the excellent 1920 universe by artist Jakub Rozalski. I will hopefully finish my first Mech soon (I just need to work on the legs at the moment and pick up a couple of pieces to make a base / display for it). So that'll be the next thing to get posted. Army units: - 3 Gepanzerter Jägers - 1 Saxonian Feldwebel
  10. Dutch Thriceman

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Haha rad bro, really nice to see how Lego has evolved from then to now.
  11. Dutch Thriceman

    Character introduction, The Biker

    Thank you, hmm yes the Bikers face is obscured on purpose, the 2 highwaymen just fell victim to the angle, I could've taken a picture from behind the Biker looking at the highwaymen and I didn't consider that so I definitely will try to keep that in mind for my next build.
  12. 20XX: Children of the Apocalypse The Biker Oh man, it's been a while since I posted anything, I have a bunch of W.I.P. projects on their way as well as some projects that I've been itching to build but I don't have the parts for yet. Do you have a case of déjà vu? There is this philosophy that if you keep making the same *insert something here* (vase, painting, etc.) over and over you will eventually reach perfection. The truth is I was not satisfied with my 20XX CotA universe teaser MOC. I originally intended to start the series off with an entirely different MOC* instead of retreading similar ground, but having just gotten back into Lego the things I had in my mind are currently not possible until my parts library has grown. I am curious to hear what you think, did I improve? Critique and suggestions are always appreciated. More pics in my Flickr feed which you can find by clicking on the pic's here. (* which would still have introduced the Biker.)
  13. Dutch Thriceman

    MOC ninjago the movie LLOYD mecha

    Thank you for showing Lego how they should be doing their mechs!
  14. Dutch Thriceman

    [MOC] Morspoort (city gate)

    It looks very Dutch indeed, I especially like the use of the Friends (sticker) tile, even that (Stephanie) vibes very Dutch haha