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Found 37 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have been in contact with a few fellow eurobrickers and some of them have wanted a truck topic where we can all share different designs for our trucks and trailers. These designs could also include maybe some clever and effecient suggestions to show others how you made your amazing MOC! All forms of trucks are accepted tow trucks to mighty expedition trucks! Post your truck, or gain inspiration from others! For starters I will share mine: A sporty flatbed truck!
  2. Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions) This is alternative model for Lego Technic 42137 Formula E - Porsche 99X Electric. This robust pull back buggy is made for aggressive terrain, as well "aggressive" child play. It has detailed interior with that thing which allows you to control direction of the movement, and that stick which helps you go faster or slower. Also, it has comfortable sits for driver and that man who is holding the map and saying left, right, left. etc. The model has next Technic functions: pull back engine connected with rear wheels Overall, those functions give capability to move these models with enormous speed in lego world WITHOUT YOUR INVOLVMENT! This robust model has passed many children quality tests and proved they great playability. If you interested in building this advanced model by yourself, you can get building instructions download links in description when you click on pictures or video, or below the images (if they will not be deleted by admins :-) ). Images: Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Direct Free Download link for Building Instructions:
  3. paupadros

    [MOC] Florentine Palazzo

    Fine dine and get some pictures taken at the Florentine Palazzo! How am I so bad at keeping myself promises. Last time out, with the release of Octan Avenue, I thought that a full year between modulars was long enough. Well... this one took two years . Anyway, I think it was worth the wait. The Florentine Palazzo is my twelfth modular building and my fourth corner modular. Free Instructions for this model available at Rebrickable! This model went through a gigantic number of changes. It started as two separate projects that I joined into one. On one side, I had project code name "Worcester" (yes, I give my projects code names ), a new modular building on two 16x32 baseplates (à la Pet Shop or Bookshop) with a distinctly English architecture. Base inspiration was this pair of building in the town of (you guessed it) Worcester. I still might pick up this idea sometime, but it wasn't quite working out then. The other project was a redesign of my second modular, the Italian Villa (my first EB topic I believe) to make instructions. My techniques then were not the most elaborate and the builds weren't exactly designed for stability. Upgrading the Italian Villa would have meant a whole lot of changes probably, so I scrapped that too. But then I thought about doing a brand new modular in a similar vein, which is the Florentine Palazzo! Since it was going to get instructions, I thought about what I really would like to have in modular town. A companion to the Parisian Restaurant came to mind immediately. None of the subsequent buildings match its elegance in shapes and overall refined look. In terms of overall size and details, I tried to get close to the restaurant's greatness. As of late, I prefer looking at drawings rather than real buildings for inspiration. They leave more to the imagination and make me feel less like a plageriser. Anyway, the main inspiration for the palazzo was a building in the Alsatian town of Colmar (drawing · real building). It is not really a building that through one of my usual Google Maps trips I would pick out as inspiration, but the drawing made the creative juices start flowing. Initially, I tried to recreate the building faithfully, but I soon found that joining the upper "towers" closer together made for a more cohesive and interesting façade, so I went down that route. These days I rarely do a full 32x32 baseplate as a single building and the space next to the staircase led perfectly to a completely different kind of architecture next door. One of the styles of architecture that I had been wanting to put in modular form for a while is the architecture of Malta. To me it just feels like the architecture one would find in Sicily but with delightfully colourful timber balconies dotted about to give it interest. As some of you may know, restrain in colour choices really isn't my thing ( *cough *cough Baseplate Alley anyone? ) so this was an interesting exercise in exactly that. Anyway, I had so much fun "carving" details in the plain tan façade to the point that I might prefer this bit over the entire model. I particularly like how the façade keeps sloping back as it goes up. The buuilding was inspired by the Palazzo Ferreria in Valetta. ================== Interiors: Interiors have never been my biggest strength and probably will never be at this rate. Still, I've tried my best to make them quite interesting. Have I succeeded? Hopefully 1. Ground floor: Initially, I wanted to build a post office, but before doing any of the interiors, I showed the building to a friend of mine and he told me something along the lines of "Are you crazy? You should definitely be building a restaurant there!". To be fair, it does look like a prime spot for a restaurant, plus it matches the Parisian Restaurant, so restaurant it was. On top of that, the alleyway I had built under the Maltese house could theoretically be used for bringing stock to the restaurant, so that too makes sense. I think it turned out rather nice honestly. 2. Middle floor: Part of the problem of doing the exterior before the interior is that sometimes one has to mould the interior concept to what is already there. Ideally, the restaurant would have taken up two floors, but the exterior stairs with the fountain underneath was way too cute to remove. And having waiters go up and down exterior stairs didn't quite feel right. That's when the idea of a photography studio came, mostly because there was a dark room on the attic which would be pretty much be perfect for a developing room. The middle floor includes the cameras on sale plus a studio for studio portraiture. 3. Attic: The developing room was fun to build. An enlarger, three trays for developer, stop and fixer mixtures, a cupboard full of chemicals and a sink. I also had a photo drying string, but, honestly, Studio (where I make the instructions) is so crap at dealing with flexible parts that I deleted it after much frustration ================== To see everything that I haven’t been able to explain in words, feel free to take a look at the model yourselves, many of the “how was this/that made” are visible! 3D MODEL And, of course, the free instructions that you can use to build this model for yourselves! FREE INSTRUCTIONS =================== Thanks for reading through and hope you like the model!
  4. Hello, I've just been doing some cleaning and found 4 of these posters for a Turtle Insanity competition that was run on Eurobricks back in 2014 and was wondering if anybody wanted them. Unfortunately when they were originally sent to me the poster tube was damaged and they all have damage to the poster (see 2nd picture) I'm in the UK and happy to send them worldwide for just postage cost. (in the UK in their original poster tube that would be £4.35, US it would be $10). I only have the one tube, so I would have to send all 4 to the same person, Unless someone is happy for me to fold the posters and send in envelopes (they are likely to get crease damage, but postage cost would be less) Each poster is 600mm x 440mm Comment below if you are interested and I will message you Thanks
  5. Binoculars (42120 Alternative Build) Free PDF Instructions: Lego Technic MOC - Binoculars (42120 Alternative Build) - Free PDF Instructions by makushima
  6. The Bat Free Building Instructions: Lego Technic MOC - The Bat (Free Building Instructions) by makushima
  7. Lego Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy 70827 Alternative Build - Young Dragon (Free Building Instructions) Free Building Instructions: Lego Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy 70827 MOC - Young Dragon - Alternative Build (Free Building Instructions) Lego Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy 70827 MOC - Young Dragon - Alternative Build (Free Building Instructions)
  8. Small Euro Truck - 42102 Mini CLAAS XERION Alternative Build Building Instructions: Lego Mini CLAAS XERION 42102 Alternative Build - MOC - Small Euro Truck (Building Instructions)
  9. Windmill - 42102 Mini CLAAS XERION Alternative Build Free Building Instructions: Lego Mini CLAAS XERION 42102 Alternative Build - MOC - Windmill (Free Building Instructions) by makushima
  10. Ernesto "Che" Guevara de la Serna Mosaic Building Instructions: Lego Art MOC - Che Guevara Mosaic (Building Instructions) Lego Art MOC - Che Guevara Mosaic (Building Instructions)
  11. On Tuesday October 15, a free GBC workshop is organized for children in the age of 7 to 14 years old. The workshop is organized by Sioux Technologies to promote science and technique for the next generation. Location is Esp 101, Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Two of the models of Philip Verbeek (PV productions) will be used in the workshop. Philip himself will be there as well as trainer. More information can be found here: (please note that the workshop will be available in Dutch only, so is the information at the Sioux website).
  12. Hi this is my first forum so I don’t really know how to make one but can someone give me a link where I can get the instructions for free??
  13. Hello Everyone ! Long story short : After i watched Lego Batman the movie i wanted to see if the robe was real or only virtual. It was only virtual. So i decided i was going to make it real. Here is the preview of the file opened in Inkscape : Result once on the minifigure : Progress from the prototype to the last version : And here is the PNG file to print in A4 format : It took some time and work to do, so i hope you will apreciate and enjoy it. Remember that it was not possible to have Batman's robe before i do it and post it online. Don't cut your fingers and have fun with it ! (tags: LEGO Batman the movie , LEGO robe de chambre , batman , fanmade , paper robe , printable robe for LEGO minifigure , non official )
  14. Issue 026 of HispaBrick Magazine® — the free magazine made by and for fans of LEGO constructions — is now available. In this issue you will find a lot of the information we obtained from several LEGO departments thanks to the LEGO Fan Media Days, interviews to brick artists Sean Kenney and Chris McVeigh, author of The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book. In our TopMoc section we have a look at Steampunk constructions. You will also learn about the Polish RLUG and we have a couple of articles on our presence at events like the Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend. Of course we have our usual tutorials on WeDo and MILS and we analyse some of the latest LEGO sets like the Caterham Seven 620R, the Yellow Submarine and the Winter Holiday Train. The HispaBrick Magazine team would like to take this opportunity to wish you a merry holiday season and we hope you enjoy this issue
  15. We have been working on a software to design and automate LEGO train and monorail layouts. The first BETA version of nControl is out and can be downloaded for free from the 4DBrix site. It has a track planner for train and monorail layouts and has the first elements of the automation simulation: track switches, traffic lights and sound effects. We also have 2 YouTube videos to get you started. Download link: Getting started videos: Let us know what you think; any feedback, suggestions or ideas for additional features are welcome! Lowa
  16. The Steward

    A fiery Bandit (Free Build)

    Okay first off, this is my first Free Build, my first build for Historica period. So it might not be amazing but I don't think it's terrible. Constructive Criticism is appreciated. It features my character Dorshov the wizard, And yeah, on to the story: The wind rustled through the trees in one of the dense forests in Nocturnus. Step step clack, step step clack. The rhythmic sounds of foot steps and a walking stick echoed through the trees. An old man rounded the bend and started for the small bridge that spanned the small gorge cut by the creek that it surrounded. Ahead of him, on the opposite bank hidden behind a tree was a lone bandit. From his hiding place, he stared covetously at the large red jewel at the tip of the old mans walking stick. . As the old man stepped onto the bridge the bandit leapt out from his hiding place and charged forward! The old man (Dorshov), raised his staff and cried out a guttural word. And fire blasted from his staff, and the bandit screamed as he was consumed by fire.As the bandit crumbled to ash, Dorshov resumed his journey leaving the a mound of ash and a sword behind... finis (that's Latin for finish or end) As I said already compliments and criticism is welcome, thank you for taking the time to look at this. As requested I have added pictures of the entire build.
  17. Over the last couple of days I've found a few pieces of Lego on my travels, and I thought it might be interesting to see what others have happened upon over their time. In the park two or three days back I happened upon a dark red 2x2x2 cone (3942c) with a grey flick missile shaft (61184) stuck through it. Then today in a parking lot I found an Elves hair piece, the light blue/darker blue one? (19201pb01). I brought them all home and washed them up; they had obviously lived in those places a while. None of them are damaged (a few tiny scuffs on the cone, and some paint wear on the hair), but they were all quite dirty! So what about everyone else? Any interesting Lego finds in your travels?
  18. I experimented with some new techniques in this build: the water, the snow, and the trees. The water and trees original designs are by Buurli_Burri and Brother Steven. The snow design is new as far as I know, basically you use white tiles set on top of dark bley slopes. To keep the tiles from falling off you build around them a bit with other slopes/bricks etc. The pictures should show what I mean. A Mitgardian Clansmen goes spear fishing in the snowy Clanlands. Any C&C appreciated
  19. soccerkid6

    Forngord Castle

    My last free build for chapter 1 of Historica. My little brother helped me a bit with this, and it is our largest build (footprint wise anyway ) yet. There is a full interior to the castle, and quite a few of the doors/trapdoors work. Joktan, Jayan, Erastus, Dedan, and Kenan, along with the Hradcanny dwarves are attacking Forngord Castle. The castle, located in southern Mitgardia, has been long abandoned, but recently the Hand of Corruption has taken residence there: Quite a few more pics here: link I think this is either my favorite or second favorite build, tied with my Fortress of Cameria build. Any C&C appreciated, the first chapter of GoH has been awesome and here's to an even better second chapter!
  20. soccerkid6

    Gimcrack the Inventor (7)

    While in Valholl, Glorfindel visits an old friend, Gimcrack the dwarven inventor: Interior: Gimcrack himself: Previous build: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81863 Next build: All C&C appreciated
  21. soccerkid6

    The Owl (9)

    After having met with Steen and Elon, Glorfindel arranges a meeting with Joktan so they can work together against the hand and for Mitgardia. Their meeting place, the statue of the owl. Owls are considered a protector of Mitgardia, and this statue honors their service: Previous build: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81865 Next build: All C&C appreciated
  22. soccerkid6

    Tournament in Valholl

    Before Revolword came to power, and even before the search for the crystals, a great tournament was held in Valholl. People came from far and wide to participate or just watch. Here Glorfindel jousts another Mitgardian knight: I tried to include as many sigs as possible, so you might just find yourself I wish I could have included more, but some of you I just don't have the pieces to even make a recognizable version All C&C welcome
  23. soccerkid6

    Moorue Bridge

    Rockwork inspired by ZC and kabel The Moorue bridge spans the Moorue river, it is currently controlled by The Hand of Corruption. Joktan and Jayan are sneaking supplies to a family of refugees: All C&C welcome
  24. Erastus and Kenan just set fire to this Hand outpost: Interior: Previous build: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81867 Next build: All C&C appreciated
  25. soccerkid6

    Rescue (5)

    The Hand of Corruption took Dedan, Jayan, and the others to one of their fortresses. When Joktan, Erastus, and Kenan, found out they were to determined to rescue them: Interior of fortress: Dungeon: Previous build: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81861 Next build: All C&C appreciated