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Found 16 results

  1. _TLG_

    [MOC] Gothic Cathedral

    Hello modular building and City fans, This modular Gothic Cathedral was my entry to Bricklink Designer Program Series 1. I have received many kind comments and support, but unfortunately it has not been selected, therefore I decided to make the instructions available here: Kit is available here: It is not actually based on a real building, but it contains many typical details: lancet arches, double lancet arch windows, a ridge turret, flying buttresses, portals with series of receding planes, rose windows etc., and there is a matching street lamp too. The roof assembly can be removed as one piece and in this case the internal details are visible: there is an altar with a cross, a candle holder, a church tabernacle, a brick built bible, there are benches, an organ, a holy water stoup etc.. The middle door on the facade and the side doors open outward, and work perfectly, the side doors on the facade open inward and they can be opened if the door handle pieces (the taps) are removed, but it is not se easy to close them in this case. It is a studless build, the unnecessary studs are hidden by tiles. When I started the design, the first version included appr. 4600 parts, so I had to optimized and simplified it a bit, but I am still really satisfied with the result. For example it could be very nice if there was trans color plates in the holes of the window fences, but it would mean too much additional parts (and I am also not sure if it is a legal technique). The building instructions guidelines have been followed. It is built from the palette "BDP Series 1", so there are some color and part restrictions. The part 15744 could be awesome as rose window on the facade, but unfortunately it is not available in black or light bluish gray. However, the technic gear 40 tooth works too. The bells could be pearl gold or something similar, but the best available option is the black which is ok. I hope you like my design, I appreciate any feedback. Thanks for visiting, _TLG_ Gothic Cathedral 01 by László Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 02 by László Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 03 by László Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 04 by László Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 05 by László Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 06 by László Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 07 by László Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 08 by László Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 09 by László Torma, on Flickr
  2. Stoertebricker

    [MOC] El Puerto de Cartagena (Anno 1585)

    Ay seamates! I got some new fotos but had problems with the background due to size, hope you will enjoy anyway: Bienvenidos a Cartagena! Lower your anchor, take a bottle of rum and relax from your adventurous voyage through the caribbean sea! Puerto de Cartagena by Captain Störtebricker The harbour should reasamble the harbour of Cartagena de Indias which intense impression has burned into my mindn after a visit there. The city was one of the first foundations made by the spanish and became one of the connection point for the gold and silver routes. The fortifications of the city have been raided several times until they have been build as strong that no one could conquer them again. In 1585 the famous pirate Sir Francis Drake did so and conquered and looted the city. In the same year the main cathedral was finished, too. So I hope you can see what brought me to this idea. The harbour consists of 3 parts (by now...): El castillo: The fort on the hill could welcome you with a big volley so be sure that you are coming in on a frienndly mission. It is situated on a rock with a cave underneath to hide some stuff you dont want to bring into the harbour. For pirates a skeleton shows then how they will be threated. The main tower is already been demolished and now converted to a small barrack. In front of the dorr there is a trap door throwing you into the cave. The fortress should be way bigger but for me it works as representing the first corner of the main fort. The doors lead you into the city... The colonial warehouse: With the warhouse I tried to reassamble the famous colonia architecture. I features a fishing gear shop and a warehouse whti a big balcony. From there you can have a nice view on the main square in front of the cathedral... The cathedral: The main cathedral looks like a fortification but due to the rich inhabitants it has nice stained glass windows. But these inhabitants do not belive very much in god but more in gold so the altar is filled up with all the treasures stolen from the surrounding natives all around the caribbean. So come in and take a closer look! The cathedrals has detachable roofs and can be accessed by minfigs on all levels. Besides the cathedral there is right now the tavern from POTC but it can easily be removed to continue the pier to expand the harbour... (which I hope I can do!) All in all I hope you enjoyed your stay and be ready to set sail for your next adventour! - Captain Störtebricker (More fotos: Flickr Album Puerto de Cartagena )
  3. A microscale MOC of one of the most famous symbols of the town of Novi Sad, Serbia. The Name of Mary Church is often referred to as a "cathedral" by the locals despite it being a church in reality. The piece which set the tone was the white hub cap and everything else was done to scale with that. It took me about a week to build it. A picture of the real thing: Lego Microscale Name of Mary Church (Crkva imena Marijinog) by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Microscale Name of Mary Church (Crkva imena Marijinog) by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Microscale Name of Mary Church (Crkva imena Marijinog) by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Microscale Name of Mary Church (Crkva imena Marijinog) by legomanijak, on Flickr
  4. Quinnsville Cathedral For far to long the ever growing city of Quinnsville has been without a compass for religious direction. Since it's founding by Sir Smaugton, it has been riddled with gambling hubs and places of debauchery. Furthermore, Oleon's Order of the Faith has seen rapid expansion as far east as Mesabi Landing and possibly even further under the guidance of Canon Francois. The more relaxed values of the Faith that belong to The Church of Corrington however, can not be soon forgotten. The religious structure set up by generations before will not soon be forgotten in Quinnsville with the completed construction of a brand new Royal Cathedral within the city limits. 4.1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The new cathedral will serve many functions in the city aside from a religious hub. It will be a place for the locals to gather and socialize with one another and a safe haven to congregate in the event of a raid as the church was built far enough away from the water as to be out of cannon range. 4.3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Mayor Brickford and his wife are in attendance for the first mass in the Cathedral. He is very grateful for the bishop and his priests coming all the way from the Corrington mainland in order to make this new endeavor in a success in the isles. 4.4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With the high vaulted ceilings the beautiful and ornate organ will certainly be the talking point of every week. With the doors to the building open, you can almost hear the breathtaking notes from the harbour on a slow day. You can most certainly hear the church bells every hour however, whether you want to or not! 4.5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Surely many more stupendous things are in store for Quinnsville's future! ---------------------------------------------------- At long last I have finally built a Royal property for Quinnsville so it can jump to the next level! I have gone through many of ideas and and started a lot of builds before deciding on building a Cathedral. Several reasons were considered when building this. Beside the couple of obvious ones to boost Quinnsville, not much has been written on the religions of many of the nations in BoBs. Mostly with good reason, but as Corrington is a England type country, a well structured church organization is something I feel is in order, so I took some license to do so. Now on to technical stuff! I intend to license this as a Royal Arts & Culture build upon approval from leadership. The Cathedral consists of approx. 14.5k bricks and has a baseplate footprint of 13,824 studs, so it most certainly surpasses the 10k stud minimum. It does feature an interior with pews and an organ. The way I created the stained glass windows does however prevent me from doing a top down interior render. For top down viewing of the whole build though, please check the spoiler below. C&c are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!
  5. WP_20160817_007 WP_20160817_003 WP_20160817_022 WP_20160817_023 WP_20160817_037 WP_20160817_049 WP_20160817_060 WP_20160817_062 Hi all :) Here is a project we completed in 2016, the Cathedral of our own town in the northern part of Italy. Nowadays, we're working on the adjacent square, with the goal to complete it in a few years. We will be posting updates very soon. As for the MOC itself, we chose a 1:75 scale, so that it could be populated with minifigs, without being too huge and expensive. The Cathedral consists of about 9600 bricks. Some techniques were inspired by others' works, while some were developed for the purpose of maintaining the most possible similarity to the real Cathedral. Hope you will enjoy! Every suggestion is welcome! FBros
  6. After two middle age gothic cathedrals (Notre Dame de Paris and Notre Dame de Strasbourg), I present you a more modern one : the world famous Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia designed by the brasilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr The real building : Some other pictures : Top view : The top view of the real cathedral (taken from google maps): Enjoy
  7. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Bat-God
  8. ArchitectureFan

    Cathedral Saint Christiansen

    Hello out there! I would like to present to you a recent creation of mine: The Cathedral Saint Christiansen: It has an interior too: Some tombstones: The MOC is quite modular: And one side was left open: The famous organ: Thanks for watching - comments are welcome.
  9. This is Cathedral. A board game. A long time ago I made a Lego version. Then lately I wondered if I could do it at minifig scale and started building. I haven't nearly completed a full set yet, but I've developed a standard that others might like. 
 This is the basic unit. Baseplate brick and plate, just like the MILS standard. Technic connectors. Then four studs of tiles and jumpers around the outside. I've filled the middle of this one in with more tiles to make a open area. 
 This one has a building added. You can see it is four studs from the edge at the base, but overhangs more as it goes up. Although never outside the footprint of the baseplate. 
 Here is a pair of houses taking up all the space on module. 
 Modules don't have to be rectangles. This inn is on a corner. Of course, the buildings don't have to be connected, here is a pair of houses with a watchtower on one side and a square on the other. The barracks is the biggest building I have so far. I've aimed for solid buildings with no interiors. When set up for a display the emphasis is on the street life and the city as a whole. The modules should be easy enough for anyone to add to make a combined display and can be any size or shape as long as the sides conform to the standard. It makes for a flatish city with narrow streets not big enough for carts, but that's an ok look I think. I've added a whole bunch of street level shots of a display with figs to the Flickr. Click through any of the photos to see.
  10. Hey it's me, Pau Padrós, you may know me from my Ideas account: Anyway, I'd like you to be completely honest with what you think. Please don't hesitate to comment. La Sagrada Familia This is the recreation of the worldwide famous cathedral located in Barcelona. It is by far the most complex build I've ever done, and also the one which ended up looking the best. Unlike many other sets Lego does, this is a 360° display piece, which means that it can be viewed from all four sides and it still looks magnifiscent. The beautiful cathedral standing 57 cm (22"). This shows the cathedral on its Facade of Birth. Facts: 57 cm tall 9016 pieces 7699 tan pieces 856 tan tooth pieces 144 tan column pieces 120 tan "Lego Games" microfigures An extra shot: The Sagrada Familia as the centerpiece of a layout (along with some of my own modulars ) This is a never-seen-before creation, and I'm happy to show it to the wonderful people of Eurobricks, as the Ideas people rejected such creation. Well, they lose the chance, don't they?
  11. soccerkid6

    Land of Rauor: City

    This is the second of 4 micros I built as prizes for the Guild Creation category of the Summer Joust. This particular model was focused on a city of Rauor. You can see the first build, here. Rauor is just a fictional land I made up, and tried to develop the culture and setting of with these 4 micro builds, the rest of which will be posted soon. Comments always appreciated
  12. jaapxaap

    The Crystal Cathedral

    Hey all! I've just finished my first microbuild, and i'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I hope you enjoy it too.... C&C always welcome! jaapxaap
  13. moctown

    [MOC] In nomine patris

    Hey everybody, today I'm comin' up with my latest creation, which is equally my second moc of a church. My 1st one was built in 2013 and it was designed as a mini modular. This one is much bigger, but it's also executed in microscale: You may find some similarities to any real examples of archtecture, but there is no original one for it - it's a freestyle model. The model consists of round about 3.500 pieces and overall it took me around 9 months to get it complete. In this case I could'nt resist, doing a little photo editing, to get an old-styled look ... ... and when it's getting dark, I turn on the interior light : That's it for now. So, feel free to leave any comment and tell me, what you think about it! Thx & so long, Jens
  14. Hey, all. It's been a while. I moved during the summer and my Lego collection sat in a cupboard for a while, so I only just got the bug again. After a Technic scale futuristic jet plane last year, I decided on a more 'traditional' architecture-related project this time around. It's early days but I'm doing a minifig scale medieval cathedral in the European gothic style. My main source of inspiration is the Kolner Dom in Cologne but for obvious reasons I'm having to make a few compromises - even at minifig scale, it would be physically too large to fit in my living room! I hit on the idea of doing it in a 'modular' fashion: minifig scale, with more detail than the commercially-produced Castle-era Lego sets but still smaller and made in sections. I reckon it'll be around a third of the size of, say, Notre Dame or Cologne from a minifig's point of view. Photos so far are on Google Plus...I'll add them to Flickr or something when each phase is completed. So far I've worked out the general floor plan, the cross-section shape of the nave and side aisles and the general shape of the buttresses outside. Apologies if any of the technical terms go over you head - I've had to give myself a crash course in architecture and engineering! The question I have right now is about the side-aisles (Re: the cross-section pic below). Church buildings of that era have a big span across the tall central area, but in the larger ones the lower side aisles are each divided into pairs of arches like this. I'm currently working to a simpler design with the side aisles made up of just one arch each, so I'm torn between a more conventional 'three arches' layout that's easier to build, or a more complicated arrangement of five, as in Cologne or Notre Dame. It's something I need to decide before going any further. Thoughts? Advice? Is this thread even in the right forum?? Anyhow, it's good to be back and feeling inspired to build something again!
  15. -Carson Haupt-

    A Marriage for the History Books

    Before his death in the Mystic Isles, Cassius's advisor, Alfred, had taken on the duties of a father and had begun looking for a suitable match for his young duke. His death, however, hindered him from ever finishing his search. When Alfred's body was retrieved from the swamplands to receive a proper burial, there was also found in the tower several sheafs of paper, one of which had a list of potential suitors inscribed on it. Acting on this list, Cassius began to search for a woman to marry. After pursuing many leads that led to unsuitable (sometimes bearded in the case of the northern neighbors) people, he eventually met the one for him in a small, yet politically important Kaliphlinian city. Her name was Kathryn, of the House of Belloc. After being engaged for some time, the two were finally joined in matrimony in the Great Cathedral in Burnby. And thus begins a new chapter of the history of Burnby, now under the rule of not just a Duke, but now also a Duchess. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wow, it been a while since I've posted something here! This has actually been built since, like, March maybe, but I've just now gotten around to posting it. Sorry for the hiatus, but I should be back regularly now!
  16. soccerkid6

    CCCX-Gothic Cathedral

    I made this for the CCCX architectural detail category, it's a section of a Gothic cathedral. More pics here: Any C&C welcome