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  1. The yellow timing switches blocked against each other sometimes messing up all the timing. Been busy with it half a year and got it working but when trying to fine tune it for events with error on error I entirely lost my cool and threw it on the floor. The End :)
  2. Berthil

    GBC General Discussion

    @dunes nice work! I'm converting the Robot Dreams of JK Brickworks to a 'framed' machine for easy transporting but also has a lot less parts (pins not counted). Digital design ready and waiting for parts to start building and testing. Instructions will be available for free when finished.
  3. Not anymore. Didn't get a lot of response on it and had trouble getting it reliable enough for events although it was looking promising. I don't want to create instructions for something that isn't reliable. In fact, I've already taken the module apart, took me two nights :) All that remains is the video.
  4. Berthil

    Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular

    @JLA at the right all parts lists are available for having Central Perk (abbreviation CP) and/or Bing Bang Theory (abbreviation BBT) or having none. I'm planning on doing so. And also split the modular parts lists in a 'per floor' availability of original set and not the whole building.
  5. Berthil

    Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular

    All parts lists are on Rebrickable (link in the first post) as downloadable Bricklink list or plain parts list with pictures.
  6. Here is my version of the Container Transporter with detachable gearbox:
  7. I know we have GBC collection topics but wanted to create this topic on its own to highlight the gearbox I created. A NXT and 3 motors replaced by a mechanical gearbox and one motor in this GBC. 8 phases with 3 drive lines and 4 different speeds all in one separate and detachable gearbox.
  8. Berthil

    [MOC] 854 Go-Kart Tribute

    And a video of the Go-Kart:
  9. Berthil

    [MOC] 854 Go-Kart Tribute

    Model has been build. First topic updated with link to free instructions on Rebrickable:
  10. Berthil

    [MOC] 854 Go-Kart Tribute

    Still waiting for the TLG B&P delivery to build the remake with real bricks and publish free instructions. First B&P order got lost and meanwhile delivery is up to 8 weeks! But I managed to source the original 854 go-kart with almost all new bricks including the light gray parts. I think that's amazing for a more then 40 year old set!
  11. Berthil

    Tensegrity GBC

    @rskamen no update on the model, I only removed the reference to an Ideas submission I have deleted.
  12. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    I like the idea, it would certainly solve some problems the smaller original spiral lift has. But for optimal timing it needs to run on the same motor and that probably won't work. Who has build the ball factory may have noticed that even timing on the spiral lift is important. If the ball is released right at the moment the gateway to the two lifters is open it can cause problems. The spiral lift in my version runs well after I made the last changes. I'm more inclined to try and build a color sorter based on PoweredUp. My last attempt at an event failed with my first build of the V3. After that I made some changes. Aron has run it for two days on an event and said it has run without big problems. I can imagine some problems may occur but with the V3 it is unlikely the timing will go off and restoring timing is most time consuming. If events are possible again I will try again. This time I will be better prepared and also will have a module in front that can bypass the Ball Factory if needed so I expect it to be less stressful. The whole purpose of the redesign was to be able to run it at events and I'm not giving up yet :)
  13. Berthil

    [MOC] AH-64 Apache PF

    Great looking model! The name of the forum is 'Technic and Model Team', not only Technic!
  14. Berthil

    [MOC] Carpenter's Shop

    Nice building with good details. But probably better to build it first with real bricks before selling commercial instructions.
  15. Berthil

    [ MOC ] Modular LEGO Store!

    Nice building and good work but unfortunately that wooden atrocity is a pain for my eyes.