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  1. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    Prepping for LEGO World and ran it for a few hours. Decided to use 21 buckets (instead of 22) of have the second belt run faster. Also exchanged the 8L axle in the Bucket Shifter left/right drive arm for a 9L putting the yellow connector on 8,5 L for a bit more amplitude and other yellow connector on 5L axle on axle end. Also moved the 4L arm that pushes the Bucket onto Bob outwards on the shifter so Bob always gets a bucket as after longer running sometimes Bob did not get a bucket. I will adjust the instructions accordingly together with other changes if necessary. After LEGO World I will attempt to use my new Color Sorter in combination with the Ball factory to get a white and orange ball in the bucket as in V1 of Akiyuki but not sure how yet :)
  2. Berthil

    Union 72 Amsterdam tram/streetcar

    Thank you all! Would indeed be better but this is standard PoweredUp train motor at lowest speed and can't be geared down and no room for any other construction.
  3. May be this is a good staring point. Looks good and one can develop and attach more to it and make it as big as you want. There is also not a ton of bricks in there and can also be done with normal tracks instead of the narrow tracks. Programming is visual as you can see, no need for time consuming third party Raspberries etc. but multiple devices needed for programming.
  4. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    @9v system I didn't have that problem but moved 1 plate from the outer side grabber to the inner side grabber. May be you can move the plate back to the outer side and try again, some told me this was a solution for them. So bucket then gets grabbed 1 plate back.
  5. Build and free building instruction of the Union 72 Amsterdam tram/streetcar is ready, enjoy. Free building instructions and parts list: Please don't forget to support my LEGO Store on LEGO Ideas if you like it :)
  6. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    @rskamen I used the PDF instructions from Blakbird, didn't use the video.
  7. Berthil

    GBC Event Kit

    Basicly spares for essential components you have used in your modules including some plates to level out modules when tables are not even. And of course a ball picker.
  8. Berthil


    Nice build! From decoration and color I presume '21136 The Ocean Monument' was a donor set :)
  9. My version also uses trip arms but does not have a counterweight but an elastic band to move the trip arm back. An elastic band because of room restrictions and reliability improvement as sometimes trip arms with counterweight got stuck in my build.
  10. Berthil

    [GBC] Bling Color Sorter

    The Bling Color Sorter is up on LEGO Ideas in the 'Voice Controlled' contest. Would be nice if I can make it voice controlled with a new intelligent brick from LEGO :)
  11. @Innocity check if your train axles with 8t gears are really centered and as close as possible to the train without causing too much friction. From you description of the passing module it sounds like your axles are climbing up the liftarms guides at the side which cause the shakes. The train is really sensitive on this point. It is true there is not one solution, we all worked out solutions that works best for our own situation so there is not one 'single point of truth' building instruction.
  12. Berthil

    [GBC] Bling Color Sorter

    Thanks all! @shadow_elenter Ball entry is very reliable. The hoses for the way down are very tight together and sensitive, I will try to optimize them further before taking it a full week to LEGO World Utrecht.
  13. This LEGO Great Ball Contraption sorts balls on color but not by a computer. This means humans have to do it. To achieve this a Powerfunctions servo motor and remote control is used. Every color has its own path down including non-orange and non-white. This machine is 100% made of LEGO parts including steel counterweights.
  14. F1 cars don't have a suspension travel that is very big, it's not an off-road car. You can put a 4265c bushing in with the spring to stiffen it up. Or even two springs or two bushings depending on suspension geometry. RoscoPC does it all the time in his historic F1 models.