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  1. My version of the Rotary Dumper with integrated Elevator and the Doug Rotator :) (of course). I am worried about the reliability of the lift to run a whole week, I'll take the regular dumper with me as backup also. And my 'charging station' version of the Loader. We don't have a lot of room at LW. Soon I will have enough balls to run my own circuit on smaller events if I am the only one with a GBC. I plan to use two trains (or even three with two passover switches) to transport the balls back to the beginning of the GBC line if making a circle of GBCs is not possible.
  2. Nice compact layout Courbet! Haven't heard from you for a while and we now can see why :) Everything looks to be running very smooth (apart from the 1x2 brick below the containers which falls on the floor in the end of the video)
  3. That’s too large. Use the 3,2 mm hose of Modular in Germany. They also sell brass rods that fit inside so you make the bends. Otherwise making the bends is not possible as the tubes from modular are much harder that the original.
  4. @Frequenzberater I found the ditch is the main problem, it’s picking up too much speed. Akiyuki’s original version does not have it. Also take one ball in your hand and slide over the entire track and see if you feel obstructions if you used modified plates to connect tubes. I’ve rebuild it into my own version which is more reliable.
  5. He will be very happy with your collection when he comes out of his 'Dark Ages' :)
  6. It's all show, the green one just stands there being charged. I thought it would look better than just a train on a table being charged :) Input and output ten studs high and ten studs wide (with walls so leaving 8 studs for a container), 1 ball per second. That's it. Also named 'Ruby Goldberg', the first one to come up with this standard. One ball per second during a whole event is not really needed, there will always be waves of balls. Sometimes no balls come and than a wave. Thumb of rule is it should be possible to dump 30 balls in a GBC without problems.
  7. Looking good Doug. It will still be quite some work to integrate in the train circuit with a high enough input and output. Since I am now using rechargeable trains I thought I add an electric power station to the loader :) Ik wanted to use only parts that I already had as a challenge, no Bricklink orders. It shows I also like Modular buildings and it is completely different from the technical work done here but I hope you like it.
  8. @Ankoku, I've seen it, thanks. It shows it even works well on low speeds although it seems the inbox is not correctly build and at the end there is small pile-up because of the lower speed.
  9. Berthil

    All 8 Brickative Modulars

    I can wait, my fingers still hurt :)
  10. It doesn't need more power or torque if build well, but here is Sariel gear calculator including PF motor selection
  11. I like the new module but not the fact he is selling now. Of course it's up to him but it does not benefit GBC in general. Also to TLG he is now considered a commercial party, not just a GBC builder. And this module can be build just from the video, no instructions needed.
  12. I subscribe to Rohan, including the welcome :) I have build the Ball Factory as my first GBC just to see if GBC was something for me, it's fun but can also be frustrating. It's not a module to do events with. If you look at the modules of Akiyuki you see a certain design theme. So when buying parts for the Ball Factory (which is grey and most others from Akiyuki are black) keep that design theme in mind and already buy bricks for your next GBC if you plan to make more. This will save on shipping costs and waiting time, especially if you want to start to design your own GBCs. I also bought two Excavators on sale for parts, it is an excellent part donor but with lots of light and dark bluish grey, no black.
  13. Excellent build! And I already worry if putting two motors in series in a GBC is good for the motors or not :)
  14. Berthil

    First MoC 20 years ago

    Nice builds and nice to see! The Duplo train was great and I still have it in a box on the attic for the next generation :)
  15. So I found an old picture of 20 years ago with my son and scanned it. I've build this crane for him from technic sets from my youth (first Technic set model car, tractor, fork lifter etc.). Remember back then there was no bricklink, what you had at home from sets, that was it. I remember experimenting with normal rubber bands for suspension before LEGO had them. I had build him a fully functional extendable boom, side supports on the truck, a truck cabine at the front (not so visible) with HoG steering (visible) Actually surprising that I came out of my dark ages only 5 years ago for RoscoPC F1 cars, GBCs and Modulars. Hope you like it, show me your pictures if you are an oldtimer like me. By the way, he never liked Technic much despite my efforts and was more into castle (which I don't like) :)