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  1. Berthil

    Which studded supercar?

    I also grew up with them and had a few. Nice for nostalgia and I also may be wanted to collect them again when coming out of my dark age. But I found them not appealing enough so I started to build and collect 1:8 RoscoPC historic F1 models, a great mix between studded Technic, classic bricks and new Technic in my opinion. Currently I have 14 build (12 visible below), could also be an option for you if you like F1? Other than that I build an 854 Go-Kart out of nostalgia but also designed and build a redux. May be the 854 is nice small model to start with :)
  2. In the future I want a chemical plant to be part of my BrickPolis as I have a background in chemistry and am working for a chemical company. This 8-wide industrial train is used to supply the plant of needed raw materials. It contains a Vossloh G400B tender in NS livery (Dutch Railroad) for moving the wagons around. The Vossloh model is designed by Dennis Tomsen which I reverse engineered from two pictures and adapted to run with PoweredUp. The Box Car behind contains the PU hub. Behind that a simple Tank Wagon for which I found a building instruction but without mentioning of the creator. The Sphere Wagon is my own design and uses the new 4 x 4 round corner dome top bricks. The part list contains all parts of all 4 elements but separate Bricklink XML and PDF parts list per train element are available in the files section, as well a a sticker sheet. RED parts in the building instructions can be replaced by any color! Separate building instructions and part lists for free on my Rebrickable:
  3. Berthil

    Lego GBC Extending Forks Module

    Very nice mechanisms all working together in harmony. Well done and thank you for the file and instructions!
  4. Berthil

    [MOC] Somewhere over the french streets

    Well done! Very good exterior design and interior details.
  5. I accidentally bumped of the head of the black robot at the end of the video shoot and did not notice I had put it back the wrong way around until I was finished editing the video :) Im curious if there is a difference in the amount of dropped balls between mine and the JK version, since you build both please let me know :)
  6. The light bluish grey lever on the arm at the right hits the angled brick and opens up the clamp to release the ball.
  7. My version of the JK Brickworks Robot Dreams: Free instructions on Rebrickable:
  8. The Pizzeria is a full size modular with many details and 5360 bricks in over 400 pages spread over three free building instructions. The ground floor has a full size wood burning Pizza oven with bricklight, woodlogs, bar and restaurant tables. The 2nd floor has a pasta and ice cream bar, toilet and more tables inside and outside. The 3rd floor is an appartement with living room, bedroom, kitchen en bathroom. Free building instructions on Rebrickable: All pictures in this Flickr Album
  9. 31 participants so far in the poll, enough for any contest right? :) Already started to prototype some ideas :)
  10. Berthil

    GBC General Discussion

    Thank you for the offer @rskamen, good to hear it runs well. Waiting for parts from LEGO Brick & Pieces, hope to start soon with the build. Got the instruction almost ready so I hope it works well and I don't have to make design changes :)
  11. Berthil

    [GBC] 04 Archimedes Screw

    Very nice use of the slides and clean build, good job!
  12. 1 ball per second. It's up to the organization but I, as a strict GBC compliant builder, still would welcome different type of balls and non-GBC compliant modules for idea and design diversity. And it's up to the community which one would win, also Akiyuki has made a 'rollercoaster' through his whole house.
  13. Berthil

    [GBC] Roulette

    Created a new feed for the Roulette with bigger inbox for best buffering results