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  1. Looks good. I already did about the same in my version that also discharges sideways. I don't use a gap but also extended a few liftarms that way. Here still with the complicated Akiyuki lift switches later replaced by worm carrier.
  2. Welcome @fury68 Have fun at the event and let us know how it went and if there are any learning points for us as events are the best testing grounds :)
  3. Thanks, I ordered 2 for my Wall-E GBC. I'm tired of having to say to the children they have to point to Wall-E with the remote all the time :) They have also (what seems random) discount coupons on top of the sale, I got an extra 3 to 4 Euro discount on separate orders.
  4. Supported right after the Youtube video email.
  5. Thanks @Doug72 I know Maico had a lot of events after LEGO World and again this weekend, he just said he will be uploading next week.
  6. After some investment I now have 5 trains with rechargeable Lithium polymer (8878) so I can use 2 trains to return the balls from circuit end to circuit begin at events. 2 run with the passing module, other 2 recharge and 1 emergency spare to use in case of ceased motor or too early drained battery. Two trains that have run about 120h both had a ceased M motor so keep a spare if you run events.
  7. Great project. As a GBC builder this would be my first Technic RC build (next to my RC Wall-E) but plan on building it, thanks for the development and free design files. Dank je Diederik! I use PTFE applied with a brush because silicon spray broke ALL my 24T gears in my GBCs. I assume the impact modifier in ABS dissolves in the silicon carrier in the spray. WD40 PTFE spay does not have this issue I can say after running the GBC's for over 150h.
  8. Berthil

    Rainbow Wave GBC

    Small update on the Rainbow Wave. It has ran a total of 120h on events without big problems. The original XL motor still functions. But I noticed more balls stopping on the wave when everything is not 100%. The speed of the wave decreases because of crooked tables, pollution or slightly out of sync gears. To keep full wave speed and less stress on the XL motor, I added 4 extra power drive repeaters. This time I used part 48496 (instead of 87408) making the drive more solid and less complicated. Below the 'open heart' surgery and result. I've put the Rainbow Wave on the side and could keep the string of 8t gears in it's place thus preserving the wave. By replacing the bottom five 16L Technic beams on the drive side with one 12L, three 16L, one 8L and one 12L (in that order) the rest of the wave stayed intact while performing the surgery. Drive axles can also stay the same, the 4 extra drive points are hooked on the 10L axles already present. Just let me know if you have the Rainbow Wave and also want to make this change and have questions.
  9. Berthil

    GBC General Discussion

    I don't think so. His Miniloops are nice and usually with clever ideas but technically they are not GBCs. He's also selling the instructions instead of making them freely available.
  10. If you succeed building a compact version I'm also building it :) I'm not familiar enough with this module to advise you. It seems difficult to time but you did great stuff before :) At the moment I'm building a GBC that and a big carroussel and will act as a buffer, it doesn't use trains.
  11. Or use my switch if Dougs solution doesn't work for you. It works 100%.
  12. I didn't make one but Maico Arts will post one of the whole circuit soon. more than 15.000 a day, so in total over a 100.000. 1500 balls were running through the circuit of 159 modules.
  13. I am happy to report back that my version of modified Rotary Dumper ran without any hick-ups for 7 days 7 hours a day (so 49 hours) at LEGO World Utrecht the past week. I think that's remarkable for what still is a complex machine! With about 100.000 visitors over the whole event many people enjoyed the rotary dumper and made positive comments about it. Number one and two were the Invisible Lift and my Rainbow Wave but definitely the Rotary Number was number three for most of the visitors. Very pleased with it.
  14. Inbox and outbox 10 studs high and 10 studs wide, 1 ball per second throughput. Handle a batch of 30 balls at once without problems. What you do in between is up to you. Also no lubricants on the balls if you use any in your GBC. You can deviate from the inbox and outbox size if you have own modules that have matching in- and out boxes and can still be put next to each other in a circuit.
  15. That's the way how I will soon have 800 white balls I hope, nothing is sure in a Lugbulk until you have your order at home. It took me two years to get them in the Lugbulk list and with Lugbulk you have to wait almost a year until your ordered brick arrive. So it was a long process. Together with the 200 I already have I will have over 1000 balls. Currently I am buying only orange balls if have Bricklink orders and somebody has them in their shop, especially to sometimes get to the minimum order amount. I don't put in in Bricklink orders especially for the balls.