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  1. Added the support structure with ... support part 64448 with beams inside for structural locks. The linear actuator at the top is for creating a healthy and adjustable tension in the top triangle where the removable Ferris wheel rests on rotatable tires. Next step is creating the bottom frame suitable for Ferris wheel drive and ball preparation/entry. After that completing the Ferris wheel itself and test if the strings will work to keep it all together.
  2. Berthil

    DIY Lighting Up Modulars.

    I've used this 0,04 wire. One color of this wire fits under the groove of tiles. I know some use 0,01mm wire without jacket in ships. It fits between bricks but it breaks very easily and not advised to use. If you have on old small (broken) electro motor it is possible to use the wire of the coil.
  3. Looks promising and haven’t seen this mechanism as a GBC yet, very original.
  4. Good start! I assume this system will be based on the Akiyuki train? This is no problem as basically the train is the drive in this system and the mechanical logic is in the module(s).
  5. Exactly what I was thinking too, exit the balls on top onto a bridge, don’t have one at the moment.
  6. Looks good. You can use any color you like for the yellow parts as that isn't visible when finished (also stated in the description on Rebrickable).
  7. Use the Pybricks, take my program, flash to the City Hub (tutorial on and you're ready to go. No device needed, train keeps running, 2 speed steps, emergency stop. It's always possible to go back to the original LEGO firmware on the hub, very easy.
  8. Thanks Thorsten for your excellent answer. It did not cross my mind Billy is trying to use the out-of-the-box (dis)functionality of the remote with the hub and without device. On Rebrickable I have posted the Pybricks program with power stepping at the time of publishing.
  9. I don't know if the 88008 can do that as I didn't try that yet. Sometimes it can help to read all the posts in a topic. I expect it will run at different speeds with the 88008 In any case, this train will be a battery drainer because of its size, probably also with the 88008. You could try to switch to PF and use the rechargeable 8878 battery box if you have those lying around. When I have more time I want to add a UP SD70 to my setup to aid the Big Boy. The plan is to have them controlled by one PU system with Pybricks that will work together at lower and higher speeds for smooth running like in real life.
  10. @BillytheKid This is because of the limited torque of the PU small motors unfortunately. It has trouble to get moving so it seems only one speed is possible although the motor is running on the different speeds. see the earlier remark of Toastie, I wan't aware of this. It's on my to-do list to see if I can get two PU L-motors in, they have a lot more torque.
  11. The idea is to create a Ferris Wheel GBC where the outer ring is held together by 128 strings of 41L. The wheel has a diameter of about 1 meter and has 64 pods that can hold a ball. I've build a small section and results are promising enough for me to continue. On the below picture at the left a render of the full wheel. I expect that if the diameter of the wheel is correct it will create equal tension on the strings all around thus keeping the primarily brickbuild ring together. To help that I use 3mm rigid hoses on the inside. I know not all strings will have equal length for which I think I have a solution by twisting the string, and/or turning the string stud in the pinhole, or even add a 1 x 2 plate. It will be very fiddly to build and I expect a few tedious rebuilds but I think the end result will be worth it. A real eye catcher visible from far for my GBC lineup at events. I know this is not so much an intricate Technic build but I plan to use new mechanisms for the ball preparation if time permits. I know of the Ferris Wheel by Tom Atkinson, this is a very different concept with the strings. The idea of the strings comes from the 3,5 meter Ferris Wheel by Tomas Kašpařík (not a GBC). Next step is to complete the wheel and design the wheel supports. After that ball preparation and ball exit.
  12. Great start and looking forward to the progress reports. Are you planning on using the tracks as carrier or may be a carrier of own design?
  13. Very interesting and will be fun to see the progress! In the GBC rules 3rd part PF motors and 3rd party cables are allowed as these are hard to get. I'm sure the cables and case is not a problem but may be @Jim can comment after his holiday. As for the Raspberry Pi, why use that to control and not an EV3 or other Mindstorms unit?
  14. @GerritvdG Many use the Quercetti balls so perfectly fine to use them.