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  1. Great effort! Congratulations.
  2. Berthil

    Tensegrity GBC

    @9v system Hi Aron, no problem. Please note the exit of the color sorter with all those 3mm hoses was hard to get right and didn't work 100% at events. I recommend a simpler exit. When I made it I was planning on maybe integrating it with the Ball Factory V3 to have a white and orange ball in the buckets when sorted but it never got to that. If events pickup I may try to make a color sorter based on PoweredUp for that purpose and try to visualize the sorting for the public through the app. Just let me know if you need help making the color sorter.
  3. Berthil

    GBC General Discussion

    That's half of the ball circle, would make things easier but intend to build the two circuits :) If for a reason I can't get the three blocks to tumble correctly this would also be an easier option. Thanks for posting!
  4. Berthil

    [MOC] A peaceful street in Paris

    Beautiful work! The Paris atmoshpere certainly comes across so great job. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Berthil

    [MOC] Bakery & Toy Store

    Congratulations with this excellent build, very nice and many good details!
  6. Berthil

    [MOC] LEGO Store Leicester Square Modular

    Free building instructions, decal sheet and parts list are available on Rebrickable:
  7. Berthil

    GBC General Discussion

    @Frequenzberater I'm still waiting for B&P parts but looking back they should have arrived by now. I will give customer service a call tomorrow.
  8. Berthil

    Paternoster GBC

    @OverlandSailor I didn't make plans for the mouse and replaced it with the PF Wall-E years ago, sorry.
  9. Berthil

    [MOC] Octan Avenue

    Nice building with nice details and references! I don't understand the alley as this means both small buildings must have stairs inside which always take a lot of space in a modular. Some stairs flip to create room but still. The renders are very good, almost real. Therefore I think you should state somewhere that this is a digital building which cannot be build with LEGO bricks as bricks in certain colors that do not exist in LEGO are used e.g. the white masonry brick.
  10. Berthil

    Brick and Pieces shipping

    I have 4 running projects because it takes 6 weeks before they ship. Can't do without building so I start something new when waiting.
  11. Berthil

    [MOC] LEGO Store Leicester Square Modular

    It almost reached 5000 votes but I have deleted it from Ideas. To be honest, can't justify it for myself to keep it there looking at other entries that get close to or reach 10.000 votes. Ideas prohibits commercial use of a design until after three years of a submission end, even when deleted. Since I'm always offering building instructions for free I don't see a problem in making instructions and a parts list in the future so I will do so.
  12. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    @Lego_GBC_NL I don't see anything wrong with the chains but make sure the bucket shifter runs very smooth otherwise forces are too high. May be you need to complete all of the rigid structure too. I updated the instructions some time ago when it comes to the bucket shifter amplitude so make sure you have the latest version.
  13. I know that module but was already planning to make the original container transporter mechanical before Riku posted his module. The module from Riku has 4 phases as it turns all containers holders at once and for me personally his version is too far away from the Akiyuki version when it comes to design and function. Nevertheless an excellent and admirable effort from Riku as this is really not easy to do. The fact that the mechanical master himself has decided to use an EV3 should point out clearly that it is very hard to make this module 100% mechanical. I'm very pleased with my control box, it gave me headaches for many evenings but am fully confident it will work. All 8 phases are exactly the same as the original version and I have changed the original module in such way that it has no worm gears and have left out a few heavy springs, it runs super light. I also tried to make it pleasing to watch by putting the control box in front of the module and work with colors. Orange for switch, yellow for timing, red for drive.
  14. Berthil

    GBC balls

    A LUG is the best option for original LEGO balls but takes a lot of time and no guarantee they make the list. LEGO Bricks and Pieces has the orange balls far cheaper than any LEGO speculator on BrickLink. An option if you want to spend more money wanting genuine LEGO balls but as 'cheap' as possible.
  15. Here is also some mechanics, I'm almost done with creating a mechanical control box for the Container Transporter. So NO EV3. One motor, 4 speeds, 3 drive axles, 8 different timing moments. Something different than '100 or so' unused gears for a Bugatti or Lamborghini. Will be fully testing it when hooked up to the module but I expect no problems. Click to see the video.