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  1. Thanks all! Stick'em on the studs :)
  2. Still waiting for this to start actually, although I created a GBC already in between. If the contest is called GBC contest, it is simple; adhere to the GBC rules. Otherwise give the contest a different name Everything between inbox, outbox and ball speed you are free what you want to design as always. Only three rules. That seems already less rules than most TC's organized in the past.
  3. Berthil

    Train/city hub powered up/pybricks problem

    What Ts_ says, I had the same problem. Update the LEGO firmware to the latest one with the latest PU App before loading Pybricks firmware.
  4. Not sure where to put this so hope here is okay. It is historical (Chinese 9th century) and the scene in a 16 x 16 vignette is within a Chinese Castle and I made it for a LowLUG castle contest. But a bit different than normal Castle. Famous Echo Game scene from the House of Flying Daggers (Shi Mian Mai Fu) movie. A mythical element needed to be included so added the 'Dragon of Doubt' (not in the movie). The Dragon of Doubt strikes when your confidence is low and you are about to fail. To succeed, your Dragon of Doubt needs to be defeated. Hope you like it. The original Echo Game scene here (she is blind):
  5. @RichardGoring thank you and good to read you enjoyed is so much! Very nice pictures too.
  6. These are IKEA Detolf 'displays' with added custom LEDs in LEGO of course :) For the vertical stands I created free instructions and info cards for the models I have, all for free on Rebrickable. At the moment I am also building the Ferrari 640 but will not be adding a display and just replace one model (without disassembling).
  7. Start with purchasing the rare parts first. It might be that in your country rare parts are not available and have to be bought abroad. Create multiple carts en see what else the shop has that is in the Ferrari 640 to keep shipping/handling costs as low as possible. Compare prices between shops and put the cheapest in the cart that you already have for the rare parts. Also don't forget to check prices on LEGO Bricks & Pieces for the parts that are available there. It is a lot of work or alternatively just start buying without comparing prices. I have 14 of the RoscoPC cars, (13 visible here)
  8. A Mouse Jiggler to give you more free time to create awesome builds. The Jiggler rotates a liftarm under an optical mouse to prevent screen saver and/or screen lock activation. The program runs stand-alone on the City hub so no device needed. A distance sensor detects if a Mouse is on the stand to save battery power. Rotation every 5 minutes or adjust in the original python program. LED colors reflect program status. Free building instructions and python program for Pybricks on Rebrickable:
  9. Great gripper design to get the ball up.
  10. Berthil

    LEGO Trains Powered Up vs. Power Functions

    The PU Team at TLG is aware of this. In the future there might be an option what should happen if the signal is lost, either stop or keep going. That said (was mentioned before but may be not clear enough), with Pybricks you can flash your program to the PU hub so the train can run stand alone (without device and bluetooth connection). With that the connection issue is not a problem. It seems flashing to the hub will also be available in the near future from PU itself. With Pybricks (Beta at the moment) you can connect the PU controller directly to the hub and control the train with the controller. The controller can be programmed to let it behave the way you want (via the hub). Already mentioned here is automation of the train with the color/distance sensor and colored tiles. In the near future the PU App will have more customization build in to control PU devices. TLG is working on improving the PU documentation from within the PU App. The new Spike hub has a rechargeable battery build in and has similar size as the PU train hub, but unfortunately again only 2 ports. So I would say with all those new developments going on, PU is the future and the way to go when compared to PF. PF motors are discontinued by TLG but there are Chinese manufacturers with good quality clones (Mould King).
  11. It's possible to import LDraw parts (with needed subparts) into as custom parts (until they are added to This makes it possible to position pneumatic elements the right way in your digital build but needs adjustment of parts list afterwards. It is cumbersome to position flexible elements in but temporary fixings/click points can make it easier.
  12. Double warning and more when reading the other comments! will mess up all your (submodel) pages in the page layout of your instructions when changing too much in the original 3D model and that's even apart from bugs in the that can do that anyway. ALWAYS make a backup of your work when you are satisfied with it before making changes the next day!
  13. I also do it like this for my GBC machines but with It requires IRL building experience. Never start with making submodels, building steps and instruction until the model is finished IRL and tested. Otherwise it easily could be double the amount of work to create instructions and making instructions is already a LOT of work. For making a modular building I make a 100% digital design in Studio first, get the missing parts, build it and adjust file where needed and also create instructions afterwards. The renders out of the box from are realistic enough to judge a digital modular design for me.