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  1. Thanks! Yes, a 1/2 offset achieved with 1x1 technic brick or the 1x2 with two holes did not work, it needed something between that. These are the 60 teeth turntables. Thanks! Newer parts may be but the 56 teeth turntable is already available for 13 years ;) But indeed, the 18492 gear rack I used is available for 2 years now. My other two attempts to create it with a 64681 gear rack resulted in a somewhat jerky movement or too much friction.
  2. You mean that black square? I don't like that black square, it think it looks bulky and hides the balls, I also left it out on the version 2 train. You're right, I have a lot of the 64179, I already did a tryout to make some kind of 3D maze out of them and use it as a 3D pinball in a new module. I could not get the right distance with the 64179 because the distance between the turntables to intermesh is not 1/2 offset but 1/4 which can be achieved with the two neck braces. I'll add the photos to my original post. You are right, I just meant the overall design is totally new and has no resemblance with any of the Akiyuki cup to cup versions apart from the cup itself :) I like my version best of course :) looks smoother and the diameter of the turntables and overall ball travel is 7 studs instead of 3 studs of the Akiyuki version 1, for me this enhances the already nice cup to cup effect much more. The turntables enables an open structure without being cluttered with gears.
  3. Thanks! And very well noticed but I guess you have checked out the Flickr foto's of the back or have you developed such skills to recognize the thickness of a neckbrace as offset to make the turntable gears intermesh from the video only? :)
  4. My version of the Cup to Cup using turntables. The only brick that is the same with the Akiyuki version is the cup itself and nothing else.
  5. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    Here some pictures of the splitter itself. It already runs fast enough on three (hence 3 on switch) so if it needs to run on maximum another 50% downgearing is needed.
  6. I've added an own design interior to the 2nd and 3rd floor of my bricklinked Green Grocer. Only two very minor changes to the GG needed, everything else is kept original. It wasn't easy because the GGs small rooms with odd shape and placement of stairs. Tiled the stairs in the design of the already present hallway floor. 2nd floor with living room and kitchen. The kitchen where one 1x8 tan brick is replaced by plates for the kitchen shelf and upper cupboard. You might recognize the refrigerator, it's from the Parisian Restaurant. Living room with book cabinet. 3rd floor with bedroom and bathroom in one room. Towel rack at the left, shower at the right. Dress boy. Trouser rack. I hope you like it.
  7. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    I will take some pictures soon, I'm almost done with adding an interior to the Green Grocer so I will set up my studio soon. Basicly it is the input for the Invisible Lift but I have mirrored and changed it putting the motor on the other side (under the inbox) to keep the switch as flat against the platform as possible. I was thinking about making it remote controlled with PF functions but that is something for after Lego World.
  8. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    Agree, how does the automized part know when I have to go to the toilet? :)
  9. Only what is available on Flickr but I can make more if I know what has your interest.
  10. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    Thanks! Good idea, I have a second vehicle to put to work but that one is much faster and probably too hard to handle for the kids at LEGO world. So I made the mouse. Also, I have to keep this running for a week during LEGO World and need 3 Li batteries per mouse and the batteries are costly :)
  11. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    Thanks. Good idea to put an antenna on the IR remote, will do that too :)
  12. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    I don't know that one and Google doesn't know it either, only a gun comes up :) Would like to see it if anyone has a link.
  13. I've designed and build this LEGO Great Ball Contraption for Lego World 2017 in Utrecht in The Netherlands. Last year almost over 100.000 Lego fans visited Lego World. This GBC will be part of a circle of over 150 machines. The kids control the Ball Catcher Mouse with LEGO power functions and are thus responsible to keep all balls circulating as part of the 150+ machines. I hope that is exciting enough for them :)
  14. The train is finished and running wel (after some further improvements) and I also finished my latest own design. It was suggested to me to also post the link to my new Double Bucket Wheel GBC so here it is:
  15. Thank you all! Yes, exactly all the buckets and bucket wheels from 2 sets. The net is from Bricklink. I don't want to double post but if that's practice I can post a link to this topic. Gathered over one year through bricklink over many orders together with other bricks, not easy. Yes, in the parts that come close to each other, especially around and within the wheel (not scaffolding).