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  1. Currently my free building instruction of the Botanical Garden is being sold on eBay so don't buy it as it is free on Rebrickable (see 1st topic): You can help please by reporting the item to eBay: Somehow for me this page doesn't work, I can't select a category so I would appreciate any help.
  2. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    @9v system I did and looks good but had no time yet to try out it myself. Looks good to solve the sometimes stick/slip behaviour of the bucket shifter carrier although other updates I've done for this also seem to work but better one improvement too many than too short. I hope to test soon soon and update instructions.
  3. Berthil

    GBC General Discussion

    Haven't found one either, I think you need to make one :) I though about it, to make one, but will be a massive amount of work besides the fact to ask everybody for permission to include their design(s).
  4. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    @OneMoreRobot Excellent! Deserves a spot in the first topic :).
  5. Berthil

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    424 Technic Hub / Handle 1 x 1
  6. Berthil

    MOC: Boulevard des Lumières

    Amazing build with great interior diversity. I also like all tiled floors, an obsession of mine :) It seems you have plans to put this next other modulars that match the back of this one?
  7. Not if you want to keep everything mechanical (like me). Also, can't be connected to 9V train power supply with standard wiring so it will be eating away batteries like crazy on an event day.
  8. Space enough but size is not always important :) I see mainly sets so up to you to make it a coherent City with more own input :) Good luck and have fun.
  9. Berthil

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    One side is with, other side is without tire. You can see it in your own picture of the Akiyuki original, that's the other side of what you are rendering so you are comparing different kind of 'grabbers'. May be build it first and get it working?
  10. Berthil

    Bricklink and Chinese Parts

    I believe these parts in the policy are new since TLG is the owner of Bricklink.
  11. Very nice and attractive module! Totally missed this topic until now but had noticed it in the Brickvention video and looked with great interest :)
  12. LEGO is a toy. I think many people that create MoCs are already involved in automotive industry (like myself) or have a technical affinity to it. The automotive industry is a very complex topic from raw material suppliers, compounders, engineers, designers, article manufacturers etc. until the end product on the road. And then add legislation to it. People that create MoCs are generally not in management where the decisions are made on every level concerning the above echelons. That said, I think that there are many MoC creators / creative minds that already had some kind of influence, but all contributions are small. Rome was not build in one day.
  13. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    @rskamen I did an attempt but failed, it's not possible to get everything in one chart. Also the fact that my image editing software doesn't work wit iOS Catalina doesn't help. I think I will make a video but this will take some time.
  14. Berthil

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I'm from Europe and Akiyuki from Japan.
  15. Berthil

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    ?? This Akiyuki although he calls it 'cars' but cars don't run on rails: But I agree, the charm of the system is the train powering and timing it all. Here is also a discussion going on and I mixed them up :) And now that I'm at it, the poster may be should have a look at this thread as from the question it seems the function of the trains is not fully understood if to be replaced by standard trains.