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  1. Here is a photo of the bottom of the stepper, hope that helps: Basicly it is the stepper from the Cup to Cup V2 and altered to have more steps.
  2. Thanks Laurent, very helpful for the ones who want to build it. Meanwhile I made some changes to the invisible lift after running it for 6 days at Lego World Utrecht. It's a stunning machine but it does drop a lot of balls, I had to solve some jams and lift the machine 3 times per day to remove about 150 balls lying under it. So I've made a compartment under the feeder with reclining surface to guide the dropped balls to the side thus preventing jamming up the mechanism and necessary cleaning: The ball feed I also improved because when handling the machine during transport and removing the balls, the ball feed proved to be very fragile. Also the balls got jammed sometimes when high amount off balls were feeded. I've made a new feed that is less fragile and no jamming of balls:
  3. All 12 modulars all floors and stairs tiled

    I've uploade all photos, full photo album with all 34 floors on Flickr:https://www.flickr.com/photos/r53/albums/72157691043568266
  4. I have tiled all floors and stairs of all 12 modulars including custom interiors for the 3 first modulars. For this no changes are necessary to the original modulars. Hope you like it:
  5. I took the launch pad out and made some detailed shots. I wanted to have the drive motor under the wheel to keep the top as clean as possible, as you can see this was a challenge together with the launch pad but I'm very pleased with the result. Launchpad with two rubber connector to ensure good grip when launching the ball with the wheel, at the right the two axles that keep the launch pad in place when mounted: Bottom of launch pad with two neck braces to create a good ball entry/exit and wedge shape under the wheel so the wheel 'eats' the ball always: The row of rubber connectors where the launch pad sits on, the launch pad can go nowhere when everything is mounted: Shot from other angle where also the axle is visible that runs up to the wheel through two smooth joint pin connectors (48496) on both sides: Here the launch pad has been dropped in with the neck braces on the exit side to create the wedge shape, the yellow axle with 4 rubber connectors hold the launch pad down: Bottom with gearing and two axles going up through the smooth joint pin connectors (48496): Side without the liftarm holding the wheel down showing the 4 pins of the 2 smooth joint pin connectors (48496): Now that I see the pictures it could be I will try using 1x4 thin liftarms to place the 4 rubber connectors upwards under the launching pad for more damping :)
  6. Just finished building it so no instructions for it, sorry. The previous version had almost 16 meters of 3mm tube, this one probably a bit less I think.
  7. Thanks. There is no residu on the balls and very little wear on the tire. I've tested the previous GBC with the same concept during Lego World for a few days and it should be okay for longer periods of time. The launching pad is entirely embedded in rubber (45590) to compensate for tolerances in dimensions to avoid too high forces.
  8. A 1x4 plate and two Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Clip Vertical, that's the tube clamping method I kept from the Akiyuki design because that cannot be improved and doesn't need to be improved.
  9. For who's interested, I did a complete rebuild of my stand alone Akiyuki Marble Run after my experiences during the week at Lego World Utrecht.
  10. After my experiences at the full week of Lego World Utrecht I decided to do a complete redesign and rebuild of my stand alone GBC version of the Akiyuki based marble run. Only the method of clamping the tubes as tracks is the same as in the previous version. The ball shooter had proven it's reliability during Lego World and because of the improved design only one shooter is used. Very pleased with the now reliable result. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olx4JmtnVq4
  11. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    Thanks! It was just wear and tear and the remotes each gave up after 2,5 days. They did well. The switches were worn and kept transmitting on both broken remotes. The batteries in the remotes lasted almost 4 days. The mouse with 9V rechargeable battery lasted almost 4 hours. They switch off after 2 hours even when constantly in use. I had three with me but 2 would also have been enough.
  12. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    I'm happy to report the Ball Catcher did very well at Lego World Utrecht and was operated from opening hour to closing time for 7 days with every 2 minutes another kid operating the PF controls. That means almost 1500 kids. The PF remote did well but 2 remote's didn't survive. Kids were very concentrated and sometimes applied a bit too much force in their enthousiasme. Here the movie of all my modules including Ball Catcher:
  13. I do not have that problem. The train (without the switching tracks) has run without problems for 7 days 7hours a day and lasted 1,5 day on alkaline batteries. Did you take the remark of Courbet in account about the old and new 24 teeth gears in combination with the bent liftarm? Apparently the new wheels run too tight there causing too much friction. I must admit I sanded down a new gear a little bit because they are stronger and had it running all night with a light abrasive (metal polisher).
  14. Sorry, I have no instructions. May be in the future but I have lots of plans for other projects, especially after the 7 days of LEGO World. But the Bucket Wheel ran flawlessly for 7 days. Here by the way a video of my modules during Lego World:
  15. Thanks! Yes, a 1/2 offset achieved with 1x1 technic brick or the 1x2 with two holes did not work, it needed something between that. These are the 60 teeth turntables. Thanks! Newer parts may be but the 56 teeth turntable is already available for 13 years ;) But indeed, the 18492 gear rack I used is available for 2 years now. My other two attempts to create it with a 64681 gear rack resulted in a somewhat jerky movement or too much friction.