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Found 16 results

  1. Hello to everyone! Today I would like to introduce my new modular: it is a T-shaped building, a solution that allows me to create some interesting views as well as allowing me to create a bit of movement with classic modulars. On the ground floor there is a take away pizzeria, something typical of our towns but which I think is catching on almost everywhere. Inside the pizzeria, in addition to the counter and the electric oven, there is a pasta press, a pantry and a fridge for drinks, as well as a car for home delivery. In addition to the pizzeria, there is a small post office with everything needed to handle mail, including a scale for weighing parcels. At the back, the T shape allowed me to create an underpass with two street lamps hanging on the wall. Above there is a multi-storey apartment. The entrance coincides with an extremely bright room in which I have placed a wicker lounge, a small desk and many plants and flowers. I wanted to give the impression of a very welcoming and natural area. Initially I saw it as a terrace. The entrance leads to a large kitchen and then through a room with stairs to the second floor, to a living room with TV. Here too there is a plant above the bookcase. On the second floor there is the double bedroom with rather classic furniture: a massive, curved wardrobe and a wooden bed. Also on this floor there is a second bedroom for the couple’s son who is a gamer and has a nice tower desktop PC and a bathroom with shower. In the corridor there is also a wardrobe with the washing machine inside and between the two bedrooms a bench with other plants including a bonsai. On the ceiling there is a trap door with a folding ladder which opens by extracting a pin located on the side of the building and gives access to the attic. The building ends in a medieval tower which according to my idea has been incorporated into the building below and from the attic it is possible to access the roof. Two construction techniques particularly excited me when creating the building. The first concerns the front cornice that I created with R2-D2’s legs alternating with the shoulders of the Nexo Knights. I’ve wanted to use droid legs as an architectural element for a long time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them used in this way. The second concerns the battlements of the tower with Ghibelline style battlements. I would like to say a few words about the project I am carrying out. It is a city diorama measuring approximately 13.5x6 baseplates, all in all a decent surface area, in which you will find a part of the ancient/medieval city located on a hilly area and the rest of the city in the valley. The downstream part, according to my plans, should represent the most recent part of the historic center, therefore buildings from the 17th-19th century which in some cases still have medieval remnants. Thus we have a medieval tower (K8004), a pedestrian gate of clear eighteenth-century design with a pub (K8007), as well as a medieval vehicle gate (soon to be designed), connected by ancient walls which acted as external walls for buildings overlooking to an avenue. This avenue will then lead to a park and subsequently to the ancient part with different solutions to be able to reproduce the irregularity of the ancient buildings with the typical lanes and streets that represent this type of urban environment. Beyond the walls downstream, therefore, we will have much more regular modular buildings in the Lego standard with a central street that represents a typical walking and shopping street. In this case I’m making sure to position the modulars Lego, making changes to complete the interiors and exteriors, without distorting them architecturally. The furnitures of several Lego modulars can already be downloaded for free from Rebrickable.
  2. kevin8

    (MOC/MOD)-Pet Shop Furnitures

    Hello everyone, today I present to you another mod of a Lego modular. This time it's Pet Shop 10218. With a view to wanting to complete all the Modulars by Lego for my diorama, I started thinking about how to exploit the few spaces available. I must say that the apartment above the shop gave me the biggest headaches, as there was very little space there and although I managed to use all the original pieces, I had to add a 6x10 plate on the top floor. This allowed me to move the bed, add a small closet and the bathroom. On the first floor, however, I completed the furnishings with an armchair, another chair and a guitar. As for the painter's apartment, I was very hesitant to represent it as an apartment under renovation, but in the end I decided to furnish this one too. On the ground floor I created a recessed cabinet for the television and moved the couch towards the front. This way I was able to raise a wall to place a small kitchen near the bathroom and a corner table. On the first floor, where the painter is working, there is the bedroom, while on the top floor I left an attic area, but on the terrace I placed a barbeque. Hope you like it. The model is freely downloadable from Rebrickable.
  3. Hi everyone, to do something lighter and to be able to position this modular in the diorama I'm designing, I decided to add some details to the back of the building and to complete the furnitures of the various floors. Without altering the original construction it would have been almost impossible. I got away with it by simply moving the carpet and the clock on the second floor. In any case I managed to create a kitchen in the bay window and a living room in front of the fireplace on the first floor. On the second one I built a bathroom and a bedroom. I think I've found a good compromise. In any case you can download the model from Rebrickable for free. If you like it or have any comments, please let me know. Ah, I managed to close the unsightly space in the turret roof.
  4. Here we are with the latest modular I made. It is a medieval gate renovated in the eighteenth century with a decorated clock and a Pub on the side. The rear wall of the Pub coincides with an ancient medieval wall. Inside, in addition to the rooms of the pub, I've put a small room where bands can perform. The version made is only 28 studs wide as I needed it for the diorama I'm making. In this diorama some modulars will be moved by 6 studs to be able to put the sidewalk on the baseplates of the streets. This will give me the possibilty to put modulars face to face, but have a street in between that can be a 12 stud wide pedestrian street that represents those typical city center's, crowded with small shops and tourists. Obviously, during the design and implementation of the instructions, I also created the 32x32 version which appears in the gallery only as a rendering. I hope you will appreciate.
  5. Hi to all! It's been a long time since I've posted anything, but here we are. Many years ago I decided to start building the Friends apartments because it was by far the series I loved the most. It's a series I know quite well. For this reason I started collecting as many photos as possible on the web, but lacking many details I also started taking screenshots from the DVDs. I tried to focus my attention on the fourth and fifth seasons, so I actually made the project with LDD starting from these assumptions. After 6 months of work, however, I stopped. For some reason, interest in Lego waned and once Monica and Rachel's apartment was finished, I decided not to continue. When Lego released the Central Perk set, the spark was rekindled in me, thanks to the presence of the minifigures of the protagonists, the desire to take over the project again, until the official set came out and at that point I bought it like many others and I just built it. And for a while I was also very satisfied, thinking I could add the bedrooms and bathrooms and the job would be done. But once I took the project back in hand, I realized that what was made by Lego lacked many details and was too small. So starting from that base, I enlarged, detailed and added what was missing, correcting inaccuracies. And here we are with the final result. I hope you will appreciate. The full album on Flickr
  6. Hi to all! I made Dr Raw Flying machine from Hayao Miyazaki's old anime Mirai Shounen Conan. While I was gathering parts to build Arvo's Kaneda Bike,I was captured by the shape of the Pod Container and since then I decided it was the best solution for this MOC. Obviously the egg shape has been a big dilemma to reproduce, but at last maybe I find the best way to make it. Here it is. Hope you'll enjoy. K8802_Raw_FM01 by Mauro Cavinato, su Flickr K8802_Raw_FM03 by Mauro Cavinato, su Flickr
  7. Hi there, I made some little Moc in a Classic Space style and today I'm here to show you. I made these Mocs to complete my Classic Space diorama, so I tried to make them by using just parts from that era, more or less 1979-1987. The diorama is about 160 x 60 cms The first one is a kind of a Command space centre: The second one is a little complex because I wanted to create a refinery, consisting of an extraction center, a refining plant and the storage tank. The last one is a little vehicle for the transport of debris... That's all folks.
  8. Two years ago, in a break between some Mocs, I spent a couple of evenings working on the interior furnitures for the 10182 Cafe Corner. Everything has been designed to be inserted without touching any existing details of the first classic Modular Building. Neither the walls, no part has been replaced. All I did was simply trying to add things and details. Even plate to make more solid the floors. But let's go inside the description: On the ground floor there is a café (obviously), I looked for similar French cafè on the internet to get some inspirations, so I tried to give an 'art nouveau' look with arches enclosing the area with tables, leather sofas ... Among the arches I've put lattice in the completed model, to give a sensation of being inside a gazebo (unluckily LDD doesn't accept lattice inside arches)... To this lattice a fixed 2x2 pictures decorated tiles using technic pins Floral decorations were very popular in the Art Nouveau, so I placed flowers on the pillars. The bar counter with wood inlaid is completed with foodbox. The cabinet on the back has more or less what you can usually find in a bar, glasses, bottles and a coffee machine. The central door has been given a bell. The tile and plate scattered in the air have been put to fill the holes left in the set. The staircase has been all covered and equipped with handrails. The first floor includes the Hotel reception with a small bench and the bell, a plant, a single room with a bed and wardrobe and a bathroom in common. Unfortunately the space is what it is and the chance to do complex things, or more accurate was impossible. But in the end, if we think about it, a few decades ago it was usual to find small hotel with a shared bathroom in the hallway, so I thought it could fit in a consistent manner. Above the reception desk I placed a classic shape chandelier. On the second floor there are two bedrooms, one double and one single ... Above the stairs, another chandelier with classic shape. That's all, I hope you enjoy this little Moc.
  9. Hello to everyone! In the last months, waiting for the case for my diorama, I decided to put my hand to my first modulars, replacing the floor plates with smooth tiles and updating small construction details with new Lego parts. In particular, however, I decided to put my hand back on the facade of the Cinema, because it was too similar to that of the Town Plan, having used it as a base. What I wanted to achieve was an Art Deco style sign that reminded some of the London's theaters. The interior remained almost identical, I added some decorations in the main hall, but nothing very significant. I'm selling instructions on Rebrickable, I hope you appreciate it.
  10. Hi to all, today I'm back with a new creation. It is based on an old Moc I found on Mocpages some years ago. I would like to share this with its creator, but I haven't find any way to contact him. Anyway, this is the link to the original one . More than a year ago, I found I could buy the instructions on rebrickable, but it was evidently a Moc derived from the original one. Unluckily it was very poor in details and the proportions were not so good. So I looked for more sources and I discovered there were 2 different A-team Vans with many interiors. I focused on the GMC Van of the '87 and made the one with the equipment for recordings. I tried to fit all the details I could and at last, despite a little parts, the Moc is original.
  11. Hello to everyone, after a long time I introduce you a new Moc, but after several modular buildings, I decided to concentrate my efforts on a Star Wars vehicle. I find that Lego has so far not been able to make a reproduction of this fighter while maintaining its proportions and shape. And it is a shame, because this fighter has in itself the seeds of Tie fighters, though without being identical or similar to the Tie fighters of the classic episodes. In this I find that despite all, prequel episodes, at least have a very powerful creative push, presenting means with recalls to the classic trilogy, but without copying it as it happens in episode 7. Obviously IMHO! I made both Anakin and Obi-Wan custom fighter. Anyway, here is the result of my attempts. The wings were built to contain the landing gears and of course the droid. The cockpit has been stretched to accommodate the sharper shapes of the original and I also tried to comply with the layout of the controls and the seat. At the bottom there is space for the central landing gear. Here's the full gallery. I'll sell building instructions as soon as I'll finish them, so contact me.
  12. Hello to everyone. Today I would like to introduce a new Moc. This is not actually all mine. The palace itself has been made by one of my best Lego friend, Metz. He is very smart and find very clever design for modular building. I'm very happy to have the possibility to cooperate with him. I just made the interior design of furnitures, but I didn't find the time to build and make it for real... Let me introduce it. It's a 16x32 modular Restaurant and it has been designed many years ago by Metz, as I said. It's been displayed in many of the italian events and some Skaerbaek ones. Metz never like to complete the interior details because at last nobody sees them, but I'm very fond with what people never sees but actually is present. Being bound to Metz drawing and having no permission to alter the shape of the building, I found myself forced to put the kitchen on the top floor of the building. So, to avoid the waiters to keep running up the stairs I realized a "food-elevator" in a corner. On the ground floor there are several small tables and some furnitures to hold plates and silverware. On the first floor the decor remains similar but I decided to "paint" a wall hanging with some musical instruments. The top floor is a kitchen with a pantry and refrigerator for meats. It is on Rebrickable: Quote
  13. Good morning to everyone. Today I am starting with a new idea (for me). I will relate the construction of my last modular building. This new building has been designed for the last LDD/LDraw Eurobricks contest in the Freebuild category, earning the fourth placing, that is like the wooden medal :D . While building it I will update my Flickr gallery. I also take this opportunity to illustrate the techniques used and the reasons that led me to certain choices, as well as any changes in the course of work . Anyway, I tell you that I do not have all the parts yet, something is still on the run, but I hope that everything will be ready by the week. Let's start. As you could see from the images of the LDD renderings, I tend to use unusual colors for hidden parts. It's the "sign" to identify every parts I can "fish" in my "old and ugly" bag of used parts, when collecting the pieces from my collection. What you can see right now is that the base that holds the floor is in fact multicolored... it's not a problem since it will be completely covered. On the back of the building I have already placed the final part of the downpipes. The problem in this case is that the 1x1 lbg cone does not stick well on the green baseplate so I have to add a 1x1 lbg plate between them. Let's go back to the base of the floor. When designing with LDD I incredibly found a lot of attack points in common between the straight underside base and the 45 degrees structure of the floor. I found it amazing, but in the end I decided not to investigate. Ldd is not quite accurate, in fact in some cases does not allow things that work in real life (try to attach a 2x1 plate with the two holes on the side of a technic brick ... ) and allows others that are not feasible ... During the construction I have placed all the 1x1 round plates as in the picture, only to discover that there was no way to hook the floor. I finally decided to put one of them centered and put another in the corner to lock the eventual rotation of the floor, as you can see in the second photo. The slanted floor has already been seen in several Moc, the technique is nice, but leads to some considerations: the first is that it forces to have a rather raised floor, the second is that the walls must be at least 2 bricks thick to hide the teeth resulting by the disposition of the tiles. As we will see later, you can hide everything well with some basic tricks. For the first time in my modulars (and especially because attending a contest, and well, with diagonal floor, studs didn't fit well), I decided to use tiles instead of plates... I still prefer the second choice to grant more gameplay, but in fact it results more pleasing. Cad design allows to position all the attachment points of table and chairs without having to undo the work of construction. In any case, I added some 1x1 dbg plates where I could place the minifigs . At the entrance I placed two little pinetrees pot. The streetlights have been attached to a 2x2 plate in order to have the foot outside of the pavement, as occurred in the Parisienne #10243. As soon as possible, the following... Here the second part And the last part Enjoy it.
  14. Hello to everyone! Today I would like to introduce my last speedwork. Why speedwork? Because I designed it in a spare hour and built in 30 minutes. I'm a big fan of manga and japanese animation and I really love what Miyazaki sensei has gifted to us. All of his works deserve more than a vision to discover new meanings and details. A couple of weeks ago I decided to design Indastria, the tower of the sun in which is set a good part of the anime Mirai Shounen Conan. I am particularly fond of this Tv series, having seen it when I was still a child. It is an "architecture-style" realization, and I think that it complied well the shape and proportions of what's seen in the anime. I'm going to propose on Lego Ideas, so if you like, rate it.
  15. kevin8

    (WIP)-City Canal

    Today I would like to present you a project that I've pursued since I was a child, when I dreamed of building a diorama to represent a small town on many levels, full of canals and waterways, waterfalls and more. At that time in my naivety I imagined a diorama on 2x2 meters developing mostly in height, which is not now feasible to consider what I have in mind now. This idea came after a trip to Normandy last summer. While I was in those beautiful old towns characterized by canals, weirs and little falls, I burned with the desire to reproduce them and start working on this project. At the end of 2013 I had already made LDD plans for the most part of the modules. First of all I created the canal. I decided to limit the dimensions of this diorama because my project is to put it inside a showcase in my new house, so it cannot be enormous. I'm not going to disassembly everything and I don't want to spend my life cleaning the diorama. I used the 8x8 transparent light blu plates to simulate water and let to see the bottom. The idea was that you could see algae, fish and stones on the depth. Around the canal I made a parapet and a floor made of crushed stone as in many old towns. In order to connect the canal to the zero level of the baseplate, I decided to place two weirs. In this way I could make a basin that would give more emphasis to a more complex and alive depth. After the basin I placed another weir in order to have the canal at zero level then disappearing underground. Next to the canal I created raised modules to support standard modular buildings placed on baseplates. The raised part is then completed with a staircase flanked by a tanks fountain and a park with a Snack bar. On one side of the hill I placed a ruined tower. The park ends with a gate opened to the street. Here I built a Bus Stop and a telephon boot. This setting would have been part of the collective diorama for an event in Reggio Emilia. At the end some things have been completed a bit 'in a hurry (for example the tower). Unfortunately the event of Reggio Emilia was canceled a little before its inauguration. Later I had to expose it at the end of February in another event in Ferrara. Sadly, that same week my mother passed away and I was not able to expose it. Currently, all parts are in some boxes in the garage. My desire to attend events has completely disappeared and unfortunately apart from the city mansion which participates in the EB contest months ago I'm really locked with my projects. The idea is to continue creating more modules for the old town, a medieval gate and other accessories for street furniture. Let's see how to proceed. For now I am attaching pictures of the projects, in the next few days I'll try to describe the various modules and add more photos of what have been built until now. Today I will show you the first module. It was not one of the images saved as LDD png, because I decided to add it at last. My idea was to have modulars building all surrounded the canal, but it was too much overwhelming, it finally didn't have enough space. So I started with a little square and being 6-bricks tall, why don't use it to dig a hole? I placed some workmen who are soldering a pipe in the ground. Obviously the square is a little of a mess. Being an old town with some attractive for tourists, I put also some street musicians, I don't know how much their show is being washed-up by the workers... And at last the square is completed with a couple of public benches with planters (I've seen them in many old towns I liked the idea) and 4 lamp posts. I would like to change something like the black inside the compass rose with a lighter color, but that's it. The first module I have designed and realized is the one that represents the area in which the channel exits from the underground and becomes an element of urban design. I keep repeating how I am attracted by the old towns in northern Europe. I find them an example to be imitated for cleaning and the care they put into each details. In particular flowers and points of interest throughout the centre. Thus, in this first module I built a couple of flower pots hooked to a railing and plants. The plants give me some concern. Initially I built to do very quickly, because in a short time I would have to expose this diorama. But I do not deny that I would pick them up and change them a bit, particularly the foot of the tree. For the lamps in this case, I decided to keep the line of modular buildings bordering the canal. As you can see, the trans-clear blue plates, raised from the bed of the canal, gives the effect of transparency I was looking for ... a city canal like this, has a rippled surface that can be well represented by the studs on the plates and in this way fishes and algae can be glimpsed in a not too defined way. Along the walls I added a bit of creepings (which never hurts). For this diorama I made a kind of basket with round lid that I often see in towns. It is not difficult to realize, anyway google can help when you need some references... I also placed one of the benches with backrest wrought iron ... I like the result very much. Finally, being a tourist place, I thought of placing a mime dressed as the Statue of Liberty and a couple of tourists ... This is the third module. Here the canal reaches the weir with the first jump. It is positioned at a bridge on which I placed the minifig representing me, looking to the work done so far. The weir tries to reproduce the real mechanism but of course, it doesn't work. On one side of the canal I placed a bike rack bike. The bicycle in light blue with the red tile comes from a "rent a bike" shop I'm going to create (beware from stealing my idea!!! ). A pair of street sweepers are cleaning (one has just changed the bag in a bin). Even in this module I made pots filled with flowers hanging on the edge of the parapet. There's another couple of tourists in this module. They are an involuntary tribute to an Afol friend of mine who uses the same minifig face to represent himself... The next module is the water basin. In my original intention there was to be a watermill with the wheel inside the water. Having to make everything to the standard modular buildings, I had to discard this idea. I do not deny that in the very near future I would like to change it to add the mill. The depth of the basin is greater in order to fill it with various staff. In addition to algae and fishes I added other details like a bin, a skeleton... I made a stair that goes down to access a platform on which a fisherman is pulling on a nice fish. This stair is protected with a lock. Here, too, I have made several pots of flowers and flowered creepings. On the water there are a couple of ducks and a swan. The river goes through another weir bringing the canal to the zero level of the baseplate. This point is the link between the rest of the diorama. As you can see the effect of the transparency of the water is very pleasant in this form. The next part I'm describing is the staircase that runs along the canal. This staircase is one of the points of union between the hill and the zero level of the baseplates. The canal continues until it disappears under a small wooden bridge in the park surrounding the old town. To the left of the stairs there is a fountain made with tanks. Inside the water of the canal another fisherman is struggling with his hobby. A girl using one of the Bike from the Bike Sharing. On the right of the basin I built another module with a second staircase, to access the park, and the ruins of an ancient tower. There are some tourists in the ruins, while at the base of the hill a little boy is starting a graffiti with a can of spray color. The ruins of the tower are shrouded in some vines. In the near future I would like to complete the tower. The current one has been constructed so to be able to speed up the completion of the work. The last part is the park surrounding the old city. The entrance has walkways similar to standard modular buildings. In this way it is possible to attach it to the rest of the city. I've put some people on it and some urban furnitures. You can see a bus stop a phone boot and a mailbox. I'm moderately proud of the phone boot, because simply moving to a 5 studs wide I found the ideal proportion between dimensions and usability. The bus stop even is a good result being very similar to the real ones. After the entrance I placed a fountain. Around the fountain some kids are attending to the show of the clowns who are making some baloon-animals and some music. An artist is making a painting of the old town... Behind the fence you can see a couple of gardeners who are picking up some leaves and near the entrance a place where sweepers placed the garbage cans... It is hidden by some flowers pots to be more appropriate to the rest of the park. Some people are relaxing in the park. Somewhere in the park I've placed a Snack Bar. It is made of wood and similar to a little cottage. As you can see it is really narrow, but there's almost everything. A fridge, a sink... inside there's just the place for a minifig. Outside there's a lot of people waiting for their drinks or snacks. That's all for now. Here's the complete Flickr gallery.
  16. Hello to everyone. I'm desperately looking for pictures of the rear of the famous Painted Ladies in Alamo Square. I'm trying to make them as modular buildings, but even if I bought some books I've never found any pictures of the rear. What lies there? Where no one has eventually been? Does anyone has some pictures or can take some pictures of the rear? Thank you in advance.