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Found 13 results

  1. Follows Closely

    [MOC] Sikes Guns n Ammo

    Sike has had many failed business in the past. His biggest failure was Sike Costumes. However, he is now running two successful businesses out of his three story building that is located next to the city Police Station. He has a gun shop on the first floor where he has over 50 guns and hundreds of boxes of ammo in stock. This business is in the black, but it is more of a front than his primary focus. Sike's apartment is on the second floor where he relaxes and streams his favorite shows. Sike spends his evenings working in his lab on the top floor, where he produces the towns best "blue sky candy." This is by far his most thriving business. More pictures can be found on Flickr
  2. Ben Pitchford

    [MOC] Gun Shop Modular

    What's Up Eurobricks! Really happy how this one turned out...feel free to critique. Thanks for viewing! Gun Shop by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Gun Shop by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr
  3. socalbricks

    [MOC] RCSN Gunzerker

    A heavily armed minifigure I made as my sole contribution to the "Dispute on LV-4273" collab, which was displayed at Bricks Cascade 2020. I just got a lightbox, so now I'm finally able to photograph it! More info on the collab: Dispute on LV-4273 by Douglas Hughes, on Flickr
  4. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Zeren

    Armed with a sawed-off shotgun and a powerful sniper rifle, this intergalactic bounty hunter is prepared for any threat. Imgur album A MOC I've had since early 2010, finally looking like he belongs in 2018. I really doubled down on the sci-fi soldier influences for this new version, pulling from Samus, Doomguy, Master Chief, and the Titan Spectre armor from Destiny. Special thanks to L.A. Miranda, Constraction Deva, and Djokson for helping to bring this version to life. Their input and techniques went the longest way for this new version, and I couldn't be more grateful.
  5. Space Police XVIII

    Black Butterfly Wings

    After seeing the Galaxy Patrol minifig, I just had to build my Classic Space fleet some soldiers. Space Marines! not sure what else to call them. Up to four so far, making for a small assault squad. There's a commander with gray accents, a pistol and lightsaber, two guys with I'm not sure what that weapon is, and a minigun-wielding guy with extra magazine on his back. Those little Bionicle wings fit surprisingly well. And make the figures easier to balance when holding heavy weapons. Speaking of heavy weapons, here's a closer look at their gear. There's also a fighter/gunship thing for providing close support. Here the squad is providing escort/honor guard for some speeder bike-riding VIP. resemblance to some other Space Marines is entirely coincidental, please Games Workshop don't sue me, I am very poor.
  6. As a kid who grew up in the 80's with all of the coolest toys including the awesome M.A.S.K. line, I had always wanted to do a legit M.A.S.K. style vehicle in Technic.. I did a car back in 2009, but it wasn't very good as I was still learning how to build... When Jim announced this new contest, I decided to try my hand at a similar sized scale car(I guess around 1:18 scale) to the original vintage M.A.S.K. vehicles.. I already had the style of car in my head to go along with the name.. This model is not for the contest, but instead to test myself with something new and possibly to inspire everyone still competing during this final week... I have been sitting on a dozen of these Technic parts for about 4 years trying to figure out what to do with them And I finally got the chance to use 4 of them in an interesting way.. I may use these as some type of air intakes in a future super car... Since the model was an Enforcer and would be primarily black, I knew that it would be tough to make a really interesting looking vehicle being limited with only a black and white color palette, luckily I got to absolutely abuse this part which worked out quite nicely.. The vehicle's 4 wheels fold down by turning a small knob in the rear and both of the doors also go up at the same time to act as wings while revealing 4 small Flick Fire missiles ready to blow up the nearest bad guy... The rear spoiler pulls outwards and upwards while dropping the rear valance at the same time to expose defensive dual smoke screen blasters to blind any pursuers... The front machine guns pop out by sliding a lever forward between the seats and retracts by sliding it back.. I made use of this part to lock the guns into and out of place... The car doesn't have any steering, suspension, gearbox, or fake engine(well it does have a fake engine style cover). The wheels roll, but that is about it as I wanted to actually build something just like what I used to play wiht back in the 80's.. Anyways, here it is, The Shuriken Brickshelf Link
  7. This is the first time i participate in a EB Contest, the challenge was a lot of fun. I decided to make a simple and discreet car with some kind of wings not to fly but maybe to make some kinds of longer jumps. About the weapons the first thing that cross my mind was using those circular blades, and that was the most dificult challenge because i wanted them to rotate with the driving motor. Then I added the maximum of mechanisms that I could incorporate into the rest of the empty spaces, like plasma guns, a shooting cannon, missiles and spikes, I hope this is more or less what it was intended to do for the contest. More photos: Flickr Technic details: - 2 M motors , one for the main tranformation (wings/missiles deployment, blades & spikes popout, plasma guns deployment) and the other one for the shooting cannon. - 1 Xl motors for driving and also for the blades rotation. - 1 servo motor for steering. I hope you liked!
  8. I stumbled upon a great photoshop tutorial for adding muzzle flares to guns. Has anyone tried inserting their lego work into space scenes and adding effects like this to make the pictures more dynamic? I need to give this a try!
  9. Do you want to own functional, durable, handsome and unique lego versions of real-life guns? Than you will be interested in Lego Gun Instructions! We offer only the file of the instructions. We do not offer the weapons physically. Here is our store on ebay:
  10. LegoGunInstructions

    LEGO Life-Size Weaponry

    Do you want to own functional, durable, handsome and unique lego versions of real-life guns? Than you will be interested in Lego Gun Instructions! Link removed [Edit by WhiteFang] Find us on eBay! If you order for more than $5.00 you get 1 pistol instructions for FREE!
  11. I truthfully would choose brickarms but brick warriors has 1 or 2 guns they don't have who should I buy from?
  12. Hi there, here you can share your Lego Guns!
  13. Although not entirely new, I realized that I haven't posted it here officially. CombatBrick released the second batch of weapons 8 weapons from WWII period : British Bren Light Machine Gun, Russian Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle, Japanese Type-99 Machine Gun FG-42 Battle Rifle, Gewehr 43 Semi-automatic rifle, MP-40 Submachine gun Russian Tokareve TT-33 Pistol, Walther P-38 Pistol 8 weapons of Modern Warfare : Adanced Assault Rifle, Israeli TAR-21, Assault Carbine, L85A1 British Carbine Special Forces Assault Rifle, SMG-45, Russian PP-19 "Bizon" M14-EBR Sniper Rifle, Tactical Tomahawk Available from and Resellers