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  1. Hello to everyone, after a long time I introduce you a new Moc, but after several modular buildings, I decided to concentrate my efforts on a Star Wars vehicle. I find that Lego has so far not been able to make a reproduction of this fighter while maintaining its proportions and shape. And it is a shame, because this fighter has in itself the seeds of Tie fighters, though without being identical or similar to the Tie fighters of the classic episodes. In this I find that despite all, prequel episodes, at least have a very powerful creative push, presenting means with recalls to the classic trilogy, but without copying it as it happens in episode 7. Obviously IMHO! I made both Anakin and Obi-Wan custom fighter. Anyway, here is the result of my attempts. The wings were built to contain the landing gears and of course the droid. The cockpit has been stretched to accommodate the sharper shapes of the original and I also tried to comply with the layout of the controls and the seat. At the bottom there is space for the central landing gear. Here's the full gallery. I'll sell building instructions as soon as I'll finish them, so contact me.
  2. [MOC] Parisian Alleys (Mystic modular set)

    Really gorgeus design. Great Moc! I love it
  3. Old Town Pub [moc]

    Wow! Really gorgeous!
  4. Interesting question. Same for me, but I usually load an old file and then update it to keep settings
  5. (MOC) Rivendell

    Really wonderful! Splendido!
  6. This would be very useful. I asked for it many times. I hope it could be possible.
  7. MOC (WIP) : Wooden roller coaster

    Thumb UP! This is really a great work! Really brilliant! E bravo Teazza!!!
  8. Having the possibility to zoom in the preview while working on the instruction it should be of great help with big mocs. Is it possible?
  9. Ah, ok. It's actually the file I downloaded. I will try to complete it anyway and put on the topic.
  10. I knew that file. Unluckily it's incomplete. Maybe just parts from the "regular" mode (I didn't remember what's the name for non-extended mode).
  11. Hi to all. When I try to use LDD to apply a decoration to some part, as happens to many of us, it has a fault in estended mode. The list of decorations freezes or sometimes decorations are really too small. I tried to create an LDD file with all the parts decorated with correct base color. It is an enormous work. Is there any way to produce this file? Did anyone tried to or was able to make it?
  12. (MOC)-Modular Restaurant Oyster

    Thank you! I had some problem and a house moving. My Lego is stil boxed and I'm just trying to put it in order and make some sorting, but I'm actually coming back with some Moc I hope... So now the best efford is to make something with LDD...
  13. Hello to everyone. Today I would like to introduce a new Moc. This is not actually all mine. The palace itself has been made by one of my best Lego friend, Metz. He is very smart and find very clever design for modular building. I'm very happy to have the possibility to cooperate with him. I just made the interior design of furnitures, but I didn't find the time to build and make it for real... Let me introduce it. It's a 16x32 modular Restaurant and it has been designed many years ago by Metz, as I said. It's been displayed in many of the italian events and some Skaerbaek ones. Metz never like to complete the interior details because at last nobody sees them, but I'm very fond with what people never sees but actually is present. Being bound to Metz drawing and having no permission to alter the shape of the building, I found myself forced to put the kitchen on the top floor of the building. So, to avoid the waiters to keep running up the stairs I realized a "food-elevator" in a corner. On the ground floor there are several small tables and some furnitures to hold plates and silverware. On the first floor the decor remains similar but I decided to "paint" a wall hanging with some musical instruments. The top floor is a kitchen with a pantry and refrigerator for meats. It is on Rebrickable: Quote