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  1. kevin8

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Look at the first post!
  2. kevin8

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Thanks so much!
  3. kevin8

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Many thanks!
  4. kevin8

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Yes, on Rebrickable!
  5. kevin8

    [MOC] Who broke his leg? A modular Hospital

    I really love it. It's gorgeous!
  6. kevin8

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Thank you!
  7. kevin8

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Thank you all!
  8. kevin8

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Thank you all. I know that technique. Unluckily I cannot apply to this moc. I do not use a technique that is not neat even inside. In this case I had to be sure that the inside was clean enough. Modulars are going to come when I will have the space for them. ;)
  9. kevin8

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Thanks, even for the front page! Thanks to everyone.
  10. kevin8

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Thank you!
  11. kevin8

    MOC - Medieval Windmill

    Another wonderful creation, my friend. I wonder why you decided to build such windows, I think it's a matter of reproducing thick medieval glass. Anyway nice work.
  12. kevin8

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Thanks for the positive feedback!
  13. Hi to all, today I'm back with a new creation. It is based on an old Moc I found on Mocpages some years ago. I would like to share this with its creator, but I haven't find any way to contact him. Anyway, this is the link to the original one . More than a year ago, I found I could buy the instructions on rebrickable, but it was evidently a Moc derived from the original one. Unluckily it was very poor in details and the proportions were not so good. So I looked for more sources and I discovered there were 2 different A-team Vans with many interiors. I focused on the GMC Van of the '87 and made the one with the equipment for recordings. I tried to fit all the details I could and at last, despite a little parts, the Moc is original.
  14. kevin8

    Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    Thank you! I'm in a strange situation. I'm waiting for a new showcase for my Lego town. It's very huge, something like 3,5 m x 2 m. And my works on new modulars have stopped, simply because I don't have any space to put them. But I'm still designing and I'm renewing my old ones. So, I hope to come back, because I really miss it.