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  1. Stunning! No word to explain how much I love it. This Castle hit my imagination since I was a child. I want it!
  2. kevin8

    The future of Back to the Future

    Honestly I will not buy this set. I think I'd better keep the Moc built wth Rebrickable instructions...
  3. kevin8

    [MOC] Watchtower and medieval bridge

    Ciao Damiano, ottimo lavoro come sempre. Davvero molto dinamica come composizione. Devo farti giusto due appunti però: il tetto della torre stona con quello del mulino. Preso a sè stante va bene, ma messo a fianco del mulino, stride un po'. Sembrano quasi due Moc per ambiti differenti (mi hai comunque tolto un dubbio sull'accostamento di diverse tecniche di costruzione, per me non funziona proprio) i due archi laterali del ponte è un peccato che non siano perfettamente tondi come quello centrale e quello sotto la torre. Avrei usato un arco intero o sarei andato su archi a sesto acuto. Oh, chiaro che si tratta di inezie e di gusti personali. In ogni caso, un altro bel lavoro, prima o poi dovrai affittare una seconda casa per metterci tutte le Moc. Hi Damiano, great job as always. Really very dynamic as a composition. I have to make just two notes though: the roof of the tower clashes with that of the mill. Taken on its own it is fine, but placed next to the mill, it screeches a little. They almost seem like two MOCs for different fields (you still removed my doubt about the combination of different construction techniques, it just doesn't work for me) the two lateral arches of the bridge it is a pity that they are not perfectly round like the central one and the one under the tower. I would have used a full arch or I would have gone on pointed arches. Oh, of course it's all about trifles and personal tastes. In any case, another good job, sooner or later you will have to rent a second home to put all the Mocs in it.
  4. kevin8

    Lego 10290 Pickup Truck

    Nice, but I have a feeling that we're going to see a wave of mods in this set like what happened with the Volkswagen Camper some time ago, and I like that a little less.
  5. kevin8

    [MOC] Pizzeria Modular (free instructions)

    Wow, simply wow! I've been away from modular building for too much time and I wanted to do a Pizzeria, nut this Moc, really is so wonderful, I don't know if I really wanto to go any further. Great!
  6. kevin8

    Winter Chalet UCS Fan Edition

    Wow! Dear Sandro, it's really stunning, but you create an UCS just putting together something you already showed us with something new!!!! It's like the UCS Battle of Hoth of some years ago....
  7. kevin8

    [PRESS RELEASE] 76161 1989 Batwing

    Sure, but Lego makes sets in almost 2 years before putting in shops.
  8. kevin8

    [PRESS RELEASE] 76161 1989 Batwing

    Surely I can, but why Lego itself did not?
  9. kevin8

    [PRESS RELEASE] 76161 1989 Batwing

    I'm a little upset. It seems to me to be a little cropped. I mean, the body is not proportioned to the wings. The wings should have been larger.
  10. Hi to all! I made Dr Raw Flying machine from Hayao Miyazaki's old anime Mirai Shounen Conan. While I was gathering parts to build Arvo's Kaneda Bike,I was captured by the shape of the Pod Container and since then I decided it was the best solution for this MOC. Obviously the egg shape has been a big dilemma to reproduce, but at last maybe I find the best way to make it. Here it is. Hope you'll enjoy. K8802_Raw_FM01 by Mauro Cavinato, su Flickr K8802_Raw_FM03 by Mauro Cavinato, su Flickr
  11. Hi to all, this is my new MOC. I'm still developing it and far away from the completition, but the very first step has been made. It's the Mach Patrol form Daitarn 3, an anime from the 70's. What I completed is the detachable canopy. Hope you'll like it. More is coming while I develope this MOC. Match Patrol by Mauro Cavinato, su Flickr
  12. kevin8

    (MOC)-Classic Space - Some MOC

    Thank you! I had a hard work to polish the trans yellow glasses...
  13. Yes, but you can virtually build it on some Lego cad, and it could become gorgeous!
  14. I never tried to, but I think that if you try to make the roof by putting plates and tileson the sides of the structure you should be able to make the curve you need. Yes it will ben a series of steps, but it will resembles the original. ;)