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  1. Hi to all! I made Dr Raw Flying machine from Hayao Miyazaki's old anime Mirai Shounen Conan. While I was gathering parts to build Arvo's Kaneda Bike,I was captured by the shape of the Pod Container and since then I decided it was the best solution for this MOC. Obviously the egg shape has been a big dilemma to reproduce, but at last maybe I find the best way to make it. Here it is. Hope you'll enjoy. K8802_Raw_FM01 by Mauro Cavinato, su Flickr K8802_Raw_FM03 by Mauro Cavinato, su Flickr
  2. Hi to all, this is my new MOC. I'm still developing it and far away from the completition, but the very first step has been made. It's the Mach Patrol form Daitarn 3, an anime from the 70's. What I completed is the detachable canopy. Hope you'll like it. More is coming while I develope this MOC. Match Patrol by Mauro Cavinato, su Flickr
  3. kevin8

    (MOC)-Classic Space - Some MOC

  4. kevin8

    (MOC)-Classic Space - Some MOC

    Thank you! I had a hard work to polish the trans yellow glasses...
  5. kevin8

    [MOC] Mole Antonelliana

    Yes, but you can virtually build it on some Lego cad, and it could become gorgeous!
  6. kevin8

    [MOC] Mole Antonelliana

    I never tried to, but I think that if you try to make the roof by putting plates and tileson the sides of the structure you should be able to make the curve you need. Yes it will ben a series of steps, but it will resembles the original. ;)
  7. kevin8

    [MOC] Mole Antonelliana

    You should find another way to make the roof. It has not the same proportions of the original. The shape doesn't resemble the real one.
  8. kevin8

    (MOC)-Classic Space - Some MOC

    My idea partially started from there... but Classic Space was not so well-developed on old Idea books. Thanks
  9. kevin8

    (MOC)-Classic Space - Some MOC

    Thank you very much! Mission Accomplished!
  10. kevin8

    (MOC)-Classic Space - Some MOC

    Thank you! I really tried to capture the feeling of classic space, but it's not easy because we are used to the new parts now. I tried to build like a child, but at last I had to use
  11. kevin8

    (MOC)-Classic Space - Some MOC

  12. Hi there, I made some little Moc in a Classic Space style and today I'm here to show you. I made these Mocs to complete my Classic Space diorama, so I tried to make them by using just parts from that era, more or less 1979-1987. The diorama is about 160 x 60 cms The first one is a kind of a Command space centre: The second one is a little complex because I wanted to create a refinery, consisting of an extraction center, a refining plant and the storage tank. The last one is a little vehicle for the transport of debris... That's all folks.
  13. kevin8

    [MOC] St Mark's Square - Venice

    Wow! Did you build it for real or just a render?
  14. kevin8

    [MOC] Barbershop

    This is really astonishing! Original facade with great details, it's really one of the best modular I've seen in the last months. Really a great work, I love it.
  15. kevin8

    [MOC] Florence Cathedral

    This is just astonishing! great work... no words for it.