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Found 5 results

  1. By accident I stumbled across Scrat's face from Pixar's animated movie 'Ice Age' while messing around for a different MOC. Fate? Maybe. A reason to complete him? Absolutely! So here he is, in all his disaster provoking glory. Because he retired from film making a while ago and had a good deal of vacation in sunny Hawaii he turned out to be more brown than tan (so not at all because the required parts weren't available in tan, no of course not...) Hope you like him. Instructions & more pics also available @ And if you want Scrat chasing after the acorn on your desk/mantelpiece/DVD collection or in your kitchen/bedroom/toilet (ok, better not in your toilet), you can get the full set here.
  2. On the remote planet of Sci-Uridae the indigenous race of super intelligent squirrels work hard to build up food storages for the next winter. Sci-Uridae has an orbital period of 12 Earth years and thus the winter gets quite long. Luckily the squirrels got lots of extraordinary nutritious space nuts to keep them fed. Here we can see a scene where space nuts are distributed at one of the tree-shaped space stations. A small defensive anti-spacecraft station protects the space station from incoming attacks. The war against the woodpeckers might be over but it's just a fragile truce. There is also a small saucer for scouting missions. Thanks for watching! /Etzel
  3. Alfadas

    Funny found

    He all, I was browsing the Internet, like I do often, and I came across this: Whaa, it's a monster!! I think it is nice the Crownies got themselfs a nice outpost. I didn't make it, I don't have more pics of it, it is just a found on the Internet.
  4. Classicsmiley

    FAPC: Nutcracker Mech

    The squirrels of Heartlake City used to be a pretty contented lot. They foraged for nuts when they could, and enjoyed the occasional handout from the friendly citizens of the city. However, that all changed when the Giant Mutant Nut from Outer Space landed in their peaceful forest. The squirrels suddenly found that they were smart, they were hungry, and they had the great urge to build a giant robot squirrel (which they decided to call the "Nutcracker"). Why beg for handouts when you can just take what you want? So, if you're ever wandering in the woods near Heartlake City, please be cautious. You probably shouldn't feed the squirrels, but you might not have much choice... Full set on Flickr
  5. Name: Squirrel's Tree House Theme: Friends Year: 2013 Pieces: 41 + 10 extra pieces Minifigs: 0 Animals: 1 Price: USD$4.99 SEK 39.00 My local toy store got some of the new sets for 2013 this week (The Hobbit, Ninjago, SW, some City and Friends) including the first batch of the new small animal bags from Friends. I definitely wanted the squirrel the most so I got it and here are some pictures and my thoughts about it: I started with ripping open the bag and then realizing I should've taken a picture of it before that. Ah well, it's not the bag that's the interesting thing here, it's what's inside: Instructions and yet another bag! The instructions got the same front picture as the bag. I'll spare you the picture of the Win!-girl at the back. No piece call out, that's what's to be expected by such a small set. The instruction are easy to follow and I didn't spot any mistakes. Parts list, click for higher resolution. There is a small ad showing how you can combine the three animal bags to strange structure: To me it looks like the squirrel is sitting on a throne and waiting for the turtle to bring him the offerings of a plate with fish. Chieftain Squirrel will have to wait for a loooong time to get that fish. Meanwhile the cat has her own private room and can enjoy the luxurious meal of a bowl full of... bow-ties? Well, let's not dwell to long on that mysterious picture, I'm sure there is a logical explanation... Here are the pieces that comes in the set: Nothing that pops out, everything is standard and mostly useful pieces. It's this what the set is all about, the squirrel: The bow-tie fits is a hole on top of the tail. The build of the tree-house is quick and simple: Alternative views of the tree-house: It's not the most interesting build, but it uses useful pieces and does the work. It could be a good small present to a kid I think. Some concluding thoughts: If you buy it, you buy it because of the squirrel of course, so it all comes down to if you like the animal or not. But the pieces you get with it aren't useless so the higher price than the Collectible Minifigures is not unbearable. The squirrel is of course very cartoon-y, just like the rest of the Friends animal, but I still find it quite alright to use in a normal LEGO setting. It's certainly too big to be realistic, but all small LEGO animals are too big (ants anyone?) so it's not too much of a big deal. It's about the same size as the chimpanzee that can be found in the Collectible series. Ratings: Design: 5/10, simple and standard. Nothing out of the ordinary. Parts: 8/10, most are very useful and there is actually more pieces than I had thought. Animal: 7/10, so far the best of the Friends animals in my opinion, and something we have never seen before. Price: 6/10, not so bad. Arguably it's mostly small parts, but the price per piece is quite ok in SEK. Maybe it's a different story in other countries. Total: 7/10, if you want a squirrel, buy it. If not, then pass. It's as simple as that. Let me finish by quoting General McAuliffe during the Battle of the Bulge, WW2: "Nuts!"