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Found 72 results

  1. Hello guys! I came up with a nice idea, let's see if it starts to fly or not... ;) What I had in mind was to create an awesome Lego-animation trailer about the Thrawn-trilogy (Heir to the Empire) that would be released slightly before the official Episode VII -movie in celebration of the new Star Wars -movie. The thing is that to make it to be awesome, all of the cutscenes should contain only MOCs. Also it should have many frames per second to make a smooth appearance. This apparently sounds very difficult and workful and so it is. Actually there is no one on the Earth I guess that would have all the necessary MOCs for the effort. So what I propose is to make this trailer as a team work. There are many highly skilled builders that have made some fabulous scenes or vehicles of the Thrawn-trilogy already. And of course the ones that could still build one scene in due time, but not all. If enough enthusiastic persons would agree to make this, all it would take would be to animate a very short clip or two by each individual from the scene they have built. You know what they are like in real trailers, something like less than 5 to 10 seconds maximum and cut to the next shot. Of course, there are a couple of key persons that should put here some more effort. - One would be the director (not me) that should have some experience on animating and leading projects. The director should also hold contact to the builders. - Script writer. I can help with this, but in such a big community, maybe here is someone with some professional experience actually? - A semi-professional editor would do good, too, because there should be some vehicles flying around. Then we would need the MOC-builders. Luckily as I said we already have some and I know here are many super talented builders/animators so this shouldn't be impossible. A couple of examples I know: Thrawn's Command Room http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=107447 Hyllyard in Myrkr Cloning Chamber in Mount Tantiss http://www.eurobrick...pic=101238&st=0 Vehicles: X-Wing, Imperial Shuttle, TIE-Interceptor, Speeder Bike, AT-ST, Probe Droid Vehicle: Y-Wing http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=84780 So, what do you think? Do we have the necessary enthusiasm and are there persons for this project in this forum? If there is something you would like to do, make a post beneath and let's see if this can actually work or not... ;D Personally I can help to make contacts with the people. And I can also provide a busy supply of detailed MOC vehicles. Imperial Star Destroyer and AT-AT on the way as next. -Samppu
  2. Hey guys. I've been working on something over the weekend and I'd like to keep it to myself and bask in its awesomeness share it with you. So here we go. Embedding isn't working. So here's the
  3. I am currently most of the way through my latest project to build a large Technic house moving truck and trailer. I had also been wanting to build a Scania T143m, I have never actually seen one in real life but their 'lack of curves' without better terms has always attracted me to them. I have currently got the truck built with the trailer a few hours' work away. The truck is RC with 3 functions; XL motor for drive, servo motor for steering and 2 L motors for a sliding turntable. There is also a flashing light mechanism that automatically turns on when the battery box is started. The XL motor is geared down to increase torque and decrease speed, so far the only main problem I have encountered is the drivetrains gearing is prone to slipping from the resistance put up when pulling the trailer. I have braced the gearing from the top, bottom and one side, so if anyone could give me help on how to stop that happening would be much appreciated. The truck is 50cm X 18.5cm, has 58 light pieces and weighs 2 kilograms. While I have been MOCing for many years now this is my first post on EB. I have put some photos up on Bricksafe: I will hopefully have a video up in the next few days. All feedback is appreciated, Adam (Kiwi_Builder).
  4. niteangel

    Octan Audi R18 LMP (from 60025)

    The new 60025 excited me at first, but when it was out, I was so disappointed about the design. The 6-stud to 8-stud transition was awkward. I would say this is more like a starter set. However, the color scheme was good. At the same time, I was watching the news on the recent Le Mans 24-hour racing, and I was so fascinated by the champion Audi R18 car. Hey, that's exactly what Lego should have done, perhaps! It took me nearly 1 week to research on that car, and 3 days to create this Lego version of the R18. Let's get into the racing tracks and have a look! Overview of the car: The hardest part is the tail. I did 4 versions in total, and I finally adopted this. I used the 1x2x1 piece sideways as the side exhaust, and integrated the brake light into the bottom bumper line. Looks ready to dash, right? The crew is doing a fine tuning... Reference image of Audi R18: (Google R18 for more images!) Okay, after a week I finally completed the modification on the truck as well. And here you go, the transporter! I have been struggling for the whole week figuring out whether I should use 8-stud or 9-stud or 10-stud container. 8 is not enough as the R18 is actually a little more than 8.5 stud. 10 is too big and it is so difficult to make it look good with the 6-stud wide truck head. Finally I used the uncommon 9 stud, which is not bad at all. The R18 fits perfectly inside while the trailer can "grow" smoothly from the head using some tilting pieces. The tail. Come on quick quick quick! Unload it! So that's basically what it is like after the huge surgery. It doesn't take too many extra bricks, which are mostly used on the base for the trailer, top of the trailer (it is 2 bricks taller) and the racing car. I used the same amount of wheels from 60025 too! Well, the trailer can be detached, as usual. You can see the barrels of Octan petrol stored at the front of the trailer too! Maybe I will make a Shell LMP later to compete with this R18. Let me know what you think! :D
  5. Hi there, Only a few days left until the last Hobbit film starts playing in theaters - in the meantime enjoy this LEGO remake of the teaser trailer coproduced with Dominik from Rainlight Animations (! We really hope you like it and appreciate feedback :)
  6. After a non-stop 22 hours of work, I proudly present my version of the full first Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser trailer in glorious LEGO. 4 hours to shoot more than 1500 frames of animation at 29.97 FPS. 3 hours to build the landscapes and ships/vehicles. Topped off with 15 hours to add the finishing touches that will blow your mind away! Subscribe for new films. If you enjoyed this one you're certain to enjoy next month's film (An original film, 9 months in the making). Plus follow the DC/MARVEL crossover series that will continue to unfold over the next few months. Like and Follow the Facebook page for the latest updates! https://www.facebook...lFeature?ref=hl Thanks for watching!
  7. This was made for my new video that was made in 22 hours. In the photo I included the original plate in the top left corner. Alot of the fx I added in was a rust texture for the speeder along with dust and some color correction. Alot of the parts in the speeder came from the Hulkbuster suit I made for an Avengers video awhile back. If you would like to check out the speeder in action here's the video below. Thanks for looking and may the force be with you!
  8. I've been playing around with this for some time, in LDD only so far. Borrowed some ideas off of prior LEGO sets. It is an experimental agricultural soil treatment machine, designed to produce steam on-board, and then inject it into the soil, while tilling. Similar devices are available commercially in Germany and Italy, but so far none of them are suitable for US agricultural purposes. This one has propane fuel tanks on the tractor, and a hose reel to connect to water tankers off to the side. We were going to build something similar, but then the whole concept got tossed in favor of an autonomous 4-wheeled platform, with no driver, just RC control. For the MT contest, I'll modify and add brick built details to the tractor and finish off the trailer. Functions will include HOG steering, driven PTO connected to the tiller, which can raise and lower. Since PF are not allowed, the steam generator will be non-functional Right now its at 75 x 17 studs, so will need some work to get to the correct size. I'd appreciate any feed back as to suitability to mod to MT standards, or should I work on something else?
  9. I like to present my Mini for the contest, it is a truck with trailer and a wheel loader: After finishing my little dump truck last week I came up with this idea instead of trying to cut down the parts of the little dump truck from 350 or so to 200. And to be honest I am glad I went with this idea. Was alot of fun and it provided alot of challenges, but I got everything in the model that I wanted with exactly 200 parts. A total of 9 functions (10 if you count adjustable seats in the truck) I managed to put in this entry. One function actually shares his with another and came to be by chance actually. I didn't plan it, it just happened when I placed a part for which all I had to do was turn it around to make it even more functional, but more about that later. Allow me to go over each part seperately: 1. The truck with a total of 97 parts. Could be a considered a "Mini" on its own I suppose. It has the following functions: - HoG steering - Rear suspension - Fifth wheel lock 2LegoOrNot2Lego actually inspired me for the fifth wheel with the version he has on his awesome US Truck T1 MkII. I wanted that on my little truck, but I had to do it on a much smaller scale so I didn't fully look at how his worked, just knew it had rubber bands. My fifth wheel requires a little manual assistance to function (don't have to open them this far to get the trailer in there). Trailer uses a technic crankshaft to lock into the fifth wheel And this is how it looks attached. The suspension on this model is actually an improved version of the one I made for my little dump truck. Originally the truck for this had a 5 stud wide chassis like the little dump truck, but after making the wheel loader this 7 stud wide body looked too big in scale (and had a wooping 135 parts). So I made a 5 stud wide truck, which means I had to refine the suspension from the little dump truck from 5 studs to 3 studs. This was a challenge, but making the centre of the rear chassis from connectors instead of liftarms made my day. But Appie this truck is 6 studs wide? Yes, the 5 stud wide truck looked too slim so I tried a 6 stud wide body while keeping the chassis 3 studs wide for a better look (works better with the tires too in my opinion). 2. The wheel loader with a total of 57 parts It has the following functions: - Articulated steering through gear on top of the cabine - Bucket lift through control at the rear - Bucket tilt with hinge Added bonus for me personally is that it uses less parts than Lego's smallest technic loader, but this one can steer Can't wait to see how it looks besides the 42030 3. The trailer with 46 parts. This was a real challenge. Before even starting this I remade the truck like 3 times to get the parts down to what it is now. I took apart the wheel loader for the same reason, but 46 parts is what I had to work with and I managed to get the functions in that I wanted to. Though they are a little simple in execution (as in: very direct), but that also happens in "Mini" Lego sets, so I guess it fits It has the following functions - Ramp that can be lowered - Stand that can be lowered - And the double function: the stand also functions as a lock for keeping the wheel loader in place during transit. The ramp at the end provides this feature a little too of course, but the stand really locks it into place, it can't move at all. I call it "the hook" Let me explain the hook with some pictures. This is how the stand would be during transit. When the stand is deployed the wheel loader can move a little, but is quickly stopped by the ramp at the end, so no crazy stuff will happen when standing still The wheel loader has an open space behind its front axle, the 2x4 liftarm fits perfectly in this space. Here you can see how it looks on the model: Thank you for your time and I hope you all like it. Big thank you to Eurobricks for this fun contest. It's alot of pictures, hope you don't mind. I like showing stuff Photo of the parts will follow soon (will have to disassemble it first).
  10. eurotrash

    MOC: Caravans

    Lego Caravans Summer's here! And what better way to start it off by building a couple of Caravans. I'd been struggling with a Chicken Bus based on the Harry Potter Knight Bus. My first attempts looked like an Eggplant with Windows, then it morphed into a fairly decent looking 7-wide Transit bus. But it still wasn't what I was hoping for so I started again from scratch and built this caravan. It's 7-wide, 22 studs long and although the color scheme looked a bit loud I'm pleased with the outcome. There are exterior lights, steps, a roof mounted AC unit, an awning currently rolled up ( ), a couple of Gas bottles on the front tongue, but it currently has no interior. Then as part of my forthcoming Trailer Park I had to build another one and I stumbled across RTN LNA's instructions for an Airstream on another site ( I knew I just had to build it. The door was tricky and I slightly changed the connection method for the roof and the two ends and added the AC unit/TV antenna but otherwise it's his plans that I used and they are well recommended. So grab a cold one and join me around the campfire! Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome.
  11. coghilla

    Robel Work Trailer 55.54

    Here is a work trailer that I have built to go with the Robel Bullok. It also appeared in the Kibri catalogue a few years ago. Robel Work Trailer by coghilla, on Flickr Robel Work Trailer by coghilla, on Flickr Robel Work Trailer by coghilla, on Flickr
  12. My trailer for the Batman: Death of the Family story arc by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. 8 months of work, but so totally worth it when Greg Capullo said it was "Beyond Awesome." I figured it would be easier to make because I didn't have to worry about story and I could use the comics for laying out the shots. I didn't realize what just how much set building it would be for seconds worth of footage. Enjoy and as always, thoughts and suggestions welcome.
  13. Farnheim

    MOC: 4wide water rescue unit

    Hello all! The next one (of my 120+ firetrucks, containers and trailers ) I want to show you is a water rescue truck in combination with a boat on a trailer. This unit carries rescue divers and a lot specific equipment to the scene. The truck is highly recommend for rough and/or weak terrain. The boat (which features a solid aluminum hull) carries a powerful outboard motor and a lot of equipment for the first responders. It's quite basic-built, but features the typical bicolor paint scheme and the drive train as a little more detail under the car. Like every MOC of mine this truck also features some epuipment like the divers' suit, a respirator and a special platform to rescue people from thin ice. Finally a picture of the complete a water rescue squad that will be released when an incoming emergency call is indexed by the dispatchers with the word "water". It features from the right: incident command van, pumper (also equipped with stuff for the technical assistance, water rescue truck (divers truck), boat truck and a crane and a rescue van. Hope you like it. C&C are welcome as usual. Thanks in advance. Regards, Farnheim
  14. Ok, here is my entry, got it finished this morning after all night build. My triple consist of truck, removable log crane and trailer. The truck and the crane work with remote PF. (except outriggers on crane are handled manually) The truck: The truck features forward/reverse (L-motor) and return to center steering by PF servo. In the truck are also located the cranes turntable and main boom motors (M&L). It uses maximum 500 parts, it was quite a challenge to do such large model with relativelly small part count. I used LDD trough all the build, so it shouldn't exceed the max part count. I learned a LOT on optimizing and utilizing special technic parts. I'm quite happy with appearance of it, and I like the cabin very much. All tho I had to tape few panels black cause I hadn't anough of them :( But I think you hardly notice :) The crane: The crane features main boom, second boom, and fully operational claw. They work remotely. (one channel not used) Motors are M. It has also manual outriggers. Crane also uses all 500 parts. The claw rotates using small turntable and claw closing action is fed trough it. The claw is synchronized so turning the claw won't affect much to closing action. The synchronization is done in the superstructure with system of gears and differential. In short, when the turning motor is driven, it also turns the the claw gears trough the stationary differential in opposite direction so the claw is almost unaffected (It was not possible to exactly match the gear ratios with small turntable). When claw motor is driven, is the differential turning and closing/opening the claw. Claw turning is not affected at all. I'm quite pleased with this brainchild. It could be used with any other application when turntable is causing undesired action. Below is the crane with out battery case, so the system is visible: (It's a poor picture, I don't know can you make any sense of it) The trailer: Nothing special there, other than it uses only 453 parts :) oh, and I'm also short of double angular beams in same color. All my Black and dark grey ones are in this triple. Finally, all working together: Short video clip: I think I will just copy this to entry topic. (Did it) Feel free to comment.
  15. Stephen Provoost

    Trailer suspension

    Hello, I want to make a trailer for a truck to transport my Swingloader (designed bij D3K) or my New Holland excavator (gathering the pieces and must buy the instructions). I have seen some trailers from "2LegoOrNot2Lego" and I must say they are incredible. Now I have some questions: How does the suspension works, I've tried many times but I didn't succeed in making a good one. (example: Does anyone have some pictures or drawings for a detachable gooseneck? (like this trailer: Thank you in advance! Stephen
  16. Hi everybody. I build another MOC in the last days and wanted to share the result with you. Is is nothing special, but I like it. The whole truck is exactly 100 cm long (trailer is 66 cm). The truck is motorized with power functions, it has one XL motor for driving and one M motor for steering. For a better steering I have attached a worm gear. It seems, that I only build log trucks :-) Enjoy the pictures and let me know, what you think...
  17. Hey everybody. I am new to this forum respectively this is my 1st post after a while of only reading. As my favourite set is the 9397 logging truck I did a few modification and I built a trailer for it. As you can see on the pictures I modified the logging truck with double wheels and also did some enhancements on the crane. With this mods the crane has a better playability and can be almost fully positioned behind the cabin. For that I replaced the small actuator with a big one. Also I did some mods only for cosmetic reasons, e.g. I replaced the original grey wheel rims on the truck with silver wheel rims (out of the 8285 set). After that was done I thought about building a trailer for my truck. You can see the result on the pictures, let my know what you think. I used almost the same chassis as used for the original 9397 truck. All axles have doubles wheels and the first axles can rotate. So what I now need is definitely more wood :-)
  18. Hello! In January 2013 I built this ~ 1:16 Peterbilt 379. The truck is 540 mm long, weights 2185 g (with trailer: 3413 g). The trailer is 690 mm long. Functions: remote controlled driving, steering, gear change(1 - 4), turn signals. The truck has a classic ladder chassis, rigid enough to pick it up by holding in the middle with one hand. It was very important to me to be realistic, every axle has leaf springs - a single axle is used as spring: In the rear axles, the suspension is rigid and strong enough to hold and drive with a 2 kg weight. Besides the leaf springs, the rear axles have links, they can equalize in light terrain. There is two XL motor at the front of the drivetrain, with separate IR receiver for more power(I don't have V2 yet). On Xl motor is under the hood, another one in is in the sleeping cabin. Then we can see the four speed gearbox: . With this you can change gear fully comfortable. After the gearbox there is a spline shaft: . Inside there isn't a lot of space, and it's full with PF components. One AA battery box, 2 XL motor, 5M motor, 4 IR receiver, 3 PF switch, 3 PF led, an some converter cable are built in. I put a black sticker near to the windscreen to cover them(the Peterbilt logo is my own "painting"): The turn signals also work, with two leds on each side(in the rear bumper and on the cabin door). In the video below you can see it. The working method is simple: one M motor turns a white 24z gear, which enables the led to light with the PF switch. You can adjust very precisely the limit state with the 3L bley axle: It took me for a while to find out, because I need a small turning light operator which fits in the sleeping cabin, where was a very limited space after the gearbox and other parts. The front lights are also working. Everything can be opened(video: from 2:58). Ok, the mudguards aren't together with the bonnet, but I can't do it other. I built in some engine imitation(I know, the real one has different - L6 -, but this can be ~ a V8): It's a trailer truck with this trailer: This one also has an Ir receiver, so the coupling can be full remotely. The support legs can lower/rise the trailer: The suspnesion is adjustable on both axles. The video shows it well from 4:20. You can put even 5 kg of load over the axles. The truck's rear axles also can hol 2 kg, so the total load can be maximum 7 kg. With this, the camion's total wight is more than 10 kg. With this load, it can go in every gear, but it's in 4th of course very weak. In second gear it performs quite well, 0,27 km/h(with 7kg load). Of course, with the full load it can go only on relatively flat surface. The adjustment of suspension can be done with these racks: Without load and trailer, maximum speed is 1,1 km/h, with trailer and 2 kg load is 0,5 km/h in fourth gear. The video: Hope you like it.
  19. legotechnicblue

    Trailer hitch. HELP PLEASE

    I am planning on building a lego flatbed trailer to haul of my lego technic vehicles. My dimensions are 24 studs by 70 studs long. This will be pulled by my 8110 unimog. I'm looking for an easy way to connect a hitch to my unimog that will also be easily installed on the trailer.
  20. Tamas Juhasz

    Micro RC truck

    I uploaded my smallest truck few days ago: Folder: My purpose was a very small trailer truck with remote control. The PF RC system rquired the trailer, in the tractor truck there is only space for one micromotor and the suspension. Total length is 42 stud, width is 5 stud in the truck, 6 in the trailer. The trailer's height is 10 stud at maximum. One old 71427 motor drives the rear wheel of the truck with universal joint: Then, 6 of the 12 tooth bevel gears make connection with the rear axle: The steering is done with micromotor. There is 4 functions in this moc: 1 driving 2 steering 3 Led lights in the back 4 suspension There is one receiver for the leds, so they(orange and red) can be controlled individually: Except the truck's driven axle, all axle has suspension. Front: Trailer - the red suspension parts are from the city theme, I like these small live axles, they are perfect for here: The most tricky part was the tractor truck of course. Fortunately I have two large red doors from an old set, so I could do the truck with this looking: I know that the wheels are a bit small for this body, but who cares. If we take a look at this( ), then it's not so big. The trailer is full with PF parts. From the front part there are: 71427 motor - AAA battery box - two PF receivers - leds. The few metallic silver grill plates cover the receiver's infra parts, so you can't see them, but the communication between them and the remote controller is still good: For the control the 8879 remote control is recommended, as can be seen in this video: Hope you like it.
  21. Stephen Provoost


    I made a dumptrailer (not yet finished) for the truck i've copied from Jaap. (Very nice truck btw). It uses 1 m-motor for the legs and 1 m-motor for the linear actuators. I must fix the lifting of the bed because it's a little bit heavy. hope you like it. Stephen
  22. With summer fast approaching "Down Under", AussieBJ05 posted several YouTube videos of his Lego Technic 4WD vehicle with folding pop-up camper trailer. : Demonstrating the folding mechanisms: : Showing how the camping trailer opens (pops up):