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  1. mostlytechnic

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    When I heard the rumors of this set and the size, I wasn't really interested... no room to display it, and not a big interest in the subject. However, your review (and of course others I've checked out) have swayed me... So congratulations Lego, your marketing through review sets is working and you can count me as a future buyer due to it Nice review - one of the things I like about seeing multiple reviews online is the details that different people point out. Those tiny benches look great! Any estimate on how long it took to build? I know that building for reviews goes at a different pace than normal building (build faster, but then have to stop and take photos and such), but ballpark guess?
  2. Thanks! I'll definitely be taking a read through this
  3. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block

    Thanks for the well-done review! I still have my NES set unopened since I've been building other things, but I will be picking this up to go with it. Oddly, I was never a big Nintendo fan as a kid (I had an Atari 2600 and then jumped to computer games - the next console I got was a Wii!) but I played Mario enough at friends houses and stuff to love the games. I never played Mario 64 though, so I actually just started playing it so this set would make more sense to me :)
  4. Does no one remember 42008 Service Truck? Reviews keep comparing this to 8285, but not a single one I've seen has mentioned 42008 which I think is a better comparison set. It had pneumatics AND LAs, lots of functions, and dense construction like this one. And a lot of stickers It was just a smaller scale and Euro-style. For some reason there was a lot of hate for this truck, even when I reviewed it As for the stickers... the ones on 42008 look at least reasonable to me. The ones on 42128 look like garbage. And I say that as an American who sees these trucks in real life, where they often DO have lots of decoration on them like this one with some serious copyright infringement One other lacking detail I see in this set from reality - most of the trucks that actually have a rotating crane on them have a second set of side outriggers at the back. Lego'd have to extend the truck at least another 3-4 studs to do that though, and I prefer to see both side and rear outriggers like they did here. In the real world they'd be separately controlled, but that's really getting nitpicky, and some might say Lego making them work together is interesting and clever design on a toy set.
  5. I know why - you were actually recoiling from the POWER TOW stickers all over it. Can't wait to get one of these for myself. This is right up my alley, as you said. Lots of functions, good mechanical design, etc. Cosmetically, I love the overall look. I think the front end looks great. I am not a fan though of how high the main boom is mounted. I wish the pivot point for that was several studs lower. But alas... I've owned the 8285 Tow truck, which looked fantastic but didn't do a ton (man were big vehicles hollow back in the day!). I've also owned the 42008 Service Truck, which also has pneumatics and a good amount of functions. I loved that truck when I reviewed it, and I think this one looks like a solid step up in size and features.
  6. I feel like the packaging is a bit deceiving - on the front of the box, the truck has motion-blurred wheels like it's flying along at high speed. And not a fan of the sticker vomit. That said, I like that it's got some decent climbing ability. I remember being a bit disappointed with older RC trucks from Lego (the orange 9398 crawler - which also had too small of wheels) and that they didn't have the torque or traction to climb. From videos though, it needs to shed a lot of weight on that cab to become less front-heavy.
  7. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 21327 - LEGO Ideas Typewriter

    Got my Typewriter and built it over the last few days. My thoughts, for what they're worth... It's a beautifully designed set. The sand green looks great - although the typewriter I used as a kid in the early 80s was black, not vintage green. Ours also didn't have the dual-color ribbon, so the red/black was a new "feature" to me. But this is one of the best "desk decoration" sets Lego has made yet - right up there with the bonsai tree. It's definitely needing the 18+ rating - moreso than most of the sets that get it. There's definitely some tricky parts to put together and get all aligned to make it work right. Yes, the key mech parts are pretty repetitive, but they're in the beginning and that's about the end of repetitive building. Plus I just built the Daily Bugle, so my tolerance for repetition is pretty high right now :) I LOVE that the typing sound is there. The strike of the key is a little dull, but when it snaps back it gives you that "typing clack" sound. Nice job in the design to make it hit right to do that! I wish the space bar worked. But that'd complicate things, needing it to move the paper without making a letter stroke. Oddly, I'm taking the opposite conclusion from Jim. I'm normally a Technic fan who wants MORE POWAA FUNCTIONS and is annoyed by how many parts are wasted on the cosmetics. However, in this case, the typing function works SO WELL and the looks are so great that I'm very forgiving that the color lever doesn't do anything, there's no bell, the space bar doesn't work, the shift keys do nothing, etc. And I really appreciate the inclusion of the letters to put in the machine. Since it's scaled slightly smaller than reality and can't take a normal sheet of paper (either US letter or Euro A4), having those in the correct size really helps complete the design.
  8. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 21327 - LEGO Ideas Typewriter

    Sorry Jim, I'm not reading your review. Yet. I have my typewriter already ordered and I don't wanna spoil it. I'll be back later to read and see if I missed anything or have comments, but first, I need to get and build mine.
  9. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 76388 Hogsmeade Village Visit

    I'm coming at this from a different perspective - I haven't seen/read HP, and I don't really care about that part of it. I'm looking at the buildings, and so I LIKE that the honeyduke's details are stickers. I'm considering getting the set, selling the figs, and not applying the pink Honeyduke stickers. I'd still put the window grates on, but not the name. Then these would be nice looking little snowy scene. I think the buildings look GREAT as is, and they're pretty nicely designed for sure.
  10. mostlytechnic

    Can't LEGO keep up with demand?

    There are hard limits to how much anyone can do that. I'm in a very different manufacturing industry, but I can tell you that we have literally millions of dollars of product sitting in our warehouse, ready to ship around the world, and we simply cannot get trucks and shipping containers to haul it. The products are literally on skids just waiting for the truck. We use thousands of plastic bottles and metal cans for some of our products - we cannot get them. We're ordering ANY bottle the correct size that we can get, no matter what color or shape, just to try and fill orders. When Texas had the freeze last month, that screwed up some of the solvents we buy. We have contracts for buying tank trucks of solvent monthly, but they're not able to fill them because the refineries in Texas were shut down. That means we don't get solvent, which means our customers don't get the product they ordered, and that means their customers won't get THEIR orders. It's a ripple that takes months to travel down the supply chain. The entire global supply chain is massively disrupted for MANY reasons and will be for a year to come. Believe me, Lego and any other company ARE moving heaven and earth to sell products.
  11. Heh, I see it. The stickered fenders on each side of the digging arm look like they could fold out into legs or something.
  12. B Models!!!! Thanks again to Lego and EB for these review sets. I've already reviewed the main models of these sets (Heavy-Duty Excavator and Rescue Hovercraft). Now that they're officially released, the B-model instructions are finally available. Here's a quick look at those, since the back-of-box artwork made them look VERY attractive. The Sets Here are the two B models. The excavator turns into, um, a different excavator I guess? And the hovercraft becomes a small plane. At a quick glance, these look great. Both are clearly obvious, pretty well designed, and even incorporate the stickers into the design. In fact, the instructions show you putting the stickers on the pieces, so even if you build the B-model first, you have the parts correctly stickered. In a coupe spots in the excavator, the sticker is applied and then the part added upside down, so the sticker is not visible. It's a GREAT way to handle the stickered pieces. Additionally, all the stickers are "added" right as you put the part on. There's no times when you add a piece and come back 10 steps later to sticker it. It's obvious when you need the stickered part. The Other Side There's quite a bit of function on both sets. For the excavator, you have control of the arm in 2 places. There's an opening hood and 4-cylinder "engine" underneath. The pistons move when you roll the excavator along. It pivots in the center for steering, but there's no knob to control that. The plane has landing gear that collapses (it's half-folded in this photo, so it tucks up tight to the fuselage or locks in the down position). The propellers are driven by those wheels, so they spin as you roll it along. There are flaps on the wings (the grey panels) that are controlled by a lever in the cockpit. Finally, there's a knob on top that moves both the rudders and the rear wheel for steering. Here's the sets with the functions in different positions. The Leftovers There are fairly few parts left. Almost everything is used on the excavator. Note that both bags here also include all the usual spare parts. Overall, I think these are some of the better B-models for this size set. And that's refreshing, after so many of the recent sets that haven't had them (from what I've personally built, that'd be the Ferrari 488, the Jeep, the 42108 Crane, Top Gear Rally Car, Cement Mixer, and the massive 42100 Excavator). The excavator builds a different type of excavator, and it's almost good enough to be a main model. There's very few issues with it - yes, there's a few spots where different pins are used than would be on a main model. I think the exhaust is a little odd. The controls are very minimal - both linear actuators are controlled directly. In a main model, they'd have run axles through the model to have knobs somewhere at the back. In this case, there were no more axles to use for that. And they even used most of the 1x2 liftarms provided as "stuff to dig" in the B-model. I honestly might leave this set this way, and I'll put it with the other excavator sets as something different. For the airplane, it's not quite as close to being a main model, but it's a very solid B model. The stickering is a little weird - not likely to see a rescue plane labeled like this, and the danger stickers on the tail are out of place. The orange wings/grey flaps are a bit odd. Well, the whole color scheme is odd. Lime wheels, orange wings, grey underside, black roof, and red splashed around. The flap controls (being in the cockpit) are hard to reach with adult fingers. But it's nicely swooshable, solid, and playable. The mechanisms are well built, and the set as a whole is worth your time to try out. I'll be rebuilding this back to the hovercraft, but I'm glad I checked out the plane.
  13. I didn't feel like it was slow, compared to Technic sets I've built over the last 20 years. It felt pretty typical to me. And I agree, the rear knob being on the left would be easier to operate and more ergonomic, but I bet they didn't want to mess with the cosmetics on the left (vents, cabin, etc)
  14. Both are close to minifig, but then, Technic is never minifig scale. There hasn't ever been a Technic set in minifig scale - as close as this is, it'd look WAY out of place in a Lego City scene.
  15. I think a crane mod would be pretty easy indeed. You've already got the mini-LA to adjust the boom angle, and then use the second knob to drive a spool of string.