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  1. Care to share with the rest of us? Always like learning what other people see...
  2. Tariq's role as jailer both protects the target and keeps the target from doing anything. So fhomess was prevented from going out AND protected from the scum kill. Worked out good for us since two townies ended up dying at the vig's hand ;) Fun game, and thanks Kintober! I too never had Asphalt high on my radar. Well played, using the "new guy" vibe to your benefit! And poor khscary, getting double killed... That's some impressive investigating too, well picked there Asphalt! You had ALL the PRs together by the end plus caught me.
  3. mostlytechnic

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Wow, that's terrible how they buried it in another email. I only knew about it from seeing it on various lego fan sites, didn't get a code (that I'd seen) and came here and searched and found this post. Would totally have missed the VIP Black freebie if I wasn't active in Lego stuff online.
  4. Got my popcorn; ready to see how this plays out.
  5. Of course I did! Thanks for hosting and I look forward to next time.
  6. Wow, so much drama stirred up. Just remember when I flip town tomorrow, trust no one. There's obviously a bunch of lying going on since there is conflicting claims and multiple blocks. Good luck in the hunt. I'm off to eat turkey instead of pizza and fanta. Oh, and for proper form so I don't get penalty votes, vote: oruku (kotz) I'm voting for oruku since I blocked her last night and there weren't deaths.
  7. You forget, there's almost always a serial killer in these games too. With only 1 kill, it was either SK or scum. Meaning the vig stayed home (normal), and Superman was possibly either scum or SK (and Legolas was killed by the other) Since there were no super-scummy people to block night 2, I figured Superman would have been worth testing, but I couldn't.
  8. My being a blocker would have no effect on an investigation. I should show as town to any honest investigator.
  9. I'm not claiming neutral because I'm not neutral. And if I claim neutral, you'd still lynch me. MAYBE the town would let a neutral serial killer or something live, but probably not. I'm town. Since this lynch is looking more certain, and no one is listening to my innocence, I'm being forced to reveal who I am to prove that WW is either lying or being lied to. I AM THE TOWN'S ROLEBLOCKER. Night 1, I blocked Superman because he'd been so quiet, it made me suspicious. Night 2, I wanted to block Superman again to test if he was a killer (since there was only 1 death night 1), but since I couldn't, blocked Oruku because I was getting a scummy vibe, but not enough to be worth voting for. She'd be on the quiet side day 1, and then got on the WW vote train right behind me. Just felt like someone trying to not draw too much attention. Both blocks were successful. Given the lack of night kills, I suggest to the town that Oruku could easily be the scum killer. Why else was there no scum kill last night? It's either that or our doctor got lucky and protected the right person. No, you have someone CLAIMING to have heard from someone else that there's a result. So many ways that information could be wrong. Maybe the scum investigated me last night, found I was a PR, and so decided to take me out this way to kill 2 townies (myself and WW?) and leave their night kills available to take out more of us.
  10. Sure, obviously one explanation is what WW said. I'm scum, she's in contact with the block, blah blah blah. But again I ask, WHY WOULD SHE BE TRUSTED INTO THE BLOCK? Before you say it, she could have been investigated night 1. Or like I said, maybe the scum have a fake block and lured her in by saying they investigated and cleared her.
  11. Woah, what the what? 1. I know who I am, and I'm not against the town. I'm part of the town. 2. Why on EARTH would a town block trust you? Someone who's racked up more votes than anyone else alive? Someone who multiple people keep saying is the scummiest in the game? 3. I have no idea what WW is trying to do here, but it's a lie. I truly understand how this looks - everyone is going to jump on my bandwagon now because "there's information!!!%%!!%!" but consider the source. I don't know why this is coming out of WW - yeah, obviously, when I flip town she's dead. So I'd be accusing her of having some weird role like "to win, WW has to get MadEye lynched" or something like that. But this is supposed to be a pretty normal game, so that doesn't make sense either. 4. Why does WW trust this supposed town block? She says she has no ability, so how does she know they're trustworthy? Heck, what better plan for the scum than to lure in a townie, get that townie to get another one lynched, and then the first townie gets lynched TOO? Dang, I gotta remember that for next time I'm scum, cause that's brilliant. Good job scum, cause I'm assuming that's what is happening here. Well played. Obviously WW isn't going to reveal who she's in contact with, since she thinks they're the block. But WW - if you succeed in my lynch today, when I flip town tomorrow, you'd dang well better out all the people you're talking to, because at least one of them is scummy scum scum.
  12. See my earlier posts above - she said she was glad to not be lynching Wonderwoman when the crazyness with Finn fired up. Sure, I was glad to be lynching him too when he's openly claiming to be scum and so forth, but it seemed off to be happy to not lynch WW when there's no good reason to be trusting anyone yet.
  13. I wasn't trying to attack you; I was questioning why Ellie was so excited to not be lynching you. I don't find anyone here worthy of trust so it seemed off to me. Really? No eating in the ball pit. That's how we get bugs and sticky balls. Ugh.
  14. So, obviously night kills (or lack thereof) is a popular topic for debate. Personally, I assume Legolas on night 1 was scum. I can't see the vig taking someone out night 1 and the scum NOT, and them getting blocked is unlikely just by the odds. For night 2, I'm assuming the vig stayed home again (sorta surprised, but I guess no one maybe stood out enough). Surely the scum tried to take someone out, so either the scum killer was blocked or the target was protected (yes, I know that's Mafia 101, but we do have some new people around...)
  15. Jester is usually a 3rd party, so he'd have been revealed as neutral instead of town. This is from yesterday, but I didn't have a chance to bring it up before the day ended. Ellie, care to explain why you're defending WW here? I mean, I was glad to vote Finn, but I have no reason to believe WW is loyal either. I did vote for her earlier after all. And you were too obviously - so why "glad we're not lynching" her?