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  1. Architecture 2018

    Is the twisting tower possibly as simple as 2x2 jumpers stacked and rotated slightly each time? It looks like about the right scale for that.
  2. Gotta start saving my pennies for that Mack truck. (checking VIP account... woo, I've got $60 there, so that's a good start!) Have to say though, it's sorta weird to me. Looks like a very American tractor, but very Euro trailer. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that here in the USA.
  3. Interior design for a Church

    Great job! Looks good anyway, and you did a great job copying the reference building. Any shots of that grand piano? Was it something you designed or something you got somewhere?
  4. LEPIN brings out Monster Fighters HAUNTED HOUSE (16007)

    It's like they don't even try - they obviously took the real EN box and poorly edited it. You can see that the N in Nemerald is different than the rest of the word, and the 10194 is still visible on the front of the train, etc. Oh, and you can clearly see the 19104 under the windows of the loco too.
  5. Very cool model! I may have to build one of them myself...
  6. Automated forklift truck

    Interesting design. I can't say I've ever seen a forklift with that mechanism - it works, but yeah, it's not the most sturdy design. Clever though! And probably easier to automate than a string-based lift system.
  7. Using 76057 Spiderman Ultimate Bridge Battle as a train bridge

    I'm sure you COULD go without the middle two supports, but it'd take more rebuilding of the internal framework to make it hold the weight of a train. I still might try it though... I do agree it'd look better (and be way more impressive...)
  8. Using 76057 Spiderman Ultimate Bridge Battle as a train bridge

    I do like your changes - the double-lane version looks great, just too bad I don't need that :) And yes, I'm definitely making the towers taller to get more clearance for trains (and look a little less weird on scale). One thing I did was add a block in the center to attach the suspension cables to - fixing it in the center makes it "hang" a little nicer. I'm also planning to change the bases, since the open ends look odd.
  9. Using 76057 Spiderman Ultimate Bridge Battle as a train bridge

    In my situation i need exactly the 6 tracks long and one end is coming off a cliff face, so this bridge layout is what i need. I'm making a big U shape so I'll have two of these with a half circle between them. I've just gotta figure out the semicircle part now. I already have the area covered in blue baseplates so I'll add some white and blue water hitting the base. I'm also going to add more of the suspension rope to the outer ends and make that look better.
  10. My train layout needs a big bridge - I have a wing of the table that is lower by about 4 inches and has 6 straights, a semi-circle, and 6 more straights supposed to go over it. I'd thought about getting some of the rare girder pieces from the 7900 Heavy Loader set to make a steel bridge, but I didn't think I'd really like the look. When the first pictures came out at the beginning of the year of the Spider-Man Ultimate Bridge Battle set, I knew I had my bridge. Sadly, for some reason, the set came out in Europe months before the US. Thanks to, I fixed that problem AND saved some money :) The US price is supposed to be $100 for the set, but I got 4 sets shipped from Europe for about $360 once VAT was removed. And shockingly, they arrived in 3 days! I put all the figs up on Bricklink to pay for my addiction, and started building. I first built them all stock, and then I looked at combining them into a longer bridge. Let's face it, the designer 100% KNEW people would do this. The set is HALF a bridge after all... and it's got a number of ways it was well designed for this usage! First, here's the stock set in case you don't know it: That breakaway section where the taxi is crashing looks like a potential problem, since it's a weak point. And the broken off end of the bridge will clearly have to go. So that's what I did - I took 2 sets, removed the broken end (which is a separate piece and comes off easily and cleanly! See, told you it was designed for this!), connected them end to end, and then started modding away the breakaway. It was pretty easy to do without needing extra pieces. The only pieces I ended up needing from my collection were a couple dark grey 1x2 plate with clip to extend the red/grey cable arch all the way. Enough talking, here it is: IMG_2298.jpg by mostlytechnic, on Flickr I'm still going to mod a few more things (take off some of the spiderwebs, change the base a little, etc) but it's about 98% done. There's a few flaws, like having 4 pillars under the bridge that's supposed to be a SUSPENSION bridge, but oh well. I didn't redesign it enough to take those middle pillars off without it breaking when weight is on it. But it's exactly 6 track pieces long and it's sized just big enough for stock Lego train sets to work. The actual floor of the bridge is 10 studs wide, and all the stock trains I have will fit through with minor adjustments: IMG_2300.jpg by mostlytechnic, on Flickr Maersk loco fits just fine. Scale's a little off, but it fits cleanly through. IMG_2301.jpg by mostlytechnic, on Flickr The yellow 7939 loco fits, IF you fold the pantograph completely down, and then it has a tiny tiny clearance. I'd probably just remove the pantograph completely. IMG_2302.jpg by mostlytechnic, on Flickr The red 3677 locomotive fits except for the horns on top. Pull them off, and you're through. IMG_2303.jpg by mostlytechnic, on Flickr The Maersk container cars fit though too. IMG_2299.jpg by mostlytechnic, on Flickr Then end of the bridge never seen on the box looks like this - clean and ready to attach to whatever, with both Technic holes for making a good connection. Even though everything fits, I'll still probably add a couple rows of bricks to provide more comfortable clearance and in case I run any taller loads around. Anyone else planning to do this?
  11. The Convention - Conclusion

    I agree, I liked the restricted PM idea. I think a NO pm game would be tough, but something where you have to slowly build a group would be cool. Or smaller groups like this was. There's lots of ways... but basically, something to keep the game from turning into a mostly-via-PM event.
  12. The Convention - Conclusion

    Thanks for the fun times, and for the unexpected extra day I got to live, and for letting me survive for a sequel :) I was optimistic with the scum team at the start, but once we had one caught the first night, I knew we were in trouble. And in retrospect, I'm sorta kicking myself for the vig claim. I was too worried about being rolecopped, and I should have risked it and not claimed. Oh well... it was fun.
  13. The Convention - Day 4

    You "giving me a chance" and me voting for you have nothing to do with each other. I answered your chance - there's nothing left for me to say. As I said, either you or Godalupe is an ultimatio, so I have to vote for one of you two. Neither has posted enough to have a solid read, but my gut says you're more likely. That's the best I can do.
  14. The Convention - Day 4

    What more do you possibly want me to say? I've been open and honest this whole adventure, worked to hunt the Ultimatios, and already explained my vig actions each night. Nothing left I can pull out of my backside as evidence or I would have shared it yesterday! We have a rolecop, blocker, and tracker, who have pretty well proven themselves and cross-checked each other. So that leaves Alarico or Godalupe as "vanillas" - one of which is really Ultimatio! Neither one has been very talkative this game, and so I'm just flipping a coin and going with a gut feeling... Vote: Alarico Leyva (forresto) because I almost killed him off night 1 from a gut feeling, but didn't because we had too few people to risk it
  15. The Convention - Day 4

    Ah, that makes much more sense now. I think the clear answer then is to lynch John McClane! Seriously though, that does help. Believe me I do understand the drive to lynch me today, and I know you all probably will, but it's a mistake. I don't know why we have competing vig claims - that'd only make sense in a small game if we had alternating days or something, and I had no limitations on my kill ability, it's just a normal vig role - but I can just tell you all the truth like I have been all game.