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  1. And I don't see pushing for the no-lynch as preventing learning from voting patterns. People still vote; it just might take till later to learn whether the people being accused are town or scum. And pushing no-lynch is a "voting pattern" in and of itself. It also causes more discussion since now we get to talk about people AND lynching, and more conversation is a good thing. But yeah, I probably wouldn't push so hard for no lynch in the future just because it slows things down SO MUCH :)
  2. I'm not at ALL saying I want to sit idle - I'm saying I would prefer the game have fewer mechanisms that lead to passive vanilla. It's a big black mark on vanilla townies, myself absolutely included, that we've become passive. I think the scrolls could have helped with that, if we had more information on them. I felt like they were a big black box that we (those not having them) could not analyze, and therefore they didn't get talked about very much. Either people who had them were quiet to keep secret what they knew, or the rest of us didn't even know what to ask or poke about. As vanillas, we need MORE talk in the game so that we have discussion to analyze to look for scummy actions. As for the lynching, I totally expect future hosts to have a "most votes gets lynched" rule as opposed to requiring 50%. That makes sense to me and I'm fine with it. Lynching is the crux of the game after all. In this case, I saw how the rule was written and made use of it to try and win. That's also part of the game, exploiting loopholes :)
  3. Wow, that's a ton going on behind the scenes. My take - very fun game, but I wasn't a fan of the scrolls/traveler bit. I was vanilla, and I'm not a big PM user, so to me, that was just another thing that other people were doing that made my role less important. It was super powerful, but since I never had a scroll I didn't have enough information to even start thinking about what it COULD be doing, and it caused so much extra stuff happening it made analysis of anything impossible. I mean, how do you figure out who is doing what with so many 1-shot things happening? Since I was never in the block and actually, didn't have a single PM with anyone, I was in the dark about all of it. Sorry (sort of) to have messed up your plans with my no-lynch pushing, but I honestly saw that as the best route for the town. In a small game, I didn't want to start losing people (especially potential PRs) due to crappy early voting, since there's nothing to base it on. I was deliberately slowing down the death rate to give the PRs more time to do their thing. I personally think the games here have gotten overly dependent on the town forming a block and then how good/lucky they are decides the win/lose, while the vanillas who aren't in the block are nearly irrelevant. This setup with scrolls just made that even more so. I like the idea of no PM games, or at least night-only for the town, to reduce that. I feel like most vanillas, myself included, just sit back and wait for others to take the lead and then follow their votes, as opposed to actually using the votes as the primary information source like it's claimed to be.
  4. Hi all! GREAT game Hinck! So fun as always. Sorry to have messed with your schemes by pushing the non-lynch for several days, but I truly did think it was in the best interests of town at that point. Loved the sets and humor in the daily tales. That style is right up my alley so I enjoyed it and kept reading even after I was dead.
  5. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 42108 - Mobile Crane

    Thanks for catching that typo - I fixed it in the review now (I'd mistakenly put the 42009 as 46xx parts instead of 26xx)
  6. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 42104 - Race Truck

    I again prefer the B to the A model, but the truck isn't terrible. At least if you don't look from the side. The front and rear each alone look ok to me, but together they look unfinished and like they didn't belong together. It's a nice set for kids. I think the drag truck is a cool idea, but just not quite finished in design.
  7. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 42105 - Catamaran

    Torn on this one - I like the over all look, but I think the mechanisms are too much (VERY rare for a Technic set!!!) They look cluttered and color-vomit to me, and they serve no practical purpose since you can't swoosh a boat like you can spaceship or car. I guess play in a bathtub or swimming pool, but even that's pretty limited.
  8. Yeah, I think they're going for getting new, younger Technic fans with this one (with most of the 2020 lineup, actually). I actually prefer the B model to the A on this one!
  9. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 42108 - Mobile Crane

    I actually tried that - it fits fine, but that gearing makes the boom basically unable to lift from horizontal. To get it started raising, you have to lift up on the boom with one hand while turning the knob with the other. Even once it's part way up, it's still surprisingly hard to turn. Definitely not kid friendly. They designed it to be slow but easy to turn.
  10. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 42108 - Mobile Crane

    Sadly, I never had an 8460. I did like the 8053, but I don't have it anymore to compare with. It's not a fair comparison - the winch is controlled directly by the knob and your hand, so the failure point would be the boom breaking. There's no clutch like larger cranes to limit it. Yes, that one is bigger. But it's even a class above 42009, so I didn't include it. (and I don't have one, so that would have made it tough....)
  11. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 42108 - Mobile Crane

    Here's the EB review of the new Technic Mobile Crane. What's your thoughts on the set? (and now that I'm done reviewing it, I can finally go read the 2020 thread to see what people were saying ahead of time...)
  12. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 42109 - App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car

    Here's the EB review of the new Technic App-Controlled Rally Car. What's your thoughts on the set?
  13. Technic Mobile Crane Thanks to Lego and EB for this review set - I had seen nothing about this set before reviewing it, and I've deliberately tried to stay away from discussions on it, so you can get my own thoughts on the set. Name: Mobile Crane Set Number: 42108 Pieces: 1292 Price: $99.99 Minifigs: 0 Theme: Technic The Box Front A very nice front to the box. Good action shot, a nice backdrop, but for some reason, the Lego graphic designers decided to cut off just a hair of the set at the top and bottom. The Box Back A usual Technic back - all the action features on display, some see-thru images, but wait... NO B MODEL? Seriously? On a $100 set, there's no mention of an alternate model? Not a good thing. The Contents Again, pretty normal. Manual and stickers in a bag, parts in 3 sets of bags, plus an un-numbered back with the tires. The Manual Those parts will neatly break down into building steps. First the chassis, then the cab and part of the crane, and then the rest of the crane. The Stickers Again, typical Technic sticker sheet. Warnings, control instructions, and decorative parts. And with all the OK references in there, I'm assuming Olav Krøigaard designed this set. The Build, 1 After a little bit of building, you have this frame. The 4 axles are in place, all of which steer. The outriggers are also in place, as are the front seats. The two vertical grey connectors behind the seats are both connected to the steering, so I see the HOG steering system already forming as well. The Build, 1b This crane seats three. And although those curved panels seem logically designed to be mudguard or similar, I'm pretty sure that seats has been their most common usage. The Build, 2 At the end of bag set 2, the front end is done and the base of the crane is in place. Yes, that's one of the new long linear actuators as well. And unsurprisingly, the hazard lights on top of the cab are the steering knobs. The Build, 2b Most of the crane mechanism is in place. Both the linear actuator and the cable spool are here and functional. The Build, 2c Speaking of the cable spool, I appreciate the usage of the slit in the technic wedge belt wheel here. This was probably the easiest string to get started of any Technic set I've ever built. The Build, 2d Here's the underside. There's no drive connected to any of the axles - the "driveshaft" going the length of the crane is for steering. There's no fake engine in this, nor any suspension or any other complications. The Build, 3 Add the last of the parts and the crane is done. It looks pretty nice in this position, certainly very recognizable as to what it is. The crane arm gets in the way of the lights used for steering on top of the cab, but it's still drivable. The turning radius is surprisingly small, since all 4 axles steer. And yes, the 1 and 4 axles steer more than the 2 and 3 do, so the geometry is pretty good. But please, could you make that 20 tooth double bevel gear in a color other than blue? So far, this version of the gear (which has a smooth center hole, not an axle hole) only comes in blue. It just looks so glaring at the top of the boom there. Moving on to other details... The Outriggers, Rear The rear outriggers are simple and semi-effective. They're easy to operate with the black gear knob, but they only just barely go overcenter, so wiggling the crane around can make them close. They just barely lift the crane off the ground - you have to be on a hard surface to notice. On carpet, it's not enough height. The Outriggers, Front The front outriggers are less good, IMHO. They have the same geometry, so the same issues with not actually doing a ton. To operate them though, you just pull the red ball with a finger. Once the wheels are attached, there's not much room to get at it. Kids would have less issues than I do, I'm sure. The Controls, Left The controls for the crane are very direct. There's no complicated gearbox or anything. On this side, the black knob extends and retracts the inner section of the boom. The red catch on top keeps it from retracting unexpectedly. And again with the blue gear... The Controls, Right The right side has 2 knobs. One raises and lowers the boom and the other winds the cable. It too has a catch like the boom extension. Again, simple and ready to play with, but not complicated for the adult builders to enjoy. However, be ready to spend some time raising and lowering the boom. Thanks to the long actuator, it took me 60 twists of the knob (turning it about half way around each time) to raise it. That's a lot of twisting... The Chassis The crane looked good in the down position, but when you raise the boom, there's a big gaping hole in the middle of the chassis. Would a few more pieces to fill that in have been too much to ask for? The Finished Crane Once you've finished building and raised the crane, this thing is huge. The height is very impressive. In fact, that may be the tallest of the Technic cranes. If you have the boom horizontal, out to the side, and fully extended, the crane WILL tip over unless you have the outriggers down, and then it just barely stays upright. The Comparison The logical comparison is to the previous Mobile Crane, set 42009. That 2013 set is significantly larger - the price was more than twice as much ($220 vs $100) with double the parts (2606 vs 1292, and it came with a battery box and motor). Even though they are at different scales, the actual crane booms are very close in length. 42009 had a 3 segment boom - so did the extra segment help with size? The Comparison - Height Nope, the extra segment doesn't help at all. The smaller set actually reaches slightly higher. The extra segment on 42009 requires more overlap between the sections and more complicated mechanisms, so it doesn't actually extend the reach. The Conclusion I think the new crane is a great set, for certain buyers. It's not for the AFOL - we've got 42009 to meet our desires for big and complicated. The new mobile crane is a great play set. The controls are simple and direct, so kids will have no problem playing with it as a crane. Where it falls flat is the lack of B model, which leaves it feeling overpriced. By the standard 10 cents/part measure, it's a good value. But in reality, it doesn't quite feel like a $100 set. On sale, or if you have a newer Technic fan who wants a crane, then buy all means, grab it! It's also a pretty solid parts pack - quite a few wheels, gears, long beams, and of course the new long linear actuator. Overall, I give this set a B. It's solid, but not a star.
  14. Technic App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car Thanks to Lego and EB for this review set - I'd seen the rumors and leaked images, so I was thrilled to get to try it out. Name: App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car Set Number: 42109 Pieces: 463 Price: $129.99 Minifigs: 0 Theme: Technic The Box Front There is a LOT going on here. Logos everywhere, and not just on the car. But overall, that's a pretty nice looking set. I'm worried that it's over-reliant on the stickers though. I get the Top Gear branding - it makes sense for a car. Except they've never had a rally car on the show driven by the Stig. There were SO many opportunities for a more fitting car - any of the "reasonably priced cars" that they had stars race in (but that would've required more licensing deals), or the Reliant Robin, or the ridiculous P45, or the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust, or best of all, the indestructible Toyota Hilux. This feels more like Lego designed a rally car set and then got TG to do a licensing deal and just slapped stickers on it. The Box Back Yep, it's the Stig. With so much Top Gear branding, I feel like this set is Euro-targeted. Yes, people here in the USA have sometimes seen Top Gear on the internet, and there was a few episodes of "Top Gear America," but it's still not a popular thing here. I think the average person seeing this on a shelf won't know the reference. And sadly, no sign of a B-model.... even worse, no Stig is included. This would have been a GREAT opportunity to bring back the Technic figures and have an all-white one. The Box Side Here's the electronics included. You get a Powered Up hub, a large motor, and an XL motor. Yes, this is the bigger hub that has FOUR ports. It's previously only available in the Off-Roader set and the massive Leibherr Excavator. That alone will probably sell some of these sets. The Contents Nothing shocking - a manual, sticker sheet, non-numbered bags of parts, and an inner box that has the electronic stuff. The Stickers Yep, there's a lot of them. And they're full of puns and TG references. But being Lego, not the inappropriate TG jokes (sorry, no Penistone or anything like that) The New Parts Yes, there is a new differential in the set. It's actually pretty nice - it's easier to use than the old one, since you don't have any of the inner gears falling out while you're trying to put it in place. And it's the same size, but with a double-bevel gear so you've got more flexibility in driving it. As for other new parts, the only thing I noticed was the mudguard panel in white, which you get FIVE of. The Build, 1 The build starts with the simple drive system. It's upside down in the photo - you've got the rear axle with the differential. It'll take advantage of the new diff gear by using a simple drive. The motor will get a gear attached and directly drive the diff. I also appreciate the new cable management clips, which come in a couple colors in this set. The Build, 2 Here is the chassis basically done. It has a fair bit of decorative bits - brake discs on the rear axle, engine components up front (around the L motor which handles the steering), and dual exhausts. The Build, 2B The steering is directly done, like the drive setup. The L motor has a small gear that meshes with a gear rack to steer. The Build, Done All that was left is adding the body panels. And stickers. So many stickers. There's big ones, little ones, all over. The car looks really naked without them. The Underside From the bottom, the car looks pretty boring. There's no drive train, suspension, etc. Having the two motors so directly driving their functions makes it mechanically a pretty simplistic set. The batteries are easily accessible, and you can see two of the new larger 7x11 frames in white. Those give the car a lot of strength without needing many parts to reinforce it. The Side View There's a few cosmetic misses, IMHO. There is a gap in front of the black panels at the rear, behind the "door" - it's necessary due to how the beams behind it are placed, but that panel with "The Stig" on it would look better a stud or two forward. I don't like the different tire sizes either. It's partially to give the car an aggressive posture, and it's partially for easier clearance on the steering mechanism. The larger tires do fit the front wheel wells, but they just barely rub when the steering is turned to the max. I just think the littler tires look too small. The App Yes, you MUST have an Apple or Android device to use this set. Well, perhaps the Powered Up remote could control it, but I didn't test that. They completely expect you to use the app. So before you buy the set, make sure you can get the Technic Control+ app on your device (I don't know how old of devices it'll work on). This is the primary interface. You use your left thumb to steer, on the corner steering wheel. Your right thumb controls the throttle on the right. There is a handbrake, but it doesn't do much (the car stops pretty fast on its own). And you can switch to "manual transmission" where you select one of 3 gears, which do affect the car's speed. There are also some "races" you can do, driving the car following onscreen prompts and trying to beat a set time. The Video So how does it drive? Well... it's a mixed bag. Personally, I think it's too slow. It's a race car, Lego. Not a piece of construction equipment. It does maneuver well and the app works well to drive it. One perk is that the new motors have position sensors built in, so the steering automatically returns to center. It's not perfect though - it would typically be still curving slightly any time I tried to go straight. The Results Overall, how is the set? I think it's a nice set. The cost seems high, but that's driven by the new Control+ system. Lego doesn't currently sell any of the included parts alone, but for comparison, the smaller PUP Hub retails for $50. The Medium motor retails for $17. So I'm sure Lego would value the hub and motors from this set at $90+. Given that, the value of the set is good. However, on Bricklink, the current selling price is $25-30 for this hub and $15-20 each for the motors. There's a lot of people parting out the Liebherr set! One huge benefit to Technic builders is that there's now a car in the app. You could easily design your own car, and as long as you have an L motor for steering and an XL for driving, the app would work. There are definitely things that I think could be better on the car, it needs a B-model, it's expensive, and I seriously wish it came with a Stig to drive it. Overall though, I'd give it a solid B. Whether it's a good buy for you depends on your wants - do you want a Technic app-controlled car? If yes, go buy it! Then mod it to go faster
  15. mostlytechnic

    Thack Desteck [Mafia Game] Signups

    Sure, throw me in the mix. I've skipped a few games lately due to schedules, but I should be up for one now. Are you available for the next 4 weeks (excluding December 21-27*, when the game will have to take a break for the holidays) to check in and post every 24-48 hours? Only if you're rules for the game your running defiantly definitely require it. What's your favorite movie/tv show/book/mythology/story, etc that takes place underwater? Stargate counts, right? The wormhole sure looks like water at least. Do you know the freakin' difference between your and you're???? Advanced question: Do you know the freakin' difference between definitely and defiantly? Do you even know how hard my first answer was to write? It was killing me! I regularly want to go postal on coworkers over their emails. And don't even get me started on comma usage. You'll take my Oxford commas over my cold, dead, pencil-less hands.