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  1. mostlytechnic

    [MOC] Russian Church

    Wow, that's fantastic! I love how it looks so simple - in a good way. There not a ton of greebling, so the architecture itself is what stands out. Love the flowers on the wall detail too - I can picture the real-world version and it's such a good replica.
  2. mostlytechnic

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The black piece on the left is a boat keel: And the grey piece with green windows only came in one set:{"iconly":0}
  3. mostlytechnic

    REVIEW | 10274 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

    Great review! I think this set will sell like hotcakes - it's such an instantly recognizable vehicle, well replicated into Lego, and it makes a great desk/shelf decoration. It's so much easier to display than something like the Firehouse set or other large buildings. On the working steering wheel - that's done sometimes in Technic sets. It's typically expected that you'd drive the vehicle around using the knob on the roof and that the steering wheel matching what you do is a cool function. I don't know that I've ever seen an instruction manual show that you can steer the car from the steering wheel. Yep, it works, but it's far from ideal (hard to reach, sometimes slips gears, takes several rotations, etc) since they don't really expect you to USE the steering wheel. Speaking of, that's a new steering wheel part, isn't it? Minor changes I'd make to be more accurate, based on the trailer - the blue roof lights should be moved outward a stud. And the bright blue hoses running down the side next to the ladder look almost black in the trailer. I think they're just filthy, but those should have been black or at least dark blue IMHO. Perhaps in the movie they get cleaned up and are brighter blue? But in the trailer, they're dark.
  4. mostlytechnic

    REVIEW: 21324 LEGO 123 Sesame Street

    I haven't watched Sesame Street since I was a little kid in the early 80s, but this is still an absolute day 1 buy for me. I love the overall look. I'll probably mod it to not be a corner layout so it's easier to see both buildings on a shelf. I'll also mod to put Oscar to the right of the front door where he belongs I wish Cookie was fuzzy (I'm from the era when Elmo wasn't the star so I don't really mind him being smooth) but I know that would have meant another mold in a set that already got a bunch of them. I understand this isn't really a set for the current watchers of Sesame Street (it's not Duplo after all...) so I'm assuming the 18+ rating is just to make it clear this is intended for adult collectors. I think that's at odds though with the set being scaled down and only $120. I think MOST adults who want this as a collectable would have been happier with a $200 set with a couple more figs and more pieces... but there are SO many really expensive sets these days that I'm happy it's smaller and cheaper.
  5. mostlytechnic

    FABUpunk! Mafia II Sign-ups

    I'm in! What is your favorite FABULAND animal? The monkey. I keep the Fabuland Orchestra (set 3631, and the only Fab set I own) sitting assembled on my desk. Since the monkey has a marching snare drum and I'm a percussionist/drummer/played marching snare for 4 years way back in the day/etc, it's a natural fit. Should LEGO bring FABULAND back? Nope. Don't think it'd do well today. And Friends has all the animals people need these days. What is your least favorite Mafia role? (Can either be a generic role you don't like to see including in games or a specific experience in a game) Vanilla - it so often turns into just waiting around to see what the other people share from night actions. But that also is lower stress, so....
  6. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 42113 - Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Thanks for the review, and I appreciate all the details you gave on the technical design. Looks like a set we'll all miss.
  7. mostlytechnic

    [REVIEW] 42112 - Cement Mixer

    Correct - it would have been nice to have a more complex gearbox that drove the drum the same way no matter which way the truck is pushed. As for GBC, about the only thing I can think of is having a chute sending balls into the rotating drum which feeds them back out, but you're correct, it wouldn't be terrible exciting since it's opaque. But I fully expect some GBC experts to find clever uses for the parts :) I created the review in a hidden section of the forums for reviews, and then moved it to the Technic forum when the embargo was lifted. I forgot that doing that (instead of copy and pasting into a new post) keeps the original date/time of the post, so it does look like it was available too soon, when it actually wasn't. Sorry for the confusion! I agree, the drum wouldn't work as a front-discharge. The drums on those trucks are much longer and thinner, since they have to reach all the way past the cab. You are correct, there ARE 2 dark blue 3L liftarms in the set (I checked the parts list shown in Sariel's review, since it was easier than pulling my manuals back out). So why not use one in the front grill?
  8. Technic Cement Mixer Thanks to Lego and EB for this review set. Name: Cement Mixer Set Number: 42112 Pieces: 1163 Price: $119.99 (US) Minifigs: 0 Theme: Technic The Box Front Yup, it's a cement mixer alright. I really like that it's something so different - we've never had a Technic truck like this before. It's something other than a crane, forklift, or airplane. Got a mix of blues with a splash of orange highlights. Looks pretty decent to me. (Unsurprisingly, Lego picked the best angle as the front of box image. They do know product photography.) The Box Back It's not the most functional set ever, but it covers the necessities. Looks like it has the ability to rotate the drum either by rolling the truck or manually cranking it. Dual axle steering - wonder if that's got proper steering geometry or not? And that is a super organized array of Technic Pin Connector Round 2/3 there.... I guess that's supposed to be a nice cement slab being poured? The Opening Unfortunately, the box is sealed with thumb tear-holes rather than tape seals. And when you open it, it looks surprisingly empty. It's only about 2/3 full which is less than most sets I've gotten recently. The Contents Dumped out, there's quite a bit here. There are bags divided into group 1, 2, and 3. There's a small bag of the joiners as bag 4, and there's an un-numbered bag of tires. And there's 2 more parts not in a bag.... The New Parts The cement mixer barrel itself. It's 2 identical parts that connect with 4 pins. Once mated together, the only connection points on them are a pair of 1x3 pinhole connections at the closed end. They are printed with a C logo. I appreciate the detail of having the dimple from the molding process right in the middle of the C, so it actually looks like it belongs there. And oh yeah, they are HUGE! Here's a bunch of comparisons to show just how big these pieces are. I think this year's 42108 Mobile Crane might struggle to pick up something this huge (not really; the barrel is very light weight, but it sure LOOKS heavy) The dump truck from 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator is puny next to it. No, you won't be using this as cargo on a train layout. It stands as tall as the Lunar Lander set (and I know the flag and astronaut figs are missing - my kids "borrowed" them and I need to get them back) Finally, it dwarfs the cement mixer barrel from City sets. In fact, you can open the Technic barrel and put the City barrel inside. The city barrel has been used more as other things than it has as a cement mixer - it's been engine shrouds on helicopters, spaceships, etc. It has the advantage of having more connection points since the end is anti-studs allowing both studden and Technic connections to it. Huge Technic parts often don't get any other official usage - think of the huge buckets made for the Volvo Loader or the Liebherr set. The Papers The instructions are split into 2 books and there's a small sticker sheet. And a Legoland promo - not sure how much those will be redeemed with the current events (although it doesn't expire until 2023), but it's in there. Or at least it's in the European box that I received for review, but the website that the brochure references covers all the Legoland resorts and Discovery Centers worldwide. The Build, Bag 1 Bag 1 builds the chassis of the truck, more or less. Up front there's a tiny inline-4 engine representation. There is also the dual-axle steering. Yes, the two axles steer at slightly different angles. To my eye though, it's barely noticeable. The steering mechanism is also redundant. There's both a black gear rack AND an orange 1x2 liftarm pushing each axle. I'm not sure why there's both. The gear rack is the normal and better method. Either one alone though should work. The double axles in the rear are both connected to the driveshaft. The instructions are very clear to make sure you get the two differentials facing opposite ways so it works correctly. It even goes so far as to put a white round joiner in the back corner to give a reference as you build the otherwise very symmetrical structure The Build, Bag 2 Bag 2 adds the supports for the barrel, the gearbox and driveshafts that connect the wheels to the barrel, and a few cosmetic parts. The driveshaft going to the barrel has one of the new linear clutches in it. Until now that part was only available in the massive Leibherr 9800 set. And oddly, they have you put the wheels on now. Most sets save that for last. The Build, Bag 3 Bag 3 finishes off the cab, fenders, and water tank. All that's left is to add the barrel: Oddly, as huge as the barrel parts are, it seems slightly undersized to me on the model. I suspect that's just my American view - this is clearly a European truck with its dual steering axles. Here in the US, I virtually never see cement mixers that rear-dump like this anymore. They've all been replaced by larger trucks that discharge in the front, allowing for a larger, longer barrel: The Front I totally get the rugged vibe that is intended on this truck. However, there's so many little details I don't like. First, I hate these grill stickers. They're not too bad here, since they're divided by the grey bar. But I've seen other sets (42098 Car Transporter) that use multiple of them stacked up, and it's ugly. They're impossible to get all aligned exactly the same, so they look bad. Then there's the dark blue sticker right above that on a black 1x3 liftarm. That part in dark blue has only been in 2 Bionicle sets 15 years ago - so they used a sticker instead. Edit: There ARE two dark blue 3L liftarms in the set, so why on earth not use one here? I also don't like how the dark blue curved panels with stickers don't match up with the curves of the white round parts below. And the orange lights on the roof are too small. The Gap There is a reason the main photos on the box are from angles. The back of the cab might be the biggest offender on the set. There's a huge hole between the cab and the mixer. Why? It feels like just empty, wasted space. The smokestacks don't come all the way down - they just end halfway down the cab. And worst, what is up with that exposed yellow axle for the steering? At least use black, but better yet, move it forward into the back wall of the cab. You can also see an example of wasted parts there. There's a grey Technic Pin 1/2 in the grey liftarm that the steering axle goes through. It's there JUST to fill the hole and make sure people don't try to run the axle through the wrong spot. There's quite a few of those throughout the set. I'm not sure why Lego feels that's necessary - this is a 10+ rated set and I guess they want to help out the younger end of that range? The Function There's a lever on the right hand side that switches the barrel from wheel-driven to non-driven to crank-driven. Here's how it works with the crank. This also shows one thing that should have been improved. You've GOT to hold the truck with your other hand while cranking, or it bounces all over. It really needed some functional chocks or outriggers to stabilize it while discharging the "concrete." The Turn Radius Here you can see both the wheel-driven barrel function and the terrible turning radius. Trucks like this aren't known for being maneuverable like a sports car, but still, this is barely able to turn at all. A slight redesign of the steering axle system should have allowed sharper turns. The Chute In the definite plus column is the discharge chute. This is a very clever design that gives it a great deal of flexibility to aim the concrete. The chute itself is an interesting design to get the V-shape. Given how fast the parts come out and how bouncy they are, it'd have been nicer to be a little deeper V though. Ratings Design: 7 Build Experience: 7 Features: 6 Playability: 8 Parts/Value: 6 Overall: 7. Overall, it's a nice addition to the Technic range of construction vehicles. It's unique and will attract a lot of builders for that reason alone. The build is not overly repetitive and provides an array of beams in two shades of blue. The build isn't perfect though. I'm looking forward to seeing those barrel pieces being used in a future Iron Builder competition. And for value, it's ok. $120 feels a little steep for me, especially for a Technic set where not only are there the usual hundreds of pins but also 100 joiners in the part count. I'd personally have waited to purchase this set until I got a sale or at least a nice freebie from Lego with my purchase.
  9. mostlytechnic

    Pirates Mafia III - Conclusion

    Yeah, that's what I mean by things changing while I was gone for a while... we used to do lots of poke votes and lots of light-hearted accusations of people being scummy for silly things. I'm still trying to adjust :)
  10. mostlytechnic

    Pirates Mafia III - Conclusion

    I agree that having more insanity would help. I've tried playing mafia other places and hated it - they were even more meta than anything here, and at least the place I played, had zero story/role play aspects, so it became just a logic debate. So the less predictable (especially doing things off of the mafiascum wiki standard) the better IMHO. Although a game that was stated up front to be completely basic (almost like a mafia school game) would be fun too, just in a different way. I agree, and yet somehow, all the games I've done recently got me in trouble for my role playing. Even lynched in Star Trek Mafia :) I took a while off mafia and that's something that changed I think in the "EB meta"
  11. mostlytechnic

    Pirates Mafia III - Conclusion

    Remi - that was pretty much a random pick, so we got lucky. Trying to kill Vincent - we had basically decided to not kill that night, so Trenton tried to kill you knowing it'd fail in case someone was watching. Cause why would he try to kill someone being blocked if there was a spy in the town block? Governor - I like the idea of the role, but it's hard to use. How often would I think so strongly that someone is town (when the rest of the game is lynching them) to revive them? Pretty rare I'd think - so I'd save it till late and only really be able to use it if I was in the town block enough to know who to trust. Fred - I'm not sure that you were actually scummy, as much as most people assumed either you or I was scum.
  12. mostlytechnic

    Pirates Mafia III - Conclusion

    Welcome Hinck, and congrats. I was Andrew... and I screwed up a couple times pretty big. The scum SHOULD have won. My first big mistake was somehow forgetting that a neutral would count against us in the parity rule. I truly expected it to be over at 3:3:1 when that wouldn't make any sense. So we killed Robin night 6 when we should have stayed home, and it got us all caught. For the record Vincent, we tried to kill YOU night 3. Didn't give away your bulletproof though since Daniel protected you. Night 4 we stayed home and didn't try to kill. Night 5 we tried to kill Emmett, because I forgot about the whole seraph knight concept. I assumed that Robin's limited protect meant alternating nights or something, so since Emmett was protected night 4, we thought he'd be wide open night 5. And of course, thanks bob! Go take a break, somewhere that doesn't involve pirates.
  13. mostlytechnic

    [MOC] Musical Modular

    Love it! If it gets made, it would absolutely be a day 1 purchase for me.
  14. mostlytechnic

    Pirates Mafia II - Conclusion

    I was a jailkeeper. I could "put someone in jail" for the night which both blocked anything they tried to do and protected them from kill attempts. It would NOT prevent other actions (they could be watched or investigated or whatever). Normally a commuter is able to take themselves away for the night and be un-anythingable (can't be killed, nor investigated/watched/etc). In this case the commuter could send some else away for the night and prevent them from doing anything or anything being done to them. The commuter was an even stronger version of my role, if I understand it correctly. Interesting that Louis and I went for each other night 1.
  15. mostlytechnic

    Pirates Mafia II - Conclusion

    Morgan here - I was a town jailkeeper (so block and protect). Sign me up bob! This was fun!