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  1. Sth like this? WF trac 6x6S by Pat Ard, auf Flickr
  2. Pat-Ard

    Retiring Soon

    The Volvo was a part spender - especially for pneumatics... The set itself was quite boring...
  3. Pat-Ard

    Retiring Soon

    Xerion will retire, because the ugly 6x6 Wrecker is a slow seller... If the Xerion retire, people will buy the Wrecker, because of the tires.
  4. Pat-Ard

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    See 1x5 liftarms in green and I think also 1x11... But I really like the bulldog... I chrome it would be perfect.
  5. Hi, thanks, that's a nice amount of parts :)
  6. How many parts of each did you need for building of one set of tracks? I'd really rebuild them. I think they could also fit my Skidder: WF trac 6x6S by Pat Ard, auf Flickr atm the Skidder has the Xerion tires on the rear axles...
  7. Hi, I really like the tracks you build for your forwarder.
  8. Thank you @I_Igor how do you know about the U529? I think I'll use these tires:
  9. @Anto The scale is great, and a lxf would be great so I could adjust the scale to 1/12.5 so the Muli would fit in my Unimog collection ;)
  10. Hi Anto, wow, nice project... What's the scale of the model?
  11. Pat-Ard

    [MOC] Tractor Dump Trailer

    Hi folks, here's my modified version of this excellent MOC of @MajklSpajkl - and again thanks for sharing the instructions. My version is a little longer, wider and higher than Majkls. Also I had to change the winch. Dumper Trailer for my Unimog - based on the idea of MajklSpajkl by Pat Ard, auf Flickr And a small video:
  12. Sorry, deleted my post. Won't happen again... Excuse me!