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Found 164 results

  1. BardDandelion

    Fantasia 2023

    Hello! Check my latest build. It's my interpretation of modern Disney practices in producing their content - movies, tv shows etc. I was a huge fan of MCU and I really enjoyed some of Star Wars by Disney, watched some of live action remakes but at some point I just stopped having fun. It started to feel repetitive and boring. Click to see video version (watch with sound on): Reel on instagram Cheers!
  2. Hello Creator and Disney fans, Mickey Mouse is a legendary American cartoon character co-created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. The longtime icon and mascot of The Walt Disney Company, Mickey is an anthropomorphic mouse who typically wears red shorts, large yellow shoes, and white gloves. This is a studless model and everything is brick-built, stickers are not used. I wanted to create a clean model which is as accurate as possible in this scale. It includes many typical details: the yellow shoes, the red pants with white buttons etc.. Maybe the most challenging one was the head with some tricky build techniques. Thanks for visiting, _TLG_ Mickey Mouse - instructions 1 by László Torma, on Flickr Mickey Mouse - instructions 2 by László Torma, on Flickr Mickey Mouse - instructions 3 by László Torma, on Flickr Mickey Mouse - instructions 4 by László Torma, on Flickr Mickey Mouse - instructions 5 by László Torma, on Flickr Mickey Mouse - instructions 6 by László Torma, on Flickr
  3. Up... When Carl and Ellie first met. This is the same house in the movie. They renovated it after they married. In the movie, Carl wandered in front of the house and was attracted by noises created by Ellie. Out of curiosity, he stepped into the house and found that Ellie was playing the game of imitating her most admired hero aviator, Charles Muntz, who later appeared to be the villain of the movie. What a good start of love. IMG_4096 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4097 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4094 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4080 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4082 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4098 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4084 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4083 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4091 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4090 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4088 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4086 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_4089 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr
  4. Welcome to the Disney Properties 2023 discussion thread! This thread is dedicated to all LEGO related Disney and Pixar's in-house films (i.e. not the many other licensed Disney owns). That includes Disney Animation and Pixar films, Disney Princess products, and the like. Enjoy! ________________________________________ Rumoured products for 2023: Disney Classic Animation 43212 Disney Birthday Train | $34.99 | 200 pieces | 4+ (April 1st release) 43215 | $149.99 | 1016 pieces | 7+ (June release) 43217 | Up: Carl's House | 598 pieces | $59.99 (April 1st release) 43220 Peter Pan & Wendy Fairy Tale Book | $19.99 | 111 pieces (March 1st release) 43221 | $59.99 | 1022 pieces | 6+ (June release) Disney 100 years CMF Oswald the rabbit Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket Sorcerer Mickey Princess Tiana Dr Facilier Queen of Hearts Princess Aurora Mulan Ernesto de la Cruz Miguel Pocahontas Cruella de Vil Robin Hood Prince John Stitch Baymax Evil Queen (Snow White) ________________________________________ There's an image on instagram from what I assume is the catalogue, where they're teasing the 100th anniversary. It has a lot of accessoires in a silverish colour.
  5. Amedeo

    [MOC] Queen Anne's Revenge

    One of the most loved and MOC'ed ship ever... My own Queen Anne's Revenge...
  6. skcheung

    Up (movie)

    It all starts from my displeasure with the little balloon of 43217. Three months to finish. I first start to enlarge the balloon to the size that the house below cannot give support to its weight. So, I shrink its size. Later on, I think that to build a complete house with interior decoration would be a better idea. Then, I think of the deceased wife of Carl (Ellie). I decide not to let him be alone. So, he is now blessed by Ellie. Lastly, I decide to build the early scene of the movie -- Carl annoyed about the presence of construction workers. IMG_3843 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3846 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3837 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3838 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3831 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3830 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3825 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3827 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3821 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3816 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3812 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3836 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3842 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr IMG_3847 by SK MOC, 於 Flickr
  7. ABrickDreamer

    [MOC] Two sides of MULAN

    Here's a vignette I made a few week ago for Vignweek, the prompt was Contrasting reflections If you are interested, here you can see how it's built:
  8. After about 5 months of work (off and on), I've finally finished my modified C.K. Holliday train (Lego 71044). During high school and college in the 90s, I was a conductor on the DLRR, so this set hits close to home and is something I've wanted for a long, long time. It also means I was keenly aware of where the stock model wasn't quite accurate. This was my first time modifying a Lego set, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.The engine was pretty heavily reworked, and I made some changes to the parlor car as well. Approximate mod list includes: Changed boiler jacket to dark blue, inspired by @TJJohn12. Lengthened the engine by two studs. Increased engine width at pistons to 9 studs. Reworked the pilot to use a double-pin system similar to the Constitution. Reworked pistons inspired by @Carefree_Dude. Drive rods by @zephyr1934. Redesigned cab interior. Parlor car extended by 4 studs, additional chair inside. Replaced stock wheels with ball bearings and rods. Custom stickers by OKBrickWorks What do y'all think?
  9. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 43227 Villain Icons

    Here is my review on Disney 100 43227 Villain Icons: THE GOOD: Great decor piece. Brilliantly done VHS tape and watch. High quality printing on those printed pieces. 4 exclusive minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: High entry price. Not really Villain Icons. Could have added 1 or 2 more minifigures. May not appeal to a wider audience. Personally, I enjoyed the build and like the end results. I'm particularly impressed with the apple, the watch and the VHS tape. The fact that the VHS tape is so authentic really blows my mind. The watch has a nice look and great printed clock details. The quality of printing of the printed parts are insanely good, which also made me wish the title on the VHS cases are printed as well. While parts of the build are independent, unfortunately the book and VHS cases are all attached to each other. 4 exclusive minifigures is also great and all 4 of them are nicely done. However, can we really call this set Villain Icons? Probably not, in fact I think naming it Villain Icons limited the potential of this set. It is a very nice decor piece but none of the item apart from the apple can be called an Icon of the villain. Younger generations probably don't get what is a VHS as well. Also having a villain theme also limited the chance of having may 1 or 2 extra minifigures without duplicating some other minifigures released in other set. Plus the high price point might limit the appeal to a wider audience as this set really is not for everyone. Even though I like this, I probably will recommend only to Disney fans or LEGO fans looking to build something different.
  10. And so, I give you another Black Pearl MOC! In my defence, I never really wanted to do the Black Pearl, seeing as there is no shortage of Pearls inside this forum and elsewhere, but I didn’t have a choice, they forced me to do it! But who could do such a horrible thing to a humble MOC designer? Well how about two persistent, annoying but all the while lovable nephews who just happen to be in love with the Pirates-theme? That’s who! And now, the digital renders of the forced work so far. ABOUT THE DESIGN As many designers before me, I tried to mimic the real Pearl as much as possible, with deliberate exception of the main deck length. Here I decided to make a big step away from the original because: 1) The distance between the masts looks too wide for my taste and thus I feel the overall ship looks slightly out of proportion. In movies this is hardly noticeable, as our eyes are fixed on the constant action frame after frame... but during the design phase, this issue readily pops up like a Jack-Sparrow-in-the-Box. Here is a broadside comparison against the artwork of the real Pearl, made for Disney by concept artist Jeremy Love. 2) Shorter mid-section ensures that the overall size of the ship is still within ‘playable category’ – meaning my 10year old nephew can still pick and carry the darn thing, and make swooshy sounds. I think that’s a good measure to have, if you are a ship designer and you are aiming to build semi-playable ships. Here is a size comparison with the new Black Seas Barracuda, which most of you probably have. ARMAMENT The Black Pearl carries 22 cannons: 12 on the gun deck and 10 on the upper deck. Its full broadside contains 11 cannonballs. Like the original, the Pearl has no chase guns in her bow or stern, which gives her a tactical disadvantage, while her high speed only partially negates this handicap. To maximise playability, and allow easy access to the gun deck, large section of the upper deck can be easily removed. More of the same applies for inclined quarterdeck, under which we find Captain Barbossa drooling over some 16th century Apple products. INFLUENCE & INSPIRATION Here I want to highlight two Pearl designs which had a big influence on me during this project: Black Pearl by @-DoNe- , and Black Pearl Project by @papacharly. Both are terrific designs and light-years better than clunky hideous official LEGO Pearl (if I dare to mention that shipbuilding blunder of the decade... whoops, I guess I just did). Thank you both for sharing your work inside the forum. THE REAL BUILD Digital design phase is for now finished, but I consider this still as [WorkInProgress] until I make the obligatory exciting test-build with real bricks. The total piece-count without minifigures is 3020, and going through my brick storage I managed to gather ~1600 usable parts. Now all that remains is to find and obtain the rest of the parts, test the cursed thing and show it to the world. I hope it will be ready for release by July/August of 2023, just in time to celebrate 20th anniversary of the POTC: The Curse of the Black Pearl.
  11. This copy of set 43217 (UP house) has an added back half I bought instructions for off Rebrickable. You can see that model by user rykfield here. The model deviates from the film slightly, as there is a driveway with a 1960's car parked on it on the right hand side of the building as I figured Carl Frederickson needs a way to get around! (Please excuse the dusty keyboard) The new back half is very film accurate! The inside of the front of the house. I rearranged some of the furniture, replaced all the picture stickers with printed parts from various other themes, and added a a rug to the living room. The new back half, with furniture ideas drawn from several older modular buildings. (TV from Corner Garage, recolored wicker chair from Detective office) The modular base with the house removed. SQUIRREL! This early 1960's car was inspired by a 2013 LEGO CITY Undercover car. It was rebuilt by Labronco Brick Designs as seen here. I modified it a bit and remade it in blue instead of the original red The tailfins are my own addition to the car, making it either a late 50's / early 60's model. The car seats one figure, with a suitcase (or a walker) fitting behind the driver. That's all for this MOC. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or complaints, let me know below. Thanks for reading!
  12. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 43217 Up House

    Here is my review on Disney 43217 Up House: THE GOOD: Looks great with a more complex building experience than your typical disney sets. Excellent minifigures and great to have a new moulded Dug. There are a lot of interior details and references than you would expect. THE NOT SO GOOD: Extremely pricey. The door sticker is a pain to apply. This is one of my most anticipated sets in 2023 and it does not disappoint. The house itself looks great and the design provides you some very interesting and refreshing build. Even inside the house, despite being quite shallow, it's packed with furnitures and references to the movie. This results is a much more rich and complex building experience than your typical disney sets. On top of that, the minifigures come with this set is excellent. Both minifigures capture the vibe of the characters so well. And this set also includes Dug the dog with a brand new mould rather than unique printing on existing dog moulds. This sets does come with a few stickers but I didn't mind and the stickers make sense. However, the door sticker is very difficult to apply if you have shaky hands like me. In terms of the balloons, yes it's not as much as the one in the movie but I do believe it's just right because if there are more balloons, the house may fall due to balancing issue. Also it may also make the build too repetitive if they incorporate more balloons. It's a truly great set especially if you love the movie. However, this sets does come with a hefty price, at $100NZD without discount, it does feel pricey. Even I bought it with 10% off, it really stopped me buy another 2 of these to make a fully enclosed house. Having said that, the end product did a good enough job which lead me recommending this set to everyone.
  13. This car is owned by Cruella De Vil of "101 Dalmatians" fame in the classic red and black paint-scheme of that animated film... and no, its doesn't fall-apart like in the sequel film, "Patch's London Adventure". (at least, not on purpose!) I built the model by heavily stretching set 40532 - Vintage Taxi by about seven studs. This allowed for me to add in some mechanical details, although it might be a bit too long now. I added a covered spare tire at the rear of the car, and blacked out the back windscreen to give the impression of a fabric convertible top. As an added bonus, the car still seats two figures with room in the trunk for luggage. The whole point of building this car is to give Cruela from the upcoming Disney CMF her iconic vehicle back and complete her "look". I plan on buying this figure as soon as it comes out on April 1st. Thoughts?
  14. Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride As my all time favorite Amusement Park Ride I have always wanted to represent Pirates of the Caribbean in LEGO. Lafitte's Landing and the Blue Bayou have always been such a great start to an awesome ride. Thank you for checking out my build! Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  15. This menacing car was inspired by this build which in turn was a modified version of set 70911 - Arctic Roller from the LEGO Batman Movie. This model is owned by Cruella De Vil of "101 Dalmatians" fame in the classic red and black paint-scheme and revised headlights / trunk / taillights. The car can fit one figure in the driver's seat and has space in the opening trunk for a single suitcase. I'm not sure the rumored Cruella CMF fig will fit inside, but even if she doesn't, I'm still gonna build this if / when it's confirmed she's coming. The build is missing four of these spoked wheel covers in flat silver. Yes, I know the wheels are to big: I'm making the best out of a bad situation and this was the only good looking option. The model is about 6 studs wide (with a tiny 1 and a 1/2 stud bit of overhang on each side due to the front fenders) and 28 studs long in total. @RichardGoring This is model I was talking about over in the Disney Properties 2023 thread. Thoughts everyone?
  16. Kristel

    Maleficent's Cozy Corner

    At the end of the day, Maleficent retreats to her cozy corner in the castle to wind down with her favourite book and a glass of wine. A close up because she is so cute: Maleficent's Cozy Corner is my entry to the Cozy Corners contest, which requires the entry to fit into a 12x12 frame. This last photo shows it sitting within a 12x12 base: More, higher resolution images on Flickr.
  17. So, there has been some Disney news lately, so I thought it would be time to start a general Disney discussion thread. The biggest news for me is that there is a new DuckTales series coming in 2017! Official announcement: DuckTales was my favorite show as a kid, so this is great news for me! I'm glad that a whole new generation of kids will be able to enjoy this awesome show. But at the same time, I'm worried how they will update it. Disney hardly produces any traditional animation for their TV shows anymore, so there is a good chance that it will be CGI like Mickey's Clubhouse and some of their other shows, or even worse, Flash animation like 7D *shudder*. If they put enough effort into it, I think it could actually work in CG. For example, I quite liked Scrooge's rendition in Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, but of course traditional animation is always preferred. Also, I really hope they don't change the theme song. It's one of the best and catchiest theme songs ever and I feel that any deviation would ruin it. With this and the live action Chip'n'Dale: Rescue Rangers movie next year, it seems that the Disney Afternoon is making a comeback. What other shows would you like to see return? I'm hoping for Darkwing Duck next (which I'm surprised they haven't brought back yet considering the superhero craze right now). Oh, and we got a trailer for Frozen Fever yesterday. I'm not interested in Cinderella (I don't see the point in making live action versions of Disney cartoons), but I wouldn't mind seeing this short film.
  18. Welcome to the Disney Properties 2022 discussion thread! This thread is dedicated to all Lego related Disney & Pixar Properties (minidoll Princesses line, Toy Story, Lightyear, Disney Animated films, etc.) discussion throughout 2022--sets, rumors, thoughts, and general Lego Disney Princesses discussion. Enjoy! _____________________________________ First Half Year Releases 40552 | Buzz Lightyear Brickhead | 114 Pieces 40553 | Woody & Bo Peep Brickheadz Dual Pack 43198 | Anna's Castle Courtyard | $9.99 | 74 Pieces 43199 | Elsa's Castle Courtyard | $9.99 | 53 Pieces 43203 | Aurora, Merida and Tiana’s Enchanted Creations | $69.99 | 558 Pieces 43208 Jasmine & Mulan's Adventures | $39.99 | 176 Pieces Second Half Year Releases 76830 (Lightyear Set) | $19.99 76831 (Lightyear Set) | $29.99 76832 (Lightyear Set) | $49.99 10777 (Mickey & Friends 4+) | 103 pieces 10778 (Mickey & Friends 4+) | 184 pieces 10780 (Mickey & Friends 4+) | 215 pieces Unknown 43207 - Ariel's Underwater Castle - $84.99 43209 Elsa And Nokk's Ice Cream Parlour - $14.99 30559 (Polybag?)
  19. A LEGO recreation of the classic Muppet Show sketch Mahna Mahna, featuring the Snowths on BVs and a special guest appearance from Kermit the Frog. Flickr gallery
  20. Here is my review on 10780 Mickey and Friends Castle Defenders: THE GOOD: Excellent Minifigures The brick build dragon is somewhat refreshing in a 4+ set (at least from all the 4+ sets I own) I do think the Pumpkin thrower is a nice idea THE NOT SO GOOD: Price tag ... considering it's 4+ the price tag is a bit ridiculous As expected, the minifigures are excellent. You get 4 exclusive minifigures in this set and I just love the Jester Donald. In fact this is one of my reasons I bought this. Given it is a 4+ set, I had no expectation on building experience for an Adult and really bought this for novelty parts. Having said that, the brick built dragon is nice and at least from the 4+ sets I've owned so far, it is something a bit more interesting compared to past 4 plus set. The problem with this set and recent 4+ sets is really the price tag, retail at NZD$90 I don't think the contents can justify the price. To be honest, I probably would have skipped this if it wasn't that I need to get pass the threshold to get the Forestman Hideout GWP. I needed something I will not able to buy from retail with discount, for your information this set is only available on at least in New Zealand for now. Overall, I would only recommend this set if you really want some of the exclusive minifigures and there is a price to pay,
  21. (Built and designed for my father, not for me) The Disneyland engines with consists in order from Left to Right: 4-4-0 "C.K. Holliday" (engine 1) from 1955 pulling the my semi-fictionalized version of the Retlaw 2 freight train 4-4-0 "E.P. Ripley" (engine 2) also from '55 is pulling the post-1971 fictionalized Retlaw 1 passenger train 2-4-4 "Fred Gurley" (engine 3) started service in 1958 and is pulling the Holliday Blue excursion train 2-4-0 "Ernest S. Marsh" (engine 4) began service in 1959. Most of the 4-4-0 models use 9v motors, as my father has that system as his preferred train propulsion type... and GatewayLUG uses the 9v style-track / motors too, so it makes it runnable at shows. The Fred Gurley is not able to be powered this way, sadly. C.K. Holliday 4-4-0 and Retlaw 2 freight train There were two trains at Disneyland opening day in 1955, and these were the Retlaw series. Retlaw 1 was the passenger train which was pulled by E.P. Ripley and consisted of one baggage, four passenger cars, and the observation car. Five of which are no longer used or were sold. (but the observation car is still used - as the Lilly Belle parlor car as seen in the official set) Retlaw 2 was the freight train, pulled by the engine as shown above - C.K. Holliday - and consisted of three cattle cars and three gondolas, plus the caboose. As you may have noticed, I chose to only use two cattle cars from that train, and no low-side gondolas... There are no pictures of those as far as I can tell before the freight cars were all converted into another train type, the same as are in LEGO set 71044. The tanker car and coal hopper are my own invention. The two cattle cars. The two doors on each side of the identical cattle cars fold down. The roof sections come of now as well. As you can see, no seats are inside these cars as there were none installed in Retlaw 2 on opening day 1955! The two gondolas have been shortened from the original versions on the original Retlaw 2, but they are pretty close to it in looks! The caboose. I made up this car, as I couldn't get the real four-world axle caboose to look good in LEGO. The caboose has a removable roof too. E.P. Ripley 4-4-0 and Retlaw 1 passenger train (fictional post-'71 rebuild) Retlaw 1 was the passenger train which consisted of one baggage, four passenger cars, and the observation car, which were pulled by E.P. Ripley on opening day in 1955. Five of which are no longer used or were sold. (but the observation car is still used - as the Lilly Belle parlor car as seen in the official set) However, in this fictional revised version of the train, this retirement didn't happen, though they were modified to suit side-seating. The real Retlaw 1 was originally a yellow painted train, featuring front facing seats until it was mostly retired in 1971. The observation car of Retlaw 1 then became a parlor car known as the Lilly Belle after Walt Disney's wife Lillian. This fictionalized train is in the revised, post-1971 color scheme of the Lilly Belle, (which is in set 71044) and also has two passenger cars plus a baggage car with opening side doors. These cars all have side facing seats, as if Retlaw 1 were around and used in modified format after the 1971 overhaul of the Lilly Belle. As a side note, each of the cars feature a removable wall for getting at the inside details, as in set 71044. My revised version of @TJJohn12's MOC of the Disneyland number 2 steam loco. I made it using parts ordered by my father, but it's still missing the 9v motor in this picture. As you can see, the loco is mainly dark blue, as it swapped colors with the originally dark green real-world engine. This is because the C. K. Holliday model in the Disney train Lego set is also color swapped, from what should be dark blue to dark green. So, basically, Lego used bits from both engines for the set, and we continued this trend here. The baggage car features two sliding doors in red, though other colors are an option to stand out more. (I prefer black doors, but that's not prototypical!) The side wall comes off, as it does on all the cars, to reveal seating. In this car, that means luggage room and two seats. The two coaches are identical in every way, and are also quite similar to the parlor car at first glance. The inside features side seating, as in the Disneyland park... this also allows for easier moving of figures, and placing them in any of the five seats per car. This car is in the LEGO set 71044, but I thought you guys would like to see it alongside everything else. Fred Gurley 2-4-4 and Holliday Blue excursion train The Holiday Blue train was added in early1966 to replace the original Retlaw 1 passenger train which was going to be being pulled from service due to slow loading / unloading at stations. (It is also notable as the last consist added to the Disneyland Railroad.) Here it is being pulled by the Fred Gurley, also known as Disneyland number 3. Here is my Dad's (now finished IRL!) third Disneyland loco, to accompany the C.K. Holliday one in set 71044 and the E.P. Ripley MOC I just finished for him: it mimics the real world Fred Gurley pretty well too. The real 2-4-4 loco has been at Disneyland since early March of 1958. This paint scheme isn't 100% accurate (black boiler / black domes are dark green / red here), but IT IS in line with the modification my Dad and I have already done to the other locomotives. The roof lifts up as normal for this series. This loco is one of my Dad's few unpowered engines, as it is impossible to fit a 9v motor underneath... or any motor block, really! The "Holiday Blue" car by themselves, with only tail-lights added to them. The Disney train my father bought has added three Bricklinked cars with some new cartoon passengers courtesy of "The Minifig Shop" LEGO resale store in Kirkwood, Missouri. Still need get the 4th car and the Lilly Belle car built from the actual set, and add the Star Wars characters to it and the empty one on the right. I should probably put Donald Duck as a he fireman as seen in the cartoon short 'Out of Scale" from the late 1950s. Ernest S. Marsh 2-4-0 Just to complete the first four locomotives from Disneyland, here is Ernest S. Marsh. It's a 2-4-0 based off the 1871 Denver & Rio Grande loco number 1, "Montezuma" and was readied for service at the California park for the first time in late April 1959. This LEGO version is also inspired by LEGO set 71044 for the two-axle tender, piston design, and general look of the engine, while the boiler design originally hails from set 7597. The tender is powered by a 9v motor, and weighed down for traction by a standard weight brick. Notes on the post and future additions: Real life pictures will be added whenever possible. Also, Disneyland RR Number 5 - Ward Kimball - is a relative newcomer to he park and is a 2-4-4 like the Fred Gurley. It would not be interesting to have two more identical locos on the roster, so it is not included, and as it arrived in 2005, it's not quite from for the time period my dad and I are attempting to model. (He is kind of not sure if he wants another loco after Fred Gurley, so the 2-4-0 steamer Ernest S. Marsh might not get built either!) Any questions, suggestions, or complaints? Let me know below! EDITED 8/26/21: added Fred Gurley (Disneyland number 3) steam loco's real world MOC pictures to this post!
  22. In honor of the new "Lightyear" sets that were revealed yesterday, I decided to reveal my Space Ranger version of the spaceship in the style of PUG-Z from the old LEGO Worlds video game. I named the ship "42" in honor of the "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" TV show's ship from twenty-two years ago (Was 2000 really THAT long ago?!?), which I watched a lot when I was younger and sadly is not streaming anywhere since Disney / Pixar have virtually disowned it. NOTES: The origin of the original ship itself is from the totally awesome (and sadly defunct) online free-roam video game LEGO Worlds, then recreated by user TOB1 and made into PDF instructions over on Rebrickable. The rear of the ship, featuring a main engine and two boosters. The landing legs can fold up for flight, as shown above. (yes, I dusted the ship after these shots... the model has been sitting on a table since December, and needed a storage bin until yesterday. I didn't think about dusting them until after taking photos. Sorry!) Buzz sits in the front to pilot, and the alien Bunny lady from Vydio will sit behind him when she gets here... I haven't figured out what she does. Scanning? navigation? weapons? Ideas would be nice, if anyone has any. Space Rangers from Left to Right: - Nic (short for Nicodemus) is a highly evolved rat with cybernetic implants for eyes because he was born blind. From a world called Thorn V.\ - Buzz Lightyear needs no introduction. - E.R.I.C. is a utility robot programed to help maintain starships. This one takes care of Buzz's rocket, 42. - Izzy Hawthorne (info redacted) - Clover comes from a world called Watership. She is an empath and can sense emotions / feelings in others. (I borrowed some characters from famous literature for the aliens: Nic is slightly based off the rat leader Nicodemus from 'Mrs. Frisby and Rats of NIMH' novel, while Clover is based (in name only) off of a character from the book 'Watership Down') Comments, suggestions, and complaints welcome. Would love to hear all you guy's thoughts on all of this!
  23. Modeltrainman

    [LEGO IDEAS] Casey Jr.

    LEGO IDEAS - Casey Jr. Circus Train (Dumbo, 1941) WP_20220103_17_29_48_Pro by Modeltrainman, on Flickr WP_20220111_15_29_09_Pro by Modeltrainman, on Flickr
  24. Hi everyone! I'm very happy to introduce you my new Lego Ideas project! :) This is from the times when things were simpler - from my childhood :) This idea consists of close to 500 pieces and features all 5 members of Rescue Rangers team and their iconic aircraft built by Gadget :) Also there is a stand designed to look like a part of a tree and a ladder for balancing the plane and extra play-ability. In this build I used only existing molds with some recolors and custom prints! Please support if you like it, any help with sharing is much appreciated! :) The updated brick built kinetic version!
  25. Once upon a time, a very long time ago now, about last Friday, an AFOL lived in California all by himself under the username of Oky, which means that he had the username over the door in gold letters and lived under it. One day, his friend Winnie-the-Pooh came over from Disneyland where he lived. "Good morning, Oky," he said. "Good morning, Winnie-ther-Pooh," said Oky. "I wonder if you've got such a thing as a camera about you?" "A camera?" "Yes, I just said to myself coming along: 'I wonder if Oky has such a thing as a camera about him?'” "What do you want a camera for?" Oky said. Winnie-the-Pooh looked round to see that nobody was listening, put his paw to his mouth, and said in a deep whisper: "Honey!" "But you don't get honey with a camera!" said Oky. "I do," said Pooh. “How?” "It's like this, " he said. "When you go after honey, the great thing is not to let the bees see you. Now, if they had an interesting review to read, they would be distracted and wouldn’t see me take their honey, so I figured I’d make a review of my house for the bees to read." "Wouldn't they look up from the review and notice you?" Oky asked. "They might or they might not," said Winnie-the-Pooh. "You never can tell with bees." "Then you had better make sure it’s a really good review," Oky said. “Yes,” said Pooh. He thought for a moment and said: "The thing is, I don’t really know how to take pictures… or write for that matter. Will you help me take pictures of my house and write a review about it, Oky?” "Silly old Bear!" Oky laughed to himself. “Sure, I will help you.” And so he did. Set Number: 21326 Name: Winnie the Pooh Theme: Ideas Year of Release: 2021 Ages: 18+ Pieces: 1265 Price: £89.99 / $99.99 / 99.99€ The Box As you may know, I’m about as enthusiastic about the boring black boxes that LEGO uses for 18+ sets as Eeyore is about anything. They look depressing and usually don’t suit the subject matter, and this set is no exception. It just doesn’t fit the bright and colorful world of Winnie the Pooh, although I’m glad that in this case they at least hinted at a more fitting background by having some illustrations of flowers, fences, and bees showing from behind the set. If only the whole box looked more like that. Oh bother. The back side of the box looks a bit more interesting as it features a large picture of the interior of Pooh’s house, a couple of close-up scenes, and a blueprint drawing of the set with dimensions, along with a brief explanation of how the LEGO Ideas process works. The top of the box shows a nice lineup of the minifigs along with the 100 Acre Wood sign, a few logos, and a “Hunny” pot fittingly serving as the size reference. The bottom only has some info about the packaging and trademarks. As always with these “Adults Welcome” boxes, there is a strip of various LEGO pieces going around the whole bottom part of the box and all over the bottom. The strip is colored honey-yellow in this case which does fit the set very well. There are several pieces in there that have not been released in yellow yet. Could this be a hint of things to come? Probably not, but one can hope. The right side of the box has a lovely illustration of Pooh Bear holding on to a balloon as he is known to do drawn in the style of E. H. Shepard’s art from the original book. The other side has some more legal jargon along with the French version of the Winnie the Pooh logo. It reads “Winnie l’ourson” which translates to Winnie the teddy bear. Not very imaginative, and I’m not sure why they felt the need to change the name in France, but c’est la vie. Like many Ideas sets, this one has an opening lid. I really like this type of boxes as they can be reused for storage. The bags are stacked neatly inside and are even almost in chronological order. The instructions and stickers lay freely in the box, with the stickers placed between the bags, but fortunately none of them were damaged. Contents Inside the box there are seven numbered bags, two sticker sheets (one reflective, one not), and one instruction booklet. The cover of the instructions features the same picture of the minifigs walking in a line, but this one has nice watercolor background like you would see in a Winne the Pooh book. This is exactly what the boxart should have looked like in my opinion, but I digress. Instructions The instructions book is full of nice illustrations of Pooh and his friends like the one that is on the side of the box as well as a map of the 100 Acre Wood. The first few pages of the booklet feature background info on the characters, stories, and fan designer Ben Alder, along with a few words from Ben and the LEGO designers about the creation the set. The instructions themselves are pretty clear and easy to follow. The colorful build really pops against the light gray background. There is another lovely illustration of Pooh with Christopher Robin heading off into the sunset which is a perfect image to end the build on. It is accompanied by that oddly ordinary French title. Notable Parts As is the norm for Ideas sets, there are now new molds in this set (besides those on the minifigs), but here are still a few notable parts. This set sees the debut of the large macaroni part in medium nougat, the coral piece in bright green, that Technic piece with 4 clips in reddish brown, and an unprinted minifig head in dark orange. Santa’s sack also appears for the first time in an official set in white. Another piece that is new to me even though it has appeared in a few sets already is the 2x4 double jumper plate. There are a few other parts in rare colors that have only appeared in one or two other sets which you can see here, and several more which have only appeared in four other sets which aren’t included in this picture. Also, while most of the graphics are stickered in this set, some of the parts are printed. Aside from the large and small tree stump tiles and ladybug tile which have been in several sets before, there is a new bee tile, the Mr. Sanders sign, and the honeypot with the “Hunny” label. It’s hard to see in these pictures, but there is a slight metallic gold shine to the “MR SANDERS” letters. Minifigs While Ben’s original submission was comprised of a mix of minifigs with preexisting headpieces and brick-built characters, LEGO apparently decided to go all out on this set and created minifigs with new molds for all the characters, something that is unprecedented in an Ideas set and is much appreciated. Unfortunately they omitted Owl and Christopher Robin from the lineup, but they kind of out of scale, so I can see why they did it. Kanga and Roo are missing as well, but they were not in the original submission either, so that’s fair. We do get 5 excellent figs of the most important characters from the 100 Acre Woods though. Let’s take a closer look at them, Starting with Pooh himself, his BFF Piglet, and Rabbit. Pooh bear’s belly and part of his chin are printed onto his torso which looks a tad odd, especially since the yellow on the print looks darker than that of his head and limbs, so I wish they would have put a bit more quality into the printing, but otherwise he looks great, especially his dual-molded arms. Piglet also looks spot-on and just as adorable as he should, but he is way too large in my opinion. He is nearly as tall as all the other characters and therefore feels out of scale with the rest of the set. Being a small animal who is afraid of anything bigger than him is, like, his whole thing, so I think he should have been a trophy-sized microfig, but Piglet fans will probably be happy to get a full minifig of him. Rabbit looks nearly perfect. His torso printing features dark hip curves that are usually reserved for female minifigs. I guess having Pooh constantly eat all his honey and living off his vegetable garden helps him maintain a girlish figure. The only thing that looks a bit off are his somewhat derpy eyes. This rabbit looks like he has seen some stuff. If I’m not mistaken, he is the first minifig to come with light yellow arms, legs, and hands, so between him and the dark orange minifig heads, this set should make monochrome fig collectors happy. All three have back printing which in Pooh’s case is just as off-color as his front unfortunately. Next, we have the two long-tailed characters, Tigger and Eeyore. Both look outstanding, especially Tigger whose body suits the minifig proportions perfectly. It seems that being a minifig is what Tiggers do best! His top isn’t made out of rubber and his bottom isn’t made out of spring, but he is just as bouncey-trouncey-ouncey-pouncey-fun-fun-fun-fun-fun as the real thing! But the most wonderful thing about Tigger is, he’s the only one with arm and leg printing, heeee’s the only one! (Let me know if you read all that in his voice) Tigger has the same feline tail as other cat-like minifigs and back printing, both with scribbly tiger stripes on them. Eeyore’s tail is sadly not detachable, although the bow on it is. Which is probably a good thing since he is quite “attached” to his tail. Winnie the Pooh and accessories too! Each character comes with a fitting item: Pooh has a red balloon for getting honey, Piglet comes with a scarf and an umbrella for cold, rainy autumn days, Tigger has a cleverly built bindle for when the gang goes on one of their “expotitions”, and Rabbit has one of his beloved carrots. Yes, every character comes with an accessory. Well, all except poor Eeyore (unless you count his bow). The Build The first thing you build is a small patch of grass with some leaves, a honeypot, and a sign for the 100 Acre Wood on it. It’s a quick and simple build, but it makes a nice addition to the set and the use of the 3x3 heart plate as a base gives it a nice organic look. The build is pretty straight-forward, starting from the bottom of the tree and going up to the top, but it involves several interesting SNOT techniques, such as the hills with slopes pointing in all directions and leaves attached to their corners. The fact that the designers chose to make most of the filler bricks bright yellowish orange like honey is a nice touch. Here is the build after the first two bags. After bag 3, Pooh’s house starts to take shape. At this stage, you can get a good look at what the interior of the house looks like when it is closed. Once you finish the walls of the house, it’s on to the tree. The lower branches of the tree are sandwiched between the front and back of the trunk and angled slightly upward using an interesting Technic connection which also strengthens the stability of the tree. The top is built on a turntable which held in place at an angle by four offset studs under the round plate which is an interesting technique I didn’t know about until now. Bag 7 includes all the parts for the treetop, beehives and front yard details. Building the treetop involves building six of the same branch section which means that you need to attach 3 leaf pieces to each of the 24 green coral pieces in the set. Needless to say, this is a bit repetitive. Rabbit may enjoy such tedious plant work, but me not so much. The Complete Set Here it is all put together! It looks abso-posi-tutely terrific! It's unlike any other set and all the bright colors make it look very friendly. The house looks pretty accurate when compared to the source material, aside from maybe the missing hills around the back of the house. There are lots of nice details around the front door such as the door knocker and bell, the little mushrooms built out of red Porg heads, and the big log where Pooh can sit by the fire and think. However, my favorite detail has to be the tiny 3-piece snail on the side of the house that uses a swirl piece as the shell, even though red is an odd color for a snail. I also really like how the tree is made out of a mix of nougat and dark tan parts. It looks really nice and I hope to see more trees in this color in other sets. The use of corals for the tree branches is also NPU. The shingles on the roof of Pooh’s house are made of cheese slopes which is not a new technique, but always looks nice, especially with those leaves scattered over them. It’s clever how they built the chimney out of hinges, a BB-8 head, and an ice cream cone. The only thing that bugs me a bit is how there is a small gap between the roof and the dark red bars in the back of the house, although I’m not sure how that could have been avoided. Also, it’s interesting that they chose to use modified tiles instead of actual shutters on the windows. I think it would have been better if they would have used shutters that you can actually close instead, especially since we haven’t gotten them in dark red yet. The back of the tree and house is a bit bare. I think they could have added a bit more foliage to fix that. However, I like how they hid they gray parts that hold the house closed with a wooden board and plants. As you probably saw on the back of the box, Pooh’s house can split open in the back to allow you to play inside. The house is held together by a single clip that inserts into a click-hinge which works pretty well while also making it easy to open the two halves without much force. The interior is stuffed full of detail! On the left there is a furnace, a picture of honeybees, a comfy-looking chair, and a table with a teacup and a honeypot. Next to the front door, there is also a sideboard with another teacup and a teapot as well as a map of the 100 Acre Wood on the wall. I especially like how they made the brick-built curtains. The chair is only connected by one stud, so it can easily be removed to seat a minifig in it or move it elsewhere. On the right is Pooh’s bed which cleverly uses roller skates as detailing on the bed ends along with a small table with a candle. In the rafters above the bed are various honeypots just in case Pooh wakes up at night and is hungry for a smackerel of honey (i.e. the entire pot) which I imagine happens every night. On the wall next to the bed hangs his Pooh-coo clock which tells him when it’s time for his stoutness exercise. The standing mirror in front of which he does said exercise is to the right of the front door along with a brown Technic pin connector that serves as an umbrella stand. It works surprisingly well as such, although the umbrella tends to get a little stuck in it. While I really like how the Pooh-coo clock is constructed, I think it could use a clock face, even if it was a sticker. Pooh’s house is filled with references and easter eggs! The rafters on the left side of the house carry a box of Poohsticks, the game that Pooh invented in one of the stories where two or more players drop a stick from one side of a water bridge and see whose stick comes out first on the other side of the bridge. The back of the box has the initials C.R. which presumably stands for Christopher Robin. Next to the box is a pearl-gold heart-shaped tile which represents the locket that Tigger found in The Tigger Movie and hoped to find his family with. The book on the bed is meant to represent a Winnie the Pooh book which is pretty meta. Inside the book, there is a nice Lego-fied silhouette of Pooh holding onto a red balloon. LEGO Graphic Designer Ashwin Visser added Ben Alder’s name on the inside of the cover which is a lovely shoutout to the fan designer of the set who enjoys reading these books to his children. Another detail that’s worth noting is that the honeypot on the kitchen table and the one above the bed have a stack of trans-yellow pieces to represent honey, a detail which Pooh much appreciates. There are some play features as well. Do you hear that noise? That buzzing-noise means something. You don't get a buzzing-noise like that without it meaning something. If there's a buzzing-noise, somebody's making a buzzing-noise, and the only reason for making a buzzing-noise that I know of is because you're a bee. That’s right, there are two identical beehives in the tree, each with four bees around it. The bees are mounted on a frictionless Technic pin, so you can make them fly around their hive like a mobile. Of course, a new bee mold would have been more realistic than printed tiles, but then again, maybe these really are just pictures of bees hanging from the hive. You never can tell with bees. Since each of the six treetop sections are mounted on ball joints and each of the branches is attached by a clip, the tree is surprisingly posable, so you can adjust it however you want or make it look like there is a lot of wind. Happy Winds-day everybody! Spare Parts Aside from the teal brick separator, there are many little parts left over after the build, including the small printed tiles, an extra Poohstick for a third player, an extra teacup in case clumsy Pooh breaks one, a pile of Pooh poo, and some extra trans-yellow honey pieces which should make Pooh bear very happy. Ratings Design: The tree and house look unique and colorful, and it’s faithful to the source material. Lots of great details. Build: An enjoyable build various interesting SNOT techniques, but with some repetition. Playability: There aren’t really many play features, but there are enough characters and accessories to play out many scenarios. Figures: All 5 look spot-on, feature new molds, and are new and exclusive to the set. Aside from Piglet’s scale, Rabbit’s derpy eyes and some quality issues on Pooh, they’re great. Parts: No new molds, but several parts in new or rare colors. Price: $100 for 1265 pieces including 5 new minifigs is a pretty good deal. Overall: Nine honeypots out of ten! This is a nearly flawless set. Disney/Pooh fans will love the minifigs and all the easter eggs while Lego fans will appreciate the unique, detailed, and fun-looking build and rare, useful parts. It's more of a display piece than a playset, but it has enough features to have plenty of fun with it too. While Winnie the Pooh was never my favorite Disney franchise, it was my sister’s and we both grew up watching The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh along with the other Disney Afternoon shows. Besides, I am a Disney fan in general and a huge fan of Jim Cummings who voices both Pooh and Tigger these days, so when I saw Ben’s excellent LEGO Ideas project, I supported it immediately, and I am very happy that it was turned into such a good set. Thanks for taking a look back at this 2021 set with me and thanks to LEGO for sending it to me for review. What do you think of the set? Let me know in the comments and the poll. And don't forget to check out some of the other Revember reviews! TTFN - Ta-ta for now! PS: You didn’t really think I would end the review without a Tuxedo Pooh meme, did you?