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Found 11 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* After investigating the abandonned factory, it was time for Johnar to go back outside and make a call. ??? : So, how are things going out there ? Johnar : The gift is under the tree, just need to call the nice kids so they come pick it up. ??? : Heh, you know Life Day's passed, right ? Johnar : I do, but I'm still in the mood. Anyway, tell me you have some news for me ??? : Of course I have...
  2. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Johnar : Anyway, tell me you have some news for me. ??? : Of course I have. We just captured a fleeing Pyerce agent in our territory. Johnar : Pyerce ? Taarna, now's not the time for jokes. Taarna : Says the one who's still in the mood of Life Day. But yeah, Pyerce's still alive, and we also got our hands on a mysterious crate. Seems our guest was desperate about sending it off world. Johnar : Send him to the higher ups, he will be usefull as a bargaining chip. Taarna : And the crate ? Johnar : Bring it to the ship, I'll be there soon.
  3. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Coruscant have always been busy, and now more than ever with the Life day happening. Decorations hanged from the windows, holo-advertising in the streets... And yet, something odd was still happening, as usual. Reports speaks of a cloaked figure clad in Imperial armor being chased by a Black Sun mercenary in the lower levels of the planet.
  4. Today I started my next project, a model of the new T-70 x wing from star wars. I think I have the back wings figured out, here is a concept for it. Colours not final obviously. I'll continue to add to this thread as I make more progress. I decided on light gray for this. White just looks out of place to me and it doesn't appear that way even some of the time as the T-65 did depending on lighting. The wings (at least from my limited reference) are also seeming to be slightly thicker on the new ship, so I went with a snot design instead of 2 plates thick. I think that curve arch piece is the only really sufficient way to capture the curve of the wingtip with fidelity so I based the design on mounting each laser on each wing with those piece. Next, I'll tackle the front wings and engine assembly, maybe the rear fuselage.
  5. Dear Star Wars, LEGO, and R2-D2 Fans, I know this is late but 3 days ago, on August 13th, 2016 Kenny Baker passed away. For those of you unfamiliar with this amazing man, he is the man who controls R2-D2 from inside the droid. This forum is all about LEGO and Star Wars, so I decided to use the flawless combination of the two to pay tribute to Kenny Baker and his work as R2-D2. I hope you all comment and show your respects in LEGO. Rest in Peace Kenny Baker.
  6. Hey everyone, so while I am waiting for a big order from Bricklink to start my next large scale MOC I thought I would kill the time by building a little micro landscape of Jakku, specifically Niima Outpost. Its a very simple little MOC, only 16x16 and its actually based on the loading screens from Lego: The Force Awakens on the PS4 (for those of you who have played it you might recognise it?) I really enjoyed making this little model and I am quite tempted to do similar scenes for all the famous locations of the entire sage (any suggestions welcome!) Anyway as always be great to know your thoughts!
  7. Hi there guys, this is my first post and I am sharing with you my first ever MOC! I would love to know your thoughts as well as any tips, advice or guidelines to help me with future builds. The courtyard is a two set build of the official 'Battle on Takodana' set and can actually slide out from the front as its own piece. The forest to the side of the castle (representing where Kylo Ren confronts Rey for the first time) is also its own piece and can slide out if you want to use it as a separate element. The main tower lifts off as does the entire roof section on the left hand side revealing more tables, patrons and the performance area for the band. The turret on the right side is hinged and hidden inside is a bluetooth speaker that plays 'Jabba Flow' when its turned on. I have included the room where Rey finds Luke's lightsaber. To access the room there is a vertical sliding door and the roof piece lifts off too. To populate the Castle I have mixed and matched a few of my favourite characters from the Star Wars universe, some of which are not exactly movie accurate but fun anyway, such as Hera and Sabine from 'Rebels' recruiting new members to join their crew. Greedo in the back hoping to capture another bounty and lando enjoying a drink with Figrin D'an. As for the new characters I have custom made the Crimson Corsair and GA97 (although thats really just 21B with a new paint job!) Bazine Netal... And Maz's band (including the fender guitar Sudswater Dillifay Glon is playing) Finally I added some more plants and water as a bit of detailing. Overall I have tried to include as many elements from the film as possible whilst keeping some fun elements within the MOC. I have also used a mix of bricks and colours as I was trying to give the impression that the castle is very old and has been patched up over hundreds of years...hope that comes across and it doesnt just look messy?! Like I say this was my first ever MOC however now I have well and truly got the building bug it wont be the last! Hope you enjoy!
  8. I just finished creating the latest Star Wars trailer in LEGO. Thanks for watching!
  9. This is the next chapter of Wick Nole's story. Introduction. [soNE Freebuild] The Story Begins Chapter 1. [soNE Freebuild] A Fine Delivery Chapter 2. [soNE Freebuild] Unexpected Arrival -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Some moments after escaping the Imperial patrol... The smugglers (at least this is the only thing about them Wick was sure of) were preparing for the hyperspace jump, and Wick suddenly thought that they may not return to Corellia for some time. In such case there was a thing he would very much like to do. - "Before we leave this place..." - "What?!?!" - "There is one place, not far from here, that I believe is worth visiting. You may even find it "interesting" in case you decide to continue your business here someday." - "I'll pay you good money if you get me there." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The ship landed on a plateau near the place Wick had chosen. As the team walked out, Wick had taken the ancient-looking key and suddenly the small door opened in the ground - the key seemed to be both a guiding beacon and a remote control from the place and the door. The place was an old cave converted to vault. The Nole family had used it for many years, and Wick had continued this tradition. As others were preparing to transport Wick's possessions to the ship, Wick was briefly telling the story of this place and the oddly-shaped key to the captain and remembering some details about the days long gone. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- As the ship was finally leaving Corellia, Wick remembered the first time his dad showed him the cave and had given him his own copy of the key. All these years ago he could not have thought that one day this would be the only place to safely store most of his assets as his main house in the city was emptied or destroyed by the Empire (or would be in the nearest future). -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- As I would also like to show some additional details about these two scenes, some additional WIP pictures are to be added later in the separate comment.
  10. After a non-stop 22 hours of work, I proudly present my version of the full first Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser trailer in glorious LEGO. 4 hours to shoot more than 1500 frames of animation at 29.97 FPS. 3 hours to build the landscapes and ships/vehicles. Topped off with 15 hours to add the finishing touches that will blow your mind away! Subscribe for new films. If you enjoyed this one you're certain to enjoy next month's film (An original film, 9 months in the making). Plus follow the DC/MARVEL crossover series that will continue to unfold over the next few months. Like and Follow the Facebook page for the latest updates! https://www.facebook...lFeature?ref=hl Thanks for watching!
  11. This was made for my new video that was made in 22 hours. In the photo I included the original plate in the top left corner. Alot of the fx I added in was a rust texture for the speeder along with dust and some color correction. Alot of the parts in the speeder came from the Hulkbuster suit I made for an Avengers video awhile back. If you would like to check out the speeder in action here's the video below. Thanks for looking and may the force be with you!