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Found 23 results

  1. Hi! New MOC is ready, Rey's Speeder The project has 129 bricks, so construction was very fast. I have prepared a tutorial for this project for, you will be able to build this vehicle yourself. The vehicle appeared in The Force Awakens movie, Rey use this speeder on Jakku to collect scrap metal etc. MOC is also available on Rebrickable with list of parts: OF BRICKS/reys-speeder/?inventory=1#comments FREE MOVIE TUTORIAL PDF Instructions is also available to purchase (2,5 EUR) - ask me on
  2. While I'm not sure how much this will help people right now. I am working on building 75192 in LDD. I am separating the build into "bags" like the set. When I finish this, I will try to put it all together without LDD crashing, but, with the number of pieces and number of angles, I don't know how that will work. I have read some people saying they don't have $800 to shell out for 75192 and they were thinking about bricklinking it. If so, this may be the way you want to do it. If it doesn't help anyone now, it will when this set is discounted. I will update and edit this as I finish "bags". I am on 8 now. I am still working on it. Also, keep in mind, some pieces are not available in LDD. I will update as I come across them. LDD files are in my Brickshelf gallery when modded. Bag 1, The Frame: 705 pieces. Bag 2, Landing Gear: 388 pieces. The 6 landing gear are identical to build. Bag 3, Forward Rooms, Gunner Seat, Greebling and Front Landing Gear: 545 pieces. Forward landing gear is the same as Bag 2. Missing stickers. Bag 4, Rear Rooms: 457 pieces, missing are 4 Light Bluish Gray, 27263, Modified 2 x 2 Corner with Cut Corner - Facet, I used 14719 on the model. Missing stickers. Bag 5, Rear Engines: I couldn't get the boat rigging pieces on there, they won't flex. Also missing are 6 Trans Light Blue, Hose, Ribbed mm D. 26L. Not available in LDD. 458 pieces, 464 when you add the missing pieces/ hoses. Bag 6 , Forward Mandibles: 530 pieces. Bag 7, Underside of Mandibles: 295 pieces. Which is odd, I figured this would be an even number since the builds are identical. I may have screwed up here, just noticed it when posting. Bag 8, various bits of the underside. 356 pieces. Bag 9, Tops of the mandibles. 426 pieces. Nothing missing, but, the 2, 2 x 4 curved slope pieces are printed. Bag 10, Final parts of the underside, including bottom Quad Laser. 454 Pieces, but, 2 pieces are not available in LDD. 2 light Bluish Gray, 26599, Plate, Modified 2 x 4 with Pin Holes used on the boarding ramp. Bag 11, Starting the top of the ship now. 361 pieces. Missing 8 White 30166, Minifig, Shield Rectangular with 4 Studs. If you are going to Bricklink this set, you can sub 30166pb01, same part, same color, just with a window print on it from 75166: First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack. You get one in the Battle Pack. So Bricklink maybe with best option!! Also, after posting this, I realized i missed 2 pieces on the right section. So, the total for this "bag" is 369. The file on Brickshelf is correct. Bag 12, Top, back of the ship, Exhaust vents. 472 Pieces, but, there are 16 missing pieces, 27507, Tile, Round Corner 4 x 4 Macaroni Wide. Bag 13, last 2 parts of the top exhaust vents. 357 Pieces. I think from here on out all the bags/ sections should be 100%. Bag 14, front, top of the saucer section. 298 pieces. Bag 15 more of the top, front of the saucer section, base for the radar dish and escape hatches on the sides. 371 pieces. Bag 16, Cockpit and hallways to it. 483 pieces, I know I said everything should 100% since the update, but,the 2 sections of the cockpit are not included in this file. So, this bag has a grand total of 485. Bag 17, last 2 sections of the saucer section, 2 radar dishes, Mynock, plaque, top gunner seat, and front thingies! 443 pieces. Jamie
  3. We created the first stop motion in VR180. This is a love letter to the Last Jedi Throne Room scene. Pls tell me what you think of this format
  4. The Cartographer

    [MOD] Rey's Speeder

    Hey everyone! This is my very first post, as you can probably tell. I've been wanting to share this moc/mod for a while and haven't really had the time to do so until now. I consider all of my projects to be WIPs because I'm always tweaking them, and I'm never completely satisfied for one reason or another. I'll be posting more mocs/mods soon, I hope. Rey's Speeder [MOD] by Joseph Karins, on Flickr Like a lot of others, I wasn't super crazy about the official set, but it had potential (and I wanted Rey and the other guy). I didn't set out to make a better version because I liked the vehicle (or the set). I just wanted to see if I could, to make a short story shorter. I've seen a lot of mocs and mods for this set and a lot of creative solutions. I really wanted to make the mudguard pieces work for the front of the speeder, which I thought were perfect. Most of the speeder still resembles the original set; the back section is nearly identical. It still looks like it's made out of LEGO elements, and could be something LEGO might've released. Most of the "playability" of the set has been lost (like the pointless stud shooters and rey's sled/hover board), which I don't think anyone here will complain about. I'll probably come back to this to see if I can make more use of the body of the speeder, but I'm happy with how it looks right now. A few comments on the build: The only modified part is the net, which I've made smaller (6x10 as opposed to 10x10). Also, the front grill is not actually attached to anything, but sits rather snuggly between the two side pieces and the top and bottom mudguards. I know some purists on the site are opposed to modifying pieces and "illegal" placement, but I've spent more time than I wish to admit trying to figure out how to attach the grill to the set. The way it looks is nearly perfect imo, and I dare someone to come up with a better solution! :P You'd make me very happy. I'm including the LXF file so that anyone can build it or improve/modify it at will! Not much else to say. Hope you like it! Questions, comments, and criticism are always welcomed! -JB PS - I'm not a professional photographer (lol). This is my first time trying this setup and I'm not super thrilled with the results. Rey's Speeder.lxf
  5. Paperballpark

    [MOC] Large-scale Rey's Speeder

    I posted about this earlier in the year, but I've now finally got around to finishing it (although I still need to add footplates, but that's a relatively small job). The Dark Orange colour-scheme was quite a challenge, due to the limited range of pieces available in that colour, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. A link to my Flickr album is here, which contains a lot of WIP photos, together with descriptions.
  6. CardinalBricks

    MOC: Starkiller Base Forest Duel

    I have created a MOC of the iconic forest duel on Starkiller base from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is a freebuild, so not everything is perfect and there should definetly be more trees but I think it came out nicely nonetheless. Now, my favorite part of the moc and why it took me so long to create. Video : Thank you for viewing! Questions, comments, criticisms welcome.
  7. Hi guys, so I have finished another micro moc landscape. This time its of one of my favourite scenes from The Force Awakens. The crashed Star Destroyer is such an iconic image from not only the film but the trailers as well that I just had to make it in lego form. I am really pleased with Rey's speeder. I didnt think I would be able to build it at this scale but actually I think this is a pretty good representation. At only eight pieces I dont think its going to get any smaller either! (I did have one version with one less stud at the back but it looked too blocky) The star destroyer is a slight variation on a polybag release with a few tweaks. I was going to design my own from scratch but actually once I built this I felt the look, size and dimensions were pretty much there and just needed a few extra bits added. Overall I am really pleased with this build but as always I would love to hear your feedback and advice.
  8. Hey everyone, so while I am waiting for a big order from Bricklink to start my next large scale MOC I thought I would kill the time by building a little micro landscape of Jakku, specifically Niima Outpost. Its a very simple little MOC, only 16x16 and its actually based on the loading screens from Lego: The Force Awakens on the PS4 (for those of you who have played it you might recognise it?) I really enjoyed making this little model and I am quite tempted to do similar scenes for all the famous locations of the entire sage (any suggestions welcome!) Anyway as always be great to know your thoughts!
  9. Hi there guys, this is my first post and I am sharing with you my first ever MOC! I would love to know your thoughts as well as any tips, advice or guidelines to help me with future builds. The courtyard is a two set build of the official 'Battle on Takodana' set and can actually slide out from the front as its own piece. The forest to the side of the castle (representing where Kylo Ren confronts Rey for the first time) is also its own piece and can slide out if you want to use it as a separate element. The main tower lifts off as does the entire roof section on the left hand side revealing more tables, patrons and the performance area for the band. The turret on the right side is hinged and hidden inside is a bluetooth speaker that plays 'Jabba Flow' when its turned on. I have included the room where Rey finds Luke's lightsaber. To access the room there is a vertical sliding door and the roof piece lifts off too. To populate the Castle I have mixed and matched a few of my favourite characters from the Star Wars universe, some of which are not exactly movie accurate but fun anyway, such as Hera and Sabine from 'Rebels' recruiting new members to join their crew. Greedo in the back hoping to capture another bounty and lando enjoying a drink with Figrin D'an. As for the new characters I have custom made the Crimson Corsair and GA97 (although thats really just 21B with a new paint job!) Bazine Netal... And Maz's band (including the fender guitar Sudswater Dillifay Glon is playing) Finally I added some more plants and water as a bit of detailing. Overall I have tried to include as many elements from the film as possible whilst keeping some fun elements within the MOC. I have also used a mix of bricks and colours as I was trying to give the impression that the castle is very old and has been patched up over hundreds of years...hope that comes across and it doesnt just look messy?! Like I say this was my first ever MOC however now I have well and truly got the building bug it wont be the last! Hope you enjoy!
  10. Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum, me and one of my friends have recently started a youtube channel called Star Wars BASH and we talk all things Star Wars. One thing we have recently started is building and reviewing the Star Wars lego sets, we have filmed a few more but i'm yet to edit them. The first one we have done though is Rey's Speeder from The force Awakens. Here's a quick video, let us know what you think.
  11. Paperballpark

    [WIP] Rey's Speeder

    This is my large-scale model of Rey's Speeder. It's currently a work-in-progress, built to the scale of the Constraction figure, and is about 64 studs long. I decided to build it because I realised that a speeder at minifig scale is never going to look right - because the minifigs aren't scaled right! If you make it to scale with the minifig height, then the width and head size of the minifig will look too big. Equally, if you scale it to the size of the head, then the minifig will look too short. Plus, of course, the minifig can't 'ride' it. So I decided to do a large-scale version instead. I've been working on it for about three months now. I wasn't originally going to show this until it was finished, as I wanted people's first sight of it to be the finished model, but I thought I'd show it off now because it won't actually be finished until late summer. I still need to replace all the white with Dark Orange parts, and also use some Dark Orange to cover the parts that are still exposed. I also need to do a net for the side of it, and make the foot-stands for Rey's feet to rest on. I haven't done a proper piece count yet, but it's easily in excess of 2000 pieces. The main thing is pretty solid, and also pretty heavy! So here's where I'm up to:
  12. Just a small vignette ;) Can't wait to see the next Episode and Rogue One!
  13. For my new MOC, I used the LEGO Set of Rey Speeder to create a new one (minifig Scale) using only parts of the sets and none from my stock. The result is not perfect, but can be reproduced by anyone owning the set. The length of the speeder is around 12 studs which is near 4 meters like “real”. I kept the weapons/tools attach on the side. Rey can stand in the speeder as she bestride it. A parts can be placed instead of Rey when she goes down. As I said, the result is not perfect, but despite the parts limitation, I’m happy of the result. I also created an other speeder (with my stock parts) for the other minifig of the LEGO set (a "thug" of Unkar Plutt) which I called SandSpeeder (due to the color). Nothing special, but good with Rey Speeder… More pics (Full size) :
  14. Star Wars Episode VII- Looking for Luke The final scene of Star Wars Episode VII leaves the series open ended and full of promise. The Millennium Falcon lands on a mysterious island and Rey climbs the rocky slopes to discover Luke Skywalker in waiting. I sought to capture this scene via LEGO micro. Let me know what you think! Follow me on flickr for more projects/photos:
  15. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    [MOC] Rey's Speeder

    When I first went to see Star Wars Episode 7 on opening night, I've been very sceptical. I've seen Star Wars - The Force Awakens three times now. I love this movie, because right off the bat it delivers what makes Star Wars so great: Likeable and interesting characters, both heroes and villains that are fascinating, and a story that is driven by characters taking action and not endless, boring expositional dialogue. Discounting the Star Wars TV-experience with The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series, both of which feature likeable characters and some well-written stories and arcs, Episode 7 was the first cinema-experience that truly felt like Star Wars since the not yet special-editioned Return of the Jedi. I personally rank Episode 7 at number 3, right after A New Hope and Empire, because it was a lot more character-driven than Return of the Jedi, had banter like Empire and was fast-paced without being annoying. Rey and Kylo Ren are my favorite aspects of the whole movie - both are well-written and the acting delivers greatly. One of my favorite vehicles in the movie is Rey's Speeder. It doesn't have the legacy of a Millenium Falcon, the notoriety of TIE fighters, nor is it an icon like the X-wings, but it is a nicely designed vehicle that perfectly fits Rey as a character. It is like a huge jet-intake and fuel chamber feeding two vertically-mounted jets, and you sit on it like on a powerful bike, not like in a car as with Luke's speeder in a New Hope. I've seen quite a lot of MOCs of this vehicle already, but none of them quite spoke to me, so this was an opportunity to have a go at my own. As anyone who knows my MOCs, while I have build some rather huge and mid-sized Star Wars Vehicles of all varieties, I do have a soft spot for speeders. What I was trying to achieve with this MOC was the narrow sleek shape of Rey's Speeder, the characteristic intake and have Rey in a riding position on it, not in a sitting position. I am quite pleased with the result, and I hope you like it too. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome. Now that Episode 7 has rekindled my interest in Lego Star Wars, you can bet more MOCs will come in the near future.
  16. WarSquirrel

    [MOC] TFA - The Scavenger

    30 Years after the Battle Of Jakku, Rey roams the landscape, scavenging everything she can find to get her portion for the day This is a small and simple MOC I built when I was trying to build a TIE fighter. I realized I was missing pieces for the other wing and was inspired by the movie and Star Wars Battlefront to make this Rey finds a TIE pilot helmet, a rare sight on Jakku, which can fetch a pretty penny Sorry for the blurry pictures Thanks for looking - leave feedback if you would like
  17. Less than a month away in a galaxy near us all comes the next installment to the star wars saga! This is my own trailer for The Force Awakens. Star Wars The Force Awakens Lego Trailer by AJV777, on Flickr Thanks to Lord Blako for letting me use his awesome Kylo Ren Saber sound fx and to SGTBizarro for Music from the official trailer without sound fx Hope you all like and stay tuned for more! :D
  18. I apologize for the bad pictures, poor light and even worse camera. I hope you can see my modifications anyway. Every speeder made by TLG shows the pilot seated instead of riding the vehicle, and I tried to solve that innaccuracy with this little mod. It doesn't need a lot of pieces and I think the overall look is improved. My only gripe is that if you remove Rey there is a gap in the pilot's place. Not a big deal for me as I am planning to keep this model for display only. As I read somebody asking about this, I can confirm BB-8 fits perfectly inside the speeder. This is the first MOD I post so please leave your feedback.
  19. The new Force Awakens sets appeared in the store and There are a few I'd like, but just not that much. The new vehicles are pretty interesting though, and I had to get just one. Set#: 75099 Name: Rey's Speeder Theme: Star Wars Year: 2015 Pieces: 193 Minifigs: 2; Rey and Unkar's Thug Price: ¥3180 MSP: U.S.$19.99, £19.99 Peeron Brickset Bricklink The box There's some action, some Kylo Ren at the top. Schematics and action points are shown. And she's surfing a box top. Is that a spoiler? The booklet There is one book, cover same as the box. You know the deal. Inside, we see the instructions, plus the action features. We also see the characters of the first wave of toys from this series. They are pretty disposable to me now, but I have no doubt they will be burned in my brain by the time 2016 comes. I hate the prequels, and have seen them all ten times, so I will know The Force Awakens intimately through sheer habit. The Pieces Two bags, it's a small set. As per usual. A sticker sheet. I've moved beyond calling it The Dreaded Sticker Sheet. It is a matter of economics, they have to use them to avoid the price of this going from ridiculous to ludicrous. The set has two figs, Rey and Thug. They are nice enough. The Thug is bland enough to make me think of the bland dementors from Harry Potter, or the bland Chitari from Avengers one. The close up on the thug is alright. At least they have a face. But it's no Tusken Raider. Rey has a second face, and it's nice, but not that different from her first face. Gotta love the goggles and head wrap. This probably was 20% of the cost of the set. Got a nice sculpting, nice painting. Nice piece. And nice sculpting on the back. The Build This is the build as of the end of bag one. Fairly symmetric. The Finished Product The speeder is one of the best looking things to come out of the trailer. I think it's pretty damn cool. It's not exactly symmetrical. It's just 90% symmetrical. The lower back booster twists to push a piece to open the door. Inside, a strangely shaped box fits snugly. The box is pulled out. The cockpit is pretty damn cool as well. Open, and looking down. The side has Z-shaped piece integrating the newish blasters that have become the norm. I hadn't seen these before. They'll get no action from me since I never pew pew toys, but it's an interesting new piece. The Final Verdict Design: 10/10 This is really well made. There is no criticism of the source or the interpretation. Build: 8/10 I like the build in the nose of it, but overall, not a single technique surprised me. It's a workman like build. Playability: 8/10 I think a little tension is needed for play. This set has Rey and a Thug, theoretically a conflict, but a pretty vague one. Points given for the 'action' features which would actually be fun for kids. Minifigures: 8/10 The printing is fine, and I love the turban, but the designs are more perfunctory than illuminating. There's no Lobot here, for sure. Price: 7/10 Should be ¥2000, cost ¥3000 plus tax. Way too much for a little set. Due to oil prices and the American dollar rising, 2015 became the year that LEGO wasn't worth the cost, here in Japan, and this set suffers for that. Overall: 8.5/10 This is the most interesting design in the Force Awakens trailer. It's a speeder, and the colour reminds my of the 7113 Tusken Raiders Encounter set. There's a lot to like about it. It's not a great value, and it feels like the LEGO GROUP is testing the price points with this series. That said, this set won't break the bank, and looks a lot more iconic than any other Force Awakens set that isn't clearly based on Original Trilogy vehicles.
  20. Happy Force Friday everyone! Today LEGO will start selling their awesome lineup of Force Awakens toys, including Rey's Speeder. However, the model is huge, it's totally oversized! So here is my much smaller speeder, for anyone who wants a more realistic build to put next to other ships for example. It's not likely that LEGO will release another one of these for a long long time, but I could see this being included as an extra in another set. LEGO Ideas Page Please feel free to comment, and give me some feedback, and if you really like it, support it on LEGO Ideas!
  21. markus1984

    EPVII - Rey`s Desert Speeder

    Hi, Here is a small MOC for the coming Star Wars Noris Force Con in Nürnberg/Germany this weekend. To my Apoca AT-AT EPVII and the Dreadnoughts I also build some small MOC`s. One of this is a little vignette from EPVII Rey on her desert speeder. The speeder was an cooperation work with Vaionaut. After my first version he made this on LDD and the biggest part is the work of him. All photos you can watch on flickr. Cya markus
  22. EtelEnzos


    Force Awakens Lego by etelenzos, on Flickr Rey Solo by etelenzos, on Flickr See it on my Gallery: