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  1. Nope, learned a lot from this failure though, which was a good lesson for how I approached later MOCs. I might revisit this MOC in the future if I feel confident enough I can get it to work.
  2. Thanks guys, so much praise is making me blush.
  3. @SpaceJoey86 Here's a quick picture of it in LDD (the red 3L axle with stop needs to be inserted further so it goes into the u-joint, but LDD hassles ): RollsWindow by Appie NL, on Flickr The reason I am not making a quick picture of it on the model is because, the way the outer part of the door is mounted to the rest of it. It is all stud based and to make it strong, there's quite a few of them, which makes it not that easy to remount after taking the picture. The base of the door (the 13L beam), has like 4 or 5 stud mount points and the doorstills on each side hold 4-6 each. These aren't pictured in the image above, since you mostly wanted to know the mechanism.
  4. Appie

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    Personally, I want to toss it in a fire for the "function" of the front outriggers alone. This to me, is Porsche 42056 levels of bad engineering.
  5. Appie

    DNR Shifter Issue

    This is actually already the third topic on the same issue. .
  6. Then why does Google even include the 4th line and especially the toy part in that 4th line? And even if it isn't in the law, it is apparently in Google's rules, so I'd still rather play it safe. It not being in the law, doesn't mean Google won't slap you with a ban or closed channel anyway. It wouldn't be the first company that thinks their ToS is above the law (which it never is).
  7. Good point, but the examples with Technic and targetted toy age and his viewers age MaxBrix mentioned, won't hold up in court most likely. About your last sentence: I would hope for the kids the bots would filter out sex before toy The situation isn't black and white for sure, but the fact Google is trying to make it that and it costing us 42k if we mess up, it's better to be on the safe side than sorry. Of course there's the thing of how they want to enforce this law internationally, but if I was a USA citizen? I'd set my channel to for kids and just chill and wait. Actually the 4th line is exactly the reason everybody is now setting their channel to "for kids", because Lego is
  8. Exactly, Lego is for kids, so no matter what type you use or which audience/age you target with your Lego, in the end it is Lego and that means in a lawsuit, you lose.
  9. Sorry didn't notice this topic had new comments, thanks for the compliments all. Sorry, not going to happen.
  10. Appie

    The blue brothers

    You can "break-in" brand new PF switches to a similar level of wear. Just use the switch like 50-100 times in a minute.
  11. Since others already gave good advice, I did want to add this: The 42056 set "step 5" flaw this forum (rightfully) went crazy about. Remove the black pinjoiner on the axle of the black bevel gear, this construction does not fit and makes things worse instead of better. It creates alot of friction.
  12. Pretty sure this forum or at least alot of forums in general have a button you need tick to claim you are over 13 when making an account, so not likely it will pop up here. I also wonder what Facebook will do.
  13. Well, embedded YouTube video's on forums like this would still create a community, but on YouTube itself, it is very, very dead with no links and comments. Pretty much making YouTube a 100% video hosting provider and nothing else. Forums could thrive on this, but randoms asking questions or getting here through a link under the video will be over. Changing to a different platform might work for exposure, but it could also be that YouTube by now is simply "too big to avoid". Will have to wait and see if another platform steps up/more communities flock to than just AFOLs and becomes as mainstream as YouTube is now.
  14. Thank you, I'm glad you liked seeing it in real life and also thanks for the chat
  15. Appie

    Limited Technic Reviews

    In today's world? Yes. The reviews that come first, get the views.