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  1. Isn't the compatibility issues with M-motors only when you put more than 1 on a channel? Meanwhile I notice a difference in performance from M (using 1) to XL between using a V1 reciever or a V2 as mentioned before by me and others in this topic. So the difference doesn't only show on 2x L motor. So the question is more: how many times do you use 2 M-motors on 1 channel? For every other instance the V2 is the better choice imo.
  2. Weird choice of words. Personally having a V1 as only option would be my bad dream. 8 out of 10 cases the V2 is simply better to use for the stuff I want to use an IR receiver for.
  3. My 8043 was made by TLG in 2012 (checked via LA's to see if the set I just bought didn't have the old version LA's) and also has 2 V2 IR recievers out of the box. They worked fine with the 4 motors. As for the mention that a V1 can handle 2L's and 1 servo, I remember testing this about 5 years ago and while it did work perfectly fine you could notice a difference in rpm and torgue. I also noticed such a difference when building Sheepo's Wrangler and swapped the IR reciever V1 for the XL and M with a V2 and the drive (XL) became alot better/faster.
  4. Perhaps an another upgraded large LA that can handle a bigger load? Like the new version they made after the feedback on the 8043?
  5. Perhaps you have already considered it, but how about running the tubes under the floor of the crane? Perhaps even on the level of the turntable? I wouldn't recommend turntable level, but it is possible. But for just routing them through the floor of the crane: looking at these pictures 1 and 2 you might have space for it? Assuming this space hasn't been eaten by structural reinforcements, hard to tell on your last picture for me.
  6. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    I build my 42069 the past 2 evenings. I liked the end result, but really hated the build without numbered bags. Seriously, even just having the entire undercarriage labelled as "2" would have saved myself alot of annoyance on that build since that would pretty much half the amount of parts on my table. I too left the hook until I could find it later. So, good to see numbered bags return in 2018 for a set like this.
  7. First of all, this has been happening for years on this forum and especially shows on contests where the non-Technic forum go-ers jump and vote for "what looks pretty". It will happen, is their opinion invalid? No, if it looks cool, it looks cool, it is still build with Technic Lego, but it might not be the most revolutionary technical build and therefore should get no appreciation? How many revolutionary solutions can you even get in a year? Your 90 degree step limiter (brilliant in its simplicity), Jeroen Ottens 8-speed gearbox, Claas steering and probably a few more that I am forgetting. The rest boils down to "yet another gearbox", "more ackermann" etc so you start to look at other aspects of the model, like its looks. So if you build a forum which only goes for pushing the pushing the enveloppe on new mechanisms and whatnot, it would get pretty dead quick I think. And don't look at me to contribute to prevent that, I haven't come up with an original mechanism (and if I did, one that would be considered a good one) since I came back to Lego. I don't see how one can't co-exist with the other btw. The best models imo are the ones that combine cool technical solutions with a nice body work. Take Jeroen Ottens DB11 for example, a technical feat and great bodywork to boot. And like Erik Leppen mentioned, also a joyfull building process. And it isn't rare either that a topic from a fully presented finished MOC creates a discussion on the inner workings and the creator showing this in later posts, would it then have to move to the other forum, because it goes into the technical side instead of "just praise"? While I love reading other people make WIP topics, I personally hate making them, but that is because I don't like showing stuff that I don't consider "finished". So even on my contest entries most, if not all were "finished" at the first post. Dividing this forum even more is not a good idea imo, I already forgot the scale building section even existed until Sariel mentioned it just now.
  8. *Click first image *Gets directed to Yahoo *Wonders why this video isn't simply on youtube like 99%...
  9. Awesome! When I made that comment I only thought of dressing it up a little. Like a wireframe of a "roof" (zoals een koekoeksklok, sorry dutch, no idea in English). But you stepped it up a notch and not only dressed it up, but also made it a functional clock face plate to fit the time of this clock.
  10. I understand you want it open, but it can also be dressed up while keeping it open, so one doesn't have to rule out the other. Like with flex axles to give it more shape. But it's your choice to keep it like this. The only person a MOC has to please is the one making it after all :)
  11. The lines on your cars aren't bland though :) So you got this.
  12. I understand, but this is very bland, even for a framework imo. Pimp it up a little I'd say even if only to show more lines than just this, there's still 3 weeks till the deadline.
  13. I was personally hoping for something more detailed as exterior, perhaps even brickbuild.
  14. Ok, I see. Stuff like suspension travel would have been nice on a car like this. While I love a good build as much as the next guy, those are pretty rare in sets (I think I can count the sets with nifty mechanics on 1, maybe 2 hands over the past 5 years?) and play always comes into mind for Lego since it's a kids toy, even the Technic theme.
  15. For people complaining about the functions of this set: what else did you expect? It has everything most Technic cars have except a gearbox? And before you think of cars like those of Jeroen Ottens and the like: Lego isn't going to break the mold and add all sorts of cool rally features at this scale and price range. I find this a pretty decent set and personally: I like how it looks visually.