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  1. No, making the LDD is already time I don't have, not making a video for a mod I don't like.
  2. Sure, there's one speed up left with minimal effort in the same space: 2x24T gear where there's 12T and 36T now visible in the bottom shot. I personally don't like it that fast since this is already as fast as I like it. Faster and it would be barely visible in the arm movement (it's close to this now already). And I don't think it is out of sync with the tune, it just isn't as hyper on the highspeed beat like the original, but flows fine with the tune overall imo. Version 1.0 had a 8T and 40T at first that felt way too slow and out of tune, so quickly went to 12-36. Then I also speed up some gears inside in version 2 for up and down movement from 20-12 to 24-8 (though this was more a happy side effect of wanting the banana to dip deeper with the new lever setup). So not much to be gained there in the available space anymore either. Edit: Just gave it a whirl with 2x24T in place of the 12-36. It's alot faster, but not really in a good way imo. The arm movement is severly limited, due to the mechanism already being on the way back before your eyes notice (or perhaps even the mechanism itself can get to) a full extention. Also the M-motor seems to be pushing its limit with this in terms of torgue. Once the LDD is finished, feel free to try it yourself. The 24T have plenty of room to be placed, but the liftarm I got in place across the 12T-36T in the bottom shot will need to be moved so the gears don't run from their respective axles (mainly an issue for the 36T one).
  3. Appie

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Looks great with nice details and functions. Great job of part usage with the ribs in the doors/sidepods. One thing I personally don't like because it is quite different from the real life counterpart, is the lack of flow of the roof above the engine. It suddenly drops a full stud to the panels. Now I am sure you tried alot to sort this out like the doors, but just to make sure: flex axles above the panels wasn't an option? Or another construction to not have stuff above the panels so they could be raised a stud?
  4. Ye, but it's only the banana at the moment, so give me some time to finish it.
  5. I redesigned the internals since the first version was quite messy. Much like me being unable to build outside-in, I can't build from up (right under the banana) to down either. So while having the 1.0 guts as reference I got to make a more efficient 2.0 that doesn't move while turned on (can see it moving forwards on the table in the 1.0 video) and has room for a big battery box now that is easy to remove (as was my original intention). Some minor tweaks to the banana itself while making a LDD, the rear of its head is now half a stud higher (caused a collison in LDD that I didn't notice on the panels in real life) and for a more rigid base, moved the legs half stud out. Main changes are here though: Fun fact: the banana alone is about 260 parts in LDD
  6. Thanks, perhaps expanding it to a "construction yard" serie might be a good idea I think a dump truck would be pretty nice with these 4.
  7. There sure are, all got a topic on Eurobricks Little Wheel Loader Little Bulldozer Little Excavator And since Ludo Visser's question about the pump I noticed I didn't provide a shot from the other side of the superstructure, so I quickly made one.
  8. Thanks everybody. @Ludo Visser Here's the pump: And yes, I still have the other 3 this image is from the little excavator topic:
  9. After seeing @jwarner's excellent smalle crane and @Ludo Visser's WIP on a good looking undercarrage, I kept being reminded I still had one of these on my "to-do list". It's the last (I think) in what turned out to be a series for me of small versions of vehicles that are usally the big 4 "flagships" in Technic that return every couple of years. It features: - Boom lift by pneumatic cylinder - 1 stage boom extension - Rope (with old school 90's lock and also a hook from the 90's ) - 3 axle steering with different steering angle for the front wheels (bottom 12T bevel gear at the rear) - Working V4 (allthough a little out of sync, can fix that as soon as Lego actually makes parts to shift direction at this scale on 1 stud instead of 2 ) - Cabin tilt on the superstructure (through a worm gear controlled by 12T bevel on top) - Superstructure rotation (top 12T bevel gear at the back) - Outriggers (couldn't fit a central operating method so they are moved at the rear through the LBG crank shaft parts usually used for fake engines) Stuff I couldn't squeeze in no matter how hard I wanted to: - 2 stage boom extension (with 11L thin pneumatic cylinder). I tried, but with ropes in play I was looking at a 2 studs wide crane without a shell to give it ridigity, anything with 3 and 4 studs in width with the shell still felt very flimsy. And shortly after switching to a 1 stage boom with these 11x3 panels I really started to like that clean look on the crane vs the thin liftarm extravaganza I had in play earlier - A diff (or at least have the fake engine run in some form on both non-steering wheels). I barely managed to get 1 wheel driven. Had to use some ancient 90's Space Shuttle technique with a rubber band to get the stuff routed. I considered a blue clutch gear from the Chiron on the steering shaft, but besides that really killing my ground clearance it wouldn't fit up top thanks to the pneumatic cylinder. Why not leave the feature out? Can't do that when all the other mini's I made had fake engines. It was this or never getting finished pretty much - And as mentioned earlier: the outriggers being controlled by 1 knob. Couldn't route it to the rear, already crowded, the cabin in the front was blocked by steering angle of front wheels and crane up top. I am happy though that they at least can lock into place and lift the whole vehicle. And a couple of more images: Instead of messing with the length of the hubs on the 2 rear steering axles to get different steering angles, I shortened the front steering hubs by 1 stud to get a sharper angle with space lost in height (rear of the driver's cabin) but not in length. It's turning radius is pretty sweet, very small. Tried to get some details in the cabin, but they are missing half of their bottom seats thanks to the steering wheels. Also messed around a little with options to get the outriggers folded into the body as much as possible, not sticking out more than 1 stud up top and when extended looking at a decent angle. Hmmm, now that I am looking at this picture, perhaps I should swap the 4L thin levers for LBG or something to make the fake engine "pop" from the black chassis. Anywho, thanks for watching and reading.
  10. Hmm, how has my building style changed over the years? Well this was my first MOC since my dark ages: (I still have this build lol) And some of my more recent ones are barely any bigger always trying to cram in as much functions as I can. As @Aventador2004 pointed out, smaller isn't always more complex. At this scale you can get away with alot more to get a rigid build because the plastic can handle quite a bit and the forces applied at this scale. Bigger always needs alot of reinforcements eating up room. One main thing I did learn about myself is that I can never work from the outside-in. I see some people build the most amazing bodywork first and then manage to get quite a few funtions into that empty shell after. I have a rough idea of the scale and looks of how I want something to look in my mind when it is finished, but I always need to build the internals first or the whole thing will fail.
  11. Thanks everybody! Glad you all enjoyed it. Thanks, tried my best to get the motions to mimic the original gif (from @dr_spock's post). Thanks for the feedback. I considered this at first when building it, but after looking at the gif+original YouTube video from 2006 (?) I saw no mouth movement, so I decided not to either. And now it's a key element in making the banana firm. Hmmm, maybe?
  12. A little silly MOC I decided to make after I could find plenty of Lego banana's in peanut butter jelly time pose on Google, but none that moved Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane when the internet was still on dial ups
  13. ? Why are you apologising now? It makes sense, either you use ttoobbyy's and end up reinforcing the gearbox housing or use the one you already made and don't have that issue while taking a (very) little bit more space than the 2 liftarms method from ttoobbyy. Nothing wrong with that, so need to to say sorry imo Also thank you and jb70 for the great work on the gearbox. Nice to see a more efficient design. Once I get the set (not in a rush) I will certainly use it.
  14. @Didumos69 Ah yes that makes sense. My apologies for assuming you didn't think of it.