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  1. Sorry, it isn't available and I am not making instructions for it.
  2. I remember Jeroen Ottens asking the car manufacturer for permission to label his MOC as <car brand X> and <car brand x> was like: nope. So ya, MOC designers own nothing. Some do give permission of course, some even give jobs to well known MOCers to build one (some ship scale models come to mind). Personally I once got a request on Flickr from some Chinese company (not sure which) if I wanted to make a set out of my Rolls-Royce Phantom. I declined.
  3. Great work on the gearbox @Didumos69!
  4. Appie

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    I could also start about how this topic almost completely turned into a "Sian delivery status update" thread instead of talking about the actual model itself if you want?
  5. Appie

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Perhaps, but what is adequate? Lego is working in unknown territory at the moment due to Covid-19. Lego sales have been booming since Covid-19 hit. Any estimates they make have a high risk of being inadequate. Perhaps they upped their estimates and production for this set and there is more available at launch than the Chiron or the Porsche. We don't know and we will probably never know. Releasing a set until it's "adequate" in these times, could mean a half year delay before they release it. I doubt you'd want that. Another possibility is that Lambo wants the set out now and this is the the best Lego could do in production and distribution in this time frame with Covid-19, we don't know. Nope, I considered going to the Lego Store on June 1st, but thought it was closed due to a national holiday and apparently completely missed the boat as it was out of stock the next day. So I'll probably pick it up in august or something.
  6. Appie

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Since you have spent about 3 posts about this now in the last few pages, let's see: 1. There's a worldwide pandemic. 2. There's a Lego factory closed in Mexico due to this pandemic. 3. Lego has to ship sets from their factories in Europe and Asia to provide at least some sets to the USA. 4. These factories in Asia and Europe are also bound by regulations to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. Even the parts that are automated (and luckily for you alot is at Lego), there is still a limit how much they can upscale production. 5. Actually shipping them is also bound by similar regulations in that logistics sector. Not to mention these are sets that usually don't take this route since the USA would usually get these sets from the factory in Mexico. So it's extra cargo they have to plan. 6. This is nothing like the Porsche that got pulled from production shortly after release due to the box messing up the instruction booklet. 7. There have been plenty of sets in the past, without Covid-19 that were out of stock on the first day it went up for sale. Many Ideas sets come to mind, but also some UCS sets (same ballpark as the Lambo). 8. I understand you're upset, but it isn't the end of the world. It isn't a limited edition, they haven't stopped production, they just can't meet demand right now. You can't give me any valid reason you need the set right now unless you intend to find the cure for Covid-19 with it. You want it right now yes, but you don't need it. To want something and having a tantrum about when you can't get it, is something a kid would do and not an adult.
  7. Appie

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    No you didn't. Instead you make assumptions about why the other person purchased 2 to fit with your view. You could also try to look at the bigger picture and not blame the guy that bought 2 or Lego (Wimmer), but actually deal with the fact that this situation is new for Lego as well with a closed factory in Mexico and having to ship sets to the USA from European and/or the Asian factory that would normally come from the factory in Mexico. Lego's options aren't infinite, especially in these times due to Covid-19. I'd urge you to take this advice:
  8. Think I remember that, was it build with the biscuits or the mockup with connectors? Or both? Don't think the size really matters in this case though, plenty of space in that 15x11 frame and 4 beams in height. Unless you got plans to add another function in that space? Also I mentioned the Pimp Up Chiron gearbox especially because I remember the later version(s) already having a center diff.
  9. Personally don't care for much from your list actually. PF motorisation for functions would be nice, for drive I couldn't care less to see a car go 2 km/h. Since Didumos pointed out it's a re-used Chiron gearbox, it's probably due for a more efficient version (copy-paste from the Pimped Up Chiron?) Which would also provide the center diff and a 8>1 gearblock. That's about the only stuff I'd like to see from what we know so far.
  10. Appie

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Oh for sure that it decreased the quality of play, but Lego will still build in these safety features for those who don't build these often. And while the Chiron's gearbox is inefficient, it does at least work out of the box. And even the white clutch gear in the Porsche's gearbox prevented not so inclined builders from having real problems with that model. It's sloppy and we hate it, but we aren't the only audience Lego is targetting.
  11. Appie

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    I think the inefficiency/redundancy is intentional at this point. Build-in safety measures for the people who don't build these kind of things alot.
  12. Just curious, but how are you planning to enforce voters to take the chassis picture into account for what they will vote for?
  13. Appie

    [TC18] Miniature Muscle car

    I don't think you need to extend the roof though, just have the 7L panels touch the rear edge of your normal one, but again, I can't tell if the mechanism for the folding will fit then, width wise I mean mostly. Looking at your sketch though, this would look weird with the roof down with the 7L panels that far behind the seats (even though your sketch has the panels 1 stud further back than your 11L panels) with nothing there inbetween, which can't be helped since the gearbox is below that. I think I'd personally still pick the 7L panels over the 11L, because if the folding mechanism would fit between the 7L panels it at least doesn't look off with the roof up and only a little weird with the roof down, instead of weird (imo) in both cases with the 11L panels.
  14. Appie

    [TC18] Miniature Muscle car

    Great model with alot of functions, but the superlong rear behind the roof feels very off to me. Have you considered using the 7L angled panel instead of the 11L you have now? If you'd place the 7L panel and have it end at the same spot above the rear wheelarch I think this would improve the look from the side by making the side window look bigger and the rear look shorter. I can't see clearly if my suggestion of a 4 studs shorter panel would clash with the roof mechanism in the middle though.