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Found 18 results

  1. Kit Bricksto

    [MOC] T-70 X-Wing

    This has been up on Flickr for a few weeks now but I thought I'd share it here anyway, telling those interested a bit more about the build. The T-70 X-Wing is one of my favorite vehicles from The Force Awakens and even of the whole Star Wars universe. As the LEGO set was no more than your average stud shooting playset I quickly decided to build my own version of the starfighter. Originally I didn't really like Poe Dameron's repainted version very much but since I didn't have that many grey parts available for experimenting due to my Millennium Falcon project I still went with this colour scheme for the first design and really grew to like it. For the build design I wanted to borrow a few small elements from Mike Psiaki's fantastic T-65 X-Wing and combine them with my own style and that of the newer design for the fighter itself. X-Wing Attack on Starkiller Base by Kit Bricksto, on Flickr I really wanted to make sure that the fighter wasn't just in scale with minifigs but also incorporated all the important features and details of the real thing. This meant that the wings had to open and close smoothly and the landing gear had to fold into the hull nicely in order to not disturb the overall sleekness of the ship. Black One T-70 X-Wing (1) by Kit Bricksto, on Flickr Once I had finished the Black Leader version of the X-Wing I realized that it didn't take that many special parts to complete it and that I'd probably manage to build a blue and grey one too. Although I had to change some parts on this version I still think that the second one looks equally good. This isn't the greatest picture of the grey X-Wing, sorry. Look at it more as a teaser.. T-70 X-Wing by Kit Bricksto, on Flickr Anyway, I'd love to hear your opinions on my interpretation of the T-70! Constructive criticism is always very welcome, too.
  2. Hi guys Yes, another small MOC and yes, it is from Star Wars Episode VII - The e Force Awakens. It shows the beginning of the movie, the First Order attack Tuanul on Jakku. Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens - Attack on Tuanul by KevFett2011, auf Flickr Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens - Attack on Tuanul by KevFett2011, auf Flickr Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens - Attack on Tuanul by KevFett2011, auf Flickr I hope you like the scene, please give me some feedback ;) Greetings Kevin
  3. Hey guys, I want to show you a new small vignette. It shows the final battle between Kylo Ren and Rey in the forest on the Starkiller Base from Episode VII , The Force Awakens. Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens - "Come get it." by KevFett2011, auf Flickr Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens - "Come get it." by KevFett2011, auf Flickr I hope you like the small scene, please let me know ;) Greetings KevFett2011
  4. Yup, it's happening! So first, WB Interactive Entertainment said they will be "making a massive announcement" tomorrow that "includes two of the world's most popular entertainment brands", as seen here: But here is the REAL proof. Amazon Italy puts this up early: The description says (translated with Google): "*The Force is strong here … The best-selling LEGO video game franchise returns with a journey full of action and humor based on the hit movie of Star Wars *LEGO Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force, players relive the action of the movie Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force, told through the lens of intelligent and witty LEGO *LEGO Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force also introduces Multi-buildings and Battles with the Blaster gaming universe LEGO The best-selling LEGO video game franchise makes its triumphant return with a journey full of action and humor based on the blockbuster movie. The game will also feature exclusive content playable that bridge the gap between the story of Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force. Play as Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8, Kylo Ren, Han Solo and many others in LEGO Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force! The Force is strong here … The best-selling LEGO video game franchise returns with a journey full of action and humor based on the hit movie Star Wars. Play with Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8, Kylo Ren, Han Solo and your other favorite characters from the movie! LEGO Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force, players relive the action of the movie Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force, told through the lens of LEGO intelligent and witty. The game will also feature exclusive content playable that bridge the gap between the story of Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force. LEGO Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force also introduces Multi-buildings and Battles with the Blaster universe of LEGO videogames. With Multi-buildings, use LEGO bricks available to open new paths, and then rompili ricostruiscili to open others! During the battles with the Blaster, use the environment as protection to address the First Order." Thanks go to Brick Inquirer for pointing this listing out: http://brickinquirer...ced-on-tuesday/ So we were probably right in saying that the Finn polybag is a pre-order bonus for an Episode VII game... It also says the release date is May 31st. Could be a placeholder date, though.
  5. Hi guys, so I have finished another micro moc landscape. This time its of one of my favourite scenes from The Force Awakens. The crashed Star Destroyer is such an iconic image from not only the film but the trailers as well that I just had to make it in lego form. I am really pleased with Rey's speeder. I didnt think I would be able to build it at this scale but actually I think this is a pretty good representation. At only eight pieces I dont think its going to get any smaller either! (I did have one version with one less stud at the back but it looked too blocky) The star destroyer is a slight variation on a polybag release with a few tweaks. I was going to design my own from scratch but actually once I built this I felt the look, size and dimensions were pretty much there and just needed a few extra bits added. Overall I am really pleased with this build but as always I would love to hear your feedback and advice.
  6. Hi guys, Here is my entry for the Imperium der Steine(German LUG) Star Wars Moc Olympics Contest. In the first round we have to built a vehicle or something else in microfighter style. I decited to built Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle because I'm a big fan of this shuttle. I hope you like it,check out the link for more details about the contest: Greetings KevFett2011
  7. Hi guys, I'm happy to present you my final version of my MOC,the crashed Star Destroyer Inflictor on Jakku. This isn't new? That's right,but... Originally I planned an enlargement but it makes no sense to buy more bricks for one project and so I finish it now :) with a new overall view. The diorama is 1,12m long and 0,80m wide,it was built with 25.000 bricks. I hope you like it and I think some of you know the work in progress pictures,who wants to see them check out this link to my page: Greetings KevFett2011 [MOC]Episode VII-The Force Awakens-Crashed Star Destroyer Inflictor on Jakku by KevFett2011, on Flickr
  8. Picardsbricks

    [MOC][LDD] Resistance X-Wing Fighter

    Time for a creation I am very proud of - the Resistance X-Wing from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The goal of this moc was to replicate it as faithfully as possible and still have some functionality. With that in mind, enjoy my rendition of the Resistance X-Wing! The wings and gear each move, as well as I could have hoped. One of my favourite angles. Note the targeting computer - I have no reason to assume that the X-Wings still carry these, but I added it nontheless! I built a display stand, for the hopeful day I might assemble this with real bricks. If you want to see more check out my photostream over at flickr! Thanks for taking a look!
  9. Star Wars Episode VII- Looking for Luke The final scene of Star Wars Episode VII leaves the series open ended and full of promise. The Millennium Falcon lands on a mysterious island and Rey climbs the rocky slopes to discover Luke Skywalker in waiting. I sought to capture this scene via LEGO micro. Let me know what you think! Follow me on flickr for more projects/photos:
  10. Hi guys, i want to present you my newest MOC. It shows the powerful and majestic Supreme Leader Snoke on his throne. He looks down to his student,Kylo Ren. (Oft course,Snoke isn't so big,it is inly a holo of him. I hope you like it,let me know Greetings KevFett2011 Here the original from the movie:
  11. Hi LEGO community, I want to present you one (at least 2,probably 5)of my Updates for the crashed Star Destroyer ( http://www.eurobrick...51#entry2287244 ) Here is it: I hope you like it,let me know Greetings KevFett2011
  12. Hi guys, here my newest creation: The First Order Walker from the japanese trailer(you can see the walker in the background).Unfortunately i have to use a support :( ,but I hope it disturbs not so much.Dimensions: 48 x 64 Studs(baseplate) Here the pics: Here the picture from the trailer/teaser: I hope you like it :) Greetings KevFett2011
  13. I've never been happy with the plain dish on my bricklinked UCS Millennium Falcon. I've tried a brick-built solution, and home-made stickers, and even water-slide transfers: but it still doesn't look quite right. Then I saw some leaked photos which showed the new Episode VII Falcon radar. As you can see, it looks exactly as if it has a 2x2 Lego plate mounted on the front: (photo from here) How could I resist? Here is a link to the LXF file, which contains the radar: and a mirror in case Brickshelf goes down again... Edit: Parts list, by request Here it is on my Falcon (which isn't much like a stock UCS Falcon these days, but it ought to give you some idea):
  14. lego-art-italy


    Hi guys, I have post the new LEGO ART ITALY creation: the diorama of the new star wars trailer where a star destroyer appear in jukka. We have built this ship in the last moth with the original istruction of the lefo set 10030, than we made mod the ship, also creating a frame with the lego star wars minifig (including itchy tie pilot -from the simpson itchy and scratchy-) like luke,chewie,han, and darth vader santa claus. We have take the moc in Lecco (italian city near Como and Milano), and the 1th and the 2 agust 2015 we take part of itlug lecco, one of the most gratest italian lego convention. If you would like in the Fb page LEGO ART ITALY you can find all the photo about ours and others creations. In the next months we will make a biggest diorama of jukka, maybe with yours comments-help! Thank you from LEGO ART ITALY. I hope than the moc enjoy you more than my english! :)) Manenti Simone, Lego art italy Chief.
  15. Disco86

    [MOC] AT-AT Hideout

    This was built for a contest at our local star wars LUG, we had to builds something coming up in Episode VII. I have choosen a concept picture of a rotten AT-AT at a desert planet. The sand technique was my first try on studless sand, I mostly used parts of the actual Wookie Gunship. So please enjoy the pictures: Greets Disco
  16. On May 4th we startet a contest in our Star Wars LUG asking for MOCs based on what we've seen from Episode VII so far. I never though I'd enter, I'm finishing college in three weeks and with assignments and hand-ins and all time was sparse. I couldn't stop thinking about it though and I wanted to prove that you need no Episode VII minifigures to do something cool. I also had to prove wrong some friends of mine that complained that I never do Star Wars creations I'd like to present a garrison of Episode VII stormtroopers rallying in front of the iconic banner of the First Order on some outpost in the snow: I'd like to thank Ryan / Eldeeem for the hexagon design he posted on flickr years ago that I used as a base for the banner. I hope you like it. Looking forward to your comments and criticism! Best Markus
  17. Hello guys! I came up with a nice idea, let's see if it starts to fly or not... ;) What I had in mind was to create an awesome Lego-animation trailer about the Thrawn-trilogy (Heir to the Empire) that would be released slightly before the official Episode VII -movie in celebration of the new Star Wars -movie. The thing is that to make it to be awesome, all of the cutscenes should contain only MOCs. Also it should have many frames per second to make a smooth appearance. This apparently sounds very difficult and workful and so it is. Actually there is no one on the Earth I guess that would have all the necessary MOCs for the effort. So what I propose is to make this trailer as a team work. There are many highly skilled builders that have made some fabulous scenes or vehicles of the Thrawn-trilogy already. And of course the ones that could still build one scene in due time, but not all. If enough enthusiastic persons would agree to make this, all it would take would be to animate a very short clip or two by each individual from the scene they have built. You know what they are like in real trailers, something like less than 5 to 10 seconds maximum and cut to the next shot. Of course, there are a couple of key persons that should put here some more effort. - One would be the director (not me) that should have some experience on animating and leading projects. The director should also hold contact to the builders. - Script writer. I can help with this, but in such a big community, maybe here is someone with some professional experience actually? - A semi-professional editor would do good, too, because there should be some vehicles flying around. Then we would need the MOC-builders. Luckily as I said we already have some and I know here are many super talented builders/animators so this shouldn't be impossible. A couple of examples I know: Thrawn's Command Room http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=107447 Hyllyard in Myrkr Cloning Chamber in Mount Tantiss http://www.eurobrick...pic=101238&st=0 Vehicles: X-Wing, Imperial Shuttle, TIE-Interceptor, Speeder Bike, AT-ST, Probe Droid Vehicle: Y-Wing http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=84780 So, what do you think? Do we have the necessary enthusiasm and are there persons for this project in this forum? If there is something you would like to do, make a post beneath and let's see if this can actually work or not... ;D Personally I can help to make contacts with the people. And I can also provide a busy supply of detailed MOC vehicles. Imperial Star Destroyer and AT-AT on the way as next. -Samppu
  18. MstrOfPppts

    [SoNE Ep. VII] Walkman 4K3

    It's a bit quite lately in this ongoing war and no missions to do nor plan for. That leaves some time to rest and listen to my old Walkman 4K3. I put on some really old music to bring back some nostalgia ... and then Karin rushed into my office. She was quite surprised at what I was listening to, since I didn't have time to turn it off. So I had to explain to her why I'm still using this outdated player. MstrOfPppts: This is a Walkman 4K3 limited edition in gold color. My father gave it to me when I was very little. It was something I was very proud of and every kid around wanted one. My dad got it from an Ithorian scrapyard owner who owed him some credits. It was worth quite some credits, yet still far from what the Ithorian owed my father, but it was the only usefull thing in his scrapyard. And for me, it was priceless! MstrOfPppts: So what did you come here for? Karin: Oh yeah, it's about this rebel who wanted to sign up as a Stormstrooper back at Fondor ...