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  1. 896gerard

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Regarding the new 42095 sprocket: I'm working on a tracked model for which I designed the above sprocket from scratch in SolidWorks. I have printed this wheel already with my own 3D printer. As I was not happy with the printed pin and axle holes from the 3D printer, the method of connecting this wheel is to squeeze two pulley wheels inside the middle cilinder, which is a tiny bit too small. This connection can handle a lot of torque, depending on the used print material. With my design, I also tackle the problem of the wheel being two studs wide. My wheel is one stud wide. This enables a lot of earlier impossible design solutions. I'm very surprised to see my little secret back-room 3D project so soon in a real Lego Technic set
  2. 896gerard

    General Part Discussion

    I think the frustration about the non-stacking property will be large to such an extent that third parties like S-brick will come with a solution. The change to non-stackable plugs is a bad idea as they could always be stacked. Lego is about finding out, not about being limited!
  3. 896gerard

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Yes, that's why an RHD version would be special. Mirroring the building instructions in your head is quite difficult but some people like it and do it. I'd love to see the result!
  4. 896gerard

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Now you mention UK guys, anyone building a right-hand drive version of the Chiron? It would be a challenge to mirror systems but your Chiron would properly stand out..
  5. 896gerard

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    The outtriggers seem to differ. Is there another 'real crane' with the 42082 outtrigger system? Or did Lego try to save money..
  6. 896gerard

    [MOC] Dakar Truck

    I so understand that! Building is after all what we like doing the most, video editing and photoshop is secondary to the whole thing... I like the way you constructed a color line on the sides, the suspension, and that you didn't save on power (4 XL's). It's a pity that the battery boxes don't deliver more current as the Truck would move smoother and faster.
  7. Hm, I have had no complaints thusfar while 50 have been given away already. The building instructions cover this part extensively but obviously I can't show that to you ;)
  8. You see it when you build it... this was indeed for me personal one of the gems of this MOC. I really like that you reverse engineered and built it. Did you have another crane in mind with the color scheme? Your color scheme looks good! This is indeed very hard to build (but done because of better looks) and I really like your alternative solution.
  9. I also use LDCAD and have experimented with drawing ropes etc. I agree with you on the learning curve. I was at a point where I just stopped to build digital as the invested time was too much. Seems like I need a little more practice..
  10. Thanks. The first production run is 50 sets which have been given away already. The second run is 2 to 4 times larger. I have to redesign the MOC slightly to make parts ordering easier and cheaper. I understand some choices from inside Lego Technic sets now (about not having too many colors of the same part inside a set). However, in this crane, some parts have different colors in a low number. That makes the set more expensive, but it is after all an exclusive set with a production number of only ~200, so it will be rare anyway. Maybe I'm going to use yellow parts for a crane to see how it works out. I myself have built the same crane around 5 times... I think know it almost by heart now.
  11. Thanks! Apart from building a set, I have also done some set production by now. This means drawing a complete 3D model, creating building instructions with LPub, ordering all the parts. If you look at the outtriggers, you can see that the 3x3 thin red liftarm is used 8 times, while it is rare on Bricklink. So if you go to Bricklink now, you can see it has become much rarer. That is just because of this set... The Lego Group doesn't have to order parts everywhere which makes set production cheaper. I reckon they would sell this set for €49,99. This price is based on sets with a similar part count. I really would like to see this converted into a real Lego Technic set, but the fan base on Lego Ideas is not that great for Technic models (and the model is only to by bought by the company of course... ). I really would like to know how TLG building instructions would look like regarding the extending boom mechanism. I found it really hard to instruct how to do it. I'm still looking after a building instructions tool that supports rope in all shapes.
  12. 896gerard

    [MOC] Telescopic crawler crane

    Why did you use 4 L motors instead of 2? Did you target a certain speed?
  13. 896gerard

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    We drink lots and lots of coffee... no. 1 in the world. (or at least high in the top 10, as this is old research).
  14. I'm amazed that you mention HOF. I thought this was just a small crane that cost me the same time as a much bigger MOC. Anyway, if you really want it up there, then please submit it to the separate HOF Discussion Topic for submitting your wanted HOF models. I feel honored by all positive remarks.
  15. Building Lego Technic creations and posting videos is a common bussiness for every MOC designer. Coming up with small and large inventions and sharing them is a continuing activity that never bores. However, there is one common dream, one ultimate goal that every Lego enthousiast silently dreams about: to design a professional Lego model. Several builders do what is called 'commissioned work'. Building a Lego Technic model and selling whatever it became to a company or private party. In general, Lego Technic custom models are loved by non-Lego enthousiasts because 'it works'. Several years ago, I got the unique chance to do commissioned work because a company CEO's brother accidentially saw my scale model. I first refused to sell my beloved Luctor, but two years later the one metre model was ready I got positive reviews about the looks, but the most comments were: "wow, it really works". Somehow this model must have been leaked inside 'CEO-land', as one year ago I was asked by the Hoeflon company (based in the Netherlands) to build a give-away Lego Technic model, to be used as a business gift. How cool is it to not receive the 32st boring USB drive, but a complete custom Lego Technic model.. The company builds mini cranes that go inside buildings to do heavy lifting. My task was to build a scale model of a machine that is already very compact in real life. As a result, I present a 1:14 scale model of the Hoeflon C6 crane. (please note I'm NOT paid by Hoeflon in any way, the whole story is just about how things happened and to explain the link with reality). The crane is my smallest MOC for a long time. It was really a challenge to fit all the functions inside the cramped body. The functions are: Track widening Boom rising/lowering Boom extension Fly Jib Rotating superstructure Friction winch Self-locking outtriggers Variable angle outtriggers with over 90 degree range These functions happen in a Lego Technic model of a smaller volume than the 9391 Technic crane set. Over the years I had lost some creativity to build small models so this one was a real challenge. I'm happy with the current setup but who knows.. The model is delivered with black or LBG tracks. LBG track links are slightly more expensive and this quickly adds up when 100+ cranes need to be made. To be fair, I find the looks of the 9391 stunning for the low part count. However, as I show in the video, it does not really work as a crane. The above photo shows the comparable sizes of both models. The front view. Please note the relative widht of the tracks: They are each 3L while the vehicle width is 7L. The resulting chassis is one stud in width! To widen the tracks, the crane has a shifting axle system with half bushes as stoppers. The final result is not the strongest system, but the crane at least has the function! The top view shows why this crane is called the 'Spider Crane': the outtriggers can be seen as the legs. The great thing about building such small models is that every part can be seen and every part has its function. There are very few 'unused studs'. This crane has a 3-section boom. In transport shape, this crane is 12 cm high so all of it should be folded. Therefore it looks like a proper mess when folded in. It is a common known fact that Hoeflon cranes will lift their own weight, because one crane should be able to lift another crane into a cellar. Hopes were low for the scale model as it is fully made from plastic Lego pieces. Under these loads, they will simply bend. Using the correct crane position and the winch, I got one crane to lift the other - just. On this small scale, I could not use the same strong structure from the real C6, so it was a nice result that my building resulted in something with the same strenght. The crane in full extended mode. The shape changes dramatically when the boom is unfolded. It reaches a maximum height of 42 cm. This model is meant as a business gift. This box was developed by a third party and it looks great. It is just big enough to contain the 425 parts and the A5-sized building instructions. I spent really hours drawing a 3D model and creating building instructions with lPub. By doing it yourselves, it becomes clear how much time goes into it.. The agreement with Hoeflon was: me delivering the PDF, Hoeflon doing the printing. I'm really pleased with the end result. To conclude, this MOC shows that you don't need a lot of parts to build a fun Technic model. I have many parts now compared to five years ago, but all of it is useless when someone knocks on the door to ask for a small scale model. This model also shows the problem of modern Technic sets from the store shelves. They are built large, very large. The 8265 Wheel loader is an example. It is enormous, while having less functions than this small crane that will fit into its bucket. Now the size may speak to the inner desire of the (hu)man to posess big things, but personally I like finesse and elegance over size. It is my big hope that TLG sees this in time, otherwise the awesomeness of new Lego Technic sets will fade away. The video