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  1. Thank you very much for your suggestions! Having talked to one of my mates who drive for TNL, I found that all company trucks have a full orange roof. Your idea for the headlights is brilliant! It looks absolutely perfect Steps have had grilles added, as have twin air horns. I would like to keep the chassis as it is. Here in NZ we don't need as much fuel as the Australians, so the tanks/chassis' are still standard. I did consider adding a straight pipe between the tanks and front drive axle, but decided that I preferred the exhaust up the back of the cab. All changes are: Chrome replaced with LBG, as the T143M was an age where chroming trucks was new, and it was only used sparingly. I decided that the chrome would be far too shiny. Chrome wheels with white ones with blue hubs. I feel that this looks far better than chrome! And more accurate to the artillery wheels it would have been on. Indicators added to the bullbar, as the stock ones are impossible to see from straight on. Front mudflaps added, something which I definitely wanted. White cab roof changed to orange. Headlights changed to be more realistic. Grille pieces added to the steps. Twin air horns mounted on the roof, one of the only features I would like to have chromed, as well as possibly the steps. Front number plate added to the bullbar. So this is what it looks like now: I'm not sure what else to add now.
  2. EDIT: I said a dumb thing so I'm going to just make it go away
  3. Hey all, It's about time I made my first post on the sub-forum This is my Scania T143M I have been working on on-and-off for the past few months (a year now probably ), it is Ingmar's Scania, but I am modifying it to suit my needs. I am doing it in TNL's colours, I am not aware of TNL ever having a T143, but I like their fleet and think it works quite well on the Scania. Behind it I will be putting a five axle flat deck A-train such as the one below: This is my progress so far: The Scania repainted before any modifications were done As it is now. I have replaced the painted bumper with a chrome bullbar, chromed tanks, a sun visor with lights and removed the floodlights. Before I build this physically I would also like to add front mudflaps and put a nicer exhaust on it. Any thoughts or improvements you have are more than welcome, I'll update this thread whenever I make some decent progress.
  4. Doors are usually done like this, and this is how I am working on my one currently: Note the cut-out section where it is two studs across at the bottom. If you take it all the way to the edge the door will not open, but like this it will not have any issues. In a way to try and get the hinges closer to the curved bricks, you can place the hinges in between the curved bricks and just live with the small imperfection on the front. I hope this helps
  5. That is awesome mate!! The choice of wheels all around is perfect and the trike looks stunning! Well done, inspires me to make one some day
  6. Very cool Edwin! This looks incredible once again. Good job
  7. That looks awesome! I love the way you built the bumper on it, I think that looks amazing. This is an excellent build, great work! Cool that you are loosely basing it off of the Mack too
  8. Awesome little model, it looks great, works really well and it fits the competition nicely. Great work mate
  9. I think that separating Model Team from Technic wouldn't be a good idea. Model Team builds that I think of have a LOT in common with Technic builds, more-so than with Creator. Ingmar's trucks for example; yes they have a brick-built body, but they have full Technic suspension, working drivetrains and are remote control. With making it the Scale Models/Model Team/etc. forum, that creates problems for people like me. I build scale replicas of real trucks using Technic only, so in theory it would go in the Technic forum, but it also fits into the Scale Models forum. If you were to then have to put it in one and miss the other it would mean a large group of people interested in this kind of build would end up missing it if they don't browse both forums, which frankly they won't. Most people don't have the time or enough caring to browse multiple forums. Having these two similar forums for models like mine would create admin work where I wouldn't know what forum to put my truck in, nor would people like me, and then you would have to move the topic somewhere else. Separating the two topics into separate forums would IMO do more harm than good for the community, and up until now there hasn't been any problem with having the two topics together (as far as I am aware) so if it ain't broke don't fix it. I love seeing the Model Team builds on the Technic forum just as much as I do the Technic builds, the two topics go hand in hand IMO
  10. I'm really liking the look of this project so far! I can't wait to see more :thumbup: And just a little off-topic... That truck in your function image is clearly a Mack MC going off of the cab side shot alone But that's only because I get to play around with one of those fairly often :laugh: Are you going to base the cab off of this, or just go for your own design/another brand?
  11. That looks awesome! One note though, isn't the axle on the trailer too far forward? Normally it's in the middle of the trailer which makes it look 'proper' and makes it better balanced. Well done!
  12. Thanks mate. Yeah, I wasn't completely satisfied with the background. So I headed down to the port this afternoon and took these shots:
  13. The photos are just making it look curved, if you look at it from the side you'll see that it's flat: Sorry about image size, it's from Google Images