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  1. The Phantom Terror

    Swashbuckler McGolden-Skull

    Flickr Album
  2. The Phantom Terror


    Official Designation: D1G-R Flickr Album Here
  3. The Phantom Terror

    [MOC] Xarton, the Crusher

    Once Xarton was the Protector of Okoto's Earth region, but during Makuta's uprising he fell victim to the temptation of power that was promised when he aligned himself with Makuta. Makuta used his dark powers to transform Xarton into a stronger being with massive claws and impervious armor. Xarton was sent by Makuta to seek out Lothar, the ancient guardian of the Earth region, and retrieve him for Makuta to corrupt, but he was never heard from again after he descended into the caverns of Okoto. Flickr Album
  4. The Phantom Terror

    [MOC] Pylon, the Brute

    A renowned warrior from the distant planet Mechaniron, Pylon leads his legion of brutes into battle against all who oppose him. ~~~ Flickr Album ~~~ So this MOC took about two months to build, nitpick over, and rebuild to get to the point it's at today. I can personally say that I'm pleased with the way Pylon came out in the end, being originally driven by the usage of Hero Factory 1.0 pieces in different ways (I mean, the leg armor is still leg armor, but it's upside down now). The longer I took with him, the more the MOC evolved from a much smaller drone-like character into a hulking, ax-wielding brute. In the story I'm developing, he is part of the same robotic species as Spry (a MOC I made earlier this year), as well as in the same universe as Carmine Wheeler and the Gasket Brothers.
  5. The Phantom Terror


    I used "T" pieces to attach them. It's a tight fit as MB's 3mm posts are a tiny bit thinner than LEGO's
  6. The Phantom Terror


    Flickr Album Red/White is generally the color scheme you'd associate with a medic, right? Too bad Spry isn't one. For the people wondering what the heck those parts on his shoulders are, they're AM73782AJD from the Mega Bloks Halo Promethean Weapons Customizer Pack (Hardlight Shields).
  7. The Phantom Terror

    Lothar, Ancient Cyclopian Guardian of Okoto

    Thanks! I was trying to see how much stuff I could pack into the frame I was using (a modified version of Rayskull's Protector design). Turns out you can get quite a few things attached if you connect them properly. :)
  8. Flickr Album In the time before the Toa, before the Mask Makers had their falling out, Lothar protected the region of Earth from dark forces that threatened its inhabitants. Wielding a club composed of rock and iron melted together and possessing the ability to fire a beam of concentrated light out of his eye, nothing stood in his path for long. When Ekimu fell into his deep sleep, Lothar fell dormant as well. Centuries passed and now he is only a myth to the citizens of Okoto, but he is still deep underground in the caverns of Okoto, waiting for Ekimu's word to rise again.
  9. In a world where racing is the only thing that matters, one robot controls it all. Carmine Wheeler, notorious race fixer and gambler, has the whole world in his pocket. CEO of the largest wheel and tire manufacturing company, he has enough money to keep the PD and Courts in the palm of his hand, as well as fuel his gambling. If you ever take out a loan from Wheeler to bet on a race, he'll probably end up with it back in his wallet, while still wanting the amount you borrowed. --------------- Imgur Gallery Flickr Gallery Really pleased with how this guy came out. He was a really big leap for me, but I think I pulled it off. He sports a custom mouth decal, cigar, and expressive eyes. Definitely a MOC I am very proud of.
  10. The Phantom Terror

    Wokmot, The Eternally Angry Bug God

    Nobody is sure why Wokmot, the God of Bugs, is eternally angry. Some speculate it's because of his lack of two eyes, others say it's because of an experience he had as a child (probably something to do with Christmas, idk), or maybe it's that he must maintain a stern outward appearance to keep his army of insects and arthropods in line (you know, for world domination when spiders are kamikaze-jumping off of dragonflies onto the faces of unsuspecting humans).
  11. The Phantom Terror

    Bionicle Toa Alternate Builds

    Went ahead and pioneered my own G2 torso design. (From my Zhelezo topic) While it doesn't retain the gear function from the actual sets, it's really nice and provides a lot of opportunity for customization.
  12. The Phantom Terror

    [VIDEO] BIONICLE: Age of Kulta

    Because he flies.
  13. The Phantom Terror

    [VIDEO] BIONICLE: Age of Kulta

    Kulta the Skull Grinder rises from the grave to create a perfect world with his Skull Army.
  14. The Phantom Terror

    Zhelezo, Toa of Iron

    "I do what I do, and I do it well." Zhelezo is a cocky Toa of Iron native to Okoto. He wields two blades forged inside the volcanoes of the fire region, and uses two small links on his back armor to attach other gear, such as canons and jet thrusters. He normally spends his time exploring previously unmapped locations, bragging about what he finds, and lying about the stuff he didn't find. Spent a few good hours working on this guy. He started as a project to finish an old torso WIP, which eventually got trashed again and the very very core of it helped me figure out the rest. Simple colors because I'm lazy and wanted to show off this shiny new torso design. :U More stuff on Imgur