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Found 15 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  2. A parade at Entralla was hosted to honor a new General of Pentastar. His name is Damien Varos, let's hope this name brings great renown to the imperial army of Pentastar. Discord name: Lapius#4492 Instagram: Flicker:
  3. The mandalorians, the most fiercest warriors in the galaxy. A force to be reckoned with in all systems. It was no different in the imperial world of Sullust. There too were the mandalorians, unmatched even by the empires best soldiers. For what motivates a mandalorian is not wealth or power but the creed. A mandalorian is a warrior that needs no leaders, that can fight with their bare hands. Warriors who have no species or bloodline, who span the far reaches of the galaxy. In the words of Mandalore The Destroyer, mandalorians are a culture, an idea. And you cannot kill an idea but the mandalorians can kill you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, please excuse the poor photo quality. This is my entry for the June special challenge. It was originally a free build just to get back into building but I thought it would make a good entry for the mandalorian challenge. Its a small moc but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (especially being my first build in over a year now ). So tell me what you guys think and thanks for viewing. I will add a story as soon as possible.
  4. Hello everyone, So I haven't been active for the last 6 months, mainly because I've been working on this. For my first Large Scale Diorama, I decided to build Scarif from Rogue One. My goal was to make it as movie accurate as possible while still adding in a little fun so I hope I succeed. This MOC is built on 4, 48x48 base plates (2x2) making it 3x3 feet. I started this project in January, unable to see the end, yet here I am. Most of the parts were bought off of Bricklink and Brickowl and cost about $900 in total. I don't have an exact piece count but there are 5600 trans-blue round studs and probably just over 12,000 parts in total. I have spent 6 months building this so I would love some feedback, comments and what to improve for my next big build. Thanks so much, MovieMocs If you're looking for more pictures, here's the Flickr Album:
  5. “We Are Being Boarded!” Aboard an Imperial medical frigate above Naboo Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “All units report to Section C3! Repeat, All units report to Section C3” -Bzzt- *Flashback Starts* Stormtrooper #1 (Flashback): “Rebels- Aghh!” *Shot in head by Rebel Soldier* Stormtrooper #2 (Flashback): “They’re Everywhere!” AwesomeToa (Flashback): “Die Rebel Scum- Aghh!” *Shot in arm by Rebel Soldier* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com* -Bzzt- “We are being boarded! All personnel Evacuate! Report to your designated escape-” *Blaster fire heard over com* -Bzzt- AwesomeToa (Flashback): *Heavy Breathing* “No! Wait help me! I’m still alive! No! Please… help me…” *Blacks out* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com* -Bzzt- “The rebel forces have taken the bridge! I repeat we have been boarded, all personnel to the escape pods!-Bzzt- *Flashback Ends* Shoretrooper Captain: “Wake up!” AwesomeToa: *Heavy Breathing, Half Asleep* “Huh? Sorry sir.” Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “We are being boarded, all units move to intercept the rebel forces in section C3” -Bzzt- Shoretrooper Captain: “All units means you too, get up! Here’s your blaster.” AwesomeToa: *Less Heavy Breathing* “Yes sir.” AwesomeToa: “Wait, section C3!? That section is filled with civilians!” Shoretrooper Captain: “Exactly, that’s why you have to move, now!” Later, in section C3 Shoretrooper Captain: *Over Loudspeaker* “Attention Rebels! Please release your hostages to us, we will not fire as you do so!” Rebel Trooper: “We don’t bargain with imperial Bucketheads!” *Shoots Shoretrooper Captain* Shoretrooper Captain: “Aghh!!!” Stormtrooper #3: “Medic! Somebody get a Medic!” Imperial Navy Trooper: “Fire!!! And don’t stop until every single rebel is dead!” AwesomeToa: “But sir, the civilians-” Imperial Navy Trooper: “-are of no concern to us. We have orders to kill these rebels and that's what we’ll do!” AwesomeToa: “Yes sir!” Imperial Navy Trooper: “We need reinforcements!” Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “Reinforcements are on there way to your position now sir.” -Bzzt- Two Death Troopers enter the hallway, one has a Thermal Detonator… The Death Trooper throws the Thermal Detonator. AwesomeToa: “Take Cover!!!” The Thermal Detonator explodes, killing the majority of the rebel fighters along with a dozen or so civilians, AwesomeToa is also knocked unconscious. *Flashback Starts* Stormtrooper #4 (Flashback): “Run, to the escape pods!” AwesomeToa (Flashback): *Heavy Breathing* “No! Don’t leave! Don’t leave. Please, don’t leave...” *collapses to floor* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com, slowly getting quieter (until silent at end)* -Bzzt- “All personnel to escape pods, we have been boarded! Escape pods launching in: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...” *Flashback Ends* *Out of Character* Please Judge!
  6. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] Dodging Patrols

    I built this to coincide with my review of the set 75153 AT-ST Walker, which you can check out here! I studied bits from the trailer and combined them into this representation of Jedha.
  7. Just playing with some light aqua plates. Here is my Lego version of the promotional image of the stormtroopers on the beach. Who knew those light aqua plates would come in so handy. Unfortunately, I will need a lot more of them. Rogue One by Miro Dudas, on Flickr Miro
  8. Hamburger Grill. Not many people know that the emperor’s secret passion was actually barbecuing. Many many times he wondered if he should quit it all and start his own hamburger stand instead. In this universe he did! He got a lot of faithful customers and the galaxy became a better, more peaceful place. Well, until a certain Luke Skywalker opened a salad bar. But that’s another story. Everyone likes his hamburgers… that’s an order: Looks like that damn sparker is broken again!
  9. On Thanos' endless hunt for the six infinity gems, he has sent MODOK to a distant galaxy to hunt for the Space Gem! However, Iron Man and Falcon have followed him, and have made a few allies along the way. Now they battle on Tatooine to prevent each other from nabbing the Space Gem! R2-D2 is now Iron Man's trusty right-hand man - taking on the mind-controlled Stormtroopers! Unbeknownst to this market seller on his cargo sled, he is the owner of the all-powerful Space Gem! Can you see it? (it's the pink gem in the crate) C-3PO provides valuable information to Iron Man behind the holographic display. Falcon provides support from above. The battle is on between Modok in his upgraded chair, and Iron Man! The young, Rodian child must be put out of danger! He was simply working on his podracer engine when this battle arose. Watto emerges from his crooked shack to see what all the noise is about. That's all folks, hope you like it, and please vote for me!
  10. Obi-Ben has taken Cap's place aboard the Helicarrier, ready to pull the lever, while Cap turns off the tractor beam.
  11. This is my entry (Yay! I'm the first!) for the Star Wars Vs Marvel Contest Category A. I wanted to make a fluid fighting scene, and I think this works quite well. Spider-man, "In your face!" Spider-man uses his web to pull off a speeder from it's course. He has already taken care of this Stormtrooper. A shot of the vegetation. Another shot of vegitation Another Stormtrooper. A shot from under. There he is again! Spider-man taking in 5 of the Empire's finest! I hope you like it (and vote for it) and if you do, be sure to comment!
  12. [soNE Freebuild] "The Escape" Part. 2 Please comment, tell me what you think, it helps me to better perform next time. This is my sixth Episode. INTRODUCTION: After trying to arrest Dan Jars for being a rebel spy failed, Dan Jars, the rebel spy, and ex-B-Squad member knocked down Admiral Brickton, shot a stormtrooper, knocked one out, shot the Sergeant in the leg, and ran through the halls to try to make his escape. However, all of this was not known by the B-Squad (except for Sergeant Trans), and the rest of the Imperial crew. Now, Dan tries to make his escape via Hanger Bay 3. Star Destroyer "Tyrant", Brick System, 2 ABY. SONEe6s1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Merchant: We're only carrying food supplies for the station, we have a license. Imperial Crewman: Alright, you seem to check out, tell your crewman to start up your ship. You will head directly for the station, and dock at docking bay #9. SONEe6s2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lieutenant: Trooper, why were there shots fired? What's happening? Dan Jars: Oh...uh... there was a blaster malfunction, a few people were wounded, why don't you go help them? SONEe6s3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr SONEe6s4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Stop that trooper, he's a Rebel spy! SONEe6s5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lieutenant and Merchant: Arg! SONEe6s6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Stop, Rebel Scum! Merchant #2: Urg! SONEe6s7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr James: Woah, what's happening!?!? Admiral Brickton: Dan is a Rebel Spy, get him! James: What? How can this be? I don- SONEe6s8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Dan Jars: THE EMPIRE BETRAYED ME! NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME. YOU WERE MY FRIEND JAMES, BUT THE EMPIRE IS NOW MY ENEMY! SONEe6s9 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: He got away. I need fighters after that ship immediately. James: Sir, I don't understand! He was my friend! Admiral Brickton: But he's not anymore! This will be explained after we stop this traitor from getting away. SONEe6s10 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr (excuse the bad "space" here) Dan Jars: Rebel Command, this is Rebel Intelligence Agent Dan Jars, I am in trouble, they think I'm just a traitor, but I also have some important Imperial battle plans! I need some fighters here, immediately. This information is valuable, and needs to get into an Alliance computer now! Rebel Officer (via com link): Copy that, Agent Jars, we'll see what we can do. See what happens next in Episode 7! Please comment, and tell me what you thought!
  13. After a non-stop 22 hours of work, I proudly present my version of the full first Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser trailer in glorious LEGO. 4 hours to shoot more than 1500 frames of animation at 29.97 FPS. 3 hours to build the landscapes and ships/vehicles. Topped off with 15 hours to add the finishing touches that will blow your mind away! Subscribe for new films. If you enjoyed this one you're certain to enjoy next month's film (An original film, 9 months in the making). Plus follow the DC/MARVEL crossover series that will continue to unfold over the next few months. Like and Follow the Facebook page for the latest updates! https://www.facebook...lFeature?ref=hl Thanks for watching!
  14. I can't yet decide whether I like these Chinese custom figures but these are cool, and it kind of gives you an idea how force ghosts could look.